Chinese Girls With & Without Their Makeup

Chinese girls with make-up and no make-up.

From Tiexue:

Not much to explain…without makeup, they’re either aunties or monsters, even possibly men

Chinese girls with make-up vs. without make-up.

Chinese girls with makeup vs. without makeup.

Asian girls with make-up vs. without make-up.

Asian girls with makeup vs. without makeup.

Asian girls before and after make-up.

Chinese girls before and after make-up.

Asian girls before and after makeup.

Chinese girls before and after makeup.

Before and after photos of Chinese girls with and without makeup.

Before and after photos of Asian girls with and without makeup.

Before and after photos of Chinese girls with and without make-up.

Before and after photos of Asian girls with and without makeup.

Before and after photos of Asian girls with and without make-up.

Before and after photos of girls with and without makeup.

Before and after photos of girls with and without make-up.

Make-up makes a big difference.

Makeup makes a big difference.

The difference between not using and using makeup.

The difference between not using and using make-up.

The difference between using and not using makeup.

Asian girls without their makeup.

Comments from Tiexue:


Must be careful when meeting prospective marriage partners!!!


Are these the same people?? Simply unbelievable.


Fuck, before deciding to continue dating [prospective marriage partners], must bring the other person to go swimming once!! [Have them] wash [their face] and then decide!!


Nowadays, is there anything that is real?


[Through] strength of will, [I] finished looking through this post.


Actually, the ones who suffer more are these women themselves.


Natural is beautiful! I will never again believe there are beauties/beautiful women!


So it seems that the other sides of those so-called “beauties” are actually ugly beyond compare.


Always felt my wife wasn’t pretty enough, but now it looks like my wife is a great beauty…


I went to Korea the year before last and the Korean tour guide lady told me that when Korean guys look for wives these days, they must sleep with together once before getting married so they can see the next morning whether or not she is still the same person as the night before.

Beautiful photos of beautiful people. chinaSMACK personals.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Zardoz

    I’ll take one for the team and glady do any of these woman.

    • Kage Musha

      I salute you.

      …..and good luck in the morning.

      • Abby

        Shut up you liars!This is not a fair picture of any of these women! Any one can look bad if you get the wrong/bad timing of a picture,so oh you thought!

    • Truckin’ By

      The really sad part is none of these women are willing to do you.

      • Roger

        +1 to Truckin’ By

    • Mr Puff

      More China girls before/after makeup.

  • throwing up

    Im about to throw UP, in my opinion true beauty are womens who need no makeup and already look 10 times more pretty than women with makeup now thats what i call beauty and those types are the rarest of all and a trophy wife

    • Billy

      Chinese I bet – and you will be 5ft 6ins and 40kgs dropping wet with spiky hair and glasses looking as near to a bag of shit as humanly possible – go and sleep with a woman outside a KTV bar before passing comment…

      • Tadd

        LOL Billy.. you have some beef with Chinese guys. You’ve insulted them twice without provocation already on this thread.

        Let me guess? You hooked up with a cute Chinese girl whilst doing the expat thing. You were with her for a year, she was generous, loving and giving. You thought you were in love.
        Then she tossed you aside like a piece of shit and married a “stable” Chinese guy, because her friends said you are “unreliable” and “a foreigner” and that “you would never be suitable” for her.

        Either that or your green with envy. Sorry dude, China’s not for you. Suck it up and get the fuck off these forums you whining piece of shit. I hope you’re living the dream back in your own country as a lowly GA.. and to think… you were almost something over here…. almost; people actually looked at you and paid attention.

        We are cut from the same cloth my friend. The only difference between you and I, is that I don’t live my life with regret and take out my failures on others. Look more deeply at yourself and your own insecurities.

        • Billy

          Green with envy – hahaha – no, my ‘girlfriend’ didn’t fancy the ‘stable’ Chinese man on 2000 RMB a month who expected her to cook and clean on a whim whilst blowing snot rockets everywhere – we got married! And she did it in defiance of her wankstain parents.

          What it is – is how most Chinese men expect this high standard of beauty when the majority of them treat soap like Clark Kent would treat kryptonite. Most of them think colour co-ordination is red with yellow and are immature, spoilt little douchebags – I don’t blame them for the last one though – I blame their thick, stupid parents for turning out third rate individuals who would sink without trace in any developed country. I know this because I have to teach them!

          So why would I be jealous of anyone who cannot join me at the depature lounge of Beijing airport? Care to join me or will you be busy filling nearly 200 pages of forms for a tourist visa? :)

          • Chad

            Funny… most white guys who actually marry Chinese girls don’t act like such jealous turds against Chinese guys. Gonna have to think you’re lying about the wife. Enjoy your hand LOL

          • Stimpy

            You sound like a horrible person. Many apologies to your wife.

          • Nong


            Billy go home, you don’t deserve to live in China. Many of my ‘third rate’ former students, both male and female have gone on to be successes abroad. Your turgid generalizations are utter

          • Go Fuck Yourself

            Hahaha, you married her?!? Well, now I see where all the hate comes from. Every guy there must think your a douche. You must be from the UK too, so I guess that makes you a racist little fag that thinks just because you are getting paid to teach english (one of the few jobs in the world that takes literally NO skill) you can make snide little comments about the people around you.

            Just remember, she didn’t marry you for your heart. Remember that you couldn’t make it in your home country, which is why you had to get the shit job you work now, and there is no way you could convince a pretty girl from your home country to marry you. You’re an ugly piece of shit. Go kill yourself.

          • @@@

            you sound like an american.

            i think all americans should be lined up and shot

          • dilladonuts


            lol the only thing i can say is, you are stupid.

            lol, what a fool. you must be hanging out with some migrant workers if most chinese men you know only make 2000 rmb a month. you low class english teacher, you, yourself, yes you Billy, are at the lowest of the pecking order when it comes to an expat society. Only an absolute idiot would brag about not having to fill out papers to return to their home country. You idiot. lol. Yes I am talking about you at the departure airport returning to your home country because on an english teachers salary, i highly doubt your taking too many holidays. And NO, its not as difficult as you think it is for Chinese people to travel abroad, stop living a life of assumptions. you know nothing.
            get over your white skin, its not that special.

