Chinese Government Official Smiling at Tragic Accident Scene

Yang Dacai is smiling at the scene of the accident.

Yang Dacai is smiling at the scene of the accident.

From Sina:

Shaanxi Yan’an Sleeper Coach Fire After Rear-End Collision, 36 Dead

Xinhuanet Xi’an August 26th news (Reported by Tao Ming, Shi Zhiyong) At 10 o’clock on the 26th, reporters learned from the scene that 36 people have been confirmed to have died in the terrible traffic accident that happened that morning within Yan’an city limits in Shaanxi province.

reporters learned that the bus in the accident was allowed to carry 39 passengers, and was carrying 39 passengers. After the accident took place, 3 passengers escaped and survived.

On the 26th at about 2am, a terrible traffic accident happened 200 meters away from the south exit of the Huaziping service area on Baomao Highway within the borders of Yan’an city of Shaanxi province. A double-decker sleeper coach with license plate number “蒙AK1475” crashed into the rear of a tanker (containing methanol) with license plate number “豫RHD6962”, and setting the two vehicles on fire.

The scene of the accident.

The scene of the accident.

The scene of the accident.

From QQ:

“Smiling Official” From the Scene of the Shaanxi Traffic Accident Has Previously Worn Many Expensive Watches

After the tragic traffic accident in Shaanxi, among the pictures that Xinhuanet took at the scene, one was of a local government official “stupidly laughing/smiling” at the accident scene. After this picture spread on Weibo, netizens were very much upset by it. Netizens quickly human flesh searched the official in the picture, determining him to be Yang Dacai, director of the Shaanxi Province Administration of Work Safety. Netizens suspect he is not the first government official who has smiled in the face of a disaster. Some leaders smiled and took group pictures at the scene of the air crash in Yichun the year before last year. At last year’s Xi’an gas explosion, an official also smiled. This picture is of the official smiling at the scene of the accident. Photographed by the Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yibo.

Yang Dacai is smiling at the scene of the accident.

While netizens were strongly condemning this official, a series of pictures showing this official wearing different wristwatches suspected of being of various famous international brands at different occasions was posted on the internet. Some netizens gathered public reports regarding Yang Dacai attending different activities and conferences, and found after comparing these pictures that when Yang attended different activities, he always changed the watches he wore, and that he had at least 5 different watches. Sun Duofei, COO of the said on Weibo that she had asked professional in the industry, “In the first picture: a Rolex Oyster Perpetual worth about 65,000 yuan. In the second one: an Omega worth about 35,000-40,000 yuan. In the third one: a Vacheron Constantin with 18k rose gold watch case, and mechanical, estimated market price varies between 200,000-400,000 yuan. In the forth one: an Omega, worth about 30,000-40,000 yuan. In the fifth one: a Rado Full-Ceramic, estimated market price 30,000 yuan.”

Yang Dacai and his watch.

Among ordinary people, self-proclaimed watch identifying expert “花总丢了金箍棒” said that of these watch brands, “not many are first rate, mostly second rate, and mostly basic product lines”, and if they were all added together and if all genuine would be worth at least within 200,000 yuan.

Yang Dacai and his watch.

“花总丢了金箍棒” became famous for collecting news pictures of officials attending different activities and identifying their watches on Weibo. He says that he took note of Yang Dacai a year ago, and claims that he has more than just these several watches.

Yang Dacai and his watch.

These pictures are of Yang Dacai wearing different watches.

Yang Dacai and his watch.

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Yang Dacai and his watch.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 soberwu:

Inspecting visually from the first to the last: Longines, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Omega, Rado, about 600,000 yuan.

Did this government director see watches as his life, abstaining from food and drink for 10 years, using all of his meager salary buying watches?

[Note: Government officials in China have relatively modest official salaries but are notorious for having a multitude of illegitimate “grey” income.]

腾讯济南市网友 赤练霓裳:

With a massive belly from overeating, smiling/laughing at a scene of death, simply inhuman. If those who died in the bus were his family members, would he still be able to smile? Wearing expensive watches, all from corruption. This kind of scumbag should be punished. A bastard dressed in human form but does no human things.

