Chinese Husband Stabs Young Wife Over 30x to Death in Nanjing


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From NetEase & Sina:

Internet Exposes Super Car Enthusiast Second Generation Rich As Having Hacked Wife Over 30 Times to Death, Daughter Just 100 Days Old

April 25th, in the Nanjing Jian’ye District Xidi International residential neighborhood, a post-80s generation husband angrily hacked his post-90s generation wife over 30 times until she died, with the most pitiful thing being a little baby just 100 days old being left behind. Afterward, netizens uncovered what is suspected of being the victim @小Q_lady‘s photos with her husband posted online not long ago, while her husband Ji Xingpeng has been revealed as being a member of the Nanjing FSC Super Car Club, comes from a rich family, has numerous luxury residences, has previously spent as much as 100,000 RMB on playing video game in a month, and has had exhibited domestic violence after drinking.

Super car club second generation rich exposed as having hacked wife 30 times to death

According to a Modern Express microblog post on the 25th: “25th morning past 7am, in the Nanjing Jian’ye District Xidi International residential neighborhood, a husband who returned home after drinking had an argument with his wife. In his fury, the husband grabbed a knife and attacked his wife. When family members found out, they called for help. The injured was sent to the hospital but died after efforts to save her failed. The doctor revealed that the deceased had 30-40 knife wounds on her body. The two had a daughter, 4 months old, and the husband’s family is wealthy.”

Soon after, the wife’s microblog was uncovered by local Nanjing netizens. In her new year’s wishes this year, she had written that she hopes her husband would love her even more, that her baby would quickly grow up, and had posted photos of themselves as a loving couple. The perpetrator was also very quickly uncovered by Mop and Tianya discussion forum netizens. The husband’s name is Ji Xingpeng, is a member of the Nanjing FSC Super Car Club, who drives a Lamborghini LP570; The wife’s name is Qi Kexin, and the two had an enviable wedding ceremony. It was also claimed in the discussion forum that the two had indeed initially met in a bar/nightclub.


Wife’s friend’s say husband was sick and beat her, having previously contracted a sexually transmitted disease that he then transmitted to his wife

Given the identities of the husband and wife, this incident also incited a lot of speculation from netizens, with some netizens believing the reason for the incident was that “it was because the husband discovered that the child was not his own that he did something so terrible” and “the husband discovered that he had become the father of another man’s child”. In response to this, self-proclaimed friends of the wife “何谐KUSO” and “馮Cc_吊儿郎当小姑娘” spoke up in defense of their friend on their microblogs, denouncing “those who don’t know shouldn’t blindly speculate”, as well as writing a “long microblog post” [a microblog post that uses text in an attached image to exceed the normal 140 character limit] to set the facts straight, “Seeing a lot of people saying there was something wrong with the wife, I cannot help but say that as the friend of the deceased, we all know what happened. All her repeated patience and forgiveness finally brought her was tragedy. The deceased is gone, may she be happier in heaven than she was when she was alive.”


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As for the two of them having first met each other at a bar/nightclub, the wife’s friend “何谐KUSO” used a long microblog post to set the record straight that the two of them were high school classmates, with the husband having been born in 1989 while the wife was born in 1991, that they had started dating three years ago, obtained their marriage registration two years later, by which time the wife was three-months pregnant. As for there being netizen speculation that “the wife married the husband because of his wealth”, the wife’s friend also denied it: “The wife’s family is neither poor nor lacks money, marrying this man was completely because he initially treated her very well when he was first pursuing my friend, listening to her in everything, which made her feel that she had found a good man. She was young to begin with and she wanted to marry.” The husband had visited prostitutes at gentlemen clubs even before marriage, which resulted in the wife having wanted to break up, but had always ultimately been convinced to stay by the husband.


The long microblog post by “何谐KUSO” says after marriage, the wife lived the life of a dutiful wife, but the husband would go to gentlemen clubs and lock her up at home, beating her whenever he returned unhappy; The husband “even contracted venereal disease sleeping around with outside women and infected my friend. My friend was so angry that she wanted a divorce, and were it not for her barely 100-day old child, she would’ve never endured it and reconciled”. The reason why the wife could put up with this kind of circumstance for so long was also because “her mother-in-law didn’t treat her poorly, and actually was quite fond of her, and her husband occasionally was fine except when he got into bad moods and would take it out on her. This kind of perverse/sick love is not love!”

Netizen “何谐KUSO” deeply feels what her friend went through was not worth it: “My friend was such a fool that she was still preparing a birthday present for that beast these past few days. How could you bear to do such a thing to a woman who loves you that much! If he doesn’t get the death penalty, it will be an intolerable injustice!”

It is also currently a top trending topic on China’s popular microblogging social network…

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From Sina Weibo:

@南京微吧: 蜡烛 A murder occurred this morning in Nanjing Jian’ye District’s Xidi International Neighborhood: A husband stabbed his wife over 20 times, leaving behind a little baby who still can’t speak. The deceased’s microblog showed that the couple’s daughter had just reached 100 days. Not long before, she had posted photos of her with her husband. In the blink of an eye, a family has been destroyed… Just how much hate must’ve been involved [for the husband to have done this]…

Comments from NetEase:


This fucking guy sure is ugly, “wasting good cabbage on a pig” [a beautiful girl wasted on an ugly man].


Actually, one look and you know this man isn’t a diaosi but second generation rich. Getting married and having a child before completely knowing the other side’s situation, the man was simply after a pretty face, while the girl probably was just after the money. This kind of situation was doomed to end in tragedy. I advise all guys to not just go after [a girl’s] appearance, as knowing her character through being together a long time is most important. Girls, don’t you think it is weird to marry a man you met in a bar? Especially one who is a web gaming spendthrift… (from 王思聪’s microblog)


Marrying this kind of person is such a tragedy, and the most tragic is her baby. PS. The wives of rich people are indeed all pretty.


Hope it’s the death sentence.


Secretly had a DNA test on the child, discovered the wife he met in a bar made him the father of another man’s child~ That’s what happened.

姑父死了它老婆洗澡被我奸 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Dog bites dog, congratulations!


This girl is obviously a gold-digger, otherwise who would go for this kind of garbage, whose face looks like the the sole of a shoe.


A good cunt fucked by a dog.

华尔街百分之99 [网易广西百色市手机网友]:

Not going to say anything, just a bouquet of fresh flowers that insisted on sticking itself into a cow dung. Not all cow dung has nutrition.


Let’s say this guy was a poor bastard, but treated her 10x better than he did previously! Would she still marry him?


Written by Fauna

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    He has money…had to be suicide…case closed.

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      100000 RMB in a month on video games? For that money he could go to Russia and fly a goddamn Mig jet for a few hours, looks like a scumbag though.

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        Yeah, that is some serious stupidity there

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        Yeah really, what can you buy online for 100,000 rmb? I know some games you can buy currency in game with real money… but 100,000 rmb? Yeah for 100,000 you can buy 5 or 6 of them little grey chinese vans and pay some stupid chinese kids to have a destruction derby for your entertainment….or pay someone to kill your wife and save you a lot of head ache going to court for an afternoon just to be let off without being charge by dinner time…or if you do get someone to stand in for you in jail. Whatever way you look at this guy is not going to jail.

        • Rick in China

          Lots of games have micropayments, I think that it’s just nonsense conjecture that he spent 100k rmb though, likely just some exaggeration of his lack of respect for money..

          • Jay K.

            i wouldn’t doubt it. i work for a gaming company. one guy spent around 5,000usd within one week alone on one of the games we have out. and although this is exceedingly rare from the norm, some of our customers from korea have averaged 2-3k usd spent just last month alone.

            there are gamers out there who have way too much money for whatever reason and feel like blowing it on games instead of cocaine and tiger woods level escorts.

          • Rick in China

            That’s a poor presumption – maybe they play games while snorting coke off their ipad, hitting the “pay2win” button — meanwhile getting blown by their tiger woods level escorts.

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            This is how I roll.

          • There is coke in China? Thought that carried pretty severe consequences in these parts? Happy labour day

          • Rick in China

            There is coke Robertus – used to see tons of it in my Shanghai party circle :D I’ve never seen it in in Chengdu though.

            Severe consequences are for traffickers for sure.. but I’ve never heard of someone with personal amounts getting f’d hard..

          • Indeed, borders are scary places….

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            Why should he have respect for money? He and his family probably didn’t earn it. They probably stole it from somewhere.

          • MrT

            hopefully from HK people.

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            hahahah…..oh be quiet. ;)

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            LL have you seen HK today? Protesters more wogs want to settle there, not Chinese ,wogs lots and lots of them.
            All sorts, living it up
            getting paid to stay.
            What do you think about that?
            Wouldn’t happen on the motherland because it would be stamped out before it even started.
            So who has the better system?
            Kong Bongers or the Motherland.

          • linette lee

            Hk is too small. People from outside want to move in and settle in HK to use the resources of HK gov’t paid by HK people. So sad. No matter how many gov’t subsidized building built by hk gov’t, it will not solve any living space problem. IT will never be enough.

          • MrT

            UK government put that into motion before they left, to make sure HK will get fucked up for China.
            HK needs to fully revert to the motherland system otherwise there is no hope for KB.

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            When i heard that HK had changed owners, my thoughts were that HK is going down the Chinese style crapper.

          • Panda Banana

            well, at least not significantly in the next 35 years(this is how long the contract still lasts), after that it could very well be that HK will get closer to mainland style…

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Looks like it’s still the crapper for HK :(

          • Panda Banana

            that depends on different factors. In 35 years many things can happen, even on the mainland. BUT i personally think that things on BOTH sides would not become better. China might very well play the “sending enough HANs to HK to reproduce and populate the area” like they do in Tibet. But HK is just one city and the space is limited.

            Fact is mainlanders take over, cause they are more clever, posses more money, and are more ruthless then HKers. I know tons of HK people, and they were ALL screwed on the mainland, either by mainland business partners, their own families, or by a girl/women. I think 100 years british rule made pussies out of them, but thats just my opinion.

            I was born and grew up in a communist system myself, so i guess that we people are for sure much smarter when it comes to develop skills wherever we are to ensure our survival and making enough money. What most people don’t understand is that communism is about cheating, stealing, lying, blackmailing and so on, and even mainland chinese could play their cards much better. I always wonder how they can get away with things and cheat someone when its soooo obvious from the beginning what they try to do.

            Chinese are NOT smart, in MY opinion, but they do what must be done and what is done all over the world by people who want to make money, which is, to find another asshole who is dumber then oneself, to squeeze some money out of his ass. It just happens that in china they do it in the most obvious, dumb, and irrational way. But due to the fact that there are so many people out there, it gives millions of people millions of opportunities.

            The reason i haven’t seen a “step up in game” in the last years, its due to the fact, that even the obvious game still works and the victims for whatever reason don’t become smarter and learn from mistakes. They will do the same shit all over and over again and still scratching their heads and butts, picking their noses, shooting nose rockets and ask themselves how was the other guy able to cheat me??!!

          • Foreign Devil

            Welcome back Coala . I guess you never left China like you said you were planning to? Can’t live the emperors lifestyle behind?

          • Panda Banana

            i left, but just to HK, on the safer side. Main reason, this properties i have in HK are worth more and more. I did sell my shares to my business partners and got them by their balls paying me consultant fees every months and bonuses for doing nothing, except attending a few meetings and play golf over the weekend in canton with some pervert chinese….who right after brag to go to play the 19th and 20th and 21st hole in some pussy club in GZ.

