Chinese Judge Sacked After Lamenting Government Interference

Chinese judges in court.

Chinese judges in court.

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From NetEase:

Henan Judge Who Lamented That “Interference By Government Leaders Makes Job Difficult for Judges” Sacked From Position

According to a ChinaNews report, the media previously reported “Henan Luohe Judge Sighs: Interference By Government Leaders Makes Job Difficult for Judges”. On the 7th, the Luohe Municipal Intermediate People’s Court issued a bulletin indicating that this judge “made untrue remarks after drinking”.

Luohe city residents Cheng Jianwei and Zhou Ying had a loan agreement between themselves. After signing the agreement, Cheng Jianwei only repaid 300,000 yuan, still owing 1,250,000. As a result, the two parties went to court. 2013 July, the Luohe city Yancheng district People’s Court made a judgement in the first instance [trial], ordering Cheng Jianwei to repay the plaintiff Zhou Ying 1,250,000 yuan plus interest. Cheng Jianwei appealed, and the Luohe Municipal Intermediate People’s Court’s final ruling was that Cheng Jianwei repay Zhou Ying 963,500 yuan in principal and interest. Zhou Ying was intensely dissatisfied with this and filed an appeal with the Henan Provincial High People’s Court, suing Luohe Municipal Intermediate People’s Court Judge Chen Hongmin for circumventing the law.

Around September this year, Luohe Municipal Intermediate People’s Court Civil Court Deputy Presiding Judge Chen Hongmin insisted in an interview that there was nothing wrong with his ruling and then poured out his grievances. Chen said, “The Cheng Jianwei in this case is a relative of a government leader in the provincial capital and this leader put in a word [contacted] Luohe Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Shao Chengshan. Director Shao then put in a word with the head of the court (Luohe Municipal Intermediate People’s Court) Wang Ye that he look after Cheng Jianwei’s case. Wang Ye then put in a word with me asking me to look after the case, so you tell me, could I have not listened/obeyed?! My friend, being a judge is really hard!” “I am the fairest judge in Luohe Intermediate Court, and this is my worst ruling in all the cases I have presided over. Zhou Ying and Cheng Jianwei have both appealed to the Provincial High Court. I go through so much trouble and both sides aren’t satisfied,” Chen Hongmin said.

Chinese judges.

December 7th, the Luohe Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sent this reporter a “Bulletin on the Investigation Results Concerning ‘Luohe Judge Rues Government Leader Interference Makes Job Difficult for Judges'”, writing: “2014 September 4th, after the media reported ‘Henan Luohe Judge Rues: Government Leader Interference Makes Job Difficult for Judges’, the (Henan) Provincial Court Disciplinary Inspection Office and Luohe Intermediate Court Disciplinary Inspection Group conducted an earnest investigation into the matter, and now releases the following investigation results.

‘Through investigation, on 2014 August 28, after Luohe Intermediate Court Civil Court Deputy Presiding Judge Chen Hongmin accepted an media interview concerning the case he was on, he privately invited the journalist to dinner and made remarks that were untrue while drunk, causing serious harmful effects. Also revealed in the investigation, the principals of both parties in the case involved are unhappy with the ruling of the second instance [trial] and both have appealed for a retrial, and our court has already started the procedures for a retrial.

Our court has decided to give Chen Hongmin a serious demerit as punishment and, in accordance with the relevant regulations, propose to the Municipal People’s Congress that they remove Chen Hongmin from his position as deputy presiding judge in civil court, and as a judge.

Comments from NetEase:

6cdd418586ac81f5b0257153 [网易山西省朔州市手机网友]:

A judge that speaks the truth.

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip:110.184.*.*

These days, I want to be a good person, but it is truly too hard.

一生有你爱你 [网易河南省许昌市手机网友]:

The reasons for being sacked was first for speaking the truth, and second for using his own money to treat someone to a meal.

网易黑龙江省绥化市手机网友 ip:1.61.*.*

It seems to be that Luohe Intermediate Court’s leaders [officials] need to be investigated, as well as the two who put in a word. These days honest and upright people are hard to find. What more, whether or not a remark is true is not something your organization can arbitrarily decide, but instead requires a third party’s involvement and investigation. I support this judge who defies the powerful. Society needs people like this.

网易山东省聊城市手机网友 ip:124.135.*.*

This is called spitting out the truth when drunk!

网易重庆市手机网友 ip:106.84.*.*

A judge spends his own money treating a journalist to a meal, during which he then throws shit on the heads of government leaders. Then when the journalist exposes it, he is removed from his position. Is this insulting the judge’s intelligence? Or is this insulting our intelligence?

小少晗 [网易美国手机网友]:

It must be carefully investigated, just who are the government officials involved in this.

禾口言皆弓虽丁页 [网易山东省济南市手机网友]:

The moment you deny/refute a rumor is the moment I understand the truth.

鲁周园 [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

I think I’m starting to understand that Nanjing judge. Was it like this?

[Note: “Nanjing judge” refers to the infamous judge who allegedly argued that the man who helped up a fallen old woman must’ve been the one who knocked her down in the first place, and thus became the reason often cited by those who wary of helping people on the streets.]

红名1懂球帝 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

This article has allowed us to see another side of today’s society!

Note: Images of Chinese judges in Chinese courtrooms are for illustration only and are not related to the translated news article.


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