Chinese Netizen Reactions To “Green Dam Youth Escort”

green-dam-youth-escort“Green Dam Youth Escort” (绿坝·花季护航) is a new software program that China’s government requires to be installed on all new computers sold after 2009 July 1. This program allows parents, people, and the government block internet content on each computer. Of course, they say it is to protect children, but very few netizens believe this.

If you are not familiar with this news yet, you can find a lot of English information from these websites:

The official website for Green Dam Youth Escort is

A menu screen in Green Dam Youth Escort:


Here are some netizen comments:

Comments from Tianya:


Developing and maintaining this kind of no-technology software can be done by 2-3 software programmers within 3 months time, yet this will cost 40 million every year!


Have you “Green Dam” today?


Because ZF is a little afraid, from push-ups…to 70 km/h…they want to control the internet, and pat every netizen’s head while they are at it.


Shameless action, using taxpayers’ money to manipulate this society…


Purchased for over 40 million to purchase but with one year free. Simply unbelievable, a decision with such wide-reaching implications made just by tapping one’s head [without serious thought]. This is the most pointless of the “pointless”. I suggest that the Central Commission For Discipline Inspection inspect the software company for trade/transaction problems [corruption].

They say this is for children, but those buying computers are not all children, right? Even adults are forced to install this “highway robber”? Isn’t this stripping other people of their right to choose, treating all computer purchasers in the country like children? This is ridiculous, things that cannot advance with the times are all done by these kind of people. Thought is something that should not be monopolized.


I bet it is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) minister’s son’s software company, but blatantly embezzling taxpayers’ money like this is indeed too ridiculous.


Are they really unable to imagine the reaction this will cause when it comes out…or are they that crazy about money [greedy]?


Ministry of Health Notice: All new computers are required to wear condoms.
Ministry of Health Notice: All new computers are required to wear condoms.
Ministry of Health Notice: All new computers are required to wear condoms.


These should have been released during April Fool’s Day.
This is not the way to support domestic software. These bastards are banging their heads with bricks again.
Without government support, I bet within a few years these two companies, Green Dam company and Escort company, will collapse.


Computers that cannot go on pornographic websites, who would buy them?


Ridiculous to the point that even the “wu mao dang” does not dare make an appearance?
I am so not used to not seeing the “wu mao dang”.


Even the “wu mao dang” have physiological needs sometimes, and need to visit pornographic websites and watch some pornographic videos and such.


Fuck the entire MIIT,
that bunch of SB,
all piss drinkers.

If they have the money, why not go help the poor?

Even this kind of trash software can be sold for that much!

Comments from Mop:


Since it is “youth escort” [child protection software], it should be installed on children’s computers. But since it must be installed on all computers, then “youth” is just an excuse.


Fuck TM B, if you have the ability [daring/guts/will], try welding this software into the motherboard BIOS! If you go this far, then I will accept it!


Actually, without using this kind of “software” our internet environment is already clean enough~
MD, trying to search a foreign thing but stubbornly cannot search it…yet it is not available within the country…so isn’t this simply fear of us hearing or seeing certain things…?

Someone above said it right, might as well just take taxpayers’ money and give it to someone to build a jail!


As long as parents properly guide children, help raise children’s internet usage consciousness, so they self-regulate their consumption of bad information, then this would be starting from the root. This [software] is not a long-term solution, and honestly this software has absolutely no use, although it may work for those who do not know how to use computers.


Honestly, the intent of the software is good and cannot be criticized, but the country using several tens of millions to install it, isn’t that a little ridiculous? Is taxpayer money to be split by a few companies and individuals like this? This truly is unacceptable…pissed off.


Those who are saying this is good are probably parents already, so I want to say to you guys: Can you guys first learn how to use the computer, okay? We are all taxpayers. Using our money to buy this piece of trash (there are free ones that are much better than this), and forcing all computers to be installed with it, if this isn’t a monopoly or dark secret then what is it? When you buy a computer for your child, do you not use it yourself? Even if you exit the program after using it, the back end can still automatically monitor the system operation, infringing upon the people’s privacy. If you want to restrict your child, there should be methods better than this, aren’t there? Moreover, this kind of thing is obviously just a tool for making money [in an improper way], only curing the symptoms and not the disease.


Piece of trash, have you guys considered how children really think? Why they love playing video games so much? Why they are curious about certain things? Have you never been like this before? These kind of restrictions will only increase children’s rebelliousness!!!


This software does not have one bit of technological content at all…China should learn from Holland, allowing children to see everything bad, and once they get tired of it, they will stop looking at them on their own.


This matter infringes upon the freedom of speech, is a crime against the people, and shows contempt for the Chinese people’s freedom. Resolutely oppose!


You guys would not be so innocent/naive as to believe this software’s true purpose is to protect children, right?

It is very obvious that it is for monitoring and controlling all Chinese people.

Here is a Mop photoshop:



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