Chinese Healthcare Workers Protest Violence Against Doctors

Medical dispute 1

From QQ:

Healthcare Workers in Luanchuan Take to the Streets to Condemn Violence Against Doctors

LUANCHUAN, Luoyang. Around midnight on January 24, a fight broke out at the People’s Hospital in Luanchuan between a doctor on duty and a drunken local resident who was accompanying a friend to the hospital. During the fight, which occurred in the inpatient area on the 15th floor, an elevator door was crashed open, causing them both to fall down the elevator shaft. The local resident died on the spot, and the doctor died later in the hospital. The Luanchuan Public Security Bureau is currently investigating the matter. The pictures show Luanchuan healthcare workers demonstrating against violence against doctors on the morning of January 24.

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At 8:24am on January 24, the Luanchuan county public security bureau posted a bulletin concerning the incident on its official Tieba account: “At 00:20am on 2015 January 24, our 110 command centre received a call concerning a fight on the 15th floor of Luanchuan People’s Hospital. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that two people had fallen down the elevator shaft, resulting in one death and one injury. Our 110 command centre promptly dispatched police officers to the scene to investigate. Our preliminary investigation revealed that, Mr Li, resident of Yuzhen village in Luanchuan, had been drinking alcohol that evening, after which he accompanied his friend to see a doctor at Luanchuan People’s Hospital. At the orthopaedics department, he got into a quarrel with Doctor He, a quarrel that escalated into a fight. During the tussle the elevator door in the inpatient area on the 15th floor was crashed open, causing them both to fall down the elevator shaft. Mr Li died on the spot, while Doctor He died later in the hospital. The incident is currently under further investigation”. The pictures show the scene of the incident.

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On the morning of January 24, young relatives of the victims blocked the entrance to the hospital. In the afternoon, Luanchuan county healthcare workers also took to the streets to protest violence against doctors.

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On the morning of January 24, healthcare workers took to the streets in Luanchuan to condemn violence against doctors.

Comments from QQ:


Most people having surgery actually do not need to give red envelopes. Most doctors will still follow normal procedures [do what they are supposed to do]. But we as family members seem to be unable to not worry if we don’t give a red envelope; so, giving red envelopes is like seeking psychological reassurance [that we’ve done all we can to maximize the chances of receiving good medical care].


Doctors are also ordinary working people who rely on intellectual and physical labour to earn their living. They are ordinary people from the masses. Like all other people, they work and eat [and take care of their duties] when they have to, and they enjoy the same civil rights as ordinary people.


The quality of the elevator is too crappy!


The responsibility is not with the victims; the problem is the poor quality of the elevator. These poor victims paid with their lives.


I don’t dare to pick a side. Both parties have points worthy of our sympathy, but there is also detestable reasoning behind the behaviour of both parties.


If doctors were to treat their patients with love and care [instead of just caring about money] there would be no more medical disputes.


Both parties should claim compensation from the hospital; the elevator was [clearly] a safety hazard. Don’t let yourself be deceived by this so-called doctor-patient dispute and demonstration; they are diverting people’s attention from the core issue. This incident was not a case of violence against a doctor; they were scuffling so they were both at fault. Since the doctor was on duty when the incident occurred, he is slightly more at fault. If Mr Li had a knife, or suddenly assaulted the doctor, then we could speak of violence against a doctor. The real objective behind this demonstration is to mislead the families of the victims. In fact both parties should ask the hospital for compensation. The hospital is responsible for the supervision of the elevator – was the elevator serviced regularly? Did it meet quality standards?


The conscience of most doctors is bad.


Screw your condemnation, we patients condemn your “soft violence”, acceptance of red envelopes, and bad attitudes. “One hand clapping makes no sound” [it takes two to tango, there is no effect without a cause]


You doctors and nurses should wipe your own asses clean before you coming out and embarrassing yourselves.

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  • While it’s not clear what exactly the argument was about, to echo one of the Chinese posters, it is clear that the quality of the elevator was indeed dangerously bad! If not for this shoddy workmanship, the two people would have certainly lived to see another day.

    • Eric Hill

      construction not shoddy – china VERY strong and modern – pay migrant workers sometimes even <|:-E

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Only after a girl suicides to convince them to pay the worker.

    • Elevators are one of the leading causes of death in Chinar.

      • Dolph Grunt

        Is that a fact or is that a joke?

        Seriously, it’s really hard to tell the difference between facts and jokes in China sometimes.

        • It’s a fact. It’s up there with laduzi, cold water, and Japanese devils.

  • Yes!

    It’s not easy to “crash” open an elevator door. The ones at said hospital must have been made of fake steel (if there’s such as thing) or poorly constructed.

    • Sleepy

      How many elevator doors you tried crashing through, dawg?

      • Boris

        Many. But not in China.

  • Amused

    Let’s organize a protest about the quality of elevator repairmen.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Only in Star Wars have I heard of an elavator “crashing open.”

  • Bad luck for them – the elevator was on the 4th floor.

  • mr.wiener

    Civic mindedness again. Obviously drunken idiots with an injured foot have to practice patience where more serious cases are involved. The medical system in China is also problematic. Perceptions of corruption and certainly a curt attitude from medical staff also need to be addressed. Combine this with some crappy infrastructure and you have the problem in a nutshell.

    • Jahar

      I don’t think it’s specifically the healthcare system, but society in general that leads to this.

      • biggj

        Yeah it’s a combination of both.

        • mr.wiener

          The health care system is a reflection of society. The CCP puts in a clunky but functional universal heath care system [because they are commies right?] but people still hold doctors and teachers up as having the right ear of god, but they are overworked and underpaid.Because corruption is rife, and some doctors exploit this, people in China both revere and revile doctors, hence our current state of affairs…

          Not sure where elevator repair men figure on the Chinese scale of importance.

