Chinese Girls Beat Up by Suspected Korean Men in Chengdu KFC

Surveillance footage of two allegedly Korean men violently beating up two young Chinese women over an argument in a Chengdu KFC restaurant.

Surveillance footage of two allegedly Korean men violently beating up two young Chinese women over an argument in a Chengdu KFC restaurant.

From NetEase:

2 allegedly Korean men beat up Chinese women at KFC

People’s Daily Beijing May 17th report, the past few days, a “Men suspected to be of Korean nationality beat up woman in KFC” video has been spreading widely on Sina Weibo and Tudou, attracting widespread attention.

This video of the beating is a reproduction of the surveillance footage in the KFC restaurant filmed by netizen “shining_life狗狗” with a mobile phone. May 13th early morning, netizen “shining_life狗狗” and her friend were beaten up by two men at the Xinchengshi Plaza KFC in Chengdu, causing swelling on the the right side of her face and eyes as well as the back and right side of her head. The video shows that “shining_life狗狗” and her companion were lined up at the ordering register when they had an argument with a man over lining up. The two men then pushed them down and began beating them, punching and even stomping on one of the women’s head, the beating lasting nearly 1 minute and 20 seconds. During this time, the women tried to use their mobile phones to call the police, but the man took a knife out of his bag and threatened them. Afterward, the two men fled before police could arrive on the scene.

Today at 13:10 [1:10pm], “shining_life狗狗” updated her microblog to issue a statement about the incident. She said, “The two men in this incident were speaking Korean before the argument started,. KFC staff also heard them communicating in Korean, and even called to say they were indeed Korean, so I want to correct here that it is suspected “Korean”.

When interviewed by reporters, “shining_life狗狗” said the police at present have already gone to the Korean consulate in Chengdu to collect evidence.

In the video, the two young women who were beaten up can be seen initially on the far left side of the counter deciding on what to order. There appears to be three open registers, and the two potentially Korean-speaking men appear to have initially lined up at the left register, while another man had lined up at the rightmost register. The women walked over from the far left to queue up behind the young woman at the “center” open register. After that woman is served, the two young women who were beaten walk forward to order and that is when the allegedly Korean men object before eventually attacking the two young Chinese women.

A copy on YouTube:

From Sina News:

2 allegedly Korean men beat up Chinese girls at KFC restaurant in Chengdu

Because of a dispute while lining up to order at a KFC, two Korean-speaking men unexpectedly and violently attacked two Chinese women, even taking out a knife to threaten them. What more, throughout the entire beating, no KFC employees came out to stop it.

May 16th, a “Two Korean men maliciously beat up two Chinese women at a KFC in China” video appeared on Sina Weibo, again arousing strong nationalist sentiment. This video was quickly republished on NDDaily, NetEase, and other websites, inciting public condemnation of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China.

At present, the nationality of the two male assailants remains in doubt, but in connection with the recent exposure of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China, it can be said the anger of netizens is not without reason.

Scene of the beating

KFC service staff “calmly” walked by

A Dushi Shibao journalist learned that this incident was made public by “shining_life狗狗”, one of the persons involved in this incident of assault. She says on the morning of May 12th, she and a female friend were insulted and beaten up by two Korean men while ordering food at a KFC in Xinchengshi Plaza in Chengdu, resulting in extremely serious swelling on her face, back of the head, and right side of the head.

From this video lasting 3 minutes and 20 seconds, it can be seen that there were two registers for ordering, but at first no KFC service staff appeared in the scene. “shining_life狗狗: and her friend were standing in line for one of the registers deciding on what to order. Afterward, two men entered the restaurant, one heavy-set, one thin, and stood next to “shining_life狗狗”.

Next, a service staff appeared, and “shining_life狗狗” and her friend began ordering, but the man standing next to her voiced displeasure, and an argument broke out between the two sides. From the video, it can be seen that initially when both sides were arguing, a KFC staff member appeared to try intervening, but suddenly, the “fatty” violently pushed the woman and the two sides came to blows.

The “skinny one” in the back also pushed the other woman onto the ground and he can be seen stomping on the woman’s face. The beating in the video continued for approximately three minutes. According to an account by someone present, the “skinny one” even took out a switchblade to threaten them at the time, with the two assailants fleeing the scene before police could arrive.

The scene of asymmetric violence very quickly incited massive condemnations. As of yesterday noon, this video had already been forwarded and reshared nearly 5000 times on Sina Weibo. Netizen “萬能青年” said: “I think in this kind of situation, I would rush forward to stop it.”

However, in contrast to the angry sentiments online, people who encounter this kind of scene in real life frequently remain bystanders. Throughout the entire beating, KFC personnel did not go forward to intervene. When the beating began, two employees stood at the ordering register looking on, and afterward, a worker “calmly” walked past the scene. There were also no other customers who went forward to stop the violence.

Attackers’ nationality unclear

Police are investigating

Victim “shining_life狗狗 (Weibo name)” is 23 years old this year and is currently working as an manager at a music company. She recounts that the two male attackers were around 25 years old, “appeared rather mature”. Afraid of their reprisals, she’s not willing to reveal more of her personal information. Even now she has not told her family about this incident.

Although she didn’t post the video onto the internet until 4 days after the altercation, the past few days have been difficult to bear for her. “After the incident, it isn’t as if I haven’t felt anything at all, I’m very unhappy, very scared, very angry, very nervous, and in a lot of pain.”

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Yesterday, this Dushi Shibao reporter got a hold of “shining_life狗狗”. She said the injuries of the other women who was beaten are no longer serious, but she still has swelling on her head and her face is still bruised. Regarding the reason for being beaten up, she said it is because the other party suspected they had cut in line, “but that wasn’t the case in reality”.

According to this Dushi Shibao journalist’s observations, the reason this incident has attracted widespread attention is related to the recent publicized incidents of uncivilized behavior by foreigners in China. As for the exact identity of the attackers that the public is concerned with, it currently still cannot be confirmed whether or not they are Korean.