            All in all, life is good. But you are right, china has this special something i guess, even i don’t like to be directly there anymore, i somehow enjoy to be at a close enough range, close enough to smell the shit the south winds are blowing over the hill of SZ right into HK, where i sit at night at my favorite hotel bar in Wanchai, getting served a drink out of my personal bottle Hennessy XO (costs me 6k and lasts around 4 days) while the philipino band start to play my 2 favorite songs in the moment i sit on the very same place next to the window with a fantastic look over the skyline of my city, which is reserved for me and my friends every night., we show up or not.

            “Desperado” from the Eagles and “7 day fool” by Etta James and a nice “welcome Mr…..and friends, gives the evening the right touch… yeah, the banana man has it good, well deserved survived 7 years of pure adventure and now taste the fruits of all the work: cheating, lying and blackmailing others…its strange how easy it is to live knowing that others have/had to suffer for each drop out of a bottle XO or Chateau Mouton…yeah, I am cool with myself.

            BTW, i will be out of here (CS) again after the 2nd may. Lots of work waiting for the banana man, i decided to challenge myself again. This time in the music business, lets see what happens, right now in Bangkok looking out for some recording studios and to buy an apartment cause when everything goes well, me and some others will spend a bit more time in Bangkok. Great city BTW, just the traffic sucks big time!

          • Foreign Devil

            When you get older, make sure you write a biography because it will make for a great read! As I’ve said before you have all the signs of being a sociopath. . however most CEO’s and heads of state are sociopaths as well.

            A non-sociopath could have similar success for awhile. . but would be so wracked with repressed guilt, that they would inevitably self destruct at some point. . through drugs, alcoholism, gambling or reckless sex and relations or finding god.

            I think non sociopaths can have success. . but not in a system that is made of thugs from the top levels to the lowest levels.

          • Panda Banana

            i dont think that i would fit into the sociopath category.

            maybe i have a little bit of everything. I am sure when you would ask people which know me, or people which work for me, you would hear the complete opposite. Believe it or not, I am very liked amongst friends and workers. I am very generous and helped people i know out of my own pocket more then once. Not cause i have enough, but cause i think its the right thing to do.

            I am happy not to have weak points like drinking, drug abusing, gambling or spending money on women. To be honest i really don’t know any person i could identify myself with. The thing which disgust me the most in people is when i see how weak they are and how they get out of control about things i would consider not worth mentioning.

            Already in school when i was small, i sold pictures of naked women to the others kids in exchange for their lunch money. I was kicked out of schools several times cause of similar things. I think i just had it in me all the time. I am now 40, so i still have lots of time to achieve one or the other goal.

            Its funny that you mention a book, cause thats what all people which know me ask me to do. Who knows, maybe one day…..

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Interesting. Русски? Your English is quite good having grown up in a non-English speaking country. But i’ve noticed that many people from the former soviet union have great language skills.

          • Panda Banana

            Actually Република Србија,

            my english is not as good as it could be, but i guess when you live all the time in non english speaking countries, even in HK where all my friends from various countries just speak broken english, then its hard to improve your skills. On the other side, i have no desire to waste time improving my speaking skills, cause the results i achieve couldn’t be topped with better english then it is now. Business partners from english speaking countries have no problem to understand, and the ladies like it to hear a slavic undertone.

            Without the intention to come across like a bragger or to find excuses, i must say that i speak around 8 languages and english is probably the worst of them. The funny thing is, that the best (and fastest) results bringing a nice lady to the point to get down and dirty was when i wasn’t able to communicate AT ALL in any language. Therefor from my own experience i would tend to say that BODY LANGUAGE works everywhere, under all circumstances! Hand and feet and facial expressions can achieve better and faster results, pre required that you deal with people who understand them too.

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            I used to live near there but not in a slavic country. I really like languages although i’m not very proficient. As i said before, many slavic people have a gift for languages. As far as i know, in your homeland, only two languages are widely spoken so i assume that you also speak German, Italian, Slovenian, possibly Hungarian, Romanian or Romani as well as Russian and Chinese? It must be great to be able to speak so many. I know what you mean about using body language but i guess i’m not so good with that language either. Anyway, thanks for the tips.

          • Panda Banana

            Actually fluent speaking and writing in Serbo-Croatian(both latin and cyrilic), german, italian, french, russian(cyrilic), spanish and portuguese.

            my english is average, and my cantonese is better then my mandarin.

            I can also communicate with Bulgarians and Polish people quite well, and my latin is also good.

            Those are the ones i can speak.

            Hungarian is a very difficult language, in my opinion one of the hardest in the world! I can understand certain aspects but i am not able to communicate good enough.

            Romanian is different from other slavic languages, so i never gave it a try. I actually dont know anyone from Romania. I once bought a gypsy dictionary and learned some words and sentences in Romani, was able to exchange some words with Gypsies to my own surprise…

            I think the latin based languages are quite easy to master, by example: french, spanish, portugues and italian could be learned at the same time in my opinion, many words match and are just spelled out a bit different from one another.

            Interesting thing, what i was able to observe is, that most italians can speak or have an easy time communicating in spanish, while spanish people have a hard time speaking italian! For whatever reason. Spanish and Portuguese are very similar, except the accent. French is the coolest shit, it just sounds great! Even you use foul language, it still sounds like a fucking song!

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            I guessed as much about Serbo-Croatian being the official langauge of Serbia as well as the likelyhood that you speak Italian and German due to the proximity and Russian due to it’s similarities with Serbo-Croatian. I’ve heard that once you’ve studied a latin language, the rest are relatively easy. Maybe that’s why you’re able to speak Portuguese, Spanish and French. Spanish being the easiest to learn and French the coolest in my opinion as well.

            Romanian is actually also a latin language, often being confused as slavic because of a few similarities and it’s location. I would like to have a copy of that Romani dictionary as i used to come in contact with Roma all the time. I found that knowing a few words in their language can surprise them in a good way. (They usually stop hounding me for cash)

          • Panda Banana

            “I would like to have a copy of that Romani dictionary as i
            used to come in contact with Roma all the time. I found that knowing a few words in their language can surprise them in a good way. (They usually stop hounding me for cash)”

            The book i had was from an author called

            Siegmung A. Wolf, called

            “Grosses Woerterbuch der Zigeunersprache”

            , it was in german! Since my german was already perfect at that time, i had no problem reading it. I bought it also in Germany. It was over 20 years ago and i was 17 and took part in an student exchange program at that time. I went to the biggest book store in Frankfurt and asked about a romani dictionary. I will never forget the look on the peoples faces. They just couldn’t believe that someone asks for that and they also had their doubts that something like that actually exists! After long search and phone calls they found this book for me, at that time it was the ONLY book in the world which covered this subject and it was in detail covering ALL the different gypsy dialects from all over europe. Took them 4 weeks to get me a copy. Gotta love the germans and their talent for going into details.

            Romani is actually quite simple to learn, especially for someone with a slavic background.

            not sure if that is helpful to you, but i am sure that now a days there are books in all different languages

            I think thats my nature, i do things differently from all others, never follow the flow blindly like a sheep. Doing something unusual or in unusual way, makes life more valuable and exciting. Most important thing, laugh a lot, makes people wondering whats “wrong” with you:-))

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Sehr gut Erinerung. Wie schnell du hast auf den Namens das Buch und der Author bekommen. I’m lucky i can remember that much German. I guess the Germans might have been the original geeks. The best Russian language book i have is in German. I hope i can find a book on Romani like the one you have but with the economic situation in Europe these days, i don’t know when i would use it. First, i need to conquer Mandarin. I imagine that Romani borrows a lot of words from both Russian and Romanian. In France, i was able to converse with Roma i met on the street in Romanian. I agree that laughter is very important and can’t imagine what it’s like to be a sheep.

          • Panda Banana

            to remember things is easy for me. I was diagnosed with HfA and a Savant syndrom, at the University Clinic of Cologne and also at the University Clinic in Frankfurt. Thats probably the reason why i am into bio chemistry, not even a subject i like and enjoy, but it just happens that i can keep this shit in mind for whatever reason. Molecules and their structures fascinated me since i was small. But my real talent, according to the Diagnoses, is in music and arts, especially compositions of j.S. Bach. I guess languages just come as a by product.

            I was also a couple of years in the US on a H-1B, but wasn’t able to adapt very well to the american style of living. Too much fake confuses me. I prefer the real shit, the hardcore reality!

          • Interesting, languages were the only thing I was any bloody good at at school, that and creative writing. I’m sure there is a term for this, left brainers, right brainers…happy workers holiday my slavic boozing ally against eattot:) Cheers, gan bei,salud!

          • Panda Banana

            BTW, without the intention to sound like a smart ass:

            “Sehr gut Erinerung. Wie schnell du hast auf den Namens das Buch und der Author bekommen.”

            Sehr Gute Erinnerung. Wie schnell du auf den Namen des Buches und des Authors gekommen bist.

            or better:

            Sehr Gutes Erinnerungsvermögen……

          • I had a serbian pal in Oman (if you are indeed serbian, if not I apologize!) a top bloke and he could drink any booze like water, he ended up getting into trouble with his job in the end…shame he was a hell of a nice guy when sober or only partly drunk.

          • ScottLoar

            I’ve noticed that many people from the former Soviet Union not only have great language skills but are well educated and knowledgeable in history, geography, arts and literature, putting my own American people to shame by comparison. Most Americans seem very knowledgeable about NASCAR, football, serial comedies, popular music and little else although expressing opinions on just about everything. Americans holding higher degrees typically have narrow knowledge of their specialty and little else; a man with genuine expertise in one field will otherwise have the mind of a teenager in most else.

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Very true. If you want to have a conversation with folks where i used to live, you’d have to know something about nascar, football or famous people on TV or in music.

          • Panda Banana

            i guess that has to do with our communist(not chinese communist) education, teaching disciplin with the right amount of pressure, expecting very good results.

            I remember when i came first time to Germany, and some of us were invited to visit schools and universities. The stuff they had a hard time learning in the 10th grade, we passed in the 5th. Their math classes were a fucking joke and one could see that just a few were actually interested in physics. They even sucked in their own German lessons:-)). Still a great country, but i think it will go downhill for them. I was surprised to see how many german students actually adapt to talk in a immigrant slang. Seems its cool now a days to move, behave and talk like a turk or arab?

            Maybe it can be compared to white people in the US acting black? It just looks silly and stupid.

          • MrT

            its in the right place for the motherland to take a great big dump on it.

          • What do you foresee, HK becoming integrated with guangdong, due to the transport links in the works? A kind of southern extension of guangdong, or even, assimilation into guangdong province? Hard to predict isn’t it?

            Hope the brandy is flowing :)

          • The nepalis actually played a key part in the building of HK. Britain should have done more to protect the rights of all HK citizens post 1997 imho, even if it meant sharing sovereignty with the PRC, as was offered to Spain over gibraltar, the island and kowloon was ceded in perpetuity, it was only through good grace and with the notion of improving relations the whole territory was returned, with shiny new world class airport to boot.

          • Rick in China

            “People from outside want to move in and settle in HK to use the resources of HK gov’t paid by HK people.”

            Isn’t that what you’re doing in the US right now? Difference exactly?

          • Wog is a slur, and means not what you think it means

          • MrT

            This my version:-

            British English

            Wog in the UK is usually regarded as a racially offensive slang word
            referring to a dark-skinned or olive-skinned person from Africa or Asia.
            It can be applied to any darker-skinned people, but is used generally
            to refer to peoples of the East Indies and India, as well as immigrants from the Middle-East and Mediterranean. Most dictionaries refer to the word as derogatory and offensive.