腾讯鹤壁市网友 明天会更好:

Just look at your corrupted belly, and the watches you wear for different occasions, all from the meager monthly salary. Hope the relevant authorities will bring this person under investigation.

腾讯网友 影子:

Actually, he had previously hid himself quite well, doing one thing in public and another in private. It’s just that he blew it this time, a smile which he will regret for the rest of his life!

腾讯石家庄市网友 农场主:

In many European countries, drivers’ working time is fixed, where one must rest from driving every two hours, and it can’t be violated. There’s a device in each vehicle similar to the black box on an airplane, where once the vehicle is started it begins to record, including measuring both a driver’s driving time and the frequency he rests every day, so as to prevent fatigue driving. So all the relevant authorities of China, stop passing the buck, because in the end, the problem with anything is whether you want to do something or not, not whether you have the ability to do so or the ability to do so well.

腾讯网友 易水一方:

Just look at this director of Administration of Work Safety, able to be at the scene where 36 people died yet still able to happily smile! What kind of person is he? A director of Administration of Work Safety still being able to smile/laugh at the scene where dozens of lives were lost. That a person like this can be the director of Administration of Work Safety, I don’t know whether it’s the tragedy of Shaanxi Province or it’s the tragedy of China. Strongly request our higher officials investigate this director of Administration of Work Safety who switches expensive watches every day, and give us ordinary common people an explanation!

腾讯保定市网友 lailai:

One must look at a problem from different angles, don’t just look at a problem from a grassroots [ordinary commoner’s] point of view! Behind everything there are many situations that you don’t understand. Our goal is to completely put an end to [traffic] accidents, to prevent accidents from happening, and not to wait until after an accident happens and then pursue responsibility/liability! Why do the grassroots always appeal for people to take responsibility instead of appealing for prevention? Accident happens, it’s inevitable. My opinion seems illogical, but it’s the truth! All kinds of accidents happen even in the most powerful country like America! The vast majority of accidents are caused by people’s carelessness. Find out [before accidents happen] and let [accidents] happen are two different concepts, the power of decision is in the hands of the people who are in charge! Each accident is a warning/wake-up call to us. On the surface, this “stupidly smiling” looks like apathy and indifference toward this accident! But to look deeper it’s about the question of which administration should be responsible. The grassroots know by the literal meaning that the Administration of Work Safety is in charge of working safely, but how many people really know about the Administration of Work Safety? The administrations carve up work safety for profits, most of the work safety is under control of other interest administrations. It’s very difficult for the Administration of Work Safety to supervise at the turfs of other interest administrations! You can show your sympathy, but don’t be angry, because you don’t understand!

腾讯网友 行动:

Speaking of corruption, I’d like to say something: the reformation of Chinese education is an issue people want to do something about the most, but it’s very difficult to really implement. For instance, if students from other provinces want to enter Qinghua [Tsinghua] or Beijing [Peking] University, he/she must have a score 200 points higher than local Beijing students. You see, it’s such a huge difference. Let’s put that aside. Right now there is a more realistic problem. Many children [from rural areas] are born in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, etc. and grow up in these big cities with their parents, and of course they should go to school in these big cities as well. But what happens to them when they’re about to have a school entrance exam? Since their hukou is registered in their hometowns, do they go back for middle school? Many children are ruined moving back home to attend middle school. Why do people say this? Parents’ incomes are definitely higher in big cities than in rural areas, but while the children go back home to study, the parents still have to stay and work. People from high-income areas returning to the rural areas are essentially like rich families. What happens to a child in their youth when they don’t have parents to look after them? And they become “rich second generation“. Relevant personnel can go investigate in different places. What would happen if middle school kids don’t have to go back to their home villages to go to school? Big cities always focus on integrated quality education, their cultural lessons can’t compare with those of small cities, if children go to middle school in big cities, in the future, with the difference of scores, can they still enter university? They’re smart like the other children, they’re excellent students at school, and their parents are mostly excellent too, but hukou changed the fate of some of these children. There are many situations like this, if officials like Big Belly Yang really do their duties, can they fix it?

腾讯金华市网友 ╭ァ軒ロ:

Since he loves smiling/laughing so much, I hope these unfortunate dead souls can just take him with them [into death]! Let him smile to his content down there [in hell].