“shining_life狗狗(微博)” told this Dushi Shibao reporter that she heard the two individuals communicating in Korean at the time, and while the “fatty” was quarreling with her, his putonghua [Mandarin Chinese] was not very fluent, “with a bit of a Northern accent”. As a result, it is speculated that at least one of them is Korean.

However, repressed internet sentiments found an outlet in this, using it as a pretext to express dissatisfaction with foreigners “doing whatever they please”, with no lack of extreme words being used in discussions.

Still there were some rational voices. “The attacker is only wrong because he attacked a woman, it has nothing to do with nationality.” Even more netizens requested that the police get involved and investigate, “Don’t wrong a good person, don’t let go a bad person”. “If it ends up being a Chinese person speaking Korean, this will be an international joke.”

“shining_life狗狗” says that she went to the police station to provide a detailed testimony after the incident, and that at present a police station of Qingyang District of Chengdu has already registered the case and investigating. Yesterday morning, police took up the matter with the Korean consulate but at present still have not caught the assailants, and are unable to disclose more information.

Comments from NetEase:

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Seeing this video, I must hurl abuse. These days, a lot of Chinese people are also fucking worse than dogs [for not helping]! Korean bangzi, if you’re that arrogant, and if I catch you, I’d make sure you don’t leave alive. Motherfucking Korean bangzi!

Author, I beg you not to delete this comment, okay! If you still delete it, then Chinese people’s courage and uprightness will have all been deleted!

黑撒2013 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

I wonder if Chengdu’s men have all died or what? Those KFC order takers are also useless.


I’m going to say something people won’t like to hear, even those Beijing guys who were so much shorter than that British guy dared to take action, but TMD Sichuan people are eating shit [doing nothing]. All day boasting about how Sichuan is good, how Chengdu is a major city, your mother’s cunt!

满头井尸体巷 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Don’t talk nonsense you Beijing cock slave. Those guys who beat up that British hooligan, you can tell from their accents that they obviously weren’t slavish Beijing cocks. The Beijing cock slaves were letting the foreign dick fuck them and stood by looking on, needing a wai di ren to come to the rescue.

lwtongxin168 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

When encountering this kind of thing in the future, regardless of right or wrong, I hope to see our compatriots intervening together, and let the chips fall where they may. Those in agreement raise your hands/take action.

xiejiale1973 [网易江苏省徐州市网友]:

Their actions were very malicious, this must not end up with just a small fine and a few days of detention. On brandishing a knife and stomping on the head alone, this should at least be attempted murder. All that’s left to see is if Sichuan’s police are heroes or useless cowards.

奥卖糕的 [网易中国网友]:

The KFC employee truly fucking isn’t a man, human flesh search him out.

南宁肥仔 [网易广西梧州市网友]:

The many of you who are saying bangzi~ Actually they aren’t South bangzi, but rather Yanbian bangzi [ethnic Korean Chinese].

EddyTang [网易北京市海淀区网友]:

After watching this video, old me was so pissed off I almost died. Aren’t Sichuanese supposed to be very courageous and upright? Did those SB service staff all grow up eating shit [not raised properly]?

Comments from Sina:

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Sigh, foreigners attacking Chinese people is normal, but you attacking foreigners is not allowed because the law protects them.


Damn it, these laowai are quite arrogant, have Chinese people all gone extinct? Encountering this kind of thing and no one steps forward. So embarrassing.


All of the Chinese people in that KFC, are you all fit to be Chinese?


If it were Chinese doing the beating, they’d definitely be arrested, but when its foreigners beating people up, then the matter ends up resolved. No wonder Chinese people believe they are the underclass/second-rate citizens. Were there no Chinese people around at the time? Did no one call the police? …Sigh…!!!!!


Have all the men in Chengdu died off? How come no one went forward?


The protection of the state for the country’s people has determined the love and respect of the country’s people for the state.


Chinese people abroad are humiliated and the Chinese government doesn’t dare to do a thing about it, because that is outside of the country. Chinese people being humiliated within the country and the Chinese government still doesn’t dare to do a thing about it, because they are foreigners. The Chinese government really is something!


No wonder China as a nation is bullied by others, I’m speechless! So sad.

What do you think?

2012.05.21 UPDATE:

According to the official Tencent Weibo account of the Chengdu Qingyang District Police…

@青羊警方: After Qingyang Police posted on its microblog on May 17th, at around 7pm on May 18th, Xinchengshi Plaza KFC restaurant assailant Jin X and others, accompanied by family, voluntarily submitted themselves to investigation at the police station. According to investigations, 4 people were involved in the attack, Jin X (male, 25, Jilin province), An X (male, 24, Jilin province), Cui X (male, 24-years-old, Jilin province), Zhang X (female, 25, Jilin province), with An X amongst them not yet having submitted himself to the Public Security Bureau for investigation.

Police are currently investigating this incident in accordance with the law, and at the same time urge An X to submit himself to the Public Security Bureau for investigation as soon as possible.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Foreign Devil

    That level of violence is unacceptable, especially against women. However I think any foreigner in China can emphasize with the frustration of Chinese people constantly cutting you off in line and being completely self-centered in getting themselves served first at all others expense.

    If you have anger control issues. .you’d better stay out of China.

    • Little Wolf

      I never thought of myself as having anger management problems until I came to China. I think Gandhi would have had wanted to crack a few skulls around here.

      • Northerner

        Recently on a flight somewhere — not in China. Sat in an aisle seat, window seat next to me occupied by middle aged, Mainland woman (the same woman I helped put her extremely heavy trolley bag in the overhead locker after she so obviously couldn’t do it). Aisle seat opposite me occupied by Mainland woman’s teenage daughter. Prior to take off woman next to me spends most of her time leaning across me shouting to her daughter.

        I call the stewardess and ask if she can let me know when the doors have closed. ‘They are closing now Sir. Is there a problem?’ she replies.

        ‘Not at all, thank you.’ I respond.

