Chinese Girls Beat Up by Suspected Korean Men in Chengdu KFC

Surveillance footage of two allegedly Korean men violently beating up two young Chinese women over an argument in a Chengdu KFC restaurant.

Surveillance footage of two allegedly Korean men violently beating up two young Chinese women over an argument in a Chengdu KFC restaurant.

From NetEase:

2 allegedly Korean men beat up Chinese women at KFC

People’s Daily Beijing May 17th report, the past few days, a “Men suspected to be of Korean nationality beat up woman in KFC” video has been spreading widely on Sina Weibo and Tudou, attracting widespread attention.

This video of the beating is a reproduction of the surveillance footage in the KFC restaurant filmed by netizen “shining_life狗狗” with a mobile phone. May 13th early morning, netizen “shining_life狗狗” and her friend were beaten up by two men at the Xinchengshi Plaza KFC in Chengdu, causing swelling on the the right side of her face and eyes as well as the back and right side of her head. The video shows that “shining_life狗狗” and her companion were lined up at the ordering register when they had an argument with a man over lining up. The two men then pushed them down and began beating them, punching and even stomping on one of the women’s head, the beating lasting nearly 1 minute and 20 seconds. During this time, the women tried to use their mobile phones to call the police, but the man took a knife out of his bag and threatened them. Afterward, the two men fled before police could arrive on the scene.

Today at 13:10 [1:10pm], “shining_life狗狗” updated her microblog to issue a statement about the incident. She said, “The two men in this incident were speaking Korean before the argument started,. KFC staff also heard them communicating in Korean, and even called to say they were indeed Korean, so I want to correct here that it is suspected “Korean”.

When interviewed by reporters, “shining_life狗狗” said the police at present have already gone to the Korean consulate in Chengdu to collect evidence.

In the video, the two young women who were beaten up can be seen initially on the far left side of the counter deciding on what to order. There appears to be three open registers, and the two potentially Korean-speaking men appear to have initially lined up at the left register, while another man had lined up at the rightmost register. The women walked over from the far left to queue up behind the young woman at the “center” open register. After that woman is served, the two young women who were beaten walk forward to order and that is when the allegedly Korean men object before eventually attacking the two young Chinese women.

A copy on YouTube:

From Sina News:

2 allegedly Korean men beat up Chinese girls at KFC restaurant in Chengdu

Because of a dispute while lining up to order at a KFC, two Korean-speaking men unexpectedly and violently attacked two Chinese women, even taking out a knife to threaten them. What more, throughout the entire beating, no KFC employees came out to stop it.

May 16th, a “Two Korean men maliciously beat up two Chinese women at a KFC in China” video appeared on Sina Weibo, again arousing strong nationalist sentiment. This video was quickly republished on NDDaily, NetEase, and other websites, inciting public condemnation of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China.

At present, the nationality of the two male assailants remains in doubt, but in connection with the recent exposure of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China, it can be said the anger of netizens is not without reason.

Scene of the beating

KFC service staff “calmly” walked by

A Dushi Shibao journalist learned that this incident was made public by “shining_life狗狗”, one of the persons involved in this incident of assault. She says on the morning of May 12th, she and a female friend were insulted and beaten up by two Korean men while ordering food at a KFC in Xinchengshi Plaza in Chengdu, resulting in extremely serious swelling on her face, back of the head, and right side of the head.

From this video lasting 3 minutes and 20 seconds, it can be seen that there were two registers for ordering, but at first no KFC service staff appeared in the scene. “shining_life狗狗: and her friend were standing in line for one of the registers deciding on what to order. Afterward, two men entered the restaurant, one heavy-set, one thin, and stood next to “shining_life狗狗”.

Next, a service staff appeared, and “shining_life狗狗” and her friend began ordering, but the man standing next to her voiced displeasure, and an argument broke out between the two sides. From the video, it can be seen that initially when both sides were arguing, a KFC staff member appeared to try intervening, but suddenly, the “fatty” violently pushed the woman and the two sides came to blows.

The “skinny one” in the back also pushed the other woman onto the ground and he can be seen stomping on the woman’s face. The beating in the video continued for approximately three minutes. According to an account by someone present, the “skinny one” even took out a switchblade to threaten them at the time, with the two assailants fleeing the scene before police could arrive.

The scene of asymmetric violence very quickly incited massive condemnations. As of yesterday noon, this video had already been forwarded and reshared nearly 5000 times on Sina Weibo. Netizen “萬能青年” said: “I think in this kind of situation, I would rush forward to stop it.”

However, in contrast to the angry sentiments online, people who encounter this kind of scene in real life frequently remain bystanders. Throughout the entire beating, KFC personnel did not go forward to intervene. When the beating began, two employees stood at the ordering register looking on, and afterward, a worker “calmly” walked past the scene. There were also no other customers who went forward to stop the violence.

Attackers’ nationality unclear

Police are investigating

Victim “shining_life狗狗 (Weibo name)” is 23 years old this year and is currently working as an manager at a music company. She recounts that the two male attackers were around 25 years old, “appeared rather mature”. Afraid of their reprisals, she’s not willing to reveal more of her personal information. Even now she has not told her family about this incident.

Although she didn’t post the video onto the internet until 4 days after the altercation, the past few days have been difficult to bear for her. “After the incident, it isn’t as if I haven’t felt anything at all, I’m very unhappy, very scared, very angry, very nervous, and in a lot of pain.”

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Yesterday, this Dushi Shibao reporter got a hold of “shining_life狗狗”. She said the injuries of the other women who was beaten are no longer serious, but she still has swelling on her head and her face is still bruised. Regarding the reason for being beaten up, she said it is because the other party suspected they had cut in line, “but that wasn’t the case in reality”.

According to this Dushi Shibao journalist’s observations, the reason this incident has attracted widespread attention is related to the recent publicized incidents of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China. As for the exact identity of the attackers that the public is concerned with, it currently still cannot be confirmed whether or not they are Korean.

“shining_life狗狗(微博)” told this Dushi Shibao reporter that she heard the two individuals communicating in Korean at the time, and while the “fatty” was quarreling with her, his putonghua [Mandarin Chinese] was not very fluent, “with a bit of a Northern accent”. As a result, it is speculated that at least one of them is Korean.

However, repressed internet sentiments found an outlet in this, using it as a pretext to express dissatisfaction with foreigners “doing whatever they please”, with no lack of extreme words being used in discussions.

Still there were some rational voices. “The attacker is only wrong because he attacked a woman, it has nothing to do with nationality.” Even more netizens requested that the police get involved and investigate, “Don’t wrong a good person, don’t let go a bad person”. “If it ends up being a Chinese person speaking Korean, this will be an international joke.”

“shining_life狗狗” says that she went to the police station to provide a detailed testimony after the incident, and that at present a police station of Qingyang District of Chengdu has already registered the case and investigating. Yesterday morning, police took up the matter with the Korean consulate but at present still have not caught the assailants, and are unable to disclose more information.

Comments from NetEase:

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Seeing this video, I must hurl abuse. These days, a lot of Chinese people are also fucking worse than dogs [for not helping]! Korean bangzi, if you’re that arrogant, and if I catch you, I’d make sure you don’t leave alive. Motherfucking Korean bangzi!

Author, I beg you not to delete this comment, okay! If you still delete it, then Chinese people’s courage and uprightness will have all been deleted!

黑撒2013 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

I wonder if Chengdu’s men have all died or what? Those KFC order takers are also useless.


I’m going to say something people won’t like to hear, even those Beijing guys who were so much shorter than that British guy dared to take action, but TMD Sichuan people are eating shit [doing nothing]. All day boasting about how Sichuan is good, how Chengdu is a major city, your mother’s cunt!

满头井尸体巷 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Don’t talk nonsense you Beijing cock slave. Those guys who beat up that British hooligan, you can tell from their accents that they obviously weren’t slavish Beijing cocks. The Beijing cock slaves were letting the foreign dick fuck them and stood by looking on, needing a wai di ren to come to the rescue.

lwtongxin168 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

When encountering this kind of thing in the future, regardless of right or wrong, I hope to see our compatriots intervening together, and let the chips fall where they may. Those in agreement raise your hands/take action.

xiejiale1973 [网易江苏省徐州市网友]:

Their actions were very malicious, this must not end up with just a small fine and a few days of detention. On brandishing a knife and stomping on the head alone, this should at least be attempted murder. All that’s left to see is if Sichuan’s police are heroes or useless cowards.

奥卖糕的 [网易中国网友]:

The KFC employee truly fucking isn’t a man, human flesh search him out.

南宁肥仔 [网易广西梧州市网友]:

The many of you who are saying bangzi~ Actually they aren’t South bangzi, but rather Yanbian bangzi [ethnic Korean Chinese].

EddyTang [网易北京市海淀区网友]:

After watching this video, old me was so pissed off I almost died. Aren’t Sichuanese supposed to be very courageous and upright? Did those SB service staff all grow up eating shit [not raised properly]?

Comments from Sina:

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Sigh, foreigners attacking Chinese people is normal, but you attacking foreigners is not allowed because the law protects them.


Damn it, these laowai are quite arrogant, have Chinese people all gone extinct? Encountering this kind of thing and no one steps forward. So embarrassing.


All of the Chinese people in that KFC, are you all fit to be Chinese?


If it were Chinese doing the beating, they’d definitely be arrested, but when its foreigners beating people up, then the matter ends up resolved. No wonder Chinese people believe they are the underclass/second-rate citizens. Were there no Chinese people around at the time? Did no one call the police? …Sigh…!!!!!


Have all the men in Chengdu died off? How come no one went forward?


The protection of the state for the country’s people has determined the love and respect of the country’s people for the state.


Chinese people abroad are humiliated and the Chinese government doesn’t dare to do a thing about it, because that is outside of the country. Chinese people being humiliated within the country and the Chinese government still doesn’t dare to do a thing about it, because they are foreigners. The Chinese government really is something!


No wonder China as a nation is bullied by others, I’m speechless! So sad.

What do you think?

2012.05.21 UPDATE:

According to the official Tencent Weibo account of the Chengdu Qingyang District Police…

@青羊警方: After Qingyang Police posted on its microblog on May 17th, at around 7pm on May 18th, Xinchengshi Plaza KFC restaurant assailant Jin X and others, accompanied by family, voluntarily submitted themselves to investigation at the police station. According to investigations, 4 people were involved in the attack, Jin X (male, 25, Jilin province), An X (male, 24, Jilin province), Cui X (male, 24-years-old, Jilin province), Zhang X (female, 25, Jilin province), with An X amongst them not yet having submitted himself to the Public Security Bureau for investigation.

Police are currently investigating this incident in accordance with the law, and at the same time urge An X to submit himself to the Public Security Bureau for investigation as soon as possible.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Medical Advisor

    eating KFC on my sofa.

    • Medical Advisor

      Another proof of Chinese impassiveness.

      • donscarletti

        Both KFC and Sofa were invented in Korea.

        • As was the beating of women.

          • barack obama


          • donscarletti

            According to Korean scholars, the controversial Quran 4:34 was found to be plagiarised from Korean sources. Saudi misogynists strongly protest.

        • Jeff

          Why blame the KFC staff for not stopping the fight? They make a whooping 8 rmb an hour and for that amount of money WHY should they care?

          And the girl did in fact cut in line and the belly scratching fat guy was there before her.

          • anon

            I don’t think they “did in fact” cut in line at all. It looks to me they lined up behind the girl in the light blue t-shirt, reasonably assuming the belly-scratching guy and his friend were in line for the other cash register just like the guy in green stripes was in line for the cash register on the right.

          • Little Wolf

            anon: Gotta agree with you there. That’s exactly how it looks to me and I’ve even been in very similar situations myself and this goes on all day everyday at every fast food place, usually without incident. “Fatty” just got braver and braver(for lack of a better word) since nobody lifted a finger on the girl’s behalf. I don’t think the girl did anything wrong.

          • anon

            As I’m reviewing the video, I think its also possible there was just one cashier open and the guy in the green stripes on the side wasn’t in line for the other register he’s in front of but waiting to get his food (people order then go off to the left to wait for their order to be fulfilled so the person behind them can immediately order).

            I say this because I notice the guy in green stripes talking to the order taker who ends up giving him something (at first thought it was change but it could condiments) and the manager (guy in light blue uniform) actually ends up delivering his order (red box placed in bag).

            This still doesn’t mean the girls cut in front of belly-scratcher. They may still have assumed 3 lines (as the girl says in the video herself) and unless those guys have a habit of lining up next to someone, I still suspect they thought they were in line for their register but after the girl in the light blue tee next to them was served they might have realized maybe they weren’t in line for an open register and assumed they should definitely be next after her.

            I think a misunderstanding is the most likely situation rather than any intentional line cutting by any one. The thing is that the guys don’t have much ground to stand on. They weren’t physically in line behind the girl in the blue tee so they can’t really blame the two girls who actually did queue up behind the girl in the light blue tee for assuming they were’t in line next. Being NEXT to the girl in light-blue tee itself isn’t very indicative of being in line. The girls appear to respond by pointing out that the guys were standing there while they were standing behind the girl in front of them. That the guys resorted to violence over this misunderstanding makes them even less sympathetic.

          • dim mak

            lol, only you would do this anon
            You’ve got to be the most meticulous person ever

            …are you sure you’re not Kai Pan?

          • anon

            Meticulous, that’s a new one.

            Yes, I’m quite sure. Though, for all you know, I could be coala banana in disguise !

        • ed

          Northeast Project invented in Korea :p

      • Anon

        I am not normally the type to dispute that, bystander effect or not, Chinese tend to be more passive when other people are in danger, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge people in a case like this, compared to something where there’s no risk in helping. I mean, it’s a fight, I don’t want to get my head kicked in, maybe I wouldn’t do anything either, especially if it wasn’t clear to me what was going on.

        The line situation seemed a bit confusing, but it sure looked liked like a cut to me, although probably done out of obliviousness rather than malice. I’m not saying she deserved a beating, but she should’ve just backed off.

        I’m guessing ethnic Korean, not Korean nationals. I’ve never been to Korea, but if there are some who pull up their shirts to scratch their bellies in public I wouldn’t expect them to be studying or travelling abroad.

        • linette


          You don’t understand the article? The two guys were speaking to each other in Korean. And when they were fighting with the Chinese woman, they were speaking in poor Mandarin. There are a lot of ethnic Koreans living in China and they are called Joseonjok. They are not Chinese. In case you don’t know, China and Korea are two different countries. They also speak different language. Just because these Joseonjok live in China, that don’t make them Chinese.

          • Chris

            Chinese is an ethnicity? Joseonjok are so Chinese that Koreans don’t even like them.

          • Stu

            If they have Chinese citizenship they were Chinese. If not, they weren’t. Easy.

          • MeiDaxia

            By your logic then, Linette, no Chinese descendant American who lives in China town and speaks Chinese better than they speak English is American. No foreign descendant from anywhere who speaks their mother tongue better than English is “American.” There are PLENTY of Chinese from the ethnic minorities who speak their own dialect (usually FAR different from Mandarin) better than they speak Mandarin Chinese. Take the 朝鲜族 here in Tianjin: most of them speak Chinese with a less retroflexive, Korean-esque accent. They’re still Chinese.