腾讯成都市网友 我的太阳:

Leader has a big belly, is afraid of nothing! [The comment in the original Chinese rhymes.]

腾讯宜昌市网友 智能手机修砖:

This is precisely the revolting behavior of some of the government officials in China, a special product [of China].

腾讯南京市网友 华琦生:

With his big belly, bright smile, facing such a big disaster that the common people suffer from, and actually being callous to this degree, I can’t help but be reminded of the cold smile on the face of the president of the Philippines when our Hong Kong compatriots were kidnapped there. This director of Work Safety must be a big corrupt official, must be investigated, so comfort the souls of these 36 people.

腾讯网友 千与千寻:

Look at this belly… did the Party get you pregnant…

What do you think?


From NetEase:

Shaanxi “Smiling Department Head””: Wanted To Help Relax/Calm Down Low Level Comrades

Summary: A few days ago, after a terrible traffic accident happened in Shaanxi where 36 people died, Shaanxi Work Safety Bureau director Yang Dacai was photographed wearing a smile at the scene of the accident, triggering condemnations by netizens. August 29th, Yang Dacai apologized and claimed: “Because the accident was so terrible, our low level comrades [the lower level authorities and government workers on the scene] were all especially tense. I was helping them relax and perhaps was too careless with my facial expression.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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    He is the typical stereotype CCP government official.

    Fat loathsome toad that thinks he is above all, and thinks the deaths of his countrymen are nothing to mourn about.

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      Approved reasons from his PR rep:

      The sun was clearly in his face and he was squinting with his eyes and cheeks to protect from the overpowering rays.

      Clearly he had that “Frogger” episode in his head after watching a 3 day Seinfeld marathon.

      He has alzheimer’s. Forgot what he was doing, saw the camera, said “Qiezi!” and smiled.

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      There was a rabid dog and he had to prove his dominance by bearing teeth.

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        He is merely smiling at the fact that he accomplished his scandalous scheme… and batman couldn’t help them!

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      Anyways, there’re also plenty attractive and well educated people here in China, but they’re not stupid to go into politics :) they just have an ugly relative there to use them

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      Yes, they do. It’s harder to control good-looking, intelligent people.

      They might think for themselves and have ideas! Oh god, no!

      The CCP won’t have it!

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      I actually notice this as well. The government employee role is only given to those with an actual degree in government or something and most people who have it must be communist party members and a lot of them are descendents of peasants (since the party started by peasants).

      a lot of young people these days want that job because of stability and high pay in the big cities but those who are well educated still focus on finance jobs there which pays on average 15000-20000/month

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    Why am I not surprised?

    1) He is an official.

    2) He is from Shaanxi….the reputation of people from that province is well known even amongst other Chinese as being corrupt.

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      Haha, yeah and all people from Jiangxi are thieves and everyone knows not to trust anybody from Sichuan. Chinese are even racist against eachother. If there were no foreigners to hate I wonder if this place wouldn’t tear itself apart.

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      Because Obama was there paying his respects and giving condolences. He was doing what was expected and playing the part that was expected of him there. He didn’t need to be there, but the people in the hospital were probably touched that the President of the US took the time and interest to come and see them. Noone wants a morbid faced president leering at them on their hospital bed, man. Smiling seemed appropriate I think. This pig is just loafing around shooting the shit. Fucking disaster spectator with a front row seat.

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      There are only two body types here in China really:

      Super skinny rail boy or You are fat!

      They aren’t really used to built muscular people, not with all the malnourishment the people went through. So it doesn’t matter if you look like Ronnie Coleman during Mr. Olympia, you are fat.. because big means fat.

      So if you are bigger, chubby, fat or just muscular/big, Chinese will mostly call you “pang” fat. The educated ones will call you “zhuang” which mean strong.

      It’s annoying because they use this term very liberally too and don’t consider it an insult.

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          But I’m a woman… i’m supposed to be soft and pillowy. A man’s body should be hard.

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        I like athletic men. I don’t like girly looking men or fat men. He doesn’t need to be too big muscles or too tall. I am short. I Like 5ft9 to 6ft2 is okay. My brother is like 5ft10 I think he’s 170lb. Not fat. He likes basketball.
        I remember I had like 2 guys trying to date me back in college years and they were like 6ft3 and 6ft 4. I didn’t go out with them because of their height. I dated 2 guys like 6ft2 and I will never walk around with them without 3 inches high heels on. hahaha…..

