Chinese Lottery Winner Wins Record 359.9 Million RMB

From Sina:

Henan lottery player wins 359.9 million prize, how should he spend it?

This brother (sister [it is unknown if the winner is male or female) is too amazing, spent 176 yuan and won 360 million! Everyone think, how do you spend this much money?
Relatives and friends will trample his (her) doorway?


Let’s look back on this historical moment–

On the very last day of this double-holiday vacation, one Henan lottery player during the 2009 118th “Double Color Ball” lottery, won 88x the first place prize, winning a total of 359.9 million yuan [~52 million USD]. This lottery player broke 113 million yuan sum record set by a Gansu Jiayuguan lottery player on 2007 November 27th and has become the country’s #1 lottery winner.

There is a poll on this post. Here are the questions and results from 69,710 votes (as of 2009 October 9 @ ~20:00):

What do you think of the Henan lottery player winning 359.9 million jackpot?

1. Too shocking, incredible. (53,770)


2. Felt it was inevitable, but the amount of prize money is high. (8,005)


3. With so much money in the prize pool, a huge win is normal. (7,935)


Does the jackpot influence your “Double Color Ball” [lottery] betting/wager strategy?

1. Maintain wager, unchanged. (38,067)


2. Will lower wager. (20,142)


3. Will increase wager. (11.501)


What do you think the next China lottery record will be?

1. Individual wins over 500 million. (52,246)


2. Individual wins over 1 billion. (17,564)


A sample Chinese lottery ticket:


Comments from Sina:


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No way, with this much money, it is more than enough for an entire lifetime~


Oh my god, I don’t believe this is real, and strongly request some investigation, but hopefully there will not be any kidnapping. With this much money, O(∩_∩)O~, I guess first take care of settling down/having a family. Sigh, brother, [I] envy you. Envious me is already drooling. emoticons|E___7342ZHWSSIB|震惊


The highest prize I have ever won was 2000 yuan…such a tragedy.


I think this brother will need to hide winning this prize from his relatives and friends! Haha.


Money he now has, but how much life does he have left? I’m truly worried for this brother.


[This is] definitely a fake/ploy, “the sky will not drop pastries” [there is no such thing as a free lunch]! [This] will only make you sink deeper, lottery tickets is just another kind of gambling!


How he should spend it is his own business. However, this lottery player indeed needs to keep a clear head!


First thought is that this is too ridiculous. Then, shaken. What is money now? (to him [the winner])


Don’t be envious, 50% of those who win big money very quickly go bankrupt, haha.


Stupid, the country is too corrupt. Why doesn’t the country use this money to go improve the lives of its citizens, improve social inequality? Instead it uses it to promote gambling!! This money was not earned through labor, so what meaning is there in using it!

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  • Ming

    52 million US….wow…

    Does he have to pay tax for lottery in China?

  • Mr Googleton

    I think its good with lotteries like this. The maximum should be alot higher.

    I think they should have a lottery that cost 10 RMB each. If 10% buy one ticket it would generate 1.3 Billion RMB. Remove 300 million and give it to needed and left is one billion for the lucky person. In bad times people has to have something to look forward to.

  • 12meeeeeee

    he will be dead by the end of the week, killed by his relatives for the money.

  • lostinsz

    He should hire the whole PLA to protect himself from relatives and a tsunami of potential second wives. Better still, buy Taiwan and turn it into his own personal gated community. God, this guy has serious personal protection issues: wouldn’t want to be in his slippers.

  • FYIADragoon

    Probably going to use it to bribe officials if he’s smart. The rest will probably go into women and luxury goods.

  • too yellow

    1st of all, 359.9 million isn’t that much. 2nd of all, he squarely falls in the 45% /100,001 and above tax bracket no matter how he choose to distribute the money. (And since it’s lottery money he can’t come up with clever tax evasion schemes like the business owner.

    • 12meeeeeee

      35 million euros are not much?

      thats a lot of egg-foo-yong right there.

      btw –>

    • billy joel

      359.9 Million RMB In Net Income isn’t much?

      too yellow = bill gate’s son ?

  • shenyang

    I have yet to see a happy rich person in China. In particular, I know of a billionaire family here in Shenyang that is absolutely miserable due to constant infighting. The matron of the family uses her money as a tool to get relatives to be indebted to her. She first offers gifts of houses or cars, then later forces them to do things for her that they wouldn’t normally do. Her daughter-in-law tried enticing me with a cushy company, and I turned it down. Lesson number one: Don’t owe rich people anything here.

