Chinese Girl Flaunts Her Professional Certifications Online

Chinese girl flaunting her dozens of certificates.

Chinese girl shows off her certifications across her bed.

From Mop:

Peking University Certifications Show Off Girl, better to get certifications than to speculate on housing property

On the internet, there are a lot of netizens who like to share their own photographs with everyone. Some share their cars and others share their brand name bags, but recently the most famous has been a “share certifications girl”, sharing dozens of major and minor [professional] certifications she has earned. In her photo is even a sign that reads: “It’s better to get certifications than to speculate on housing property, it’s better to worship knowledge than to worship money.” She claims to have graduated from Peking University and makes 6000 yuan income per month staying at home, sometimes as much as 20,000 to 30,000. This is the Peking University “Certifications Show Off Girl”.

The sign says getting certifications is better than speculating on housing, that worshipping knowledge is better than worshipping money.

Certifications Show-Off Girl explains: “I personally think my looks aren’t bad, and my body is okay. What is most important is that I graduated from Peking University, that in my second year I had passed CET6 and Computer Rank Examination Grade 2, and after graduation successfully earned a Lawyer’s License, Certificate of Accounting Professional, Cisco CCNP, CCIE, international CFAA, CFAI, and many many other certificates. I didn’t get certifications just to get certifications, but to demonstrate my mastery of each body of knowledge and skill. With these certificates in hand, I don’t have to brave the sun and hot temperatures or risk being molested squeezing onto public transportation or subways. Instead, I can stay home and still make money”.

Chinese girl flaunting her dozens of certificates.

Certifications Show-Off Girl wrote online that these are her blood and sweat, who knows how many all-nighters she endured, how many dating opportunities she sacrificed. Of all the certifications she’s gotten, several dozen both big and small [major and minor], these are just a small portion. Of course, what she doesn’t have is a property ownership certificate and marriage certificate.

A Chinese girl and Peking University graduate shows the various professional certifications and licenses she has earned.

Her motto is “It’s better to get certifications than to speculate on housing property, it’s better to worship knowledge than to worship money” because depending on property speculation or depending on one’s parents to become rich won’t get the respect of others and only by depending on one’s own abilities to make money can one be proud. She normally writes columns for several well-known magazines but has also started a QQ blog to help promote products while working part-time for the companies of several internet friends. With all of this added up together, every month she can bring in 7000-8000 yuan RMB on the low-end and 20,000-30,000 yuan on the high-end.

Showing Off Certifications Girl reading books and magazines.

Certifications Show-Off Girl says she has also seen many self-proclaimed “second-generation poor” [children of poor parents] grumbling on the internet, that its hard to find work, and hard to make money. She wants to offer a piece of advice: University students having a hard time finding jobs, little white-collar workers, don’t be dejected. Believe in “Study what is useful, certifications can earn money”! As long as one works hard and earns various certificates, one can definitely knock open the big door of RMB.

Comments from Mop:


Not sure how much better she is compared to those who show off their name brand bags and name brand cars, but at least the orientation of her values are correct.


At least she’s supporting herself with her own efforts. I commend her.


Indeed it should be like this…if one is going to show off, show off one’s capital, because at least it is earned from one’s own hard work.


Sigh…with this kind of person, no matter how many certificates they earn, they will still be useless. Don’t you know that the majority of the people cultivated in the Heavenly Kingdom are all high scores but of low ability? There’s nothing to show off.


Someone who makes fake certificates, has even gotten onto Mop now, sigh.


How about I help you with that marriage certificate…


Give me a break, no matter how high your wages are, it still won’t be as much as what you can make from speculating and selling just one house property.
No matter how many certificates you have, without guanxi [connections] you still won’t be able to climb your way up.


Without speaking about anything else, learning something real [useful, practical] is indeed the way to go, as certificates themselves can’t represent everything.


At least her values are [better] than those children of the rich or children of officials who think so highly of themselves. Plus, her direction [in life and values] is proper/correct, taking the path of earning one’s own wealth, not depending on others.


Being able [having knowledge, skill, talent] is a good thing, but to take them and show them off makes you a stupid cunt.


It’s not that we don’t want to get certifications, it’s that getting certifications requires spending a lot of money. For people these days, the acquisition of knowledge has also become a luxury [only affordable for those with wealth].

What do you think? Do you agree with her message? Do you agree with her actions?

Showing Off Certifications Girl at her laptop computer.


Written by Fauna

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