Chinese Man Wearing Thong At Beach Disgusts Netizens


From Mop:

Both overwhelming and shocking, on a beach under the big blue sky, flowery butt man wearing thong plays in the water

On the last day of the long holiday, I took my baby to the beach. Not longer after we were there, my baby pulled me over and said, “Mommy, look, there is an uncle over there who isn’t wearing any pants!” Following my baby’s finger: Faint! If you say he isn’t wearing any pants, he still has a line of cloth in his crack; you say he is wearing [pants], but those two white butt cheeks are in eye-catching contrast to the beach! So shocking, I have seen thongs, I have seen women wear thongs, but seeing a man wear this kind of thing in broad daylight, in full-view, this is a historical first time!

My god! My god!

Faint! Faint!




Comments from Mop:


Such an ugly butt.


I rejoice that my PP [屁屁, pi pi, butt] is not the ugliest!


That butt…I want to vomit…I shouldn’t have clicked in…


LZ, you fucking disgusted me to death!
I just ate noodles!!!
That close-up!!
I fucking spit noodles all over my keyboard!!!


That thong is that girl’s, a set with that girl’s BRA…that girl’s bottom is that guy’s, I imagine they put the wrong ones on while in the water.


Why? Why would one post this kind of picture? May I trouble the LZ to next time label these kind of posts “Heavy taste, those who do not like should not enter!”


The butt has a lot of wrinkles.
Shows that he was once very fat and powerful.


Wearing a thong is already disgusting enough…
yet the lou zhu had to post a big butt covered with who knows what kind of strange disease.
Truly disgusting.

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