        A man should just look like a man. I hate girly looking men. Sorry. ;)

        • The Enlightened One

          Your brother is a good weight for his height. If he isn’t a bit chubby then he is muscular and ripped.

          I am 6ft and 220-230 pounds but a lot of Chinese still call me fat.

          Which in actuality is muscle and I know this because I go to the gym and lift super heavy. I knew this big British guy like 240 pounds and 6’3 and he was a little chubby (or husky as he would like to say) but didn’t have a hanging belly or anything.

          Chinese would call him fat all the time and it would make him so pissed off. His face would turn red and everything then he would freak out on them in Mandarin.

          I think this “metro-sexual”, girly-man fad comes from Korean pop and Japanese pop music.

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            because chinese arent really sensitive about calling each other fat. that’s just how their culture works. they loved fat people back in tang dynasty and a woman would choose a fat faced ugly man compared to a thin faced ugly man because the fat is comparable to buddhists’ face (g00d face reading wise)

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            That’s true.

            Another reason is because if a man was fat, it was a testament of wealth and the means to over provide for himself.

            They didn’t exactly “love” them… they just wanted security and stability and they thought a fat man was higher odds than a very thin and malnourished man.

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            metro-sexual”, girly-man fad….

            Yeah..that’s killing me. I hate that hello kitty shxt too. lol…
            No, my brother doesn’t look fat. He has athletic shape. I think a lot of Chinese guys like to play basketball. He works out too with weight.
            You are 6ft and 220-230. You must lift heavy weight. I use 5 lbs dumbbells. I do half hour exercise everyday. I do like 400 sit ups and 100 squats. I am only 5ft2 and 112lbs. I use the 8minutes workout dvd. It’s good.

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            @The Enlightened One:

            Chinese people usually call people fat in the sense of observation of one’s physique, not in terms of offense — at least that’s how I feel when it is used. But yea, definitely not to offend anyone.

            In the Western term, it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m a Chinese American, who just so happens to be raised more toward Chinese culture than western and made plenty of embarrassing mistakes in the past. For example, when I was in second grade, I mentioned how my sister is fat to my pregnant teacher. You know what? She went ape-shit because if my sister is fat…then my teacher is seen as extremely fat. Yeah, I learned not to use the word ‘fat’ in western public anymore, haha.

          • linette

            Chinese in Hk and Taiwan get very offended if you use the word fat on them. Especially women. They will run to join gym.

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    This is a stupid complaint about the watch.

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      It shows he is corrupt. Are you really THAT dense you failed to catch that?

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      Gov’t official who’s family is not rich making a gov’t salary. He has enough money to buy 6 to 10 luxury watches like Rolex and omega. If he works for HK gov’t and people complain about his conduct, he will be visiting ICAC.

    • The Enlightened One

      A government official’s salary, of his stature, is actually something like 3000-6000k RMB per month. They don’t get paid much… yet…

      Welcome to totally transparent corruption.

      I don’t get why the people think it’s a big deal HE is corrupt. They ARE ALL corrupt… you think they do it to help the people? That’s a laugh!

      But poor dumbo here is in the spotlight now and that means he may get punished for it. That’s the problem with these guys, they love to flash their money around but it’s obvious they are living beyond their means… makes them easy targets for the public and other officials that want someone else in the spot light.

      • linette

        All of them are corrupted. Even the ones dont want to will be forced to join or lose their jobs. So disgusting. China central gov’t needs to set up something similar to Hk ICAC and start cracking down gov’t officials from city to city. No hope at all. So sad.

        • linette

          Central gov’t China.. do this. Copy this model. Thank you.

        • The Enlightened One

          I’ve been to Hong Kong twice.

          Love the atmosphere and the people.

          Like stepping into a new world once you get off the train from Shenzhen.

          When I first went there, I didn’t know any Chinese and wasn’t certain of the district I was going to. A nice HK guy, said in English “Tell me which one you would like to go to…” So I told him the address, and he told me it was in Kowloon.

