Chinese Guy Impersonates Various Nationalities Speaking English

Chinese guy impersonates various nationalities using English to introduce their countries.

Chinese guy impersonates various nationalities using English to introduce their countries.

The following video has over 770k views on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, with ~18,500 comments spanning an incredible 615 pages…

From Youku:

Extremely LOL! Northeastern young guy impersonates foreigners speaking English

Northeastern young guy impersonates foreigners speaking English, introducing their own countries. (Japanese, Korean, Indian, English, French, Italian, American, Russian, and Chinese)

Translation of the initial Chinese in the above video:

Hello, everyone, I’m a young guy from the Northeast. Today I’m going to impersonate for everyone how various foreigners use English to introduce their countries. I hope you will like it.

The video also spread on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo, with the following microblog post having been forwarded over 23,000 times with over 3100 comments within 24 hours…

Comments from Sina Weibo:


The British accent wasn’t very accurate.


Sina is too slow, go to Youku, Sina is slow every time.


So talented, so accurate!! I was in a bad mood but felt so much happier after watching this~ what a cute/adorable guy.


This young brother is so incredible, the Indian impersonation was so good!


Hahaha, LMAO, and his expressions! we er people mountain people sea,giving ur color see see. [哈哈][哈哈]


This brother is now famous. Especially the last part about [Chinese people] complaining repeatedly. Haha


Too talented, and I still feel Chinese people’s English pronunciation sounds the best, hehe.

Comments from Youku:


The Japanese from the beginning had me laughing my ass off…


Too niubi! The Russian and French had me laughing so hard it hurt…~ [The impersonations were] so fucking good.


Simida-country’s made me laugh hard…


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The Chinese introduction [of China] was really realistic…haha


Haha, I thought the Korean part was the most accurate. The facial expressions were extremely accurate.


He must’ve watched a lot of Japanese TV shows, Korean TV shows, American TV shows, various countries’ television shows.


For some reason I don’t think his impersonations were very accurate, hehe, his English, French, American, and Indian accents were all very poor.


Talented, so talented, not just his accents, but also his lines were well written, with just a few words capturing the characteristics of the various nationalities.


I couldn’t tell this was all English, were it not for the subtitles.

Comments from KDS:


Actually, the hardest is also the most commonly encountered American English. The rest were laughs one after another, the entire video had me laughing from start to finish.


There were several British English lines that sounded more like Australian.
The American English wasn’t very accurate.

bjss: (responding to above)

Pronunciation, accent, and shape of mouth were all quite accurate, it’s just that they weren’t as exaggerated as the East Asian ones.


The facial expressions were also very well done. emoticon

emoticonOnly the American English and British English were a little off, the rest were emoticon


The Chinese part at the end was so incisive…


The French one was completely wrong, this brother has never met a French person. The rest were not bad.


The bangzi part was the most hilarious.


The British English part was lacking, the American English only so-so.

The rest were very excellent.

Listening to him speak Indian English made me think of one of my clients, and that one guy from The Big Bang Theoryemoticonemoticon


At the end, it started becoming inharmonious. emoticon

What do you think? Were his impersonations accurate?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • dilladonuts

    Watch all the crackers on this site get offended now.

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      I thought he was quite good considering that he is Chinese… probably better than I could do at all those accents and I have actually been to most of the countries he is impersonating.

      Not sure what you are referring to when you say there is something to be offended about. Anyway, since when was it that ‘crackers’ (as you put it) couldn’t deal with being offended? Last time I checked it was people of colour that take offence to everything that’s said, in any fashion. I am presuming your not white by the way, and that if I called you a kaffir, n*gga, p*ki or whatever you would shit a brick… why? Because you have “equal rights” and you think that you don’t have them because someone used another word other than the one you like to be used. Well white people just dont do that… perhaps we have evolved to a state where we have realised being offended is subjective. e.g. I am offended when I see X-Factor on TV. I’m offended everyday I wake up on this planet… but then you came on a website, got the first comment and decided to troll on white people by posting a provocative comment and using the word ‘cracker.’ Which increasingly on the internet seems to be the most socially accepted form of retardedness after religion. Which brings me back to my original point… that I am supposed to share equal rights with a skid mark like you…. well I cant do that because it is impossible to be equal to something your superior to. So enjoy trawling for angry white boys, but frankly I think your wasting your time.

      Just off to water my plants, tulater bru.

