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Chinese netizens have fun with Google TranslateChinese netizens may have discovered a new Romanization system all thanks to the real-time speech feature in Google Translate. While the text-to-speech feature only dictates in English, Chinese netizens on China’s popular Tianya discussion forum (1 & 2) have apparently discovered ways to make the female voice, aptly named “Google Girl”, recite Chinese by entering phonetic equivalents. Prompted by this discovery, Chinese netizens soon began to input all sorts of Chinese internet memes, catchphrases, dirty words, poems, and other silly nonsense for the “Google Girl” to say. As one can imagine there are plenty of laughs to go around.

Some are difficult to understand but most of the Google Translate links are posted below along with their intended Chinese and English translations of that Chinese:

春哥纯爷们儿,铁血真汉子,人民好兄弟,父亲好儿子。» Google Girl

Spring Brother [Brother Chun] is pure man, blood and iron real man, a good brother of the people, a good son of his father.

莫装b,装b遭雷劈 » Google Girl

Don’t zhuang bi, zhuang bi will be struck by lightning.

吹牛逼 » Google Girl

Blow niu bi [to talk bullshit, boast].

狮子座 » Google Girl

Leo” [A popular song by Zeng Yike (Brother Zeng)].

欧美AV » Google Girl

European/American AV [adult video, pornography].

哈哈哈哈我操你妈个逼 » Google Girl

Hahahaha I fuck your mother’s cunt.

我操你妈个逼, 你妈个逼, 妈个逼, 个逼, 逼 » Google Girl

Fuck your mother’s cunt, your mother’s cunt, mother’s cunt, cunt

皇上,你还记得大明湖畔的夏雨荷吗? » Google Girl & Another version

My Emperor, do you still remember Xia Yuhe on the bank of Daming Lake? [A line from the popular series “Princess of the Returning Pearl“]

高丽棒子思密达 爱吃泡菜思密达 » Google Girl

Kogruyo bangzhi si mi da, love to eat kimchi si mi da.

哥们,姐们,你们太有才啦~~~ » Google Girl

Brothers, Sisters, you are all so talented~

大家一起來818 » Google Girl

Everybody come here and gossip.

打酱油回声版… » Google Girl

Buying soy sauce (echo version).

你无情,你残酷,你无理取闹! » Google Girl

You’re heartless, you’re cruel, you’re making a fuss for no reason!

我哪里无情 我哪里残酷 我哪里无理取闹?» Google Girl

How am I heartless, how am I cruel, how am I making a fuss for no reason?

静夜思 » Google Girl

“In the Quiet Night” [Tang Dynasty poem by Li Bai].

很标准的 楼主没有小JJ » Google Girl & Another version

Lou zhu doesn’t have a JJ.

日本AV » Google Girl & Another version

Japanese AV.

一鸡巴长,一鸡巴短,我爱长鸡巴,哦也哦也哦也, 呀哈哈, 我好下贱。» Google Girl

One dick long, one dick short, I love long dicks, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yahaha, I’m so lewd.

你妈个逼,你妈个逼, 你妈个,你妈个,你妈个逼 » Google Girl

Your mother’s cunt, your mother’s cunt, your mother’s, your mother’s, your mother’s cunt.

曾哥纯爷们,铁血史泰龙。» Google Girl

Brother Zeng is pure man, blood and iron Stallone [Sylvester].

前轱辘转后轱辘不转思密达 » Google Girl

The front wheel turns, the back wheel doesn’t si mi da.

吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮, 不吃葡萄倒吐葡萄皮 » Google Girl

Eat grapes without spitting the skin of the grape, not eating grapes spit the skin of the grape [Chinese tongue twister].

“主人,我是你的奴隶,你想怎么XXOO我都行,我好下贱” » Google Girl

Master, I am your slave, you can do me anyway you want, I’m so lewd.

太他妈牛掰了! » Google Girl

So fucking niu bi !

我受不了了你太有才了! » Google Girl

I can’t take it anymore, you are so talented!

关我掉事,我是来打酱油的 » Google Girl

It’s none of my business , I’m just here buy soy sauce.

新年好 » Google Girl

Happy New Year.

搂住, 我没有别的意思,这是 [听不懂],“你这个傻逼” » Google Girl

Lou zhu, I do not have any other meaning, this is [do not understand], “you stupid cunt“.

哥抽的不是寂寞,哥抽的是烟~~ » Google Girl

What brother is smoking is not loneliness, what brother is smoking are cigarettes.

夜来风雨声,花落知多少?» Google Girl

“Morning in Spring” [A poem by Meng Haoran].

我要大j8 » Google Girl

I want big dick.

兰州烧饼 » Google Girl

Lanzhou seed cake

不要迷恋姐,姐是个传说 » Google Girl

Do not have a crush on sister, sister is just a legend.

不要迷恋姐,姐让你吐血 » Google Girl

Do not have a crush on sister, sister will make you spit blood.

很傻很天真 » Google Girl

Very foolish, very naive.

我爱芙蓉姐姐 » Google Girl

I love Furong Jie Jie.

恭喜发财, 红包拿来 » Google Girl

I wish you a good fortune, hand over the red envelope.

我有一所房子,面朝大海春暖花开 » Google Girl

I have a house, it faces the sea, it is warm in the spring and flowers blossom.

I made one up off the top of my head. Can you come up with more?


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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