Chinese Internet Celebrity “Sister Feng” Appears in New York Times

Chinese Internet Celebrity “Sister Feng” Appears in New York Times

Luo Yufeng, a woman famous for her narcissistic comments on Weibo, recently appeared in a New York Times piece about the nail salon industry. “Sister Feng” as she is commonly called by netizens, became an Internet sensation several years ago for saying things like “My intelligence cannot be matched by anyone from the last 300 years or for the next 300 years.” In the interview she described her experience of coming to America and working in nail salons, commenting that she uses a pseudonym at work to avoid unwanted attention. Surprisingly, many netizens had positive reactions to the story, saying things like “It doesn’t matter if she’s ugly, her IQ and EQ are higher than many Chinese people!”

Source: Netease

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  • yi_ge_yi_jian

    As this site is a ghost town — after many years, I can finally claim…

    SOFA !!

    • mr.wiener

      Enjoy your furniture.…SisterFeng reminds me of someone….

    • Bman

      I also challenge you to a duel. En garde!

      • yi_ge_yi_jian

        **hyahhhhh!** !!!

    • yi_ge_yi_jian

      Also, whilst I am reclining ever so comfortably on this perch… what is new on here? Been a week+ since I have checked in — I am actually curious, are Kai and Fauna still around? I bet Kai is, but, it seems as if the last post Fauna has made was months ago?

    • YourSupremeCommander


  • bujiebuke
  • Bman

    Surprisingly, many netizens’ comments are not here.
    Regardless, I challenge her to a duel.

  • Amused

    Damn… That’s a whole lotta ugly for one woman to be carrying around.

  • i am sure one day some ugly taste laowai will take her.

    • mr.wiener

      Ahh!…… Now I remember who she reminds me of…

      • Zappa Frank

        i thought the same..they even look similar.

      • your wife!

        • Gerhana

          but what if ugly taste laowai have lots of money give you lots of money american dollar no work big house big car money gamble all the time go live big city Beijing big city New York give more money play poker play mahjong win money lose money still get money from ugly taste laowai? you want? or go hell kick your ass?

          • Zappa Frank

            it is just the fox and the grape… she’s been dumped by many laowais… that of course in that case, i agree, showed an horrible taste

          • Gerhana

            I think so too…. just like the fox and the grape.

          • shut up!
            i remember you are the one who always looks like a ghost in your photo.

          • Zappa Frank

            i’m pretty sure that is not his picture, even if seems hard for you to understand…
            you look like a rabbit?

          • at least i do not deal with ugly laowai as you!
            i only deal with handsome guys.
            how do you know it’s not me run away?
            fking idiot!

          • Zappa Frank

            incredibly has never been the opinion of girls in italy or china..

          • haha!
            relationship finished coz i do not wanna stay in apt rented, so simple!

          • also some cases, coz i like handsome guys only, especially young guy, they have no plan to marry, and some guys they are handsome so they want to find a rich chinese wife.

          • Zappa Frank

            relationship finished because after they fucked you nothing remained.

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          • Zappa Frank

            i don’t know, ask yourself why you are with your actual boyfriend than.. i suspect the answer is a pretty young boy can find better than you

          • really?
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            i do not think any laowai can do this, they are too cheap, so i left.

          • Zappa Frank

            i don’t think any loawai can do that with you, i agree. At best they can pay you a mental hospital

          • mr.wiener

            I hope I have your attention now?
            Cease and desist…I am way past joking.

          • no, never!
            never and ever.

          • Gerhana

            but what about a man with modest money but loves you dearly?

          • ha, so far i really do not know any laowai does this, not gold digger is already very merely to see.
            china is going up, usa and euro all going down, most laowai make a living in china are poor class, drink a coffee in starbucks already make them wanna die.
            take a look inside bars, laowais never book table, coz too expensive, foriengn dancers there for money.
            my last relationship my family finished it, coz they all say china is getting richer and richer, no need to waste life with foreign cheap man.

          • Gerhana

            what is good taste laowai?
            what is bad taste laowai?
            if laowai loves you, is he good taste or bad taste?

        • mr.wiener

          I was never that bad in my last life.

    • KamikaziPilot

      You mean like you?

      • Zappa Frank

        sister feng has a job at least

        • yeah,i would never serve anyone at least.
          and i never have to.

          • Zappa Frank

            weren’t you the one were whining because i wrote you?

            you are unemployed, you simply cannot find a good job, nor you can go to US like sister feng. She is actually by far better than you, deal with it.

          • yeah, same as you come to china make a living…

          • Zappa Frank

            actually i’ve been sent to china by my company. I’ve always had a job..

          • but never share your wife a coin!
            oh how stupid your wife is! be careful, maybe she is busy with someone for money.

          • Zappa Frank

            you mean busy like you that basically are a prostitute?

          • oh, you use that word to describe your wife.
            but italy is a rubbish country in west euro, so i understand.

          • Zappa Frank

            no i used it to describe you, but ulgy/crazy bitch is better

          • then i use it to describe all women of your family!

          • Zappa Frank

            that at present include only over 60…. still fit better to you, and not because i say so, one just need to read what you’ve written so far

          • mr.wiener

            @Zappa Frank @Supper Bunny @Me …
            Lets stop this one here please..

          • bujiebuke

            I think your English is improving!

          • Mihel

            Stfu. You’re a poor english teacher.
            Every foreigner in China is a poor english teacher, even when they’re not poor, not english and not teachers.

    • bujiebuke

      Why are you being so harsh to someone who’s from the same village as you?

      • go hell!
        my father is from city, my mom is from village, now we move to city.

        • bujiebuke

          my father is from city, my mom is from village, now we move to city.

          That would make her your cousin? Am I right?

          • kick your ass!go away!

          • shut up, she is your lost sister, coz you both look like pig.

          • bujiebuke

            are you my lost 表姐?

  • Vance

    Gees man what did she do to you? I know she thinks she is more than she is, but wow.

    • mr.wiener

      He has anger issues he is trying to vent.

  • Lovely

    She’;s not that unattractive anymore. I remember the original article, she looks better now. Must be her new life in America working so well for her.

  • The guy

    I seen this girl on pof lol

  • Jie Ming


  • LeanatanHannin

    Her type of appearance still can satisfy a good looking white man. Whether if she’s seen as ugly by others, I wouldn’t care and just get over with my life, given that you don’t need to attract people by your appearance but just by your beautiful personality, and then everyone will start flocking to you and make new friends. The Chinese girl does look really South East Asian, probably she has partially a South East Asian bloodline.

    PS: Oh, superior intelligence and high IQ, that’s really great. I can defend the haters and let them get the taste of their own medicine very easily with my superior intellectual that can adapt to the classy and professional manner of my characteristics, rather than good looking losers who gets insecure of their appearance every day and keeps on wasting money purchasing stupid low life facial products.