      • typingfromwork

        This little incoherent tl;dr means U MAD, boy.

        Yes, yes…. Let the butthurt flow through….

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          FYI… in Kenya, where I come from… really cool white kids say this to mean ‘talk to you later’ but more frequently in a sarcastic manner to mean, bye bye I have nothing more to say to you, you fucking wench.

          tulater bru!

          • typingfromwork

            I’ve always wondered why a supposedly white boy could be so bad at English. And now I know.

            Another internet mystery solved! To the van, intrepid web detectives!!!

        • Boris

          An accusation of butthurtery from the most self-righteous poster here. Typing -the larger that melon grows the harder it’s going to be extracting it from your anus.
          p.s. his Japanese one was fantastic.

    • donscarletti

      Does “cracker” mean “Korean” or “Indian”?

      I didn’t really think he disparaged any of the western nations. The guy obviously is into western culture, otherwise why would he have bothered learning this stuff. I think he likes Japan too apart for the Diaoyu Islands thing.

      To be honest, I found myself relying on the subtitles a little bit, sometimes he is a little bit hard to hear. He seems to understand the intonations very well, but the vowels are a little off to my ear. Also he cannot say words ending with “r” in either dialects that pronounce the R or dialects that extend the vowel.

      • Not From Here

        Cracker means white American of Canadian.

        I give him credit for trying. To me they were all a little off. More practice then he will get better.



    That is no British accent!? What’s Australian accent sound like then?

    Also the American accent is poor. Have to give it to him though. The Japanese and Korean ones are hilarious!! LOL

    • JAYJAY

      Suger! lost the sofa by 2 second…

  • Bruce Tutty

    This is just racism / cultural-ism….the sort of thing British comedians did in the 1950’s, and won’t dream of doing now. They would be booed off the stage!

    • JAYJAY

      I thought it was racist as well. Kinda like Chinese version of Jim Davison.

      • KDAWG

        Doing accents is now racist/??//?

        • donscarletti

          No, but strongly playing national stereotypes is. I thought the Indian one in particular was a little bit off colour.

  • Dat Ankle

    Hes Korean one was right on the mark with the way they whine their words out but hes British sounded like he was an Australian trying to speak British. Pretty good voice impressions though.

    • Dat Ankle

      Also, his American one was too slow.

    • Young Man

      I’ve never met a Chinese person that can tell one English accent from another. They all think they can but they can’t.

      I’ve got a pretty neutral northern English accent and because I pronounce ‘bath’ as /bæθ/ rather than /bɑːθ/ most fairly advanced English speakers in China think that I cannot be British and end up deciding I’m a Canadian for some reason.

      Accents are beyond almost all Chinese people, this guy’s a lot better than most but he’s still flailing a bit. The Chinese would do well to just concentrate on making themselves understandable- that would be a good start.

      • Not From Here

        Chinese born in China… yes I can see that…

        I’m from Canada and I can tell a Scotsman from a Welshman, Norther Irish from South… and Chinese… Taiwan vs Shanghai vs Beijing… etc… and I’m not Chinese. Safe to assume I have a real good ear for accents and languages. I speak (not write) Korean, Cantonese, English, Japanese and some broken French & Mandarin

        The only time I could not place the language that a Chinese couple were speaking… I had to ask… and it blew me away… South African Krio… They were visiting Toronto (where I live).

      • MadeInChina

        I’ve never met 1 British person who can distinguish the accent from 1 asian language to another.
        I got a neutral english accent also and when i pronounce ‘you wanker’ rather than ‘you bloody wanker’. The British think i can’t be asian, but what they don’t know is…i am.

  • Erskin

    Well the American and French accent were not really good mainly the french one(probably because he couldn’t do the “R” well) lol..
    I bet when he was trying to do the French one he just said “just fuck it” – explaining the short time talking it.
    but I like the Indian and Japanese one and the British one was pretty funny =)

  • elizabeth

    Lol! Really? Do Japanese ‘dilate’ their nostrils when speaking in English?
    His Korean facial expressions are good although he sounded like an Indian speaking Korean.
    Must add, however, that the Japanese and Koreans I know aren’t at all like that.

  • bomber

    This was hilarious. Cool kid.

    • I don’t know, it was ok, but not great.

      Once you get over the whole “different accent = funny” bit, it loses it’s charm.

