Chinese Netizen Reactions To Jet Li Becoming Singaporean

jet-liFrom Mop:

Today I saw Singapore “Business Times” confirm that movie super-star Li Lianjie [Jet Li] has given up his plans for American citizenship, and has already taken Singapore citizenship. He has even spent 20 million Singaporean Dollars (about 95 million RMB) to buy a luxury residence in Singapore. After Gong Li, this is yet another Chinese film star taking Singaporean citizenship.

After seeing this report, Little Cat [nickname for Mop member, referring to self] could not help myself to applaud Jet Li’s decision! Big Brother Li has at least done three good things;

1: Reduced China’s population pressure. As everyone knows, China is the world’s most populous country. While it has had almost 20 years of birth control and has made notable achievements, the population pressure is still huge. Big Brother Li relocating his home abroad, no matter if it is a lot of people or a little people, can still be considered a contribution to reducing the population pressure for our country.

2: Helped a small remote country’s economic development. Singapore is a impoverished backwards tiny country. Big Brother Li traveling long and far to such a poor country, with the economic crisis in the background, and with one move invests almost a hundred million, stimulating the local housing market, expanding domestic consumption, and powering the provincial economy. Truly answering the call that individual wealth is not a blessing and that only when everyone is rich is it a blessing. Such a charitable act, how could Little Cat [I] not be moved?

3: Spread China’s outstanding culture around the world. Just like many various celebrity immigrants to Europe and America, stars are the same. When they take go to another country, they also take with them China’s long history and glorious culture. For the cultural development of other countries, one does what little one can to helpi those severely culturally backward countries (especially America, only 200+ years of history). Therefore, Big Brother Li is raising Singapore’s citizens’ character and culture and also has made an everlasting contribution.

At present, there are tens of thousands of people like Big Brother Li, whose own countries are so prosperous yet do not forget to relocate their entire families to “deep water hot fire” [underdeveloped] backward countries, establishing roots there, generation after generation of helping other impoverished backward countries. Their aspirations, to speak conscienciously, how many of you could accomplish them? Therefore, Little Cat wants to applaud Big Brother Li!!

Comments from Tianya:


I support Li Lianjie [Jet Li]!
This country, sight…
If you can leave, leave.
If you cannot leave, then change [the country].
When people are not allowed to vote, they vote with their feet.


He cannot be called a traitor.–>It is often said that Chinese culture is inclusive/tolerant, even to the point that foreigners are assimilated after invading, so is this actually praise or is it a kind of deep ridicule?


Do not bring personal behavior to the level of countries.
What needs to be asked is whether or not all our official’s children have become foreigners [citizens of other countries].


What bullshit One Foundation, he himself has already emigrated…


Resolutely support emigration, we absolutely must bring China’s 5000 years of civilization to the entire world. We must make them more Chinese, and unify the entire world.
Hehe, after saying that even I think I am being insane.


In the past, I too would condemn his action as betrayal.
But now, I believe what he did was right, or at least not wrong.


Fuck, an American becoming a Singaporean, why are you getting so excited!


FQ are just TMD mentally retarded~~Jet Li already emigrated to America in the 80s!! He was long ago already American, and for those who really have the ability, who wouldn’t want to emigrate? Don’t whine about sour grapes here.


He has his reasons for becoming a citizen of other countries. He also has no choice, of those who have the ability, who TM would want to be a ZG person [Chinese]!
However, he still loves his own country [China]. His One Foundation has done quite a lot of good.


China’s hukou problem truly makes people sad.
The moment a person is born, there is automatically a huge unfairness…and they talk about fairness, harmonious…
Truly talking nonsense…ridiculous.


I support Jet Li, living like a person, what is there not to like about the freedom to discuss/speak?


When I first heard that such a large bunch of celebrities were actually foreign nationals,
I also completely could not understand.
However upon reconsideration,
were I to have the same circumstances as them to gain foreign citizenship
I definitely would also get foreign citizenship.

Nowadays the foreigners in China
are absolutely outstanding/high-class people.
While those Chinese people who are here the hosts of this land
are generally true rabble.
Just moving between cities requires a temporary residence permit.
Truly mysterious.


Those without a voice become singers, those without a body become models, those without expressions become performers, those without plots become serial dramas, yet those with plots are the news, and the most yellow, most violent are all China’s Communist Party! Actually, I love my motherland, but now I am very shameless/rogue. Although I have been a fenqing before, I am now already numb…


I have discovered that there are a lot of idiots/swine here.
If you want to emigrate, just take your money and go find an immigration company.
Who is stopping you from emigrating? Is it the D [“dang”, Communist Party] or the ZF [“zheng fu”, govenrment] stopping you?
It is not that China does not let you go, the key is how are you doing [financially] in China? If you are not even a dog fart, no other country would want you anyway!


Jet Li is a piece of trash, a fraud!
Being charitable means to contribute, but his One Foundation only uses his face to collect everyone else’s money, truly a despicable idea. This kind of person leaving is good!


Mr. Li of course has the freedom to be a foreigner, and we will in the future treat him as one of China’s international friends. Indeed, China’s passport is not as convenient as foreign countries’; however when I think of the love that Qian Xuesen, Deng Jiaxian, and the older generation of scientists who abandoned their prosperity and influence breaking through layers and layers of difficulties to return to a poor and blank secluded China, we should respect Mr. Li’s choice, but also not forget those who are more deserving of our respect: Mr. Qian, Mr. Deng.


Those countries are more developed than China in one aspect, and people always want to head towards where things are better; Another key reason I’m afraid is that right is that China does not show people the hope of becoming developed. A society of several thousands of years just always repeating and repeating [rise and fall].


Loving the country does not mean loving the party. If the party was the country, then I would give up [the country].


As a fan of the Dalai Lama, he should get Indian citizenship!
For his personal benefits, he has rejected India and given up his own faith/beliefs. Despicable!


Singapore is not bad.
In 1998, when Indonesia persecuted Chinese people and raped many Chinese women,
what did our country do but to seal off the news and ignored it.
Our embassy was not willing to offer any help.
Only Singapore sent a naval vessal to Indonesia to pick up Chinese refugees.
If I were Jet Li, I too would want to be Singaporean.
It too is a [ethnic] Chinese country, but being in another country, his life has protections.

Some netizens have also said that Singaporean citizenship can save tax money so maybe that is why Jet Li became Singaporean.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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