          • Roger

            You’re an imbecile of the highest degree. If a Chinese woman really agreed to marry you, that symbolizes the greatest tragedy of China.

            “I know this because I have to teach them!”
            Are you one of those useless “English teachers” in China? Don’t ever say your thoughts out loud and in public, because if I (or any like-minded individual is in the proximity), I will bash the shit out of you and scrape the floor with your face.

          • The Regulator

            Haha. Everything you’ve said about Chinese boys (or ‘men’, if you prefer) is absolutely correct.

            Shame you ended up marrying a Chinese though. I’ve always been a firm believer of only marrying someone who actually has a soul and doesn’t need to be trained intensively in order to be able to socialise with people from any other country in the world.

          • Bill

            It’s true though how Chinese guys hate soap. I have neighbors that are Chinese. They’re awesome, but they were given soap by one of their Chinese friends and they gave it to me. I’m thinking, bro with your stank, you need it. And Billy, you seriously need to shut the f**k up about Chinese people. Random insults are not cool man.

          • tyree chi-city

            you sound like a chinese american posing as some dumbass white guy and going around flaming to make whtie guys look even mroe stupid. trust me, white guys don’t need your help looking dumb, they already are the dumbest people on earth. one reason why i know you cant be white, all the white guys i know with asian girlfriens, seem to worship asian men and everything to do with asian culture. taking kung fu lessons, walkign around in silk shirts, pictures of jet li and jackie chan on there walls. white guys seem to look up to asian men as gods, immitating everything they do. that is the difference between white guys and me, i am black and have had at elast 20 asian girlfriends in my life, but i never tried to be anything i wasnt. i never wore silk shirts around like a dumbass, never read chinese history and politics, i stayed true to myself and my people. i like basketball jerseys and hip hop, and the asian women i dated in fact had to copy ME, they had to change to fit in with my lifestyle, had to adopt the hip hop lifestyle, get into the same music i like, you know. you would never catch me actin the fool walking around acting chinese no matter what bitch i got on ym arm

        • Perb

          Tadd calm down,

          Billy may have been crude but his overall point is correct. Asian men in general aren’t masculine nor the most desired. Most Chinese barely have muscle. Women WANT muscle. You can throw around education, stability but I’m talking about deep down instinctively and sexually, they want men who are masculine.

          Ask yourself, would non Asian women really want to date a typical Chinese man? There’s a reason why statistics show Asian men and black women are the least desired for each sex.

          Also I suggest when you counter an argument to not to attack the person himself (especially with “let me guess” type of crap) it really makes you seem ill-reasoned.

          Yes I am Chinese. No I dont hate my own race. It’s simply how it is.

          • Perb

            I kid of course, of course you have a right to be pissed

          • Roger

            “Asian men in general aren’t masculine nor the most desired. Most Chinese barely have muscle.”

            Maybe because you’re staying in Shanghai, Nanjing, etc? Go to the North East of China.

            “Yes I am Chinese. No I dont hate my own race. It’s simply how it is.”
            It was idiotic of you to make the statement in the first place.

            “Ask yourself, would non Asian women really want to date a typical Chinese man?”
            You’re misrepresenting the sample. Speak for yourself.

          • anon

            “Women WANT muscle”?

            Have you been reading too many meathead magazines? Men like you don’t know what women want any more than women do. There is however one good general rule: Women don’t typically find men nursing their egos by immaturely putting down other men online to be attractive. Few women are attracted to this kind of sniveling insecurity and overcompensating arrogance.

          • dim mak

            I am a muscular, Chinese ALPHA MALE and all the females are moist for me. People always think I’m joking. That’s when I bust out my pecs.

          • The Regulator

            “Maybe because you’re staying in Shanghai, Nanjing, etc? Go to the North East of China.”

            I actually let out a snort of derisive laughter at this comment, as I do every time I hear this nonsense uttered, or indeed any time that idiot foreigners fall for the same nationalist hype that Chinese people do.

            Roger; if you think that getting paralytic on several shots of crap spirits, speaking too loudly and beating your ugly boot-faced wife (i.e. being a 东北人) constitutes masculinity and toughness, go to…

            …erm, anywhere other than France, basically.

          • Roger


            Jesus, what basis do you have to make any sort of judgment on Chinese men, much less the example I made (guys in the North East)

            You make state some generic, derisive stereotypes to make yourself feel better. You take a few examples and generalize a group of a couple hundred million. You talk in generalizations and pounce on the worse stereotypes, nothing of what you say is truly tangible, but here’s a solid fact: you’re an elitist and pretentious bastard. And a troll, I shouldn’t feed the trolls. You know the saying “don’t sling mud with a pig, there’s no point and the pig enjoys it”.

            Thats the way I feel reading through these comments and meeting ignorant lao wais like yourself.

          • Choonage

            You must not have talked to a lot of real Chinese girls. There is a reason why Japanese rockers and Chinese/Korean pop groups are popular there, they prefer men with slim body types. If that sounds strange to you, you’re either white or an Asian-American who’s extrapolating about what Chinese girls want based on what white girls’ want. And who says black girls aren’t desirable? They f*** like beasts.

          • anne

            Not all women want muscle, in fact in China in particular they prefer more effeminate men. Some consider muscle and hairiness to be gross. Men with more testosterone levels have been associated with instability and increased chances of leaving/cheating on their partner and the female subconscious can sometimes detect that. Yes, it seems like you might be Chinese (maybe even a bit of a non muscular Chinese), but you are not a women, and should not presume to speak for all of us.

          • strike_a_poseur

            Honestly, leave Black chicks out of the conversation. We’re marginalized because of stereotypes and yes racism. We’re not all “hood rats”. There are TONS of great looking Black chicks all over the world!

          • Tenshi

            Lol, you really feel that way Perb? I mean about Asian men not being desirable? I’m a Sicilian woman, so I’m not meek and frail, However I find Asian men VERY attractive, on a sexual as well as personal level. I’m sure that’s not the statistical norm, however there are some of us weirdos out there. =p

          • GAC

            @Tenshi: Hey, that works. Whatever you like is your personal thing. I think a lot of us forget that there’s plenty of Western women attracted to Asian men.

          • Bingya

            Well, actually many Chinese girls like pretty boys like the ones in kpop and jpop bands.

