Chinese Inspired by Iraq Olympic Team: ‘Jia You!’

Recently, many Chinese are disappointed and embarrassed with the China men’s football team because of the team’s poor performance and bad behavior. There is a “National Football Team Welcomes You” music video and many people on forums talking about the Chinese football player that kicked another player’s crotch. Some people even call the national football team “国猪” (guo zhu) or “national pigs” because it sounds like “国足” (guo zu) which is short for “national football.”

At the same time, many Chinese are also expressing their admiration of  the Iraqi athletes who have struggled against so many problems to come to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

From: Iraq athletes compete wearing their own t-shirts, feel sad:

Iraq, this distressed country, up until ten days before the Opening Ceremony did they qualify to participate in the Olympics. They do not even have team jerseys. During canoeing, while other countries’ athletes were putting on their matching uniforms, Iraq’s athletes put on T-shirts, yet they still competed tenaciously.

Here, I want to exclaim: Iraq, “jia you!!”

During the sport rowing competition, Iraq’s team members did not even have competition uniforms.
Really sad….
Later on, it was China who provided them with competition uniforms.
Their racing boat was also provided by China.
In the past, China too had sad experiences at the Olympics.
So now when China sees other countries, they know how difficult it is…

Other comments:

Iraq “jia you!”

Who created their problems?

Iraq “jia you.”

Even when their country was in war, Iraq’s football team won the Asian Cup championships.

At least their football team is stronger than our’s!

The brands are different…

Only later did they change into the new clothes China provided.

Although the two team members were the last to reach the goal, and even fell over 30 seconds behind, I believe, they deserve the whole world’s applause! They really have come so far!

At the opening ceremony, they were also so full of spirit!

China provided PEAK brand athletic clothes.

I suggest our China men’s football team go compete naked; they do not deserve to wear clothes.

Really admire their spirit.

Hope they get good scores.

2008 Olympic Games Iraq Team at Opening Ceremony

This female athlete is a sprinter, all her shoes are second-hand, very impressive, “jia you!”

They already have a lot of “you” [oil]…

On television, I saw how their training facilities are a complete mess, broken and tattered…

True Olympic spirit, true athletic spirit.

When they interviewed the sprinter on television, she said that all of the tracks are all gone, and she experiences gunshots when practicing…also said she cannot get good running shoes, usually has to practices with really bad shoes, and since it was very difficult for her to finally buy a pair of good shoes, she has worn them for years, even including this competition she is using the same pair of shoes. Watching this, I felt so sad…

Suddenly, I thought of the past when our country going to other countries to participate in competitions, having to ride on a ship for over two months, suffering sea-sickness, dealing with time-difference when arriving, even the high jump pole had to be borrowed from other country’s athletes.

Mentioning China men’s football in this kind of topic simply insults humanity.

Donate clothes? Donate to where?

Iraq, we will always support you.

Usually I do not leave replies, but for this topic, I will make a post~~~

Iraqi team, “jia you!”

Take the money we spent training those two Chinese football players and give it to these two Iraqi athletes, and they will definitely win a medal in half the time.

“lou zhu,” you must be a PEAK employee…

I feel really sad for Iraq. 

True athletic spirit…

First was ruled by tyranny, then was invaded by other countries.

Tyranny should die, invasion is shameless.

I suggest that the Olympic Organizing Committee provide training facilities year after year for these special athletic spirit athletes and teams.

Must bump…very touching…

Even if Iraq gets no medals, they will still be great.

Iraq, “jia you!!” Our country’s football team should participate in the ParaOlympics.

Commercial opportunity! How come those athletic apparel companies did not see this? All they needed to do was give two sets of outfits, which does not cost that much money, then hold a press conference and haughtily enter the Olympics.

Initially the Olympic committee still wanted to forbid Iraq from participating. Is this not putting politics over sports? What crime have the athletes committed, they only want to complete their dream. If they had really forbid them, then the Oympic committee would have lost all dignity.

That is the real Olympic spirit!

Take the money we spent on our China men’s football team and sponsor our Iraq friends.

With the Olympic Opening Ceremony approaching and as that Iraqi athlete practices in Iraq, twice she encountered ambushes. At first, when she heard that Iraq could not participate in the Beijing Olympics (Iraq was only allowed to participate at the very last moment), her couch said to her, it is okay, you can still participate in the London Olympic Games. At that time, she said to her couch, I do not know if I will live to 2012. Watching this Iraqi athlete compete invariably makes my heart feel very sad.

After seeing this, I feel so sad, thinking of a certain year’s football competition when a certain team’s athlete all walked onto the field barefoot.
Also think it was a marathon runner from Zambia, who ran barefoot the entire timeand even won several Olympics.

They received an appropriately warm reception at the Opening Ceremony.

China started like this too! So sad!

The important thing is that they abundantly exemplify the Olympic spirit . This is what we should learn and develop. “Jia you.”

Let us just donate some equipment to them! This condition is too arduous!
1 pair of shoes! 1 jersey!

Iraq used to have a lot of money. So why are they poor now? You can go ask American cheerleader Bush Sr.~~though, right now, the trend is stable, and to regain wealth is something that can happen in these 10 years, so when that time comes, just do not forget how we cared for you.

Iraqi Olympic supporters

Iraqi with flower bouquet

The idea is fine, but the reality is cruel.
If it was not related to politics, would the Chinese government spend so much energy conducting the Games, would foreign countries spend so much energy protesting the torch relay and boycott the Opening Ceremony?

