Chinese Netizen Judges China’s Rise Based On Visa Exemptions

China Passport.

China Passport.

From Tianya:

Looking at the rise of China through a map of world passport visa exemptions

From the map of visa exemptions around the world to look at the rise of China

Text: Xu Rongbin

In recent years, Chinese people seem to have had the chance to lift their heads up high. From the top gold medal haul during the Beijing Olympics not long ago to surpassing Japan as the world’s second largest economy, it seem like we are only a few decades from [overtaking] America. In politics, [we are] one of the five permanent members of the United Nations; surpassing Japan as the world’s second largest economy; the successful flight of Chang’e 2 on National Day, while the Shenzhou 8 Spacecraft could even carry enough astronauts to play Mahjong instead of Dou Di Zhu [Mahjong takes 4 players, Dou Di Zhu takes 3], it is said that even foreign experts are constantly saying China is very nuibi. During the Diaoyu Island incident China also changed its previous style, all of the sudden becoming more assertive. and Japan seems to have wised up and became more modest. China’s defense of the Diaoyu Islands also seemed to have gained incremental successes, we quit while we were ahead, maintained good relations with our Japanese brothers. The major actors not only did not show the sense of conceit, but also felt that China had shown modesty and everyone just laid down their arms and continued on with their business. As the old saying goes, happiness can elevate one’s spirits, even a monster can be cute if one is feeling cordial. Beginning with Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock to Zhang Yimo’s The Love of the Hawthorn Tree, to Xu Ke’s Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, to Today’s Feng Xiaogang’s If You are the One and Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly, the Chinese domestic film industry seems to have suddenly had a great leap forward up to other countries, almost as if suddenly changing from a mindless fellow to a mature gentleman. This probably filled many people with joy, almost as if we are another step closer to getting an Oscar. At the same time domestically, the military declared “the peaceful rise of China”, while America and other Western nations are colluding to promote the notion of the “threat of a rising China”. From the joyous events it seemed like the sun is coming out of the clouds for China, and the revival of the Chinese nation is at hand. Yet, I’m sorry to say it, but many people do now know, but we have all been duped.

Entering the 21st century, we have long left behind the age of military hegemony, depending instead on economic and mutual cooperation amongst the nations of the world in the age of peace. Domestic and foreign public opinion has continuously emphasized the rise of China, and many Chinese people themselves believe China has already became a world power. So has China actually risen? [To answer this,] we can use world maps of visa exemptions for various countries’ passport-holders to see the true status of Chinese people in the world.

Forward notes: The map legend of visa exemptions from around the world, normally dark blue represents visa exemption, light blue represent visa on arrival. Visa exemption vs. visa on arrival: for example, if I go to Beijing, the first 30 days are visa free, after 30 days, I need to get a temporary residence permit, this is visa on arrival.

Visa exemptions around the world for South Korea.

South Korea Passport (visa exemption and visa on arrival are both dark blue) – very blue.

Visa exemptions around the world for Japanese travelers.

Japanese Passport (visa exemption and visa on arrival are both dark blue), the answers to Japan’s economic strength and diplomatic relations can be seen here. It covers Europe and America!

(Note: what is the difference between Chinese and Japan/Korean visa exemptions? It is equivalent to the special privileges that exist between one country and another. To give a simple example, when arriving at a country, Japanese and Koreans with visa exemptions can travel without limits, but if you are Chinese, I’m sorry, here Chinese without visas are not allowed to enter.).

Now, let us compare Chinese visa with China Hong Kong and China Taiwan.

Visa exemptions around the world for Hong Kong travelers.

Hong Kong Passport (visa exemption and visa on arrival are both dark blue) —- Hong Kong, tisk tisk, NND, China is actually grey.

Visa exemptions around the world for Taiwanese travelers.

Taiwan Passport (visa exemption is dark green, visa on arrival is light green, orange and red do not recognize Taiwan passport, Australia’s electronic visa equals visa on arrival). Taiwan is very complicated, but they are still very powerful.

Visa exemptions around the world for Singaporean travelers.

Singapore Passport,~ also very blue.

Visa exemptions around the world for Malaysian travelers.

Malaysia Passport (visa exemption and visa on arrival are both dark blue), Europe, Australia and South America all accessible without restrictions.

Visa exemptions around the world for Canadian travelers.

Canada Passport (color green is visa exemption, tan color is visa on arrival)~ Very niu.

Visa exemptions around the world for German travelers.

German Passport (dark green is visa exemption, light green is visa on arrival) ~ Also very niu.

Visa exemptions around the world for Dutch travelers.

Holland Passport (dark green is visa exemption, light green is visa on arrival) also very niu.

Visa exemptions around the world for Norweigian travelers.

Norway Passport (dark green is visa exemption, light green is visa on arrival) definitely niubi.

Visa exemptions around the world for Swiss travelers.

Swiss Passport~ crazy niu.

Visa exemptions around the world for Russian travelers.

Russia (dark green is visa exemption, light green is visa on arrival, red require visa beforehand)~ yeah, very red, to prevent political threats, definitely require visas for them. [The poster may have been describing the wrong map.]