          • darkandlovelykissedbythe

            Ask yourself, would non Asian women really want to date a typical Chinese man? There’s a reason why statistics show Asian men and black women are the least desired for each sex.

            Sorry, but I think it is the other way around. Black women are desired for sex, and at the same time stereotypes are projected on them. Namely, oversexed, not clean, immoral, bossy, violent…. slavery has left a horrible legacy.



      • Chinese Eater

        Nice Billy!!! :)

        • Billy

          I am not suprised at the predictable stupidity at some of the replies. You assume that attack on a certain section of Chinese men is an attack on China. Not so – if any of you geniuses have yet to work it out then I am going to have to spell it out. I am defending the women on here who are Chinese! A lot of comments deriding the ugliness of these woman – all because they wear a bit of slap – are made by Chinese male netizens – and if I were to put money on it, would not be top drawer physical specimens themselves.

          Don’t worry about how I make a living, I do allright – I am not asking any of you for a loan am I? Secondly, my wife and I got together depsite race and nationality, she lost her parents and most of her friends because she was dating a white man and would not give me up. She gave up plenty for me when many wouldn’t have done. Thankfully in our case – racism, bigotry, small mindedness and stupidity lost the day.

          Third – my own son is Asian – even though he is mixed race – he will be seen and classified that way by others. No problem – he isn’t a loser because he is Asian – he will learn how to keep himself clean, play sports, not become a selfish spoilt brat and will know how to queue up and wait his turn, nor will he be brainwashed into thinking he is something special because of his race and nationality. He is big for his age thus he is going to grow up into a big six footer and handsome like his dad – he will do allright with the women and I am sure have a bit more empathy for them. Unlike some of those netizen jerkoffs above!

          • Stimpy

            I find your comments to be highly worrying.

            First of all, I am not Chinese. I am western. So not everyone who thinks that your rants are odd are Chinese.

            Second, you have a Chinese wife, and a half-Chinese son. Yet you have zero respect for the country of your wifes birth or the country of your sons birth. You talk as though your son will only be taught the correct parts of your background, and anything that his Chinese background would have brought him will be filtered out. Because you believe that your background is superior and you have zero respect for his Chinese heritage.

            This is a very dangerous way to think.

            You have made it clear that you are an English teacher in previous posts, and I would guess that you are not very clever (judging by the lack of decent spelling and your liking of quick insults). So your wife clearly didn’t marry you for your money or your intelligence.

            What ever the reason she married you, does she know how much you hate the people in her country? The people that your son shares half his genes with?

          • Billy

            Stimpy, you seem to forget the blindingly obvious. I am defending Chinese women on here! Where is this disrespect for China? It is not there, however I don’t have any appreciation on how certain Chinese males conduct themselves, their conceit nor their entitlement. I think the netizen community in this country are an extreme example of the mindset that prevails in this country but to be sure it exists in milder forms outside the netizen sphere.

            My son is learning (and excelling) in Chinese and I am hoping for his sake that one day we will be able to reunite his mother with her parents so my son can be in touch with his matenal grandparents. This has nothing to do with the bigotry, racism, narrow mindedness, rampant nationalism and hatred towards others that a large section of the Chinese population exhibit from day to day – I am free to comment on this as I live here and have been on the recieving end of it.

            Am I clever – who knows? It is all comparitive, Not as clever as Einstein but probably a bit more cleverer that the majority of my university students who cannot name a single country in Africa. I am sure we are of similar IQ. As for my spelling, it’s allright, I am not preparing a legal document, so I am sure there are a few typos here and there, thanks for the spellcheck, I am sure Fauna appreciates it even if I don’t.

          • Breaking News!

            Shining knight in armor appears from abroad, claims slaying of native menfolk to be in defense of native womenfolk, pats self on back.

          • Choonage

            LOL @ Breaking News, well said. The large part of younger (early 40s to late 20s) Chinese guys I know, with exceptions of course, are caring and attentive to their gfs & wives. The white collared members of this group also have money and probably have net worths more than yours due to them buying property in major cities before the big real estate boom. By not speaking Chinese and being foreign (except if you’re foreign and rich), you’ve been filtered out by the top tier of Chinese ladies.

          • Abby

            Chinese people are not selfish and for you to think that,you are seriously messed up!and for you to have a chinese family, well thats sad!your screwed up! SERIOUSLY!

        • Billy

          Roger – talk big on here son because you know – if you saw me face to face – you wouldn’t be too confident of ‘bashing the shit out of me and scraping the floor with my face’

          Just as a well for you eh? Keyboard warrior!

          [Note from Fauna: This is very funny because you are doing the same thing!]

          • Billy


            Well no – I have not threatened anyone with violence knowing that I am safe behind the anonymity of the internet – there is one thing making a threat about what you would do if we met knowing that there is no chance of that happening. It is a very cowardly and pointless thing to do and says a lot more about Roger than anything I have written.

            My experiences have been based on the nasty stares and comments my then girlfriend have got when she was out with me as well as the reaction of her family and friends. A lot of Chinese men are not only vain but are very critical of other peoples looks. Despite the fact they have no use for either a comb, soap or washing powder – or so it seems.

            [Note from Fauna: I think what you have written says a lot of things about you. Maybe you have received nasty stares and comments. Now you are doing the same thing in revenge and on the internet, knowing that you are safe behind the anonymity of the internet. In my opinion, you have proven that you are not better than those people who give you nasty stares and comments. A lot of men (Chinese and non-Chinese) are vain and are very critical of other people’s looks. So are a lot of women (Chinese and non-Chinese).]

          • Billy

            Fauna – why have you deleted my comment in reply to you? Right: Lets try again – there is a difference between my comments and Rogers cowardly threats of violence knowing that he is protected by the anonymity of the internet, is there not?

            If you can reply and give me an intelligent anwser then I would be happy to hear it.

            [Note from Fauna: Your comment was not deleted. Our website use caching so sometimes new comments will not appear until the cache is updated.]

          • Billy


            If you were the person who wrote in the sub-headline ‘these women might look like aunties, monsters or men’ then you are no better than me! I bet you wouldn’t call any of those women who you have posted on this thread a ‘man’ to their face!

