Chinese Guy Provokes Pet Chihuahua Dog, Is Bitten

Pet chihuahua bites Chinese guy.

Pet Chihuahua bites Chinese guy.

The following video titled “This story tells us not to rashly joke around with pets” on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku has been viewed over 450k times since it was uploaded 3 days ago:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


无语 This brother sure is stupid.


What an idiot…


What kind of person would raise such a dog, it’s so ugly, and it’s personality isn’t even very good.


What a classic idiot. Even filming himself and uploading it [to the internet]. So stupid…


It would be best if Chihuahua’s became extinct.


Judging by the accent, they’re Taiwanese.


There is a Chihuahua downstairs where I live…It’s a bit better in the winter…because it isn’t let out…but at other times when it is let out, the owner doesn’t watch it… Every day it barks when it sees people on the street…occasionally even chasing people and biting their ankles… If it weren’t for the owner being an old man…everyone would have called the police long ago… Here, 80% of the people who keep dogs don’t get them licensed… What can I do… I’ve talked to the neighborhood/community association…but the neighborhood/community association says they can’t do anything ether…


When I was small, I was bitten on the mouth by my doggy before too~ But I wasn’t crazy like this guy, I only just blew some air at it…汗


[It] bit the lower lip only…


Chihuahua and Pomeranian are the two types of dogs I am sick of the most, much too aggressive.


Look! At 6 seconds, it bit the upper right corner of the lips! This person deserved it!


Chihuahuas I don’t dare mess with…


Japanese people are such deviants. Look at the Japanese person in the vidoe, t even the dog can’t bear to look at him. The dog sees the Japanese person and is dying to bite him.


This dog is so crazy~~ Before biting, its right eye looks at the camera, left eye looks at the person~~~


汗 [Fortunately] this is just a small dog…a little larger and your tongue would be gone…

sd1114820: (responding to makaayjay)

How do you know it is a Japanese person? There’s something wrong with you.


I really like dogs~ but I like large dogs~ they’re much more docile than this small thing~~~
But when I see a Chihuahua~~ I don’t know why~~ I just want to smash it to death with a brick~~~~
Once I was walking on the street, and a Chihuahua runs out from a residential community~~ It howled at me~~ barking at me~~ I think I better go~ So I started walking away, but it followed me from behind, barking~~ So annoying~~ I picked up a brick and threw it~ I think it hit it on the waist~~ Either way it stopped moving, fuck, and it stopped barking~~~ Since then, every time I see a Chihuahua I think of finding a brick, and even if it isn’t rushing at me barking, I still want to beat it to death~~ Just seeing one annoys me!!!! 愤怒愤怒愤怒愤怒愤怒


Taiwanese, right? What was said at the end sounded like “有没有怎样“ [“Are you okay?”].

1叶雅灏: (responding to above)

That’s Cantonese, 痛死喇 [“tong si la“, “It hurts”]. OK? Taiwan =。-!!!


The family across from mine has a Chihuahua, fuck, every day it is locked in a small cage in front of the door, barking all day into the night, barking at whoever it sees, I really want to just kick it to death.

zhaopengshiwo: (responding to above)

Kick it to death and you’ll have to kneel on the ground to apologize. 汗汗汗难过无语

qwer556: (responding to above)

Dogs that bark all the time/for no reason are usually extremely cowardly~~ My neighbor had one~ but once when they left it with us to watch – -! I would slap it each time it barked, and within 2 days it would stay quiet each time it saw me.


Just which one is the dog?


Little Japanese, deserved it!

月火权威: (responding to above)

You don’t understand Cantonese??

痞子ぁ败类: (responding to 堕落小爱)

Obviously speaking Chinese and yet you can hear it as Japanese, don’t make me laugh.


Cantonese people are as detestable as Japanese people, especially those from Dongguan.

公明中学校友: (responding to above)

Some Guangdong people may have [given you problems], but it doesn’t mean other Guangdong people are bad.

czklovesy: (responding to 天生没人爱)

You’re as detestable as Chen Shui-bian.

厶兕。: (responding to 天生没人爱)

Something is wrong with you.

HJFHZ: (responding to 天生没人爱)


木奉毓涛: (responding to 天生没人爱)

愤怒愤怒 You’re crazy.


Although I have never been to Guangdong~ I always feel that the people there have very low/poor characters [“good/bad character” is basically “good/bad person”]. 搞笑搞笑

LosTDuckBOBO: (responding to 呀末代)

Hehe, those who go around saying other people have low/poor character, how good can your own character be? Since your own character isn’t high/good, what qualifications do you have to talk about others? Sigh, I suspect you have the worst character amongst the people of where you’re from, so don’t come out and embarrass yourself~

無雙貓貓: (responding to 呀末代)

I am Chinese!
I love Chinese people!
I love the land of China!
I don’t have any prejudice towards any province or area!
Those who say bad things about Guangdong are all low quality rabble who illegally immigrated from Korea! Know your place. 搞笑


This dog is thinking, this stupid cunt wants me to bite him, right?

hsl1030: (responding to 天生没人爱)

That 天生没人爱 person, are you a man or a woman? If you’re a man, did someone from Guangdong steal the girl you like? If you’re a woman, was your virginity taken by a Guangdong man? And then dumped?


Dog bites dog.


In the end, was it braised?~ Or steamed?~~ 搞笑

What do you think of Chihuahuas? Have you ever been bitten by a dog? For what reason?

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Written by Fauna

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