            The origin of the term may be unknown, but it was first noted by lexicographer F.C. Bowen, who recorded it in 1929 in his Sea slang: a dictionary of the old-timers’ expressions and epithets, where he defines wogs as “lower class Babu shipping clerks on the Indian coast.”[6] Unsupported folk etymology has long explained it as being an acronym for “Westernised (or “Wily”) Oriental Gentlemen”[7]
            used by the British in India and Pakistan, referring to the educated
            indigenous populace. Many dictionaries say “wog” derives from the golliwog, a blackface minstrel doll character from a children’s book published in 1895, or from pollywog, a maritime term for someone who has not crossed the equator.

            The saying “The wogs begin at Calais” (implying that everyone who is not British is a wog) appears to date from the First World War, but was popularised by George Wigg, Labour MP for Dudley, in 1949 when in a parliamentary debate concerning the Burmese, Wigg shouted at the Conservative benches, “The Honourable Gentleman and his friends think they are all ‘wogs’. Indeed, the Right Honourable Member for Woodford [i.e. Winston Churchill] thinks that the ‘wogs’ begin at Calais.”[8]

          • Ha Ha, You’re fucking Hilarious. Scoring points on the death of a young Mother. Keep it classy.

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            That’s what i was thinking. I’ve always heard that in China, an honest man is a poor man.

          • Panda Banana

            here we go again:-)), sure when someone has money in china, then it must be stolen..?! Go find a job!

          • I add money to a facebook game, but nowhere near these amounts, I don’t see how you could feasibly spend this amount online, 10000 rmb maybe, but 100,000?!?!

          • slob

            It’s very possible. If you look at games like World of Warcraft where some people pay for entire accounts that have the highest attainable gear, people will pay a hell of a lot of money for that because it takes months of constant playing (by that I mean at least 10 hours a day). I rcall reading about a guy who paid something like $10,000 for a character that had the 2 swords from the highest boss in the game at that time (Illidan stormrage’s twin blades) which have something like a 1% chance to drop and both drop on seperate occasions with other people contending for it. Even the Chinese League of Legends points are more expensive than the US one. I’ve had a few of my students admit they’ve already spent a few thousand RMB just on buying skins (which alter the appearance of the characters).

          • MrT

            you use facebook? wow

          • A crime or something is it?

          • MrT

            only to your self

          • and millions of others around the world then, but as ive no vee pee enn cant play me games, sorry my dear boy

        • Foreign Devil

          Chinese online RPG’s: Just like in real life in China. .you can spend huge amounts of money to power up your characters without doing the hard labor and time usually required. The games create rare items and clothing and other rare shit that the richest players can buy and flaunt. Yep just like real life CHina.

        • Winterbitten

          Coming from a Gamer:

          That bit about gaming seems like writer just wants to put gaming in a bad light.

          I would imagine video games this time means something along the lines of that fish game I see in arcades that has groups of people sitting around it and gambling. Either that or there’s a game revolving around micro transactions for rich people, or he’s being very generous with to his friends.

          I don’t really see this as console gaming and not even as PC gaming unless the costs included him creating his rig.

      • He is trash, and needs putting down, and that is being kind

      • Germandude

        My guess would be that he was on, wondernig why he loses all the time when hitting “all-in” with 2-7. Somebody should have told him that it’s called POKERstars for a reason and not the card game that is so popular in China. How should he’ve known?

    • The Enlightened One

      In all of those pictures (including his wedding photos), he is either sleeping or looks totally devoid of emotion or happiness.

      I bet he is one of those scum bags and totally avoids life and gets mad when he has to deal with the consequences like cheating on his wife, or changing diapers… he probably only got married cause his mother threatened to cut off his WoW account.

      • MonkeyMouth

        ya…..he looks drunk in them all. he looks like he has VD in them all, too..haha….

    • the ace of books

      Yes, she ran into his knife … thirty times … backwards …

  • p

    what a fucking scumbag

    • donscarletti

      There is something here that really irks me. You know, such a pathetic, useless little turd, with a life, money, a wife and a child all that he could not possible deserve. He is blessed with these things that people like us could mostly only dream about, and then he fucking stabs his gorgeous wife that has just given him a beautiful child.

      So, if you know anyone who works at the Nanjing Public Security Bureau please let them know that if they can’t find anyone else to do it, I volenteer to do this guy. What do they call it? 枪毙 right? If I was allowed to I’d lean in close to make sure the splatter gets on my white t-shirt, then I go out on the town still wearing it and get high fives and jealous looks.

      I’ve never fired a handgun before nor even killed someone before, but I think I’d use a .50 action express jacketed hollowpoint round (the kind guys with little dicks injure their wrists with at the pistol range) just to make sure his shoulders come off too. I wouldn’t even bill his family for the round, I’d pay it myself in the name of justice.

      Anyway, I doubt I’d get chosen, just letting you know that if they want to do this thing during labour day and the normal executioner is on holiday I could help. I was just planning on going to my office and working these three days anyway, so it would be no big imposition for me to take the gaotie to Nanjing and help out instead, maybe I’d check out 中山陵 and the city walls afterwards and go back, I have no other plans at all, seriously.

      • Rick in China

        It may be worse punishment to be sent to labour camps for life – especially if he’s “second generation rich” – than to end his obviously miserable life.

        Rather forget the death penalty – and see how he does getting raped and beaten, working for decades in mines or wtf ever labour camps do here.. maybe a microblog with updates would be fun to subscribe to. Photos please.

        • Absolutely agreed. Death is too easy for some people.

        • donscarletti

          1) They really don’t do prison rape in China. Beatings, starvation, overwork, humiliation yes, but anal rape no.

          2) Long term inprisonment is not something I could enjoy doing myself and go back to work the next day feeling satisfied.

          • Panda Banana

            regarding point 2 i tend to disagree, cause i would bet they can find methods to make you feel satisfied even after a hard day smashing stones in a mine!

            Even they don’t, out of pure boredom and will to survival you will, after a couple of years, talk yourself into believing that you are satisfied at the end of the day. You will try to become the bast sledge hammer swinger ever….just to juice up the day a bit!

      • mr.wiener

        Damn Don, you sound like you are channeling little wolf?
        I’d stab him myself though.

        • Panda Banana

          why would you? he stabbed his bitch for being a bitch, and he did it cause he was retarded.

          One can say that they BOTH built up their “relation” on false promises and weak fundaments. Both selfish in their own sense, and both lives ended in a mess. She is better off though, cause her suffering is over. He, in case he can avoid the death penalty, will have to live a few decades in a chinese jail…

          • mr.wiener

            I’d say you are reading too much into this to say she deserved to die for being a gold-digging bitch. Should she have stayed with him? I’d say not. Was she unfaithful to him? That was speculation.
            At the end of the day this woman is dead and this useless man will face punishment.

      • Agreed, spoilt little fat sod. He should be punished for the rest of his natural life, if not executed.

  • Zappa Frank

    this story is very china-like. From every point of view.

    We blame the husband, and he deserve it, but the wife accepted that scumbag just for money, sexual disease included.

    • markus peg

      The story said it was nothing to do with money, she also had money, they met in school and he was nice at first that’s why she was with him. But she wanted to break up with him later, however, due to the new baby and mother in law she stayed with him.

      don’t you even read the full story!?!?!?

      • kimmykds

        who told you “she also had money and they met in school”?

        This saying is from this girl’s friend.And her lie was deleted from weibo by herself cuz somebody expose the truth.

        They met in a night club.The girl is an escort and her friend tried to whitening the dead

      • Panda Banana

        “and he was nice…”…

        you know what that means in a chinese sense from a womens perspective??

        • redgirls

          No Markus peg said,” he was nice at first” (at first)

      • anon101

        markus peg

        I did read the story, it said she wasnt poor and her family didnt lack money, it didnt say she had money, it just said she didnt not have it. Many farm girls also are not poor and their familys do not lack money. They would loose face if they lacked money.

        For marring for money. TIC, we all know this happens hence a man must buy a house before he can be married. No house, no marriage.
        and that goes for everyone. Even farm girls expect a house in return. Its part of being chinese.

      • orpoevd

        They lived with his parents and the parents were there when the murder took place but they didn’t attempt to interfere. They were friends of our friends. He was always in bars pretending to be single and had a drinking problem. There was a lot of domestic abuse prior to the murder. But you can avoid the death penalty (usually) if you’re intoxicated and kill someone. Premeditated?

      • moody

        The friend said it has nothing to do with money
        that’s not actually solid fact

      • Jimney Cricket

        This story is quite common. Chinese men often pretend to be caring and loving, then turn out to be whoring, abusive douche-bags. Women are often forced to stay with these ass-wipes as they tend to hide their wealth to avoid divorce settlements and, if powerful enough, use their connections to make life intolerable for their ex-wife and ex-wife’s family. I won’t even mention about child custody. The husband’s fate is a flip of the coin – if he’s connected enough, he’ll enjoy a holiday away from prying eyes for a while and his wife’s parents will be paid off or he’ll be sacrificed to appease the masses, to show the people that “yes, even the rich are not above the law in China”. I’m betting on the former but I’m wondering, if the latter, if he’ll get a harder sentence than the woman who cut her husband’s penis off.

        This case is just one of many and those that say that it was “her fault” for staying are the worst kind of stupid.

    • And you know this from pure speculation?

    • redgirls

      And you know this or is it pure speculation?

    • b

      The chin is so china-like too.

  • Panda Banana

    and again another fine piece of fuckable pussy is dead, wasted, gave herself to an ugly fuck….what a pity!

    why can’t ugly people just stay amongst each other? It hurts me to see a nice lady sell herself to the highest bidder without taking into account that by his outlook alone its obvious that he is mental….its the god damn money, its always the money!

    One moment of greed can turn into a lifetime of regret. Well, “sadly” SHE will not have the opportunity to regret.

    • James

      $ is handsome to most chicks

      • MonkeyMouth

        $ is also handsome for divorce, and murder

      • Panda Banana

        AND SEXY!

    • cam

      men use $ to exchange beauty and youth, women use beauty and youth to exchange $. When u think about it. it’s actually fare enough, cuz none of them can use $ to buy love. It’s all about cold businessman’s talk rather than warm emotional true will. Again, look at how Chinese kids must provide materialistic benefits to their parents as the return, and that’s y Chinese parents BEAT UP their kids soooo fucking hard to insure they’ll work/study hard and have no life but make a lot $ after they grow up in order to return back to the shitty parents. Again, businessman’s talk. When u attend a Chinese wedding, u must give appropriate amount of cash as gift for ur own meal and bridal cake u received. Again businessman’s talk. Not to mention other things. As a Chinese myself, I’m so ashamed that those cold behaviors r belong in part of the old Chinese culture!!!

      • Panda Banana

        Thats my theory! That chinese parents are actually nothing else then pimps. Pimping and brainfucking their own children into some sort of guilt complex. I have seen my fair share of depressed chinese people in my companies. Sending their lazy ass parents the whole salary home and leave just a little for themselves, mainly just to cover their costs for food. Its fucking disgusting to see such things. And the same shit happens again and again, for whatever reason a full year salary or multi year salary disappears cause of wrong investment by the father or grandfather, or borrowing or whatever.

        I cant remember how many times i talked with employees which were all in tears. I tried to explain them things in a simple way, like:

        Who do you consider more intelligent? You, with a degree who is working and earning money or your parents in the countryside?

        Why would the more intelligent and educated person let his finances being held and controlled by the dumber person?

        Doesn’t it make sense that the one who pays for shit to have the most to say and have the last word about what to do with the savings?

        It was hopeless, I always received the same answer: “you don’t understand chinese culture”:-)

        I think that all this young women and man are scared to death about the possibility to confront their own parents with facts. From my point of view, many chinese parents are nothing else then emotionless, ruthless fucks, hiding their lazy asses behind a backwards culture and doctrines from thousand of years ago.