            I have posted an opinion about a great number of Chinese men – about their habits, hygeine and racism in relation to the criticism that is being meted out (unfairly) by them to a section of the Chinese population who happen to be women who wear makeup! Would it be better if I just lied and came out with ‘Chinese men are generally clean, humble, generous, well mannered and open minded and are sought after by women of every race’ it might make some of the netizens posting on here feel better but it wouldn’t be true. I am more than happy to say it to anyone face to face if they fancy it because it is what I believe after living in China for three years.

            So this is a forum for people to posts opinions about China and the Chinese population so yes – though I do agree there are vain, stupid, racist people of every race and nationality – there are certainly a fair number of them in the Peoples Republic of China – seeing as this website is dedicated to netizen reactions towards anything they deem offensive (and there is plenty) I don’t feel there is any harm in mentioning that the people doing the criticizing aren’t above reproach. I am certainly not the only one to have written something along those lines on here.

            What Roger did – threatening violence, knowing he is safe from any comebacks of his unfounded jibes, is cowardly and sly. You can disagree with me, you can say anything you want but the last thing I will do is make noise about what I would do when there is zero chance of it happening.

            I take back the comment about you deleting my original post.

          • Roger

            Billy, too bad your ego got hurt by my comment. I’m merely giving a statement of fact: if I caught you stating an ignorant and disparaging comment like that in public, I will give you a beat down. That’s not a lie, its a fact, so take it as a piece of advice and shut the fuck up. I don’t threaten you as a “keyboard warrior”, I make my statement in earnest. you sound like a typical loudmouth good for nothing pussy, and I’m sure I’d be able to hurt you plenty you arrogant fuck (and others, remember what country you’re in.)

          • Billy

            Roger, you are a gutless, spineless, keyboard warrior and a total shithouse. You would do jack shit and the most you are capable of is ranting on here about your supposed fighting capabilities. Knowing that there is no chance of you coming unstuck against me hiding behind your keyboard.

            Now go and have a lie down and have a nice wank – get rid of the anger building up in your head. :)

          • mankouzanghua

            As someone also married to a Chinese woman, I get what you’re saying about nasty stares and comments from some Chinese men. In my opinion, what you should do is direct your frustration toward those individuals. Directly ask them in Chinese what they’re looking or smiling at, or tell them to get away from your wife. When I’ve done this people have generally recoiled in surprise and left us alone.

            You might also want to interact with and develop a friendship with some Chinese males. I doubt you’d be making such broad and hateful generalizations if there was even a single Chinese man you liked.

            I’m sorry your wife’s family and friends disapproved so strongly of your relationship, but I can tell you from my own experience that not all Chinese people are like this.

          • Billy

            Hello Mankouzanghua, I do take direct action against the individuals who make stupid comments towards my wife. This is no barb at the courage of the average Chinese man but there has always been more than a few of them when they have made their silly barbs and they always back down. However – it still leaves a taste in the mouth. I didn’t come to China with any negative views on certain sections of Chinese manhood but I do now, but it is only because it does actually exist.

            Thats not to say that ALL Chinese men are arseholes, I think there are nice Chinese people of all ages, backgrounds and gender, but I bet my last rolo that the people on here making nasty, snide comments about some young girl wearing a bit of make up are not part of that group. It is like when we see Zuckenberg with his girlfriend – some of the nasty vitrol on that paticular post was completely and utterly uncalled for.

            I do agree that having Chinese male friends would be a benefit but there hasn’t been a time where the friendship has not been based on a vested interest on their part – same in Korea. My missus has been one of the few Chinese people who have given more than they took and wanted nothing for it. She and my boy are the most important people in my life – whatever their race or nationality.

          • Fauna

            Billy, the “sub-headline” is a translation of the title from Tiexue. Do you understand that we translate popular posts and comments from other Chinese internet forums? I always provide the link to the original source.

            This is also not a website “dedicated to netizen reactions towards anything they deem offensive”. Why do you think that? Do you read all of our posts?

            You can criticize the Chinese netizens. Others can criticize you and your criticism. I think you and Roger talking about fighting is stupid.

            I do not think these Chinese men are criticizing women who wear makeup. They are criticizing how different women can look with or without makeup. This is not unusual for men. I think men around the world feel this way. I do not know why you assume “throwing up” is Chinese. Do you think anyone who criticize the difference between makeup and no makeup must be Chinese men?

          • Joe

            It’s alright boys. The white man is here to show the Chinese how it’s really done. White is right. How could the Chinese be so silly not to recognize this?
            Why do so many whites have a ridiculously inflated sense of moral superiority?

          • linette

            wow. It’s so amazing! Make up can really do that? I think they photo shop no? I don’t know how to apply make up at all. I do what most girls do just foundations, lipsticks, and mascara. They look like they did something to their eyes. Definitely photo shop.

        • Bereaver

          I really didn’t want to say anything into this matter, but if would please step outside the box, we can reword what Billy said.

          For every negative remark that had been said about these women, Billy directed back to Chinese men themselves.

          As for Fauna, you, being a member of this website, should not be involved. Especially when it comes to something that bothers you as well.

          Billy didn’t say that you wrote the title. That’s why he used the word “if”.

          And no, Billy wasn’t talking about fighting anyone, it was just Roger.

          Lastly, but not least…..

          He just wants people to realize (maybe a little bit too much lol), that he doesn’t feel it’s right to criticize them and put them down because they can’t look good without the make up.

          Not everyone is born with a face like mine, or an ass like yours.

          But in my opinion, he was going too far. Sorry, just my two cents.

          • anon

            Step outside WHAT box?

            Did you forget that Billy started off by assuming that “throwing up” was a Chinese guy? On what basis? On the basis that “throwing up” thinks the girls look much uglier without makeup?

            Why SHOULDN’T Fauna be involved? It’s her website. I for one would prefer that she speak her mind more. I’m far more interested in her opinion and I trust she understands Chinese netizens better than some random guy who fashions himself a defender of Chinese women’s dignity without them ever asking him to. If I was Fauna, I don’t even know why I would continue, having to read all the stupid drivel that is scrawled on this website. A native Chinese girl like Fauna whose credentials include being a source for the world’s most reputable news organizations versus some guy who has lived in China for 3 years, teaches English, likely can’t read Chinese, and clearly hasn’t read the About page of this website yet loves talking about Chinese men’s hygiene and their snot rockets? I’ll go with Fauna thank you very much, at least until she says something stupid like Billy has and I don’t think she has.

