Iron Man MKI Armor Recreated By Chinese Man In Shanghai

A Chinese man in Shanghai wearing his home-made Iron Man MK I armor.

A Chinese man walking around in a self-made MK I Iron Man Armor suit.

A year ago, we saw a Chinese guy recreate an Iron Man arc reactor. These past few days, a young Chinese man in Shanghai named Wang Kang has become famous online after making his own Iron Man MK I armor as seen in the first Iron Man movie…

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The home-made Iron Man armor costume is made of high-density foam and weighs about 50kg.

A Chinese man walking around in a self-made Iron Man MK I Armor suit.

A Chinese person putting on the Iron Man MK I armor he has recreated.

Putting on his self-made Iron Man armor.

A Chinese guy has made his own Iron Man MK I armor.

A Chinese person in his recreated Iron Man MK I armor.

See also:

  • “Office Ironman storms the Internet” (China Daily)
  • Wang Kang’s personal blog (Chinese) which shows more photos of his homemade Iron Man armor, as well as some designs of the newer generation red and gold Iron Man armor he may build (helmet below).

Wang Kang's next generation Iron Man armor.

Comments from Tiexue:


Seen the video, the light on the chest even lights up, and its really like the first generation [MK I armor]. The craftsmanship is not bad, and what more, according to the person himself, this iron suit has an exoskeleton, so even though it is 50kg, it isn’t very tiring to wear.


Quite interesting! I really like this kind of relaxation method!


How come it doesn’t fly?


Keep improving on it, there’s still a lot of potential.




Praise, hope to see the second generation [MK II], doesn’t have to [fly], being able to run and jump is enough.


This brother should reveal his face, now that would be cool.


At the end of the video, there’s a photo of him wearing the five-stripe badge, that image is the highlight!

Comments from NetEase:


Probably won’t be able to make the second suit of armor…


Suggest entering the chengguan


Ding, I just think the helmet is too simple, maybe it is harder to make, but it just makes him look like a baldy, hah, but regardless, ding~


I support you in continuing to perfect it, so that our country’s future soldiers can be realized sooner.


May I ask just what the point of this? I really can’t figure it out.

Here is an earlier video “filmed on an iPad2”, before the suit was finished, that shows Wang Kang putting on the different pieces of the costume:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

A Chinese person wearing his Iron Man MK I armor suit.


Written by Fauna

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