Chinese Netizen Talks About ‘Laowai’ Foreign Men, Reactions

A Chinese speaker shouting into a microphone reading from a piece of paper in Canada, in protests over media bias and distortion in Canada.

Here is the final part of our translation of a popular post from Tianya, a major Chinese online discussion forum.

Parts 1 to 3 translated one Chinese netizen’s views on foreign men, Chinese men, and Chinese women. Part 1 was mostly about the differences between Chinese and foreign men that explain why foreign men have more success picking up girls. Part 2 was a number of anecdotes and conversations with foreign men and their love lives. Part 3 detailed several myths Chinese girls have about foreign men.

This fourth and final part is a selection of netizen comments on that Tianya post, responding to the original poster and everything said…

Comments on Tianya:


Fucking LZ, would it kill you to speak properly? What is this 拆那 chai na [“China”, which the original poster repeatedly used instead of 中国 zhong guo in much of his post]? You’re either a bandit/traitor or a garbage devil [Japanese].


Actually, it still goes back to the girls themselves needing to be independent and have self-respect. Chinese people don’t respect Chinese people, and instead fawn over laowai. This comes from a lack of self-confidence in our hearts, the feeling that laowai are better than ourselves. The first thing to do is to equalize our positions [see each other as equals].


Well written, LZ. Actually this post can be regarded as a universal handbook for picking up girls.


Nobody thinks laowai look like the Monkey King?


I showed Journey to the West to my boyfriend, pointed at the Monkey King and said, “This is you…” :)


What LZ said is very pertinent. I am a woman, but I also very much agree with your point of view.


Today’s values really have changed. Some women are like buses [promiscuous], yet they continuously show off. If you have needs, don’t you know how to use sex toys to satisfy yourself?


I was going to yell at the LZ, because my boyfriend is also a laowai, but as I read on, I couldn’t help placing myself in the position. What LZ says is really pertinent. I hope I won’t get a tragic ending, I’m a good girl…


I really can’t figure this out. If you’re going to find a foreigner to sleep with, at least find a young and strong one, but instead you find an old and fat man…


There’s no shortage of foreign trash in China, and there’s also a lot of native trash as well, so I hope girls will simply remove the scales from their eyes, as it is better to have nothing than to have something that is garbage.

我在旅程 (the original poster):

There are also many promiscuous girls in foreign countries, but foreign men are more lenient towards the women in their own countries. They have a sort of indescribable racial superiority complex. They like to disparage Chinese girls. Even for the same things, when Chinese girls do them, they think it is low, cheap, dirty, for money and green cards. But when it is their own country’s girls who do them, laowai say it is them being independent, free, open-minded.


The kind of haughty arrogance and sense of racial superiority in the bones of white people is extremely horrible/frightening. They treat Chinese people as inferior people, so they don’t appreciate help from Chinese men, nor do they feel remorse or shame when playing Chinese girls.

A lot of white trash are law-abiding and well-behaved “good people” in their home countries, but become walking JJ after coming to China. The fundamental reason lies in them feeling they are the upper class in China, with the right and the privilege to do whatever they want, and they have every reason to sleep with Chinese girls everywhere.

In their eyes, Chinese girls are lower than them, and can be trampled and played at will.

Our countrymen like to blame Chinese girls for being sluts, so foreigners all say Chinese girls are EASY, looking down on Chinese girls, but this is just a very small reason. Actually, the deep-rooted reason lies in white people’s racial superiority complex. Whether Chinese girls are sluts or not, whether they climb the stick [have sex with white men] or not, many white people look down on them anyway.

The girls who don’t sleep with white men, the white men say they are too conservative, boring, and don’t know how to enjoy life. They don’t like those girls.

The girls who do sleep with them, they say behind their backs that they are sluts, easy to get, ignorant, and shallow.

The girls who sleep with them for free, they say they are cheap, free, too promiscuous, and are not worth being loved and treated seriously.

The girls who want things and money (Chinese men giving their girlfriends jewelry and credit cards is very common), they then say those girls are prostitutes and bitches, selling their sexual organs.

White people often like to say bad things about Chinese people, especially when it comes to belittling Chinese men in front of Chinese girls, and then belittling Chinese girls in front of foreign men.


As a Chinese man:

1. I’m not particularly opposed to Chinese women taking laowai as husbands (still uncomfortable in my heart, male animal instinct) but I am against those like the LZ said who actually spend their own money in order to date laowai [treating or paying for the man on a date].

2. I’m strongly against the phenomenon of [Chinese women] degrading and attacking Chinese men upon finding a laowai [boyfriend/husband]…

3. I’m against generalizing a portion of people who are one way onto the whole of Chinese women. The vast majority of Chinese women are good and decent. Some people’s comments seem to be obvious attempts to provoke a shouting match between men and women.

4. I’m against those saying Chinese men are all better than the laowai who come to China, because China also has a lot of lousy men, who are unfaithful and promiscuous.

5. I object to the statement that the rate of extramarital affairs among Chinese men is higher than that among foreign men. This is purely slander and bullshit. I also disagree that laowai men are all more civilized and gentlemen-like than Chinese men. At the very least, I don’t see where the foreign instructors and students I know are more civilized than the male teachers and male students at my school. “Though foreign men often engage in premarital sex, they are conservative after getting married. Chinese men mess around before marriage, and have extramarital affairs after marriage.” The people who make these kind of replies all have shit in their heads.

6. Men should firmly fight back when it comes to statements that Chinese women are cheap, easy girls and the like, taking the initiative to defend our country’s women’s dignity and reputation. We can’t let a few women of this kind cause all Chinese women to be shot [to be wronged]. If you don’t defend the women of your own country, who else are you going to defend?

7. I’m especially against some Chinese men parroting [foreign men] in saying how Chinese women are cheap, easy girls. Men like this simply aren’t human.

8. I’m super strongly against the saying that Chinese people don’t have beliefs [convictions/principles]. People who say such things are in my eyes simply garbage. And they talk about beliefs! For example, the stupid x reply above: “But I tell you sincerely, the caliber of Chinese men as a whole is inferior to the laowai of developed countries. Chinese people don’t have beliefs, are too materialistic, too practical, too lacking in integrity, and even more importantly, Chinese people are too stupid. They lose themselves as soon as they see temptation. Chinese men who have a perfectly good family and a good career, the moment they are tempted by a young woman outside, I won’t say 100%, but I 95% of them will lose themselves, ‘throwing away a watermelon for a sesame seed’.” I don’t know how he arrived at this conclusion. When I see replies like this, I subconsciously say so TMD disgusting.

9. I’m against calling promiscuity feminism.

10. I hope all our countrymen can respect themselves, love themselves, discipline themselves, and reflect on themselves.


I hate Chinese men’s lack of self-confidence.
The women willing to spend their entire lives with a white person and make mixed children are still few/the minority.
Chinese people’s innocence is much more adorable than the experience of foreigners. Though it’s true that sometimes their language and behavior is awkward or lacking in manners, seen from another angle it proves that they haven’t dated many girls [don’t go around chasing girls very much], and are clean enough [decent/respectable].


I’m currently attending an English training school, and by my judgment, what the author [original poster] says is completely accurate. One time I went shopping with a classmate. A black laowai man kept staring at my light-skinned, rich, and beautiful classmate (this beauty is already married) while he had his girlfriend by his side. That female companion came up to my classmate to declare sovereignty [over her man], but for some reason that black man came up and said to my classmate that he doesn’t the female companion beside him. That woman was so mad she ended up chasing and hitting that laowai on the street. Also, there was this foreigner who moonlights as a foreign instructor who announced in class that if his Chinese wife did not listen to him, he would dump her, which made us very uncomfortable.


Louzhu‘s post reminded me of a classmate at college. The girl was from the countryside, very very poor. In the end, she got with our foreign instructor. God! That foreign instructor was already over 50 years old, and he even had a little housekeeper who sleeps with him all year round in his apartment.


Sometimes I saw many good girls walking with laowai men old enough to be their dads.


This [post] must be ding‘d. What louzhu is very apropos. Here in Shenzhen the way such girls are called is “paper girls”. They really are jokes in laowai‘s mouths.


Having read this much, I’m going to put in my two cents.

I know quite a lot of laowai, as I’ve studied abroad, and actually the characteristics of most laowai are just like what the louzhu said.

The year I was studying abroad, Chinese girls were not very popular. The one Chinese girl I knew who was looking [for a foreign boyfriend] ultimately only found a fat guy, who didn’t even have much education. Actually in foreign countries, the laowai with bachelor’s degrees or higher are relatively arrogant. They will be very picky, and usually won’t proactively approach Asian girls, unless those girls can help them with schoolwork.

The laowai in China I think have become spoiled, each and every one of them saying Chinese girls are cheap. It’s not like we begged you to come here, so why not go home? I encountered a Swedish laowai, who was involved in a language exchange arrangement. At first it was the girl [who expressed interest], but he started getting very physical, and because he didn’t get his way in the end, he started saying how Chinese girls are this and that easy or whatever, making it so that I really wanted to yell at him. But thinking from another perspective, both parties are responsible for this. Why did it turn out this way? Why did she allow the laowai to be so unscrupulous? Chinese girls are too naive. Also, the laowai who come to China really are those who couldn’t survive/make it in their own countries, thinking it’s heaven here.

Let me give you an example. I have an American friend. He came to China for the sole purpose of studying. Recently he’s going back to the United States, because he discovered that it’s hard to find a job here too. He said it was hard for him to find a job in Los Angeles, and he thought that it would be very easy in China.

On the other hand, don’t always say laowai are stupid, they are all very shrewd and canny. When they are using you, they will be especially nice to you, but when they aren’t using you, they pretend not to know you. I know a laowai, and he said to me that it’s really hard to trust someone here. He only trusts himself. See, this is the difference. Everyone thinks it’s so trendy to be friends with laowai, but actually that foreigner just wants to use you. Don’t even bring up Chinese girls wanting to marry laowai.

Most of the laowai I know are particularly fond of Korean and Japanese girls, thinking they are traditional. I think they are nuts. Just because Chinese girls tend to be assertive, Korean girls are all very traditional? Actually, the notion of freedom isn’t that big in Western countries, everyone wants to find someone who will be submissive to them. But a majority of laowai think Korean and Japanese girls are submissive because they can fool around outside the house. They don’t want Chinese girls, [because] they’d have to worry [about being caught]. But, do you want to be a puppet? You think marrying a laowai like this is glamorous. It’s actually just like that.

My thinking may not necessarily be correct, but I always feel girls in the end will become emotionally invested, so how can there be girls who just play around [without any strings attached]? Men indeed can separate sex from love very clearly, but that’s not absolute either.

Finally I want to say, let me talk a bit about the differences between American laowai and British laowai. Most of the laowai I know are from these two countries. British people are more reserved. You think they are cold, but once you become friends, you are definitely good friends. As for Americans, you initially think he is a good friend but eventually you will discover that they’ll maintain a distance from you.

Anyway as China’s economy gets better and better, we don’t need to be too judgmental about laowai. Chinese people should have self-respect, self-love, and be proud. Learning from others’ strengths to improve ourselves is the way to go.

Good luck.


My female friends and I are like this: Invite us to go eat, we’ll go eat. Invite us to go play, we’ll go play. Being friends is fine, but if you want to sleep with us, don’t even think about it. Eating a meal with you and going out to play is all OK, as long as you’re paying. Your goal is something we both clearly know, but just pretend to be ignorant of. Don’t say we are immoral or whatever, those guys aren’t saints either. If you play, we’ll play, that’s it.


This is an episode about “Chinese girls” from a video series about China made by a South American man who has lived in China for six or seven years.

The whole episode is talking about how easy Chinese girls are. This person mentions that Chinese girls don’t go for blacks or Indians and the like, because they don’t have money or passports…

Fucking just watching it pisses me off… selling their dignity attaching themselves to foreign trash is their own business, something that outsiders originally have no business interfering with, but now the reputation of Chinese girls as a whole is being ruined by these mouse shits [from the Chinese expression that “a speck of mouse shit will spoil a whole pot of porridge”].

The girls I’m cursing here are those who, for money and passports, become easy and free, not those who respect themselves, love themselves, and date laowai out of true love… although I still remind the sisters dating laowai out of true love: Keeping your wits and being careful with everything is always good. Although there are good ones among the laowai in China, the percentage is not high, so removing the scales from your eyes and be careful to avoid being deceived.


Why do so many Chinese people like to fuel stereotypes like this? As long as somebody else is a bit different from you, you immediately treat them as freaks/monsters. When I read this garbage, I can only see arrogant brain-damaged racism.