          NEVER HAPPENED ONCE IN MAINLAND CHINA… well once from a nice girl at a bus stop. But then she followed me on the bus and got off at the same stop and acted like now she was my GF or something…

          • linette

            You speak Cantonese? Most people in Hk speak sucky mandarin and some English enough for simple conversation. Hk should be easy to get around because most things are written in both traditional Chinese characters and English. The subway is so easy. You won’t get lost.

          • The Enlightened One

            Nah, can’t speak any Cantonese.

            It was in Shenzhen at the time, on the way to Hong Kong. And that’s true most Hong Kong people speak horrible Mandarin, usually their English is better.

            Well, here was the thing. When I first came to China I got a job teaching English and later got out it because school management is usually retarded. For example, when I first got there they told me I could come on a tourist visa and change it after. They didn’t mention I had to go to Hong Kong.

            So the school leader calls me into his office and he’s like..”Tomorrow you go to Hong Kong.. you pay…. I am a retard.” Well, he didn’t say that last part and I ended up not paying because I got mad. So I went into emergency research mode and had some tips from other foreigners. They gave me an address of a decent place to stay (since it was Christmas and every place was super expensive) but didn’t tell me which district it was in… and since I had just arrived in China… I had like 0 knowledge of anything.

            They even told me it was okay to go alone because all the people in Shenzhen spoke English. Which was a total lie… Not only that… the idiots gave me two forms to use when I got my visa.

            The English one said to get the visa in Hong Kong… but the Chinese one… which I couldn’t understand at the time, said to go to Australia… which gave me a lot of other issues. A real bunch of winners.

          • Stu

            Huh. This happens to me all the time in mainland China. Back when I was backpacking, all I had to do was pull out a map and ten million people would crowd round me asking me where I was trying to get to.

            Also happens a lot if I’m looking at a bus sign, or standing there looking kind of lost.

        • Dr SUN

          Linette, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but their not going to change the current system, it works well for them

          Ivy league schools are expensive,the apartment off campus Ferrari’s/ mercs/ Bmw’s all are expensive, and their prince or princess needs to have it all, ask your Ivy league friends they know how their education its being paid for.

          • linette

            DR. sun..yes. hahaha. it’s true. But most of my Chinese friends from mainland their parents are working class also. They took out student loans to study and had scholarships also. Not all of them are rich. Some are poor like me.

      • Jennster

        a gong wu yuan (government worker) in china gets paid 6000-10000 per month depending on the city. i am not sure if that is related to govt official or not. but is 2 times higher than an average nonn govt job.

        • Dr SUN

          ok cool so just 5 months salary for just one of the watches

  • White Guy in USA

    Who the hell wears watches anymore? In America most people don’t wear watches because they have their iPhones. The iPhone tells time for anyplace on the planet plus directions, email, movies, What wrist watch especially a 20,000 dollar watch does that. He should be jailed just for wearing a watch at all.

    • Getrealson

      So does the Samsung!

      • Brett Hunan


    • donscarletti

      Ah, I see you’ve never tried to impress superficial KTV sluts then!


        You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so that could work for you;

        • donscarletti

          I’ll remember that the next time I post an utterly oblivious question here, thanks for the heads up.


            OK Amigo

    • Jahar

      You try strapping 2000 100rmb notes to your wrist, Then you will understand.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      LOL good point white guy in USA. wtf is the point of a watch? I have three or four of them now in my jewelry box because people keep giving me watches as a Christmas gift. It’s so stupid. I will admit that I have two old timey watches, the kind where you press the button and the cover pops open, but only because it’s so cool and old timey.

      • Kukuku

        They’re called pocket watches.

        What a writer you are!

        • mr. wiener

          Can also call it a fob watch I believe.

      • White Guy in America

        I don’t believe civilians need watches, only law enforcement and the military like Seal Team 6 need watches. On the other hand as an American I do believe that Civilians have the right to own military grade firearms because they serve a purpose.

        Better for the CCP Boss to live in America for 3 months, then he can spend his money on what ever guns he want because he will be considered a resident.

        I recommend the Glock pistols, I love my 3 Glock pistols.

        • Gontraf

          Who the hell owns guns anymore? Outside America most people don’t own guns because they have their police. The police have guns for anyplace on the country plus handcuffs, cars, jails, What hand gun especially a 2,000 dollar gun does that. He should be jailed just for owning a gun at all.

