Laboratory Dogs Used For Experiments At Medical Schools

Laboratory dog for a medical school in China.

From Kaixin001:

They are experimental/test dogs for the medical school. They need to go under the knife 4 times, suffering 4 surgeries, with the last surgery excising their pancreas, ending their lives.

1. It just stood there by its kennel door looking at me. The surrounding dogs were all noisily barking, but it remained very quiet. Tomorrow, he will be taken for his first experiment/test surgery.

Laboratory dog for a medical school in China.

2. Every dog’s living space is only this small. The dogs in this area haven’t yet gone under the knife.

Laboratory dog for a medical school in China.

3. Their food is usually the cabbage congee sold by the lady at the front gate, but some students will spend 5 kuai [at the students’ cafeteria] and save the meat to give to them later.

A test dog at a medical school in China.

4. He is very fierce, but very beautiful, and his eyes are very big and shine blue.

A dog used for medical experiments in China.

5. The half open kennel looks just like a coffin.

A dog kept for medical experiments in China.

6. This mommy dog had given birth to her puppies several days before the scheduled surgery, so she was not used as an test dog, but who knows if their future will be so lucky.

A mother dog in a concrete kennel.

7. This dog is pregnant, but it was still taken for the first experiment to be performed — its belly cut open and then stitched up.

A pregnant female dog after an surgery experiment.

8. He is in a bad shape.

A chained dog in a concrete kennel in China.

9. It was carried back after following an experiment. With the anesthesia having worn off, it keeps twitching/convulsing, its eyes half open but unconscious…its twitching/convulsing too terrible…..

An unconscious dog following a medical school surgery.

10. My friend’s team/group’s dog. This was the second day after its experiment, and he can already stand up, but faltering. When it saw my friend, he suddenly rushed over, and I thought it was because it was angry, but I didn’t expect it to start wagging it’s tail… Dogs never resent you for what you have done to them, I feel so heartbroken.

A dog used for experiments at a Chinese medical school.

11. The second day after surgery, this dog passed away, it finally unable to stay alive. This was only its first surgery, and the least harmful surgery too. There are 3 more surgeries waiting for them, and each one is more cruel than the previous one…

The collar of a dead lab dog.

12. Every kennel looks like tombs.

Cement kennels for animal testing at a China medical school.

13. Just like this they are taken away for surgery after being anesthetized, and this is one that has returned after surgery. Please don’t curse the students, for they are even more sad, because each group must raise their own dog, so their relationship with their dog is even stronger/deeper.

Chinese medical students carrying away a dead laboratory dog.

14. Please don’t curse the students, for they are even more sad, because each group must raise their own dog, so their relationship with their dog is even stronger/deeper.

Chinese medical students carrying away a dog that has died from experiments.

15. Only through this dog’s cement wall kennel has a little plant grown. It’s very cute.

A single plant grows through the cement walls of this dog's kennel.


This was posted by a netizen on Douban, and to use what this netizen’s words: Please don’t over react to this, don’t human flesh search them. I just want people to know that there are such dogs who dedicate their lives for us without being known. Please respect the will of this person, and everyone please don’t human flesh search them, but you are welcome to repost this, so that even more people know that as our health technology increases, there are some dogs doomed to never get humanity’s love and attention, and yet they have silently dedicated their lives for humanity.

I wonder what those unguarded dogs felt as they watched the people they loved sticking needles into their bodies.

When I was reposting this post, I was crying as I posted their photos.

Because I have two dogs myself, my feelings towards [this matter involving] dogs are deeper.

We need to thank and remember them, because their lives can be exchanged for the lives of our loved ones and even our own. Only by letting intern doctors practice and experiment countless times on their bodies can we, our relatives, our friends have the possibility one day of surviving and living on.

However, no one will remember them. Because their lives are too insignificant, even insignificant to the point where they are not even worth a pack of cigarettes.

I hope, can only hope, that when they are alive, they can get more to eat, with a little more meat. When they are sleeping in their little kennels, [I hope] that we can provide them with some unwanted clothes or old bed sheets as bedding, so they can feel a bit warmer on cold nights.

At least, don’t let them suffer too much while they are alive.

Comments from Kaixin001:


Since you’re willing to do it, don’t be afraid of my cursing you. I won’t human flesh search, I just curse them, I am just that extreme. What’s done is done, regardless of the reasons, the doggies still died, painfully died. If you want to do experiments in the future, use your little sister, OK??


This is the humanity of our Heavenly Kingdom [nickname for China]~~


The dogs’ sacrifice is for humans, so let’s at least treat them better when they are still alive…

I’m crying….

何蓓蒂 (Beidi):

Where is this place? Those concerned [should] sneak in at night and free all the dogs, then set fire to this Unit 731-like place!!!!


This again, I have already cried one time today, I even showed it to my coworker, she cried hard too……


Only after seeing this post did I learn that it was from our group. Truly can’t know without seeing, the poor doggies. Seeing this my heart is so pained. This so-called humanitarianism is is too inhumane. Is there really not a single decent law to protect these weak and little lives? This is so……… Please let us all think of a way to do something about this.


Just after you cut him open, he wagged his tail at you. With such loyal animals, how can you not feel it is cruel? Which stupid cunt was it that thought of using dogs for experiments? Use his entire family for experiments!!!


Why use animals for experiments? They are life too. I suggest using prisoners sentenced to death for experiments, so they can give society one last contribution.


My heart is so pained after reading this. Even after being cut open, they were still so unreserved, so friendly when seeing people. My God, who can give me a single reason for not loving and caring for them?


Regarding what the 8th floor [8th commenter] said, those sentenced to death may include those who were wrongly accused, [but] using the scum of the society, corrupt officials, and those arrogant rich 2nd-generation for experiment I think is acceptable!


Can we organize something, to prevent animal torment and killing?

Looking at this is too heartbreaking…


I want to ask, where is this?


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