China’s “Most Loyal Dog” Waits Outside for Owner for 4 Years

A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

A Chongqing dog, known as Wang Cai, has gone viral on the Chinese internet with 1.3 million views on Youku in less than 24 hours. Wang Cai has spent the last four years waiting outside the doors of a local bank from 9am until 5pm, moving little, not accepting food, and chasing away other dogs from his “roost.”

Nobody knows just when exactly Wang Cai began his daytime vigil in front of the Minsheng bank, but one street sweeper has seen the dog nearly everyday for the past two years. A bank security guard also reported seeing the dog, but noted that he seldom saw it waiting after 5pm. Many pedestrians who frequented the area assumed the dog was homeless until they noticed it was clean everyday, would wear fashionable winter “jackets” and had his hair trimmed in the summertime.

Wang Cai does indeed have a home, and his daily 9-5 vigil just so happens to coincide with his owner’s schedule, who works nearby. Wang Cai was once homeless, and was found wandering outside 4 years ago when he was adopted by his new family — a possible explanation for his outdoorsy personality.  Henceforth he accompanies his owner to work in the morning, waits stoically for 8 hours, and returns in the evening. The owner isn’t quite sure if Wang Cai is waiting for him or a previous master, but is satisfied with the situation regardless.

Chinese are regarding Wang Cai as a Sinofied Hachiko, the famous faithful Japanese Akita who waited outside the Shibuya Train Station in Odate for his deceased owner for nearly a decade. Though Hachiko died in 1935, his memory and testament to the faithfulness of dogs lives on — most recently in a 2009 Hollywood drama starring Richard Gere.

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A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

A Chongqing dog waiting outside for its owner for 4 years has gone viral on Chinese internet for being the "most loyal dog" and is compared to Japan's Hachiko.

Source: Youku, NetEase (1 & 2)

Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • mr. weiner

    poor doggy.

    • mr. weiner

      Does he ever get walked or leave a mess during his lonely wait?

  • xiaoxiao

    Aww… so cute! That’s why I love dogs. :)

  • cardaver

    I’m surprised he didn’t end up as someone’s dinner yet, after four years

    • Mademyday

      in china only several parts like eathing dogs, and they have farms for ‘meat dogs’ eating pet dogs are illegal, at least in Suzhou, the city i lived in for 5 yrs in china.

    • typingfromwork

      See China article about a dog.

      Look for retarded dog eating comment.

      Only third one down.


  • christian xu

    anyone wanna sit on the dog’s sofa? :D


    Is it just a normal course of human development to love animals more and human beings less……?

    • notorious

      Yes! I have three cats. I had a boyfriend who was allergic. Really liked the guy. But he wanted me to get rid of them but I had them since they were kittens. Given the ultimatium to give them up so we can be together in my home, I chose the cats.

      sad but true.

      • 1. Hot

        2. Loves animals

        3. Intelligent

        You’re still single? WTF? No justice in the world.

        • anon

          Please, stop embarrassing yourself. You have a wife, right? Does your wife read your comments on here?

          • Please, stop being an obnoxious, self-righteous, pompous ass. You have a life, right? Does your life revolve around your comments here?

            My wife is mature enough to see a compliment as just a compliment, especially in a den of trolls like the comments section here. I know it’s difficult for your type, but get over yourself and stop injecting yourself into other people’s business.

          • donscarletti

            It’s nice to compliment people. I’m sure Elijah’s wife would rather him to be complimentary than critical.

            Who am I replying to by the way? Is this one of those forums where all the dimwits and arseholes click the “Post Anonymously” button or are these troll posts all coming from one guy?

          • anon

            You comment here WAY more than I do, Elijah, and you’re supposedly even being moderated, so where do you get off on insinuating that MY life revolves around commenting here?

            The irony of you calling me obnoxious, self-righteous, and pompous is obviously lost on you. The irony of you accusing me of injecting myself into other people’s business is likewise lost on you, when the nature of a PUBLIC commenting section means everyone can see what everyone is discussing and free to join in with a reply. Not to mention that you do it ALL the fucking time. We all do, that’s how it works.

            Are we supposed to think the moment you start flirting with another commenter here that your comment thread automatically becomes a private conversation for some one on one nookie time?

            Here’s where I turn the whole getting over yourself thing back on you: Get over yourself.

