Chinese Girls Beat Up by Suspected Korean Men in Chengdu KFC

Surveillance footage of two allegedly Korean men violently beating up two young Chinese women over an argument in a Chengdu KFC restaurant.

Surveillance footage of two allegedly Korean men violently beating up two young Chinese women over an argument in a Chengdu KFC restaurant.

From NetEase:

2 allegedly Korean men beat up Chinese women at KFC

People’s Daily Beijing May 17th report, the past few days, a “Men suspected to be of Korean nationality beat up woman in KFC” video has been spreading widely on Sina Weibo and Tudou, attracting widespread attention.

This video of the beating is a reproduction of the surveillance footage in the KFC restaurant filmed by netizen “shining_life狗狗” with a mobile phone. May 13th early morning, netizen “shining_life狗狗” and her friend were beaten up by two men at the Xinchengshi Plaza KFC in Chengdu, causing swelling on the the right side of her face and eyes as well as the back and right side of her head. The video shows that “shining_life狗狗” and her companion were lined up at the ordering register when they had an argument with a man over lining up. The two men then pushed them down and began beating them, punching and even stomping on one of the women’s head, the beating lasting nearly 1 minute and 20 seconds. During this time, the women tried to use their mobile phones to call the police, but the man took a knife out of his bag and threatened them. Afterward, the two men fled before police could arrive on the scene.

Today at 13:10 [1:10pm], “shining_life狗狗” updated her microblog to issue a statement about the incident. She said, “The two men in this incident were speaking Korean before the argument started,. KFC staff also heard them communicating in Korean, and even called to say they were indeed Korean, so I want to correct here that it is suspected “Korean”.

When interviewed by reporters, “shining_life狗狗” said the police at present have already gone to the Korean consulate in Chengdu to collect evidence.

In the video, the two young women who were beaten up can be seen initially on the far left side of the counter deciding on what to order. There appears to be three open registers, and the two potentially Korean-speaking men appear to have initially lined up at the left register, while another man had lined up at the rightmost register. The women walked over from the far left to queue up behind the young woman at the “center” open register. After that woman is served, the two young women who were beaten walk forward to order and that is when the allegedly Korean men object before eventually attacking the two young Chinese women.

A copy on YouTube:

From Sina News:

2 allegedly Korean men beat up Chinese girls at KFC restaurant in Chengdu

Because of a dispute while lining up to order at a KFC, two Korean-speaking men unexpectedly and violently attacked two Chinese women, even taking out a knife to threaten them. What more, throughout the entire beating, no KFC employees came out to stop it.

May 16th, a “Two Korean men maliciously beat up two Chinese women at a KFC in China” video appeared on Sina Weibo, again arousing strong nationalist sentiment. This video was quickly republished on NDDaily, NetEase, and other websites, inciting public condemnation of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China.

At present, the nationality of the two male assailants remains in doubt, but in connection with the recent exposure of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China, it can be said the anger of netizens is not without reason.

Scene of the beating

KFC service staff “calmly” walked by

A Dushi Shibao journalist learned that this incident was made public by “shining_life狗狗”, one of the persons involved in this incident of assault. She says on the morning of May 12th, she and a female friend were insulted and beaten up by two Korean men while ordering food at a KFC in Xinchengshi Plaza in Chengdu, resulting in extremely serious swelling on her face, back of the head, and right side of the head.

From this video lasting 3 minutes and 20 seconds, it can be seen that there were two registers for ordering, but at first no KFC service staff appeared in the scene. “shining_life狗狗: and her friend were standing in line for one of the registers deciding on what to order. Afterward, two men entered the restaurant, one heavy-set, one thin, and stood next to “shining_life狗狗”.

Next, a service staff appeared, and “shining_life狗狗” and her friend began ordering, but the man standing next to her voiced displeasure, and an argument broke out between the two sides. From the video, it can be seen that initially when both sides were arguing, a KFC staff member appeared to try intervening, but suddenly, the “fatty” violently pushed the woman and the two sides came to blows.

The “skinny one” in the back also pushed the other woman onto the ground and he can be seen stomping on the woman’s face. The beating in the video continued for approximately three minutes. According to an account by someone present, the “skinny one” even took out a switchblade to threaten them at the time, with the two assailants fleeing the scene before police could arrive.

The scene of asymmetric violence very quickly incited massive condemnations. As of yesterday noon, this video had already been forwarded and reshared nearly 5000 times on Sina Weibo. Netizen “萬能青年” said: “I think in this kind of situation, I would rush forward to stop it.”

However, in contrast to the angry sentiments online, people who encounter this kind of scene in real life frequently remain bystanders. Throughout the entire beating, KFC personnel did not go forward to intervene. When the beating began, two employees stood at the ordering register looking on, and afterward, a worker “calmly” walked past the scene. There were also no other customers who went forward to stop the violence.

Attackers’ nationality unclear

Police are investigating

Victim “shining_life狗狗 (Weibo name)” is 23 years old this year and is currently working as an manager at a music company. She recounts that the two male attackers were around 25 years old, “appeared rather mature”. Afraid of their reprisals, she’s not willing to reveal more of her personal information. Even now she has not told her family about this incident.

Although she didn’t post the video onto the internet until 4 days after the altercation, the past few days have been difficult to bear for her. “After the incident, it isn’t as if I haven’t felt anything at all, I’m very unhappy, very scared, very angry, very nervous, and in a lot of pain.”