          • linette


            Joseonjok = Koreans. They live in China so the China Chinese call them Chinese Koreans. But they are Koreans. They have their own Korean culture and speak their own language. They stay in their own group.

            “…….The population of Koreans in China include millions of descendants of Korean immigrants with citizenship of the People’s Republic of China, as well as smaller groups of South and North Korean expatriates, with a total of roughly 2.3 million people as of 2009[1], making it the largest ethnic Korean population living outside the Korean Peninsula.
            Chaoxianzu (Simplified Chinese: 朝鲜族) or Joseonjok (Korean: 조선족), also referred to as Chinese people of Korean descent (Korean: 조선계 중국인, Hanja: 朝鮮系中國人), form one of the 56 ethnicities officially recognized by the Chinese government. Their total population was estimated at 1,923,842 as of 2005.[2] Most of them live in Northeast China, especially in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, which had 854,000 ethnic Koreans living there as of 2000…………”

          • linette


            Joseonjok are so Chinese…

            What does that mean? Explain.

          • elizabeth

            So what’s the fuss you are kicking?

            Anon guessed they were likely ethnic Koreans. You jumped in with the Joseonjok line implying they were still Korean nationals. Then later in this thread you quoted text that stated Joseonjok to be “immigrants with citizenship of the People’s Republic of China” and “Chaoxianzu (Simplified Chinese: 朝鲜族) or Joseonjok (Korean: 조선족), also referred to as Chinese people of Korean descent”.

            So, they are possibly ethnic Koreans (Anon’s take) with Chinese citizenship (your assertion). Either way, what’s your beef?

          • cc

            So they do not integrate into society and there adopted countries culture? Send the fuckers back home then. Hahahahahaha.

          • linette


            I wasn’t trying to argue with Anon. I was just telling him what the article was about.
            what’s my beef? I am explaining what Joseonjok are. Because apparently a lot of the non Chinese people here don’t know what the Joseonjok are. They thought Joseonjok are Chinese. I was just trying to explain their background. what’s your beef?

          • Wallimo

            Your speaking tripe! So in that case are tibetans chinese or Tibetans? Are uighurs Chinese or should they ask for there land back? What makes a person Chinese in your mind? Being of Han descent? That nationalist bullshit doesn’t gel with claiming provinces like Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, hong kong sar, or Taiwan. By your logic these places and people are not Chinese!

          • elizabeth

            You contradicted yourself more than once in just one thread. First by producing evidence to prove yourself wrong that Joseonjok aren’t ‘Chinese’ and then again by claiming they aren’t ‘Chinese’ to contradict the evidence you have provided.



          • *sigh*

            Joseon-jok are Chinese-Koreans. They consider themselves to be more Chinese than Korean, and as another poster pointed out, are discriminated against for being Chinese when they go to South Korea.

            All of the official ethnic groups in China are Chinese in nationality, not only Han Chinese. To say Joseon-jok are not Chinese is completely wrong. You quoted Wikipedia, so get on it and do some reading. You are so far off it’s not funny.

          • anon

            Interesting discussion.

            If they have Chinese citizenship they were Chinese. If not, they weren’t. Easy.

            Where were these comments when a mob of people started insisting the British guy was Muslim and Pakistani.

        • anon

          I’m curious why you think it was a cut. There were multiple registers open with multiple lines (as is common in China), the belly-scratching guy (AND his friend) doesn’t line up behind the blue t-shirt girl, whereas the two girls DO. Even in China where you often get some people crowding service counters (especially in more rural areas), it is abnormal to line up BEHIND someone by standing NEXT to them two wide.

          If you’ve been to Korea or even watched Korean comedies, shirt-lifting and belly-rubbing/scratching in public is a known phenomenon.

          • elizabeth

            Therein lies one of the causes of misunderstanding. The purpose of lining up is, I suppose the first-come-first-served rule. To some, a line can be perpendicular, but to others it is parallel, to the counter.

            I have been in such situations before but always, a ‘bu hao yi si’ and gracious give and take from either side will solve the problem.

          • linette

            The most important point of this news is that DO NOT USE PHYSICAL VIOLENCE for something this small….cutting line or no cutting. And the staff should have done something to stop the attack. Something…just anything and don’t just stand there.

            The tragedy of the story is that NO ONE GOT THEIR KCF…….WTFreak…darn.

            To be honest, I would have done the same thing. I wouldn’t know that those two Koreans were waiting on line because they were standing behind the third register. I would just walk up to the second register and start placing my order. If he insisted that he was on line, I would tell him he was waiting at the third register just to convince him I wasn’t cutting. Of course he would start punching me.

          • Anon

            I will defer to you on belly-scratching. Like I said, they may do that in Korea, but I’ve never seen the types of Koreans I’ve encountered in the US and China. His nationality is not that important though.

            Cutting is also not really the issue (obviously this is outrageous regardless of line etiquette). Looking at it again (I think at first glance it looked like he was kind of line-straddling due to the angle) I’m not sure she “cut” but if it weren’t in China I would find it bad form to not let somebody who has been waiting for a while at an adjacent register that appears to have been abandoned go first. She probably should’ve just deferred to him when he said something (although judging from his behavior I assume he was rude enough from the beginning to make her uncooperative) as he was there first and had been waiting. But again, it’s not really important.

          • anon

            I’ve seen Koreans do it in China and the US too. It’s usually the older guys in the US though, not their Americanized kids.

            Line-straddling? That’s some extreme line-straddling. Remember, there’s two of them. They’re way more horizontal than perpendicular.

            I’ve let people go ahead of me when in different lines for different ATM machines if there isn’t a lot of people, just me and some other guy, and I know for sure he was waiting for a machine earlier when I arrived. I don’t think its fair to expect or even ask that of the girls here. They didn’t necessarily know he has been waiting or know if he was abandoned. They were off to the side deciding what to order then immediately got in line behind the girl in the light blue t-shirt. It wasn’t as if they were studying the guys and clearly knew they were in line (you can see at the beginning of the video that they ambled up to the counter, looked at the menu, momentarily even walked away before coming back and again standing in front of that register, not once getting in line behind the girl in the light blue tee. I think its quite obvious the girls simply did not think they were in line and they definitely were so they were next for that cashier, which is a common queuing model in China KFCs.

            Them asking the guy if he wants to go first would have been a nice thing to do, but not something I think is withing the bounds of reasonable expectation.

          • linette


            Majority of the Joseon-jok their first language is Korean. How come their first language or mother lauguage is Korean?? Because they were raised as Korean. They retain their Korean cultural tradition and food. …as well as their behavior and belief. The China Chinese see them as foreigners.
            I love how the South Koreans always try to hide the ugly. If Joseon-jok behave badly then they can not be Koreans. Are you for real?

          • Alex

            @ linette

            because they talk korean, eat korean and obtained korean culture.. they are not chinese?

            that means.. Naxi chinese arent Chinese either? or Dong?
            They have their own culture, language.. and different looks then Han..

            or arent Naxi, Dong and Hui also not chinese?
            And what about the Bai? werent they like birmese by origin?

        • The Dude


          ‘Being NEXT to the girl in light-blue tee itself isn’t very indicative of being in line.’

          It is in China!

          I even do it now, you do it and they do it too, because you know that if you don’t occupy that space some mo’fo’ will come along and be the next to order.

          The girl absolutely looks wrong (the second one). She walked off and assumed her friend was ‘looking after her place’ while she was away. It’s common for Chinese to do that.

          The girl was in the wrong… but that is just typical Chinese Q mentality.

          Not saying the guy should have hit her though, of course not. But since the guy before that got stabbed at the ATM, and now this incident, maybe Chinese will learn how to Q, instead of the general ‘free for all’ get it if you can way of going about things.

          That would be nice.

          • anon

            I know the stereotype you’re alluding to but no, I don’t do it and neither do many Chinese people.

            First, saving someone’s place in line isn’t just common to the Chinese.

            Second, no one was saving anyone’s place. No “second girl” walked off. There were two girls who were on the side looking at the menu who then together got in line behind the girl initially ordering at the cashier. They stayed there all the way until the fight broke out.

            If lining up sideways was the typical Chinese queuing mentality, wouldn’t the girl have squeezed in from the side herself? No, instead, both of them lined up behind the initial girl.

      • martin

        why dont you arrest them?, as you do to the white supposed rape with the girls pants still on in Beijing ,you think chinese are imune you can do what you want ,you jumped the line from the other side ,seems like the KFC lady serving was only serving one till and totally ignoring the man ,has happenend to me a few times as well HERE IN CHINA WE ARE INVISIBLE

        • The Dude

          Pants on rape is a special skill.

          Not everyone can do it….

          Especially when the female is holding your T-Shirt and pulling you towards her.

  • garen

    if this was in america, big blac workers will come to stop this.. very scary

    • cb4242

      You spelled BLACK wrong moron!

      • Sean

        Not true… video of a McDonald’s in Baltimore from a year ago shows two black women beating a white woman while several black employees stand by and enjoy it.

        But by and large, Americans would almost certainly intervene. Chinese are perpetual pussies.

        • Notorious

          if in that same restaurant two white women were beating up a black women, those black workers would have intervened. they simply had no interest in helping that person because of their race, not because they were scared. Sad either way.

          • Patrick

            Actually they were beating a white tranny (ugly).

          • Gia

            Word. They are so racist, it’s incredible.

          • Ami

            And how do you know they would of intervened? You’re making a lot assumptions.

        • anon

          “Almost certainly” is too much of an exaggeration according to statistics. More likely than the average mainland Chinese maybe, “almost certainly” no.

        • Tadd

          Americans will not intervene.

          They will simply form a crowd, around the 2+ people fighting, whip out their Iphones and record. When someone get’s whacked and put to the floor, the American will stand over the body, zooming in with their camera-phone whilst shouting:

          “Day-uuuuum… you got knocked the fuck out!”

          Then Americans will usually chant some kind of ritualistic ‘whooping’ noise, over and over again with various adlibs of: “Day-um” “Did ya see tha’ shit?” “Tha’ was dope”, etc, etc

          That’s what the internet has taught me haha

          • markx

            Ha ha! Spot on Tadd! :-)

  • donscarletti

    Suspected Korean. Wow. I have never heard of such people before, I didn’t even know it was a crime.

    • dim mak

      Could be Chinese ethnic Koreans, northern accent and all
      Although I’m pretty sure most joseonjok speak good Chinese

      • donscarletti

        My guess is that they were from Dongbei or Shanxi, but the poster just wanted to continue with the recent trend of foreigner bashing.

        • dim mak

          Nah, hating foreigners is always fun times in East Asia

          The rage on Youku’s comments is delicious, almost a pity the pair weren’t Japanese

          • sai

            delicious…You have a bad tongue.disgusting.

          • mr. wiener

            Dim mak is a conniosseur of human folly. He wasn’t saying it was delicious because he liked seeing the girl getting her head stepped on.

          • Boris

            I partially agree with Sai. I mean, come on… have you ever heard a straight guy say ‘delicious’ in that kind of context? I can practically see Dim winking as I read it. So yes, a ‘bad tongue’ is probable.

          • Little Wolf

            Three snaps in a “Z” formation!

      • AngryCanadien

        shenyang has a large chinese ethnic korean population as well, but surprisingly, the mandarin spoken by Chaoxianzu is actually pretty shit, because they tend to speak korean most of the time and stick within their own ethnic group.

        • linette

          You can clearly see that the two men were standing waiting at the third register while the women went up to the second register to place order. A staff came over to the third register to take order from the men, but the men are busy fighting with the women.

          Anyway, it’s only placing an order. Why so violent? So crazy. And those KFC staff stood there and didn’t physically go up to stop the assault is just wrong. If the staff are too afraid they should at least keep screaming loudly at the two men and threaten to call the police or start calling the police. Standing there and not even say a word is just wrong. Throw some chicken bones at them yo..

          • jennster

            because queue is so common ppl get fed up. i got queue jumped for no reason by this skinny looking dude when im already being served. omfg.

          • Little Wolf

            Linette: You’re right…. a cashier did come over and try to diffuse the situation but “fatty” was intent making a big fuss. End result…nobody wins and nobody gets fed over a simple misunderstanding which could have been avoided if the KFC had a better system for taking orders and controlling the lines. It’s always a clusterfuck and I know these KFCs are Chinese-owned but should still be held to higher standard than your average Chinese bus during rush hour.

      • Brett Hunan

        Roght. The stereotype in Korea is that all Joseonjok carry knives… Either way those two deserve a beating.

        • linette

          Brett Hunan
          Either way those two deserve a beating…

          Are you for real? Imagine you get a beating next time on arguing over something this small. People with sick mentality. So violent.

          • Nyancat

            sigh i think he was referring to the supposedly korean men deserving a beating for attacking those women.

          • Brett Hunan

            linette I meant the attackers. Why would you think otherwise?

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            I apologize. I misunderstood what you were saying.

  • eattot

    any mf dared to step on my face then…let alone just a foreign dog…
    those kfc persons are so soft-bones…even can not just make a call?
    stand there??????omg!
    i remember one day there was a strange man walked to my home,hiding in black glasses,watching us for a while already…we live at the end of the town,so…he looked so terrible and evill, i was a bit scared,because the only man at home was my father and he was quite aged already. i even did not say anything to my father,after several mins,he took out axe began to sharpen it in front of our home and that bad guy.soon, he left.and no more.

    • Hi!

      Is that really you?! Just to let you know, that day, I, your neighbor, had come to borrow a pen from you since mine wasn’t working. I teach at a local university and am in the habit of wearing sunglasses during the day. I decided to leave because…well I don’t remember why now. Perhaps, it was the sight of your aged father sharpening a axe at the doorstep. Strange people indeed, you guys. Never mind. By the way thanks for complimenting me on my looks.

      – The man with glasses.

      • eattot

        hahahaha,your so funny! i checked your link, seems you can do some draw. though i am not much into what you draw.
        it’s not over-reacted. in small town, we know everyone around. and we do not wear sun-glasses,small town,only people in city do that in china…thanks anyway. hahaha!

        • LOL. Glad you got my point. Thanks.

          Maybe he was blind and you thought he was staring at you? Never mind. :-D

    • Stu

      Yes, having a foreigner step on your face has scientifically been proven to be 40% worse than having a compatriot step on your face. As we’re not yet sure whether the assailant was Chinese, the harm done to the woman in the video will need to be adjusted accordingly once the relevant facts are assertained.

  • PAI DUI!

    when will the people in this country ever learn to stand in the F line ?!
    all this shit happened was because of not standing in line . anyway i think the attackers thought they were beating a guy , i mean who could blame them :D just look at that dyke!

    • Gia

      You’re a moron.

    • lol

      Yeah I originally thought they were beating up a girl and her boyfriend at first…I guess it’s more like “boyfriend” now ;D

  • Don

    dammmmm it! when am i getting that sofa?