      I prefer a more personalized set of impressions. My money is on a guy called Jim Meskimen.

      Same thing I told my friend when she showed me this video 2 days ago.

  • Stimpy

    Ah, come on. He’s not perfect, but he is pretty damn good. Funny too.

  • Jess

    Yeah, I have noticed that imitating other culture and languages isn’t seen as offensive in China. Even when the Spanish basketball team did that whole slanted eye gesture leading up to the Beijing Olympics …nobody in China seemed to care.
    Then again, I guess something like that isn’t “inherently” racist. But it’s the cultural expectation that this is done to mock others that gives it its offensive connotations.

    • deanmore

      Chinese people in China don’t find it racist because they don’t grow up with people of other races, be it white, black, or whatever, making that gesture in a mocking and racist way. It’s totally foreign to them and carries no meaning. If you ask a Chinese-American or any other Asian-American if it’s racist when a person from another race pulls their eyes to “imitate” Asian facial features, they would all answer with a resounding “YES”. It’s all context. It’s similar to some Europeans using black face for “fun”. They’re completely ignorant that it’s super offensive in the U.S. because of its history.

  • This shit is terrible turned it off at the Koreans.

    • Nyancat

      should have read this comment before watching the video, what a waste of two minutes (that’s all i could watch), his chinese isn’t too bad though.

  • FYIADragoon

    Chinese accent wasn’t that accurate since it lacked accent, but I’ll give him a pass.

  • typingfromwork

    That was pretty good. Really well done. And all you numbnuts who cry racism ought to look yourselves hard in the mirror and reflect on how many such posts you’ve made on this very website. Yes, irony is a dish best served cold.

    I thought his British accent is getting there…. not quite but good effort none the less. And his American accent is fucking spot on as a massively baked teenage fast food server. Honestly that dude must have smoked a shitload before he made the video. Good for him!

  • Marco

    Most were average, Korean was quite good, but I can honestly say that his Italian accent was not even remotely close. The voice actor for the Super Mario Bros cartoon show was closer. British, American, and French were also rather bad.

  • The Dude

    He’s not bad at all.

    Always amazes me how much Chinese people like this kind of thing.

    His British accent gets better as it goes along, the first part he has a slight northern inflection mixed with the southern one. But by the end he’s doing well.

    You can hear this kind of imitation on the radio all the time here. They think it’s hilarious. Kind of like comedy thirty or more years ago. But they are a developing country, so hopefully everything will be developing.

  • Rod

    “We’ve got sunshine, hot chicks, and a Kobe Bryant”

    Good thing we have one, t o do battle with all the others.

    *****5 Stars for impersonating China

    “We have 5000 years of history” OMG So many money!

  • Foreign Devil

    The guy is good. Must have pretty good mastery over the english language. . probably studied abroad. I’ve yet to see an english Laowai who can imitate Chinese speakers from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Mainland etc. . . . But I bet there is one out there who can do it!

  • lxpatterson

    I don’t know what kind of training this dude has, but he certainly has some acting chops. I hope he gets at TV show or something.

  • jeffli

    I think he was pretty funny, the Italian dialogue was cute lol
    but I have to agree he needs to learn how to “roll the Rs” then the french accent will improve and he can tackle the Russian accent and possibly attempt german too.
    For the English he forgot to mention cricket!

    But still pretty good, I hope he continues!

  • justmega

    3/10. Not that good. Gets some distinct sounds of particular cultures but more often not.

  • nereis

    Japanese accent too strong, most of them struggle to say ‘th’ and differentiate between a hard ‘r and l’ more than struggle to end words in consonants (the ‘to’ and ‘do’ sounds).

    Korean doesn’t sound whiny or angry enough.

    Indian is too fast, they tend to speak more quickly than other people but not that quickly. Japanese people speak faster.

    The European ones aren’t even on the mark save Russia, and even that it is a little strong. The French should be making more use of the ‘ou’ sound that isn’t found in English. It should almost sound like a native English speaker trying out Japanese and forgetting that our ‘r’ isn’t the same as their ‘r’ (too hard, too strong, not rolled enough).

    I’m laughing at the people who think his ‘British’ sounds Australian. He speaks far too quickly and doesn’t drawl enough to be mistaken as Australian. He sounds like a foreigner trying to sound Cockney to me.

    The American is probably the one he picked up first and is very neutral, almost accentless. No one I’ve met who was born and raised in the states sounds like that. The consonants are enunciated more clearly and more of a nasal sound should be heard, even in midwestern accents.