Yes, from the first day we foreigners arrive in China, you people try to demonize us.

Are you trying to say… “I’m a good guy, I never do this kind of thing, and I’m not speaking on behalf of our Chinese girls… Believe me, baby. I will save you from that “little white face”, and protect you until the end. Come, kiss your daddy.”

“I have a lot of foreign friends. Among them there are also some honest and dependable people, “as rare as the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a kylin” [Chinese idiom]”

Is this a joke? LZ, drop dead.

Let me explain: “Why do I understand laowai attitudes, habits, and behavior patterns so well? Very simple, I have many many foreign devil friends, black friends, little Japanese friends, Korean friends, and other trash friends, and my best friend is a foreign devil! They all came out of a monster egg, without mothers!! Patriotic comrades…I don’t care if you believe it or not, it’s true” — Louzhu

I can only say: “The frog living at the bottom of the well, sees only the sky at the mouth of the well, yet tells the turtle that the well is the best place to live.'”


Mental retardation truly knows no borders. The louzhu is saying that there are a lot of garbage laowai in China, explaining their characteristics to remind everyone not to be fooled. He didn’t dismiss/put down all laowai. Since you do not consider yourself to be this kind of garbage, and have not done the things they do, why take it personally? Retard, evaluation complete!


I’ve discovered a phenomenon: Laowai cannot see the behavior and actions of all the garbage laowai in China. The moment someone says something about them, they start claiming it is racial discrimination, saying Chinese people are xenophobic/anti-foreigners.

If you were all like Bai Qiuen [Norman Bethune], coming to China to make a contribution, the Chinese people would only thank you and revere you. Your compatriots do horrible things one after another, and yet you still have the face to quibble.

Chinese people are absolutely not against foreigners. Actually ten years ago, Chinese people were not only polite and friendly with foreigners, but also full of admiration, thinking [foreigners] are rather noble. But now the laowai who come to China are of lower and lower caliber/character, harassing girls everywhere, already having become public nuisances.

The examples given by the LZ are all of people around him, who are relatively typical, and the truth is just like that. Objective, impartial, and fair. well and vividly written. Good post.


The laowai the louzhu talks about are divided into the laowai in China and the laowai in foreign countries.

In my eyes, the girls who date laowai are divided into those who are sensible and reasonable and those who are not.

Do sensible and reasonable girls need you to tell them what to do? The girls who aren’t, even if you tell them what to do, would they listen?

Young male Chinese protesters carrying a flag and pointing a finger forward: Charge!

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      It’s yellow journalism at best, but it does one thing exceptionally well: Page hits. So don’t expect it to ever be over, don’t expect this topic to ever really die. New people will come, they’ll think that this is the first article like this and the cycle will begin anew. Lazy, irresponsible and pedantic.

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        The Chinternet is a very dark place.
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        1) A “China” argument is always polarized into two extremes, not allowing for personal perspectives
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        There’s much more, and also there’s obvious reason for these three conclusions, but I don’t want to go crazy and make you agree to too much.

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            Everybody else: this isn’t an olive branch offering nor a “agree to disagree” thing: it’s two guys (so far) who think the current dialog on “China matters” stinks. It appears there’s more of you.

            I’m just pointing this out just to say that we need more. We deserve more. Hey, China deserves more.

            But here, this is what we’ve got.


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          Those song and joke stories are the worst. Chinese trying to be funny on purpose = not funny at all. Chinese acting normally = some of the funniest shit I’ve seen. Not bashing them as I’m also funnier in real life when I’m acting normally than when I’m joking.

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        Publicly, Chinese officials will criticize foreign intervention like the war in Afghanistan. In practice, though, they sure eat up the opportunities that foreign intervention opens to their SOEs. Look at MCC in Aghanistan and CNPC in Iraq. I’d be curious to read Chinese discussion of that (assuming people actually give a shit about that, which is unlikely).

        • Hongwu Emperor

          capitalism leads to that, unfortunately

          • thmswhnr

            Leads to what? Economic opportunity?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            stupidity and vainness… people’s life each time having less meaning.
            they should go to the temple and pray or something, instead of being f****** greedy and neglecting their duties w/ their ancestors!!!!

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      Today was raining so hard here in China but I didn’t take the umbrella! so embarassing!!!!! (I think this is a good way to troll this: non-related comments)

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    . . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,
    . . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
    . . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
    . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
    . . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
    . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
    . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
    . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
    . . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
    . . . .. . .`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
    . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
    . . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . /
    . . . . . . `~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..,__
    ,,_. . . . . }.>-._. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
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      EPIC FACEPALM. The whole lot of them.

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      Face palm is what i was thinking when a bunch of spoiled rotten Chinese kids 6 year olds started picking on me and my 2 1/2 year old daughter at the playground…

      One girl says…”Are You from Africa”

      I say ” No I’m American”

      The 3 girls start chanting “shoot the American pow pow pow”

      I try to go away to avoid conflict move away and they follow in the process pushing my daughter “shoot the American pow pow pow” for like 5 minutes straight. It was so intense I just decided to take my kid back home.

      Where were the parents at? Taking a laugh out of it instead of correcting their child’s behavior

      Making sure my daughter was safe was the only thing that stopped me from taking that rotten cunt of a kid and giving her a spanking, and then taking a bat and smashing the sh-t out of the parent’s faces…

      Today I have lost all respect for the Chinese and their insecure fervent nationalism. I have been so disappointed by the people here

      • El Puma R.

        You’re not the only one bro. Disappointment is the right emotion.

      • Paneraman

        So there goes the “chinese are friendly & welcoming to foreigners”

        • filabusta

          Yeah I think that era ended with the fake rape propaganda video back in 2012.

          • pimpinbear

            i think that has nothing to do with it. I will keep on saying it: they get the government they deserve. The gov suck cause the people suck ! A society with selfish ignorant citizens will get in return selfish ignorant leaders. Add to that the worst form of blind ignorant nationalism i ever witnessed in the world and voila….People can say whatever they like, but fact is that most chinese are extremely racist, and by that i mean KKK racist…we whites are still better off then the black dudes, but nether the less most of them hate whites too. I was shocked when i came to china and had the first conversations with my workers when they start talking about blacks. That was the most racist shit i ever heard. I had a hard time trying to explain that their thinking is soooo wrong and inhuman…..And i will never forget when i was at my booth at the job market in GZ with some of my staff and a lousy bastard stand in front of the booth point at me and say:

            “we chinese should shoot all this foreigners….”

            i dont know by what i was shocked more, by what and how this guy said it, or by the silence of my staff….but hey you cant really blame a chinese for not stepping up for someone else…:-)

          • chinese men suck


      • chinese suck

        parents? they dont govern their kids, they are like animals here

        • Dr Sun

          How many accounts do you have on here ?
          1.Chinese suck
          2.Chinese men suck
          3. Capt Obvious
          4. Dirty Chinese
          5. The other guy
          6. Joe economist

          Any others ?

        • Francais Expats

          You american dickheads, Im French and it pisses me off to see stupid comments like this, remember you country is based on the garbage we didn’t want in Europe during the mass murdering of native Americans…Everywhere in the world you just kill rape and murder in the name of money, calling this a war…you don’t even have respect for a civilization 5000 years older than your fat ass MacDonalds…Luckily some American people are cleverer than you and don’t fart above their asses…
          I wish you knew poverty Asia had to gi through, mainly because of your crafty plans to get more ressources from the weakest, ’cause you’re so dumb you can’t create anymore…you are just racists scumbags and don’t deserve to be called humans

    • Silent Observer

      I signed up to Tianya and wrote a response…on page 29….maybe chinasmack can translate my stuff to them….

      I signed up to Tianya so I could defend foreigners…

      First…I want to say that I am American

      Secondly…I will not translate these words
      into Chinese. I do not care if you understand me or not…You are not worth my

      This is to the LZ (LZ= loser?) and most of
      you sad people on here….

      Firstly to the LZ…

      How much time do you have on your hands to
      write a 15’000 word article of why you are not getting any women? Don’t you
      have a job? A life? Do you go to school
      in America? Who paid for you to go to school in America?(If you secretly
      despise foreigners this much why even take the plane to my country?) Did you
      work two jobs to pay off your university education? Or did your parents pay?

      See, most westerners pay off their loans by
      working. Did you? I doubt it. We are out of the house by 21 years old. Am I really
      a loser? I had 10 jobs before I was 18 years old and decided to come to China
      because I wanted an adventure..

      You do know what an adventure is right?…If
      you are too stupid to understand let me explain…

      I doubt if you have ever read Moby Dick written
      by Herman Melville…It tells the story of a young man named Ishmael with no
      money in his pocket, who decides to board a ship and take up whaling…In his
      adventure he goes through all types of experiences and makes many friends. The
      way I understand it, that is not a loser.

      I think you equate loser with not having a
      lot of money. To me a loser is an angry LZ who is not getting any women, and he
      had to stand on the side while all of his “friends”(the LZ’s pretend friends) were
      having a good time and loving life. So he makes up this fake story of how he
      has many foreign friends.

      Did you know that over 1 millions Chinese
      come and want immigrate to America every year(including your dumb ass).

      You are a liar. You never had any foreign
      friends in America, because we wouldn’t hang out with someone like you.. We
      wouldn’t hang out with a loser who can smile in your face and then write a 15’000
      word article about how he hates foreigners who come to China and has sex with
      Chinese women.

      My question to you is…

      Why do you care about how many Chinese women
      a foreign man is having sex with?

      To me that sounds really gay…

      You should ask a question to yourself…

      Why are there more “beauty saloons” than
      schools and hospitals in China?

      Are you telling me that only foreigners go
      to these places?

      You throw money at your women and call that
      respect. You buy her a Ferrari with bribes and expect her to respect you at the
      end. This is not respect…this is just a fool and his money, which are soon

      Why is it when I go to a restaurant I have
      to see an old 60 year old Chinese man dating a 20 year old Chinese woman?
      Mistress perhaps?

      Why do your officials get caught every 10
      minutes stealing millions of Yuan from the people and having a harem of women?
      Look at the trash in your own yard before you dare to talk about your neighbor’s

      It’s so easy to blame us foreigners….And
      who are you talking about?






      Saudi Arabian?







      So every culture that comes to your country
      and sleeps with your women is wrong EXCEPT your Chinese women and men?

      Let me tell you something. A woman is a
      woman…it does not matter where she is from…In general men love s.e.x. You are
      attempting to sit on a throne and judge others

      …BUT if I threw ten white, black and Spanish
      women in a room with you alone who wanted to be with you…You are telling you
      would say no? Why? Because you are such a pure Chinese?

      Stop making up lies… you are not getting
      any women and you are angry…Whose fault is that? Go out and be an Ishmael. The
      more you talk about it the more women will become more curious about people who
      are not Chinese. Don’t you see that?

      I won’t respond on Tianya…but if you got something
      to say you can go to

      Because this is where I saw this stupid
      story at. You are an idiot, and the people that believe the idiotic crap that
      comes out of your mind are idiots too.

      Good day.

      • Paco

        Thanks for the shout out Mexican married to a Chinese woman life is strange to say the least

        • Silent Observer


        • bernay

          Not Mexican?
          Maybe is from Spain

      • BiggJ

        Best line of this story….”Go out and be Ishmael.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don’t know why but that makes me laugh.
        What you say is true though, this guy’s just a flake.

        • Silent Observer

          You should go check out Tianya….They are calling me all kinds of “niggers” and “black shit” over there….I swear man I think Chinese men from the mainland are the most xenophobic, racist and insecure men on the planet…They cannot talk in a civil manner….just name calling and fervent nationalism

          What a disappointment

          • filabusta

            My friend got jeered off a bus yesterday for telling the driver he was American. I think it’s getting worse as time goes on.

          • Silent Observer

            Really? why did he tell the bus driver he was American?

          • filabusta

            He was speaking English to a kid wearing a hockey jersey and the bus driver asked him where he was from.

          • Chris

            I would have kick the driver out first, then proudly walk away, and taking my money back of course.

            Chinese men, what a bunch of losers, can’t even remember how many Chinese girls i slept with in the last few months, from 16 years old virgin teenagers to 40+ years old moms married with some kind of wealthy Chinese loser, even with millions of RMB they can’t prevent their wife from cheating them.

      • Paneraman

        Dude sounds like a forever alone omega.