Yesterday, this Dushi Shibao reporter got a hold of “shining_life狗狗”. She said the injuries of the other women who was beaten are no longer serious, but she still has swelling on her head and her face is still bruised. Regarding the reason for being beaten up, she said it is because the other party suspected they had cut in line, “but that wasn’t the case in reality”.

According to this Dushi Shibao journalist’s observations, the reason this incident has attracted widespread attention is related to the recent publicized incidents of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China. As for the exact identity of the attackers that the public is concerned with, it currently still cannot be confirmed whether or not they are Korean.

“shining_life狗狗(微博)” told this Dushi Shibao reporter that she heard the two individuals communicating in Korean at the time, and while the “fatty” was quarreling with her, his putonghua [Mandarin Chinese] was not very fluent, “with a bit of a Northern accent”. As a result, it is speculated that at least one of them is Korean.

However, repressed internet sentiments found an outlet in this, using it as a pretext to express dissatisfaction with foreigners “doing whatever they please”, with no lack of extreme words being used in discussions.

Still there were some rational voices. “The attacker is only wrong because he attacked a woman, it has nothing to do with nationality.” Even more netizens requested that the police get involved and investigate, “Don’t wrong a good person, don’t let go a bad person”. “If it ends up being a Chinese person speaking Korean, this will be an international joke.”

“shining_life狗狗” says that she went to the police station to provide a detailed testimony after the incident, and that at present a police station of Qingyang District of Chengdu has already registered the case and investigating. Yesterday morning, police took up the matter with the Korean consulate but at present still have not caught the assailants, and are unable to disclose more information.

Comments from NetEase:


Seeing this video, I must hurl abuse. These days, a lot of Chinese people are also fucking worse than dogs [for not helping]! Korean bangzi, if you’re that arrogant, and if I catch you, I’d make sure you don’t leave alive. Motherfucking Korean bangzi!

Author, I beg you not to delete this comment, okay! If you still delete it, then Chinese people’s courage and uprightness will have all been deleted!

黑撒2013 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

I wonder if Chengdu’s men have all died or what? Those KFC order takers are also useless.


I’m going to say something people won’t like to hear, even those Beijing guys who were so much shorter than that British guy dared to take action, but TMD Sichuan people are eating shit [doing nothing]. All day boasting about how Sichuan is good, how Chengdu is a major city, your mother’s cunt!

满头井尸体巷 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Don’t talk nonsense you Beijing cock slave. Those guys who beat up that British hooligan, you can tell from their accents that they obviously weren’t slavish Beijing cocks. The Beijing cock slaves were letting the foreign dick fuck them and stood by looking on, needing a wai di ren to come to the rescue.

lwtongxin168 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

When encountering this kind of thing in the future, regardless of right or wrong, I hope to see our compatriots intervening together, and let the chips fall where they may. Those in agreement raise your hands/take action.

xiejiale1973 [网易江苏省徐州市网友]:

Their actions were very malicious, this must not end up with just a small fine and a few days of detention. On brandishing a knife and stomping on the head alone, this should at least be attempted murder. All that’s left to see is if Sichuan’s police are heroes or useless cowards.

奥卖糕的 [网易中国网友]:

The KFC employee truly fucking isn’t a man, human flesh search him out.

南宁肥仔 [网易广西梧州市网友]:

The many of you who are saying bangzi~ Actually they aren’t South bangzi, but rather Yanbian bangzi [ethnic Korean Chinese].

EddyTang [网易北京市海淀区网友]:

After watching this video, old me was so pissed off I almost died. Aren’t Sichuanese supposed to be very courageous and upright? Did those SB service staff all grow up eating shit [not raised properly]?

Comments from Sina:


Sigh, foreigners attacking Chinese people is normal, but you attacking foreigners is not allowed because the law protects them.


Damn it, these laowai are quite arrogant, have Chinese people all gone extinct? Encountering this kind of thing and no one steps forward. So embarrassing.


All of the Chinese people in that KFC, are you all fit to be Chinese?


If it were Chinese doing the beating, they’d definitely be arrested, but when its foreigners beating people up, then the matter ends up resolved. No wonder Chinese people believe they are the underclass/second-rate citizens. Were there no Chinese people around at the time? Did no one call the police? …Sigh…!!!!!


Have all the men in Chengdu died off? How come no one went forward?


The protection of the state for the country’s people has determined the love and respect of the country’s people for the state.


Chinese people abroad are humiliated and the Chinese government doesn’t dare to do a thing about it, because that is outside of the country. Chinese people being humiliated within the country and the Chinese government still doesn’t dare to do a thing about it, because they are foreigners. The Chinese government really is something!


No wonder China as a nation is bullied by others, I’m speechless! So sad.

What do you think?

2012.05.21 UPDATE:

According to the official Tencent Weibo account of the Chengdu Qingyang District Police…

@青羊警方: After Qingyang Police posted on its microblog on May 17th, at around 7pm on May 18th, Xinchengshi Plaza KFC restaurant assailant Jin X and others, accompanied by family, voluntarily submitted themselves to investigation at the police station. According to investigations, 4 people were involved in the attack, Jin X (male, 25, Jilin province), An X (male, 24, Jilin province), Cui X (male, 24-years-old, Jilin province), Zhang X (female, 25, Jilin province), with An X amongst them not yet having submitted himself to the Public Security Bureau for investigation.

Police are currently investigating this incident in accordance with the law, and at the same time urge An X to submit himself to the Public Security Bureau for investigation as soon as possible.


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