            Fauna’s point was to ask why Billy would ever wonder “if” she wrote the title. Clearly, he doesn’t even understand how this website works. If he did, he would never wonder much less ask “if” she did to begin with.

            Roger threatened Billy and what does Billy do? Billy says Roger wouldn’t have threatened him if he saw what Billy looks like. I can identify with Fauna rolling her eyes at two guys trying to act tough and represent how physically intimidating they must be in person…on the internet. Give me a break.

            If Billy really wants to put those Chinese guys in their place, he should be on Tiexue right now, not preaching his tired and unoriginal stereotypes about Chinese men here where most of the readers are foreigners.

          • Roger

            It certainly wasn’t my intention to enter an online dick size competition. in retrospect it was silly to threaten this joker online. His ignorance pissed me off.

          • Bereaver

            @anon, because Fauna being involved puts her professionalism in jeopardy.

            This is a very minuscule and petty issue that’s clear that he has had some problems in the past with things like this.

            Hell, it could have even been his Dad that raised him to never let another person talk a woman down. You never can tell.

            Anyway, anon, you’re trying to step on the wrong persons toes, I did say that he was going too far.

            So, in no way do I condone what he is preaching simply because he’s not in a positive perspective.

          • anon

            You’re right, you did say he was going too far. I agree with that.

            I just don’t agree with you on several other things, such as stepping outside of boxes and the interpretation of “if”.

            I don’t agree with you asking people to give Billy the benefit of the doubt because I think he gave that up early on and then tried to backtrack and rationalize his petty prejudices with some sort of false patronizing chivalry.

            I also don’t agree with the admonishment that Fauna shouldn’t get involved, especially if he’s justifying his repeated insecure stereotyping as somehow defending Chinese women like her. How does that put her professionalism in jeopardy? When did bloggers become unprofessional for having an opinion or responding to other people’s misunderstandings about their work? As I have said, I value her opinion more than his and frankly find it refreshing that she weighed in.

    • Sunni

      Can you be any shallower? I weep for any woman that takes your hand in marriage.

  • Bob

    Hah. My girlfriend never wears make up

    • file124528

      So you’re saying she’s butt ugly?

      • bob

        I guess the women you keep around you are all “ugly butts” for you to make this type of generalization.

  • dim mak

    Just use a paper bag

    • Shoeshine

      or make sure never to be around in the morning.

  • Name (required)

    I see a Japanese in one of these pictures

  • The “after” photos are taken after having make-up done as well as having:
    lighting set up (#1 difference)
    cosmetic contact lenses
    extensions added (fake eyelashes, hair extensions etc)
    change of clothes
    hair styled and modeled
    about half a year of time elapsed dieting and exercising
    jewelry and accessories

    I can’t believe the hoops that Chinese women will/are forced to jump through in the name of beauty. On the other hand, I think many of them want to “ug” it up in the “before” shot to show how good they are are transforming themselves. Perverse.

    • anne

      There’s also eyelid glue (thank you Japan) where they “glue” themselves some fake double eyelids to make their eyes look bigger along with the circle lenses (thank you SKorea). Some of these makeup techniques are Japanese, though compared to the Japanese ladies and their 3 fake eyelashes stacked together, they’ve actually downplayed it a bit. It isn’t just Chinese women that will do things like that in the name of beauty. WOMEN in general all go through the same thing. Though when a girl wears THAT much makeup, you gotta brace yourself because it’s likely the difference will be extreme.

      • I forgot about the double-eyelid do-it-yourself rhinoplasty (or whatever).

        The price of beauty isn’t just a Chinese issue, it’s one faced by women the world over. But, in terms of the chinese culture, we can all agree on one thing: if you are a girl and you are not beautiful, you are nothing.

        There is no feminism in China. 半边天is just a work labor concept. Girls go to university to get a degree to find a husband. And if a woman has no husband, she is less than nothing.

        It’s neither good nor bad, it just is. But hey, Japan doesn’t have any either, so during the awkward silences of any tense multi-national negotiations y’all have something to talk about.

        • Ying Mao

          If u r a girl then being pretty is an advantage and being smart is an option. If u r ugly then being smart is a must. If u r ugly and stupid then u r fucked.

          • Schubong Wong

            You are very wise, Grasshopper.

        • anne

          I would say Chinese women (at least in the cities) were a little better off. there was a survey where they asked women form different parts of Asia what their ideal job was. Japanese and Korean women usually choose teacher or doctor as top choices while Chinese women usually choose CEO/owner of their own successful business. Also, when women in Japan marry it’s usually expected of them to quit their jobs and become a housewife/part timer once they get married. Even if they didn’t want to, their employers will make them quit. That is completely unheard of in China.
          And I totally disagree with your in China “if you are a girl and you are not beautiful, you are nothing.” if you are not beautiful and dumb to boot, then you are nothing. But now there’s plastic surgery….

        • Teacher in China

          Ok, so you’ve all now agreed on the following: “In China dumb and ugly girls have no chance of success.” Whereas in your country, they do? Really? What country is that? Dumb and ugly girls in my country (and I’d wager in just about every country in the whole world) sure don’t exactly rise to the highest levels of society. In fact, most of them end up in telemarketing or something similar to that.

          I agree that feminism has yet to catch up to “the West”s standards here om China, but seriously I think you’re going too far.

          • I’d to hear about this feminism you speak of in China, because if you are a GIRL at twenty-five (because women are people who have babies) and unmarried, your life is basically over. If you are married, then the best who can hope for is a husband who is taller than you and makes more money than you and a job is some secondary line of income that you’ll quit in order to raise your family.

            To me, feminism is the right for women to make choices, and in China there aren’t any choices for them. Just like it is a man’s freedom now to make as much money as he can, it is a girl’s responsibility to look as pretty as she can or else no rich husband (which is her mom’s dream for her).

            This is a bit of a stretch, but I’ll throw it in. Remember the “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” movie and how it was a big hit in the rest of the world but not China? The reason isn’t because of all the accents in the movie (for an obstinate piracy audience a dub track can be put in place), but defies her parents and refuses to get married. Li An’s greatness is acknowledged in China, but his subversion/repression issues doesn’t.