        I then say to the lady next to me ‘The doors have closed, the seat next to your daughter is free, I’ll stand up and let you out and you can sit next to her if you want to.’

        ‘Why don’t you move so she can sit next to me.’ Is the reply.

        Sadly you no longer have to live on the Mainland to require anger management or massive doses of valium.

        • anon

          Haha, what was your response? Was this in English or Chinese?

          Personally, I probably wouldn’t have thought too ill of her suggestion. You’d be sitting at an aisle seat either way and it is indeed easier the daughter and you to switch seats than getting up to let her get out and then climb into the empty non-aisle seat next to her daughter. In either situation, you’d have no one directly next to you on both sides. Maybe she wanted to stay at the window seat, some people like window seats.

          You obviously offered a courteous gesture and it is somewhat unexpected for someone to counteroffer but it’s not like she inconsiderately suggested you give up your aisle seat for inside seat. I’ve run into some people who have done that and I just stare at them like they’re crazy.

          • Northerner

            You are right. Logically it would have made no difference other than the fact I had made a courteous gesture and she counter-offered in a somewhat challenging manner.

            I think I replied to the effect, sit where the fuck you want but don’t expect me to listen to you screaming in my ear for the whole flight — or words to that effect.

            She actually stayed put and so did the daughter and the window seat next to the daughter remained empty the whole flight.

            It was all done in English.

          • anon

            If she was a dick in her counter-suggestion, I would’ve been irked as well. I just wonder if she was really being challenging or if her English is just bad. I wasn’t there so I can’t read the situation as you did but I’m just trying to give people the benefit of the doubt that they’re not usually that shameless or retarded.

        • donscarletti

          You would have been able to sit next to the empty seat, which would have been nice.

        • Alan

          Sadly a lot of people can be incredibly rude and inconsiderate douchebags on planes, and it is very common in econ class. Always try and upgrade to Business if you can,normally the seats aren’t full and it might be cheaper than you think.

          Least stress free flight, business class from Dubai to Hong Kong,with barely a soul in the business class section.

          Most stressful? Non stop BA flight from Beijing to London, with economy section full of screaming chinese kids and ungrateful chinese who treated the stewardess like hell….red wine was needed!

          • Dr SUN

            Come on there’s nothing better than flying in streerage (old ship term) with hundreds of Chinese for 16 + hours, up grade, poo you, your a wimp.

            You should have tried “hard seat” train ticket ride from Kunming to BJ, 10 years ago, 2 weeks of bliss.

    • PeterScriabin

      If you have anger control issues…you’d better stay out of China.

      Foreign Devil – forgive me, but I thought that brilliant quote deserved a little more prominence.

      After many years, I have come to realize that an intelligence, far greater than mine, had me get involved in China – precisely so that I would have to confront my lifelong fascination with and horror of totalitarianism, AND my anger/frustration issues!

      But I still get a little shaky inside when I read stories like this one – because something in my body is preparing to fight with the guys in the KFC video. Or the guy with a cigarette in the hand behind his back, who got into the elevator yesterday…

      • Northerner

        This is absolutely correct. I lived there for the best part of 7 years and I certainly had what some might call anger issues before arriving. If anything China taught me to remain quite calm and well-balanced about dealing with everything the average day threw at me.

        It is actually since leaving the place that I too ‘get a little shaky inside’ when I come into contact with the rudeness, arrogance, sheer stupidity and ignorance (as if they actually try to make a virtue of it), inconsideration, crassness and chancing of absolutely everything they can in the effort to gain what they believe is some kind of advantage, however insignificant.

        Maybe as I now see this in other parts of Asia it is seen in isolation and therefore stands out much more.

    • Made In World


  • [email protected]

    Wow, I didn’t expect to see the video go as far as it went. The little tomboy chick got stomped on and pummeled. Shameful.
    So here is what I saw, ‘Mr Macho with his hands folded behind his back suppressing his rage and hatred for all Chinese’ was waiting in the left-most open queue, the girls were waiting in a dead queue and quickly corrected, the girls move to the middle open queue, Macho still seems to be waiting for someone to serve him, presumably happy to be served at any queue, though he was not really waiting in any particular place, the girls reach the front and assertively go for the order, Macho disputes their place in the queue and the girl ordering interjects with what seemed to be a fair argument that he was not in that queue, that he appeared to be in the left-most open queue. Words were said, voices were raised, Macho got violent and second guy I had not even noticed suddenly attacks the tomboy chick and wails on her bigtime. well, OK, Macho was Korean, but really that means nothing, because it could just as easily have been a Chinese going what he did, and he could just as easily have stabbed her as with ATM guy.
    No, nothing unusual here. This is common-fare in China after all. I do wonder though if he went back to ordering at the end of the video, and what the cashiers said. Sigh, China China China.

    • Little Wolf

      I see the same thing. Seperated at birth?

      • PeterScriabin

        I didn’t want to argue with you and anon (for once in agreement!) before, but now feel impelled to say I did not see what you and appalled saw.

        From the start, the girls are waiting, off to the LHS, as we look. While they are still there, belly-scratch-man (BSM) potters up right behind the woman being served at the middle register (MR), and almost breathes on and touches her, he is so offensively close, so rudely trying to get her gone.

        The girls then apparently decide on their course of action, and come up behind MR, and behind BSM, who is still paying close attention to when he can get served, either LR or MR.

        At no time before the altercation, has any KFC employee come up to serve the LH register, a fact that BSM and the girls would have well observed. It is obviously quite self-serving for glasses-girl to suggest BSM was waiting all this time exclusively at the dead register.

        When the girl being served at MR finally takes a hike, the well-dressed girl comes forward and interposes herself between BSM and the MR. At which point the argument commences.

        I completely agree with the conventional view of the men’s behavior, of course. However, it seems that the foregoing analysis, if correct, indicates that the girls behaved not just recklessly and foolishly, but that they were not in the right, on almost any theory of just queueing. Just because they (kindly, as someone else said) stood aside to contemplate their order, that does not mean they move to the head of the line, on making their minds up. BSM obviously presented himself long before the girls did, and there was no other working register but MR in the vicinity.

