Chinese Man Wearing Thong At Beach Disgusts Netizens


From Mop:

Both overwhelming and shocking, on a beach under the big blue sky, flowery butt man wearing thong plays in the water

On the last day of the long holiday, I took my baby to the beach. Not longer after we were there, my baby pulled me over and said, “Mommy, look, there is an uncle over there who isn’t wearing any pants!” Following my baby’s finger: Faint! If you say he isn’t wearing any pants, he still has a line of cloth in his crack; you say he is wearing [pants], but those two white butt cheeks are in eye-catching contrast to the beach! So shocking, I have seen thongs, I have seen women wear thongs, but seeing a man wear this kind of thing in broad daylight, in full-view, this is a historical first time!

My god! My god!

Faint! Faint!




Comments from Mop:


Such an ugly butt.


I rejoice that my PP [屁屁, pi pi, butt] is not the ugliest!


That butt…I want to vomit…I shouldn’t have clicked in…


LZ, you fucking disgusted me to death!
I just ate noodles!!!
That close-up!!
I fucking spit noodles all over my keyboard!!!


That thong is that girl’s, a set with that girl’s BRA…that girl’s bottom is that guy’s, I imagine they put the wrong ones on while in the water.


Why? Why would one post this kind of picture? May I trouble the LZ to next time label these kind of posts “Heavy taste, those who do not like should not enter!”


The butt has a lot of wrinkles.
Shows that he was once very fat and powerful.


Wearing a thong is already disgusting enough…
yet the lou zhu had to post a big butt covered with who knows what kind of strange disease.
Truly disgusting.

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  • afanti

    are those scratch marks?

    ha sofa!

    • Cooltoad81

      Stretch marks. He was until recently a fat fuck.
      source – I am a slimming fat fuck myself. Got me some stretch marks baby!

  • bleah

    inb4 samurai

    • bleah

      not “samurai”
      in fact I wanted to write “sumo”…

      • bleah

        and also inb4 European beach (also when it’s nonsense, but I’m pretty sure boxer-short-wearing Americans will come up with it)

        • suryasta

          dude is this Dman?

  • chabuduoxiansheng

    That shit is fucking disgusting. I, too, almost spit noodles on the monitor after seeing that nasty fleshless ass. What the fuck is wrong with these guys? Where has there sense of manliness gone off to? 一點男人味兒都沒有!

    …not to mention carrying bitches purses!

    • jason chinese

      是啊 操,fucking ugly

    • Cooltoad81

      If you guys find some manliness, please send some to Japan as well, those feminine “men” are just as pathetic. Their macho men now only reside in Anime. Except Genki Sudo.

  • NOEM

    Ok, he may not have the best body to pull the thong off. However personally it does not bother me. I’m male from Brazil, in which many men wear thong at the beach, some these guys have great body, so I’m sure more easy on the eye.

    To many of the posts here seem so judgmental. Then again you all the a right to criticize this man, just as much as he has a right to wear it.

  • yang

    come on people, did you not see how the girl laughs. He did it just for her, just as a joke.

    • xuedi

      i totally agree, nice guy, i don’t belive he wear that normally … thats true love, and they seem so happy …


    That’s a ruff looking couple all together acutally that shouldn’t even be allowed on the beach

  • Moo Goo Kai Pan

    Is that his frontside or backside?

  • Kai


  • gth793y

    If its so disgusting and unsightly, then whats with the close up shot?

    and Frankly, who the fuck cares, everybody on the picture seems genuinely happy.

    Whats is embarrassing is not this man’s hairy ass, but the poster’s self righteousness, and her gratification for judging others. And nothing gets her off more than having the internet sing the Greek choir.

  • mechanized

    sick…… pimply and full of stretch marks. Dude either has no idea what he’s doing or he’s got brass ones and doesn’t give a shit.

  • bossman

    I wonder what the people would saying if he was a black man now.

    • VeerLeft

      Likely how smooth and round his ass is, and how ‘we chinese’ need to hit the gym.

      • Mike Fish

        I WISH it was a black man’s ass! Although Lou Jing’s would be even better.