    • 404namenotfound

      When Chinese people learn to stand for each other.. i.e not soon

  • KT

    KFC full of people, but everyone just watching while the 2 “korean” man beat the shit out of 2 helpless ladies, and you 5000 yr old chinese cultured people still want other nations to respect you and you to “conquer” the world?

    Yeah right, in your fat big fake dream!

    Seems almost everything is fake in china, even the bravery of the people…

    • simon

      most likely that fatty was bigger than most the chinese in the KFC so nobody wanted to intervene.

      anyway i can sympathize with the fatty, so often you get people cutting in front of you in China that you begin to want to beat the next person up who cuts, had this happen to me once during lunch. had a chick cut in front of me when i was buying those prepaid lunch cards, i let that one go since i was in an ok mood. THEN when i’ve bought the card and line up to buy a meal another dude cuts in front of me right when i’m about to order and the freakn sales assistant just takes his order. Needless to say, i was speechless because this was the second cut in line in 10 minutes and the sales assistant didn’t give a crap.

      Gave the dude a good rant about how he couldn’t just wait behind me since there was no others queing behind, the guy was pretty shameless and un-apolagetic, from that day since my expectations of Chinese mannerisms went to a new low.

      but this isn’t a clear case, since he wasn’t lining up properly behind the counter, though in his defence he was clearly there longer and earlier than the next chick who came.

  • Rin5

    Asian men (not everyone of course) are not much of a gentlemen as Caucasian men… maybe that’s why more Asian girls choose caucasian men instead of Asian men.

    • Rin5

      oh of course doesn’t mean ALL caucasian men are gentlemen either.. just that from what I have seen, comparatively.

      • jennster

        i dont know about caucasians but if i get a chinese boyfriend that doesnt look or care about his surroundings and when bullied doesnt fight back then im fucked.


        • Rin5

          lol yah
          you’d be surprised…

          • cb4242

            Race has absolutely nothing to to with it! It has everything to do with upbringing, commen sense and etiquette. You could and bad people in every race, need to stop with the generalizations, dude. Assholes come in a rainbow of colors.

    • donscarletti

      Most Caucasian men are scum too, it goes for all men. Go to a football match sometime if you don’t believe me.

      Also, I’ve never seen a huge difference in the number of White/Asian and Asian/White couples, despite what loser and small dick men of both races claim. I personally know more mixed race people with Asian lineage on the paternal side than the maternal, but experiences vary. The only real difference in the end is the surname.

      • Gia

        I agree.

    • Dat Ankle

      Pretty sure a person’s race doesnt determine whos has more manners over the other.

    • choloboy

      hey rin5, you are a fucking idiot! Can I generalize that all caucasian think with their Dick not with their brain. No, I can’t, because should be fair for all caucasian, so stop talking shit, think with your brain asshole. By the way, not all chinese girls like caucasian, you fucking moron!

    • Gia

      I would say it’s the other way.

  • dim mak

    Why is KFC so popular these days?

    • AngryCanadien

      b/c kfc is finger licking good! ever try licking your fingers while eating chinese food??

      • dim mak

        >implying i wouldn’t eat KFC with chopsticks

        • Chunghwa

          Who are you quoting?


      • eattot

        because you can print their coupons everywhere,in big malls, in metro stations…
        7 rmb for a big bag fries,8.5 for top cream iced coffee…my favorite set…hahahaha!

        • dim mak

          but that food will turn you into a fattie ;o;

          • eattot

            we need some fat to keep young too.
            i eat a lot pig feet soup also white fungus soup also drink flowers tea,and i can tell my skin is not so dry as before, a bit better already…

        • Alan

          Does flower tea work for dry skin? Just curious?

          Anyway, you have white smooth skin,very creamy….don’t listen to elijah, you are very beautiful!

      • cb4242

        Never thought of that one….gotta a point there.

        • cb4242

          The same to you too, buddy. :D

      • Gia

        I lick my fingers every time I eat Chinese food. It’s THAT delicious. I literally cannot eat KFC, because it only takes one bite before I start crawling on the floor with stomach ache. I don’t know what they put in that KFC food, but my stomach really hates it.

        • Harland

          What sort of uncivilized freak are you, getting food on your fingers? You’re doing it wrong. Use chopsticks. KFC is where you get food smeared all over your hands.

  • MAX



    • Nick in Beijing

      Do you have a stuck caps lock key? All of your comments ARE IN FUCKING CAPS.

    • mr. wiener

      Caps aside one of the (maybe) Korean centric guys was WEARING A MANBAG!!!

  • jennster

    regarding the comments, very sceptic people.

    everyone of any race do get humiliated and assaulted by bullies i some time of their life but many of these people choose to defend themselves instead of doing nothing then search for sympathy. one example is the muslims.

    • muslims are a race now, eh?

      • cc

        Well said

  • alex

    More stupid, ill informed, nationalist comments from the Chinese. Just makes them look retarded…

    • jennster

      i must admit, netease has the funniest comments.

  • Jess

    Korean Fried Chicken

    • anon


  • glenn

    these might be chinese of korean decent.. i have never witnessed korean men hitting women unless it was their wife or gf..

    normally they just yell their lungs out…

    but with some chinese.. oh well.. they sometimes love just to go all out.. ^^

    • “these might be chinese of korean decent.. i have never witnessed korean men hitting women unless it was their wife or gf..”

      Well, as long as it’s a wife or gf makes, then it’s okay.

      Congrats on the lamest rationalization yet.

      • Ryo

        I think he just said he “witnessed” it. He never claim if it was OK or not OK.

      • Gia

        LOL I was gonna say the same. lol

      • glenn

        you need to improve your skills in reading dude..

    • Stacy

      After a couple of decades of witnessing dad beating up mom, little K-Pop would probably find it strange if men didn’t beat their wives.

    • linette

      Glen is a typical Korean. So typical. The Koreans always find a way to blame other race. Chaoxianzu or Joseonjok are ethnic Koreans. These gorillas are Koreans.

      Since you love to play the blame game. Let’s play. Joseonjok are Koreans and they are foreigners. Look how they behave. They can live in China but you can’t take the Korean out of them. Hard temper and violent like savages.
      You wonder why the China government continues to pay like billion dollars each year to support the NOrth Koreans, the korean refugees, and these Joseonjok. They are so disrespectful and not appreciative. Do you see the South Koreans doing anything to pay for their family the North Koreans? Never. I say send all the Koreans back to South Korea and let the South Korea government deal with them and pay for the cost of taking care of them. Why the China Chinese have to spend money like this? and then get disrespect from the North and South Koreans? The Koreans should be wagging their tails like dogs.
      The last time I check the China Chinese are still feeding the Koreans. The Koreans are still eating off from China’s hand. The South Koreans are begging for trade. Without China financial support and trading the Koreans will be eating nothing but stray dogs and not BBQ steaks.

      “During the Kim Dae-jung administration, Korea cranked up tariffs on Chinese garlic from 30 percent to 315 percent to protect Korean farmers from cheap imports.
      A week later, Beijing countered by banning imports of Korean cell phones. Seoul immediately backed off, cutting the tariffs after quick negotiations with Beijing.
      After the conflict, experts say that South Korea has avoided a head-on collision with China because it realized that the playing field was not level whatever the latter does.”

      The South Korea gov’t running to Beijing begging wagging his tail like a dog. Pathetic.

      • cb4242

        Don’t just stop there, keep going. You basically summed up everything. I totally agree.

      • glenn

        im not korean.. and im just stating what i have been witnessing.. you need to chill… in my country we don’t play the blame by race game… =))

        (some people just tend to overreact.. )

        • mr. wiener

          I don’t know how much Koreans abuse their wives, probably some stats around for that, but I’d say it would be under-reported anyway. The most accurate way would be to watch each countries soap operas. Taiwanese soapies usually show most assault directed at a younger person by an older person [angry parent, gangster boss etc] and most commonly by a woman against another woman.
          Chinese soapies are similar with some small differences.
          But Korean soapies are slap happy, with everyone wacking everyone else left right and center.
          How much these shows are a reflection on their societies or vice versa is open to debate, but an interesting indication none the less [e.g. if a man hits his wife or a subordinate woman in a western soapie he is damned forever after.]

          • glenn

            i remember my professor telling me that Korean soaps are just ideals of South Koreans.. and thinly represents their current culture…

            but one thing is for sure.. korean’s older generation,who are more traditional, heirarchal and conservative, are having conflicts with the younger generation who are more westernized, equalist and liberal..

      • Wang that!

        linette are you a racist? because you come off as one. ^__^

        2nd/3rd questions… do you not consider ABC’s or other ethnic Chinese born outside of China as Chinese? if yes, why cannot other ethnic groups have the same mind set?

        Koreans do not consider Chinese Koreans as Koreans. I ask my Korean friends this and they say Chinese Koreans are Chinese. Also during my trips to Beijing for work I had frequented to a Chinese Korean restaurant and when I asked out of curiosity the Chinese Koreans consider themselves as Chinese. Korean, Japanese, British, Indian and so on, do the same.

        4th question for you… Do you consider every non Han person in China not Chinese? if you say no then you need to reflect on your comments as they contradict on the above.

        5th and final question… why do you hate Koreans so much (or any ethnicity at that)? not that I really care but again curiosity is getting the better of me and I have to say the way you generalize an entire ethnic group is speaking volumes of how narrow minded you are. You shouldn’t be so hateful, it will consume you and make you more bitter as you get old…

        basically I am trying to say… lighten up, life is better when you not hate so much. ^__^

        • linette

          Wang that!

          I am a racist against the racists. People who make racist remarks constantly I do the same to them.
          I only fight back when I see racists making racist remakes about any situation. Most story on this site is not about race, but then some Nationalists always manage to play the blame game. This story is about two men using physical violence against two women on something small. Then all the sudden some Nationalist start pointing out because the men are Chinese. So I must correct them and educate them. Now tell me who is the racist?
          I spoke with many Chinese and they consider Joseonjok are ethnic Koreans they are foreigners. Their first language and tradition is Korean.
          Finally thank you for your concern. I am actually very happy with my life. Thank the lord. I feel blessed. And I realized that many people around the world like those in China rural areas are not as lucky. Hope life will be better for them soon.

        • Notorious

          If there is a person who is ethnically chinese, but English and American citizenship as his first culture and language. I would not dare call him anything other than American unless he or she chooses to identify as Chinese American. I hate that phrase. Just like I hate Latino American or African American. Just American will do.

          • Wang that!

            Thank you Notorious… you get the point I was trying get at. I would do the same… I know some people of Japanese ancestry that are 3rd and 4th generation Canadians that identify themselves as Canadians. Which they are.

            China officially boast that it has over 50 ethnic groups, thus making it multicultural (majority Han however). But like a few in the US and Canada (sad to say) there are some (or a lot) in China, that do not consider these other 50+ groups as Chinese. Regardless if these people have been living in China for several generations (all of which hold Chinese birth certificates) and identify themselves as Chinese…

          • linette

            Wang that!

            “I know some people of Japanese ancestry that are 3rd and 4th generation Canadians that identify themselves as Canadians. Which they are……”
            Their first language is English and they behave like Canadians. They are Canadian.
   got my point. These Chaoxianzu or Joseonjok, ethnic Koreans their first language is Korean. Some do speak Chinese. Some speak very poor Chinese. They behave very Korean with their own Korean culture. They still curse out the Chinese. So even though these ethnic Koreans Joseonjok live in China, they are still more Korean than anything.

            And like I point out majority of the China Chinese see them as foreigners because they speak Korean as their first language. And they are together in their Korean group.
            Even in this story, the two women and the KFC staff pointed out the men are Koreans. They were speaking to each other in Korean. They spoke poor Chinese….implying they are foreigners.

            What is it you don’t understand? What is wrong with Joseonjok that they are Koreans? You should not be ashamed of your own people. I heard Joseonjok get treated like second class citizens in your country South Korea. You know segregation system is wrong right? You should not treat your own peolpe like that. You folks should learn from blind activist Chen Guangcheng. He is not ashamed of his people being poor and helpless. He was there fighting for their rights. Fighting for his people for better treatment from the gov’t.

          • dim mak

            His point is that culture and language don’t define nationality and technically shouldn’t be seen as foreigners. I.e. if an African guy moved to China and got citizenship, he’s now Chinese no matter what his culture is or how people see him

            Of course Asian countries are not exactly embracing multiculturalism in the Western sense, and linette’s ethnicity = nationality viewpoint is widespread even in Asians living overseas

          • Uncle Jeebers

            Africans can’t get citizenship in China. No one without demonstrable Chinese ancestry or some connection into international communist jewry can get a Chinese passport.

      • Korean

        Hi linette,
        Even though I am Korean I sympathize with your anger. I am fucking pissed that two cowardly men would attack a girl. It is disgusting and savage. They should be punished harshly.
        Although you already dislike Koreans and I am sorry that you do, I hope you still keep in mind that not all Koreans are like this. Many Koreans have great admiration and respect for Chinese people and culture. This respect will only continue to grow as China grows and becomes a powerful nation.

      • whoawhoa

        1)You wonder why the China government continues to pay like billion dollars each year to support the NOrth Koreans, the korean refugees, and these Joseonjok. They are so disrespectful and not appreciative. Do you see the South Koreans doing anything to pay for their family the North Koreans? Never. I say send all the Koreans back to South Korea and let the South Korea government deal with them and pay for the cost of taking care of them. Why the China Chinese have to spend money like this? and then get disrespect from the North and South Koreans? The Koreans should be wagging their tails like dogs.

        2)The last time I check the China Chinese are still feeding the Koreans. The Koreans are still eating off from China’s hand. The South Koreans are begging for trade. Without China financial support and trading the Koreans will be eating nothing but stray dogs and not BBQ steaks.

        1)If you think the CCP is giving money and aid to the DPRK out of some humanitarian reason, you really to get your head check out.

        The Chinese gov’t gives billions to N.Korea to prevent it from collapsing. If the DPRK were to collapse that would mean a united Korea under S.Korean gov’t that’s friendly to the USA, which means 30,000 US troops standing at the Yalu river. The CCP doesn’t care about other country’s problem–only its’ agendas.

        The S.Koreans want to take the N.Korean refugees but in order to that, China must stop posting police officers in front of foreign embassies in China to impede N.Koreans from seeking asylum. Even other countries have express willingness to take these refugees. Then why does the CCP keep on repatriating these refugees? What’s the excuse?

        Chaoxianzu became Chinese citizens when they fought alongside the Mao Ze Dong’s armies against the Japanese and the Guomindang.

        2)China and S.Korea is mutual trade. S.Koreans need China and China needs S.Korea. Since the global economic crisis, many S.Korean expats have return to S.Korea. A lot of Chinese businesses who cater S.Koreans have lost substantial amount of money. S.Koreans need to live in China to study and work.

        In the early 90’s, S.Korea gov’t cut ties w/ Taiwanese gov’t to do business w/ China. That was the asking price by the Chinese gov’t.