        Nor does the theory that the KFC employees failed to intervene hold up. You can see the guy in the green shirt quickly gets an employee (at last) to come up to LR, and does all he can to persuade someone – anyone – to go there for immediate attention. Of course, by this time, the boys and girls want only to argue with each other.

        By the way, LW, thanks for the info about Hangzhou crossing law. I aim to find out what goes on, where I am in Guangdong.

        • [email protected]

          @ Peter, Ultimately I don’t disagree with you, but, listening to the narration, (with my wife’s help) has informed me that the BSM/Mr Macho had a knife, and you can see it in the final scenes of the video (probably other commenters on the previous page already said this, but I haven’t read those yet, sorry) so the points about the staff failing to intervene must surely be attributed to this fact.

          @ Little Wolf, I would be honored to be so. :-)

        • mankouzanghua

          I agree with you, Peter. The girls were cutting based on the spirit if not exactly the letter of the term. From what I saw, she made it a point to insert herself between BSM and the customer at the front, which suggests she was well aware he was probably waiting to order at that register. In the narration, she argues that BSM looked like he had no problem with her getting in line there by his location and stance. Bullshit! Why block him then?

          At the same time, BSM and his friend were asking for trouble. What the hell? If you’re in line, stand IN the line! They were more concerned with looking cool, and in China, for better or worse, “you snooze you lose.”

          As for what resulted, it’s 1000x worse than cutting. Purely fucked up and savage.

          About failing to intervene: The girl said she was afraid to fight back because he could have had a knife, and it later turned out that he did. My point being, it’s not necessarily that he had a knife that can affect behavior in such a situation and prevent bystanders from intervening, but that he might have one, and you can’t put much past the rare type of unhinged, crazy bastard that would pummel girls in a KFC and stomp on one’s face when she’s on the floor.

          • anon

            That narration wasn’t the victim girl herself so she doesn’t argue that BSM looked like he had no problem with her getting in line there. That was probably the reporter or maybe KFC staff (since they’re watching surveillance footage?) interpreting the footage and you can tell the narration there isn’t by the victim herself because she refers to the girls who got beaten up in the third person. She (the person talking at that part) also misreads the situation (in my opinion) when she says BSM gestures to let them go forward when I think its clear he was objecting immediately.

            That narrator also points out that the two other registers were open, but its uncertain. The displays are lit up but I can’t tell if they’re on standby or actually open (can’t see at this angle, LCD screens, we’re looking for either blank screens or screens with touchpad grids for ordering). There does however seem to be a woman in blue who for some time lines up behind BSM and his friend for the cashier they’re in front of. It looks like she got in line behind them just as it would make more sense to get in the line with 1 customer ahead (2 people together) rather than in the line with 2 customers ahead (the light blue t-shirt girl and the 2 girls that were later beat up) assuming you’d reach the front earlier that way.

            Earlier in the video, when BSM walks back to the counter after leaving it, he walks back not to line up behind the light blue t-shirt girl but to peer over at the place mat menu between the registers. Him and his friend are both squarely in front of the other left hand register, neither clearly indicating they’re in line behind light blue t-shirt girl. When the girls walk over, they clearly stand behind light blue t-shirt girl.

            The girl in sunglasses doesn’t make it a point to insert herself between BSM and the light blue t-shirt girl, she too was looking at the place mat menu. I don’t think anything clearly suggests she was “well aware” that he was probably waiting to order at the register she lined up with her friend at. I don’t think she was blocking him out at all. She was simply in line behind and peered over the light blue t-shirt girl’s shoulder at the menu, whereas BSM peered over at the menu from the side.

            I’m still not convinced BSM were standing in the line they eventually wanted to be serviced at. I think they lined up expecting to be serviced at the register they were in front of, but upon seeing the customer next to them finish and him not yet served, felt he should be next regardless. Still, I don’t think they have a good argument against girls who were literally standing in line properly. We don’t know if he was arguing that he should be next simply because he was there earlier or if he was arguing that he was in line. There’s a difference there. If he argues he was in line, the girls have the better argument. If he argues he was next, the girls still have the argument that they were actually in line whereas he seemed to be in line at the other register.

            Most of the time, people (even in China) just resign themselves to their mistake and switch to the line that is open resigning themselves to their misfortune. I really haven’t personally seen people who realize they were in the wrong line suddenly try to cut in sideways demanding that they were next, especially when there are people actually in line for the open line.

            I don’t think people failed to intervene (during the physical fight) because they knew one of them had a knife. I think they just failed to intervene because that’s what most people do. It just so happened that he ended up brandishing a knife too. Before the physical fight, we do see the KFC staff and the guy in bright green try to stop the argument though.

        • Made In World

          I’m sorry, it REALLY looks like he’s about to get served as the video ends.

  • *sigh*

    They are not South Korean (obvious from clothes and body language to anyone remotely familiar with Koreans). They may not even be Joseon-jok. It doesn’t really matter about the nationality though, every ChinaSmack post like this should have a link to the Bystander Effect Wikipedia page at the bottom.

  • tipotter

    Mehh, Chinese need to learn how to fucking get in a line. She weaseled her way in there. I don’t condone this but I’ve come pretty close to raging out a few times myself. On Granny’s even.

    • Justin Thyme (aka Dan Danger)

      Yes. Those guys waited a long time and that snake waltzed up like she owned the fucking world. The guy pulling up his shirt and rubbing his belly and cupping his hands behind his back (the national posture of Chinese men) makes me think they are Chinese pricks. I think a Chinese guy is more likely to beat up a Chinese woman than a Korean man on a visa would be in this situation.

      • tipotter

        Yeah, those mannerisms are definitely Chinese.

  • Justin Thyme (aka Dan Danger)

    Boy Asian men really know how to fight women don’t they!

