Chinese Lottery Winner Wins Record 359.9 Million RMB

From Sina:

Henan lottery player wins 359.9 million prize, how should he spend it?

This brother (sister [it is unknown if the winner is male or female) is too amazing, spent 176 yuan and won 360 million! Everyone think, how do you spend this much money?
Relatives and friends will trample his (her) doorway?


Let’s look back on this historical moment–

On the very last day of this double-holiday vacation, one Henan lottery player during the 2009 118th “Double Color Ball” lottery, won 88x the first place prize, winning a total of 359.9 million yuan [~52 million USD]. This lottery player broke 113 million yuan sum record set by a Gansu Jiayuguan lottery player on 2007 November 27th and has become the country’s #1 lottery winner.

There is a poll on this post. Here are the questions and results from 69,710 votes (as of 2009 October 9 @ ~20:00):

What do you think of the Henan lottery player winning 359.9 million jackpot?

1. Too shocking, incredible. (53,770)


2. Felt it was inevitable, but the amount of prize money is high. (8,005)


3. With so much money in the prize pool, a huge win is normal. (7,935)


Does the jackpot influence your “Double Color Ball” [lottery] betting/wager strategy?

1. Maintain wager, unchanged. (38,067)


2. Will lower wager. (20,142)


3. Will increase wager. (11.501)


What do you think the next China lottery record will be?

1. Individual wins over 500 million. (52,246)


2. Individual wins over 1 billion. (17,564)


A sample Chinese lottery ticket:


Comments from Sina:


No way, with this much money, it is more than enough for an entire lifetime~


Oh my god, I don’t believe this is real, and strongly request some investigation, but hopefully there will not be any kidnapping. With this much money, O(∩_∩)O~, I guess first take care of settling down/having a family. Sigh, brother, [I] envy you. Envious me is already drooling. emoticons|E___7342ZHWSSIB|震惊


The highest prize I have ever won was 2000 yuan…such a tragedy.


I think this brother will need to hide winning this prize from his relatives and friends! Haha.


Money he now has, but how much life does he have left? I’m truly worried for this brother.


[This is] definitely a fake/ploy, “the sky will not drop pastries” [there is no such thing as a free lunch]! [This] will only make you sink deeper, lottery tickets is just another kind of gambling!


How he should spend it is his own business. However, this lottery player indeed needs to keep a clear head!


First thought is that this is too ridiculous. Then, shaken. What is money now? (to him [the winner])


Don’t be envious, 50% of those who win big money very quickly go bankrupt, haha.


Stupid, the country is too corrupt. Why doesn’t the country use this money to go improve the lives of its citizens, improve social inequality? Instead it uses it to promote gambling!! This money was not earned through labor, so what meaning is there in using it!


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