            Sorry, notorious, this has nothing to do with you or how deserving you are of compliments. I don’t know you nor do I care to comment on your looks.

          • @ Anon:

            Calling you an obnoxious, self-righteous, pompous ass isn’t ironic, it’s obvious. Sorry that you missed that.

            If it helps you to understand, I’m not the only one who thinks that or said it out-right.

            But yes, please keep trying to impose your views on everyone else. Obviously complimenting someone ANONYMOUSLY OVER THE INTERNET constitutes a clandestine hook-up…

            I’d say that I’m sorry to pop your bubble, but I don’t lie.

          • anon

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            Have you learned what “ironic” means yet? Let me give you another opportunity: It’s ironic that you accuse ME of imposing my views on others. What the hell do you think you’ve been doing all this time in so many of your comments in disagreement with others?

            Christ almighty, get your head out of your ass and look in the fucking mirror sometime.

          • @Anon:

            Obviously, I’m not going to get an apology for the uncalled for attack nor a rational response.

            You attacked me and I reaponded with the obvious truth. You then attacked me some more by basically saying “I know you are, but what am I?”. So I reiterate the same obvious truth and you get even more irate and start swearing at me with a more emphatic “I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?”.

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          • anon

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          • anon

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          • Alan

            Just can’t swallow your ego eh?

            @ Anon:

            The arrogant canuck just got owned, big time.

            You are the winner, he is the loser.

        • Alan

          My wife is mature enough to see a compliment as just a compliment, especially in a den of trolls like the comments section here

          Your wife is half chinese though, we can attest to that, as well as half japanese.

          • notorious

            wow, what does his wife’s race have to do with this conversation or her being biracial? I don’t understand. Certain things are off limits, or should be if we all have any decency. Children, wives, off LIMITS. Lets at least establish some boundaries. I have no problem with his compliment.

            … oh, and P.S. Elijah, it’s not too bad. I’m divorced, and almost 40 lol I’ve had fun in this life

          • mr. weiner

            Alan either pay Elijah’s dry-cleaning bill or stop humping his leg. You don’t have to post every time he does…sheesh!

          • Alan

            wow, what does his wife’s race have to do with this conversation or her being biracial?

            Because he is the one who always brings up her ethnicity/race everytime he gets sensitive about her being called “asian”.

            His own issues of low self esteem and being mistreated as a boy to deal with, not ours.

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            I invite you all to see this perfect specimen so that you may better understand it so as to ignore and avoid the Creepy Stalker Troll.

            For National Geographic, I’m Sir Elijah Attenborough saying good night!

          • @ Notorious:

            You’re actually a bit incorrect to say that she is bi-racial as Taiwanese and Japanese are from the same race (North-East Asian) but different cultures/nationalities.

            Other than that, Canney and I have already gone through the wringer over our bi-racial relationship from plenty of racist idiots of all colours. So, we’re both used to crap from idiots.

            You are absolutely right about people needing standards. In real life most people do and the ones who don’t stand out as ugly people. On the Internet, it’s the exact opposite sadly. People WITH standards stick out.

            PS. We can’t believe you’re 40! Flaunt it if you’ve got it! hahaha

          • mr. wiener

            G’day, We’ve been trying to find the Creepy Stalker Troll, but they’re shy little buggers. I recon we’ll have to come back Tuesdee and see if ones been about.
            In the mean time we’ll check out one of my favorite little animal mates, The stingray! Crikey I love them, What most people don’t know about the stingray is they’tr quite fond of a bit of forplay, aren’t yous?….urk!………….

      • Maria

        It’s not sad, it’s just true!
        Someone that asks you something like this does love you enough!
        I’m allergic too, but I have 5 cats at home. First I needed tretament, but after years things are not so bad.

  • notorious

    there’s a movie with richard gere. Called Hachi, about a dog in japan who waited 7 years for his owner (based on a true story, they even erected a statue of the dog). The owner was killed but the dog went to the train station every day hoping he would get off of the train like he did everyday when the man was a live. The dog died alone. Saddest story ever. I don’t think I cried harder watching a movie.

    Animals are so innocent, it just broke my heart. Never want to see a movie like that again. (or that damned “artic tale” – when the baby polar bear died of starvation, I had to turn it off because it made me cry). Too sad! Just like this story.