  • Xiongmao

    Great. Another ‘Let’s kill the laowai’ post. We’re all the same to them anyway it seems. Not to condone anything here, but didn’t the Chinese girls cut in line? I know it’s not a big deal to the natives, but it can piss off most foreigners.

  • jeffli

    I don’t care what nationality or ethnicity they all are.
    Generally men shouldn’t belt women! definitely not over a chicken!

  • chengdude

    I’m ashamed to admit that on occasion I’ve also felt the urge to smack girls wearing oversized eyeglasses with no lenses.

  • A good old fashion kfc beat down!
    First of all, everyone here is Chinese.
    Second the person who got their ass beat was a guy.

  • akuma

    I don’t care about what you guys are gonna say back at me, this this how I see what happened. Those girls did indeed cut in line, however, that kind of brutal force is unnecessary.

    • bscalled

      yes – you have a point, but another point might be that if you are standing “in line”, you should actually be behind the person ahead of you, and not to the side, like the fat guy was.

  • Made In World

    I suddenly have the urge for KFC

  • Notorious

    yug dnilb is in america now. inneresting…

  • althepict

    Please don’t attribute these kind of atrocities to all weiguoren. We’re certainly not all the same.
    These guys appear to be a couple of half-assed Koreans who didn’t know the rules of behaviour in PRC.
    See the fat guy at the beginning smacking his gross belly as if to to say: “Look at how fat I am. I must be powerful and therefore wealthy. Get the f*ck out of line or you’ll see what’s coming to you, b*tch.”
    Actually, thinking on it, maybe those are the rules.

  • whiskersthecat

    Quick! Get mad before you think rationally!

  • bscalled

    A Man should never fight a Woman – he will always look bad.

  • UncleSamsBest

    Too many people stand by and do nothing, we are supposed to help people in danger.

  • Howard Stern

    It is terrible to see the lack of unity in China. While I was watching the video, I was angry and ready to beat the crap out of those guys. I am an Polish American who travel to China allot with my wife. I have been a victim of meaningless crime. I had a guy crash his bike into them on purpose then get off his bike and hit me in the face. My natural reaction was the fight back. Many people saw what happened and none offered help. Me I am fortunate enough to defend myself, but it pisses me off when nobody give a shit about the people around them. The selfishness needs to stop. I read the comments here and it too is divided. How come there cant be on group, Chinese?

  • Nanjing

    I’m not going to take the time to read the 322 other comments, but does anybody else not have a problem with this video? If you haven’t stood in line at KCF or McDonalds in China before and been cut by everybody and their mother, give it a try, see if you don’t feel like pulling a knife on somebody. I can’t believe the woman tried to argue with the men that she didn’t cut them. Just waltzing up to the line, not looking at the people around her. If she’s trying to argue that the man was not in the correct place, and should therefore go to the back of the line, give me a freaking break. If you ask me the guy and girl got what was coming to them.

  • Castro

    I believe that the act of ‘stomping’ on a person when they are down should be prosecuted as ‘Attempted Murder’.

  • Dr SUN

    They got off lightly.

    With the new “defend our women” and nationalist fever sweeping China, if they had been “whities” they would have had the shit beaten out of them by a bunch of strapping local guys.
    But because they are “brothers” ie Chinese (regardless of which ethnic minority group) it’s ok to stand by and watch, after all it’s not my business, unless it involves those SCUM SUCKING WHITE LAOWAI, that have no place in our harmonious society.

  • Red scarf

    Sigh same old rubbish again, foreigner beating up Chinese or Chinese beating up a bad foreigner.

    Lets have another video of Chinese beating up a bad foreigner, a 8 year old year

    This time the crime, reportedly, for bumping into a old lady.

    Why didn’t his make major headlines.

    • Chinggis was here

      WTF is that? I don’t have the words to describe how disgraceful that is. The poor kid is going to have mental problems for years to come. sad face

    • Red scarf

      I should point out be forgot, its most possible that it could be one of the ethnic groups in China, but however not proven, since this parents are not around, but it still feels a outsider vs insider way of thinking.

    • donscarletti

      Apparently the kid is Uyghur and thus as Chinese as the rest.

      Either way, it is just as sickening. Post that shit on Youku and see how it flies, I doubt it would stay up for more than an hour though, given it is spreading rumours about political instability in Xinjiang.

      • Notorious

        i don’t want to even ask what happened in that video. i saw one video a while ago with a Uyghur child who looked to be around four or five having his hand stomped for trying to steal. poor baby was crying while a bunch of grown men stood around and jeered. i know in some countries there are harsh penalties for stealing.

        • donscarletti

          Yes, it was that one.

          As for stealing, he’s possibly guilty. But even if he had just nicked 400,000 DWT oil tanker full of North Sea Crude and they caught him just before he sailed her off to Somalia, the manner they are dealing with this is brutal, tyrannical and excessive.

          My guess is they’re just racists looking for a Uyghur small enough to pick on. Either way, I just hope the kid’s father is some Timur jr mountain bandit who will see the video and fuck those guys up for real.

          • Notorious

            yeah that video was pretty shocking. the video showed up on some american web sites and that’s where i saw it. people were complaining that chinese people were beating up a white child and people were bitching about it. It’s pretty sad that something like that can happen, just goes to show that the capacity for human meanness knows no bounds.

            on a side note, you know what’s amusing? That you guys thought he was eight. only a man would think a child that small is an eight year old. I’d say he’s four but no more than six.

          • Boris

            Does anyone have any more info on this? Any idea where it happened?

  • Notorious

    how do you spell “shut up” in pinyin?

    • donscarletti

      Bi4 Shang4 Zui3 Ba1 (闭上嘴巴)

      Literally the first two characters mean “shut” and “up” respectively, but one must also give a noun (mouth) or it does not carry meaning.

      • Notorious

        theres a another phrase for telling people to be quiet that i’m referring to. i’ll be ridiculed if i try to spell it phonetically so i won’t try. lol

        • donscarletti

          Plenty of ways.