        Lastly, this story is about two idiots beating up 2 women. A simple misunderstanding at best! Why do you have to make it a racial one? Some of these comments by you “nationalists” make my anti-Chinese stance even stronger. I hope you realize not too many people have positive views towards China. And this reemergence of the “celestial kingdom” is not coming b/c everyone is against it. Mainlanders have to realize they are part of this international community and they will not be controlling it. Chinese people’s response, “it’s western media against China.” Sure it is. That’s why Hong Kong people dislike mainlanders the most and then followed by Taiwanese. China still has a long way to go.

    • Chad

      “i have never witnessed korean men hitting women unless it was their wife or gf..”

      You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • glenn

        like i said.. “i have never witnessed … “.. its not like i spend my whole time minding other people’s business.. ^^

    • sai

      hey…South Korea is the worst gender equality in East Asia.
      k drama is fantasy.

      • Korean

        I would argue Japan is the worst. But yes, South Korea has huge issues with gender inequality that they absolutely NEED to work on, especially as their population ages/decreases. Women need to be an equal part of the work force too, never mind that South Korean women deserve better.

  • the ace of books

    Thanks, Fauna, you’re cool beans!

    Dick move from the alleged Korean guys, though. wth pulling a knife because some ass cut in line in front of you. Although they shouldn’t just blame 老外 for that – remember the ATM dude?

    • Wang that!

      It is easy pull the race/ethnic card in these kind of situations and claim their shit does not smells more than their others…

  • Web of lies

    They do kfc right in China. It’s way better then the crap selection we get in Canada – must be all that melamine they put in it. Mmmm-Mm, cancelicious.

  • Jess

    KFC with rice in China, looks finger lickin’ good!

    Anybody tried it?

    • dim mak

      eh, too dry

    • anon

      I have, I prefer the Mapo flavor one over the mushroom cream one. The little green vegetables are pretty tasty too, or rather, they have an interesting crispness to them that I find addictive.

  • Hawkeye4077

    What those two men did was cowardly. Beating up on women makes you a coward. But what is more disturbing is if there were men there in the KFC, why did no one stop it? You are just as guilty as the men that beat the women because you did nothing. When are you going to stop being cowards and actually care about someone else beside yourself? You see someone hurting, you walk right by. How disgusting. If you haven’t got morals, principals and values, it doesn’t matter what you achieve in life. It’s worth nothing.

    • Ryo

      If they don’t have morals, principals, and values, do they really care what their achievements is worth to you or other people or even to themselves? You have a lot to learn about Chinese people. It’s everyone for themselves here. Lives are worth next to nothing. You snooze you lose. What they have in their possession is what they consider valuable. Nice car, big house, money in the bank. That’s value to them.

      I may never understand why the Chinese people do what they do. They want to be first in everything. Even if you have assign seats, they want to get in first, get off first, sit down first, order first… and they will trample everything in their path to be the first… even if it’s meaningless. One day, I may simply stop one of them and ask why they do what they do. But until the day comes, I will just have to wonder.

      • Tmaxtraveller

        Stop and ask, you might get an interesting answer…

        It is so, when there is ‘too many’ and the unemployment is higher than 30%

      • Alan

        What they have in their possession is what they consider valuable. Nice car, big house, money in the bank. That’s value to them.

        Indeed. How much in cash, the bank, gold, the car,the house….

      • Korean

        China is a developing country. The average Chinese person is extremely poor and have much more to lose in a physical confrontation. You are extraordinarily racist and ignorant to assume there is something inherently wrong with the Chinese. Let us also not forget that even in such prosperous, developed nations as the USA (which should be held to a MUCH higher standard than China, Africa, India, etc), we still have public gang rapes where people fail to intervene but instead whip out their cell phones to bemusedly record the vile act.

        Please stop acting like a know-it-all retard and learn a little thing called context and perspective.

    • cb4242

      I think because like in Japan, people don’t want to get themselves involved because it means you are part of a problem and also you they don’t want to put themselves in the position of owing someone. Out of sight and it of mind, if I stay out of it, then I will have no problems for myself. If they get involved, it means they have to possibly get into a fight, get hurt, probably get involved with the police, have to answer questions, get calls to their home, being a possible witness in court (if it comes down too that) threats, etc.
      So for many Asians, it’s more of a hassle, just stay out if it, say a prayer, hope for the best and move on.

      Sad, but that is just reality.

      • Asis

        All those things are the same anywhere. What kind of excuse is that?

        I think a better excuse would be the fact the legal system is so floppy and therefore no one can trust that they won’t be in some way implicated.

        Still, not sure I’m convinced by that either. I think it’s more to do with a pervasive lack of empathy for strangers in mainland culture. Either way, it’s damn depressing.

        Tired of people making the argument that you can’t generalize. YES YOU CAN. Generally speaking or comparatively speaking, mainland Chinese will NOT help people in trouble.

        • Made In World

          The lawlessness of China, for so long now, definitely affects society as a whole. And the government does a pretty good job of rounding up those who it hasn’t affected…

      • Hawkeye4077

        That’s like ignoring the trash dropped in your neighborhood until one day you open your door and find it at your door step. Evil rules when good men do nothing.

    • Foreign Devil

      I would try to stop it. But when i see people pulling out guns or knives, I’m probably not going to intervene. unless its family or friends being attacked.

  • Ryo

    So many things wrong with this incident. First of all, people cutting in lines is consider “normal” in China. I just don’t understand why they can’t make a single line and have the cashiers call them up when they are open… kinda like at the airports. The local Burger King here do this and it works very well. It’s just retarded to have 3 cashiers and 3 lines. If one of the cashier slows down, the people in the back will be pissed when the line next to them have already gone through 4 or 5 people! I just don’t get why they can’t implement a single line style. It’s just as fast and no one can cut in.

    Then there’s the cashiers. I do believe a lot of the time, they know who came first but they don’t dare say anything. Only when I speak out they will tell them to go line up. And yes, I have lost my patients myself watching people cut in. So has one of my friend. He got so pissed at the train station, he simply yell at the old lady who try to cut in. And not being surprised no one else said a word.

    There those men beating up women is just wrong… I don’t know what they are saying but maybe they just had enough… I mean, if the men did come first, why don’t those women just let them order first? Why do they have to insist they were there before the guys? I can’t condone what they’ve done is right but I can see if this happens over and over and over again, the bomb will eventually go off.

    I’ve been to Cheng Du and Chong Qing… the line cutting is really bad. At busy times, if you don’t cut, you don’t eat. It’s that ridiculous. Whoever shoves money at the cashiers face first wins.

    Welcome to China!

    • Tmaxtraveller

      Hehe.. try real South. a queue is a funnel of people elbowing in….
      The only thing that helps is a grab in the neck, thorw away and a stare.

      • Gia

        LOL This sounds like comedy already. So, people are fighting each other for KFC food. lol

    • cb4242

      Thank god that usually doesn’t happen in Japan. Every now and then you might get an idiot that will do that, but otherwise, people make a line and wait. Japanese are notorious for waiting patiently for a looooong time and keeping there cool. Maybe it’s a cultural thing or a way of implementing a proper system.

    • Little Wolf

      Exactly. It’s the people working behind the counter that need to step up and take control of their line.

      I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been in mini-marts just to buy a soda and just before the clerk hands me my change, some taxi some man-purse-toting brush head throws money on the counter demanding a pack of Chungwhas “Kuaila!” and the bitch actually sets my change down to get the shit head his cigarettes. After I’ve dealt with the zhonguotong that were all on the same death clock, I make sure the clerk never even thinks about breaking a transaction like that ever again. And they don’t, at least not with me. I was good for at least 20 kuai a day at the small market at the bottom of my building for over a year and they pulled that shit on me just last week. Now I have to walk an extra 50 feet to the other store nearby but it’s so worth it when they see me walk by with my bag of snacks and they know they fucked up.

      Note to persnickety Mainland boys and taxi drivers: The second you make that ridiculous sucking sound with your tongue off the roof of your mouth is the moment I make your life even more miserable for the next few minutes. And I’ve got all fucking day.

      • Nick in Beijing

        To persnickety ….

        Well said.

      • Boris

        When I read that, it felt like I’d written it. Is it me, or is this kind of situation becoming more frequent?

      • Alan

        Agreed, lw, that is very effing annoying!

        It pervades everywhere though. Trying to get some photocopies done at a copy shop, idiot wades in, activity ceases….I’m like gtf on with it, I’ve not got all afternoon while you cater to random spoiled fat kid… times I wonder where manners ever existed here.

    • anon

      There’s been a lot of theory and studies on ideal queuing models and the effectiveness of any optimal model is invariably confounded by real world variability. In general, a single queue tends to give customers a greater sense of fairness (but also the perception of longer lines and waiting times) whereas multiple queues can result in the perception of shorter lines and less stall time between a counter opens up and the next person in line notices it.

      There may (likely) be nice corporate researched reasons for why McDonald’s and KFC opt for the multiple queue model versus the single queue model (and they use different models in different restaurants or geographies too). Some businesses choose one or the other, for various understandable reasons so it isn’t “just retarded” to have 3 cashiers and 3 lines. There are trade-offs, for the customer as well as the establishment, often psychological, but also in terms of actual flow.

      Agree about the cashiers who don’t tell the jumper to get their ass in line though I will say I’ve had the fortune of running into some cashiers who have. I consider it a reassuring symbol of progress in China, like the growing frequency of visible lines at certain subway stations where people are beginning to actually wait for the passengers to exit before boarding.

      If you go by who came first, the women were actually in the restaurant first but were off to the side looking at the menu, which is actually quite considerate of them as I hate people who get to the front of the line and then take their sweet time looking at the menu to order. I think they have all the right in the world to insist they were indeed in line behind the woman in front of them and that the men were in line for another cashier just like the guy in green stripes. If the model there is multiple lines, the girls did nothing wrong in defending their position. In this case, it is the guys who appear to want to cut in line, not the girls. If the guys simply misunderstood, that’s one thing, but they threw much of any sympathy they deserve out the door when resorting to violence. Line up is also usually done by standing behind a person, not beside them, which is something the girls did properly and the guys didn’t.

      • anon

        Correction: I’m wrong about the women being in the restaurant first after reviewing the video. At the start of the video, both groups were already in the restaurant.

      • Little Wolf

        Well anon, I am not claiming to know the solution. But I have also seen cashiers tell the jumpers to get in line(some I have even trained myself) and I think more than any system model, that is the most effective way to fix this problem.

        • anon

          I absolutely agree. Cashiers should definitely be trained to enforce fairness in their lines. You might lose an unreasonable customer but make a big impression on the one that was about to be screwed over. Reflects well on the company and company’s service.

    • Korean

      Yes, it is so easy to criticise a developing nation. Particularly if you are from a developed nation and have grown up with all the privileges in the world. Tell me Ryo, what have you accomplished in your pathetic little life? You sound like an ugly fat guy with very little career prospects who enjoys ragging on third world folks because it makes you feel superior. Just let them go on with their life. As China becomes developed, these tiny and irrelevant issues will fix itself. Do not worry so much about what the Chinese are doing. Stop writing essays complaining about how terrible the Chinese are and focus on your own pathetic life. You sound like a deeply insecure and pathetic person. Have a good day.

  • Tmaxtraveller

    I would have joined this fight with ease. Not because KFC people do nothing (how are they supposed to?) Not because there is a fight or argument Chinese have no idea line up in a queue or polite give up a ‘right’ even if it is wronged.
    It is the sight a man (not a man but a retarded gorilla) punch a girl in face with a straight right for a so little thing! He deserved be knocked his wits oud and thrown naked on the street.
    I will do so, if I ever witness a so thing in China. Stand up, together with me Chinese brothers!
    This is a promise.
    Did this once, will do again.

    • linette


      And I will join you if I see a bystander intervene to stop these gorillas. I will take off my 3 inches heel to whack the shxt out of these gorillas. How dare them to lay their dirty hands on the women. And I have done it before when some dirty gorillas bullied my girlfriends, I went right up to his freaking face and scream right back into his face. I was just waiting to see what he dare to do.

    • Hawkeye4077

      I’d use a chair, what ever it took to stop them beating the women. lol. It’s a KFC. Plenty of hot boiling grease. :D

  • Lee

    Mainlanders are truely lower than dogs.

    Foreigners going to China to rape and beat your women; while Mainlanders stand around and let it happen.
    Mainlanders are all talk, and no action – no balls to fight back.
    British, Japanese, Americans, Koreans, etc. all going to China to bully you, so pathetic.
    China are always calling Japan “little Japan”, what a joke.
    It should be “little China”. No wonder Chinese women want to date, sleep and marry white foreigners – you Mainlanders are truely pathetic.

    I’m so glad my family are Hong Kong Chinese, and not from the Mainland.

    • donscarletti

      The biggest degenerates you find in Beijing mistreating women are from Hong Kong.

    • KongMingQin

      Well,that means you are Chinese too… at least your ancestral home is, Lee
      And also, when crime happens in other countries, people NORMALLY stand and do NOTHING, with some rare exceptions… does anyone remember that drunken guy in Japan waving a baseball bat and 2 cops running from him like hell?? Dont disrespect Chinese people if anything, people need to put off the stereotype that when a crime happens in China,500 people go and kill the criminal with the awesome kung-fu fighting that even kids are trained and blah blah… ¬¬

    • Li Yan

      Thanks god hong kongers I know are not like you.

    • Nyancat

      Stop feeding this idiotic troll.

      • Wang that!

        Too many trolls on this story…

        Apparently their shit doesn’t stink like everyone else. ^__^

    • Raphael

      Lee is a Korean who wants to distract from the issue through intra-Chinese conflict.

      GTFO bangzi.

    • linette


      You are a Hong kongese? You sure don’t behave like one. Hk people usually have a lot of pride. They usually don’t agree with the China Chinese behavior but they are not ashame of their Chinese heritage. What is wrong with you?

    • Anus Presley

      Troll much?

    • Jennster

      Looks like u have self hate issues bro. U are retarded.

  • Lee

    No wonder overseas Chinese want nothing to do with the Mainland;
    China is so pathetic!
    Now I know why HK, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. hate the Mainlanders. You can’t even defend yourself.
    Next World Super Power? What a joke.
    Let foreigners go to your country to teach English, beat and take your women.
    Mainlanders = dogs.

    • Li Yan

      What about Chinese attacking British rapist?

      • Gia

        The British deserved it because he was a RAPIST.

        • Hawkeye4077

          He wasn’t really British. He was a muslim pervert.

          • sai

            are you british??lol
            but that rapist has british nationality. muslim pervert BRITISH.

          • Ami

            Muslim isn’t a race and he was british because he had a british passport.

          • cc

            British passport holder.

      • Made In World

        The Chinese should attack ALL foreign sons of shrews!

    • KongMingQin

      I just think that calling mainlanders ”dogs” you are calling yourself, and specially your own ancestors as ”dogs”… when a man cant respect himself, HOW can he respect others??? :)

      • Made In World

        You ever been on a bus in China? Repeat the above

    • Nyancat

      Ok drama queen take a chill pill, not all foreigners are here to do the above mentioned misdeeds.

