Chinese Man Seeks Afterworld Wife For Dying Older Brother

From NetEase:

Because of me and my second brother, because of our family, to this day my eldest brother still hasn’t gotten married. How can I let my brother leave [pass away] like this? As the younger brother he that worried him the most, that he doted upon the most, I can’t let him enter another world alone. Perhaps I’m influenced by tradition, but these days I have been obsessed with an almost ridiculous but unshakable idea to find a companion for my eldest brother, a companion in the underworld, a bride in the netherworld, so she can keep him company there, so he will no longer be alone…

I’m a university graduate, 24 years old, from Henan Sanmengxia. I’m the youngest of three brothers. My father is an ordinary retired worker. My mother has poor health and suffers from a heart condition.

In order to for my second brother and me to go to school, for our mother’s medical expenses, for our poor family, my eldest brother quit school after graduating middle school to work in a restaurant. When we had financial difficulties he also worked other odd jobs.

My oldest brother gave us all of his youth. Because of us, he’s already 31 and still hasn’t married. So that my second brother and I can grow up, our big brother declined many marriage opportunities, saying that the pressure/stress would be even heavier after marrying and having to raise a family, especially if his wife is unreasonable and he can’t do what he wants…After I got into university I decided that when I graduate and start working, I will save money and help my eldest brother get married.

But things didn’t turn out as expected, just when I was about to graduate, on June 9th of this year, I received a call from the hospital, saying that my brother has a terminal illness–severe liver failure, and is dying. When I got to the hospital and saw how sick my brother was, I was shocked, it was as if I was in a nightmare. When my second brother cried on my shoulder, I felt so helpless, what should I do? What can I do?

Chinese man in Chinese hospital bed.

Why? Why did this happen? My brother worked hard for so many years, taken on so much that wasn’t his responsibility. When his two brothers are both graduated and starting to work and the most difficult days are over, why would god do this to us…

At the time the doctor told me and my second brother to be mentally prepared. “The only effective treatment is a liver transplant, the costs are very very high, and your family unfortunately probably can’t afford it, see…” Besides the transplant, the most effective way to keep my brother alive is to artificially manage his liver functions, and every treatment costs around 10,000 RMB. The treatment must be done every two to three days. Because we don’t have money, my second brother and parents have been trying to gather cash. Today we just finished the second treatment, and we’ve already spent everything that we’ve borrowed, it isn’t enough…

A doctor told me, “Don’t cry, be prepared, your brother’s chances of survival aren’t good.” I wanted to tell him, even if it’s only a 1% hope, even if treatment fails, we can’t give up. Please tell me how we could be so cruel as to abandon him!

Man connected to hospital machine.

I didn’t write this to ask for pity, and definitely not to make a fool of myself, but to ask sympathetic people to help me look for, unmarried women that have passed away at around age 30. If her family are willing, I will help my older brother to offer them a certain sum as wedding present, when he passes away, I will hold a wedding styled funeral for them. (Qualifications: deceased at around 30, died within the last 2 years, unmarried, no criminal records, please provide a photo. Nationality and ethnicity are unimportant, other conditions can be worked out in person.)

When my second brother who had gone out to unsuccessfully borrow money came back and heard what the doctor said, he immediately turned around and went out again, saying he was going to try begging people to borrow money again, that if we can persevere a few more days then we’ll persevere a few more days…god, please bless my loving, kind-hearted brother…

Everyone, I earnestly ask that any good-hearted people to please help me realize my wish, thank you!

My contact number: 15993747530

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What is this?


Just want to win sympathies so people will donate money! There are lots of dying young men in hospitals, why should we donate money to you?


This really makes me…speechless.


Ridiculous! A university graduate and he’s so superstitious!


Stop lying to everyone, aren’t you just trying to get everyone to donate money?


Which family would agree to this?


Too ludicrous, I can’t wrap my finger around it, does the younger brother have a mental disorder? Any family’s daughter that would do such a foolish thing, they would all be idiots and incomprehensible!


A completely bad joke!


Good luck to your brother!


Good people will be rewarded! Hope your brother can find a bride in the underworld…

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