          Zhu4 kou3, Zhu4 zui3, Bi4 zui3 (shut up)

          Shao3 luo1 suo1 (less chattering)

          Bie2 shuo1 hua4 (don’t speak)

          • Notorious

            ah, thanks. nothing more splendid than finding different ways of telling people to shut up.

      • Notorious

        oh and thank you

    • Chinggis was here

      An jing?

      • Notorious

        nope. i keep hearing this same expression. i know the first word sounds like bu, the second word almost sounds like ‘have’ or you3 and the third word is the most confusing because it sounds like the word for head.

  • You know what? It’s not even all Chinese. Like, I feel like the person who’s working the register has an obligation to keep the line fair (not serving the jumpers).

    I went to HK for the first time, a few months ago, and it was like another world. The Chinese there are, well to put it in simplest of terms, more civilized. I was waiting in line, and I had my suitcase, but it was too big to let another lady go by. So, I went through the line, and then back to my same place. The guy at the window didn’t see me go by, so he made it clear that he wouldn’t serve me because he thought I jumped the line. He was rude, even! His co-worker who saw me go by explained the mistake, and he helped me afterward. The weird thing: I wasn’t even mad. I just wished they had people like that in the mainland.

  • Andy

    Stupid girl…..getting beat up over a queue argument….
    There are 2 lines open and both of them can order, why wasted your time over some un-important argument.
    The koreans is totally wrong, but the woman is also an idiot….

  • Carlyle

    Chinese Gov’t is just useless and rubbish as historically proven.

  • White Thrash

    if the KFC staff were doing their job properly, it wouldn’t have happended.
    Look how they are just looking at the argument like it makes their day instead of just managing the problem : we’ll serve you on this register sir….
    Stupid KFC staff, stupid girl too, stupid “korean” for not queing at the right register too
    but mostly, shame on KFC staff…

    It’s an all chinese problem, people can’t queue… staff are lazy and lacky, people argue in a “violent” way for no reason…
    In the end people get fed up of it and it goes ballistic for a stupid queuing argument, or an overdose of it….

    When will people learn…

  • jiayi

    There are two kinds of evil people – people who do evil things, and people who see evil things being done and don’t do anything about it.

  • Pingback: Occidentalism » (Suspected) Korean man beat up tall women in Chengdu KFC()

  • ODB

    This kind of shit really don’t surprise me anymore. Everybody has become so passive that no one gives a f about anything. No wonder the level of corruption is so high.

  • bert

    In China, ethnic group does something bad = not really Chinese. Ethnic group does something good = look at our “insert group here” brothers/sisters, we are one big happy family.

  • 平凡人

    That guy (not sure if he is really Korean) is wrong to hit a woman in the first place, not manly and uncivilized. From the video;
    1. Prior to the “fight”, only one staff at the counter; this gives the impression only 1 counter is serving;
    2. The guy was standing between 2 counters, cannot tell which one but with only 1 staff, I assume he should be at the counter with the staff;
    3. He was near the counter with a serving staff before the 2 girls;
    4. The 2 girls out of courtesy should have asked the man which line he was in before standing behand the lady who was served.
    Personally, I think the 2 girls are no angels, they should have asked rather than quietly moving behind the girls who finished her order. There were no other staff behind the other counters, so how can they be serving? She mentioned in the video the register was lit, thus other counters can serve. However, my question is, how can she see it unless she is behind the counter? The only way to tell is the serving staff, and there was only one which means only one counter is serving. The fact remains that the man was nearer to the serving counter before her, thus she should have the courtey to ask. The man was wrong to throw the first blow, but the 2 girls are also at fault. Basic problem, no one has patience.

  • truth is best

    I lived for awhile in China and constantly faced this problem, where the Chinese push in front of others, this uncivilsed typical Chinese action is very annoying.
    I lost count of how many times I have grabbed China men by the neck and thrown them to the back of a line of waiting people when they try to push in. Chinese males ( and of course females ) are physically weak ( and often uneducated-you can put modern clothes on a man but underneath it he is stil a primitive ). The Korean was polite and civilised and waiting to be served next, these two girls walked over, stood behind his left shoulder and then tried to push in. He tried to reason with them but being from an educated race he was better of talking to the wall, it has more intelligence, eventually had to use the behaviour which Chinese are able to understand. Perhaps he should have used my method, when a Chinese pushes in front, grab him by the neck and throw him out the line, if he still does not show civilised behaviour then of course give him a whipping.

  • truth is best
    I watched this video of the little boy being tortured by Han Chinese immigrants in Xinjiang. What is he 4 or 5 years old? Even if he tried to steal something this is not the way to treat a little child. I made a point of copying and keeping the face of the han Chinese kicking him and stamping on the poor childs hand. If there is a god I only ask one thing, please please let me come face to face with this China man in the future, just five minutes stamping on his head, thats all I ask.

  • Anus Presley

    Does anyone else here get annoyed when the Chinese cashier hands you your change all in one pile, with the notes laid on her palm, the coins in the middle, and the receipt on top?
    That shit almost winds me up as much as asshole queue jumpers.

  • Chucky3176

    It looks like Chinese people fighting with each other to me.

    And it’s confirmed as so. It says the men are Chinese.

    Now don’t Chinese people feel silly, bashing on South Koreans for no good reason?

  • Chucky3176

    And what is it with the Chinese regarding Koreans, with constant make up of stories and rumors on the internet? It’s as if there’s nothing legit about Koreans to hate on, so the Chinese have to make up things with their imagination to spread the hatred.

    • Brett Hunan

      Oh Chucky! Back for more, eh? Lets see just how far your nationalistic rants get here at chinaSMACK. Even Koreans are sick of you. Why dont you sell your computer already?

      • Chucky3176

        But it’s OK for Chinese to get nationalistic and pick fights with South Koreans over an incident that has nothing to do with South Koreans?

        • Brett Hunan

          It was reported that the attackers were speaking Korean. Very possible that they were Joseonjok. Did you read what we were discussing or did you just decide to randomely post your trick questions? You take things far too personally.