          • Teacher in China

            I think you misunderstood me – I agreed that feminism has a ways to go, I think the idea that just because dumb and ugly girls can’t be successful here means that China has no feminism, is going too far. I don’t see the connection there since that can pretty much be said about any country.

    • Chunghwa

      Regarding female Chinese international/exchange students from China here in Australia, groups of friends usually organise one person who goes back during the holidays to purchase eye putty for the whole group, because you can’t buy eye putty in Australia.

      Essentially for these girls, BB cream (skin whitener) and eye putty are more important than purchasing food, because otherwise, they have no face to show to the rest of the world. Apparently they think that they’re looked down if they don’t fake themselves up.

      • Joanne

        regarding the BB cream: my mom bought a tube from Korea. She put some in a little plastic pill box for a business trip, and it actually melted the plastic. BB is some chemical shit.

        • bunny99

          Better let Homeland security and the CAA know about that BB cream – not something you want on an aircraft!

    • Teacher in China

      A couple of those pictures of the “after” time were downright freaky, not to my tastes at all. When the eyes are so purposefully made big and dark it makes them look like they’re tripping out on acid or something. Then of course there’s the stupid face a lot of them make for the camera, with their lips all spread out like a lizard (equally irritating is girls from “the West” making the kissy face to the camera). Yeesh.

  • file124528

    No surprise.

    What’s not fake in China?

    I’d let them tag team me though.

    • It’s not fake, it’s real, just nice package = make up.
      Wouldn’t want to unwrap the package though…

    • Chunghwa

      >implying shit’s not the same elsewhere

      • dim mak

        >implying you can greentext here

  • SuperJun

    thank god for makeup. at least i’m not the one having to help them put it on.

  • mileiux

    Makeup + photoshop = endless possibilities

    • Mosanto

      I love ChinaSMACK. Thank for you this enlightening article. I no longer want to visit China, i’ll stick with fat white girls in Canada.

      • I’d stick with rich Chinese girls that emigrate to Canada…

        • Chunghwa

          Do yourself a favour and distance yourself from “rich” Chinese girls. You’ll regret it once they control the kids, house and car, and you have to pay expenses for her and the kids while you live alone.

  • ninjastyle

    i KNEW aliens existed!

  • JJ

    To compare to Jaoan, that’s not a big deal!
    Tip one:when you meet any Asian girl,remove her make-up and take off her bra,then you will see the truth ;-)

    • The Wade

      tried your advice… doesn’t work out so well when meeting your new class of year 8’s

  • Zebadee

    Can you imagine the horrendous shock I got the next morning, waking-up next to one of these zombies, when the last thing I heard the night before was, “just popping to the bathroom – be back in a minute,” before she climbed into bed in the dark?
    I actually asked who she was; I thought it was a different girl !

  • Hm… for those males in the audience confused, here is a oldie for you from Henry Belafonte/The Coasters:

    “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    A pretty woman makes her husband look small
    And very often causes his downfall
    As soon as he married her and then she starts
    To do the things that will break his heart

    But if you make an ugly woman your wife
    A-you’ll be happy for the rest of your life
    An ug-a-ly woman cooks meals on time
    And she’ll always give you peace of mind

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    {Sax solo}

    Don’t let your friends say you have no taste
    Go ahead and marry anyway
    Though her face is ugly, her eyes don’t match
    Take it from me, she’s a better catch

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    Say man!
    Hey baby!
    I saw your wife the other day!
    Yeah, an’ she’s ug-leeee!
    Yeah, she’s ugly, but she sure can cook, baby!
    Yeah, alright!

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So for my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you”

    Moral of the Song/Story = “Beauty” = High maintenance

    • Truckin’ By

      I guess Henry never fucked a beautiful woman in his life. But his wife sure can cook.

      • dixie normous

        lmfao truckin’ by i salute u

    • Plenty O’Toole

      Great Song and one of my all time favorites !Remember beauty is always only skin deep and I always look for the beauty in a womans heart and soul ! Peace !

  • And ladies wonder why men leave before morning arrives.

  • Megumi Terui

    What really freaks me out is those contacts they use… seriously?? scary scary stuff..

    • Alikese

      That girl with the blue contacts and the red shirt looks like she eats souls for a living.

      • akaKT

        Love this comment.

  • Billy

    It must be a hard life for the typical Chinese male, such fine intelligent, handsome, hyegenic, courteous, mature men who are so tall and broad of width that they have to put up with womenfolk who can’t step out of the house without a bit of slap on their face. Typical Chinese man deserves so much more because lets face it – he is a perfect as specimen to behold…

    • Sunni

      Let me rephrase this a bit to apply to the comments in this thread:

      It must be a hard life for the typical North American male, such fine intelligent, handsome, hyegenic, courteous, mature men who are so tall and broad of width that they have to put up with womenfolk who can’t step out of the house without a bit of slap on their face. Typical North American man deserve so much more because lets face it – he is a perfect as specimen to behold…That MUST be the reason why all of the North Americans on here are puking at how “butt ugly” the Chinese girls are and thanking god that they have “fat white girls” instead!

      Note: The quotes in quotations are actual quotes quoting some of the comments on here.

      • dim mak

        Taking this too seriously man

        • Sunni

          I’m so sarcastic, I must be serious.

      • Billy

        Not American – you are nearly as bad as the Chinese – if he isn’t Chinese then he must be a septic… fail, fail, fail…

        • Sunni

          I no comprehend. What’s not American?

          • mankouzanghua

            Billy’s not American — thank goodness.

        • Sunni

          Then he must have misunderstood me. Never did I imply that he is American.

          • Billy

            ‘It must be a hard life for the typical North American male..’

            You started off the opening paragraph with that sentence in reply to my comment. I don’t know why you even mentioned anything about North Americans… you do know not every laowai is North American?

          • Teacher in China

            North American does not equal American. Hello?!!??!! Ever heard of Canada??? Mexico??? Asshole.

          • bunny99

            “North American does not equal American. Hello?!!??!! Ever heard of Canada??? Mexico??? Asshole.”