        I feel for them and the heavy burden they have to carry on their shoulders, BUT its up to them to get rid of this nonsense they call culture and replace it with common sense, rational thinking and ethics.

        • Elijah

          I’ll possibly get blasted for this, but I agree with this for at least a good chunk of chinese parents that I’ve encountered, especially the ones with adult offspring. I wouldn’t go so far as saying majority, because I haven’t seen enough to make that statement.

          It seems to be a cyclical system of abuse (by being used, if not other forms abuse), psychological repression of id and conditional love (as opposed to unconditional love, ie: love that will always be given no matter what the other person does) based on materialism.

          I could be wrong though, considering that I’m looking at it through my own culture. On the other hand, some things are inherently wrong and immoral no matter what culture or circumstances they appear in.

          • Panda Banana

            conditional love…yeah, thats the right term!

            Imagine working the whole year, sending all the salary home, go back home for chinese new year just to hear your parents bitching and complaining:

            1. thats not enough, we need more
            2. we lost all
            3. you must work harder

            and that comes from people who are not older then 40! Why the fuck they don’t move their lazy asses and do shit. Guess its more convenient to watch TV the whole day, and call you slave child every week to remind her of her duties towards the “family”.

          • And if a woman over 30 with her own career but no husband, you can bet she will get ragged on even more. I was in contract with a friend who was depressed to the point of suicide after the past chinese new year, because her brother had married and had his own business, and so she was now the bad girl of the family who had not married nor prospered. As foreigners, we may never know how deep or cruel things can run down the rabbit hole…..

      • IT will take time to change and evolve. The wedding thing is wrong with people accounting at the door, yes , I have seen this personally.

  • moonlitgirl

    That is some serious plastic surgery. Regardless, this story is sad because no matter her reasons for marrying, even if it was for money, it wasn’t worth it. It’s one thing to marry a rich guy, but it’s another to marry a violent rich guy.

  • The Enlightened One

    Horrible incident… but one thing is for sure….

    That girl 100% had a nose job… look at those photos!

    She was probably super insecure cause her “love” was sleeping around with all these different women and she wasn’t beautiful enough. Messed up people don’t change, should of just left him… but too late now.

    • The Enlightened One

      Oh… and a chin job too…

      • linette lee

        The most common procedures for east asian are double eyelids, nose job, cheek bones reduction, and jaw bones reduction.
        Just look at those korean celebrities.

        This girl definitely had nose, cheek, and jaw plasty.

        • Bugs Bunny

          you should look at korean beauty selection now…
          all look the same, hahaha, even korean say so !
          all look like from the same ps company.
          bad thing is ,nowadays, in china, it’s so popular too, but still, you can find different looks and nature actress.

          and some big directors they never use fake face actress.that’s good.

          • linette lee

            The Miss korea 2012 winner she had complete face and body plastic surgeries. The koreans were complaining about her being too fake. That is funny coming from a nation where most young koreans already had some form of plasty done like eyelids or chemical skin bleached and nose. So who are they judging? Tell them to look at themselves first. But hey, you can’t disqualify her because all the contestants had plastic surgeries, including all the past contestants and miss korea. So if you remove her crown because of plastic surgeries, then you will have to remove the crown of all past winners.


          • James

            was that related to the hanguoren pimp posting escorts here earlier on some korean thread?

            lol you’ve got your claws out blondie

          • Bugs Bunny

            marry korean is risky, look at nicolas cage’s mixed son!
            happy is never liked him!

          • linette lee

            I think… comes in all color and shape. Look at shu qi and selena gomez. They are wide jaws but still very beautiful. Look at beyonce….a sexy tan beauty. Look at kim yu la…small eyes but still very pretty.

            It is just sad that every girl get plastic surgeries just to look the same. Beauty is not only pointy face, big double eyelids, and tall pointy nose and white face.

            And the worst thing is when women in a nation are pressured to look like that in order to compete for mates and jobs.

            Also after they got plasty they have to lie to say they didn’t so they won’t get ridiculed. They is just a very difficult situation.

          • Bugs Bunny

            kim yu la is not a beauty.
            and if your were a man, you will choose a small eyed, short, dark woman, low nose…guess not!
            guo meimei and this wife all look the same type and they all got money from rich guy, so i do not think rich guys are blind…or ps company wont set the same standard. the standard of beauty is the same everywhere, but ugly is so different…

          • linette lee

            kim yu la is a beauty. There are many big beauty who has small eyes. Hk actress Linda chung has small eyes and she is a natural beauty. She is beautiful.


          • Bugs Bunny

            they are not…
            both are not. linda looks better, but we dislike to see her in sitcoms and a lot say she is ugly as actress…but her eyes are not small…

          • linette lee

            I don’t watch dramas that much any more. Nothing good.
            I prefer movies and youtube. Mostly just hollywood movies with some hk , china, taiwan films.

          • MrT

            Watch Modern Family.

          • linette lee

            you go watch the dictator. I laughed so hard I almost faint.


          • MrT

            it looked like it would be funny, but it just didn’t get there.

            What is funny thou no one really interested or the dead Chinese chick,

          • A jew stereotyping an arab dictator, imagine if it was the other way around, and I’m part russian jewish in heritage….cohens dad must be ashamed,not only because he also poked fun at his fellow jews for profit, anti everything he is, as long as he gets fame or money…

          • carmouflagger

            Very aladeen movie :) i aladeened it

          • Panda Banana

            for a non attractive person, you pretend to know a lot about beauty.

            Tip without charge:

            work on your inner beauty, cause your outer beauty is a big failure, to say it mildly…

          • James

            making fun of baby’s pictures?

          • James

            post your own baby picture inmate # 13276890135

          • Panda Banana

            thats actually a very cute and good looking baby…

            how dare you post pics of other people babies and call them ugly??

            I applaud you to be straight forward and speak your mind on certain subjects, cause thats what i like in a bitch, BUT you are completely tasteless and dumb!

          • vincent

            I’m going to have to agree with @d437576ad2003a1f63fa62fd3c048d0c:disqus and @disqus_fwuWP7Zl8s:disqus that’s pretty shitty behavior @super_bunny:disqus , his son is actually a good looking kid.

          • Panda Banana

            she hates koreans in general, so the alone fact that the mother of this baby is korean is enough reason to spit on it (even if its good looking), and to post a picture calling it ugly, even the picture proves otherwise.

            I know she has a strange logic, but it gets even stranger, cause right now she is pregnant herself. AND its even more strange, cause she was called ugly by her own mother when she was small. AND it gets even stranger then that….but i will stop here.

            Cant imagine how ugly a person must be from the inside to do a shitty move like that. Posting a picture of a baby and calling it ugly. Hate and shame our powerful tools to make a dumb ass out of one self !

          • RonghuiLi

            Perhaps the precept of good-looking between western and non-westsen people is different ,to some extent.The baby isn’t ugly but isn’t good-looking neither.Well it is very impolite to say something like “what a ugly baby”. Don’t do that again ,剑胆琴心.

          • harvz

            The best part is how they named that kid after Superman.

          • Taco Johnson

            Miss Piggy making fun of how anyone looks is good for a laugh.

          • Guest

            Than again my mix son is half Chinese , Black and Hispanic

          • Panda Banana

            That is one nice little man you have, has the best of different worlds.

          • Cute little fella indeed! Congrats my man

          • RonghuiLi

            Considering his hair style,you guys stay in china ,right?

          • Narnia

            This comment is even more funny cz its coming from a nation where most of the pretty girls I have seen so far have had some kida “JOB” done before.

        • Panda Banana

          looking at your avatar pic, you could use some of this plasty surgery too!

          • MrT

            that’s after its been done, god dam cowboys!

          • Panda Banana

            then i hope her surgeon is in jail right now…hope that was not the result of one of his better operations:-(

        • RonghuiLi

          Oh I really wonder that ,is there a single girl in korea who hasn’t have a surgeon on her face? I mean ,including the celebrities.

      • DavidisDawei

        Yes, I think it is the same Plastic Surgeon who did Guo Meimei

        • linette lee

          lol… are funny. Then that plastic surgeon is really lousy probably inside China. The ps job look so fake. She should have gone to korea. Those korea ps surgeon have lots more experience and better trained.

          • Foreign Devil

            funny how PS can stand for Photoshopped and Plastic Surgery. . .both being interchangeable in a photo.

      • If that’s the case, the child will have to get plastic surgery too when he/she grows up or else no one will think s/he’s their baby.

        • Panda Banana

          whats worse? an ugly child or a beautiful one no one believes its yours?

          as long as in both cases the child is healthy and intelligent, i would go with the handsome one and would not give a shit about what people around me think….

          I dont have children on my own. At least not children i care about:-)…BUT it must be a real handicap, for parents and the child itself, if its ugly! In addition to that, there are also a good bunch of asshole kids out there…:-(

    • I thought she was really cute before she paid a bunch of money to start looking like Michael Jackson.

      But all of this is beside the point, really.

    • Panda Banana

      you don’t really think she did the nose job for him personally, do you?

      • The Enlightened One

        Nope, if you want my honest opinion… I think she got plastic surgery because she was gold-digger searching in bars/clubs looking for a rich man.

        She thought that’s how rich men want their women to look, so she had it done. Don’t want to stereotype but….

        Make no mistake, I have met quite a few women in China that have had plastic surgery and ALL of them were vain. There is no reason for me to believe otherwise in this case.

        • Panda Banana


    • Reply

      You work for some kind of sleazy gossip magazine or something?

      Nobody else is so interested in the nosejob of a mother who has just been killed.

  • Rick in China

    Tragic event. That dude deserves a seriously harsh punishment. That being said:

    Is it just me, or did the deceased have massive plastic surgery?

    • redgirls

      Jesus, Like it fucking matter’s, if she has or not had plastic surgery .ffs

      • mr.wiener

        tru dat!

        Unfortunately China will now reap what it has sown. The compact made by Deng xiao Ping was that in return for people not pressuring the govt for democratic reform , they give people the chance to get filthy rich. These children born of this cynical deal are the dragons teeth that will squander the hard work and suffering of their parents.

        • redgirls

          Like the Fall of the Republic, We are promised daily

        • Panda Banana

          i wouldn’t call it hard work or suffering. Far from that….again, I just speak from my experiences being born and raised in communism.

          Suddenly the market opens and opportunities are given for people who before that had no clue about capitalism and how it works. It has nothing to do with hard work or suffering, its about having no scruples when the time comes, its a about using connections you were able to built up during the old days in the old system, its about backstabbing and removing the competition by using all kinds of methods necessary to achieve your goals.

          Its not about hard work, its about ruthlessness!

          Its not about suffering, its about playing your cards well at the right moment, at the right place.

          THIS is what their fathers and grandfathers did.

          I am still too young but, i also worked hard in my life without achieving desired results. Once i started to use the tools and methods from the old system, I became successful and rich. I think this is the benefit and advantage mainlanders have when you compare them to HK people by example. One just knows one method, the other knows how to play both…..

          Its like in Galater 3:4/14:

          “have you suffered so much for nothing”?

          so i guess, the background and experience has a lot to do with it. There is not much room left for empathy!

  • BiggJ

    This guy over heard his wife and her friends conversation…..

    • Germandude

      priceless meme BiggJ… +1

    • Panda Banana


  • Sorry to say, but it’s hard to sympathize with these whorish young Chinese women nowadays who sell themselves to the highest bidder…….

    • PixelPulse

      She died and thats all you can focus about? Really???

    • the ace of books

      One glance at the story and already you can tell about her moral character! Oh man, if only I had the clarity of vision that you have! I can think of all the fantastic uses I’d put it to – I’d be rich!