    • As someone from the midwest, I can vouch that he at least sounds like someone from Illinois/Michigan. Minnesota or Missouri? Probably not…

  • charlo

    This boy is a talent and he should be in a tv show somewhere entertaining people.i have seen so many dull people having roles on tv,just using this clip as his resu’me,qualifies him for a tv role preferably a comedy sit-com,i bet all this guys with “he is no good” comments cant mimmick anything.its liberating to give credit where its due.

  • Stacy

    Chinese Russell Peters.

  • Ho Hum

    Maximum props to this kid!!!! I’m super impressed. The kid knows his shit. Consider that most Chinese kids are able only to
    a) recite their textbooks word for word yet understand nothing in them
    b) play mindless internet games for 72 hours straight
    c) prepare pot noodles

    Great stuff.

    • Ho Hum

      PS. I see some lameasses here trying to correct his accents. Yeah, you try speak in a huge variety of accents IN A NON-NATIVE LANGUAGE accurately.

      Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show. Again, max props to this kid. I’m impressed.

      • nereis

        The ability for any of us to do so has no bearing on the accuracy of his accents.

        Impressive ability to imitate but nothing to write home about.

        • Ho hum

          If you’re a pedantic arsehole, then sure.

  • Uncle Sam

    That actually was the closest to correct American English impersonation I have heard in a long time. Kudos to him for taking the time and paying attention.


    Couldn’t watch more than 5 seconds of this goofy Chinaman…..

  • k

    His korean was very good, as korean is one of the most obnoxiously whiney sounding languages ever **bang head on wall everytime i hear grown ass women go “oppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaa“ to their bfs and stomp their feet like 9 yr olds**** But his american was way off….too neutral and nasal.

  • ungentrified

    The Japanese and Korean accents were pretty accurate…especially that whining thing that Koreans do.

  • eurotrash

    funny, i could go anal about how he didn’t really get the tone/tune right but lets not spoil the fun.
    Good craig, now… do Cork,Scouse, (London)derry, Geordie and Glasgow accents and i ll be wetting myself for the next days in office whilst trying to seem serious to my customers…

  • Kemble4

    lol his russian sounds like some non-native russian speaker impersonating Mikhail Gorbachev.

  • kaka

    spotted this on the missus’s weibo the other day. . .

    i was left with the feeling i get when i watch Chinese entertainment shows… you know… when you constantly have to ask yourself how someone so talentless and uncreative has managed to slip past anyone who could and should have stopped this person from inflicting their inability upon the world, such as when the attractive but talentless and tone-death girl starts to sing… and everyone screams and claps like the Beatles have just walked on stage… and you make the mistake of asking your viewing partner who the hell it is – and it turns out that they are an uber-famous A-list celeb – and then you double-up, because of your naive western habit of seeking a rational and comprehensible answer, and ask how the hell that could possibly be – and then you get a complicated explanation of how she has some influential relative or is blowing some high-level politician – and all you can do is shrug and say “ahhh, China…”.

    7 minutes of my life gone that i’ll never get back….

    • I know this comment I am replying to is two years old but…You Kaka, have no appreciation of raw talent. Many Chinese have the inability to distinguish accents of foreigners. Oh sure, they can hear slight differences, but all in all, they can’t distinguish between a Russian and a Mexican national by voice only. Or for that matter, the difference between and Englishman and an Australian.
      You are a clueless, uncultured bigot.

  • twoplus

    holy,.. assuming the guy hasn’t been out of the country or gone on exchange to all of those countries nor speak english like a native. he is really good. even i wouldn’t be able to pull off those impersonations and with a lot of quite accurate colloquial terms… naiccceee

  • Ken from Dublin

    Had he introduced his English accent as Australian he would have been spot on as it was an Australian accent.

    He’s very good though, great talent to be able to do accents in a foreign language.

  • ItsJustMe


  • LOL America had Action Movie music

  • Mark

    This guy exaggerates wayyyy too much with the accents. But DAMN, he knows.

  • He is indeed quite the talented young man. He nails the “R’s” and the “L’s” well too. He could go far with this, if he so chooses. I found that nearly all my Chinese friends could not distinguish the differences in American, British, and Australian accents. Not sure why, but it seemed to befuddle them all. This guy has a good ear. The French was spot on!