Chinese Kindergarten Teacher’s Romance with Black Foreigner

A cute Chinese and black couple.

A mixed race couple in China.

On Tiexue, Sina, and ifeng:

Kindergarten teacher reveals her shocking romance with a black foreigner

Eden Wan.
Birthdate: 1986 December 31.
Blood type: A.
Birthplace: Da’an district, Zigong, Sichuan.
Current Residence: Qingyuan district, Ji’an, Jiangxi province.

A black and Chinese interracial couple.

Personality: Lively, open, forthright.
Likes: The occasional drink, early to bed, early to rise.
Hates: Cigarettes.
School: JingGangShan University.
Workplace: JingGangShang University Affiliated Kindergarten

Black boyfriend sticks out tongue licking Chinese girlfriend.

Brief Introduction: In your thoughts, patience; in your life, passion. Never give in, never give up….
Contact method: E-mail: [email protected]**071

A black and Chinese couple.

From that day on, Peter would still send text messages and give me calls, the discussion changing from “I love you” to “I love you & Lyn”. Wasn’t he being a bit greedy? Wasn’t this really unfair to Lyn? To me? Or maybe he was just teasing!

Black and Chinee couple on bed.

He stopped taking me only to KFC, and instead began taking me to those really, really expensive restaurants. He no longer only gave me a ride back to the school when it was on his way, and instead began specially going to the training centre to pick me up from work to take me back to the school. I slowly started to accept this not quite normal relationship; I slowly started lying to my boyfriend.

A Chinese and black couple in China.

I began slowly disliking myself being this way, I began feeling very oppressed, I began feeling very uncomfortable in my heart, I began becoming dispirited/decadent. I said to myself: “Peter only thinks I’m one of those simple-minded girls. He think he can take me to a few expensive restaurants and I’ll agree to be his “cheap plaything”? A plaything in this unfamiliar city to relieve his boredom?

Chinese girl on bed with peace sign.

So, I started to go online, reading about mixed [race/nationality] relationships, especially those between students and foreign teachers, and learned: I need to be wary, what I mustn’t do, and that I needed to protect myself!!! My boyfriend began becoming suspicious, and he began restrict my contact with Peter, no longer allowing me to ride with Peter, no longer allowing me to exchange phone calls and text messages with Peter.

A cute Chinese and black couple.

Just like this, we broke off contact again…2008 January 18th morning, my boyfriend sent me off on the train back to my home/hometown. I didn’t tell Peter, because I knew clearly he wasn’t interested in knowing these things, because, having consumed so much of his time, he hadn’t got anything from me in return! Moreover, since it was winter break, Lyn would also be by his side~

A black man and Chinese woman couple.

He already no longer need me as his plaything~~ (Actually, I too don’t know why I always like to say that I am his plaything). The entire winter break wasn’t particularly eventful, with the only thing of note being: The number of times Peter called me was actually even higher than my boyfriend! The text message he wrote was just two words: “Miss you”.

A Chinese female and black male couple.

My family too said they couldn’t accept me if have a relationship with a black person~~hehe! After laughing, I’d say “Not possible, we’re just friends, he already has a cute mixed-blood girlfriend. Heaven knows how pained my heart was as I said these words! Hehe, I really do hate myself a little, I really feel that I am wronging my boyfriend…

A black and Chinese boyfriend and girlfriend.

I finally decided that since I’d given up on ever having a future with my boyfriend, why am I still holding him back? Since I don’t love him, it would be better to let him go, and give him his freedom. [So] I broke up with my boyfriend! I feel lighter, not as oppressed, I feel much more at ease. I’ve begun my single life. I still miss Peter but I have still kept this feelings under control! Because, I know, this is something that is not accepted by everyone, and, I too do not want to be deceived, much less be the third person in a love triangle!

Note from Fauna: This is an old post that is reposted every year. For example, here is a copy of the post on Mop from 2008 and you can see from the photos that the post and photos have appeared previously on NetEase, Sohu, MySpace, etc. Race and relationships are always popular topics.

Comments from Tiexue:


The issue isn’t the colour of their skin, the issue is what was the intent in taking the photos?


Piss off to Africa, and when you do, never say you are Chinese.


This kind of woman, messing around when she has a boyfriend, gives us Chinese people a bad name.


This kind of racism isn’t very good. Even the American President is black. Let them take the moral high ground, it’s not good for China’s international image. If we can’t even tolerate this kind of pairing, then what can we tolerate? At some time in China’s long history this must have happened before.  We should be more open minded.


She won’t be so happy if she gets AIDS. Brothers, live clean lives!


Black people are hard to accept… and our cultural differences are so great, nothing will come of this.

Comments from Sina:


I’m not a racist, but I object to black people on purely aesthetic grounds.


I’m shocked.
How can she be a good role model in her profession as a kindergarten teacher?


Why do foreigners see Chinese girls as easy and cheap? It’s all because of girls like this!


Poor girl, could it be that her true goal is love?


Be with whoever you want, as long as you like them.

Playthings to relieve boredom in unfamiliar cities. chinaSMACK personals.

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