      • DaWei1981

        So true …

      • Francais Expats

        You are plain stupid and arrogant man, look through your country’s history, you’ll find that YOU are the garbage from Europe, racists comments like this are a disgrace to the good people in US…Since your country is based upon a genocide you should repent instead of showing off your long gone white power…You sound like a KKK guy, I’m white, European and still you are a disgrace to our kind saying so many rubbish…look at yourself before judging somebody else

    • filabusta

      I guess there is really no better response. I’ve tried to think of something to write but ended up repeatedly face palming.

  • Tom

    Good lord.

    Can’t win with some people I guess.

    “Foreigners in China are fucking losers who are trying to dirty our culture and rape our women.” “How dare you get upset about this, I’m not saying ALL foreigners are like this

    It reminds me of those people in the States who call Obama a n****r and then say they’re not racist.

    • Alphy

      Haha exactly. This topic is based on generalization and stereotypes. Of course the comments are going to be like this, I don’t really know why Chinasmack is posting these topics except to get heated discussions.

      • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

        Cause they banned the trolls and as the age old saying goes “come for the news, stay for the trolls”; it wasn’t a particularly bright move! Needless to say, they have to do their own trolling now.

    • bert

      I have never heard anyone back home in the US call him a nigger. I have however seen people claim that a person is a racists just because they don’t like him, just is just typical liberal retardation.

      • Brett archives

      • BiggJ

        If they are black they have been called a nigger. If they are white they have been called a cracker. If they are yellow they have been called a chink. Way of the world man.

      • A guy


      • Tom

        ” a person is a racists”

        “just is just”

        Can you even speak English, son?

        Anyway here’s an example of exactly what I was talking about.

      • SuperHappyCow

        But I have. I don’t know what fucking planet you live on, bro.

    • Misiooo

      Culture? Chinese culture? This is oxymoron.

      • Hongwu Emperor


        • Misiooo

          Great! You seem to know what an oxymoron is, or just googled it? Buhahaha, chinaman never fails to amaze me.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I dont need nothing like google to reply. what about you? ;)
            I am the chinaman, while you are ‘the disgusting piglet’. peace man!

          • Misiooo

            Hahahaha! So there is always hope. Peace man, and no offense:-)

          • Hongwu Emperor

            If there is to be peace in the home, There must be also peace in the heart said the great Laozi. as peace can always be good right =)

          • Rainer

            Sorry I just posted it in another wrong place. Here it’s for you oxymoron:

      • Guest


    • SuperHappyCow

      I had to start ignoring some people the other day because they did that. Claimed he didn’t pay attention to politics at all, then a few minutes later said that Obama is a “negro” that’s raising his taxes. Idiotidiotidiotidiotidiot.

      And these are people you think are normal that you meet in every day life.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        When people are foolish, they are easy to govern -ShangYang ^_^

        thats the utmost interest of all govt in the PLANET; make people forget/ignore/dislike politics, so as to keep them ‘dumb’

    • donscarletti

      Honestly speaking:
      I used to hang out in more expat haunts, but honestly, a disproportionate amount of expats in China kinda suck.
      Honestly, there are a whole lot of guys that are a bit like the original poster described, drinking away their meagre English teaching income and acting like they’re a high-roller, nailing vacuous and mostly extremely ugly girls and acting like their Casanova, having an extremely limited command of the local language and acting like their street smart.
      I’m not one and there are many others that aren’t either, but their not exactly rare or difficult to run into. They’re probably a minority, but they are just so damn obvious that to someone just seeing the superficial layer, then that is probably all that they can see of foreigners in China.

      • Dr Sun

        I don’t know what percentage of expats hang out in bars everynight, probably a small but unfortunately very visible number. No doubt mostly the single guys with yellow fever.
        Like you I gave up hanging out with expats in bars very shortly after arriving in China, the reason is simple, their not the kind of guys I would have hung out with back home either.
        However I don’t think the alcoholic, Casanova ESL teacher is really representative of the vast majority of hard working ex-pats be they either ESL teachers or something else.

        • El Puma R.

          I think exactly the same… Two frequent questions I get from expats “where have you been?” and “how come your chinese is so good?”

          God takes care of drunks and fools.

        • Alphy

          Same here. The first few months when I first came to China and tried to meet some local Expats. The ones I see in bars are mostly English teachers. I still remember one of them thought it was so fancy that I had business cards to give, in hindsight, I really shouldn’t have handed them out to them. I don’t understand how people can come to China to work without knowing some Chinese.

      • Kate

        That’s how I felt about other foreigners in Korea. I would occassionally meet some cool ones, but many were really loud, pretentious, rude, and arrogant. I once stopped by an american restaurant in Itaewon with my husband after picking up some pregnancy books at the english book store (like the only good one in seoul) and I was about 6 months preggo and these foreign men, sounded british, started laughing at me at the restaurant and saying shit like “that korean guy better run, he must be into pregnant chicks” blah blah just the absolute rudest and immature (which categorized 8/10 encounters with foreign men in korea). Actually most rudeness I encountered was from other expats, not koreans.

        • you don’t think that maybe perhaps those comments were because you were with a korean guy?

          • Kate

            Probably, white guys in korea have been rude to my husband before, ether by ignoring him or making some dumb joke abput how he looks like Psy (which he doesn’t at all in anyway). I’ve seen white men give him dirty looks, but I’ve also seen hispanic guys do the same and I’ve had a few korean girls give me looks or be standoffish towards me (not many just a few bitches). Eh but who cares, yeah it sucks when people are ignorant and mean, but its their problem, not mine, I’m happy and love my family.

  • BiggJ

    Moral of the story….. “chinese male virgins hate white guys”…….For the love of fuck.

  • Man with the Stick

    Racist to no end! Glad i know a lot chinese people who dont think like this. BTW. my comment from yesterday on the Part 1 was deleted… can i ask for what reason?

  • AsiansWearFur

    There are VERY MANY men from China nowadays marrying foreign women from Europe, Australia, Asia and Americas, so it’s balancing out: “laowai” women seeking a reliable man have indeed been looking towards China. Perhaps that’s due in part by pressure from the “sex-ratio imbalance” phenomena. But there’s another phenomena of equal importance: lonely Western men in their “free and liberal democracies” unable to find a subtle and obedient partner in life or someone they can handle, and thus are pressured to seek foreign or foreign-like women with traditional values. If not for these women, and more importantly: new immigrants coming to America, our US population would be in really serious decline.

    • BiggJ

      What about just male chinese population around the world. The odds are in your favor for some of you get with foreign woman. If you never then there would not be enough chinese girls to supply you guys. So how on earth are foreign men coming to china and “according to chinese boys” are taking all the woman? By all right there should be not one single woman in china.

  • linette lee

    The next china smack article I want to read about Laowai’s comments about chinese men and women in China.

    • Jahar

      I could write you a good one. I’d like to take this 4 part series and point by point counter it or write our thoughts on them on the same point.

      • linette lee

        o.k. you do that. But beware a lot of angry chinese men may come on CS to curse you out.

    • quake

      chinese men and laowei women

  • Terrik

    Ultimately, what does it matter? So some Chinese dude gets pissed that I’m dating a Chinese woman. I hope the jealousy burns almost as much as the baijiu going down his throat to ease the pain.


    • Oops

      Incidentally the original post was written by a Chinese woman. So the motive is less unclear. Frustration over never been able to attract male attention from her numerous laowai friends maybe (if they are not imaginary)? Otherwise she’d be an sb girl in her own words. What delicious irony.

      • Mr Nightcat

        Are you sure it was a Chinese woman? From looking at the poster’s Tianya post history, he/she seems to write from a male point of view – my opinion though. The poster even wrote a topic asking women not to send nude photos to foreigners after claiming that foreign friends forward them all the time to him/her. Naturally, he/she went ahead and posted his collection of said photos right in the post, most of which were deleted.

  • Kate

    And they even managed to insult the Koreans and Japanese……this is just ignorant.

    • Dave

      No, no, they’re insulting foriegners that would prefer Koreans or Japanese girls, because foreigners wrongheadedly think they are traditional and submissive, when everyone knows that they really are just sluts.

      How’s that insulting to Japanese or Korean women?

      • Brett

        You’re an idiot.

        • Dave

          What, not sarcastic enough for you?


        • Alphy

          lol you fell for it.

          • linette lee

            Sluts come in all colors. ;)

          • Dr Sun


          • BiggJ


          • I have seen the future: it is a veritable Skittles bag chock full of sluts.

      • Rick in China

        Everyone in China knows they’re really just sluts – because everyone in China prefers their AV flicks from either country. Obviously, AV indicates how women in the source country behave on the norm… no?

    • Quake

      tell your husband if they cause a second korean war All of Korea will be China’s for CHina’s scraps

  • Jay K.

    man i love this, one of the best series in the history of china smack!!! keep it coming!

    • SuperHappyCow


  • I would have thought of all places, this type of crap would stir up first in Pakistan, Iran or Arab countries.

    Being an Asian, I welcome all farangs to Asia and would say, that there are many places in Asia, that welcome laowai and do not discriminate based on whom you choose to date.

    Go to Philippines..The most free country in Asia to date

    Go to Thailand..The most free country in Asia for nightlife.

    Go to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore for good time and good life like back home.

    There are 10 other countries in Asia, who does not care whom you choose to sleep with….

    • gogodancer gordon (at office)

      you welcome all farangs? Isn’t there a contradiction is this very sentence?

    • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

      This is true, fact is we all made a terrible mistake getting invested in chinkland. Just fess up to it.

    • Kate

      Koreans care. I lived in Korea and moving back there in 30 days and just sayin’ while Korea and Koreans are great people, foreigners are still outsiders and Koreans are very nationalistic and many believe they are a “pure” race. Some Korean men are very hostile towards foreign men with korean women and many korean women will be negatively stigmatized if seen canoodling with foreign men. It doesn’t work the other way with foreign women/korean men. Men in any country have only issues accepting foreign men, foreign females are ok. I think that’s just a “primitive male territory” thing.

      • Linette lee

        Males species are territorial.

        • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

          The lack of female cuckqueanry suggests otherwise!

      • thmswhnr

        A lot of east Asians (and some whites in the US) have this illusion of racial purity as if they’re somehow the exceptional chosen race that is totally distinct from the rest of the races and destined to be superior. The idea that humans have been mixing, both culturally and genetically since the beginning of history does not occur to them, and they violently reject any threat to the imagined “purity” of their “race”.

    • twisky

      lavista4u – You obviously don’t know SouthEast Asian mentality very well (yeah I’m talking Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia/Malaysia/Philippines/HK/ Singapore/Myanmar/Brunei). What thoughts and mentalities the smiles hide… are vicious. Just like this article is a very narrow minded view and generalizes several cultures without much intellect; don’t confuse the general ‘feel and lifestyle’ of a place without the subtext.

  • Willy Shake

    Ivor2410… In my couple of years here I have never seen thoughts like those. Refreshing.

  • BiggJ

    This comment made me laugh.

    “If you were all like Bai Qiuen [Norman Bethune],
    coming to China to make a contribution, the Chinese people would only
    thank you and revere you. Your compatriots do horrible things one after
    another, and yet you still have the face to quibble.”

    Well if all chinese were like Jackie Chan doing monkey flips and kung fu in foreign country’s we’d all love you guys too.

    The fact is foreigners are not all commie loving doctors and Chinese are not all loveable kung fu people. hahaha

    • Dave

      Not saints, but better caliber than whites going to China, I think. And, broadly, he’s correct. I mean, lessee, why do people go to other countries:

      1) for money, a job told them to
      2) better education
      3) adventure / partying
      4) a better life, a new home

      In China, you have mostly the first three types, those that are here because of their jobs (and don’t care to integrate into society), those are are here briefly for education, and those that are here for adventure.

      Very, very very few are here for a better life. Why would they be?

      Where as in the US, Chinese immigrants go for a better life and opportunities, and work really hard, laowai typicaly come to China to have fun.

      • BiggJ

        It also has to do with how the country handles visa and immigrants. If china had the same visa restriction as say Canada….no one would come here. That is where you get better caliber “rich” people from china going to canada and the US. And lesser caliber”poorer” people coming to live in china. If Canada had the same visa laws as china then Canada would have 1 billion chinese instead of the 3 million we have now.

        China is a nice place to visit, but to live for any amount of time is not really good. There are more cons then pros to living in china.

        • Dave

          China has fairly restrictive visa policy, all things considered.

          It’s not, say, Thailand, where Westerners can just show up and live there.

          • stvgl

            You’re completely misinformed. Thai visa policy isn’t anything like it was before, if you’re either rich or working there then yes, it’s easy. However for the rest, the bimonthly visa runs (which sometimes nowadays aren’t successful), educational visa which means you actually have to attend a language school. So no, you can’t just “show up and live there”.