          • James


          • mr.wiener

            By international standards…yes. Besides which, given their percieved worth (what they think they should be paid) it will never be enough.
            Combine this with the hong bao culture and you have a recipe for disaster.

          • James

            well i just hope it doesn’t turn into the mess we have here in the US where doctors are a complete rip off. $3000-$8000 per night for a hospital bed, etc…

          • gregblandino

            The CCP privatized health care in the 90’s. The current reforms of the 新型农村合作医疗制度 New Rural Cooperative Medical Care System often times have rural peasants who need specialist medical care in cities paying nearly all of the costs out of pocket.

          • mr.wiener

            Damn that really sucks…glad I live in Taiwan. I attended a seminar last year about medical tourism to Taiwan [apparently they wanted the opinion of an Australian Sausage maker]. Looks like those Chinese with the money will be racking up some flier miles.

          • gregblandino

            Or selling a daughter/sister for marriage! Financing options may vary.

          • vincent_t

            Giving Hongpao used to be a norm in Taiwan back then. But i heard things improved after the system reformed to universal healthcare. Anyway I stand to be corrected, never have 1st hand experience with Taiwanese healthcare system.

    • Dolph Grunt

      Free insulin?

  • Jahar

    What can this protest accomplish? All the people with big plans to assault doctors will now change their minds?

    • I planned to go take out my doctor, but NOW I realize there are people who are against such behavior. I never knew. Now I guess I better not go through with the plan for their sake.

      • Jahar

        haha yeah. “What? Doctors don’t want to die? I guess I shouldn’t try to kill them then.”

    • Hopefully higher quality elevator manufacturing.

  • biggj

    I never knew this was a problem….violence against doctors that is.After I did a bit a research it turns out that yeah doctors in china have it pretty bad.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah this has come up on Chinasmack a few times in the past. I experienced it first hand when I had surgery last year. All the patients and families of patients in the room I was in were talking about whether they needed to give a red envelope of cash to the doctor, and whether they also needed to give some to the anesthesiologist and other assistants and such. The whole thing made people pretty angry because we all felt that we were paying enough to begin with, and spending the extra money was just taking the piss.

      Of course, you have to read and sign an official paper saying that you understand that you shouldn’t offer the doctor any extra money, but for me that just made it worse because it seemed that they were drawing attention to it just to make you think about it in case you had forgotten. So in the end we paid the money just because I didn’t want some piece of shit doctor doing something vengeful to me while I was unconscious. Since the doctor didn’t refund my red envelope money after the surgery, I assume he accepted it and the whole paper-signing thing was another example of rules being sidestepped and no one doing anything about it.

      And that’s the thing about the whole red envelopes to doctors thing: I understand how they might accept the envelope at first since the masses are freaking out about all the bad things that could happen to their loved ones, and accepting the envelope can help assuage some of those fears. But the money should be returned afterwards. Doctors here are pieces of shit that take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable, something that happens all too often in China and the world as a whole. We need to take a lesson from Spider-man: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Instead of “With great power, comes great opportunity to screw over and cheat as many people as possible for your own gain.”

    • Amused

      If they want some sympathy, perhaps they should try not asking for red envelopes and taking the Hippocratic oath. Nah, never happen.

      • Donald Med

        Taking the oath would mean nothing to them. In fact there is no element of social responsibility being fostered in Chinese medical schools. I have close relationships with 3 different medical school graduates from a top Chinese university. They are all candid about the rampant cheating they participated in to make it through the school. So, let the students cheat their way through school and then take a Hippocratic oath and expect them to not accept bribes? It would be futile.

  • Gerhana

    I always wonder how could a drunken man fight, rape, steal or do any other crime. When I was drunk the only thing I want is a bed and somewhere to vomit. With the nausea and the feeling of sickness, how could any drunken man / woman summon the energy to do these things? I think he’s just tipsy and still cognitively able, which means with alcohol or without alcohol, the guy is just [insert some negative, but publicly appropriate negative word here].

    • biggj

      Ask Jackie Chan.

  • xiaode

    Every time when I go with someone to or visit someone in a hospital in China I understand why people want to kill the medical staff there…
    A bunch of impatient idiots meets a bunch of money driven assholes wich don´t give a fuck about the pain and problems of their patients…

  • As a Caucasian Chinese man who is constantly microaggressed in the elevator, I would like to request that posts such as these come with a trigger warning in the future. ChinaSmack should be a safe and inclusive space for all. Shayshay.

  • Free Man

    I protest violence against ALL humans, not just doctors. Excluding the bribe-taking kind of humans. And the selfish people paying bribes to get better stuff, too.

    Those hospital workers are fucked up. You shouldn’t have to ask for this (no violence) in the first place, but if you have to, don’t just ask for yourself, but everybody.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Look, most Chinese doctors are frail looking nerds… if they chage their image to this… NO ONE WOULD DARE TO MESS WITH YOU!

  • James

    don’t swallow? must be made by a woman…

  • Ryo Saeba

    Most likely they used closet door rails to save money.

  • redgirls

    Wait a minute! are you guys actually saying there are doctor’s sliding their hands behind their arse for extra monies in an envelope to cure you and no one is saying nothing? But somehow that is perfectly fine?

  • Amused

    Wait! Omg, I just realized this poster is telling us that chicks don’t give rimjobs in Thailand! Well…. That’s just a dream crusher.

  • I’m with the people here saying the quality of the door construction was really the problem.

  • Ozymandias

    Elevator quality should be reviewed too…