    • dim mak

      I don’t hate the mainland, you must be trolling son

    • Jennster

      Same. Some ate them, but more don’t really care about Koreans.

      • Made In World

        There’s dog in some Shanghai restaurants. Hate to break it to you.

    • Korean

      Lee, please stop being an idiot. Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Korea, Japan etc are miles ahead of China in development and prosperity. Stop looking down on your own people.

  • Tatiana

    OH BOO FUCKING HOO!!!! who says that because she was in the KFC first that means her actions were right.

    By no means am i saying he should have hit her. He’s so wrong for that. (Female power and all that), but its so sad that she couldn’t even wait 2 minutes for the guy to get his order in.

    Apparently the lac of chivalry is ok in China. There was clearly only the one cashier available which is why she positioned herself at that particular register.

    Am i the only one seeing this????!!!!! is this only about where he’s from???

    I cant tell you how many times i’ve seen foreigner on foreigner crime and chinese on chinese crime but people just simple walk past it or point and enjoy the show.

    So lame….i want the 5 minutes it took to click on this link – watch the video – and leave a comment.

    To the chick going waaaaaa over the dominos you tipped – NEXT TIME WAIT YOUR TURN!!! DUH!

  • Capt. WED

    Hey let’s just randomly pick a fight video and see if the employees intervene!

    another evidence of some random event within a huge population still doesn’t really “prove” anything.

    This whole video/incident is stupid just like this website of bad-asses. I don’t know how many times this has happened to me. You go to a busy fast food place, there seem to be 2 or 3 lines, you stood in the slower line and you are standing there thinking what the fuck. WHAT DO YOU DO, you fucking wait until you get served or you jump to the faster line. What the fuck this is a common thing.

  • Cleo

    Japanese men had no problem beating Chinese girls as well as children in China so why do Chinese insist on visiting Japan, driving Japanese cars, buying ANY Japanese product? BOYCOTT.

    Punish them financially by being frugal – use your Shiseido money for real estate or improving your education. Do not buy anything that will enrich the Japanese.

    Two Billion Strong!

    • donscarletti

      70 years, let it be.

    • sai

      …are you OK?

  • Nyancat

    Why are there so many articles and news stories on foreigners being assholes, oh wait there is going to be a change in the top brass soon right, great way to rile up support for the ‘party’ is to rile up a nationalistic sentiment, like the government cares about the people. Anybody on here from Beijing had their documentation checked recently, I heard that they’re cracking down on illegals there.

    • dim mak

      Illegals deserve to be cracked down on, what’s the problem?

      • Nyancat

        Did I insinuate there was a problem? or do you like being passively aggressive? China is pretty lax about checking up on foreigners, I’ve been here for 3 years and have never been asked once, probably cause I live in awesome Zhuhai.
        Some articles I read however display that the view of foreigners is changing in China with all the events that have been on the news, this reminds of when the twin towers went down and the attitude towards Muslims and Arabs soured, I wonder if that’s going to happen in China if these altercations involving foreigners continues.
        Read this link for anyone doing anything illegal, such as working on a tourist visa, now would be the time to quit it.

  • me

    From the video, there is no clear indication as to whether the employees later served the attacker…. if they actually served him, I cannot help but think the Chinese will do anything to make money. Why wasn’t he thrown out of KFC? Why weren’t police called to the scene?

    Second, there has been a lot in the news lately about bad things done by foreigners in China… While I do not think this is because of a recent onslaught of poor foreigner behavior (it has probably always been this way), I do wonder why it is being called/welcomed to the attention of the media now. In the past, it may not have been. I do not necessarily consider this to be a bad thing, but I do wonder why now?

    • anon

      I’m astounded that you fabricated a hypothetical situation with zero evidence referencing something that can’t be seen in a video to make an argument that “Chinese will do anything to make money”.

      Did you not read? The two guys fled after brandishing a knife BEFORE the cops arrived and no, they weren’t served. They had fled.

      Second paragraph is just conspiracy theorizing. There are many reasons for why something will go viral. A foreigner allegedly sexually assaulting a local woman and then gets his ass kicked tends to easily be viral. Once that goes viral, everyone’s attention on foreigners is heightened so you get more exposure of what normally goes on. The only thing you said correctly there is that there has always been some foreigners behaving poorly in China. Most of the time, they’re just not caught on film and uploaded online where they become viral thereby attracting even more attention and reports of similar phenomenon.

      • Anon

        I would totally agree with you about the conspiracy theorizing… except that the Global Times now has a detailed poll up referring to this string of incidents and asking what people think of the “overall suzhi” of foreigners in China. Doesn’t prove that there’s a concerted effort to promote these videos, but the GT appears to have decided to run with the topic. They even through in the somewhat out-of-place “marrying a foreigner is something to be proud of Y/N” Can’t wait for the results! Comments are promising: “when I see foreign devils I get angry.”

        Germans are currently winning the suzhi Olympics, which I guess should make me feel good since more Chinese have guessed me to be German (it’s a game I like to play, I don’t know why; I guess I got tired of answering) than American.

        • anon

          GT is doing what I expect the media to do. The recent string of very public incidents has become a story, just like when string of school bus crashes last year or the string of school stabbings the year before that. A poll is an easy user-generated content for the media to run and media outlets ran polls on those too at the time.

  • johnny

    i think a lot of the commentary is missing the point, i mean, it was very wrong for those men to hit the women, but the bigger picture is that no one should ever be getting into such a monstrous argument over such a small issue. the ‘korean’ guy wasn’t even in front of the register he wanted to be served at (and he didn’t sidestep in front of the two people to indicate that he wanted to be served), and the two people that got beat up could’ve at least tapped him on the shoulder or something and ask him if he was in line… hey, IMO he wasn’t in line, but just asking him a question and getting a verbal response from him confirming his position would have been a heck of a lot better than getting into a ridiculous brawl. the point here is that this entire fight could’ve been avoided if played right.

    if you’d like an alternate explanation for the fight, i could see how this was ‘staged’ for some perverse reason–i mean, watch the video again and notice how there are guys standing around in the lobby and at empty registers. as soon as the ‘fatty’ initiates the argument, those guys jump in on the action. strange, right?

    also, as for the hating on the male KFC employee… i hope he was dialing the cops back from the kitchen because those two female employees did not seem to be calling anyone/asking for help at any point in the video. i guess i can understand why he didn’t want to get involved in the fight–it’s a customer issue, not the restaurant’s problem. this fight does not have any real effect on KFC’s reputation in China. no one will be saying “oh, don’t go to KFC because you’ll get your face smashed in.” nothing regarding the restaurant was really at stake, so the employees did not feel the need to involve themselves in the argument. the argument didn’t have anything to do with the quality of the food or the quality of the service. he could’ve jumped over the counter and could’ve tried to break up the fight, but i still think he would’ve been overpowered. then again, his involvement might have drawn the ‘korean’s’ attention (and throws) away from the women, which would have improved their situation and let China know that chivalry is still alive in some places.

    • anon

      As someone who has actually done exactly what you suggested, I agree such courtesy would’ve avoided this mess, but its not really common practice ANYWHERE in these sort of situations.

      Your alternate explanation suggests you didn’t read the text. There was only one other guy who jumped in on the action, his skinny friend. It was a 2v2.

      Entire last paragraph very understandable. At least that one KFC guy did try to stop them from arguing before it came to blows.

  • Anus Presley

    I wonder if all the focus on ‘bad foreigners’ at the moment has anything to do with the government trying to deflect attention away from what’s been happening with Chen Guangcheng?

    • Nick in Beijing

      I can’t exactly imagine the government organizing this kind of thing, however I can easily imagine nationalist Chinese doing it because it’s too hurtful for them to acknowledge their country’s problems. Also resentment in China of Chinese women dating and marrying western men is at an all time high. I can well imagine that it’s reaching a boiling point for Chinese men as they have to do more and more to attract the attention of the ladies here. Could be they are taking their silly “don’t worship foreigners” sentiment and trying to blow it up.

      Just some thoughts.

      • anon

        Unlikely. Most local Chinese don’t know CGC and wouldn’t need to be distracted from him, and videos of Chinese men not intervening while Chinese women get their faces stamped on doesn’t really distract Chinese women from being attracted to foreign men they consider more likely to be gentlemanly. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, fellas.

        • Made In World

          I’ve heard quite a bit about Chen in Shanghai, much more than I thought I would. Seems pretty common knowledge among the Chinese in my circles, which are mostly middle upper class.

    • Dat Ankle

      Whats happening in Chen Guangcheng?

      • anon

        He’s going to America.

        • Made In World

          …when I see it

          • moop

            he landed in NY today. the policeman from the boxilai case however is being tried for treason, and is going to get 3 bullets in the heart

      • Made In World

        They’re building a KFC

        • Made In World

          Okay okay, I read the article, he just got on a plane…

  • Xiandaihua

    The Chinese, in general, are cue jumping bastards.

    • Anus Presley

      That doesn’t excuse beating on a girl though. As for those boys being Korean, I doubt it. Koreans aren’t known to beat women up in public, although Chinese do. Maybe that Chinese lad in the video thought he was being tough beating on a girl? Weird.
      I’ve been in a bar in China and seen two lads trying to bottle a girl. I had to step in on that one as nobody else did a fucking thing. Just like in this video nobody lifts a finger to help. Typical. Maybe if those bystanders had suspected those lads were Korean they would have actually intervened? But because they were Chinese they just stood there blinking like lemmings.

      If any bloke started on a girl in public in England or the U.S he’d get his ass handed to him on a plate. People just would not put up with that shit.
      Still, in this case the perpetrators are ‘allegedly’ Korean, so the Chinese are squawking about it. Though will we find out if they are in fact Koreans, or are we supposed to just accept that they might be so as to whip up more anti-foreigner feeling in China?
      Like you don’t already have enough xenophobia in this country to keep you happy, what with 90% of t.v programmes being dedicated to the Japanese occupation.

      • Capt. WED

        I hear a lot of this 90% of t.v. programs dedicated to the Japanese occupation: completely bullshit. I was at someone’s house with internet t.v which had all the popular drama shows so I went through it all to look at the covers, because you know I always hear people on Chinasmack talking about how every show is about Japanese occupation. I would say out of 200 covers were about the 30s and 40s. Those cover either had clothing from that era, or Japanese soldiers, etc. Most shows are either modern dramas, or costum drams.

        How come you guys in that British rape case were quick telling people not to generalize? Not to mention saying he was either a muslim or a pakistani.

        • Capt. WED

          out of 200+ covers 10-15 were about the 30s and 40s.

          • Little Wolf

            Capt: Yeah….90% is way over-exaggerated. But there are still alot. And spousal abuse is also really common on Chinese TV and just does nothing to promote that this is unacceptable.

            I usually like Korean movies, though they can be really sappy and too melodramatic. But I can only think of a few that I’ve seen that didn’t have some kind of spousal abuse…even romantic comedies where the guys don’t boast about keeping their wife in line with a really good whack.

          • anon

            What are you talking about? Spousal abuse is not common on Chinese TV. I see more instances of condemnation against men who hit women than I’ve ever seen spousal abuse. I see on Chinese TV more instances of Chinese wives hitting their husbands than vice versa in fact. Same with Korean TV. What are you guys watching where you’re seeing so much husband on wife abuse?

            Anus, the Chinese are also reliably squawking about Chinese people being bystanders and not intervening. This isn’t just an anti-foreigner issue.

          • Little Wolf

            aw fuck…….Now I’m totally convinced you’re full of shit and just being an ass to get a rise out of me. I don’t even watch Chinese TV much but the times I have the spousal abuse is obvious, loud and annoying as hell. If I go in a restaurant or a small market the TV is always blaring with Japanese war dramas, melodramas with kicking and screaming or some stupid fucking obstacle course at a waterpark game. Perhaps you’d like me to keep a fucking ledger.

            Also, wife beating on husband is considered “spousal abuse”.

          • anon

            No, Little Wolf, I’m not trying to get a rise out of you. It’s entirely possible that we just watch different things and neither of us are wrong. I’m an avid China-watcher so I’m fairly confident in my assessment of Chinese media but I can be convinced of being wrong.

            The context of this discussion was male violence against women (points at Anus Presley’s comment) so I assumed you’re referring to husbands beating wives. Of course I know spousal abuse can also refer to wives abusing husbands. You know I’m not that stupid. Likewise, I hope you’re gracious enough to acknowledge the context I was operating from.

            I’ve seen the Chinese wartime dramas as well as the obstacle course shows, but they’re kinda irrelevant to my statement that in my experience, I see more condemnations of domestic violence on Chinese TV than actual examples of it (they’re not “really common”), which you said has the by product of not promoting that its unacceptable. If I see people on TV, in fictional shows and in talk shows and news, promoting that it is unacceptable, I would of course disagree with your statement.

          • Little Wolf

            Well….I don’t watch enough Chinese TV shows to make a counter-argument. As I right this, I’m in the middle of a “Burn Notice” marathon. (I got 5 seasons worth) Now that’s some good TV there.

          • Little Wolf

            OOOPS! I meant “as I WRITE this”. Caught disracted by an exciting Burn Notice scene.

          • Brett Hunan

            LW- your awesomeness was just multiplied by 2. Im waiting for the new season to start… The worst thing about BN is that the seasons are layed out in suched an effed up schedule The show is really good at making you super anxious wondering “whats next?”.

          • Little Wolf

            I agree Brett. And “Sam Axe” is certainly one of the more interesting characters in television, me thinks.

  • Jaded Foreign Devil

    Chinese don’t know how to wait their turn. The “Korean” customer was clearly waiting for service before the “victim” came on the scene. The woman “victim” rudely cut in front of the already-waiting customer, then stubbornly refused to be polite and let the other man place his order. While this does not justify a physical attack, I certainly understand the man’s frustration. This kind of thing happens to me often, everywhere I go in China. If you don’t know how to be polite and wait your turn, expect to be called out for being the rude, selfish, uncivilized pigs that you are.

    • cb4242

      Yeah, but the Korean customer needs to take a chill pill. As much as I like KFC it worth beating the crap out of anyone ( maybe if it was “El Pollo Loco” it might be a little different) stay calm, if you need to scold someone, that’s your right, but getting physical. If I were there and the guy did that to me, the assbeating he would have gotten would’ve been legendary. I’m not going to start a fight, but some guy taking a swing at me, I’ll make sure I’ll finish it. And by the way, what’s this ganging up on people about. Why these SOBs can’t fight one on one.
      Cowards, all of them.

      • donscarletti

        Yeah, but the Korean customer needs to take a chill pill.

        Not going to happen

        • cb4242

          I think you are right on that point.

    • Capt. WED

      that is completely bullshit. This happened to me before and I’ve asked people whether they’re in line or not when I’m not sure if someone is in line. Confusing situation sometimes can happen when the lines aren’t clear. From the video this is one of those confusing cases. It’s not a clear case of someone jumping in front of someone where the line is obvious.

      Doesn’t look like intentional queue jumping.

    • anon

      So I take it you usually line up by standing at the register NEXT to the one you intend to order at and not BEHIND the person in front of you?