          • Dave

            From what I’ve read, you can stay there for a month at a time with no visa, if you are from a Western country.

            You can also get retirement visas if you are over 50 and have a pension of ~2000 USD, or have ~30,000 USD in the bank. That’s not rich.

            China has nothing like these. You need a visa even for short term tourism.

            For working, sure, you still need to get a work visa either way.

          • BiggJ

            You need a visa for china but it’s simple as shit to get. Then again i’s married to a chinese girl and I just get a 1 year family visa thing. It’s just like a tourist visa but it’s one year and I can leave and come back as much as I want. And I can renew it as much as I want. There was no checking of any kind involved. I just need some pictures and my Canadian passport and marriage certificate.

            Chinese visa laws are set up to let people come and stay for as long as you pretty much want, but you will never be part of china.You will always just be a tourist. Even if you live here…just a tourist. With Canada you can be a citizen and have the same rights as a Canadian no matter where you are from. It’s just hard to get but not impossible. You can get something like that in China also but it’s pretty much impossible to get. The average person can’t get it.

          • Karl Hungus

            Canadians can get 1 year spouse visas? Really? Are you sure? Do you mean an L visa or a D visa?

          • BiggJ

            L visa. It’s like a resident permit except you can’t work. And there is no limit on how many times you can enter or exit china during the one year. When i renewed it for the first time I never even had to be there. My wife did it all for me.The first time I had to show up so they can take my picture with the computer. And that was it. Also it can be done within china so there is no need to go back to your country or HK or whatever.

            I know about D visas. It’s retarded what you need to get one. You need to invested a shit ton of money in china and a bunch of other shit. Or live in China for 10 years straight or something, I’m not too sure but I never heard of anyone ever getting one.

          • Rick in China

            1 year spouse visa, correct – if your wife is Chinese. Multiple entry 1 year visa, no real difference than say a work visa or 1 year M.E. business visa in functionality.

          • Rick in China

            RE: “Canadian passport and marriage certificate.”

            Your PSB must be different in terms of requirements, in Chengdu, you require:

            residency registration (police)
            wife’s HuKou (original/copies)
            both marriage licenses (original/copies)
            and for the first one, health check

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I needed all that except the health check. All that stuff was easy to get. They never asked for a health check, I don’t know why. But when i renewed last time, I never even had to show up. My girl did it all for me.

          • fred

            u are right dave…fucking morons.

          • stvgl

            It’s not hard for the over 50s, just need some cash as you mentioned.

            The month at a time requires visa runs across the border, the more stamps your passport has, the likelier it is that you’d be denied entry.

            I have no idea about the visa situation in China.

          • BiggJ

            Thailand is a tourist country. Most tourist country have light visa policies.

      • Dr Sun

        Don’t know about that Dave, I know quite a few couples who have made China their home

        • Dave

          Well, sure. I’m one of them.

          But how many came here *for that purpose,* the same as people immigrating to Western countries?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Many, specially after the economic crisis.

      • 二B

        I came here for studying and a better life :P

  • Donkey Tonk

    This phenomenon is not unique to China. Laowai’s in China are like:

    Ozzy men in the UK
    British men in the USA
    Black men the world over
    Chinese men in Africa

    • dave

      “Chinese men in Africa.”

      This, even more than the others.

      I’ve seen some documentaries on Chinese doing work in Africa. The ones working for exclusively for Chinese contracts (engineers and such) seem like decent, educated.

      But the ones that deal with the local people (farmers, etc.) tend to be pretty big douchbags. They look down on the natives because they come from, in their minds, a more civilized, higher status place. And, hey, they bought a farm, so they’re richer than the locals!

      I think that’s what rubs these guys the wrong way. They want to see China as equal to the West, and are pissed when Westerners look down on them. Or Hong Kong people. Whatever.

      “We’re not cheap! F’ you and your arrogance!”

      Well, uh, compared to the first world, yeah, sorry, but you are.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        And there’s no first, second or third world. We all live under the same heaven, and in the good days the emperor ruled, and there was no such comparisons.

    • Kate

      Americans don’t have any issue with British men? Mexicans are a different story.

    • SuperHappyCow

      You must be from the U.S.

  • BiggJ

    Song of the article……

    “china girl” by David Bowie.

    “I stumble into town just like a sacred cow
    Visions of swastikas in my head
    Plans for everyone
    Its in the white of my eyes

    My little china girl
    You shouldn’t mess with me
    Ill ruin everything you are
    Ill give you television
    Ill give you eyes of blue
    Ill give you men who want to rule the world” hahaa

    • xiaohouzi

      Makes you wonder if David was an English teacher in China before he was Ziggy Stardust.

      • Steeevyo

        It’s a song by Iggy Pop you idiot. And it’s also about Cocaine.

        • mr.wiener

          “China Girl” is a song co-written by David Bowie and Iggy Pop during their years in Berlin, first appearing on Pop’s album The Idiot (1977). It became more widely known when it was rerecorded and released by Bowie on his album Let’s Dance (1983). Paul Trynka, the author of David Bowie’s biography Starman, claims the song was inspired by Iggy Pop’s infatuation with Kuelan Nguyen, a beautiful Vietnamese woman.”

          Source Wikipedia

  • humangps


  • Disappointed

    I don’t know why I come to this site anymore. All it is is Chinese people bashing foreigners.


      Just this series is about what you talk about, but if you look at the comments you’ll mainly see foreigners bashing Chinese.

    • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

      Right about that, and those that do speak the truth get banned in no time, because the truth is too insulting.

  • BiggJ

    Band of the article…..


    Cold as ice bitch,

    • xiaohouzi

      “In my life, there’s been heartache and pain. I don’t know if i can face it again. Can’t stop now, I’ve travelled so far…”

      • BiggJ

        This song is for all you virgins out there……..”I want to know what love is” :)

  • xiaohouzi

    If i were Chinese, i wouldn’t like it much either but i wouldn’t be a racist about it. Look at all the Chinese girls with short hair holding hands with Chinese girls with short hair. I bet there are more of them than there are foreigners in China but the boys aren’t angry about it, are they?

    • Quake

      r u kidding thats hot as fuk

    • Bill the Awesometacular

      Oh hi Chris. I hope Donald wins the election so that I can see you and other liberals piss your pants XD

      • China Uncensored

        That won’t happen.

        • Bill the Awesometacular

          Yeah right. Bernie is losing to Hillary. Ain’t no way in hell she’s gonna beat Trump.

  • Nick in Beijing

    I was desperately hoping that the Chinese reactions would be more balanced than this.

    Many of my friends disagree about what the author of that “article” says, but I guess if they associate with me of their own free will and do not judge me freely for simply being a foreigner then that means they are not run of the mill Chinese. most open minded perhaps.

    I shouldn’t be surprised that the majority of the Chinese reactions would be like that. I was also hoping to see some responses to the comment that appeared to be written by a foreigner up there.

    I guess the bias I have been developing is confirmed.

    • I think that we should keep in mind these are “selected” comments. They can’t all be translated, so the interesting ones pop out.

      And so Western readers shouldn’t count upon these comments to provide a true representation of Chinese thoughts (uh, it could be worse?). As for an example, if Chinese were to learn all about the west just from Youtube comments the results would be dire.

  • A Lu

    My girlfriend is ok with having a laowai boyfriend, and her parents don’t mind either. I couldn’t care less about the rants of a bunch of 30years old virgins

    • CoolHanc

      Nailed it.

    • zappa frrank

      Indeed you should, if they’re going to be, by any chance, the majority you may have to face some troubles as well.

  • Man with the Stick

    Again deleted my comment??? What is happen here?

    • BiggJ

      You’re too hardcore Nick lol. China just can’t handle you lol.

  • Red Scarf

    Laowai bounder strikes – the every day imaginary blog of a Chinese netiziens dreams of Chinese girls running away from Laowais…….

  • MartyP88

    Fear the white man!

    Only in fucking China. The guys that commented are like primitive tribal people in the rainforest that throw spears at helicopters. Except they should know better.

    Guess what you stupid fucking insecure cunts, laowai are here for good so you can either stop being so threatened by us, or you can go on crying. Either way, we don’t fucking care. The world keeps turning.

    Fun Facts –

    There are laowai in China
    Human Nature

    Deal with and shut the fuck up ’cause this is getting tedious.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      The truly wise one waits for the heli to land, sneak up behind and put a shitload of entangling vines and mud at its rotors, and stuff. try to make the heli useless would be the way. ;D

    • SuperHappyCow

      I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re also an awful person.

      • Guest

        I came here with my white girlfriend who is now pregnant and we are happy as can be. Sorry for being so sinister.

    • Bill the Awesometacular

      People like you makes Stormfront more and more popular.

  • Red Scarf

    “Chinese people are absolutely not against foreigners. Actually ten
    years ago, Chinese people were not only polite and friendly with
    foreigners, but also full of admiration, thinking [foreigners] are
    rather noble. But now the laowai who come to China are of lower and lower caliber/character, harassing girls everywhere, already having become public nuisances.”

    Any one else pick up on this, this has happen(ing) all over the world.

    First wave are treated as as above later waves and further interaction causes social friction that ends up with racist actions being carried out against any foreigners.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Are you comparing them to Nazis because they’re butthurt about shitty foreigners fucking any woman they want to?

      • Red Scarf

        What fucking planet are you on. Where did I say anything about Nazis.

        • Dr Sun

          I resent that I’m not of low caliber or character, ask Linette.

        • SuperHappyCow

          sorry bro i cant read

  • narsfweasels

    “The kind of haughty arrogance and sense of racial superiority in the bones of white people is extremely horrible/frightening”

    I uses this is the Chinese version of the Yorkshire saying “I’m not a racist but (insert several reasons why various ethnicities are subhuman/should go home/should lurn tur tork lahk wee do)”

    You get them everywhere. In fact, I suspect there are other planets out there where lithovores gather in small groups around pools of liquid rock and grumble about their neighbours coming from the wrong strata.

  • vanyuelding

    After reading the firsts comments I lost faith in Chinese popular class peoples :( so dull stubborn and intolerants!

    Also the comment about Chinese girls studying abroad well for what I have observed they aren’t really beauty pageant most of the time thus no big interest in them from local men except of course the guys who already got the Asian fever. Also they tend to stay in group of Asians no contact with the locals what so much.

    Just remind to these commentators that western world is in a recession so no not only go to Asia and china in this case nowadays more and more young just graduated unable to find a suitable job in their home country try their luck in emerging economies. They don’t want the teachers job they have qualifications some experience sometime even some basic mandarin and they want the corporate jobs the big money guns. Can someone for ex chinasmack equivalent let says “Laowaismack” post this to them to let them know our point of views ;) ?

    Anyway I’ve for one always found taowanese, Vietnamese and Thai girls more hot so no problem except this bigger one of bad reputation

    • Bill the Awesometacular

      They’re just netizens you dork. It’s a country of 1.3 billion people and shouldn’t be judged by some dumb internet comments.

  • chalo

    I came to china 4 years ago from Africa,I have many African friends,I have some American friends and some British friends,I dont know much about my american and British personal lifestyles,.But since am from Africa.i can speak for my African Brothers.Coz am always interacting with them.There are alot of decent African brothers who come to china to work and to look for a better future and many have indeed succeeded.They are the ones with wives and children back home whom they love and treasure hence their focus on working hard.This lot will go about their business in china with dignity,But when you have been in china for over 1 year and especially if you can speak good Chinese,You will make many Chinese friends along your daily line of business transactions.And some of this relationships sometimes will turn very close and intimate.And when it comes to that.Some African brothers will have a hit and run after being unable to resist the temptation while still some others will refrain themselves from any intimate or sexual ties with this Chinese girls.And its not easy coz am talking out of experience.But their is another group of my African black brothers which i really detest,This group is desperate for white skin like hell.All the writer has written on this post is 100% true with this group.And i honestly believe this group prior to come to china had no imaginations in their wildest dreams that they could come anywhere near white skin.Most of this brothers are from the villages in africa.All their days have been with black lady skin.Am from Africa so am not being racist to my own race,Am just speaking the truth.Since i myself have done some of the things mentioned by the writer.I have witnessed and many of my african brothers have boasted of their countless escapades with Chinese girls.Really they think the chinese girls are easy to cheat and use.And its unfortunately quite true.So when the writer talks about foreigners being shrewd and dishonest,failures in their countries.with primitive and uncouth behaviour,this group of my african black brothers fit that description perfectly.And when the writer says chinese girls are naive and foolish easy girls to be used.Its also 100% true for some chinese girls.My conclusion is that the stereotype in the writer’s post fits perfectly well with a certain calible of black African men and some stupid Chinese girls.I have wanted to spill the beans on my African brothers for quite a long time.Coz honestly am sometimes sick to my stomach of some of my African brothers behaviour.And thats probably why we always rank lowest everywhere in this world.AMEN!