    • linette lee

      I bet if you can use plastic surgeries to whore yourself to marry to a rich woman, you will do it too. You men are talking shxt….hahahahh…lol. ;)

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        I’ve had girlfriends from both wealthy and poor families. The girls from wealthy families treated me poorly. Why would i want that?

        • Panda Banana

          i think it depends on your background, when you are poor, then why the hell should a wealthy family love you?

          Damn, no one likes the poor, even other poor don’t like another poor.

          Why you are looking for love and good treatment anyway from anyones family?

          Remember this words:

          “He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary.”

          Have enough money to be independent, then you dont have to give a shit what others think about you…

          • Wrong my dear lad, poor FT’s get girls. Find a girl who will pay for your beer and fish, I must get you in gear, you are going about tits up….

          • Panda Banana

            the point wasn’t about getting girls. My point was about expecting to be liked and loved….

            if a chick is good looking then i dont give a shit about her background. But rich or poor, I just want to fuck her once or twice and thats it. I never understood people who bought the whole cow. The only thing i ever wanted, was and still is, the milk alone !

          • You are good with woman, and am not doubting that. My point was merely for poor FT in China why give yourself a headache, a older curvier woman with her own money is the best option, be a live in house husband let her work, you mop the floors hahaha

          • Panda Banana

            right, my priority are Milfs, that doesn’t mean that i wouldn’t fuck a 20 year old when she would come through the door and the coast is clear.

            But with the time i found spending my times with Milfs and mature women is just more valuable, simply cause they already know what they want…or….fuck that, what is more important:

            one has to know what he/she DONT’T want. Isn’t that even more important.??

            I always say to friends which complain that they still dont know what they want, to think about what they don’t want and simply go into the opposite direction.

            While its nice to get your balls tickled and polished by a beautiful young chick from time to time, the aura of a milf/mature women and the sex appeal and style and conversation can not be enjoyed with a young chick in the same sense.

            I said it before, that after i am done with them they must leave, cause in my opinion, right after my nut sack was emptied by a fine lady, a fine glass Chaetau Mouton and listen to J.S.Bach’s Goldberg Variations or Beethoven’s Sonata 14 3rd movement can’t be enjoyed with a chick which 10 minutes ago had her mouthful and jizz all over her face.

            BUT in case i have to chose, the one i would like to share this special post orgasm moments would be a mature women!

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            I was always told that one’s financial background doesn’t matter which is totally contrary to what Chinese believe. I like the poor because they are often the only real and honest people in China. I’m not looking for a family… an orphan without a family is just fine with me. And when it comes to mountains, i won’t climb if i have to use my hands. I don’t think i’m here to laugh at any tragedies or anyone. Money or independence are not issues for me.

          • Panda Banana

            the poor are the only real and honest people in china???


        • Well said

      • Germandude

        Yes, for that it’s proven that all a man gotta provide is good looks. No matter how piss-poor he is, as long as he is handsome, he will get the hot chicks. The rich fat bloke doesn’t stand a chance, cause all women are looking for is the handsome guy who loves her, while the fat stinky jerk with money doesn’t stand a chance.

        PS: how many times do you see a couple like in pic 2 where the income/wealth discrepancy is as high as assumed in the first pic? Right…

        • My dear boy, I must get you galvanized those curvier women are better, skin and bones is no good, you don’t want to bend her over and find a bony butt, you want a nice big wide runway for your load, now I am right or am I right?

          • Germandude

            to each their own, Mr. Englundus…to each their own.

          • Indeed, but am I wrong? I reckon pb agrees with me mein freund, dear boy

          • Panda Banana

            you are right of course, BUT to my own surprise, as flat ass chinese chicks are, when they bend over their asses turn out somehow apple shape. If not, just push her waiste down, then you will be surprised how even a bony chicks ass can look like.

          • The apple or pingguo shape is always nice. Glad I met a fellow doggy stylee lover. I just prefer a bit more meat, a but more cushion for my pushin…something to grab a hold of if you like. Happy weekend!

        • Panda Banana

          the fact that a handsome poor guy can get a hot chick, doesn’t mean that this hot chick would go so far to merry him. To fuck him? Yes!

          A smart women(i know there are not many out there) would always take the best of both worlds.

          First she would, like all women, hopelessly try to find the Prince on the white horse. After that attempt failed, she will most likely chose both, which means:

          If necessary, a not so “interesting” and not so sexual attractive husband, who can provide her with the life style she likes to live and who can ensure care for her children, AND a sexual attractive lover who serves as a nice tool to make life worth living.

          Isn’t a healthy life everything about balance?

    • MonkeyMouth

      i actually agree….. people who gold-dig are seriously flawed. she didnt ‘deserve’ it of course,….. but people gotta realize money cant buy happiness

  • JackElliot

    Why drop so much coin on a nose job just to look like a bird.

    • Birds are cute, maybe?

    • carmouflagger

      + The damn nose looks like a Windows 95 pointer.

      • anon101

        “The damn nose looks like a Windows 95 pointer.“


    • Because she wouldn’t have gotten so many mourners if she was an ordinary person.

      It’s the reason why everyone is trying to save the endangered cash cow the panda and not, say, the giant salamander or the Yangtze dolphin. Were they the mascots of an Olympics?

  • Ami

    People are sick and shameful. A young mother was murdered and all you can talk about is plastic surgery and her attractiveness?

    • Rick in China

      We should limit our posts to “Oh my, that’s so sad.” Agreed. Oh – wait, and criticizing other people without any mention of sympathy for the situation whatsoever. Good plan!

      What would you like to discuss exactly, Ami?

      • Ami

        My cat and my roomba have been fighting again and I don’t know what to do?!

        • James

          you using the remote to run it at your cat on purpose?

    • linette lee

      Well…. he was beating the crap out of her but yet she continue to stay with him with a baby, putting the baby in danger too. Why did she stay? Lucky he didn’t stab the baby also.

      Now could it be because she loves him so much she couldn’t leave even though he is a threat to her and her new born? I am sure she loves him.

      I mean how can she not? Look at him. Look at his personality and his intelligence. What he does the whole day with his time. How can she not love him.

      • Ami

        “Fair enough”. I’m not down with victim blaming as there may have been many personal or social reasons as to why she couldn’t of left him.

        But, My main problem isn’t about fake sympathy so much as total unnecessary cruelty. A lot of people are saying gross and cruel things that they wouldn’t say dare say in front of strangers offline.

        If your sister/daughter/niece was being abused and or murdered, regardless of the circumstances, how would you feel?

        • linette lee

          No one here on this site said that this woman deserved to die. This woman she wasn’t a serial killer she didn’t deserve to die. I was just saying I wasn’t surprised her husband killed her. This is not the first day she knows him. He is rich, bad personality, womanizer, violence, and a loser. He has a history of beating her. Lots of bad temper, yet she still want to marry him.

          The real victim in this story is the baby. She herself chose her own destiny.

          No one in my family would marry for money. Money is not worth it to give up your life time of happiness,freedom, and self respect.

    • The Enlightened One

      Sorry Ami, while it is tragic… I did not know her and she is not a friend or family member of mine. If I got down in the dumps everytime someone was murdered or died on the planet… I may as well be dead myself.

      You look at it the wrong people. Sometimes people deflect their thoughts and feelings onto other things because they don’t want to have to think about how screwed up this world is… think of it as society’s way of coping.

      • redgirls

        and when it happens too you cry, sympathy.

    • Panda Banana

      you are right! so let me give it a try:

      RIP you beautiful chinese flower! I am sure you are now with jesus and you are happy!

      I for one dont care about plastic surgery or not. When a bitch can step up her game with surgery, then let her do that. For me she was fuckable before and after. But i would prefer her after the nose job, cause when i look down when she is on her knees getting busy, I prefer to look at a nice looking symmetric nose.

      I like them down and dirty!

      • James

        gotta love internet anonymity

  • Anna

    Case should bring the death plenty unless a judge or someone higher is bribed.

  • Exterior beauty does not a brain make.

    • the ace of books

      And exterior ugliness does not an asshole make … except maybe in this case.

    • BiggJ

      Wise words Yoda.

    • redgirls

      No one ever said it did.

  • Jeff

    Must be another case where the bridge collapsed because the truck was too heavy…

    • the ace of books

      Clearly. Hope they actually send him to prison for more than, y’know, a jokeass trial.

  • the ace of books

    “her husband occasionally was fine except when he got into bad moods and would take it out on her”

    Well, there’s the precedent. And when someone’s fine 80% of the time but angry like this 20% of the time, doesn’t matter if they’re your boyfirend, girlfriend, fuckbuddy, or best bud, just get the hell out.

    He probably apologized every time and she probably believed him, up until this – the one time he couldn’t I’m sorry his way out of it.

    It’s like a little kid having a temper tantrum: this is why I think emotional awareness and control need to be talked more about here. Instead, it’s just emotional cutoff: men are expected to be stoic and bear everything, and the only ‘acceptable’ place to take it out is at home.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Well said. I also think that Chinese society should begin teaching that materialism is NOT the most important thing in life. Then there should be a lot fewer unhappy people.

      • They taught that for a long time, and it didn’t work out well. But now they’ve taken it to the other extreme. And they say the Chinese like to take the middle path.

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          Well if they were truly taught that before and it didn’t work, is there any hope for China?

          • the ace of books

            There’s hope for everyone, but it has to start from inside, and from genuine wanting to change, not just from a wish for face and benefit.

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Then i wonder what it will take before the multitudes see how ridiculous they look and want to change from the inside? Does China have shows like SNL that poke fun at stereotypes and everything? They really should. It might help people to see how foolish they are.

          • the ace of books

            I think they’re beginning to have such things – self-aware satire, that is. But it’s a long and hard path, mostly because there’s a lot of tiptoeing, uncertainty, backpaddling, and (rightful) self-preservation going on. The thing about self-aware satire is that sometimes it quite harshly points out the things people don’t want pointed out. Do that in China, and th results ain’t pretty.

        • the ace of books

          ” And they say the Chinese like to take the middle path.”

          “They” who? I’ve never heard that about Chinese. I’ve heard that about Buddhism, but 1) not all Buddhists are Chinese, 2) not all Chinese are Buddhists, and 3) it’s possible to be a hypocrite about your religion.

          As far as I can see, China’s had extremes for a very very long time. Think back to the 5000 years – a few super-rich, a handful who support/work for/deal with them, and then … everybody else. Lookit how the divide is getting bigger now. Then talk to me about the middle path.

          • The Chinese say it. Often. Go and ask questions about about cheating in exams, spitting anywhere, shitting on indoor floors, lying to get ahead, littering the city, etc. You will find the answer often is “We Chinese take the middle path, we don’t like to get involved in other people’s business”, or something to that affect.

          • the ace of books

            Never ever heard that first part of the sentence. You may be asking different people than I, though.

            The ‘not getting involved’ thing I’ve heard, of course, but it’s usually in tandem with a mention of the Nanjing judge.

      • A big 10 4 to that.

      • the ace of books

        Well, here: I think the materialism is sort of a reaction to the, ah, chaotic years between the ’30s and the ’80s. People get used to having none – but then all of a sudden the chance comes to give their kids a lot, and then the kids don’t have the comparison of what it’s like to have none, and overvalue/take for granted all they have; and then they have kids for whom hardship is so distant they have no point of comparison. It’s the same as in Russia — you suddenly have a couple young generations for whom money is an all-important thing.

        The emotion-handling is pretty key, though – it’s not suppression of emotion that needs to be taught, it’s handling of the emotions you do have, in a mature and responsible way (eg: no, we don’t stab our wives, we go to the fucking gym and do something productive).