          • Average Zhou

            yeah, the only thing is, when the government has all the guns, they fuckin OWN you. thats why the US gov’t is working so hard now to step up anti gun laws and disarm the populace. alot easier to control people and herd them into FEMA shelters when they are unable to fight back because the damn police have assault rifles and armored vehicles and all kinds of tactical gear like they are the god damned special forces or some shit.

      • Stu

        Wait, Chinese people are giving you watches? That’s not a good sign.

    • don

      You mean, “most Young people”. My watch doesn’t cost me $100 a month, and I don’t have to rudely pull out a phone to check the time while talking to someone.

      • Brett Hunan


    • CCP officials are paranoid about carrying Cell phones or iphones because that is the quickest way to have the CIA track where your location is at all time. ironically if he was waving a Iphone 3 the netizens would compalin even louder

      • Dr SUN

        The CIA know who you are by your I phone with a unregistered SIM card in it, in China ….WOW !!

        • Dr SUN

          putting silver foil on head just in case.

      • Getrealson

        Why would the CIA worry about some third world thieving pig like this? They have bigger fish to fry!

        • why would the CIA worry about a third world thieving pig like ASSAD, but yet they are enough to help Al Qaeda. You forget how the US needed to spie after Bo Xi Lai’s police chief defected to the US embassy, then Obama sent him back to China? the CIA decided the need to track Bo Xi Lai and China’s police chief at all times cause the missed an oppurtunity to cause a Chinese spring Arab Spring.

          The US Congress’s House Committee on Foreign Affairs requested information in February about why the police chief, Wang Lijun, was not granted asylum after he walked into the US consulate in Chengdu, Southern China last February. a letter to Hillary Clinton, Committee chair Ileana Ros-Lehtinen raised questions over whether US diplomats had failed to ensure the safety of Mr Wang and “secure US national interests” by refusing him asylum

          • Getrealson

            Assad = president

            Bo Xi Lai = groomed and favourite for chairman

            This turd = possible new type of fungus

        • White Guy in America

          America is like Cylons from BattleStar Galactic, They have a plan. Also it is probably God`s plan to.

    • Rod

      Watches give you a good way to show off your wealth without too much effort. Everyone can see how rich you are while you pick your nose or put your long fingernail in your ear.

      • Linette

        I remember reading an article saying how girls can spot rich men. You don’t look at his name brand clothings he is wearing. You look at what kind of watch he is wearing. The men with wealth ususally go to expensive jewelry shop for their watches and pens. You don’t go for men in armani suits. You go for men in casual wear and a real rolex. lol….I find that to be true.

        • tai wai

          Real rich men don’t wear watches.

          You gold-digging waste of space.

          • linette

            taiwan, I hope you are not attacking me. Don’t try to paint me as some working behind the cosmetic counter gold digger.

            The reason I said that is because I got hit on many times by older men with some money. They usually dress causual like in their 50s wearing cartier or rolex watches and diamond rings. They love to mention their condominiums, vacation houses, and give their business cards to impress. One guy came over to my job trying to pick me up with his porsche. I had to use my brother to pretent he’s my husband. Just last week an older man came up to me and ask if I like sport. If he can give me some free lessons and left me his business card. There are a lot of older men out there looking for fun with younger women. I am telling you. I am not stupid.

          • These men wear diamond rings? I was about to say that luxury watches are for tossers, but diamond rings? On a dude? Highly suspect. Do you have a handsome, well-dressed brother or something?

          • linette

            Highly suspect. Do you have a handsome, well-dressed brother or something?……


        • What if it’s a guy like me that doesn’t like to wear watches and is perfectly fine using a cheap ass Bic pen? That won’t change with money.

          Actually, it seems like it’ll be decent defense from gold diggers.

          • linette

            A nice young man like you can use any pen you want. Women will love you for being you. :)

          • Fantastic answer

        • Brett Hunan

          Rolex is the uninformed man’s “luxury” watch. Usually, its the guys who are newly rich or want to flaunt their wealth that go for Rolex.

