Chinese Grandfather Eats McDonald’s For The First Time

From KDS: Grandfather’s First Time Eating McDonald’s! To Touch Us Only Needs One Picture!

Chinese grandfather eats McDonald's for the first time.

I grew up with my grandfather. This year, after graduating and beginning work, I had my grandfather come live with me. Over the past two months, my grandfather experienced his first airplane flight, his first hotel stay, and his first McDonald’s meal. As he held his first Big Mac in his hands, like a child. I wanted to cry.

He took a bite and he said to me, “It is delicious, better than airplane food.”

As I looked upon my grandfather’s happy face, I only had one wish: Grandfather, may you live a long time, 100 years, so I can take good care of you. What I can give you may not be the best, but it will definitely be the best that I can give you!!!

Looking at this picture and suddenly realizing how white my grandfather’s head is, his hair and even his eyebrows, how I hope his remaining years will be happy, every day!!!

We had not yet have breakfast when we got on the airplane at 8am in the morning. When the stewardess was giving the passengers food, I asked my grandfather if he wanted to eat breakfast. My grandfather replied, “no need, things on the airplane must be really expensive.” I said, “no, it is free!” Embarrassed, he laughingly said, “then I will have one then.” Suddenly, I felt my grandfather was so cute and adorable.

At the entrance to McDonald’s, I tried pulling him inside, but refused, saying “I am not hungry, we can go home to eat.” He was only willing to go inside after I said, “it is not expensive! It is not expensive, it will not cost more than 10 RMB!” For seven years, I studied in Chongqing for seven years, spent tens of thousands of my grandfather’s hard-earned savings, and he never felt never complained, not even willing to eat a meal out.

When I asked my grandfather to come live with me after I started working, he was happy at first, but then later he would not agree. I asked him why and with a heavy heart he said, “Sweetie, you have not yet gotten married, who knows if in the future your husband will not like me there and this will affect you!” Upon hearing this, I felt really terrible. Dear Grandfather, is there anything where you have first thought about yourself before thinking of your granddaughter??

Parents and elders of the world! Respectable and lovable, how could your daughters and sons not respect and love you!!

Does anyone remember the public service announcement, whose content is long and I do not remember, but had two sentences that were very moving:

Never shut out your parents for being slow, because you can never understand how patiently they taught you how to walk when you were little;
Never shut out your parents for not knowing how to use the computer, because you can never understand how tirelessly they taught you how to read when you were little;

This picture and story has actually appeared on the Chinese internet many times throughout the past few years. Occasionally, it is posted again on various forums. This poster on KDS stupidly pretended it was an original post so many people questioned him/her:

Is this copied? Taking care of our grandparents is the Chinese people’s great tradition. emoticon

Although you have a good heart…
This picture and story is really old. emoticon

This is a repost. emoticon But still very touching. emoticon

1. The Topic-starter is reposting this from somewhere else and should not pretend this was original. emoticon
2. Having this thought is good. Should be bumped. emoticon
3. I hope my grandparents and parents will have good health. I cannot earn money yet but when I do, I will be sure not to treat them to junk food. emoticon

You pretend this was written by you. I have seen this picture at least three times on KDS now. At first, it was KFC, later it was McDonald’s. Poor grandfather, please eat something else. Do not keep eating junk food.

Who cares if this topic was taken from another forum? This sort of topic…few on KDS is able to start this…emoticon

However, most people usually respond by sharing their feelings and experiences:

After looking at this picture, I’m suddenly very moved.

emoticon I miss my grandfather~~~~~

I have taken my grandmother to eat KFC. She is 90 years old and has never eaten it before.

She has no teeth but she still gnawed on the chicken, saying it was delicious and that she has never tasted it before. After that, my wife has taken my grandmother to eat it again.

Grandmother has so many sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, and only me who will take her out to play or to have a meal. I hope there will be more opportunities for me to take her out.