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          I’ve often thought of that too but at such an extreme, it’s a poor excuse and tacky way to show off. Maybe the next generation won’t be so material.

          • the ace of books

            Well, it’s more of a reason than an excuse – people do need to know what they’re doing. Also, I think any showing-off is tacky, but mebbe that’s just me.

            The next generation – I figure they’ll be extremely different. Overtested, stuffed with facts but lacking in practicalities, no learning how to share — but on the other hand, curious, driven, with dreams of the rest of the world and frustration at the limitations they constantly encounter, and maybe, jsut maybe, wanting to fix their own country. It’ll be an interesting generation, that I’m sure of.

      • James

        to be rich is grorious

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization


  • linette lee

    bunny, don’t you see. Those girls who spend tons of money and get nose jobs and cheek jaw bones reduction plastic surgeries just to marry rich guy. Look what happened. All she got was killed by an ugly pig. He is so ugly and useless. Disgusting. The daughter looks like him. What a shame. I guess they were made for each other. But poor kid. :(

    • BiggJ

      ummmm. They usually have to marry a rich guy first in order to afford all that surgery.

      • linette lee

        look at her wedding photos. She already had plastic surgeries. She wasn’t very poor herself. Maybe she was making money. So instead of buying iphones and LV bags, she bought herself a face and body. Smart girl.

        • BiggJ

          Highly doubt it…They dated awhile before they got married. I would bet everything she got was from him. And if she making money it was by sucking dick. I’m tell you…she did not pay for surgery herself to find a rich guy.

        • BiggJ


          • James

            Way wrong jose, a lot of strippers & hookers get good money
            for a while anyway

          • BiggJ

            Maybe high end hookers….this girl would be just a low bottom rung hooker. Probably sucking dick in some tier 3 city whore house.

          • James

            BS justin lee would date her

          • BiggJ

            Looks like he already dated her. I had to google who justin lee was. Are you talking about the TW guy who killed a whore or something? All these girls look the same. She looks the same as the girl in this story.

          • James

            don’t believe I knew he killed anyone, just (according to claims) roofied them & filmed it

          • BiggJ

            Ah yeah yeah, Now I remember. Yeah, you’re right.

          • Hahaha, priceless and oh so true!!!

        • Bugs Bunny

          she was not ugly before, she only needed to do nose, but she chose to change more, eyes, nose, face frame…..
          i want higher nose too, but i do not wanna look too fake,because nose surgery still too fake so far.most actress did nose and still look freaky.
          fan bingbing leads this beauty trend, but she has that super sharp face by nature also nose, but all other women want it…
          to be frank, sharp face does look more stylish.

          • linette lee

            fan bing bing looks like an alien. So fake. I never consider her more beautiful than other actress. In HK fan bing bing is not consider big beauty. I never heard HK people say fan bing bing is a big beauty. She kind of look scary because she looks too fake. Hk people think Li bing bing , gong li, zhang ziyi, shu qi, Cecilia Cheung, gigi lai…those are pretty. They look natural and not like clones.

          • Bugs Bunny

            i believe she is nature, that’s why she is so famous. a real person can look so perfect. li bingbing did ps, but she still has good fame, and we mainland dislike her at all.from what you write,i can see you still stick to those old actress time.and what you mentioned, none is big beauty now for me.either aged,or short or dark. AB is a beauty even she is fake.
            fan does not need your hk or tw like at all, she can go to paris often show off her beauty. she is very smart this way.better get rid of local snobs go to higher level.

          • linette lee

            I just like li bing bing, gigi lai, and shu qi type. They all look like model with a nice face and body. They always look great on red carpet. So sexy and beautiful in live interview. Those are the popular actresses in the chinese movies now. That tells you how popular they are in Asia.

          • Bugs Bunny

            i can tell you that,gigi lai has no any chance for films,she is not at this high level yet .
            li and shu qi have no any ticket power at all, you really should open your eyes and mind. li is lucky just for she helped the biggest film maker company, that’s why always gives her the best chance but still does not work much, we dislike her, aged and fake and left that company because of her,fan is such a person,not let her be the first actress then she went out be the no.1, and she did it.still most actors and actress in this big company to be safe and for good chance.
            i think most women dislike fan just for her looks,they think she looks like xiaosan, slut…this and that. just for jealous.

          • linette lee

            hahah…no..she doesn’t look like xiaosan. She looks like alien.

          • linette lee

            I do notice Hk actresses don’t like to powder their face so white like pan cake. It’s different make up.

            Fan bing bing ,Gigi lai and shu qi are 5ft 6in.
            That is kind of short compare to Hk actresses like Rain lee, fala chen, Kelly chen , ada choi, myolie wu who are 5ft 8in. Gigi leung is 5ft 9in.

            Average height of hkese boys and girls are taller than southern chinese but shorter than northern chinese.

          • Bugs Bunny

            those you mentioned are ugly to mainlanders. sorry!
            its about all together for a beauty.

            i tell you why, because their skin is not so white, that’s why you can not just white your face…and most actress and actors in TVB are too ugly,that’s why i do not watch…the light TVB make also very bad and dated. korean sitcoms use better light when shooting.

          • linette lee

            TVB don’t have good lighting I agreed. Who watches TVB dramas now? I watch only a few. They are horrible. Hk films are better.

            I have to say fan bing bing have the same color like most hk actresses.



          • James

            color? whiter face? blacker butt?

          • linette lee

            hahhaa….Some actress powder their face sooooo white. Like geisha. I guess China and korea like the geisha look.

          • James

            go over to the thread about the guy who went to Taiguo, look at those queer guys faces & their arms.

          • Bugs Bunny

            you should use photo of they two together…
            your wrong at this point…all people say fan is very very white, even whiter than white people. from those who saw her.

          • James

            you’re really a bizarre creature

          • linette lee


            china people consider this pretty? Like clones. Not natural. Kind of strange like alien.

            Her photo shoot magazine she looks different. With photoshop.

            I judge their looks by looking at them when they are doing live interviews or on red carpet. Li bing bing and the other ones I mentioned above they are sooo gorgeous. Natural.

          • MrT

            judging by the look on her face, there is someone under that dress.

          • Bugs Bunny

            she is, she is our nation beauty…and she is the biggest money maker as celebrate.she makes more money than most actors you can see her video. that’s better.
            if you her looks just by photos and you feel she looks too fake look at her film, as 观音山,she almost no any makeup there.she acted in two this type of films,all literary films, but still good box office,most even just wanted to see her in film.

          • linette lee


            You like big eyes and pointy face. Gigi has it naturally.
            gigi lai is a lot prettier in live interview. She is gorgeous. You do have girls who were born with big eyes and pointy face. They look natural.

          • Bugs Bunny

            totally no!
            sorry i am not interested in this look! you can let other men take a look too,i bet they think she is very outstanding by men’s eyes.
            you think fan is fake? look at her kid time photo, she is nature.and she began to act very early, no time for ps. also not much into kong people.kong people more look like Malaysia type,no interest.

          • The Enlightened One

            Linette, she looks a little bit like Donnie Yen in drag… .HAhaha!


          • linette lee

            what’s up with jacky chen and donnie yen. You men only know those two chinese actors. hahaha.. lol.

          • James

            chan? you going putonghua?

        • Panda Banana

          why “instead”, who told you that? most likely she had both…damn, she had all the things you obviously miss and wish to have: iPhone, LV bag, and good looks….

    • Bugs Bunny

      why speak in such way!
      i decided to stop writing here because that mfker cc aka panda banana…
      haha, i answer you! not all women married rich got killed, and most even divorced still get big money for rest life.that’s why find a rich hubby is harder than get a good job…and i am not digger, i care for education and looks more then ability. my guy is not ugly and not curse, and at the same time very good temper…i think he is a good person for a husband.

      i like to think in a realistic way, cause i am trying to write a book,that’s it.
      ok, this one can be a good example for book.

      • linette lee

        But I bet you will not marry to a guy just because he is rich when he is ugly as hell with bad temper plus bad personality. He is not known for his intelligence neither. On top of that you will have to have babies with him yuk.. no way. not for millions dollars.

        • Bugs Bunny

          never ugly men for me, and i never had any ugly bf…
          all above average…

          • James

            lots of mainland girls say you’ve never had it til biggj/popeye ate your spinach

          • Panda Banana

            never? really?

            and what’s up with all this Shanghai-Kentucky-Fried Chicken Pakistani-Midgets eating MOFers you date?

          • MrT

            average what?

          • James

            yeah, but with poor eyesight

        • BiggJ

          Well you’re in luck. Rich guys most of the time pick hot girls. :)

          • linette lee

            You are too cute. Are you a hot guy? I like hot guy. :)

          • Panda Banana

            yeah, but the problem is that most likely a hot guy would not like you!

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I’m fucking hot as shit!!! Me and you would make a fine looking couple. :)

          • James

            Popeye the Canukistani lol



          • Hahaha, classic photo!!!

          • linette lee

            hahahah…..I love you. ;)

          • BiggJ

            I’m flattered really… know love is like playing the piano…first you have to learn the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart….but in this case I just don’t see myself loving you….it’s not me…it’s you. lol :)

          • linette lee


          • the ace of books


          • Panda Banana

            judging by the picture, you could be her twin brother:-(

          • Panda Banana

            lol :-)

        • The Enlightened One

          The main reason why women marry rich men is for stability. And rich men like this are a totally false sense of security and stability.

          Morons like him are the kind of people that will lose all their money on stupid investments or squandering it on crap they don’t need. Add a drinking problem, god-complex and bad temper… and the whole stability/security goes out the window.

          Intelligent women should be going for men with skills and determination. These kind of men will treat them well and make a good living doing something they love.

          Only an insecure women goes to get plastic surgery so she can meet some rich guy in a bar/club. The guy will always treat her as something he bought rather than earned.

          • Bugs Bunny

            but, the truth is, looks is one of the most elements for a woman’s confidence.if no confidence then where is the secure?unless she is from a rich family too.
            men do not see intelligent but looks at the first sight.

            woman’s looks decides what kinda level men she can date,woman’s personality decides how long she can stay with a man.
            do not tell me men do not care for women’s looks most to begin a relationship.

          • The Enlightened One

            You are right and wrong. Looks do play a factor, but so do other elements. I would prefer a girl that can do martial arts over a girl that just dresses herself up like a doll to look cute.

            That’s my personal preference. If someone bases a relationship of shallow traits then they will get a shallow relationship. If that’s what you prefer, it’s your life!

            To me, life is pointless if you stay in the kiddy pool and never learn to swim.

          • Bugs Bunny

            that’s because most of us are just average people have an average life and choice…
            if you were a rich man, you won’t play around beauties?
            if i were a rich woman, i will play handsome young boys for fun too…that’s human nature.
            sure there are some men care for women’s iq and personality too, i do respect them…but most are not saint. they are just sallow dick controlled animals.

          • linette lee

            enlightened one, are you still inside China?

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, I am. Back and forth.

          • Panda Banana

            you just see things from your own perspective!

            Confidence can be gained by many things, looks are just a small part of it. In fact when you base confidence on looks alone then you reduce the persons value dramatically. No one should put all his eggs in one basket alone.

            Of course an ugly women will have a hard time in this world wherever she lives, but even they can make something out of their lives and are probably forced to work more on their inner beauty. I am sure there are men out there(not me) who are looking for a good character and intelligence first.

            The worst case scenario of course, would be, when an ugly women has also no character and intelligence. Opposite the best case scenario, a person who possesses both attributes, a beautiful mind in a beautiful packing.

            Then there is MY category very few man are members, which is: a beautiful mind in a beautiful packing and sexually hyperactive with a skillful big cock and rich on top of that. Its every women’s dream but also nightmare at the same time.