          Men with more subtle taste go for Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Franck Muller or Patek Philippe. There are so many great luxury watch companies and Rolex is at the bottom of the list.

        • Rod

          I heard the same thing about shoes. Makes sense. What about spotting rich women? I need a sugar mama.

    • Brett Hunan

      “He should be jailed just for wearing a watch at all.”
      The wristwatch is an important accessory for the gentleman. It looks professional, helps him with time management, and says something about him. A phone is too clunky to take out of your pocket 15 times a day, and when you finally get it out you end up using it to play games or surf the web.

      Better to be aware of your surroundings and stick with a watch.

  • linette

    China gov’t officials wearing Rolex…..

  • MrT

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Its just a automatic reaction Chinese do when you point a camera at them. I bet they would do the same if you pointed a gun at them!
    They should wind there necks in moaning about his watches, just go rob the fat twt if it bothers them that much.

  • Dr SUN

    So what , he smiled.

    I take that over the “concerned official” look in the other photos. I just hate those Photos of a boss surrounded by his lackeys all looking like they give a shit (which they don’t)

    • The Enlightened One

      Yeah, that’s true.

      At least he is being honest. Those “concerned” government official pictures are ridiculous. They like stoned or like zombies. In the picture he’s like:

      “Haha, maybe I shouldn’t of accepted that kickback on lowering the safety standards of these shitty buses but I made me some good scratch and I got me a new watch!”

  • womo

    It’s just…a watch.

  • Robko Byalov

    I don’t really want to stand up for him, as he seems to fit the stereotype.

    I will say though that it is possible for a single picture to capture someone between expressions or to make a completely wrong impression of what someone is doing or thinking. To jump up and down on somebody on the basis of one photograph showing their facial expression isn’t really fair.

  • 平凡人

    If he is prosecuted because of the branded watches he wears, more than half of the Chinese officials would have been gone. If you also prosecute government officials with luxury cars, China needs a new team to run the country.

  • smile

    Sad for this accident, also angry for “smiling official”. But we should kown this people and this “smile” are just “representor” of Chinese Communist.

  • Xiongmao

    Sounds like a corrupt douche but I wouldn’t put too much into the alleged smile. If you take many pics, you’re virtually certain to get at least a couple where it looks like he’s smiling, or IS in fact briefly smiling, while it might not mean anything at all. Now, if there was a video of this fatty goofing around, telling jokes and laughing like there’s no tomorrow I’d be more pissed off. Here (unfortunately) we might objectively have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully we can nail him for corruption though.

  • ChinaMan

    Smiling is one thing. How could one tell he is smiling at the victim / incident?
    Corruption cannot be associated to a person’s smile.

    China Govt Officials and corruption, this is a known fact, no?
    Nothing new, all of them does it….so why are we whining about it now?

  • eddie9684

    he looks like a fat fuk, but i mean does he have to cry in front of the people or what?

    a smile means nothing its not like he is laughing at the dead people, whats this shit about? seems some people just join the bandwagon and dont even know why was he smiling about.

  • Chinese officials… (pointing finger) Haha!

  • BigJ

    People are just jealous they can’t do the shit this guy does. Everyone hates these chinese officials, but they would give their left leg to be one. It is just jealousy….The story goes from him smiling to what kind of watch he’s wearing. Who gives a fuck. And the picture of the guy smiling has nothing to do with the situation. I sure I smiled at someone at my grand mothers funeral…doesn’t mean i’m smiling because she died. It could be one of his friends showed up and he said hi to him. And in that moment he smiled and just so happened to take his picture. Jealousy is a bitch lol. Envy is also a huge bitch.

    • persianOUTKAST

      agree with your description of the smiling situation. although wrong for doing it, the whole thing could’ve just been a very bad case of poor/unlucky timing.
      as far as the watch … that’s actually very important. put it this way, if you make minimum wage in your country, but show up to work w/ a different watch every day – each of which is worth MORE than what you make in a year – then OBVIOUSLY something is not right. something is going, whether it’s payment under the table/corruption/illegal gifts/etc., something is just not right & needs to be investigated.

  • Rick Gigahertz

    So typical, they’re ALL on the take..

  • wvavin

    The government should investigate his wealth resources. The watches he is wearing should be from corruption, which no body can argue in modern China.