Visa exemptions around the world for American travelers.

American Passport (dark green is visa free, light green is visa on arrival, red require visa beforehand). Visa reflects the real relationship between countries, such as the lack of travel restriction among countries within the European Union. The different between America and Russia reflected their respective relationships with other countries.

In the end, America is more NB than Russia. Russia belonged to the former the Soviet Union, and in a moment I will post another former Soviet Republic as a comparison with Russia.

Visa exemptions around the world for Estonian travelers.

In comparison to Russia, one of the tiny countries that also joined the former Soviet Union: Estonia. Estonia’s Passport.

Visa exemptions around the world for Chinese travelers.

China, at last the one everyone has been waiting for – China’s passport!!!

In recent years, China’s economy grew at a rapid pace, and its international position experienced unprecedented rise. China, as a responsible power active on the international stage, won numerous acclaim and applause. Chinese people, when walking on the streets of Europe and America, their waists are no longer sore, their backs no longer hurt, their legs no longer cramp [meaning Chinese people can walk with a measure of pride]…and tens of thousands of editorials speak the same sentence: China is rising, and the Chinese people in the world are standing up.

Concluding remarks: The map of visa exemptions around the world reflect the relationship and partnership among different countries in practical terms. From the above, we can witness this awkward situation where not only is the Chinese Mainland visa situation cannot match Hong Kong, it can’t even match the complicated situation of Chinese Taiwan. Here I will address some common knowledge and questions – from October 2nd, 1949 to the present, there are 194 sovereign nations around the world, of which 165 have diplomatic relations with China and 26 nations with diplomatic relations with Taiwan, while Bhutan have no relations with either the Mainland or Taiwan. Without a doubt, the Chinese Mainland visa already became a bitter thorn in the hearts of the Chinese people, and only Chinese people abroad or who are going abroad can experience this feeling. However, I want to remind everyone, Sri Lanka and Benin are visa-free, refer to the small blue dots on the map. However, I also want to kindly remind everyone that Sri Lanka and Benin are also visa-free for the vast majority of countries in the world. While China is not the worse country when it comes to visa exemptions, when it comes to the freedom of travel for citizens, China ranks only above the 5 countries of Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Whether China is rising or not I do not know, but that the Chinese people have not risen is something I do know.

Comments from Tianya:


The Celestial Kingdom‘s housing prices have risen.


I only know that even in our country we have to get temporary residences permits, and that going to Hong Kong or Macau is the same as leaving the country. Even making a phone call is international long-distance. Ah pei [spitting sound]!


If everywhere offered visa exemptions [for the Chinese], everyone would have ran off, and then who would be left to wait on/serve [China’s] government officials?


Visa exemptions or no visa exemptions have absolutely nothing to do with me
because I have no money [to travel abroad].


A necessary control, because [visa exemption] can help corrupt officials escape. Not all systems are suitable for China!


What are you trying to say? China has 1.4 billion people, surpassing all developed Western nations combined; if Western nations loosened visa restrictions, large amounts of Chinese people will enter the West, and with Chinese people also being especially hardworking, in time [the West] could be dominated by Chinese people. America only has over 200 million people and a plane ticket is just 10,000 RMB, so if 200 million Chinese people flood into America, what would happen? Do you think the Americans are not afraid? Not many countries in Europe have a population of 100 million, what if 100 million Chinese people flood in, wouldn’t they be afraid? What are you trying to say? What do you got?


If Chinese Mainland [is given] visa exemptions then all the corrupt officials would be gone. Our national circumstances are different. Even today, there are many corrupt officials who have not yet been extradited back [to China].


Whether China has risen internationally or not I really don’t know, but I do know that housing prices and oil/gas prices are constantly rising.


The internet is a window, and the Party has pasted decorations all over it, and installed a metal security bars.
Do you want to open the door and go out? Not a chance, in 1949 the door was sealed shut. No way.


To tell you the truth, the Chinese passport is about the same as scratch paper…


Answer: China as a country is rising, but Chinese citizens have not risen. In reality, within traditional Chinese despotism, only when the people are weak can the nation be strong. It is because when people are weak, they are easy to fool, easy to deceive, and thus obey. Only then can the state (government) use force to collect excessive taxes, do what it pleases, and this way the government will have money, and maintain its rule.
Take note: In the thousands of years of Chinese traditions, the state and the people are inherently at odds. This answer can be found in The Book of Lord Shang, where it says: when the people are weak the state is strong, when the people are strong then the state is weak. The Book of Lord Shang also advocated using unruly people to rule strong people while advocating perpetual struggle: let the poor be rich and the rich be poor, this way the common people would have no sense of security, making them even more obedient.


Haha, China’s rise is fucking a joke!


European Union end of last year approved the resolution. Taiwanese visiting EU nations are exempt from visas! Louzhu‘s data needs to be updated.

Note: below is the map of visa exemption in Taiwan after the EU waived visa requirement for Taiwanese travelers.

Visa exemptions around the world for Taiwanese travelers.

More maps can be found here.


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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