            You are right most men do care about looks and so do women. We want to fuck the ones who are sexually attractive to us. Women, and especially chinese women are unique in the sense that they are willing to sacrifice taste and lower standards when it comes to outlook, cause their priority are CAPABLE man, not necessarily good looking man.

          • Panda Banana

            Look, maybe for a reason i can sympathize with women like her better, then most others. Cause I too just want one thing from a women, her looks and her sexual skills over a limited period of time. Thats all i want. I don’t need her love or anything else she is offering me, I just want sex and nothing else,simple as that. I am not a doctor and i also don’t care if she is “insecure” and why she probably made a boob job or whatever. Thats her problem not mine. I don’t care what is in her mindset, cause sex is all i want.

            I think you guys just think and care too much about things which are out of your control anyway and most likely not worth the time thinking about it. Why complicate your lives unnecessary when it can be so simple and easy? But i guess thats the nature of most people.

            However, from my perspective, she probably had a similar mindset like me, which is to keep life simple based on what she wanted from life and what she expected to achieve. Of course her goals were very limited for every “intelligent person”, cause all she ever wanted and her top priority, to find someone with enough money to “support” her throughout life. In china, with its extremely limited amount of handsome males which are also rich at the same time, the beauty of the man becomes secondary and is far down a chinese women’s priority list.

            When you talk with chinese women, then you will most likely never hear that they look for a handsome men. They will always tell you they look for a CAPABLE man! And i cant find anything wrong with that.

            I find it unnecessary to talk down on this women, BUT i also cant find anything wrong with her death. She tried, played her cards, played them wrong, failed, and paid the price for that at the end. And knowing china and its people, what has happened to her will in NO WAY reduce the amount of girls willing to take “risks” just to achieve certain “goals” in their lives.

            Don’t judge people based on your own mindset and/or try to find matches on each others priority list. And when your priorities don’t match with theirs, trying to find reasons for their “illness”. Girls like her are not sick, not evil, not good, not bad, not beautiful and not ugly. It just happens that they set their priorities differently, AND in china, such girls are definitely NOT in the minority!

          • The Enlightened One

            You’re right! She is what she made herself out to be… a toy… and once he was tired of playing, he broke it.

            I guess he preferred video games.

          • Panda Banana

            actually your “playing-get bored-so he broke it” analyses and the fact that he was obsessed with video games is a nice theory. Its great when pieces can put together to make sense.

            Thinking about it, you could be well right…everything is connected, it was just a question of time and timing about when it will happen.

        • Panda Banana

          not for millions?…judging from your posts so far, you would do much more then that for MUCH less then that!

          I bet you would be the first one on your knees to tickle his balls and asshole…

          • Shh-top Shh-stop you are getting me excited, I imagine her in a really slutty dress and heels….oh mama!

          • Panda Banana

            yeah, but please after some plastic surgery. She looks scary right now with her cross look, froggy eye balls, crooked teeth including HongKong style overbite!

            As i think about it, with all this attributes(except the HK overbite), she looks more like one of this shapeless monstrosities, buck toothed, Xi’an girls….

            trust me you don’t like to see one of them in heels and a slutty dress. She must be a hell of a world class nuts-tickler to make up for her bad looks!

          • The big boobed xian car window washer looked likje she should be a good nut tickler, you may be right!!!

          • MrT

            dont forget the piggy eyes.

      • i care for education and looks more then ability

        Prove it, your posts speak otherwise, you do care of status, you liar!

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        I agree… cc aka panda banana are the worst.

      • Panda Banana

        ” not all women married rich got killed”

        hahaha, thats great! makes it sounds like a few can even survive the first few years after getting married.

        How many of the millions and millions of chinese women who ” married a man for money” get killed by their husbands anyway?

        Think about how small this percentage actually is, before you say “not all…”….

      • MrT

        I don’t think your husband really knows you.
        Every one else does thou!

        • Bugs Bunny

          you think you can marry a person who really knows you so well?
          as long as the relationship is happy, why care for so much other things??
          mate is not a second you.
          and how about if here i fake myself to make fun???and in reality totally different????
          you think you know everything???

          • MrT

            you heard it here first guys!

    • James

      but her hair was black

    • Panda Banana

      actually looking at your and his pic, you 2 would be a nice match!

      The daughter looks actually very cute. Maybe your cross eyes fool your vision??

  • fishie

    wow she looks like she went for a lot of surgery. or has incredible make-up kits.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Yeah. She looked so much better before the surgery which is usually the case. I don’t understand why so many Chinese women want to do that. She was so beautiful before but then after high school, they often get that gold-digger mentality and totally transform themselves into aliens. So sorry for her family.

      • Panda Banana

        she looked ok before, but much better after the nose job. Either way, she was fuckable, before and after….who cares if she is a gold digger? I dont know why people, especially men care about that. I only want to fuck her once(if she is good maybe twice) then she can go. Why care what she is digging for?? That women are this way, is the fault of stupid insecure men willing to pay a bitch for a piece of her pussy.

        Pussy must either be for free, or veeeeery veeeeery cheap, everything else is nonsense…

        • don mario

          u must be trollin, she looked scary afterwards.

          • Panda Banana

            scary if you are someone looking for a wife, for me she looks like a great one time fuck. She has the perfect symmetry and great looking eyes. This very same look and straight nose i want to see when a girl goes down on her knees to blow me. Before she was acceptable, but she had one of these typical boxer noses, not really attractive, but still good enough to fuck her either way, maybe from behind while pulling her hair, not sure at the moment, and it also depends on the situation.

            No, she doesn’t look scary, she looks the way she wanted to look, which is, attractive to others. I doubt she was a good fuck, cause she comes across quite unnatural and not mentally flexible enough. Flexible enough to fuck with someone ugly, but not open minded enough to go through all the mental and sexual torture she would experienced with someone like me. Having said that, i bet she was a crybaby and bitch, and thats dangerous when your partner is someone who is mentally insane and aggressive.

  • MrT

    Oh she soon got into Chinese slapper mode, typical looking QQ stars they get brainwashed into thinking looks hot (well it does to dickless Chinese boys who are not gay yet) and that goes with having lots and lots of affairs behind the butt ugly wallet she married, who has found a really hot girl and fallen in love with her and wishes he had not married so quick.

    America goes supernova into poverty.

    China explodes in to Yuppie stupidiness.

    • linette lee

      So you are saying he killed her because he found a prettier one? Is it expensive to get a divorce in China. In other country is extremely expensive. The wife will ask for half of his wealth. I don’t think china is like that.

      • MrT

        yea she would get half of everything they acquired after marriage (they changed that recently to reduce the gold diggers)
        No its plain and simple she was having more fun then him for free and it was costing him sht loads for these Chinese girls to play with him.
        So he just popped a blood vessel and lost it, you know how much Chinese hate to waist money.

        • I’ve heard she would get half if they divorced, but if it os proven one part was cheating, then that part gets zero. Can someone confirm?

          • MrT

            yea and also who ends up with the kids the other pays for it.
            There is also i think a first 2 years (or 1) get out clause.

          • get out of the marriage clause?

          • MrT

            cool off period, if there is problems first (1-2) they can cancel, no charge, full refund kind of deal.

          • lol, i thought that was what an engagement was for!

          • James

            the fuck you say? lol I thought it was only an archaic gaelic practice

          • linette lee

            He figured it’s cheaper to kill her and use bribery to bribe his way out of conviction. It usually works in China. lol.

          • MrT

            you like to slip the word bribery in a lot.

          • linette lee

            That is part of the “law” in China. You can’t do anything without a red envelope.

          • MrT

            If i give you a red envelope will you feed me?

          • mr.wiener


          • MrT

            well a drink then.

          • Panda Banana

            take care not to make a baby with Linette. It doesn’t matter how handsome YOU are, based on HER looks the child would turn out retarded and ugly as fuck!

    • James

      Chinese slapper mode, lmao

  • Reginald

    He’s probably thinking he’s unlucky because you can fucking bet there’s truckloads and truckloads of these vermin that get away with killing their wives.

  • Well, at least the baby does look like his.

    • MrT

      all Chinese babies look butt ugly the same.

      • Bugs Bunny

        no, most are, some not…but a few, that’s true.
        i really dislike those classmates show off their babies on weibo, qq, weixin…everywhere, all i wanna say is, damn, your baby is ugly as fuck.

        • mr.wiener

          ha ha!, damn you are direct!

        • BiggJ

          I’m sure you’re parents thought you were a cute baby too. :)

          • Panda Banana

            she already posted that her mom called her ugly all the time…

        • MrT

          every cloud has a silver lining! you turned out well.

        • Panda Banana

          i know what you mean, BUT i do think that on a world wide comparison chinese/asian babies are the cutest and best looking. For whatever reason many males turn out ugly once they grow up. Not many chinese females are really ugly, most turn out average and a good bunch even beautiful.

          No racism here, BUT take black babies as a comparison to asian babies. Black babies too look kinda cute, with the difference that when they grow up, male or female turn out less attractive, women being less attractive then man.

          Some mixed ones look good even they grow up.

          I am from east europe, we don’t have many ugly people where i come from. Women are hot ass fuck, all with wet pussies(excuse my language), and most guys have above average size dicks. Its a pretty much sexual open minded region in the world.

          When i was 14 i made my first sexual experience, which was that a 45 year old lady brought me to a change cabin of the public bath and sucked on my little cock. It was a strange experience, but one i wouldn’t want to miss. I still had a relation with her years after…at that first experience she also asked me to touch her pussy. Funny thing, after i told my friends about what happened, i was treated like a king amongst all other teenage boys. They all wanted to smell my fingers! No joke!

          Needless to say, cause of that, i was also attractive to all the girls in my school. One becomes the center of attention and sexual attraction cause of some sort of aura which comes with experience….


          • mr.wiener

            Ahhh that is the Koala banana we know and remember.

      • Panda Banana

        in my opinion most chinese babies look very cute. This one of hers looks very beautiful, hard to imagine that HE is the father!

        I would tend to say that MOST chinese males look ugly.

  • DavidisDawei

    He is insane/mentally unbalanced…
    try stabbing anything 30+ times. It takes some time and effort…

    • There’s an app for that – people have fun destroying perfectly good electronic fruit that will go to waste..

  • redgirls

    excuses 101
    They are Chinese.
    She had a baby with someone else.
    She may be a slapper.
    She loves money.
    She had plastic surgery.
    She was too forgiving.
    She interrupted his game time.
    She was cheaper to kill.
    But, HE stabbed her to death!

    • James

      you can only execute the prick once

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤

      She does not deserve it, but she’s partially responsible for marrying such an asshole.

      • Reply

        No, she isn’t. He’s a piece of trash who deserves the death penalty.

        The obsession some guys have for blaming women no matter what is not healthy.

        • moody

          There is no such obsession.

          Surely nothing can even start to justify what has been done to her.

          And the baby is the biggest victim of all -especially since his only wrong doing is to being born in the wrong family-

          but she certainly made the bed she slept in, even though what happened is extreme, she certainly could/should not expect anything good coming out of that parody of a couple.

      • Probotector

        I doubt she could foresee getting murdered by him, regardless of how assholian he was behaving. Who knows? Perhaps he was sweet when she married him.

    • Kate

      You have literally been the only person in this entire thread that I don’t think is being a douche. Thanks.

    • Tony

      Exactly! There’s absolutely no justification for his crime, none whatsoever!!

      What happens to the child in cases like this?:

      • don mario

        why the fuck did she have a child so young…….with a nutjob in the first place? yea poor child but how about the chinese actually learn something from this? like dont have irresponsibly young kids just as a fucking accesory and then let your parents raise them?