    • fox

      you’re [email protected]_cbe1LOklZO:disqus

      • Silent Observer

        He’s just a bit right….Don’t try to blame this phenomenon all on black folk….This sh-t pisses me off big time.

        • Chang Liu

          Don’t think he did that.

        • Tell me about it Silent….and I’m not even African….But I had an African roomate from Zimbabwe while I was in China and he was a cool guy. Africans and Black people in general get enough racist bullshit from everyone as is so Chalo don’t make this out to be just an African thing…
          …I find it funny how you don’t mention how China is doing all it’s business with Africa for all your countries resources yet you think it’s okay for Chinese or anyone else for that manner to be down on Africans or Black Men in general.
          Chinese and Russian tricks come at us HARD all around in China as well as the whole world over…you’re on some bullshit!

          • Silent Observer

            You know it man…I can’t dance in a club with out a Russian gal eyeing me down..It’s not my fault I’m hot.

          • “THIS IS WHY I’M HOT!!” MIMS -_^

          • 二B

            Silent and Rosemon, you guys are being exceedingly stupid twat monkeys. Chalo spoke of a portion of his Black acquaintances, not all. And he clearly stated he does not have very intimate knowledge of his American and British acquaintances. So, he is not blaming it all on Black people, just saying some people fit LZ(Led Zeppelin? Landing Zone? Lesbian Zebra?)’s stereotype.

          • Only twat monkey here is you jack ass

    • Linette lee

      Every race have good and bad men.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Don’t think that has anything to do with it, lol.

      It’s about money, not skin color, or anything else.

      Money is God, and God is Money.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        In the end, Moneyism is the TRUE religion of the 21st century, unfortunately.

        • The pursuit of riches is nothing new. Though only recently was it “glorious” to do so.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            this is true. however they are focusing on it instead of training some people to think like the ‘shi’ class… we only got ‘sheng’ [merchant men] nowadays…

          • China is a “classless” society. So there are no social boundaries.

            *that dog with the sunglasses grinning arrogantly meme*

          • Hongwu Emperor

            With or without social boundaries, it is still the ‘sheng’ who rules the nation now… where are the ‘shi’ when we most need them?!

      • Silent Observer


      • Silent Observer

        Exactly Right

      • chalo

        its nothing about money here.its plain uncouth and uncivilised behaviour.fruits of ages of inferiority complex

    • Silent Observer

      A man is a man…some of us have this animal instinct thats hard to suppress. Some do better than others in suppressing it. I’m black and it’s really crooked of you what you just said…like other races and colors don’t do the same crap. All the stuff I have seen in Shanghai…the girls come at us hard sometimes…especially the Russian tricks….so you are saying it’s all our fault because we hate our skin color?…..Man you on some shit..

      I like black girls just as much as Chinese…especially one with a fat ass booty which the Chinese gals seems to lack…Take some pride in your people man and stop being a wuss. You do a disservice to us good folk…I am married to a Chinese girl but I still love my black gals…its just that Chinese gals are 99% of the population

      • SuperHappyCow

        My current girlfriend is black, and she’s the only lady I’ve really liked so strongly. Best relationship so far, and I’ve dated most common races in U.S. excluding Hispanic.


      • chalo

        my friend if you read my post carefully,i have pointed out clearly that there are many honest and decent african brothers.what other else i have said about the nasty ones is TRUTH coz i have seen it with my own eyes,heard it with my own ears.i did not cook anything up.i was born black and am proud of who i am,but there is nothing but darkness and filth in some of our behaviours and i detest it,when anyone acts uncivilised i hate it with no apologies.

    • Lyly

      I wouldn’t exactly call Chinese “white skinned” and I do believe you exaggerate a bit with your post.

      • He over exaggerated to the extreme!

        • chalo

          if an eyewitness tells what he saw,there is no exaggeration there.

      • manymanycutesy

        White people have pink skin and they call it “white”

        • Lolnope

          Jelly Yelly detected.

      • Silent Observer

        Of course….i think a Chinese guy wrote that…No black guy would be stupid enough to write something like that….He doesn’t even state a specific country…he just says Africa as a continent….which people who are not familiar with the continent often do.

      • chalo

        there is no exaggeration whatsoever,i have written what i have done,seen and heard.and for your information in the eyes of a black man a chinese girl is white.latin girls are white,

    • moody

      For all I know, you can NOT be black
      you actually very much sound like the author of this pc of s..t article
      “foreigners told me this, foreigners told me that, my foreigner friends…”, but not one thing the dude says is true.

      Picture of your dong or it’s not true

      • chalo

        am proud to be black am black to be proud.and i speak the TRUTH.i hate LIES!

      • mr.wiener

        Take it on faith bro.

  • j.kimchi

    The comment by ivor2410 is incredible…very well balanced, no stereotypes and very mature. Criticizes both sides of the argument for being short sighted and stands up for himself as a man while defending his own country and women.

  • tuolei

    How long must we put up with reading this execrable comments. It’s nearly three years since my chinese wife and I left China after three rewarding years living there. We met in my home country and I decided to quit my marketing job to go and live there to learn mandarin so I could talk to her family. Two years later, got married there and three months after that, I felt a lump in my wife’s breast.

    Her shithouse, piece of shit chinese of doctor gave her some chinese medicine and told her don’t worry about it, wait six months and see how you go. If I hadn’t made us leave our provincial city and take the train to Beijing by now she’d be dead, fuck you Chinese doctors. No really, fuck you.

    It was a great time for me to get back to our town to explain to my in-laws in my halting chinese that if my wife didn’t have have a mastectomy she’d be dead in months.

    In the cancer hospital we met lovely people like in any counrt, full of hope, despair, worry, sometimes joy. I was the only “laowai”, I know this because every minute I’d hear it. In the months my wife was getting chemo, I never missed a day’s work, and never, ever missed going to visit her at the hospital which was a 45 minute bus trip. I spent plenty of time in that cancer ward with my beautiful wife while I watched the other ladies crying because their piece of shit husbands were off with their mistresses.

    Fuck you for telling me that foreigners don’t love their Chinese wives like a chinese man would.

    My beautiful Chinese wife may not have breasts any more but we have a lovely life, and chinese internet fucktards can take it and shove it up their arse.

    • hun

      I can’t help but agree about chinese medicine. My mom has an incurable disease some might have heard of it(spinocerebellar degeneration and yes its the same rare disease based off the japanese movie “1 litre of tears”). Every couple of years she would waste money on these chinese doctors that would tell her they can “cure” her of the illness, even though the americans docs tell her theres nothing they can do about it, everytime she visits it would be a waste of effort. I remember one time she left to Canada with my aunt to find a chinese doctor that was previously informed by another chinese doctor that tried to help her and without telling my family beforehand she left and a couple of weeks later came home with a pot full of i don’t know what the fuck is in there but the “doc” said to drink it every week(it seriously looked like fucking dirt+sand mixed together) and it will eventually help her walk more efficiently. She found out the hard way after couple of years passed that, shit didn’t work and she got swindled a couple grand. I do feel sympathy for her(its even a genetic disease in which my older siblings might get it also) but even then, if American technology can’t help her what makes her think chinese medicine can?

      My point is.. fuck chinese doctors/medicines seriously, never trust them.

      • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

        I guess we have different experiences, because I’ve gotten better treatments and diagnoses from Chinese doctors than any hospital back home in my first rate country. In fact, back home I’ve never been given a treatment or correct diagnosis for anything, at all, while here China, any ailment I’ve had, they’ve cured.

        • Alex


        • thmswhnr

          The tiger penis snake wine with rhino horn – did it cure you of shanghuo?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            shanghuo is indeed tough =[

        • BiggJ

          What country you from? You’re better off going to a shaman or witch doctor or some shit then a chinese doctor. I had a infection in my throat the first few weeks I was here in china. I just need some antibiotics.. The doctor I went to gave me a bunch of chinese bullshit like tea, some ground up roots and black shit I had to mix with water. Never did a fucking thing. Finally I convinced to stupid mother fucker to give me some antibiotics, 2 days letter all better. Chinese doctors just take your money, thats it. Same as American doctors. bullshit.

        • donscarletti

          Yeah, Chinese hospitals are great like that. Go in with the sniffles and they’ll give you two packs of antibiotics, two bottles of combined anti-congestant/anti-inflamitory/pain killer/psudoeffidrine and a pack containing 30 vials of some really bitter Chinese medicine thing. BAM, don’t feel sick anymore.

          If it wasn’t for the 2 hour wait, the forms and the blood tests, I would go there every time I had a cold.

        • Dr Sun

          you must know some very unique and special Chinese doctors then

          • Francais Expats

            You shouldn’t bother answering, a man calling is mother stupid like this isn’t worth talking with for start, disgraceful…

        • moody

          Very strange indeed.

          A friend of mine suffered from a lung condition, and went to a Chinese Hospital (HuaShan Hospital not to name it) , through their VIP administrated services.
          He passed several exams including an Xray.
          The diagnostic he was given was ridiculous, REALLY (they told him it was most probably because of his diet -FTW ?!?!?!?!-)
          The treatment he was given did not worked one bit.

          Several months later he went back home to be treated for this condition.
          My friend provided the Xray he passed in China, assuming it would still be one test less to pass -and to pay for- back home.
          He was told by his doctor -who is also a very close friend of his, having treated him for many years- that “no proper diagnostic could be done from those Xray images, simply because you could not see what needed to be seen and that he did not see such low quality imaging in the last ten years”.

          For info, the cost of the xray in China was higher than it was back home (and my friend do not benefit from any social coverage or medical insurance back home).

    • Rick in China

      Wow, quite a story Tuolei! Admirable, and heart-breaking. WIsh you two well.

      • Rick in China

        I’m very curious why Tuolei’s story was deleted?

        • moody

          yes, why please ?

          a very mooving story and quite instructive.

          we can all benefit from the lesson this story tells

          • filabusta

            Yeah seems like he hit a chord with everybody here. Why can’t I read it? Maybe the LZ is also a Chinasmack admin.

          • moody

            Tuolei was telling the story of his wife who has been misdiagnosed in China. -breast Cancer if I recall correctly-
            Or correctly diagnosed but wrongly advised.

            Which explained his anger at local doctors and hospitals.

            He explained how much he loved his wife and supported her all along her treatment in China, While some other Women suffering from the same condition -and treated in the same hospital as his wife- were left alone by their Chinese male counterparts.

            So reading that story, and especially how Western Men in China are described – here to abuse, trick and cheat on Chinese Women- pissed him off.

            I don’t really see what was so offending to the Mods that the story was pulled down.
            He did not -if I recall- go into broad generalizations saying that all Chinese men leave their wives if they go through a hard time.
            He was pissed of that he and his kind -Laowei- were described that way.

          • filabusta

            Cheers. Yeah I am fairly offended by this series of articles too. Chinese people like to ask me why I date such an ugly girl. I tell them that she has a beautiful mind, heart and spirit, and that’s what I see first. Plus she is beautiful, just too short to be on any of their radars.

          • moody

            Well some simply do not see what really matters.
            White Skin, V shaped face and thin legs perched on 16cm heels even most do not know how to properly walk ….
            Let them have those ;-p keeps the cream for us

        • tuolei

          Hello everyone, firstly thanks so much for your very kind words about our life. My wife is still in remission and we have a very happy life thanks. I asked for the story to be redacted because my wife is superstitious and does not like it so publically available. Let’s be clear – I know more beautiful, loving western men who cherish their chinese wives than I know douchebags. Could be I’m just lucky I just don’t know. To be human is noble and cherished.

          Racism is not cool and I’m proud to be associated with you who stand up and call it like it is. Rick In China, thanks, to you especially.

          The mods here are due a huge kudos for taking the criticism when it was me and my wife who asked for the post to be removed. Thanks, chaps.

          • filabusta

            Thanks for the clarification tuolei. I wish the best for you both.

    • EightNineBall

      Thumbs up. That was very inspiring. It’s almost like reading Les Miserables. But it’s even better, because it’s a personal account. You two must really love each other.

    • Reading the comments by the Chinese guys, I am not surprised that so many of the girls want to get out of that oppresive male-virgin dominated society.

