Chinese Man Buys 2000 Buckets of KFC in Protest

A man is putting meal buckets in front of KFC.

A man is putting meal buckets in front of KFC.

From NetEase:

Dissatisfied with the Sanitary Conditions, Man Wants to Buy 2,000 Meal Buckets to Block KFC

On the evening of September 4th, as a result of seeing an employee making chicken sandwiches without wearing gloves while having a meal, Mr. Yang of Beijing, who was on a business trip in Wuhan, wanted to spend 140,000 yuan to buy 2,000 Family Meal Buckets [a package that includes 5 pieces of fried chicken and 3 cups of soda] to-go in a fit of anger to put them in front of the restaurant as a warning to the city’s residents. However, the restaurant refused to sell him any more after 22 orders.

The crowd is watching at the scene.

The person who was purchasing as well as placing these take-out orders of the Family Meal Buckets was a 30-year-old Mr. Yang. He came to Wuhan from Beijing on a business trip. At about 12 noon on the 4th, he and his friend Mr. Lei had came to dine at this restaurant, and as he was paying and waiting for his order, he happened to see through a crack between the food cabinets a young man in the kitchen making chicken sandwiches with his [bare] hands. “He wasn’t wearing a cap/hair net or a face mask and the moment he turned around, I saw both of his hands and he wasn’t wearing gloves either, just using both of his [bare] hands to handle the chicken patties and lettuce…”

Meal buckets with signs condemning KFC.

Mr. Yang said he immediately pointed out the severity of the problem, and refused to eat the food. Then as he negotiated with the counter staff, a 20-something year old female supervisor appeared to deal with him. He asked if they could wear gloves when preparing the food and he had to repeat himself three times before the manager said “sorry”.

Meal buckets and Ppepsi are placed in front of KFC.

Afterwards, the restaurant manager appeared and explained that “there are many people at noon, [that employee] forgot to wear gloves”, and claimed that the cooks’ hands had gone through multiple sterilizations and washings before touching the food, so safety [food cleanliness] was absolutely guaranteed.

A girl is eating in KFC.

Mr. Yang said he noticed that after he pointed out the problem, the employee had immediately put on a cap and a pair of disposable gloves, but still didn’t wear a face mask. “Even if your food is safe/clean, are your hands safe/clean? When you’re making food with your bare hands, how can people eat the food without worries? Serious-minded Mr. Yang suggested that the restaurant make him 20 Family Meal Buckets as compensation.

A man is putting meal buckets in front of KFC.

In the face of the restaurant staff’s “apathy”, Mr. Yang decided to buy 2,000 take-out buckets from them. The employees thought Mr. Yang was acting rashly in anger and joking, until a stack of hundred yuan bills were placed on the counter, stunning the employees. According to the employees, one take-out Family Meal Bucket costs 74 yuan, so 2,000 orders would be over 140,000 yuan. Worried they wouldn’t be able to fulfill that many orders, the restaurant decided to split the order into separate orders of 20 buckets at a time, figuring they would fulfill as many as they’re able to.

Meal bucks and signs condemning KFC.

Mr. Yang says he often travels, has eaten at KFC restaurants abroad as well, and discovered that KFC restaurants abroad and those in China follow two different sets of food hygiene standards. At foreign restaurants, when the cook is making food, apart from wearing a face mask and cap, he/she must also wear disposable gloves, and even the napkins they provide are moist towelettes. “KFC provides disposable gloves, so why aren’t they used?” Mr Yang says him spending so much money to protect his rights is in hopes of using this to warn the city’s residents. He says he has the [financial ability] to pay this amount of money.

Mr. Yang and Mr. Lei.

At about 5 in the afternoon of the 4th, Mr. Yang was still on the scene displaying what he believed to be KFC’s “problematic food”, and refusing to eat it. His friend Mr. Lei says Yang’s parents are in business so the 140,000 yuan to buy 2,000 to-go buckets is nothing to him. Mr. Lei says KFC is big and somewhat doesn’t take its customers seriously, often having the attitude that “if you don’t buy from us, others will”. If the restaurant had apologized from the start, Mr. Yang probably wouldn’t have taken it this far. By around 7pm that evening of the 4th, the restaurant refused to sell Mr. Yang the other 1,978 meal buckets.

The meal buckets in front of KFC.

September 4th at around 8pm, Yum Brands KFC of China officially responded to what had happened to Mr. Yang, that according to the relevant policy, the company has established a stricter food preparation process, which requires employees to wear gloves while making food. Individual employees who fail to comply shall be reprimanded by the company. Because employees all wash and sterilize their hands, there’s no need to worry about food safety.

Comments from NetEase:

网易天津市网友 showerwoo:

The defense of one’s rights shouldn’t be mocked and ridiculed. Even though he’s inconveniencing others, him defending his rights is also defending the everyone’s rights.

网易浙江省台州市网友 有毛病0: (responding to above)

Without them, we’d continue being low-class ignorant slaves left in the dark!!!

网易江苏省南京市网友 中国008:

If only everyone were as persistent as him!

网易山东省潍坊市网友 矿砂机械:

What a rich man, still I ding you! Everybody unite together. To fight the largest of unscrupulous businesses!

网易广东省广州市网友 御风刺客:

This troublemaker has problems/issues [not right in the head]!

网易广东省广州市网友 大文豪啥是逼呀: (responding to above)

Actually, those who have problems are people like you, who are already gravely sick on the inside, where even the most basic thought of protecting your own rights has been enslaved, so pathetic!

网易广东省珠海市网友 marcoshaw:

To stand forward and speak up on behalf of everyone is a good thing.

网易江苏省宿迁市网友 jiangsuwangyixs:

Well done, brother. It is because of [people’s] indifference that all those regulations and laws are ignored.

网易湖南省衡阳市网友 ip:59.51.*.*:

This [story] must be ding’d up, can’t let foreigners serve us as idiots!

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:123.171.*.*:

This is someone who fucking has nothing better to do.

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