        • Tony

          Nonsense – having a child young or marrying a nutjob is not a capital offense. Responding negatively to one of my posts is!

    • Michael Britten

      Thank you.

    • Chinese girl

      As a chinese girl, I am really angry about the list, I am not on your list, all my best friends and the girls in my family either.

      • redgirls

        No Females I know are like the excuses given on the list.

        The list, is a list of Excuses given by posters on this tread and not in any way my own opinion.

        This is simply to highlight the Hypocrisy of such statements.

        Hope this clears it up for you.

        I am sorry you found it offensive.

        • Chinese girl

          I got it, I am happy you explain to me.

          • redgirls

            Thank You, Chinese girl for understanding .

          • Chinese girl

            You ‘re welcome.

          • Chinese girl

            You’re welcome.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Oh man just look at all the photos of him.

    The guy is always frowning, and his eyes don’t really seem to be focusing on anything. It practically screams heartless bastard. Or an autistic kid. Given the stabbings, I’m leaning towards the former.

    • don mario

      but he is rich ^-^ thats important to take care of the girl right???

  • He needs a good bloody flogging and then hanging!!!!!

  • BTW Since when are long pointy noses supposed to be attractive…..? lol

    • James

      they can spear the cockroaches

  • “Wasting good cabbage on a pig”? Funny, that’s how I feel about a lot of Chinese girls from the Mainland…lmao!

  • In all honesty, the guy does look like he’s brain dead with that goofy expression…lol!

  • Lucas

    Wife is pretty.. Ahah .. You can smell plastic surgery everywhere

  • Foreign Devil

    Here’s what really happened. Pretty but vain Chinese girl wanted to get an expensive nose job to look more “European”. She marries rich guy and gets nose job. Her friends who do not know her well are all jealous of her. . and think she has the perfect nose and the perfect life. But she happened to overlook the fact that she married the worst kind of spoiled, entitled, rich piece of shit psycho. At least she got her nose job!

  • Anon992

    I know this is a great deal of conjecture, but I can’t help but feel that this type of tragic situation is the epitome of when people marry for societal face (him for her beauty, her for his money) rather than a genuine personality match.

    Mainland China needs to start looking at the inside rather than just the surface all the time.

    • Anon992

      I really don’t understand men who base their long term relationship decisions on how pretty the girl is. I’m talking about the men who date these girls who have no sense of humour, intelligence, political/intellectual curiosity or conversational skills (not to say all men bear these attributes).

      Sitting at dinners in stone cold silence. Spending their whole day putting up with an empty, vacuous, pig-ignorant, eye blinker just so they can do things to her lifeless soulless body at night. And that’s just the first month. After that he will be bored with her body anyway, so the only pleasure he will get is from making other men jealous who would also like to use her body to splash over. And then he’ll get all jealous when those men come around and his spiral of anguish will continue and grow as she becomes more miserable too and then needs to play on those men’s lust so she can reignite her dying sense of self worth, realising that she has sold off the main currency of her existence to an asshole she doesn’t like but says to herself that she is in love with because that is the only narrative that can validate the daah de da da doop doop.

      And then so many Chinese people are shocked by ‘how ugly foreign men’s Chinese girls are’. What are these people implying?… they want us to sign up to this societal model where men base their relationship decisions purely on whether the girl has double eyelids and a nose like a puffin!? And are these people also implying foreign men should ‘do better’ here than their own race?

      • Anon992

        “So i guess you have an ugly Chinese girlfriend then.” – Wanted to make the joke before someone else did.

        • Panda Banana

          do you?

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          Best wishes to you and your “ugly” Chinese girlfriend! :)

      • James

        tell us she farts in bed too

      • Probotector

        I would agree with this.

        There is a lot of shall we say, ‘need to satisfy a criteria’ when considering Chinese relationships, and they generally are of the type you described.

        I remember a while ago, there was a story called “The People’s Republic of Love”, and a user called Johnny Basic said that this phrase is as discordant as “The People’s Republic of Impeccable Table Manners”. He said Chinese people only do anything for one of three reasons:

        1. Because they’re socially obliged to;

        2. For some kind of gain (usually financial, sometimes to save face);

        3. To waste time in as idiotic a fashion as possible.

        I think that this couple got together to satisfy all three reasons.

      • don mario

        its a 2 way system. the men go for pretty as priority and the girls go for money- above all else.

        im not really surprised that fucked up things happen when this is how the majority of chinese kids are being raised.

  • Crazycook

    what a shame.. really what a shame and what a coward to attack a woman. spoiled little brat. In this case i know he might not even get death sentence . he has money to pay his way out. poor little child at the end she is the one left alone. I really don’t understand some reactions sometimes

  • Sean Cauffiel

    If she weren’t hot, if he weren’t damn ugly…. wouldn’t be a story.

  • Hozzy1

    It’s always sad when someone has to pay with their life for someone else’s decisions. No matter what their lives were like or the reasons for them being together, it never should end in a death. The poor daughter has lost her Mother and one day will learn why.

  • Kate

    I don’t give a shit about what the woman looked like or what the husband looked like or what the bank account was like, who was fucking who, I don’t care. It’s an incredibly horrible story, the man is a fucking monster, and that poor baby will never have a mother again. RIght now, I bet it’s crying, looking for it’s mom.

    I hope justice is served to the POS and the baby goes to the best home. Incredibly sad for the child.

    • redgirls

      Well said. Kate.

    • linette lee

      What a phony. lol.

    • don mario

      well sorry but it is appropriate. the surgery clearly shows what this womans priority’s were. money and materialism. also shows why she had a young child, thats how these spoilt brats act, completely irresponsibly, they get the parents to raise their own child so they dont give a shit about having it young.

      if she was a woman brought up with values in her life she wouldnt of stayed with such a obviously fucked up man.

  • Marcus

    chasing gold will almost certainly get you killed sooner or later.

  • cam

    her nose and chin look very unnatural. clearly is the type who would get plastic surgery for getting rich men.

  • vincent

    A psychopath no doubt, giving his wife an STD, cavorting with prostitutes and he stabs her 30 times? If this asshole doesn’t pay dearly for this crime then there is no justice.

    • Kate

      1000% agree. And he stabbed her while their child watched its mother being murdered. Imagine the terror the wee one felt.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        So sad and terrible. I hope she has a better future and doesn’t grow up to be a gold-digger.

      • vincent

        Truly a heartbreaking situation, I know it sounds like a long stretch but maybe the child could be raised abroad if there are enough funds, and hopefully she doesn’t have to learn the horrible truth since she is still so young, and also her father should be locked up for life without parole. This scenario might give her the best chance at a normal life.

  • Joe

    She had it coming. Chinese girls are all gold diggers anyway. Fucking cunts. Can’t trust ’em…

    • mr.wiener

      You were stung once huh?

  • minimoon

    chinese men r very cruel. i dont even talk with them

    • mr.wiener

      how do you know they are cruel if you don’t talk with them?

  • SinCity

    Truly sad for the child. RIP.

  • slenth

    Kill him, and do it slowly and publicly as a warning to others.

    • Panda Banana

      you know what. For one thing I have my problems with Lynch mobs.

      Another thing would be, that in case you dont know china and its people:

      I could bet just in case, just in case this guy would for whatever reason be released from prison, that their would be thousand of girls like her, standing in line to get a shot at him, knowingly that he murdered his last wife.

      This people, including many women, consider themselves smart in the first place. The misfortune of others either make them laugh or is seen as an opportunity to jump in and try their luck.

      Chinese are amongst the most careless, if not THE careless people exist. This starts from completely irresponsible actions and behavior up to complete destruction, just to make a point….

      so regarding your warning to others…you mean other males? other females? both? either way, it wouldn’t work, cause people do strange things even you tell them the consequences in advance, especially in china.

  • breed11

    That Chinese dude is fugly, I mean, wow.

    • Pretty girls listening to mommy and marrying for money, take a lesson from this: Don’t marry ugly rich men!

  • indian

    u b@stard noodle eaters with closed eyes have the audacity to fight with every neighbouring country including country as small as vietnam but too bad ur sickening justice system is just too weak and fragile to handle cases of murder and rape especially if committed by influnetial people…u aliens with small closed eyes can only bark here but the fact is ur govt would simpy throw u in jail if u dare protest..ohh sure ur middle class is double than our;s but dont forget about inequality and hidden corruption…..the dead pigs and humans in ur rivers and and a fuck*d up justice system that hangs innocents and lets culprits loiter around freely is a joke….an estimated 500 million chinese still live on less than 2$ a day….

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      I’ve got some meds for that.

    • Marnie

      The headlines coming out of India these days is a huge cause for alarm: so many brutal rapes of girls as young as 6 years old. Tsk tsk.

  • Perry Mason

    What an asshole. A simple bullet through the back of the head is not going to be enough. I say Gitmo!

  • jeffli

    He does “look” like he had a mental problem. But most of these spoilt brats do. I don’t believe its the single child policy, Its the attitude that the child is just a long term investment, this screws up the male child as while he is growing up he is exposed to psychotic parents still suffering from the effects of the cultural revolution, and spoiling the brat to insanity.

    This is a common theme in China,

    secondly everyone knows that STD infections are out of control in China and medicines are either fake or watered down, in order to force people to submit themselves to Chinese medicine practitioner quack doctors. – one of the biggest jokes based on willow bark (precursor to aspirin treatment)

  • Charles

    Granted, I don’t know too many very wealthy people in the States (my home). However, wealthy people in China are such human refuse! A man who has money will almost never be faithful, but of course if he finds out is wife isn’t he will beat the crap out of her, maybe in public. This is the result of a system where dishonesty and corruption are “smart” and honesty and hard work are punished.

    However, this case may have nothing to do with the disgust that so many people feel towards the wealthy corrupt classes in China. Maybe the many was just mentally disturbed. Why stab someone 20 or 30 times? That kind of hate is hard to imagine, thus the assumption many people are making about insanity.

    If he is bonkers, how many of these folks calling for the death penalty would still insist on it?

    • Probotector

      “If he is bonkers, how many of these folks calling for the death penalty would still insist on it?”

      I don’t see how being insane should grant you a reprieve from capital punishment. Any menace to society, on a dangerous scale like this guy, should forfeit their life, sane or insane, Get ’em off the planet.

  • Narnia

    If this had happened in some other country ..lets’s say Japan. Most of the chinese netizens reactions would have been how sick and filthy and disgusting and horrible Japanese people are.

    • MrT

      because they are.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        tru dat!

  • Fairytale

    She has gone through so much- she needs kindness, not judgement. I hope she rests in peace. Even though she may have had an affair, her husband was twisted to hit and kill her. She loved and treated him well through all that he was but he didn’t change. Its so hard to have a happy love life.

  • Cleo

    I like that baby. We can’t say that the Occupying Japanese in Shanghai killed his wife and then when he tried to report the crime at the local controlled police station, they arrested him and said he was the murderer to teach the local Shanghainese a lesson about choking down the assaults going on a daily and nightly basis in that besieged city. This is interesting that it is from Nanjing and the baby and mom are so nice looking (pre surgery) and culprit is the victim’s own people. I see this a lot – parallels to actual war crimes where the Japanese and German culprits are replaced by the victim’s own family so that it is a DOMESTIC crime so we get to fearlessly express our outrage in a way that we could not if we were reading about crimes committed by the Japanese and Germans – there’s no subconscious caution barrier.

    • Cleo

      but take how this news item made you feel and don’t you think you are emotionally expanded and educated into thinking about the Japanese doing the exact same thing and worse to people exactly like this young mother and her beautiful baby?

      get it?