Chinese International Student Arrested Trying to Flee US

UCI and Chinese study-abroad student Zhou Yuan being arrested by California police after a high-speed chase in Los Angeles.

UCI and Chinese study-abroad student Zhou Yuan being arrested by California police after a high-speed chase in Los Angeles.

From NetEase:

Warrant Issued for Chinese Study-Abroad Student Speeding in United States, Arrested at Airport Trying to Return to China November 9 report — This past February, a Chinese international student named Zhou Yuan who was speeding on a Los Angeles freeway was pursued by police for over 40 minutes before finally being arrested. According a Chinese online report in the United States, while being wanted by the court, he recently attempted to return to China and was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport.

Chinese study-abroad student Zhou Xun previously charged with resisting arrest was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport and may now face an even more severe sentence. Lawyers remind Chinese study-abroad students that if they violate the law, they must resolve the matter in accordance with legal procedures and must not use methods such as fleeing back to their country in order to escape legal punishment.

At 8:30pm of February 20th this year, while Chinese study-abroad student Zhou Yuan was driving a white BMW on Freeway 5 near downtown Los Angeles, he was intercepted by police for speeding and weaving. However, Zhou Yuan not only did not stop, he sped up, with police dispatching at least five police cars and a helicopter in pursuit of Zhou Yuan, with speeds at times reaching 120 miles per hour. It wasn’t until over 40 minutes later that Zhou Yuan’s car was forced to a stop on the Pacific Coast Highway by police. This chase was live broadcasted by local Los Angeles mainstream media.

The night he was arrested, Zhou Yuan was leased on bail after paying 100,000 yuan [USD]. Court documents show that Zhou Yuan did not appear in court on September 10th as scheduled, with the judge immediately issuing a 100,000 yuan [USD] bench warrant ordering his arrest. According to the relevant sources, with a bench warrant for his arrest, Zhou Yuan attempted to fly back to China from Los Angeles International Airport at 2:20pm on October 25th and was arrested by police. Court documents also confirm this information.

UCI and Chinese study-abroad student Zhou Yuan being arrested by California police after a high-speed chase in Los Angeles.

Comments from NetEase:

Eggitch Eggitch [网易英国手机网友]:

May you enjoy your time in American prison.

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Those who go abroad indeed are all rich!

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Definitely a second generation [usually referring to children of government officials or the rich].

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This kid sure is a genius. To post bail so quickly means his family has money. It’s just that he doesn’t have much brains, waiting until they issue a warrant for his arrest and still trying to fly back.

winsonpoon [网易加拿大手机网友]:

Don’t come back to China to endanger people. Stay in an American prison and have your ass raped.

大禅帅 [网易江西省新余市手机网友]:

Brother [referring to self] was a car god in his day. No one on the streets could beat me in a race. Now I’m old, and can do it no longer…

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You thought you could go anywhere and rely on your dad [to get you out of trouble]?!

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Good job. If he was allowed to come back, he’d sooner or later hit and kill someone.

该昵称不敢显示 [网易四川省达州市手机网友]:

That is America over there [not China].

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Garbage. Just kill him.


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