    • shao

      Have you read the article? It already mentioned that movie…

      • notorious

        i actually stopped reading in the paragraph before, when it said he might have been waiting for the previous owner. lol i thought, oh another sad hachi story and then i skipped to the comments. My bad!

        • Oh God….. I watched that movie and let me tell you, it was a total frigging trap.

          Nobody told me what would happen and I’d never heard the story before. It just looked like the standard Richard Gere happy ending movie.

          Like dropping a heart-string nuclear weapon….. They were all manly tears though.

          • notorious

            yeah that movie was tough. i could never do it again.

  • themig

    chinasmack frequently misses by posting articles chinese netizens dont comment about

    • anon

      Misses what? Their mission is to post about stuff that Chinese netizens are paying attention to or commenting on, not posting stuff that doesn’t.

  • Castro

    Dogs are ‘cute’ for urban people. Wait until you see their real nature.

    • Dogs are dogs, simple as that.

      Different breeds have different temperaments usually, but they all have the same basic instinct.

      It’s all down to how the caretaker (can’t “own” another Life) treats them.

      Dog’s real nature is to be kind, think of the pack and be protective. Just goes to show that you don’t need opposable thumbs to be better than a human.

    • notorious

      have you ever seen a golden retriever? I just melt and want to hug them. they are the friendliest dogs. i dont have one because i can’t bear the smell or idea of cleaning up poop. cats use litter, no trouble there.

      • moop

        i’m sorry i called you a cunt before. really

        • notorious

          people say things sometimes. don’t worry about. ;)

          • Irvin


  • moop

    yeah, i still video chat with my pekignese jack russell mix. that dog is a fucking champion of life

  • tom

    I call fake, wanna be movie part 2.
    as all things in China, this is a stunt or a cheap trick to copy a true story that did happen. *if it happened in Japan, it must have happened really in China and they copied us*
    Bull, its some person that just saw the movie and thought his dog was the perfect actor for the part.

    • notorious

      Come on, why are people so cynical when it comes to Chinese? Surely, out of a billion people, there are good people, bad people, honest people, deceitful people, charitable people…

      Maybe it is what it is. A dog who waits for his owner everyday. In a world with millions of dogs, it can happen twice.

    • Little Wolf

      I call fake too. They seriously expect us to believe that a dog like that sits on a sidewalk everyday for 4 years without being stolen, ran over by some dil-hole on an e-bike or stomped by some shithead that the little dog had the audacity to sniff his leg? There’s nothing adorable about this story except the retardedness of the owner to leave a dog like that alone on the street all day.
      I actually have a small dog just like the one in these pics, 1 of 3 that I rescued off the street. And though I’d always had dogs that were a little more “butch” in the past, I have alot of respect for that little dog. She doesn’t take any shit from the other 2 even though they’re at least 3 times bigger. And just like a single mom with 3 kids, I’ve accepted the probability that those dogs will most likely be a hinderance of any serious relationship, since the last few girls that came over for “le sexy time” acted as if they were being attacked by giant cockroaches at the sight of my dogs. And good riddance to them.

      And I fully agree with Elijah’s “Dog’s real nature is to be kind, think of the pack and be protective. Just goes to show that you don’t need opposable thumbs to be better than a human.”

  • manusan

    the dog is died this morning on CCTV :

  • that dog looks DELICIOUS! i’m surprised he hasn’t been eaten yet

  • donscarletti

    Even though it has a good character. I still want to kick it for being a Tibetan Spaniel.

  • Mademyday

    dogs r cute :3

  • Kning

    That’s not a dog, but a rat. Like every other ‘dog’ in China. Pathetic creatures.

  • mankouzanghua

    song of the article “yi zhi haba gou, zuo zai da menkour”

  • typingfromwork

    Real life Seymour… so awsome. Manly tears.

  • burntmetal

    Lol This is getting predictable. Whenever some people see China + dog, they just *have* to break out the dog eating comments or their life won’t be complete. Get over it. Not all Chinese eat dogs.

  • Es

    dog is really man’s bestfriend! i am a lover pet dogs, let’s love and take care of our pet dogs

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  • Olrik

    What’s most amazing about this story is that some peasant hag like in the other videos posted in this site didn’t roast this puppy alive in the middle of the street…

  • arinna

    awwwwwww this is so cute :’) I do hope that his story won’t end as tragic as Hachiko’s.

  • ipodee

    But what a silly thing to do to let him continue waiting outside!