    • Involved

      Brother has seen the truth in there. Being incredibly rich only causes infernal strife and misery. The family member start to fight for power, people have really tough time finding true friends, etc. Overall all human relationship become really hard.

      I can tell you it doesn’t feel very good that one day you find out that one of your “good” friends has made a key for your appartment and goes there to steal stuff while you’re away. And for the really rich people, it’s not really about the money you lost. Who can you trust after something like this?

  • ImmortalTechnique

    Notorious BIG said it best More Money More Problems

  • philfag

    there will always be divisions of the prize money
    maybe 20-50% cutoff

  • dave

    Can foreigners play and win?

  • pho king4

    The guy is screwed either way, but if he’s a party member, it’d possibly be different. It’d explain a lot too.

  • The John

    Some of you sound so down on this guy. I hope he lives happily ever after. He is living large. The guy must have money already in order to throw down the much money on a ticket. He just got really lucky or this is fake. I’m still no persuaded to play the lottery. The odds are crazy ridiculous.

  • The John

    Everyone knows that the probability of winning the lottery is a pretty big long shot. How long, however, you probably never really thought about. Your actual odds of winning the lottery depend on where you play, but single state lotteries usually have odds of about 18 million to 1 while multiple state lotteries have odds as high as 120 million to 1.

    If you have ever thought you’d win the lottery, you’re not alone. About one out of every three people in the United States think that winning the lottery is the only way to become financially secure in their life. This is a frightening statistic when you sit down and consider what the above odds really mean.

    It’s time to take a long hard look at the chances of you winning the lottery. While winning the lottery may be something that you want, to show you your chances we’ll take a look at a number of remote occurrences that you probably wouldn’t like to have happen to you – and probably don’t think will ever happen to you – but are still much more likely to happen to you than winning the lottery.

    How about the classic odds of being struck by lightning? The actual probability of this happening varies from year to year, but as a good estimate, the National Safety Council says between 70 and 120 people a year die in the US by lightning – so let’s take 100 as our base. With the US population being approximately 265 million people, that means that the chances of being killed by lightning are roughly 2,650,000 to 1. Not very likely. However you are still 6 to 45 times more likely to die from a lightning strike than you would be to win the lottery.

    Now nobody really wants to die from flesh eating bacteria, and with odds at about 1 million to 1, the chances that you will die that way are pretty slim. Then again, you are 18 to 120 times more likely to die this way than to win the lottery.

    What are the chances that if you’re playing with a group of four that two of you will get a hole-in-one on the exact same hole? At 17 million to 1, they’re better than the chances of you winning the lottery.

    What about dieing from a snake bite or bee sting? It probably isn’t a way that you have imagined that you would leave the earth. You’re a whopping 180 to 1,200 times more likely to die from one of these incidents than win the lottery. That’s because the probability of dieing from a snake bite or bee sting is about 100,000 to 1.

    Now I know that you are not a bad person and you don’t imagine finding yourself on death row for a crime you committed anytime soon. Still, it’s a lot more likely that you will be legally executed than win the lottery. In fact, you are 30,000% to 200,000% more likely to die in a legal execution than to win the lottery.

    Or If I told you that you were 450,000 to 3,000,000 times more likely to die in an asteroid collision in the year 2029 than to win the lottery, what would you think? Well, these are in fact the odds according to this report at

    If none of the above has convinced you to stop playing the lottery, then I’ll bring out my favorite lottery fact. If you drive 10 miles to purchase your lottery ticket, it’s three to twenty times more likely for you to be killed in a car accident along the way than to win the jackpot.

  • Face

    A lottery is always like that. Many people become jealous with the winner and buy more lottery tickets in the hope to wine something as well. And with more participants, the next prize will be even higher. Soooo logic. He is lucky and we are not. Thats life. Nothing shocking about that.

  • Righteous American

    “I guess first [thing to do with the money is] take care of settling down/having a family. Sigh…”

    Yeah. That’s what I would do if I won millions.

    • 12meeeeeee

      lawl ^^

      the first thing ANY sane person would do after winning 30 million euros is give half of it to some chick!

  • jason chinese

    It’s fking unture


  • lee

    He/she should do good deed with this amount of monies… those poor ppl in China…..God will bless you if u do that …..

  • kevin

    Lucky man.. or woman…

  • danni

    My Chinese partner said the winner bought the same numbers 88 times (88 tickets with same combination) so he got 88 shares of the jackpot. I feel for the other winners, if so.

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