            Teacher in China – I have heard of Mexico, but not of Asshole. I’ve been to Mexico and it was a good place for a holiday.

            Would you recommend Asshole as a vacation destination?

      • Sunni


        “Let me rephrase this a bit to apply to the comments in this thread:”

        I started off with this. In other words I borrowed what you wrote and tweaked it to adhere to the comments I’ve seen in this thread. I wasn’t directing anything at you.

    • Truckin’ By

      Dear Billy, I am so sorry I took your girl from you and did things TO her in bed that you can never ever imagine. Please, let’s not hold any grudges. What happen in the past happen in the past. Let’s shake hands and be friends. Ok? A little therapy for you wouldn’t hurt either, buddy. Take care.

      Yours truly,
      Chinese Man

    • @@@


    • Joe

      Nobody can change how handsome or intelligent they are. That you bring these things up along with other factors proves that you are a dick.

  • BaoBei

    IMO, one of the most important things is how well a girl can make herself up to look. Cuz really, the time you spend in bed w/ her is just a fraction of time spent in public. If she can use make-up and any other “make-myself-hot” techniques to make herself look better than most other girls out there too lazy to do it (i.e most girls in china), i’m down. On that note, girl in 4th to last pic would definitely enjoy going for a ride on my stallion.

  • John Q

    Turn them all up side down….they all look the same. Who gives a shit.

  • dilladonuts

    its not just chinese girls that look shit with no make up, there have been plenty of books from various models/photographers/make up artist that have been published in the states/eu that shows the same shit.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Crap! You are writing craps.

      Yes, you are a doughnut (‘donut’)! That’s right. Hollow without brain. Your pseudonym says it.

      Drop this pseudonym. Hopefully a new pseudonym might give you a glimpse of hope and new lease of life.


    “I went to Korea the year before last and the Korean tour guide lady told me that when Korean guys look for wives these days, they must sleep with together once before getting married so they can see the next morning whether or not she is still the same person as the night before.”

    Korean guys also make up a whole lot of bullshit excuses in order to get laid, trust me I know.

    • Alex

      But you still gotta buy the car before you buy it ;)

      • Alex

        ttttttttttttttttttry the car before you buy it.

        (and check your comment before you post it)

      • dude,
        I like your original comment. Very zen.

        And I think you were talking about kicking the tires; maybe not that appropriate here

    • Chunghwa

      Are girls aware of this though? At my university, you can see amongst Korean girl groups that there’s a lot of tears and all that every now and then. Can’t understand most of what they’re saying though, but I’m generally told that it’s usually man problems.

  • Peter

    Just as some of these good pics are designed to make the girl look good, the bad pics are taken to make them look bad and not all of them really look so bad.

  • wupeng

    i have to say that their makeup artists’ skill is beyond words
    worning :think twice or take another look before u take any action if u see a beauty on the web ,she can give u a big pleasantly surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ceviche

    haha I think that is expected, that’s why I prefer to see girls without make up to determine their natural beauty. My gf thinks all those celebrities are too hot. Pshhh she can take them any day, they are all fake.

  • lang

    I am convinced. Chinese girls are butt-ugly!
    Those who demand more proof should come to this site.

  • korean_guy

    Can’t undo what I just saw…even the ones with make-up are atrocious!

    • Sunni

      “Can’t un-SEE what I just SAW.”

  • Sunni

    Oh my gosh yes!! This must mean that all the girls in China are fucking ugly without makeup, as Mosanto implied, thus you must all stay away from China! Please, for the love of god, Mosanto, don’t hit on Chinese girls. You’re too dumb for us.

    • Mosanto

      Maybe I’m dumb but at least i don’t need a pro makeup artist to look presentable.

      • Sunni

        I seriously don’t understand if you’re trolling, or being serious.
        I was going to give you an actual reply, but then I thought to myself, he must have noticed that some of these “girls” are at least 40+ ? That the thread starter obviously picked the most drastic from the range of photos (I’ve seen the rest, these are the worst) to increase the “shock” factor? That 21 female obviously does not represent the 600 some million others in the country? That a real man should never insult a woman for her looks, no matter how unattractive she seems to him? So I refrained from giving you a serious reply, and told you to stay the hell away from us instead. Girls don’t like man who are shallow and vain, no matter which part of the world.

        I was wandering between whether you are trolling, or just being dumb, but since you’ve confirmed to the latter yourself, I have nothing more to say.

        • 老外

          I agree with you, Sunni. Looks are never important to me — ever. What is important are good virtues, and whether or not she’d make a good wife. I actually tell the women I’ve met not to wear makeup, because I hate it and prefer natural looks.

          They seem to appreciate this, although I’ve met one lady who freaked out on me for that. :-o

          To those who care too much about looks: have fun being alone for the rest of your life. :-)

  • ben

    there are lots of good looking chinese girls these are just exaggerated selective examples….LOL funny tho.

  • Why do you think we Asian guys don’t give a fuck. You guys can have ’em. And they’re mean. Like Molly Wei.

  • GAC

    Funny, a lot of these are made more different with hair and facial expression.

    Also funny because one thing I tend to like about Chinese girls is many of those that I know where little or no makeup.

  • Ray

    Go home with a beauty wake up next to a beast

  • bernd

    obviously shopped, I can tell from the pixes and having seen quite a few shops in my time.

  • HandleMyLovePump

    Whats the deal with Chinese make up? They are look like Pixies or pre-pubescent Japanese big doe eyed cartoon girls trying to kid you visually they’re all virgins.

    • Sunni

      Chinese women like to look young I guess.
      I don’t mind the make up as much as the poses they do when they take photos.
      Fucking pouting mouths and opening their eyes so wide to compete with the size of a cow’s. I just want to slap the girl.

      • Abby

        Wow thanks,Chinese girls are beautiful and they don’t have everything other countries do as far as technology.So think before you say you wanna slap her becausewho doesn’t pose funny in pictures and what do you know about photography?Maybe that’s how they’e supposed to look?Ever think of that?no…so think before you say.

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  • nereis

    Two words.

    Holy shit.

  • SLX

    Ah fuck those pics just killed my dreams >.< cant't believe I'd rather look at these gay POS pics from way back.

