Chinese Girl Scares Parking Attendant to Avoid Paying Fee

A parking attendant falls on the ground trying to run away after seeing a ghost on the roof of this BYD remote controlled car.

A parking attendant falls on the ground trying to run away after seeing a ghost on the roof of this BYD remote controlled car.

From Sina Weibo:

@新闻晨报: To Avoid Paying Fee, Woman Pretends to be Ghost Late at Night to Scare Off Toll Collector [or parking lot attendant]: In the early morning, a car drove up to a toll booth, and the toll collector discovered that the passenger cabin was completely empty. At this moment, a female with her hair down [similar to Sadako in The Ring] slowly climbed onto the car’s roof, causing the toll collector to run away in fright. Soon after, the woman quickly came down from the room, slipped into the toll booth, raised the gate, and drove away. According to reports, one netizen claims the incident happened at a certain domestic scenic area’s parking lot, the farce a result of the parking fee being too high.

The above video was uploaded last night to Sina’s video site and already has over 2.2 million views along with nearly 25k netizen comments. The above Sina Weibo microblog post from the official account of the Shanghai Morning Post itself has over 35k reshares and 8k comments, and is just one of many posts about the video.

Comments on Sina Weibo:




Genius woman.


If she can afford a car, how could she not afford the parking fee?


[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈] Must try this when I get a chance!


Is this real or not? A car installed with remote control driving equipment? This can totally be called Chinese 007. [嘻嘻]


This TM is a “soft advertisement” [viral ad] for BYD’s remote controlled car.


Is this an advertisement for a self-driving car…? Very creative!


If it’s an advertisement then I have nothing to say. If it’s really to dodge paying the parking fee, you fucking driving this lousy car [困]


This looks more creative than [most] television commercials, even more attracting of eyeballs~~~ And its remote controlled!


Hahahahahaha just what did you do to the toll collector!


Haha, genius, the so-called “those above have their policies while those below have their countermeasures”, so even with the new driving tests [new driver’s license tests were recently put into effect], we still don’t need to fear, haha. At worst, just use this method [referring to driving via remote control], haha.


Seems suspiciously like a viral video [advertisement]. [嘻嘻]


Niubi! A genius. I love this kind of girl. [笑哈哈]


In addition to being a beautiful girl, she’s also exceptionally calm.


There is nothing that cannot be done, only what is not thought of. [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


The acting was so real, doesn’t look fake at all, and what more, the timing was very well done… Would this be considered illegal? Either way, it is hilarious! [哈哈] Why do we always derive our amusement on other people’s suffering…?


Isn’t that taking a joke too far! The toll collector couldn’t handle it! [哈哈] My stomach hurts from laughing, this girl is such a genius, I’m dying of laughter!


The toll collector should treat it like having watched a 4D film.


BYD has definitely gotten an enormous amount of exposure with this viral video. But it has also perfectly interprets the #BYD, only ghosts would drive# brand proposition, or at least I get it.

The BYD car's owner, a young girl, about to drive away after avoiding the parking lot fees by scaring the toll collector, from a viral video on China's internet.


Written by Fauna

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