Feeding your elders this kind of food….sigh…

emoticonemoticonemoticonOnce in 2003 while I was eating in KFC, I saw an old man across from me eating a humburger. Just looking at him, I began crying. I remembered my grandfather. Since I was small, my grandfather really cared for me, but his own life was really bitter because before the Communist Liberation my family had a little property so after the Liberation, our family was constantly criticized and struggled against. Before the liberation, my grandfather was a university student. After the liberation, he taught at the university, but suddenly because of his past, he was dismissed. So he went to take the test to go back to university, was admitted, but after attending for a few months, the school said to him that because of his past, they would not allow him to continue studying. So, he went back to the countryside to farm, but even as a farmer, he was also bullied. Gradually, he became more and more demoralized(?). Originally, I thought that once i graduate, I can take good care of him. But it was too late. In 2002, he had a stroke and was bed-ridden, unable to control his body anymore. In 2003, soon after I graduated and had only worked 2 months, the bad news came. emoticon

I sobbed so hard when asking for leave from my boss that I could not even speak. I cried the entire way home. After getting home, however, I found I could cry no more. After receiving the cremated remains, I lied on my bed, and started crying again until my stomach hurt. Just typing this, my heart feels heavy, so topic-starter, you are very blessed to still have your grandfather.


Dad, Mom, I love you guys~emoticon


My grandfather had cancer, so he could not eat chicken. Last time he said to me he has never eaten KFC. At the time, my tears almost dropped…

Now, whenever I have the time, I will go to see them, take them out to eat. Every time we go out, they proudly tell their neighbors that their grandson is taking them out to eat…it moves me every time I hear that~~~~emoticonemoticonemoticon

This should be bumped. emoticonemoticonemoticon
This past vacation, I also brought a lot of gifts back for my grandparents.

I can’t take it anymore… emoticonemoticonemoticon

Bump…on a mountain [KDS Forum] that usually has too many unhealthy topics…this topic is like a breath of fresh air…

I was also brought up by my grandparents. Although sometimes I am willful, I must not wait until it is too late to regret. This sort of topic will remind us to really appreciate and treat well the people who took care of us.

My grandparents have both passed away. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

Always be thankful.

Next year for Tomb Sweeping Day, I will bring KFC…emoticonemoticonemoticon

Sigh, reading this my tears are coming out…

emoticonemoticon My grandfather has already passed away. He never got a chance to eat McDOnalds or KFC.

Each time I read this, each time I am moved.

My grandfather passed away during my 3rd year of high school…


In a blink of an eye, I have graduated university and this weekend, I will be reporting for work. Suddenly, I want to say to my grandfather, “Grandfather, thank you and I I miss you.”

Real maturity is when one day you realize that all the pleasures of life cannot be compared to your a smile on your family’s face.

In the past, our circumstances was not good. Not just my family, but the entire society’s circumstances were not good. So, the older generation did not have the chance to enjoy life. Now, I have a job and our circumstances are better. Whatever my grandparents want, and as long as I can give it to them, i will not hesitate to provide.

emoticon Hope your grandfather lives a long time. Really, after seeing this, I was so touched.

The topic-starter’s grandfather’s hands and fingers are very thick…was probably a migrant worker.
With a head of white hair, he looks very kindly.
Wish our grandparents will have a long life to enjoy their grandchildren’s care.
Sigh…I have remembered my dead grandparents…

emoticon My grandfather is sick right now so this is particularly relevant to me.

All the other topics I can ignore, but this topic, I must bump. After reading, my eyes are moist.

I also love my grandfather, I love him very very much.

emoticon My eyes are wet after reading this. I never had the chance to take my grandfather out to eat or take him on an airplane before he left us. I grew up with my grandfather, and he really really loved me, no less than my parents. I just want to say to my grandfather: Grandfather, I love you!

emoticon And the 2008 award for Touching China’s Heart goes to…”Grandfather eats McDonald’s”

Thinking of my grandparents, dammit, I was like an animal in the past. What was I doing! Now, every year during Tomb Sweeping Holiday, no matter what, I will go pay my respects to my grandparents…

Towards our elders, do not be like me and have regret for the rest of your life. There is no way to go back…

Grandparents…is it going well up in heaven? emoticon

Touched~when we spend so much money on our girlfriends, treating our friends to meals, who has thought of treating our parents and grandparents or buying them clothes? So shameful. I too have not lived up to this. After reading this, I am really touched. emoticonemoticonemoticon

Everyone knows to take care of our elders, but too often we only think about it.
When we are finally ready to do something, even a phone call from a friend will distract us.
Sigh…when I have time, I really should go see my grandparents.

Do you have any touching stories about your relationship with your grandparents?


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