  • Joe

    Just because the guy has MORE ass and MORE tits than the woman, doesn’t mean we should see it.
    But then…. it’s a free world.
    Wait a minute… no it’s fucking not… this is China. You Chinese like being controlled so much… then why doesn’t someone control this pimply assed son-of-a-bitch?

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    That is the most digusting ass I have ever seen….

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Someone’s never experienced “”

  • FYIADragoon

    Someone needs to introduce swimming trunks to the Chinese, seriously if you don’t got the body, stay modest, otherwise you look like a fool, and the speedo/thong just draws more attention to your lack of size in a certain area…or your flabbiness of a certain area…

  • Rick in China

    Haha. When I read this article I had to shrink the size of my explorer window and literally balance the visible screen between the two images.

    Quick scan by was enough to say what the fuck. Quite frankly, I don’t care if he wears that at the beach, but he should expect to get a few “what the fuck” “haaaahahahaha” and “oh my god that’s disgusting” type remarks as he trots by.

    I support the fact he’s doing what he wants and it doesn’t ‘really’ harm anyone, so whatever, fuck it. I don’t have to look at it – neither do you – and as long as he doesn’t come sit near me or jump around in my perview, who cares.


    What’s wrong with that? One of few chinese man without flat ass and he proudly show it off, that’s it. Let it be

  • 丹妮

    I think this is quite hilarious. I like acts like this where someone in a largely uniform country dares to be different. If the man wants to wear a thong let him. If it bothers you don’t look and definitely don’t take a picture. Live and let live! The author needs to ask herself who is sicker the man for wearing it or herself for snaping it. I can’t understand this person’s mentality. It’s so disgusting I’m going to take a picture to keep a permanent record and also show this to the whole world.

    • Zorg

      My reaction exactly! She sees something that supposedly disgusts her so much and what does she do? Turns away? Picks up the kid and moves to another spot? No. She reaches for a damn camera with powerful japanese optics (look at that detail level!), that just happens to be in her purse, and starts snapping away close-ups!

  • Jimmy

    I’ve seen things much worse at American beaches, but usually women are the worst offenders.

    In this case, the guy’s butt isn’t so bad, it just looks extremely dry! If you’re gonna rock a thong at the beach, the very least you could do is grab a bottle of lotion or some vaseline so your butt cheeks don’t look so damn ashy.

  • Full respect to the man who goes into that

    Guy- “Oh come on baby, wear the thong”
    Girl- “I will if you will”
    Guy- “Let’s toss a coin for it”

    thing and then goes through with it. Full respect.

    • John

      i think its more like

      Guy- ‘Let’s toss a coin’
      Guy- ‘Heads i wear it, tails i wear it’
      Guy- ‘Oh~ what do you know, i’m wearin it..yippee’

      Overall i don’t see what’s the big deal. Gold tho lol

  • Jeremiah

    Kai, it seems someone snapped a couple of pics of you at the beach with your girlfriend. Way to go, champ, sporting the thong like that.

    • Moo Goo Kai Pan

      That’s just wrong. Kai has a very pretty little ass. I know, I’ve seen it. ‘Nuff said.

      • Kai

        Thanks for setting Jeremiah straight, Moo Goo.

  • dave

    That second picture makes the girl look pregnant.

  • fireworks

    I don’t have a prob if some people want to dress down and show their backside and hemorrhoids to the world.
    Go to beach to check out chicks! not some dude’s backside.

  • Glorious China

    That not Chinese man. That a crazy fucking Japanese with funny Japanese pants. Chinese would not wear that. Japanese crazy fashion, just look at gameshows. I know because I saw. Dumb fucks.

    • Joe

      ha ha ha ha ha

      Glorious China!
      HA HA HA HA HA!

      Blame the Japs of course. I couldn’t be someone from the motherland could it. I mean how could it be? They get their daily dose of mind-numbing brain-washing bullshit too don’t they? How could they disgrace the motherland in this fashion???
      Must be a jap.

  • Oh my god! What the fuck is this?
    I suppose that guy might look better if he had Macho looking body. HAHA

  • Rob

    What is the woman laughing at? Her pear shaped body isn’t any better, they deserve each other. What a bunch of ugly little mutts their offspring would bring.