      • Yes. “AZN bamboo-jungle yellow fever” is the great liberator, the empowerer of all Asian women.

        Andrea Dworkin was said to have been overheard saying, “Yellow is the tang-iest tang.”

  • [email protected]

    When you muck slops into the pigpen, the pigs will go oink excitedly. When you slop more muck into the pigpen, they will undoubtedly oink even louder, and when you slop muck here and muck slop there, all over the pigs and they have so much slop and muck that they don’t know what to do with it all, and start debating on the virtues of slop and the inadequacies of muck, and when the noisy, misguided and confused pigs all completely forget that it was simply shit that they were being sprayed with, then the farmer wins.

  • dim mak

    lol foreign = white

    If that was true we’d have nothing to worry about, there’s not gonna be any significant white demographic in China in the foreseeable future

    Even if you put all foreigners in China together it’s what, like 0.01% of the population?

    No, if there’s ever gonna be a significant flood of foreigners into China it’s gonna be poor, working class immigrants from Southeast Asia

    If that happens then you can start worrying about thems takin err wimmins/jerbs etc

    • Dave

      Currently, most foreigners are Korean. But, obviously, this article isn’t complaining about them.

      It’s complaining about the several hundred thousand white foreigners. A drop in the sea.

      • BiggJ

        I don’t even think there is that many white people…..I’m not sure but I read somewhere there are around 600,000 foreigners in china total. And thats every country. So if you take out other asians, blacks, arabs, That can’t leave a huge number of white people here. I’m guessing maybe 100,000…if that. Just a guess.

        • Dave

          Dude, that’s what that link says.

          A total of 593,832 foreigners were living on the Chinese mainland at the end of 2010, data from the sixth national census reveals. The top three home countries of the foreigners were South Korea, the United States and Japan. Among the foreigners living on the mainland, 56.62 percent or 336,245 were males and 43.38 percent or 257,587 were females.

    • Kate

      Geez Dim Mak, don’t you know whites are the only foreigners that matter? ^_^♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • carmouflagger

    What did you expect? Chinese netizens criticize everything, even a pair of boobs.. hahaha!

  • moody

    Dear Mod,
    Can you please tell us where you found the pics that illustrate the article, coz they are GOLDEN.

    • BiggJ

      The first pic don’t even look like its in china by the look of the building in the background. The second looks like a chinese gay pride parade….a pissed off one. hahaha

      • Anon

        The first one is in Canada

        • BiggJ

          Yeah kind of look like Ottawa.Hard to tell though And what are they doing? A group of chinese ass hole complaining about something.Protesting some chinese bullshit.Imagine if a group of foreigner got together like that in china…fuck…all hell would break

          • thmswhnr

            It’s a rally to get Chinese New Year recognized as an official 3 week holiday in Canada.

          • Elijah

            Wow, that actually pisses me right the fuck off.

            Don’t learn either languages, don’t hire locals if they set up a business, don’t pay taxes for the most part, don’t buy local, send most of the money earned out of the country and are now trying to impose an impractically long holiday on all Canadians?

            PS. I LOVE how they can wave that shit-rag alongside the Canadian flag. Time for some visa checks…

  • Dave

    If the stereotype is “they’ve living better in China than they did back home, they’re probably losers back home, but they come here and say it is cheap” well, then, why is that?

    Why would Western losers look at China and call it cheap? Because they feel they’re slumming it.

    I mean, the author is probably “friends” with the loser end English teaching demographic. They live on eating street food and alcohol, and sleeping in a tiny box, up six flights of stairs, with a hole in the floor as a toilet!

    Their entertainment is playing with bar girls.

    And they feel like they’re losering themselves by doing it.

    • Dave

      Er, I mean, lowering themselves.

      They don’t have floor shitholes and fly covered meat back home!

    • Kate

      Well the irony is that western immigration to asia is partly due in fault to the economic practices that china is involved in. Very few people actually want to move thousands of miles from their family, live in a very different culture that at times views them hostile like because they are “lawaoi” something they can’t help. But the economic situation in the USA and in Europe is very, very bad right now in terms of employment especially for college graduates. Many jobs in the USA have also been exported to China, India, etc. So its real rich hearing the chinese complain about western foreigners when they are taking western jobs because they are more willing to work in shitty conditions for slave wage and be treated like shit and not complain as loudly as westerners about standard of living.

      Now how less then 5% of the population can make the majority of the population feel so insecure and jealous is beyond me. I mean there aren’t 4 part series written by white men about chinese men and white women or by black men written about chinese men and black women is there? Articles like this and comments like the ones in the article just make chinese men look whiney, immature, insecure, and ignorant to anyone who isn’t a dumbshit and knows better. White and black men certainly aren’t writing extensive essays on chinese men. I wonder if they ever wonder why they are the only ones bitching like that…n

      • jon

        It’s easy to use the “they’re stealing our jobs, they owe us everything” argument, but the reality is much more complicated. Suffice to say that the thousand of college graduates the US is churning out who can’t find jobs studied majors like “Creative Writing” and “History”. They have only themselves to blame for flipping burgers at age 30. Those that study Engineering or Finance are doing damn well. People of any country that fail to adapt to globalization typically jeer at it, and usually the same people harping about countries who foot the bill of their welfare cheques.

        • quake

          yeah Americans are the people of 70% liberal arts majors :P

      • Silent Observer

        Spot on

  • silver surfer

    I admit to feeling superior to the people who wrote these comments.

  • Dave

    I guess what I’m saying is that if your idea of an exciting night out is eating street food, getting smashed, and groping KTV/bar/massage girls (which is all well and good, I don’t judge), then it doesn’t much matter what color your skin is.

    It’s basically complaining that foreign “losers” have a better go of life than Chinese “losers,” and that’s just not fair!

    Ah! Or , perhaps, it’s “Hey, these white guys act like migrant workers, who we look down on, but we look up to them? What’s the deal with that?

  • Justin

    “Well written, LZ. Actually this post can be regarded as a universal handbook for picking up girls.” Reminds me of an old Taoist proverb: If one man claims to understand the Tao and another believes him, both are fools.

    • Dave

      How to pick up girls is unknowable?

  • Dave

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think this series should have been called “Chinese netizen talks about functioning alcoholics.”

  • MartyP88

    Are the pictures relevant, are they just arbitrary or is it an actual tiny penis rally?

    • EightNineBall

      Mostly irrelevant, afaict.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    This article and the comments just makes me want to vomit.

  • Nilerafter24

    Funny thing is… If this article was about how Chinese men were very skilled in picking up and sleeping with many foreign girls, the tone of the comments would do a complete back-flip. Loads of comments praising and encouraging them on to sleep with even more women and be more promiscuous.
    It’s just an inferiority complex bundled in with immense jealousy in loser type guys. Smooth Chinese guys that are able to woo the ladies will never be the type to rant online and crassly generalize others. They know that action speaks louder than butt-hurtness. Only losers take swords to online forums.

    • Lila

      I agree!

    • Quake

      speaking from experience many years ago. My then wife and I were walking down a street in Sacremento. and bunch of white teenage males screamed “hey Chinaman, how much did you pay for that whore?”

    • Paul Schoe

      Smooth Chinese guys that are able to woo the ladies” don’t have time to rant online. They rather do more enjoyable things.

  • donscarletti

    Can you please, please, please stop translating these stories, I’m sick of reading them.

    Why don’t you go to Stormfront and translate some stories into Chinese instead.

    • Why would they do that? These stories generate hundreds of comments and thousands of views more than their usual. It seems the topic strikes too close to home for many on Chinasmack

      • Dave

        “Insulting” isn’t exactly striking too close to home. But, well, maybe.

        I have to spend a decent amout of time defending China (and my decision to stay here) to people back home. Most Americans don’t care at all about China, but the ones that do all seem to be negative towards it.

        Before I left, one of my coworkers asked “Why is Dave going to China? They shit in the street there!”

        And, so, on American forums, I’m defending China, getting called a shill or whatnot, and then I read this crap. Feels like I’m getting it from boths sides.

        These guys are saying that people like me shouldn’t be here. Yeah, you’re right, that’s too close to home for me. China is my home.

        • donkeykong

          “Before I left, one of my coworkers asked “Why is Dave going to China? They shit in the street there!”

          What did you say to him ?
          I am in China now, and it is true that the Chinese people shit in the streets.

          • Dave

            She didn’t say it to me, she said it to my other coworker, who told me, while cracking up.

            I guess I’d say “If I cared about that, I would have chosen Singapore or Hong Kong.”

            I guess that’s the point. Maybe these are Shanghanese guys, iunno, but the impression is that they think that China is some super place that laowai aren’t good enough for.

            They also get mad when HK people look down on them, so, there’s that.

        • BiggJ

          I have a question for you. I’m not being a smart ass or anything like that. But why do you defend china so much? Serious question.

          • Dave

            Ha, I’ve been called a terrible China basher on this very site.

            I’m not saying it’s great, nor is it so terrible. It has great, and terrible apects, though.

            Buuut, I guess a large part of it is the same as why they do. Simple stupid pride.

        • Paul Schoe

          Hi Dave, on the American forums, did you also have the experience of being called a Chinese 5-mao-poster because you made a positive comment about China? ;-)

          • Dave


        • Silent Observer

          In a way i admire your point of view regarding this. I just stopped defending China altogether though when I went back to the states. I just kept quiet…Not when I am in China every word coming out of China about blacks is so negative. After that I just switched sides…to my side the black side…because now I am so busy defending my people against Chinese slander that i have no time to defend China anymore.

      • donscarletti

        The thing is, no-matter where you go, no-matter what group of people you’re talking about, you’re going to get a fair few attitudes like this (thems foreign types be miscegenatin’ our women folks!).
        Humans have been making up lies about other groups of humans to defame them for as long as anyone can remember. What we’re getting here is not even particularly strong as far as libel goes, in early 20th century Russia a particularly famous document known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was published claiming to be a confession for Jewish plans of world domination, that was strong libel, this is comparatively water off a duck’s back.

        The thing is, although there are groups right now in every country saying nasty little things about various others, we are at a point in history where it is generally pretty easy to ignore for most people. Even in China, people can’t just yell out “洋鬼子滚” etc on the street, any more than you can yell “fuck off chink” in the west. So I don’t get why if I come to this forum I need to see that every week. Most Chinese are not overtly xenophobic, although due to the nature of China’s population size, you’re still going to get hundreds of millions that are. I accept that this attitude and these people exist, I do not hold it against Chinese people in general and I have no intention of adopting a victim mentality about it, so why do I need to see it?

        • linette lee

          Don scarletti, are you spanish or Italian? Chinese and westerners (especially english speaking countries) are in a very awkward relationship. Chinese admire the western civilization, their technologies and life style. What they see on the big hollywood screen. However, chinese hate being criticized by the westerners. That is a big insult. Chinese hate to lose face. Chinese culture is the oldest culture in the world so it must be the best in the world. right?

          So if the westerners living inside China can accept being admired by the Chinese without constantly criticizing the Chinese. Maybe you folks will have peace living in harmony inside China.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            To have love for its culture, one needs to support it, and live every day of its life by it. the rites,traditions,religions,clothing,food,etc.

            Unfortunately its not the case in any modern country [except some cool tribes here and there], and China is no exception.

            Things will be sad and a boring mess untill we manage to restore anything that has been lost from those days.

          • Silent Observer

            You are wrong there. African culture is the oldest.

          • Elijah

            1. Not the oldest, nor the best.

            2. Being called derogatory names and having peasants make assumptions about you is not admiration.

            3. No peace or harmony possible with this much anger and xenophobia.

            Feel free to reply whenever you can say something factual.

      • mr.wiener

        But not you right? You are enlightened apparently.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          The sage seeks freedom from desires… [Lao Zi]

          • mr.wiener

            The only desire I’m getting is to tell this smug sage to pull his head in.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            lol wut? o_O

    • DaveH

      I am too getting sick of these articles, they just pick these reactionary articles to drum up views and controversy for the sack of it. There is no integrity on this site. They have one of these, men, women, dating articles every week… Just to make money.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        About that I can agree also. the boring thing in social networks or even internet as a whole [videos,social net,news,etc] is that nowadays every now and then it contains a stupid article saying stuff about men/women,relationships,dating,etc… and often its not related to the ”main” purpose of the website…

  • Lila

    It’s getting pathetic…some many articles about that!

    Chinese men just stop having such complexes!

    There things far more important!

  • Hello, Chinese people. Im from Japan.

    You guys think the same thing as we do to white people.

    We are Asian who have small penis, hahaha, it’s interesting.