  • Matt

    What strikes me is how quick Chinese people/media try to blame foreigners or outsiders “potentially korean”. Ridiculous! How do they know that? Anyway, the way that guy scratched his belly, is very Chinese in my opinion.

    We all know how Chinese people are impolite and have terrible behaviour in public (they don’t wait in line, they speak loudly, they push, they don’t follow the rules or traffic laws, and the list goes on endlessly). Queuinp up in China is always a source of conflicts. How uncivilized this country, and all that lives in it, is!

    • Alan

      I’d agree.

      A big chinese guy, a stranger to deodorant, had to push right up against my back all the way to the front of the queue in the local KFC here. He was more or less leaving me no choice but to say go on,go in front, or ask him to stand back and give me space, and then risk him cursing the ta ma de laowai or worse.

      Seriously, why can’t they get this right?

    • anon

      They don’t KNOW that. They’re operating off of the woman’s testimony (which she claims was confirmed by KFC workers) that they were speaking Korean. The reports clearly indicate that the nationality is still uncertain. You’ve clearly never been to Korea, the shirt-lifting and belly scratching thing happens there too.

      The eagerness to jump to conclusions based on prejudices is unbelievable. Embarrassing when Chinese do it, embarrassing when non-Chinese do it as well.

      • Brett Hunan

        anon, Ive lived in Korea for about two years and can honestly say I have never once seen a Korean lift up his or her shirt to belly-scratch. Ever. This still does not give proof of whether they are or are not Korean, just letting you know.

        • anon

          That’s fine, I stand by my observations. I agree it doesn’t mean they’re Korean. Never said that. I only said it happens there “too” and often enough for me to not rule it as some sort of intrinsic Chinese behavior because it well, isn’t. It isn’t just in China and Korea either.

          • anon

            Oh, I should make this clear before people misunderstand me. I’m not saying you’re going to see a bunch of South Korean sophisticated urbanites lifting up their shirts fanning themselves or scratching their bellies in the middle of uptown Seoul. As usual, certain behaviors are tied to certain economic backgrounds, strata, and areas. You are more likely to see the lower classes engage in this sort of behavior. Same in Korea as it is in China (Beijing during the humid summers anyone?) as it is in the Philippines and much of South East Asia in general.

  • Dat Ankle

    Asian people sure do love fried chicken

    • Gia


    • Gia

      ”I LOVE Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!” *proceeds to punch*

  • Alan

    After the british attempted rapist, and the russian cellist idiot on the train, now they got some fellow east asians to hunt down….jia you!!!

  • Anus Presley

    If the guy was talking Korean how come the girl understood what he was saying?

    Anyway, he doesn’t look Korean to me. He looks about as Chinese as they come.

    Conclusion: I call bullshit.

    • Dat Ankle

      She said they were speaking in Korean, not that she understood them.

  • Notorious

    interesting. two coincidences… i was eating kfc when i clicked into chinasmack just now, and secondly a story my mom told me today. the reasons foreigners come to china and think they can beat up chinese citizens all relates to the value china has placed on its citizens head.

    can a foreigner walk into america and start beating its citizens? Hell, even dead americans in left in foreign countries have more value than people the people who live in them… and that’s my point. if these fellas thought there would be consequences for their actions they would not have acted in the manner they did in the PRESENCE of Chinese men and citizens (who predictably stood by and watched).

    My mother, who works for the U.S. government agency received a complaint from a chinese worker today. my mother knows nothing about china, keep that in mind. B ut she’s had a few cases concerning chinese people. the chinese worker called and complained that his employer (who is also chinese) refuses to pay him minimum wage because he’s an employee. So my mother called his boss and told her if she doesn’t pay this employee back wages totaling all of the minimum wages he is owed, that she would launch a full investigation. So after the worker argued the worker doesn’t even know the job yet, my mom said “yea that’s why he’s called a trainee! Pay him.” Finally, after not winning this argument, the boss, who is chinese herself finally said, “But he’s just a chinese…” as if that enough reason that this man should not be paid. Well, now my mom is going to launch a full investigation, which means that they have to turn over all of their records, all employees will be questioned, and anyone else who wasn’t paid, must now be paid.

    What she found most appalling is the “but he’s just a chinese” comment, she said, “these people really think they can get over on their own kind”.

    She had one employer who had a relative working for him, and refused to pay her anything despite that this woman worked 12 hour days. My mom launched a full investigation, and found this person does in fact owe the employee, the chinese employer paid $18,000 USD to the government, my mother wrote the check to the employee and as soon as that employee (who is also a relative), the employer demanded the worker pay it b ack. And the worker complied.

    Chinese people have two groups. Those who bully others and those who allow themselves to be bullied. People really need to stand up for themselves and stop being afraid, like these chicken shit employees who watched their women beaten before them. they truly have no penis. I found that part of the video the most offensive. one thing i will never worry about, if i am attacked in any store anywhere in this country, I know five men would come to my rescue if they are around.

    • Capt. WED

      What about those that gets bullied in school and off themselves? Chicken shits?

      • Notorious

        they don’t off themselves, they kill other students then try to kill themselves. but even then you see kids trying to help each other.

        I can think of an incident recently when i was at the gas station and this guy was trying to talk to me and kept asking me questions. I told him I was married (I use that lie to make annoying aggressive men go away, most of the time it ends conversations very quickly). Anyway, the guy says “Where the f– is your ring then?” so I told him “That’s my husband’s business.”
        after he badgered me a bit more, this guy at the end of the line said “leave her the f– alone man, she said she don’t want to talk to you” and the two of them started arguing. I told the guy it was okay, because honestly I was used to stupid people. Thankfully we all got out of the store without one punch being thrown, but still, imagine if that dude had continued. worse, if one of my sons had been with me it would not have ended nicely.

        • SuperHappyCow

          you should try to leave your sons out of potentially life threatening situations

          but i dunno


          yeah, i dunno

    • Capt. WED

      So you are saying if someone in US have a knife out the employee of the place would jump out and fight the other person who has a knife?

      That may happen can we look it up as to whether it happened for real?

      Remember the guy had a knife.

      Transplanting to the US it’s like someone pulling a gun out. 5 guys would jump to your rescue?

      • Notorious

        actually, my cousins were at a club one night in chicago, and you now how deadly that city is with all the violence (just go to ) anyway, he saw that they were walking to their car and said he’ll walk with them to make sure they get there safely. As they are walking and having a conversation, some asshole walks up to them, pointing a gun. They gave the man their wallet and he was about to leave when all of a sudden he turned and shot the nice young man in the stomach.

        That man risked his own life just to walk the girls to their car and got shot for it. Thankfully he lived from what i heard last but getting shot in the stomach is worse. And we are talking about two different things. Some dude PUNCHING a girl is completely different than standing up to a guy with a gun. most guys in the U.S. would.

        • Capt. WED

          “That man risked his own life just to walk the girls to their car and got shot for it. Thankfully he lived from what i heard last but getting shot in the stomach is worse. And we are talking about two different things. Some dude PUNCHING a girl is completely different than standing up to a guy with a gun. most guys in the U.S. would.

          That is not very irrelevant. Basically your cousin walked some girls to their car, and by chance happened to get shot. This is purely a chance event. LOL what if I go hey my cousins walked his girlfriends home all the time and he never ran into any problems. Most Chinese guys walk their girlfriends home and never run into any problems. It’s totally irrelevant to you making an generalization based on a single random event caught on tape.

          The point is I doubt this happens a lot. Sure you have one caught on camera but we’re talking about millions of people going about the day and they DO NOT run into stuff like this. You however go and make a generalization based on that. By this line of thinking I should be able to make generalization about black people based videos I see on the internet, based on news I read, that black people on violent.

          LMAO. Liberal thinking for ya.

          • Notorious

            Hey captn, you are welcome to think whatever you want about black people, Whose stereotypes appear to be the opposite of chinese stereotypes. one group considered too passive, the other too aggressive.

          • Capt. WED

            I meant to say misleading instead of irrelevant.

            Online videos of these type incidents do not give a complete picture.

            Now you say how come we never see these videos from Sweden? All I’m saying is that it doesn’t give you the complete picture, I’m not denying there isn’t any problems. Also Sweden is a different place with different factors. But no one is denying there China has issues. It’s obvious events like these has a low probability of occuring. Is that probability less than Sweden? Probably not. But is it often enough you would categorically say China is a chaotic violent place where everyone is cowards? I don’t think so. You can say that unless it’s there is a high probability of these events happening to say that. There is not.

          • Capt. WED

            LOL that’s liberal projection for ya.

            I never said that’s what I think about black people, I was saying if I generalized like you.

          • Notorious

            I would say that china is those things, just like america is those things. We live in a violent world filled with stupid cowardly violent people with some good sensible people thrown in here and there , far too few in between.

            I didn’t say you think those things about black people, i said you CAN think those things about black people IF YOU WANT.

      • cb4242

        As a martial artist, I honestly would always be nervous when engaging in a knife fight, now matter what you are taught, fighting someone with a knife is very risky and you really have to know what you are doing and even then, it’s NOT always enough. If you think like that you will be the smarter for it, but thinking that your fighting skills will 100% prevail all of the time then you have been watching too many Bruce Lee movies.
        Nothing wrong with being cautious. It can be a big difference between life or death or being put in a hospital.
        Having said all that, I think for most Westerners, it’s just common sense to help someone in a dire situation, add to that women and children, you have a 90% chance of some guy stepping in that would just help for the sake of knowing what is right and wrong.

        This is what unselfish people do.

        • Little Wolf

          You don’t have to be a martial artist to defend against a knife. A knife can’t hurt you unless you allow the attacker to get close to you. You don’t need training to throw a chair, a bike or whatever is handy, to give you some distance. The problem is, most people see a knife and they freeze like it’s all over for them right then and there, when if they just used their head they can easily render a knife useless. Those guys that throw daggers in the heart are pretty much just in the movies.

          • cb4242

            I get your point, but as a person that knows knives well and has trained with them for a very, very long time, it is not always that easy to render someone that has a knife, believe me, I know from experience.
            If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t play the big hero if someone is wielding a knife, even with my background, I’m very careful, backing down and using good judgement never hurt anyone and it could save you from getting seriously injured or killed.

          • Little Wolf

            It’s fine if you enjoy martial arts training and have learned an array of knife dis-arming techniques. But we both know street fights are won ugly. My own experience is 2nd degree brown belt(a notch below blackbelt) in Ed Parker Kenpo. To advance to that level required I perform 160 various defense techniques(20 per level plus a kata) for a multitude of situations(knives and other weapons, multi-attackers,etc) I was able to perform them well enough to advance through the ranks quickly(less than 2 years) But at the end of the day, my arsenal really only consists of 4 moves that come completely natural to me, instictively and instantaneously without thinking. Once I realized that I quit kenpo, switched to Muay Thai and simply refined my “weapons”. And it’s all I’ve ever needed. In my 10 years in China, I have disarmed 7 knife -wielding attackers(8 if you want to count a pair of hospital hemostats that a pickpocket actually tried to intimidate me with) In truth….none of them had a fucking clue how to use a knife for anything but spreading Cheez Whiz on a cracker. Frankly, it’s just easier for me to remember to throw something heavy and pounce rather than attempt to remember “Crash of the Eagle” or 100 other techniques. But that’s just me.

    • Capt. WED

      You mean like this Notorious?

      also about your little story, your mom is a nice person. however you found one instance of immigrant thing and now you are going to generalize about all types of Chinese person? You do realize some of them are illegals, some of them come for a very poor background and are basically illiterate.

      You want to know why I hate liberals? Liberals have a few sfine ideals, but they’re not buddahs at all. They’re humans. They’re also full of ignorance and are quick to judge. All they care about is what makes them feel good. They’re just biased as everyone else yet they act like they’re above all that. That’s why I hate liberals. Everything they do is superfacial surface bullshit.

      • Notorious

        Your video example is poor because it’s new york! LOL NEW YORK where you get your ass beat on the subway for looking at people. New York is a cool city but it’s all kinds of fcked up. and people wilstep over a body. it’s a mixed b ag of folks. If i saw somebody on the sidewalk like that, i would think he’s a homeless man sleeping. if i saw blood, then i would call the police. i think people were confused about his situation except for the guy who rolled him over and saw lood.

        actually my mom is quite mean and finds most callers and complaints irritating. she just hates to see people get bullied and as it happens, the most complaints are reported against employers from India (they cause the biggest rucus), Mexican (most of those people are taken advantage of because of immigration issues, and Chinese (not that many of those complaints but they happen from time to time), and then white people. They all do their dirt.

        I’m not making any assertions abiout all chinese, hell there are a BILLION chinese people, how can all of those peoiple be the same? My point is that, people seem like from the outside, that they take advantage of each other, which causes foreigners to think they too, can take advantage.

    • Capt. WED

      I don’t see how your liberal ass always find execuse for your own kind yet when it comes to other people, things like they come from poor background and are uneducated doesn’t matter one bit. That’s not hypocritical?

      You are one super ethocentric liberal.

      • SuperHappyCow

        didn’t read the comments because im busy but

        that doesn’t make one liberal at all, and is quite a different thing.

    • dim mak

      Well your mom has discovered a common phenomenon between Chinese that few outsiders know about

      There’s a tendency for Chinese employers to treat Chinese employees like “family”, but not usually in the good sense. Like, they can say and demand things from your “family” that you wouldn’t to an outsider, and if you refuse they’ll guilt trip you with “but you’re one of us!”. Small family owned businesses are the worst, they really lord it over you.

      I worked at a place where the Hakka Chinese employer kept me and all the other Chinese workers in the back, yelling at us for the tiniest things and coercing everyone to work overtime while acting the sweetest to the white employees she hired as a front for her business. You could actually see her facial expression change completely when she passes through the door. Some of us doing her piles of backlogged inventory were actually paid less than the guys in front who just stood around all day. I got myself fired ASAP (resigning required a 2 month notice) but like you say, a lot of the other Chinese there had been enduring her shit for years. They’re probably still there now…

      • Notorious

        dim mak, stuff like that , i don’t know what to say.Sorry you experienced that. that is absolutely horrible that your old boss acted that way. being female, my self esteem would have been crushed.

        i had a situation once, when i was 18 years old, where i worked for these middle eastern jewelers. they had diamonds and such in their office and i was scared of them because they looked like bad guys in a james bond movie. i quit when i went to my lunch break, they were mean. i didn’t even last a half day. but the guy had me doing office stuff and one lady that was in there gave me a middle finger for no reason. i had never seen such rude behavior at work before, being so young, so i got out fast.

    • Capt. WED

      LOL Notorious!!! (I can do the same thing you guys are donig!)

      WHO helped this woman??? “HELP HELP HELP STOP STOP STOP!”

      Two girls beat another transgender girl:

      You say but that’s different… How so? In the video above we have no audio, so we don’t know whether the employees did anything. I can also turn it on you using the same arguments that you are comparing apples to oranges because the video above are two teenager girls and not grown man.

      we have seen that this type of shit happens everywhere. Right but only Chinese people are cowards and pussies and subhuman.