  • lostinsz

    All those pimples. This girl should take a rain check on Bay Watch…the guy has an STD probably herpes simplex virus.

  • VeerLeft

    Naw, his ass just never sees sun. He is actually doing a good thing (for his own health), and burning out all the pimples with a bit of sunlight.

    • lostinsz

      Hey VeerLeft. They are not zits they are lesions. Hate to be a doc examining the dickie bird….double gloves.

  • w/ZGcharacteristics

    The man must be very confident. Hopefully, his gf pops his “bubble(s)”.

  • dim mak

    Most guy’s asses look like that.. what’s the big deal?

  • Anon

    … And Chinese men walking around the supermarket during the hot summer in nothing, but their stained underwear is any better?

    Actually, this could start-off a new fashion craze! I think we should all start wearing thongs from now on! Bring on the thongs!

    • Anna GC

      But that’s how they should look! Shorts, white sloppy t-shirt and tuoxie. And not too tall and rather chubby. Sooo cute!

  • krdr

    So disgusting that is hilarious. We can say that guy had hadn’t clean underwear. Or, he is product of centuries long feminist fight for equality :D. I love “He is Japanese” comment in ironic way.

  • sam

    dont blame me for am smartass hahaha

  • sam

    some ppls are pure jealous here especially they dont hv guts show their butts :)

  • Anon

    Disgusting. No shame at all! Just more narcissism….

  • Hong

    so ugly !poor things!bs!!

  • Hong

    the girl make Disgusting too!she should be shy!!this kind of bf?why she not adviced or asked the man to change the ugly Thong!! so poor the couple!

  • ClaireMing

    You think the guy cud be Japanese? Maybe he is wearing that thongy thing that the Sumo’s put on … heh

  • angel hsieh

    OMG, it looks like his butt have pregnant before.. >__<

  • JJ

    best laugh I had all day. thank you

  • IceeBittee

    What a f***ing joke! He has stretch marks on his butt. Was he pregnant via his butt? Maybe he had twins, one baby for each cheek.
    The girl’s laughing.

  • anzer

    I know it’s all fun and games to jump on a guy wearing anything other than knee length shorts, but seriously, why isn’t there anything similar for women? I mean come on just because you’re female doesn’t mean you can wear almost anything. Unless if your in the rare 4% who have incredible figures, skin and attitude, please please don’t wear anything clingy or revealing. It is repulsive to have anyone WELL over the typical weight for their recommended height to be wearing ‘sexy’ outfits. Please don’t wear thongs women, don’t wear yoga pants, or stretchy pants if you do not work out and eat right. I do not want to see your mid riff or unsightly bulges or ass hanging out in public. And ass crack even if you are hot is BUTT ugly, seriously. To sum up if you’re not athletic fit, I mean jogging, weights, eating 5 meals a day, small portions and all that, please spare us your view and wear a burkha instead.

  • hahah!!!!!! thats funny

  • Li

    I think it is sexy!

  • kai chang

    hahahah ahaha it just funny. some people sure have guts…

  • Bob

    I think it’s nice. Why not have a little fun now? Anyone worried about this must not have anything real to worry about.

  • sibaram

    I also do not like the way the man wore this thong. It’s not the issue for me that how a gun can wear thong but for me it’s more about how a man can carry the thong. First to wear a thong a guy or man should have very good physique with good skin tone, no crack should be there on the butt chicks.

    But same time when I see a fatty woman wears a thong I say whack. It’s the double standard of some people who think that a thong should be the only attire of women. This kind of thought process actually defines one’s narrow thinking. Why not a man can try this if he has the good physique with skin tone? A child can also be shocked if he or she sees the women are wearing thongs and roaming on the beach. It’s hypocrisy that always men are blamed for wearing thongs. It remembers actually the Victoria era where free thinking were stopped.

  • quasar

    insert “racist” comment about Chinese people here….

  • Jennster

    i’m not attracted to China Chinese…

  • xiaohouzi

    truly em(bare)assing.

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