    • good will

      don’t blame you but i need to slap some sense in you for looking at that link. :)

      • SLX

        might as well slap me to death @_@ this world is dangerous to live a normal life.

  • 楚留臭

    Fake eyes, fake noses, fake boops, fake buts…..what is next?
    Fake pussy?

    • Sunni

      But men have already invented that.

  • Rick in China

    Not news, all the bullshit about Sichuan girls having such great skin – well, having woke up next to enough I can attest to the fact that they do have great make-up, not always great skin. Much as most of these photos demonstrate.

    Bottom line is don’t pick up girls with loads of make-up, because much as stuffed bras, you’ll often be surprised in a bad way.

  • The reason why they look so bad without makeup is because they put so much of it on, so many times that it damages the skin.
    Look how wrinkly they look. I believe makeup in general is bad.
    Clogs up your pores, causes you to wrinkle at an earlier age, and distorts the notion of true beauty.

    Honestly though I feel sorry for them because they probably know that a guy only looks for her looks not her personality.

  • CHuey

    Its fake dogs == theres soo much difference and some is photo edits

  • John

    I love Chinese women! Best women on the planet :)

    • bert

      Ha Ha! Good one!

  • Mikeeze

    As bad as these are… I’d say western women are even worse without their makeup.

    • bert

      Wasn’t there some UK football coach that made a statement about Chinese women a few years ago that got some people a bit upset?

  • Kat

    wow, seriously! notice also that these girls are all smiling with make- up on. Smiling changes a lot of your facial features. Hopefully all of you can make your girl smile without her makeup! Or you simply shouldnt be with her!

  • eattot

    i think women everywhere with&without makeup are a bit different, but not that much, unless they put some fake eyelash or double eyelid stick or wig…
    i think those women who love to look good are cute, but better keep it nature someway. skin colored foundation and nature eye brow are quite important then a bit eye liner, no need too much. but to me, really too lazy to do this kinda things.
    hmm, women are funny.

  • hyukhyukhyuk

    I think some of the look pretty okay without makeup (some less so, but w/e). Either way, cake-on makeup is never attractive imo.

  • Diggler

    China- home to the worlds ugliest men and women.

    Not to piss anyone off or anything but Chinese men have really high standards even though the vast majority are butt ugly. Even their celebrities are ugly despite having 1.5 billion people to choose from.

    • Abigail

      Hey,yeah umm im chinese and i am not ugly thank ou very much!

  • kristina

    omg.. seeing this makes me so proud how i look.
    i’ve been told im really pretty without makeup.
    danggg, ..

  • The best part is reading the comments and seeing that the author’s grammar corrections

  • Rafael

    I don’t care about make up, there are a lot of pretty girls in china who don’t need make up.
    And a similar post could be done with women from almost any country.
    What pisses me off is those fake bras…

  • Ambientman

    All this makeup that the typical Chinese women puts on is a direct result of how shallow the men are. Then the men b*tch when they see the real deal (aka, not a doll).

    [Note from Fauna: The typical Chinese woman does not put on all this makeup. You should meet more Chinese women. I also think these types of posts and reactions are very common in other countries.]

    • Sunni

      Thank you!
      Fucking eh!

      No Fauna, times are changing. There is like an exponential growth of girls wearing makeup in China these days.
      Note, your topic title DOES say Chinese GIRLS with and without makeup.

      [Note from Fauna: I think you have misunderstood. I did not say there is not an exponential growth of girls wearing makeup. The key is what is “typical” and what is “all this makeup”. English is not my mother tongue but my English is not so bad. I do not think the reactions to these comparison photos are so strange and I do not know why you guys think this show any relation between Chinese girl makeup and how shallow Chinese men are. Girls with a lot of makeup and shallow men are everywhere.]

      • Sunni

        It’s weird that you don’t think there’s any correlation between what men expects and what girls do to meet that expectation.
        If the men in the world weren’t so judgmental on the aesthetically less fortunate girls, throwing careless comments like “butt ugly” and “I’m going to throw up from looking at her” around, then there wouldn’t be NEARLY as many girls wearing makeup.
        And if you meant why Ambientman was only targeting Chinese girls and guys, then that’s pretty obvious. The photos are only of Chinese woman, so it makes sense that his comment would be directed towards the Chinese population. He never said only the Chinese men are shallow.

        [Note from Fauna: Why do you think I do not believe there is a correlation between what men expect and what girls do to meet that expectation? Men judge women and women judge men. Maybe for different things but it is normal. You did not answer what is “typical” and what is “all this makeup.”]

        • Sunni

          Maybe I understood you wrong.
          But I was going off of this sentence that you typed:

          “I do not know why you guys think this show any relation between Chinese girl makeup and how shallow Chinese men are.”

          Maybe you should rephrase so I understand what you actually meant?

          • Fauna

            If you answer what is “typical” and what is “all this makeup” then you will understand.

        • Moody

          Well to be honest Fauna, I find that Women judge Women more than Men do -on physical appearances and clothing at least-.

          • Fauna

            I did not say men judge women more than women do.

    • Ambientman

      I meet plenty of Chinese women, so please do not assume. In fact, I have a lovely fiancée who does not put on any makeup on, aside from the few black streaks for her eye brows.

      But there is no denying there is a correlation between female body image and what males are saying about the women’s bodies. And just speaking from experience, Chinese men sure do say a lot of negative things. I have seen my fair share of shallow boys here. Mens words do indeed impact the way women think of themselves. I am sure, in fact almost positive, a lot of women pile on the make up solely because of what some boy(s) have said in the past.

      [Note from Fauna: I did not assume. I suggested. Who is denying that there is a correlation between female body image and what males are saying about the women’s bodies? I speak from experience that a lot of men say a lot of negative things. I see shallow boys everyday here too. Why do you think people or I need your reminder that one person can be impacted by another person’s words?]

      • Breaking News!

        Two men have arguments with themselves. Owner of popular blog dragged along.

        • Sunni

          Err.. actually, I was agreeing with Ambientman.
          And I am not a man.

          • Breaking News!

            Individual of undetermined sex interprets “with” as “amongst”.

      • anon

        The claws come out again. Fauna’s probably going to lose a reader or twelve after this.

  • diyya rai

    wonderful job…but natural beauty is what you always seek for at the end of the day…..