      FUck you.

      • Capt. WED

        More evidence!

        What does that tell us about the quality of the people residing in U.S.????

        See I can do the same thing you people are doing.

        I’ll have more posted later on. you just wait.

      • Notorious

        fuck you too, buddy but preferably with somebody else’s genetalia. I can prove your point otherwise, show me some acts or BRAVERY over there, then go to youtube and find many many many proofs of bravery.

        • Capt. WED


          So you basically want to argue against the central limit theory and the law of big numbers…My point was that give the larger number of events occuring you are going to find any number of outliers on the internet. That says nothing about what the average is like. You also want to say because I have this internal bias / picture on China, I’m going to confirm it by visiting this site and gawking at fucked up videos but totally ignoring the human condition and whatnot.

          How about let’s not look at youtube and go directly to the source:

          bystanders helping elderly:

          some security guy respond to a disturbance

          bystanders giving first aid:

          someone took a stranger to the hospital:

          saving some drowning chick:

          giving first aid to heart attack patient

          putting out fire:

          some nurse helping alzimer patient:

          bystanders recusing car wreck vitcims

          lastly, sichuan earthquake:

          • Notorious

            That is all very good, Captn. But then you have to blame certain factors for the impressions I’ve been given. For one, planning my trip to visit china filled with foolish positive impressions about this country, that were smacked down upon meeting this web site, I quickly changed my mind afraid to go based on what might I encounter, sidewalks that open to boil people alive, criminals and bullies and all the innocents who meet their wrath, xenophobia, racism, all the same bullshit (minus the sidewalk) that happens in america. But I know how to navigate america, and you yourself told me i was stupid for thinking nice things about china. do you remember? Now you chastise me for speaking on the impressions you help to give me.

            So if I have a kneejerk reaction based on a story that visually, is actually upsetting to watch, it is because no one here EVER says anything positive about the state of things there. I should be more sensitive however, given the excessive stereotypes of my own ethnicty, I too have myself to blame for being impressions. But bear in mind, I did not come here to this web site to be a racist and even now, when you guys say stupid things i am the first to say that is not what I see. But do you understand?

          • Capt. WED

            I mean it depends on your tolerance level for culture shock. Are you the type that’s experienced in travel? I’ve only been to East Asia and US. I find some of the things in China *fucked up* but since I”m Chinese I can deal with that. That’s why I ask what is your tolerance level for culture shock.

            A lot of the things people say on this website are true, it’s just some of it are a bit over the top. It’s a guy thing. My theory is it’s a cliqueish thing that a certain group of expat does, like they get together and complain, talk shit, exaggerate the things they experience in China as a form of bounding experience.

            I would just play it safe and stick to Europe seeing how you are freaking out about it. Europe is the safest bet because it’s most similar to US culturally.

          • Notorious

            i’ve only ever traveled to u.s territories, and took a few cruises to some islands. I want to travel further but then I do my research, find out there’s a certain type of crime then i rule the location out. the city i live in is a mid-size city that averages 3-5 murders a year, compared to the hundreds of murders that take place in other cities. Even petty crimes make the news because crime is so infrequent so I do become a bit skittish about certain locations. like my girlfriends wanted to go to mexico, i warned them that beheaded people were being dumped in mass graves by the border and americans are being ambushed and kidnapped for ransom. i talked them out of it. a guy friend invited me to go to china, and I did want to visit (not mainland but hong kong because of a certain historical site we both wanted to see) so i started my research until that research led here and everybody said china was terrible place to visit and i think even you said i had some stupid impressions. not that i can get influenced too easily by the internet but i figure people who live there or have been many times would know better than i do.

          • Made In World

            Sorry, those sites are blocked by my country.

    • Chinggis was here

      “the reasons foreigners come to china and think they can beat up chinese citizens all relates to the value china has placed on its citizens head. ”

      WTF are you talking about Notorious? You’ve never been here. Were you the one who cried to Fauna about Coala Banana and had him banned? You said you were. Did you ever wonder why he went after you? You deserved all the shit he piled on you because of your initial racist, feminist bullshit, religious posts. The above scrawling’s are another fine example of your unhinged ramblings.

      • Notorious

        wow chiggis, my comment really touched a nerve. well i am sorry if I hurt yours or anyone else’s feelings, that wasn’t my intent. I guess it was just an initial reaction to seeing two women get beaten up like that. i take such things very personally for a reason and it bothers me to see the guys stand around while this happens. I wanted them to stand up. I did not mean to make it an affront to your manhood so if I implied that, then I apologize. It was a kneejerk reaction. Not intending to be racist or generalizing.

        • Chinggis was here

          No worries. The problem is that The Chinese government does value their citizens more when it comes to Laowai – that’s what all these recent stories have been about. I, similar to what some other posters have mentioned, used to have anger issues prior to living in China, but living here I’ve had to learn to remain neutral and try to not let things get to me.

          The laowai is always in the wrong here, so If you get into a physical altercation, as a foreigner, in China, you are basically fucked. It’s either win-lose, or lose-lose. Either you’ll win the fight and get deported or you’ll get bashed by a group of Chinese, defending some bullshit perception of their country’s honour and still get deported.

          So, to me, it’s not too difficult to cope with fuckbags yelling out ‘helloooo’ as walk down the street or be referred to as ‘laowai’ in every transaction I’m involved in, even though it’s divisive and perpetuates this never ending ‘us vs the laowai’ mentality.

          It becomes more difficult, when you’re walking down the street or even sitting in a bar with a Chinese woman and you can hear her being referred to as a whore or’ hanjian’ Well, she must be a whore to go out with a foreigner – right? As such I tend to have a lot of respect for Chinese women who choose to date foreigners and those who date Black foreigners are very mentally strong or really insane, (just joking, Notorious): the abuse they cop would be horrendous. As for my feelings towards some Chinese ‘men’, well, you get the idea.

      • Made In World

        Sorry if I’m a son of a shrew, but I kinda got what he was getting at. The Chinese are victims, and I’m not saying it as a pathetic, helpless, other bad words… kinda victim. They’re just… not able to stand up for themselves. An official statement. It’s not something that gives me pleasure, I don’t wish that for anyone.

        A Chinese friend of mine said it best… “We are grass, authorities are people.”

  • Chris

    Joseonjok = the worst of China and Korea rolled into one

    • dim mak

      Best post in this thread

      • Made In World

        How is stereotyping an entire group of people the best post in the thread? I’ve never met an “evil” people. Person yes, people no. It sounds simplistic. I guess it’s just my son of a shrew thinking.

    • *sigh*

      Nonsense. Do you know any Joseon-jok? Yeah, I thought not.

      • Brett Hunan

        Why would you ask a question if you apparently know the answer to said question?

  • crimsonarmor

    First off its got nothing to do with race, the main point everyone seems to be missing is that women are being beaten by men. And furthermore the staff failed to call the police when it started. Not sure what’s the response time of police in China. Additionally referring to that Brit who was raping that woman, I really do feel like that was a set up cause if a girl has the nerve to pick pocket a guy while shes being raped and run off with his wallet, what does that tell you? and to have guys standing by ready to catch it all on video?

  • pockets

    Losers, who beats up girls?

  • chengduMMA

    Many issues with this video.

    The males did not wait in line. Or rather, there should have been 1 person in line instead of three wandering and looking around.

    So after the female finished her order, those two other women came to the line, the logical thinking is that there were no one waiting in line.

    After this, no one got civil. The two cunts think they own the shit and argue with the men. I expected Chinese people to be more respectful, the girls should have said ‘im sorry, take your order.’ Instead these brats just argue about the ‘ethics’ of a line.

    You can judge by the way the men were dressed that they were not in the high social economic ladder, while the females were dress extremely well. I know it is hard to judge economic status by cloths, but it gives a good indication. What does this mean? Well nothing really, just wanted to throw that out there, heh.

    So when the big dude, who had his hands behind his back the whole time (a non confrontational stance), threw the first punch, or rather, whack the dude looking chick with his man purse, shit starts rolling. But the spoiled bitch in the dress should have stood back. She was the instigator who essentially ‘mouth’ off’d to these men. I dont condone violence against women, but sometimes a bitch needs a slap, and she deserved it (judge me if you want, but be honest first). But the big dude know better to just slap her, rather he released his anger upon the ‘dude’ looking chick.

    From there, the ‘dude’ looking chick retaliated with a thrust kick. That is an indication for a fight. Having a baseball cap and A size cup breast does not make you a male, let alone make you a fighter. She got what she deserved for not holding the bitch with the dress back. They are spoiled and they need to get beat.

    Like i said, i do not condone violence against women but sometimes they deserve it. Race does not play an issue here, rather ethics and ‘knowing’ your role. When a big dude wants to order food, you do not get into his face and start shit and claiming ‘i was here first.’

    This also bolds the question… Shouldn’t the clerks have the situation under hand? Meaning they should distinctively tell who was first in line or not? That is what i hate about Chinese culture, no one pays attention, and only pays attention at the last moment when shit hits the fan.

    Overall, if it was me confronting those two females, i would say DO exactly what the big dude did, up until the hitting of the women part. Rather, i would cut those two cunts and say; ‘you got a problem? I was here first, stfu and watch what you are doing.’ And watch their reaction. If they DARE touch me (yes the women), then i would gently push her away. If the dude looking chick would touch me, he/she would be choked out in less than 10 seconds. Then after that, i would swipe the phone, because she is calling for back up or cops. If she resists, crotch punch her and take her purse. Then run away.

    After that, get a hair cut, new set of cloths, lose 10-15 lbs and stay low for a bit. While putting on makeup or a ‘fake scar’ to disguise my appearance, because my face would be plastered everywhere.

    Overall, they were both wrong on this issue. It was a matter ‘who had more ethics, the dude or the chick.’

    • Notorious

      “I don’t condone violence against women but sometimes a bitch just needs to get slapped.”

      • chengduMMA

        @Notorious, im an equal opportunist, not sexist. A dude needs to get his ass beat while a woman needs to get slapped. You pick the lesser two evils.

        • Notorious

          i would say a man can argue all he wants with a woman, but keep his hands to himself. i personally, would not allow a man to hit me and can adequately defend myself, but i would let someone else do my fighting for me anyway, since i consider myself to be a lady and fighting is for barbarians.

          • chengduMMA

            @ Not.

            Then did you miss the big dude attack the dude/dyke? It is not his fault for her dressing like a dude.

            Being ethical and moral is a social construct. One can only hold back their anger for so long. It is human nature, since we are all animals, what separates us from other primates are the thinking ability.

            That said, if one ‘bitches’ to a man for x amount of time, thinking ‘oww he is a gentlemen, he will not hit me,’ then sadly you are mistaken. Most 911 calls in the states are a domestic dispute. They constitute the most crimes committed in the states, if not world.

            Heres a tip, if you bitch off to a stranger with a ‘knight’ to ‘honor’ you, then you are just a stuck up bitch. Hence the reason why the girl in the video did what she did. I do not condone the actions that transpire after, but one has to look at it from an evolution stand point.

            Also, if you have a barbarian fighting for you, guess what you have to give up ur ass for him to continue to fight for you. No man will fight for a woman unless its for money or getting a piece of that ass. So my point is being lady like is just relative. If you shit, eat and sleep, you are a barbarian. Do not delude that fact. Humans are a member of the primate family. Before your time, women hunted for food.

            Key point, everything you said is a social construct (such as being in line). Survival of the fittest (Darwin never said that but he eluded to that). The chick got infront first, dude did not like it, he challenged the duo and he won. Simple. Now from a human nature standpoint, he was wrong.

          • Notorious

            Okay, Chengdumma

            I’ll give this a go. Fighting with words, even vicious words (while wrong) is fine. I spit mean words at you, you spit them back, yes? If a man chooses to escalate that into violence and chooses to beat me then I have the right to kill him in his sleep.

            A man uses his fists only because he is too stupid to win a fight with words. Every man knows how difficult it is to win a verbal argument against a woman anyway.

            You claim it is okay to escalate to violence. So how about, if I am in a relationship with a man. We have an argument, he is stronger physically so he beats me up, I wait until he is asleep, climb atop him, press the barrel of my gun to his forehead and kill him. Or maybe I make him so food after the beating and then I poison him. Why not? It’s okay to escalate an argument to the level of violence, right?

          • chengduMMA

            @ Not,

            OF COURSE! IF someone escalates the fight, then its your god given right to fight back. Durrr. If he hits you with a man purse, hit him back with a brick. Fucken kill the dude!

            Why kill the dude in his sleep? Who says that a girl can not react if she is slapped right back? Say if you get slapped, while your reaction is very stout under duress, clear minded, seeing you are being attacked and knowing there are more than one perpetrator, then the next thing to do is react to the situation at hand.

            Given the situation with the video, the girl who was bitchin and taking photos or calling the cops and not helping her dyke friend out, she just did nothing. After which the anger of those men now turned to her… In that situation, why not grab the nearest heavy object and knock one of the dudes out then and there?!? Which will even the fight, two on two. Or even better, if she had a knife in her purse, she should have shanked the dude out. ALL three men gave their backs to her, easy targets. If she did not have a knife, smash her iphone in half and use the class shard to make it a weapon. Or she could have ripped out her dress and wrapped it around one of the ddues’ neck, choked him out and thus killing him. Which will make it 2 on 2 fight.

            There are many possible scenarios here. But killing a man while they are sleeping will be nothing short of man slaughter, a class A felony. It would look more plausible to kill him then and there, self defense. After which you can sue KFC for not adding protection, so not only are you killed a dude (possibly three), but you are now suing, with plausible clause, one of the biggest corporations in the world for not controlling the situation in one of their restaurants. Overall its a win win situation if the chick went that route. Something i would rather respect, her standing her ground after bitching a dude out!!! FLORIDA AND TX BABY!!!

          • Notorious


            have you ever been in a real fist fight? It’s not like a movie lol especially a female, like the waifish girls in this video, can suddenly swing with the equal force of a man. People can argue and should argue to settle their dispute. your entire viewpoint is flawed because you assume that humans are just primates who cannot reason or solve their dispute with words. so of course escalating an argument where things are laid out on the table should end in murder.

        • linette


          A man like you should not be having any close relationship with any women. You are dangerous. Now go have a relationship with a bigger man. So he can slap you like a bxtch when you disobey him. I am sure you will justify why it is necessary to put you in your place and be treated violently.

          • chengduMMA

            @ Lin, so from 2 postings you already figured me out? Nicee, can you also tell me the lotto numbers?

            Look these are my views. If you think i should date dudes, fine, then im gay. The interwebs are funky like that! So are you against man on man action as well?

            I am not violent by any mean, i am a fighter, but i pick my battles. Fighting teaches one how to be humble and look at things more objectively. If you think i am an injustice to humanity, why not go preach it to the middle east? Where they act, while i post on the interwebs.