          Its funny how you, a Korean, and Chinese people all say “Joseonjok arent Korean”, “Joseonjok arent Chinese”…. Shit if I were Joseonjok I would be pissed too. I actually pity them.

          • Koreansentry

            Lol, Chinese with white name. Good on ya loser. Joseonjok is ethnic Koreans and if Joseonjok dislike Koreans then they wouldn’t be in S.Korea. Chinese are desperate nationalists making up stories again. Pathetic

          • Chucky3176

            Read again my post. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SOUTH KOREA. Yet you know that this video has gone viral in Chinese internet and South Koreans have been getting flack for it for days. You think this is right? The man was not a South Korean, as first reported by the many Chinese who were swearing with hatred towards Koreans. If that man is a Joseonjok (and that is not even 100%), that still has nothing to do with South Korea. Clearly, the Joseonjoks after living in China for multiple generations, have picked up the Chinese habits and Chinese culture, like scratching their bellies with shirts flipped off, and they identify themselves as Chinese or citizens of China. They have Chinese passports, Chinese names, educated in China in PRC curiculum. Chinese keep bragging about how big their country is with so many multiethnic Chinese. What are they saying now? They’re now blaming South Koreans for these peoples actions just because they’re suspected of being ethnic Koreans from Yanbian region of China? WTF is this? China can keep these Joseonjoks, lot of South Koreans are also sick of them, with their bad manners, high crime rate, habit of bringing knives, and their bringing Chinese culture to South Korea.

          • Notorious

            it’s actually kind of sad how everything comes back around to prejudice against another person’s country, ethnicty or culture regardless of what that topic may be. racism has truly infected the minds of the masses like a sick disease. It is truly the only think we have in common now around the world, that everyone hates each other equally.

          • Brett Hunan

            Read the story again, it never mentioned “South Korea” or “South Koreans”.

            One netizen wrote “South bangzi”. Most commenters here, aside from some nationalistic Chinese posters, said most likely it was Joseonjok or Han Chinese. So if you want to complain about what the Chinese netizens are writing on Chinese websites, direct your outrage to the source! You make a perfectly rational post at koreaBANG about the FTA and then come here to pull this bullshit again. So petty.

            Koreansentry, I am not sure you understood my post. I merely pointed out that S. Koreans say “Joseonjok are Chinese!”, while Chinese say “Joseonjok are Korean!”. Truth is, they are both. Koreans say “anyone with Korean blood is Korean”, therefore they are Korean (by blood and language). They are Chinese by citizenship and culture. You cant just accept the Koreans born in the west as Korean, while rejecting the Koreans born in China, it doesn’t work like that. Pick ’em both, or pick none.

          • Chucky3176

            Brett, the most recent poll of Joseonjoks in China says, 98% of them say they identify themselves being Chinese, and they say they have nothing to do with South Korea. And why should they? They’ve been cut off with the Korean peninsula for multiple generations, and they were educated by the PRC government, and had not even had any contacts with either North or South Korea since 1950. Only 2% of them said they identify more with South Korea. I bet that 2% are very old people who probably remember leaving northern Korea when they were children, fleeing the Japanese colonists. Only very recently, like the beginning of the 1990’s have they started coming into contact with South Korea.

          • Brett Hunan

            I get what you are saying Chucky, but again, you (singularly) can’t pick and choose who is and who isn’t Korean. Neither can I. Can you send me the info on that poll? When was it taken?

          • Chucky3176

            South Korean is whomever that want to identify being South Korean.


            92% of Joseonjoks in Yanbian, China, polled say their mother country is China, and that they are Chinese.

   … 1012114246

            Unfortunately the link to the news story was expired and erased.

            The survey and research was done by a South Korean Keon-gook university professor. The research also says Joseonjoks also feel 한국에 거부감. They reject the ideal of South Korea as their homeland. Ironically, many of the Joseonjok people’s ancestors came from Gyongsangdo province, in South Korea, who fled Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Also many of the Joseonjoks who came from northern part of Korea, fought either for the Chinese Liberation army or North Korean people’s army. It could be that they never felt any special bond towards South Korea which is looked upon as an American puppet and Japanese collaborators.

            If the Joseonjoks themselves identify with being Chinese, then they are Chinese. They are loyal Chinese citizens, Chinese educated, culturally more Chinese, and they themselves say they are Chinese. A large number, or thousands of them even violently rioted in Seoul during the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay, angered that there were couple of South Koreans protesting the human rights abuses of North Korean refugees in Seoul. In Seoul, there are 10 Chinatowns with Chinese only sign stores that sell mutton (South Koreans don’t eat lamb), and other Chinese goods. Like other foreigners, since they are considered as foreigners by law, they are eligible for multicultural family funds given to them by the SK government. They also need VISA’s to visit South Korea and work visa’s to work in South Korea. In all essence, they are foreigners.

    • Balotelli2012

      Because Korea makes up fake claims on China’s history and culture as its own. Also being taught to hate Japanese and Chinese at a young age in South Korea?

  • nameless

    shit, Learn how to line up and all this will be avoided. Its very simple! Although beating a woman is out of line, but i guess when 80% of the population dont understand the concept its like u dont care and i guess he had enough. Probably looked like his friend was pointing at the dumbass chinese workers just standing around instead of coming to the counter and serving customers. Ive seen that alot in most restaurants in China. SO BEWARE YOUR CHINESENESS IS GETTING TIRESOME, LINE UP OR GET BEAT UP!

    • Balotelli2012

      Your point wouldve been better presented if you had a point. It seemed to me you just called all Chinese men women-beaters?

  • steve

    come on you chinese people are “THE WORLDS WORST” que jumpers YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO QUE but want the 2 girls done dont make it correct to hit them the KFC staff are at fault ??? should of address the matter very quick and sever them both at the same time are just ask them all to leave ????

    • Made In World

      At least they can spell Q!

    • Made In World

      Son of a shrew!

