Chinese Netizen Reactions To CCTV Attacking Google

gao-ye-cctv-interviewFrom Hudong Baike:

A Letter To Gao Ye

Schoolmate Gao Ye, hello: You probably do not know me, but I know you from Focus Interview. I attentively listened to you talk about the “Google China using yellow pictures [pornography] and vulgar content to poison your schoolmate” thing, and was deeply touched and learned a lot. Whether or not that schoolmate is really yourself is not important, but I hope to give you some sincere advice.

One, you must not look at pornography and vulgar content too much, Schoolmate Gao Ye. I do not know if you with your schoolmate have reached pornography and vulgar content through links on Google China, but as a big brother who has matured from youth, let me say to you that normally you must not watch too much A片 and avoid vulgar content. These are bad for your skin. These past two days, did you stay up all night going online to find 毛片 [“hand films”, pornography films] look at pornography doing your homework in preparation for the CCTV interview? Look at yourself, just two days and you no longer look human: slackened eyes; wrinkles on your forward; gaping mouth. That’s why big brother is offering you a piece of advice: look at less porn and go outside more, wouldn’t that be good? Another thing, there are always at least a few girls in your classes, right? Occasionally molesting them a little is definitely more exciting than porn.

Two, you must not accept interviews from CCTV about vulgar content, Schoolmate Gao Ye. It is not that I am jealous of you getting on CCTV, really. It is because after 60 years of studying CCTV’s programs I have discovered that every schoolmate that has gone on CCTV to interview about vulgar content always eventually has a bad fate. Let us use schoolmate Zhang Shufan from the year before last as an example. Just days before Teacher Edison Chen’s photo exhibition, CCTV’s “Xin Wen Lian Bo” broadcast “Schoolmate Zhang Shufan’s interview about pornography and vulgar content”. At the time, Schoolmate Zhang Shufan only said “very yellow, very violent” these few words, but do you know what happened to her? There were even more wretched/perverted pictures but I will not post them here. You as a good young lad currently studying in university should know what accepting this kind of interview will do for your future prospects.

Three, you must use Baidu to search for pornography and vulgar content. Of course, Big Brother always advising you is wrong, as a person who does not deeply understand AV, but I do understand the internet and Google China is absolutely not a website to find large amounts of AV, pornography, and vulgar content. If you truly cannot control yourself, allow me to teach you a few tricks, I guarantee it will better than searching through Google. You can go visit techweb, read every post and discussion, and sometimes be pleasantly surprised. At the time, it was on techweb that I found information about Teacher Edison Chen’s photo exhibition. And now there is this popular thing called “Baidu keywords”. As long as you use Baidu search for these keywords, you cannot go wrong, even though I too do not know why Baidu has that many keywords that can be used to see pornography and vulgar content. Other than Baidu, you can also use a software called “Green Dam – Youth Escort“. However, you must not install it, because this software’s screening ability is very strong. Rumor has it that when you look at a yellow-colored picture, as long as there is a bit of black color, “Green Dam – Youth Escort” will block it. However, finding the hack through the internet, you can obtain the “Green Dam – Youth Escort” black list of filtered website addresses. Once you have that, will you still need to go on Google?

Four, to conclude schoolmate Gao Ye, I hope you can gain something after reading this letter I have written for you. I also hope from now on, every quiet night, you will no longer use Google China to search for pornography and vulgar content to complement the five girls to satisfy yourself. Go out more, and you will discover a even better life! Sincerely, Lalala.

The comments below are not in response to the above letter. They are reactions to the news of CCTV attacking Google and netizens discovering that the CCTV interview was fake:

Comments from KDS:


This is a temporary worker. [Joke that a lot of employees who embarrass their employees are accused of just being temporary workers.]


Nowadays when the news interviews or when some shows find people on the streets, they are all acting.
One of my friends alone has acted more than once.
This is nothing to get worked up about.


Very CCAV, very stupid cunt.


CCAV‘s bad habits never change.


CAO!! Pretending to be a netizen to represent us!! And he TA MA was exposed!


No wonder China can’t make any good movies.


**, for this kind of news to come out at this kind of time, it must be because:

1: Intentionally creating the false impression that there is too much internet pornography, highlighting the importance of Green Dam.

2: CCAV suddenly has switched sides, turning 180 degrees from criticizing Baidu to criticizing Google, having made contact with Baidu’s Spring Festival Gala’s public relations, truly suspicious.


I don’t want to be an internet mob, but CCAV you really underestimate our IQs.
Can’t help it.


This kind of despicable trick, cannot stop the deep friendship between CCAV and the people!


Talking morality with CCAV, isn’t that a waste of time?


This is a typical hard disk!!


I don’t understand, how has China not received an Oscar yet? What a truly mysterious land…


After being uncovered by netizens, this bastard will no longer be wanted by his master, his future ruined, what a sin, idiot!


Sigh…they [CCTV] truly think that the people still have the same ability to receive information and levels of awarness as they did decades ago…leaders, you can change your way of thinking now…


I have finally met a living 5毛 [“wu mao dang”, fifty-cent member], my life was not a waste!


This must be ding‘ed up, and hopefully foreign TF can repost it to foreign BBS.


This time they have made an international joke.

CCAV itself is mentally retarded, treating us all as mentally retarded as well.

Comments from Tianya (no longer available):


Google did not give money to CCTV and did not buy advertisements, right?

Truly stupid~~not even understand the unwritten rules.


Google is already a eunuch, and they still can’t get a break?


They are creating something that has more impact than the “Green Dam” Gate incident, to divert everyone’s attention…impressive, truly impressive…


CCAV really is a whore.


CCTV doing this is brazen extortion. Last year they exposed Baidu, but after Baidu gifted CCTV several tens of millions and ran an advertisement during the Spring Festival Gala, there was no more. Now they are extorting Google.


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and CCTV are a family.

If they do not tell everyone how serious the sexual and vulgar problem is, how can they demonstrate Green Dam’s great significance?

While they are at it, they can conveniently chastise a disobedient Google.


Has CCAV degenerated to this level?
Is employing a real university student this hard?
The Party must be really disappointed with you~~


Let his [Gao Ye] internet life vanish, this is us ordinary people’s last remaining territory! “wu mao dang” can get lost!!


“Very yellow, very violent”, and now “absent-minded”. CCAV you are 装13 again!


May I ask CCAV Focus Interview, are you guys prepared to speak for the Party? Or for the people?


CCAV is niu,
Not long ago they received Google’s money and messed with Baidu;
Now they have received Baidu’s money and are messing with Google,

Ate the plaintiff, eating the defendant,
CCAV is niu.


Nowadays netizens are not all stupid, CCAV needs to be clear on this point, stop being clowns.


CCAV‘s shamelessness is something the entire country knows, but what I never imagined would be that they would be this shameless.


I “absent-mindedly” float by~


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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