            I lean towards the left, but the left needs to get their ass kick to realize this world is not PC, esp China. I been taught through hard training, crazy teachers that if you do not accept the differences and challenges in life, then you will be stuck. China has its old ways, but trying to confirm to the Western standards, while at the same time, the Western standards are crumbling…

            But yea, im gay, you ping it right!!! Soo gay that my current gf loves sex, but does not let me do anal.. gee….

          • linette


            I hope you let your gf read your posts. So no surprises there when your fists start landing on her face.
            It looks like you have no problem watching your father beating your mom…the woman who gave birth to you.

          • chengduMMA

            @ Lin,

            thanx for the concern, i watch my dad beat my mom all the time, with a 20 inch donkey dildo, fun to imagine. Since you bought my families issues to this thread, does this mean your father likes a dildo too? OMG WE HAVE SOO MUCH IN COMMON!

            Look Linette, if you take this serously then you ahve issues. Its the interwebs. And yes bitches needs a slap from time to time, prodigy style. Or Jay-z while sprinkling Kobe with his rape trail of a nympho college girl.

            I highly doubt girls will break up with their man for what they write on the web. If they do, then their relationship is rocky to begin with. Strong relationships is built on trust, not the back of the mans hand. I not white trash papts blue ribbin keep a girl down type of man, heh, im rather a person who give his girl a choice. If she reads this and says ‘wtf’ and walks away, then she was not meant to be with me. Trolling is a great art, makes one step out of the reality of PC world. As a liberal, trolling is fun :). Now, go suck your 12 year old boyfriend’s 2 inch cock. If you are an ESL teacher like most westerns, go fuck all your kids and have their kids, because chinese dudes love controlling their bitches.

    • southernortherner

      HA! that was funny. “I’a cut that bitch , lose some weight, wear a dress, lay low” really planned that shit out!


      • chengduMMA

        Jason Bourne style!!! Its the romance of the loner who is doing things on his own while kicking ass!!! Cant wait for the next movie to come out this year!

        • Made In World

          Isn’t freedom of speech great?! No deleted posts!

    • Gia

      Wow, what a moron you are. It’s because of men like you that violence against women still is rampant in the world. And you’re such a sexist pig.

      Men are not allowed to hit women. Period. If you can’t grasp that, go shoot yourself. You should not hit a woman, not even with a flower, no matter how entitled you think you may be to do that. No matter what your problem may be with her, you are not allowed to hit her. Guys who dare hit a woman, they deserve to be castrated alive and buttraped repeatedly.

      • chengduMMA

        Gia, get your dick out of your head. Have you read wtf i been typing? Its a social construct to respect for no reason. PERIOD. I DO AGREE THAT MEN SHOULD NOT HIT WOMEN, BUT you have to realize YOU ARE A HOMO SAPIEN, WOMEN ARE GENERALLY SMALLER THAN MALES. Now if hitting a woman is intentional to just do it (not like the dude in this video, who reacted to his emotion), then thats a no no. Understand there are crimes of passion and then there are just crimes…. So bitch got a slap, which i think she deserved for cutting him and yelling at him as if she owned the place. If it were me, and they still continued to fight, ill cave their teeth in, making sure they will use dentures for the rest of their lives, if she still insisted that she the queen of KFC.

        Look at the video with a clear mind, it was the dude who instigated the fight. But who instigated the interaction? Was it him for telling her ‘wtf you just cut me’ or was it her for cutting him? Now lets look at it from a Chinese perspective, where the males are usually right (like the issue when a dude rapes a girl with a condom, it is not rape.. Shittiest justification for rape, but its china.. Rape is a serious offense AND THATS SOMETHING I AM TRULY AGAINST). How will the judge look at this issue of KFC brawl? In most cases when i read about a woman’s rights being trampled, its the understanding that the girl should move for the males (Chinese court). BUT if these perps were Korea, then nationality will play a role, which will throw a wrench in the social order of male dominated chauvinistic society of China, because of the current events and possible political upheaval that is happening in North Korea (NK bribing and cannibalism ect ect). As you read from the Chinese comments, they more notably the Korea aspect rather than the pretense to the brawl (the dudes were 100% in the wrong, but these bitches needed a slap, Prodigy style… Then be a fire starter). By Chinese standards of looking at this from a nationalistic point of view, it will trump the actions before the event, the KFC employees response to the issue ect ect.

        Now that you judge me, i can judge you too. You are a stuck up fat bitch who get dick from horny men that has every known STD that came from an african green monkey!

        Sure ill shoot myself, been contemplating suicide since your post hurts my feeling. Wonder if i can report you for internet bullying (there is a court case on record for defamation vs trolling like you are doing to me). Because im such a weakling who hits woman daily as you put it, which is something that i did not know until you pointed it out. Me and my IQ of 59!!!

        • Made In World

          Everyone welcome the new host of Crazy English!

  • Northerner

    Entries for the ‘First China National Stereotyping Film Festival’ are now streaming in with strong showings so far from The UK and South Korea.

    Whilst the British effort is clearly the front runner at this stage, being beautifully filmed and encompassing all to well known themes of drunken excess, sexual misconduct and a penchant for night-time public violence, edited to perfection and ridden with pathos; the South Korean entry relies on tried and trusted contemporary South Korean cinematic themes of violence against women, pointing and shouting.

    With the following entries yet to be screened the inaugural competition looks like it is going to be a huge success, highlights include:


    Frenchman forces Chinese girlfriend to eat snails and parts of frogs from his garden, whilst reading Camus.


    Chinese girl locked in cellar for 4 years by Austrian pensioner.


    Chinese girl set on fire by Pakistani for refusing to wear hajib in public.


    German boyfriend forces Chinese girlfriend to watch motor-sport for 3 years.


    Japanese businessman caught in bushes with rope bound, Chinese schoolgirl.


    Irish boyfriend blows up Chinese girlfriend’s car in argument over religion.


    Italian forces his Chinese girlfriend to watch whilst he has sex with his mother.


    Drunken Australian man forces Chinese female student to watch while he has sex with sheep.


    American destroys Chinese girlfriend’s neighborhood, because it was there and he could.

    • Castro

      lol,, perfect !

      as an American might I suggest a Cruise Missle for the weapon of choice? cool!

    • anon

      About the French one, Chinese commonly eat snails and frog parts too.

      About the Australian one, I thought the sheep fucking was mostly about New Zealand?

      • donscarletti

        New Zealand is Australia’s Wales, natural beauty and sheep shagging. But Americans don’t know where either is.

        • Little Wolf

          Fuck off with that uppity shit, don. We’re quite aware. You know, we also have things like globes and maps and schools. You’d be quite surprised.

          • donscarletti

            My assumption is that the poster before is American. If not, I apologise for my remark. Though I still like trotting out that little “Americans suck at geography” stereotype whenever I can because it’s funny.

            “I personally believe, that U.S. Americans,
            are unable to do so, because uh, some, people out there, in our nation don’t have maps. and uh… I believe that our education like such as in South Africa, and the Iraq, everywhere like such as… and, I believe they should uh, our education over here, in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa, and should help the Iraq and Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us.

            By the way, you tried to email me twice a few months ago and I responded both times but got nothing.

          • Little Wolf

            Sorry don….I’ll read the whole exchange next time before spouting off.
            I’m sorry but I have not received any e-mail and I was really hoping to hear from you. I think you may have sent it to the company e-mail address that was sabotaged by a disgruntled employee. (By disgruntled, I mean impregnated by the Chinese boss and not happy with the settlement. His 4th. As you already said, men are scum.) Don’t let that scare you off though, there are some valid opportunities for you. Try the hotmail address on my signature and I’ll send you another e-mail on Monday. Thanks

          • Alan

            Agreed,little wolf.

            Americans I have met have been far more knowledgeable than Chinese students I have asked about India or Pakistan or other asian countries and getting answered with “wooooo buuuuu zhiiiii daoooooo” hits head!

      • Northerner

        I am well aware they do, as I am equally well aware that being masters of double standards they would probably be in uproar if that scenario were real.

        They don’t however, display much of sense of humour or of irony.

      • Northerner

        I am well aware they do, as I am well aware that they are masters of double standards and would surely be in uproar if the said scenario were true.

        • Northerner

          Replies proper fucked up there.

          What do you call a Welshman with more than 2 sheep?

          A pimp.

    • Chinggis was here



      Chinese girl is forced to drink vodka, then taken naked a into sauna while wearing nothing but a felt hat, and then beaten with branches.

      Excuse my bandwagon jumping.

    • Made In World

      You forgot Canada… and of course the billion stories from China…

    • whiskersthecat

      South Africa: Chinese girl murdered.

      • Made In World

        How about Tim McLean?

  • John

    What is so strange about a fight in China? Have seen so many: on the street, in the shopping center, in bars even in the plane.
    Chinese people not helping each other is also nothing new, everyone loves to see a fight. Look at how fast people will group together when a fight starts.
    No one really cares, it is the same old story. Emigrate if you don’t like it.

  • MAX




    • Wang that!

      I am sure they all trembling with fear now that you made your statement… ^__^

      Sorry Max, I had to poke some fun… the comment was asking for it…

  • DR Jones

    For a huge country of 1.3 billion, why does there seem to be such a village mentality to such news.

    If such a thing happened in Europe, Australia or America it would probably be confined to local news and if a Chinese person was involved, the media would probably go out of their way NOT to highlight his nationality/ethnicity.

    Here in China, locals seem to enjoy highlighting foreign crimes for all 1.3 billion to 38 about. Don’t forget that Chinese commit crimes in other countries but there is no RACIST witch-hunt to hunt them down. China should look at it’s own crimes and lack of manners before trying to find foreign crimes to give themselves SOME face.

  • cc

    I think the main point here is that the girls jumped the queue and the guys just lost it. It’s quite understandable when faced with such ignorance, how many times have you stood in line just to have some twat jump in front of you, if you don’t do something about it then what do you expect. Mind you verbal abuse is normaly sufficient rather than violence.

    • southernortherner

      i just realized your picture is some busted crunchy labia..HA! oh man, i wish i had realized that earlier.

    • anon

      How did they jump the queue? Intentionally? Was it obvious to them that the guys were in the queue?

      • Winterbitten

        It wasn’t obvious to them, but the dude wasn’t thinking either. Both of them made a mistake; the one to throw the punch was out of line and the knife was blazingly stupid and wrong.

    • chengduMMA

      @ CC

      Something im trying to say, you do it in less words, while im trying to justify hitting a girl, and failing at that heh.

      • Made In World

        Um…. WHAT? I understand a yelling at. I would even understand taking her food, or taking it and throwing it. As much as I loathe the queue jumpers, beating them? Even if it was guys, at KFC? That’s your biggest moment in life? Fighting people in KFC for first rights to the teller?

        Son of a shrew

  • Micchi

    So let me get this straight … they were fighting over chicken? CHICKEN?? How much easier would this have been if he said: “You cut in front of me”, and she said Sorry you were here first”? And just let the big dude who can possibly beat her and her friend who I thought was a guy I might add get his chicken and leave! I doubt it would have turned into someone getting slam danced on! But no … everyone felt the need to fight over who jumped the line to get the last piece of KFC on earth! >.>

    • anon

      No, they were fighting over principles. It isn’t a bad idea to encourage them to start small with queuing before expecting them to fight over larger principles like freedom.

      • Made In World

        No they were fighting over chicken.

  • Octavian

    Why cry over spilled milk

    • Made In World

      or chicken

  • Winterbitten

    This is BS. “Foreigners” do good and bad, just as Chinese people do. I just wonder how many articles it’s going to take to really stir anti-foreigner sentiment. I wonder if this is being intentionally done. I just hope someone does try and do something good. I worry that while their intentions may be good, like that Brazilian dude, a bunch of people might not understand the situation and act out their online fantasies.

    Makes me wonder if it’s worth helping someone. I don’t mind putting myself out on the line and getting my ass kicked so long as everyone knows that what I’m doing is right. However, I wouldn’t want to put any part of my body on the line to get massacred by a bunch of people waiting to explode on a foreigner for no real reason.

    • Winterbitten

      Sorry I meant doesn’t try to do something good*

    • Made In World

      Of course it’s intentional. Anything that’s not censored is intentional.

  • Sadly this is all too common in China. I am married to a Chinese woman and have visited China 19 times – lived there for 6 months at a time and truly love China and the Chinese people.

    I went to help a young Chinese girl in Chengdu whose boyfriend was about to break her arm. She was on the street screaming in agony with a huge crowd just stood watching – some even taking pictures.

    Literally no one came to help. Lots of Chinese men just stood there doing NOTHING.

    I was 49 years old at the time and the guy hurting her was in his 20’s but I am Australian and could never have lived wit the shame if I had just stood in the crowd and let it happen.

    I think it is just the Chinese way. People don’t want to get involved. It is the ONLY thing I don’t like or understand about China.

    • [email protected]

      Good on ya mate. Agree with what you wrote, though admittedly I hate a hell of a lot of things about Chinese. Just of the top of my head…

      The spitting
      The lunatic driving
      The letting of the brats to run wild
      The clipping of the fingernails in restaurants
      The shitting all over the seat in public restrooms
      The smoking
      The shouting
      The beeping of the car horns
      The rolling up of the shirt to let the big belly get some cool air
      The vomiting on the sidewalk
      The stealing of other people’s taxis
      The riding of motorbikes on the footpath
      The putting of the shoes onto the feet of the small dogs in the pink knit sweaters

      I’m an aussie too btw, but I have lived here straight for more than 7 years now.

      • Notorious

        I thought you were talking about america for a second there…

        • Anon

          Oh pleeeeeease Notorious, before you toss off glib “sounds like America heh heh” one-liners you really need to have at least been to China. The difference in the magnitude of at least some of these things would be apparent to you by the time you reached your hotel.

          • PeterScriabin

            Just stared and stared at this post, couldn’t believe it. W-h-a-a-a-t? Sensible, Moderate. WITTY. Factual.

            What on earth…? Then, all of a sudden, the penny dropped. OH! Capital A.

            Too confusing. Wish the software made user names unique without regard to case.

        • Little Wolf

          Girl….you are in for a real surprise.

          @appalled: I don’t mind the little shoes on the doggy’s feet. It’s when they kick their shoes in the doggy’s mouth I have a problem.

        • Made In World

          If there’s a new drug out there… I need to know about it!

      • Tmaxtraveller

        That is pretty much spot on.. :P
        Been there, seen that a PLENTY!

    • PeterScriabin

      Mr. Bloor: while it (may have) worked out for you to intervene in a public DV incident in China (of which the present incident is obviously not an instance), analysis and evidence show that doing so does not always lead to a good, or even a better, outcome – no matter how obvious the opposite idea seems to us good-guy westerners.

      Switching topics: “the ONLY thing…” Really??? I wrote a list, starting with Chen GuangCheng, passing through the queueing and driving habits, and topping it off with the onslaught of bodily emissions on the street – for dessert as it were – but then deleted it for fear of starting all the old arguments again…at any rate you sound like a better man than I am, which is admittedly a low bar.

  • goodjob

    They are ethnic Korean Chineses.

    • whoawhoa

      They’re definitely not South Korea. In all likelihood ethnic Koreans.