Chinese Healthcare Workers Protest Violence Against Doctors

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From QQ:

Healthcare Workers in Luanchuan Take to the Streets to Condemn Violence Against Doctors

LUANCHUAN, Luoyang. Around midnight on January 24, a fight broke out at the People’s Hospital in Luanchuan between a doctor on duty and a drunken local resident who was accompanying a friend to the hospital. During the fight, which occurred in the inpatient area on the 15th floor, an elevator door was crashed open, causing them both to fall down the elevator shaft. The local resident died on the spot, and the doctor died later in the hospital. The Luanchuan Public Security Bureau is currently investigating the matter. The pictures show Luanchuan healthcare workers demonstrating against violence against doctors on the morning of January 24.

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At 8:24am on January 24, the Luanchuan county public security bureau posted a bulletin concerning the incident on its official Tieba account: “At 00:20am on 2015 January 24, our 110 command centre received a call concerning a fight on the 15th floor of Luanchuan People’s Hospital. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that two people had fallen down the elevator shaft, resulting in one death and one injury. Our 110 command centre promptly dispatched police officers to the scene to investigate. Our preliminary investigation revealed that, Mr Li, resident of Yuzhen village in Luanchuan, had been drinking alcohol that evening, after which he accompanied his friend to see a doctor at Luanchuan People’s Hospital. At the orthopaedics department, he got into a quarrel with Doctor He, a quarrel that escalated into a fight. During the tussle the elevator door in the inpatient area on the 15th floor was crashed open, causing them both to fall down the elevator shaft. Mr Li died on the spot, while Doctor He died later in the hospital. The incident is currently under further investigation”. The pictures show the scene of the incident.

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On the morning of January 24, young relatives of the victims blocked the entrance to the hospital. In the afternoon, Luanchuan county healthcare workers also took to the streets to protest violence against doctors.

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On the morning of January 24, healthcare workers took to the streets in Luanchuan to condemn violence against doctors.

Comments from QQ:


Most people having surgery actually do not need to give red envelopes. Most doctors will still follow normal procedures [do what they are supposed to do]. But we as family members seem to be unable to not worry if we don’t give a red envelope; so, giving red envelopes is like seeking psychological reassurance [that we’ve done all we can to maximize the chances of receiving good medical care].


Doctors are also ordinary working people who rely on intellectual and physical labour to earn their living. They are ordinary people from the masses. Like all other people, they work and eat [and take care of their duties] when they have to, and they enjoy the same civil rights as ordinary people.


The quality of the elevator is too crappy!


The responsibility is not with the victims; the problem is the poor quality of the elevator. These poor victims paid with their lives.


I don’t dare to pick a side. Both parties have points worthy of our sympathy, but there is also detestable reasoning behind the behaviour of both parties.


If doctors were to treat their patients with love and care [instead of just caring about money] there would be no more medical disputes.


Both parties should claim compensation from the hospital; the elevator was [clearly] a safety hazard. Don’t let yourself be deceived by this so-called doctor-patient dispute and demonstration; they are diverting people’s attention from the core issue. This incident was not a case of violence against a doctor; they were scuffling so they were both at fault. Since the doctor was on duty when the incident occurred, he is slightly more at fault. If Mr Li had a knife, or suddenly assaulted the doctor, then we could speak of violence against a doctor. The real objective behind this demonstration is to mislead the families of the victims. In fact both parties should ask the hospital for compensation. The hospital is responsible for the supervision of the elevator – was the elevator serviced regularly? Did it meet quality standards?


The conscience of most doctors is bad.


Screw your condemnation, we patients condemn your “soft violence”, acceptance of red envelopes, and bad attitudes. “One hand clapping makes no sound” [it takes two to tango, there is no effect without a cause]


You doctors and nurses should wipe your own asses clean before you coming out and embarrassing yourselves.

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