    I hate to admit it, but yeah,,,they are sophisticated.

    • Dave

      Hmm. Do you guys understand that when Westerners talk about someone having a small penis, it’s more a comment on how they are insecure, and act like they have to make up for being the underdog?

      Kinda like:

      Napoleon wasn’t even really short, but the idea is the same. He had to conquer Europe because he was insecure about being short.

      • hahaha, yes I understand. I intended to say a joke to express our complex, this is the first time to see the word “Napoleon Complex”. thanks.

        well, from me who is outsider of China, yeah, they seem to have the Napoleon Complex against Westerners and Japan. I see a lot of tourist in Tokyo, they are provincial. Im sorry to say that. but this is true.

        They buy up lots of designer brands and decorate them to show off the money power. They are like Japanese of two decades ago. So I understand that is that every ethnic group follow the same pattern. After Chinese, next Indian are going to follow that.

        The world revolves around West cultures, so European countries did the same thing long long long ago. That’s why we are looked down, and the complex we feel will never end while we follow western culture. Even so, I believe European cultures are so cool, so I just follow them. hahaha.

        • Reila90

          Because the chaos in east Asia today solely the cause of western imperialism and the lost of Japan in WW2. If Japan won WW2, Asia will not like this now.

          • umm, actually, I didnt study history much like typical young Japanese. I cannot say what is right and wrong. On a personal basis, it was good that Japan lost the war. It terminated militarism and give us democrasy. but…as I said before, I dont know what is right.

          • mr.wiener

            Is that the sound of one hand clapping?
            I think for a broader perspective on this you’d have to ask all the other asian nationalities how much better off they’d be now if the we’re all living under the “Asian Co-prosperity sphere”
            You might not like the answers you get.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            They would want to get rid of BOTH the Dai-towa-kyoeikyan AND the western imperialism.
            Specially the second one, since japan only modernized [and become a oppressive force] due to western influence btw. if they remained feudal, things wouldnt be that mess.

            And asia without the western imperialism would also be great. no opium, no meiji restoration, no westernization [loss of tradition,etc].

            shit happened historically and now we gotta clean all of that mess, and restore ALL the stuff lost

          • mr.wiener

            The only feeling i get when I read about the later ching dynasty is one of hubris.
            A rotting and inward looking empire hemmed in by snarling beasts waiting to bring it down.Nothing for anyone involved to be proud of.
            Wishing for what could have been is a less fruitful than being grateful for what could have been worse I think.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Idk, specially noting the fact that no dynasty succeeded the Qing/Ch’ing =[

            Some dumb-asses decided to burn the whole 反清复明 [fanqingfuming] stuff, and forget that when a dynasty loses its Mandate [tianming], another one shall enter.

          • Chang Liu

            The Taipin rebellion devasted the Qing dynasty sometime before western imperialism.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well, the opium war [thus leading to chinese economical decline] started before the Taiping…

            Although the taiping rebellion wrecked the entire nation unfortunately.

          • Chang Liu

            OMG how can you compare the Opium war to Taiping? One imposed unequal treaties, the other literally killed by some estimates 1/4 of the population. Are you retarded?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            No, are you? lol…
            I was just saying that a lot of the messed up stuff begun with the opium war, which lead to economic decline AND the rise of rebel groups such as taiping.

            And the Taiping were total garbage that later, the Maoist kissed their butts praising their ‘anti-feudalist revolution’ and other junk as that.

            Putting it into another scenario, it would be ”In Europe, without ww1, there wouldn’t be ww2, or at least Germany would have less sentiments due to national humiliation, thus having less chances of going to war”

          • Chang Liu

            Evidence of one lead to another would be? I’d settle for a book link.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            The Opium wars didnt lead DIRECTLY to the Taipingtianguo, however the rebellion causes were many, some linked and some not to the wars and foreign infiltration.

            Hong xiuquan himself was a disappointed man [failed the Ba Gu] and was convinced later [due to his own distorted views] that we was the brother of Christ and his duty was to purge everything ‘impure’ out of China,etc etc.

            In fact many stuff contributed to its start such as unequal treaties and trade,over-taxation,crop failure,opium,etc. for example, the Opium war/arrow war brought missionaries, thus disrupting Chinese religion in some regions (later, one of the reasons for the boxers…) their sphere of influence brought unequal trade wrecking chinese commerce, their opium led to millions of addicts, which spend all their money in it, while at the same time the economical decline faced internal issues

            So at least 40% of that horrible uprising can be atributed to the opium, its wars and the expanding western sphere of influence at the time;

          • Chang Liu

            A credible source would be nice. I’d love to learn more if it is true.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            That’s stuff I have in my mind, really. If one day I find some good source I’ll post here for people to read and all lol.

          • mr.wiener

            All evidence that an isolationist stance cannot combat a growing [and growling] trend of globalization. For better of worse China is part of this now. There is no putting Humpty back together again.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            No, that is evidence that at those days China was in the ‘good’ side, should we call it that.

            China wasnt trying to interfere in Europe, neither force down their throats Chinese goods. besides, chinese economy worked pretty well , and didnt needed bothering from another nations.

            Besides, China at the time wasnt so willingfully accepting going down the drain like Japan, and messing up the entire empire like they did during their Meiji restoration.

          • mr.wiener

            It was going to happen one day.
            The composition of European countries and empires , cheek by jowl with each other, meant that they were in a perpetual technology and arms race. As the need for resources and trade increased they looked more and more to colonization of foreign lands.
            China didn’t have this geographic competition with any of it’s neighbors and was sitting there fat and happy like a bunny rabbit in the headlights. Opium was merely the foot in the door that the west needed.
            The opening of China was more a gang rape than a marriege and was a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether you viewed it from the East or the West. Whether good or bad, it happened, and things can never return to the way they were. The only good or bad will be how China acts on the world stage in the future and looks after the well being of the Chinese people

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well, that really sucks because it was a messed up time in human history you know? it was the beggining of the modernization and all those crappy stuff that ruined Chinese traditional society. =(

            IF isolation was possible, we could build a massive, impenetrable great wall around the nation, made of some indestructible material or something…

            OR go back in time, back when the trade was a cool thing through the SILK ROAD, not maritme trade. sea trade = pirate stuff and boring really. I’d much rather pass through the great gates of Jade

          • mr.wiener

            My father with his unfailing capacity for crudity and homespun wisdom would tell me: “Wish in one hand, shit in the other and see which hand gets filled first”.
            Good luck with your wishes.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well wishes are wishes because they’re called that lol. if the world could be dreamy/perfect, or even utopian we’d still be on some Dynasty, very far away from globalization and modernity, protected by an massive divine-protected impenetrable wall. =D

            Where we could be safe from horrible changes and rot, and tend the fields and travel on a zhufa [bamboo] boat, instead of those massive ugly oil tankers/commerce ships.

            But crap hits the fan way too quick and then… here we are lol

          • Reila90

            As far as i know, Indonesia doesn’t like Dutch, Philippine doesn’t like Spain, & Malaysia doesn’t like British for CENTURIES. I’m pretty sure if Japan never step up in WW2, Indonesia would be like Australia and America today. Where the natives will eventually extinct.

          • Thats ridiculous, they also dont like Japan during the WW2. Nowadays, they dont really think of the past, only the future. The Korean and Chinese are the only one that still dislike the Japanese in present day. Most of Asia have already moved on, be it dislike for the Japanese or the Dutch/British/Spanish.

            “doesnt like British for CENTURIES” what an exaggeration

          • Reila90

            Well it’s a fact. That’s not exaggeration. Not just British but all western imperialist. Do you know about the goods that Japan did to Asian ?
            1) In the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, Japan proposed the Clause of Racial Equality;( NO white colonial masters had done that)
            2) As early as 1930s, the Taiwanese, as Japanese colonial subjects, had been granted with full Japanese citizenship ( NO white colonial masters had done that), they were even given the right to vote in Japanese general elections;
            3) Japan invested a lot of money to help her colonies. The Koreans & Taiwanese achieved the highest rates of literacy.(NO white colonial masters had done that)

          • you wrote about Japanese stepping up in WW2 and it sound as if it is a heroic action. I do not need to write about the Japanese soldier monstrosity during the war.They do not believe Asian are their equal but more as their slave. If the rest of Asia still think of the past and hold grudges, they will hate the Japanese more than the western imperialist. It was worse under the Japanese occupation. It is good that they did not win the war, otherwise I will not speak my native language, I will have to salute their soldiers and their citizen as if they are the emperor, I will constantly be reminded of my lower station, our time zone will be change to be similar to Tokyo time zone… etc. Everything will be change to remind us the superiority of the Japanese and that we are just servant. So no thanks.

            Nation that conquer other nation did it for their own benefit. Asia for Asian, promise of independence, those are just deceptive words to gain ally and easy access before they stab them and subjugate them. There are more talks on the cruelty/deceptive way of the Japanese than the western imperialist by the old here that survive the war.

            Despite all this, many people here have come to love the Japanese and citizen of western country, because some part of Asia do not like to hold grudges for long. If you have live in any SEA country you will notice this. We are not brainwash during the history class to hate the Japanese or the western imperialist.

            Japan effort now to befriend other nation is good, just last night a Japanese group performance came to play their drum (Yamato, you know them?). No protest, no hate speech, nothing…. The crowd loves them, standing ovation at the end. Not even a mention of what they did in the past. No hatred.

            My point is that if SEA still hold grudges, it will be towards the Japanese more than the western imperialist. Not that western imperialist is good. A nation should govern his own. Another nation will only think of their own interest.

            For Taiwan and the Japanese I can only think of the Wushe incident, the protest of Taiwanese aboriginal against the Japanese.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Those wushe guys surely were brave ones!

            But like I said, Asia would not like imperialism of any kind, be it Western european, american or japanese…

            And western imperialism isnt that kind and awesome also. aaaaaaand selling opium to even off trade imbalance isnt the right way.

            The difference is that western imperialism sugar-coats lies better than the japs lol.

          • linette lee

            Japanese believe they are pure blood and will genocide all the other race if they have to under their rule. They want to make chinese their slaves during WWII. They never had the intention of wanting to treat Chinese their equal. They are psychotic.

            Chinese believe they are the center of the world and everything belongs to china. All other minority groups or race get assimilated into han chinese.

          • Dr Sun

            Assimilation only if your yellow though Linette. Other colours will always be foreigners (Aliens)

          • Reila90

            No they don’t. If they really certain that, we no longer see any Taiwanese and Koreans today. Yamato isn’t “homogene” ethnic. And they know why they’re superior is only because they’re the first Asian nation who modernized. What Japan aimed is breaking the hegemony of plutocratic capitalist Western powers and defending civilization from communism. Which is why they helped Sun Yat Sen during Xinhai revolution too.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            At sun yat sen’s time, the revolution was anti-monarchic not anti/pro communism.

            And the japanese anti-commie rhetoric came from late Taisho/Showa era, when Russia became communist, and commie ideal could really mess up their oligarchy and god king there.

            The only good thing of those days is that they proved that western colonialism isnt some god-protected invincible shit. some katana up their ass showed a thing or two.

            Unfortunately they also used that power to opress Asia, but I bet China would be horrible as that. if China was expanding, instead of Japan.

            all imperialism leads to death, destruction and a bloody mess no matter what nation we’re bringing up the discussion.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This worked for other nations as well. Or Cortez/Pizarro’s expedition was an humanitarian campaign on the new territories, for example?

            Japan did some messed up shit but Europe has some stinky dung on their hands also. in fact all the world has/had.

          • linette lee

            British taught and help set up hong kong gov’t system giving the chinese the knowledge of a democratic gov’t system. After gaining the knowledge, the hkese were able to govern themselves. Under such gov’t system hk was able to prosper and its economy flourished.

          • Reila90

            There’s no exact difference in governmental between Hong Kong under Japan and under British. But for sure, British still on top of pyramid in society, economy, & politic in Hong Kong. There’s no assimilation and equality policy propose by Brits to the Chinese.

          • Dr Sun

            Tell that to the thousands and thosands of Korean, Filipino, Taiwanese, etc comfort women.

          • Reila90


          • mr.wiener

            After wading though the Texas-Japanese accented verbal flood the points I think he was making were:
            #1 The Comfort women were hired, tricked, coerced by pimps from their own countries so that makes it OK and not our fault.
            #2 When the whities came back to Asia they
            visited prostitute too.
            #3 No one mentioned this until some time after the peace talks so it didn’t happen.
            #4 The Japanese cabinet minister who apologized for it had no right to do so [and was the “Herman Caine” [?] of Japanese politics]
            #5 The Japanese army were too busy fighting to run a dating agency.
            Did I miss anything?