  • Misaki

    The videos of the Taiwan betel nut girl were more upsetting.

    Her Wretch page had four characters on the right side that translated in English to “I remember I loved”

  • xiaohouzi

    Ahh… KFC… killing chickens and bringing people together since 1945. If the chicken doesn’t kill you, the customers might.

  • benson

    I find it was very rude for those two young girls to be “pushy” and jump in front of that patient, polite, well-mannered, Korean customer. I would also be furious at this. I can only imagine that instead of apologizing to him, for jumping the queue, they talked rudely to him. Of course, violence is never the answer, especially for men against woman. Only coward men with no honour, would fight and beat a woman. However, there is no denying that today’s modern youth, are often very pushy and rude.

  • Laurent Coq

    McDonald worker IS RESPONSIBLE for making sure that people are served respectively! There is no crowd at all, it is VERY simple to notice the first from the next customer!

    It is absolutely NOT OK for a man to beat a woman. And what they have done is highly reprehensible!

    However, these two women are NOT Honest, for they knew that these two guys where waiting their turn …. and they must have added fuel to the situation by disrespecting the guys verbally (as usual…)

    Mc Donald employees are 100% responsible OF THE SITUATION!
    They even didn’t protect any customers, at anytime, both ways.

    Anyway, you should also know McDonald sells poisonous food!

    In life, you always get back what you give. he girls wouldn’t have play stupid and let these guys order (they where first…) nothing would have happened…
    Don’t eat junk food at Mc Donald if you plan to stay healthy…

    • Silntthnkr

      How stupid are you? This was KFC not McDonald’s. I won’t even bother to tell you how wrong you were in everything else you said.

  • shadeogray

    The men would have most likely been beaten quite fast by others if that happened in the USA. I notice people in China will often just watch as injustice occurs. I am not putting down China at all so please do not mis-understand my intentions. I am just curious as to why this is?

    • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

      so true!!! no one, absolute NO ONE wants to get part of a conflict, and this is not only in China. I speak from Japan.
      With all due respect to their different cultures, but can’t help but to think them as total COWARDS.. not raising a finger even if an unarmed little f****r is beating a woman on the street, in front of you… what the hell is wrong with these “men”??

      No wonder asian women prefer Western Man BY FAR!!!

    • B_stein

      Confucious say- “Mind Your Own Business.”

      • Dr Sun

        no he didn’t

  • Greg

    A foreign elderly couple were beaten and put into hospital last week by chinese guys just for wanting to enter a chinese bar. The anti foreign sentiment here in China very disturbing

    • Balotelli2012

      They only do that if you swear/insult their honor(aka their family) or try to hit on their girls when the guys repeatedly warning you. Most chinese never swing at you without a good reason, but when they do, they often go “all out” and chinese street fights 99% of the time ends up with mobs and weapons.

      My brother in law is from Harbin, Dongbei China, a very good person and explained in great detail of living in China most of his life.

  • Jason Wang

    Just a question. Does this whole not-taking-action business stem from an incident where a man was sued by a family he helped? I was told by a friend and wanted to know.

    • Balotelli2012

      Yes, as well as Societal blackmail, framing to get finances when society was really poor after ww2

      • Balotelli2012

        I beleive this went on from 1950-1990s, “quick” financial fixes, kidnapping/traficking, triads, gambling was prevalent high during the cold war

  • kodi

    That was disgusting to watch. The beating of a woman is not warranted by any man because we are often much stronger. Unfortunately some men are not civilized enough to understand that.

    Another thing that is disgusting is how the Chinese comments automatically point to nationality. Who cares if he was Korean?!? He is probably not Korean! He is probably from Jilin province if he was speaking with a northern accent…… hello read your Chinese history and know your minorities people! They are just itching to blame a foreigner hehe.

    The final thing that disgusted me is what they are trying to call “lining up”. That was not a line unless you are counting it as a line parallel to the cash registers. Obviously people in Sichuan do not have line up day as they do in Beijing. HAHA they have a line up day that started during the Olympics in order to teach savages how to stand in line instead of crowding like piglets trying to drink mother pigs milk. Learn to stand in a proper line and you will not get beat up for cutting in line.

    I feel sad for the girls that got beat. If everyone knew how to stand in line properly this would not have happened.

  • well i dont blame those guys for what they did i live in usa and i went to the chinese market and the chinise woman dont know how to be in a line they want to go first when they come last in line they have no repect for other people well done korean guys!!!post.this was not done in china was close my house my story…

    • slob

      Are you blind? Did you even watch the video?
      The girl who ‘pushed in’ wasn’t pushing in at all. She started off at the top queue but realised no-one was serving there so she moved to another one. She lined up behind the girl who was just leaving, whereas the fat idiot was lined up at the next queue. It’s not her fault that her KFC waiter just so happened to serve her first. He blames her for pushing in when he’s not even in that queue either. He’s a sick fucking fat idiot sitting there scratching his belly in front of people gawking at the girl at the beginning. Do you think he is more civilized? I could understand if the fat guy was lining up at her queue and she shoved past, but she didn’t. HE WAS IN ANOTHER QUEUE WHICH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER.
      I know some people here tend to push in but in this case, she was 100% in the right. And as mentioned by others, if this happened in a foreign country those fucking idiots would have their faces smashed into the ground. Shit, even the KFC employees might jump in just for fun.

    • Chen

      You’re the 1 who should have received a beating.

    • Chen

      Fuck you spick.

  • Guangzhou Evergrande

    It has to be with the fact of backstabbing amongst citizens, yes the story is true of a bystander man who got sued by the woman he helped to rush to the hospital after she got hit by a random car

  • Anonymous of Jiangnan

    Search on google: ttongsul

    ttongsul is the national drink of koreans made from human shit and alcohol. Koreans have a history of being very enamored with shit and anything that comes out of peoples’ asses.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      So you say…
      Explain that better to us, without sending us off to an google search =)

  • Joram

    You just never know how you’ll react in a situation like that…pretty vicious men attacking women so ferociously.