“Jia you”~~Iraq~~

A beautiful future will soon arrive~~

Oil prices have again increased!

This athlete’s expression is so dignified.
In them, I suddenly see something very moving.
Their enormous effort to capture their dreams.
I think this expression is even more moving than some people’s tears.

…And Bush, the robbing, people-killing criminal sits in the VIP seat to watch these competitions.

I thank them for helping us see true athletic spirit.

After seeing this, I am also so sad.
A hundred years ago, our motherland was the same.
But we also persevered.
Iraq, you guys also must persevere.
You guys are heroes.

Iraq, “jia you!”
You will win respect!

So much better than the China men’s football team. Let us send all of them [China men’s football team] to Iraq to be suicide bombers.

No matter what happens in one’s country, the ordinary people are the one’s who suffer.

Iraq, “jia you!” No matter their skill or techinque, they have the right spirit.
I hope the Americans will stop fighting.

Sprinter Dana Hussein, very pretty! A beauty that survived a hail of bullets!

Brave lads, you guys are the best!

What do you think?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Veer Left

    Gogo Dana Hussein!
    Anyway, we should leave the individual athletes out of the politics and just make sure that they have equal footing for competing.
    The African ran in bare feet because se was most comfortable like that. Zola Budd was her name I believe.

  • complaint:

    The link said “very graphic.” I only post it yesterday so how can you be disgusted for “days?” Next time I will try to post more warnings then. Sorry.

    Anyway, updating my website is still so slow. I already lose 50% of my daily visitors but everything is still so slow I have to spend so many hours just to update or edit anything. I am going crazy. This is not fun and I do not know what I can do.

  • Iraq ‘Jia You’, ‘hao yang de!’

  • Gaoshan

    Hey Fauna, where is the slowdown? Like, which activities are taking long and how long are they taking? I like your site so I’m interested.

  • tOTF

    four athletes who breathe free because of the united states are better than a whole team who suffered the torture under saddam hussein’s brutal torture of his athletes by his son, uday.

    if china loves iraq so much, why did you cowards stay home?

  • Gaoshan

    Hi tOTF. Thanks for reinforcing the growing pile of evidence that Americans are arrogant and not too bright. Bye now!

  • tOTF

    i guess shooting monks in tibet is a bit easier for you.

  • Jacob

    woah, woah, woah. Hold up here you act as those it is ONLY the Chinese supporting Iraq in these Olympics. I was at the rowing venue and I watched Iraq come out and row. EVERYONE was supporting them and cheering loudly, it was probably the most cheered on event of the day. Britons, Canadians, Australians, and even, yes, Americans. In fact the Chinese I did hear cheering weren’t doing it seriously but rather in a jeering, joking manner. I shot video of a group of Chinese cheering for Iraq and while they were cheering 加油 they were also laughing at the same time and didn’t want to be caught on camera cheering for Iraq.

    So you’re report is true Chinese people are cheering for Iraq but so is everyone else.

  • tOTF

    what do you mean “even, yes, Americans”? we and our allies are the only friends they’ve got. if it was up to the chicom’s, they would still be under saddam.

  • Jacob

    hey man relax. I said “even, yes, Americans” because it was a US vs. Iraq rowing race. Additionally there is a wealth of news and public opinion that America and Iraq aren’t exactly friends, moreover at the race before others began cheering for Iraq they first said “I apologize and take no personal offense” to the Americans.

    So relax man. Americans are supporting the Iraq athletes as are Britons, Chinese and everyone else at the venues.

    And lay off the racist remarks because if it wasn’t for China America wouldn’t be what it is today, this is a symbiotic relationship and let’s keep it friendly.

  • Gaoshan

    Jacob, con’t waste your breath. He’s a troll so you are shouting into the wind arguing with him.

  • NK

    Iraq you have to ‘Jia You’ to protect your “oil” from people stealing it

  • tOTF

    since china’s black market purchases of oil from saddam kept him in power, it’s amazing you have the nerve to say anthing about “stealing”. then again, your government probably didn’t tell you about that little fact….

  • zati

    at least, we don’t rob, we don’t steal. we paid.

  • zati

    BTW, your president probably didn’t tell you about a little fact that….

    he has robbed a country, with tons of treasure; Yeah, probably, he doesn’t
    need to tell you after cheating your vote, he wants to keep all the money himself.

  • Jacob

    oh both you just be quiet

    China hates America
    China doesn’t know anything about America

    America hates China
    America doesn’t know anything about China

    come up with something new before a new world war is started. sheesh.
    Are you guys going to digress into a Olympic medal count war now?

  • zati

    Jacob, you sounds like a friendly person.

    O.K. I shut up first

  • tOTF

    we don’t hate china. they are out favorite joke.

  • Anonymous

    tOTF: if China were America, Tibet would’ve been nuked, carpet-bombed and thoroughly shocked and awed.

  • before you exhaust yourself crying about their lack of uniforms and support from their government…consider this…they have more than 50 billion bucks in banks all over the world..oil money..which their government is hoarding…while the u.s. taxpayers pay for thanks to dubya

  • WTF

    Yeh … sure , it doesn’t take a genius to work out why the u.s. taxpayers are paying for reconstruction. What a mess GB got you lots of suckers into !!!

  • yoyo

    herp derp, butt hurt American republicans posting anti china comments in a post about Iraqi athletes in a Chinese blog. so american