Chinese Husband Stabs Young Wife Over 30x to Death in Nanjing


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From NetEase & Sina:

Internet Exposes Super Car Enthusiast Second Generation Rich As Having Hacked Wife Over 30 Times to Death, Daughter Just 100 Days Old

April 25th, in the Nanjing Jian’ye District Xidi International residential neighborhood, a post-80s generation husband angrily hacked his post-90s generation wife over 30 times until she died, with the most pitiful thing being a little baby just 100 days old being left behind. Afterward, netizens uncovered what is suspected of being the victim @小Q_lady‘s photos with her husband posted online not long ago, while her husband Ji Xingpeng has been revealed as being a member of the Nanjing FSC Super Car Club, comes from a rich family, has numerous luxury residences, has previously spent as much as 100,000 RMB on playing video game in a month, and has had exhibited domestic violence after drinking.

Super car club second generation rich exposed as having hacked wife 30 times to death

According to a Modern Express microblog post on the 25th: “25th morning past 7am, in the Nanjing Jian’ye District Xidi International residential neighborhood, a husband who returned home after drinking had an argument with his wife. In his fury, the husband grabbed a knife and attacked his wife. When family members found out, they called for help. The injured was sent to the hospital but died after efforts to save her failed. The doctor revealed that the deceased had 30-40 knife wounds on her body. The two had a daughter, 4 months old, and the husband’s family is wealthy.”

Soon after, the wife’s microblog was uncovered by local Nanjing netizens. In her new year’s wishes this year, she had written that she hopes her husband would love her even more, that her baby would quickly grow up, and had posted photos of themselves as a loving couple. The perpetrator was also very quickly uncovered by Mop and Tianya discussion forum netizens. The husband’s name is Ji Xingpeng, is a member of the Nanjing FSC Super Car Club, who drives a Lamborghini LP570; The wife’s name is Qi Kexin, and the two had an enviable wedding ceremony. It was also claimed in the discussion forum that the two had indeed initially met in a bar/nightclub.


Wife’s friend’s say husband was sick and beat her, having previously contracted a sexually transmitted disease that he then transmitted to his wife

Given the identities of the husband and wife, this incident also incited a lot of speculation from netizens, with some netizens believing the reason for the incident was that “it was because the husband discovered that the child was not his own that he did something so terrible” and “the husband discovered that he had become the father of another man’s child”. In response to this, self-proclaimed friends of the wife “何谐KUSO” and “馮Cc_吊儿郎当小姑娘” spoke up in defense of their friend on their microblogs, denouncing “those who don’t know shouldn’t blindly speculate”, as well as writing a “long microblog post” [a microblog post that uses text in an attached image to exceed the normal 140 character limit] to set the facts straight, “Seeing a lot of people saying there was something wrong with the wife, I cannot help but say that as the friend of the deceased, we all know what happened. All her repeated patience and forgiveness finally brought her was tragedy. The deceased is gone, may she be happier in heaven than she was when she was alive.”


As for the two of them having first met each other at a bar/nightclub, the wife’s friend “何谐KUSO” used a long microblog post to set the record straight that the two of them were high school classmates, with the husband having been born in 1989 while the wife was born in 1991, that they had started dating three years ago, obtained their marriage registration two years later, by which time the wife was three-months pregnant. As for there being netizen speculation that “the wife married the husband because of his wealth”, the wife’s friend also denied it: “The wife’s family is neither poor nor lacks money, marrying this man was completely because he initially treated her very well when he was first pursuing my friend, listening to her in everything, which made her feel that she had found a good man. She was young to begin with and she wanted to marry.” The husband had visited prostitutes at gentlemen clubs even before marriage, which resulted in the wife having wanted to break up, but had always ultimately been convinced to stay by the husband.


The long microblog post by “何谐KUSO” says after marriage, the wife lived the life of a dutiful wife, but the husband would go to gentlemen clubs and lock her up at home, beating her whenever he returned unhappy; The husband “even contracted venereal disease sleeping around with outside women and infected my friend. My friend was so angry that she wanted a divorce, and were it not for her barely 100-day old child, she would’ve never endured it and reconciled”. The reason why the wife could put up with this kind of circumstance for so long was also because “her mother-in-law didn’t treat her poorly, and actually was quite fond of her, and her husband occasionally was fine except when he got into bad moods and would take it out on her. This kind of perverse/sick love is not love!”

Netizen “何谐KUSO” deeply feels what her friend went through was not worth it: “My friend was such a fool that she was still preparing a birthday present for that beast these past few days. How could you bear to do such a thing to a woman who loves you that much! If he doesn’t get the death penalty, it will be an intolerable injustice!”

It is also currently a top trending topic on China’s popular microblogging social network…

From Sina Weibo:

@南京微吧: 蜡烛 A murder occurred this morning in Nanjing Jian’ye District’s Xidi International Neighborhood: A husband stabbed his wife over 20 times, leaving behind a little baby who still can’t speak. The deceased’s microblog showed that the couple’s daughter had just reached 100 days. Not long before, she had posted photos of her with her husband. In the blink of an eye, a family has been destroyed… Just how much hate must’ve been involved [for the husband to have done this]…

Comments from NetEase:


This fucking guy sure is ugly, “wasting good cabbage on a pig” [a beautiful girl wasted on an ugly man].


Actually, one look and you know this man isn’t a diaosi but second generation rich. Getting married and having a child before completely knowing the other side’s situation, the man was simply after a pretty face, while the girl probably was just after the money. This kind of situation was doomed to end in tragedy. I advise all guys to not just go after [a girl’s] appearance, as knowing her character through being together a long time is most important. Girls, don’t you think it is weird to marry a man you met in a bar? Especially one who is a web gaming spendthrift… (from 王思聪’s microblog)


Marrying this kind of person is such a tragedy, and the most tragic is her baby. PS. The wives of rich people are indeed all pretty.


Hope it’s the death sentence.


Secretly had a DNA test on the child, discovered the wife he met in a bar made him the father of another man’s child~ That’s what happened.

姑父死了它老婆洗澡被我奸 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Dog bites dog, congratulations!


This girl is obviously a gold-digger, otherwise who would go for this kind of garbage, whose face looks like the the sole of a shoe.


A good cunt fucked by a dog.

华尔街百分之99 [网易广西百色市手机网友]:

Not going to say anything, just a bouquet of fresh flowers that insisted on sticking itself into a cow dung. Not all cow dung has nutrition.


Let’s say this guy was a poor bastard, but treated her 10x better than he did previously! Would she still marry him?



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