          • Dr Sun

            oh come on !! who do you believe that guy or the words from the mouths of the survivors themselves ?

          • Reila90

            I listened from both sides. Did research many times. So i sure what is more right than who.

          • donscarletti

            Unless Indonesians suddenly lost their resistance to smallpox, I would say they would have been pretty safe from suffering the same fate as native Australians and native Americans.

          • Reila90

            Dutch don’t need smallpox or other disease to wipe out Indonesians completely. Dutch can restrict the natives population growth, refuse natives from taking political power, limiting their education and financial, and segregating ethnic. Dutch can enact Jim Crow laws similar to the U.S.

          • mr.wiener

            Nobody likes a colonial master until after the fact, Since the Japanese had modeled themselves on the British they put good infastructure into their 2 earliest colonies: Taiwan and Korea. Many old Taiwanese remember them fondly. The Koreans? It might be an understatement to say they remember them ……….less than fondly.

            I’m not defending the colonialist European powers, but do you think the Japanese would eventually have left these colonies [China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Malaya, Indonesia] to their independence after a while as the European powers did? [somewhat grudgingly but assuredly]
            Japan’s war time record would suggest otherwise.
            “as far as you know” needs to read a little further.

          • Reila90

            “Japan’s war time record would suggest otherwise.”
            If you track back the war crime record done by the ally, it isn’t very plausible. Plus, U.S and U.K support Chiang Kai Shek regime. Although they knew Chiang govt is authoritarian and have done human rights problem. This indicate western imperialism are complete failure. Japan’s plan is similar to Monroe doctrine who proposed by the U.S. Simple as that.

          • mr.wiener

            Again, I am not defending the record of the European colonialists et al. I am only stating that in reaction to the revolutions in some countriesafter the war [indonesia, China] and the unrest and political agitation in others [india, Burma, Malaysia] The European powers gradually rolled back with varying degrees of resistance. Strong resistance from the french, medium from the Dutch and Mild from the British.
            In the case of the Americans their primary concern was to contain the spread of communism, Hence their support for the KMT..

          • Reila90

            Ok this is maybe late.
            The reason Asian don’t like European because they’re too discriminative and bring no “benefit” to them. Japan only want to exit from its dependence to westerns power. European gradually changed solely because of pressured from local. Not because of their own initiative to changed a utopia.

            U.S did that for their OWN only benefit. Despite what U.S do is similar to what Japan projected to Asian nations(economic contain), U.S isn’t a choice. Like i said, because they’re too discriminative.

            Japan need resources as much as colonized countries needs a righteousness of law and order from Japan.

            ” The Japanese were fighting hard against resistance groups in all these nations by the end of the war”

            By the end of the war? No. Even after Japanese defeat, the remaining Japanese soldiers assist local forces to oppose a possible re-invasion by the Allies.(e.g PETA)

            Korea and China? no. Their hate simply spurred by a corrupt government. Not because of their true feelings. Almost all Korean founders electronic companies today have its roots from Japan.

          • mr.wiener

            All I could find on “PETA” was “People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals”. I’ll assume you didn’t mean defeated Japanese soldiers remained behind in south east asia to help the locals throw fake blood at models wearing fur.
            Again [and for the last time] I am not defending the record of the western colonial powers. I’m merely pointing out the Japanese occupation would have been something of the same mold. If you choose to believe differently then there is very little I can do to convince you. Considering how everything has turned out it is a moot point anyway.
            The other day someone said the western colonialist are responsible for the practice of female infanticide done in China …………….whatever.

          • Reila90
          • Hongwu Emperor

            Some European countries only lost colonies because some of the colonies revolted, anti-colonial sentiment sprung up and rebellions like the Indian rebellion against the East india company, American revolution,etc etc…

            Do you think the British totally loved when the Americans did their revolution and kicked them out of there? lol. some stuff had to be done by force.

            And other colonies were only ‘freed’ from Europe because there was no more profit in keeping them. things changed and it was the time of neo-colonialism ie: keep the country a shit and put in the crappy government you want. [like the US at South America, Russia at eastern europe,etc]

    • EightNineBall

      That was interesting to note.

      I think it (small penis joke) can be funny too and quite interesting how extreme some people take the small penis joke.

      Anyways, have some confidence. We are perceived by others the same way we perceive ourselves. White people are sophisticated, Black people are sophisticated, and Asian people are sophisticated.

    • Reila90


      • 東京ですよ!are you Japanese?

        • Reila90

          台湾の ^^

          • oh 台湾!日本語上手い!びっくりです。


            Im here because I want to know how Chinese people think!

            so yoroshiku^^

            I like Taiwanese too.

    • stvgl

      I think the “bigger penis” things is a thing of the past. To be obnoxiously statistical about it – the distribution is such that, most have a similarly sized one but a few whites have a considerably larger one.
      Anyway, if someone talks about penis size in this way, it simply means he’s a walking penis with nothing else to offer.

      I’ve never thought of white people as sophisticated though, as an European I felt quite inferior to Japanese in Japan. Unless you meant sophisticated as manipulative, that’s another topic…

      • Mudge

        I’m not white or Asian but am a doctor, YES, whites do have bigger penises, its a medical fact.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          I just think that when a men is too much worried about the size of the others ”treasure”, there is something at LEAST strange going on there.

        • stvgl

          The average size is somewhat bigger but not as much as people claim. There are just more freaks among whites, just look at the porn stars of west and porn stars of Japan (for example).

    • linette lee

      Hello japanese person with small penis. I am chinese.

    • mr.wiener

      Thank you for sharing.

    • manymanycutesy

      pink skinned fatass detected

  • Bobby

    There really is nothing new under the sun, obviously every country has social changes its not like we haven’t seen racial tension like this anywhere before, if only people would stop pointing fingers at each other, they did this, they did that, therefore they are worse than us, there’s no point in generalising either side, and there’s no point harbouring hate to a specific group of people just because of some internet anecdotes or comments.

  • El Puma R.

    I insist: some of us should team up and write an article on Tianya,
    weibo, sina or any of those about Chinese abroad and how we get treated
    in China.

    If they don’t like laowai then they should stop blocking the doors of starbucks Mcdonalds and Apple Stores. They should also rely on the capacity of the chinese schools, teachers and engineers and not on ours. And they should also stop dressing half western/half Japanese.

    It’s this constant and general double standard that really disappoints me about China. And all the lying.. shit all those lies I’ve heard. And they know I’m right.. but hey, let’s save face !

    No I’m not your friend and I don’t want to eat nor drink with you. Now Fuck off, I’m eating my lunch. Don’t touch my child with your dirty hands you dirty fuck, he’s mine not yours… and you have no right to even try to hold him. now take your hands off of him, you globalist ignorant beyatch.

    • Kate

      Oh my the last part scares me a bit……..I’m moving back to Korea with my child and while americans are very friendly towards babies, I am bit worried about in the child culture change….plus her being half korean/white I’m worried about people really staring at her, but I dunno maybe she will love the attention, she loves being center of attention and smiles at everyone….it’ll be interesting.

    • linette lee

      You need to go see a psychologist. Years living inside china turned you into psycho.

      • SuperHappyCow


        • El Puma R.

          LMAO haha you really made me laugh

      • El Puma R.

        You’ve never lived in mainland China and you don’t have children so you don’t know what it feels like to have dirty strangers trying to touch and pick up your child in the street. And they look at me as if I was crazy because I don’t let them touch my baby with their hands full of dirt. And they don’t even ask if they can do it!

        I was born a realist and people who see shrinks are those who can’t fix their shit by themselves. I have a happy and fulfilled life so don’t try to influence me with your weakness.

        Fuck you and all those who dare stand against me when I’m protecting my child in a country where they still have a lot of tuberculosis cases and yet they dare to spit pee and shit all around everywhere.

        Who needs a shrink when you have your lover, your friends and family and the South Atlantic ocean 2 hours drive from your house, which btw I’ll be seeing in 2 weeks. Woohooooo


        • Billy

          If that is the way you feel then you need to take them back to Argentina, I am not saying you are wrong by the way but keeping your child in that country isn’t doing anyone any good by the sounds of it.

          • El Puma R.

            You’re right indeed, we’re moving to Argentina for good :) with plans to come back only for the occasional visit to grandpa and grandma here in China. Thanks for your concern Billy :)

          • Billy

            Well, here is a song you might know to see you off – and good luck!


        • linette lee

          You dumb ass. I have white people coughing and sneezing on me too daily. Some even tried to give me a hello kiss or goodbye kiss. What’s up why such a “touchy” culture with the white folks. lol.

          • Billy

            Liar, westerners (of all hues) know to put their hand over their mouth when they sneeze. You’ll be telling is you saw a white man taking a shit in the street next.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            So this means you’ve met white mans of ALL hues eh? strange…

    • Hongwu Emperor

      half western/half [modern] japanese dressing? down with that!
      BRING back Hanfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • linette lee
        • Hongwu Emperor

          I agree with that heh xD all persons, of all ages should start wearing hanfu!!
          that and some other older stuff [traditions like the Rites,etc] are the few stuff I can actually talk about without being bored or upset. ^_^

      • mr.wiener

        I think the 1920’s mixture of European and Chinese was more flattering and suitable to the Chinese physic.
        No mao suits and pudding bowl haircuts ever again please.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Well, mao suits and the whole stuff is horrible, just like present day ;D

          The only thing we must do in regards to clothing is bring back hanfu, and the other ethnicities [manchu,mongol,etc] may also try to revive their own clothing also! [unless they want hanfu just for the looks lol, but still…]

          The 20s were definetly not my favorite because it was when the rot was creeping in the lands, and westernization ensued. I’d rather talk good stuff about Qing dynasty clothing then ;)

          hanfu is awesome heh

          • mr.wiener

            Whatever floats your boat sirrah. I will say I prefer a topnot to a pigtail and shaved forehead however.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Obviously I support the topknot, not the manchu queue. [although using western haircut is even more humiliating, as the Qing needed to force it, and many fought to the DEATH, while western short-haircut was accepted in a submissive manner]

            I was just saying Qing clothing is more beautiful than 1920s clothing, because it has more style to me.

            But obviously I’m a staunch defender of the topknot AND hanfu. and the ‘hats’ [guan,jin,etc] that usually comes with hanfu, accordingly to rank,etc.

      • El Puma R.

        of course they should, man.

    • ” team up and write an article”

      There’s enough Chinese “resistance” on these comments. Do you think writing in Chinese and posting it for many Chinese will see will make this understanding even clearer?

      If people (of all kinds) wanted dialog, they wouldn’t harbor such extreme opinions.

      • El Puma R.

        Meh.. I guess you’re right.. maybe we should do like they say and gtfo of China. Which I’m doing in 2 weeks wohoooo gtg party now.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    This is really depressing; all the bickering back and forth about laowai this laowai that. Meh. At the end of the day I still like White meat :p


      Sometimes I think you’re really depressing, with you’re endless talk of white ding-a-ling. It’s like that’s you’re whole personality, nothing else. At the end of the day I still really want to tie you to a bedpost and force you to smell my Asian-flavored farts.

  • Egg_Man

    I have never had anyone say stuff like this to my face In China EVER…. Is this all Just Chinese Trolls? I had some trouble with my Girlfriend family but now It’s fine…. I am kinda sick of reading this trash on this website…. If they hate us so much why do they let us do what we want? If we are so bad why are we still here? Life Is too short for this carry on! If chinese guys want to sleep with girls It’s easy zjust look for the sort thats up for It! Everyone likes sex…. Why blame us for your bad sex life? If we we’re not here will you still blame us? No! We learn about sex In school you don’t that Is why you suck at It! Go watch some porn and learn somethings and FFS enjoy life!!! PEACE TO ALL

    • Nick in Beijing

      Porn is illegal in China. So most Chinese men don’t have access to it.

      They blame us because their entire culture is one of blaming others, rather than one’s self.

      They do say it to your face from time to time. I have had it happen to me while out with my girl. They even smile in a friendly way sometimes because they think that you can’t understand.

      they let us here because they want our money.

      Your sentiments are spot on however. Peace to all. It’s a shame that no one really cares about that.

  • Egg_Man

    BTW love how the guy has a CK shirt on In the last photo….. In ENGLISH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • mr.wiener

      He is ridiculously photogenic however.

    • Tom A

      You didn’t notice the fact that the first picture is in Ottawa?

      • vincent

        He’s talking about the LAST photo, not the first one.

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