Chinese Netizen Talks About ‘Laowai’ Foreign Men, Reactions

Young male Chinese protesters carrying a flag and pointing a finger forward: Charge!

A Chinese speaker shouting into a microphone reading from a piece of paper in Canada, in protests over media bias and distortion in Canada.

Here is the final part of our translation of a popular post from Tianya, a major Chinese online discussion forum.

Parts 1 to 3 translated one Chinese netizen’s views on foreign men, Chinese men, and Chinese women. Part 1 was mostly about the differences between Chinese and foreign men that explain why foreign men have more success picking up girls. Part 2 was a number of anecdotes and conversations with foreign men and their love lives. Part 3 detailed several myths Chinese girls have about foreign men.

This fourth and final part is a selection of netizen comments on that Tianya post, responding to the original poster and everything said…

Comments on Tianya:


Fucking LZ, would it kill you to speak properly? What is this 拆那 chai na [“China”, which the original poster repeatedly used instead of 中国 zhong guo in much of his post]? You’re either a bandit/traitor or a garbage devil [Japanese].


Actually, it still goes back to the girls themselves needing to be independent and have self-respect. Chinese people don’t respect Chinese people, and instead fawn over laowai. This comes from a lack of self-confidence in our hearts, the feeling that laowai are better than ourselves. The first thing to do is to equalize our positions [see each other as equals].


Well written, LZ. Actually this post can be regarded as a universal handbook for picking up girls.


Nobody thinks laowai look like the Monkey King?


I showed Journey to the West to my boyfriend, pointed at the Monkey King and said, “This is you…” :)


What LZ said is very pertinent. I am a woman, but I also very much agree with your point of view.


Today’s values really have changed. Some women are like buses [promiscuous], yet they continuously show off. If you have needs, don’t you know how to use sex toys to satisfy yourself?


I was going to yell at the LZ, because my boyfriend is also a laowai, but as I read on, I couldn’t help placing myself in the position. What LZ says is really pertinent. I hope I won’t get a tragic ending, I’m a good girl…


I really can’t figure this out. If you’re going to find a foreigner to sleep with, at least find a young and strong one, but instead you find an old and fat man…


There’s no shortage of foreign trash in China, and there’s also a lot of native trash as well, so I hope girls will simply remove the scales from their eyes, as it is better to have nothing than to have something that is garbage.

我在旅程 (the original poster):

There are also many promiscuous girls in foreign countries, but foreign men are more lenient towards the women in their own countries. They have a sort of indescribable racial superiority complex. They like to disparage Chinese girls. Even for the same things, when Chinese girls do them, they think it is low, cheap, dirty, for money and green cards. But when it is their own country’s girls who do them, laowai say it is them being independent, free, open-minded.


The kind of haughty arrogance and sense of racial superiority in the bones of white people is extremely horrible/frightening. They treat Chinese people as inferior people, so they don’t appreciate help from Chinese men, nor do they feel remorse or shame when playing Chinese girls.

A lot of white trash are law-abiding and well-behaved “good people” in their home countries, but become walking JJ after coming to China. The fundamental reason lies in them feeling they are the upper class in China, with the right and the privilege to do whatever they want, and they have every reason to sleep with Chinese girls everywhere.

In their eyes, Chinese girls are lower than them, and can be trampled and played at will.

Our countrymen like to blame Chinese girls for being sluts, so foreigners all say Chinese girls are EASY, looking down on Chinese girls, but this is just a very small reason. Actually, the deep-rooted reason lies in white people’s racial superiority complex. Whether Chinese girls are sluts or not, whether they climb the stick [have sex with white men] or not, many white people look down on them anyway.

The girls who don’t sleep with white men, the white men say they are too conservative, boring, and don’t know how to enjoy life. They don’t like those girls.

The girls who do sleep with them, they say behind their backs that they are sluts, easy to get, ignorant, and shallow.

The girls who sleep with them for free, they say they are cheap, free, too promiscuous, and are not worth being loved and treated seriously.

The girls who want things and money (Chinese men giving their girlfriends jewelry and credit cards is very common), they then say those girls are prostitutes and bitches, selling their sexual organs.

White people often like to say bad things about Chinese people, especially when it comes to belittling Chinese men in front of Chinese girls, and then belittling Chinese girls in front of foreign men.


As a Chinese man:

1. I’m not particularly opposed to Chinese women taking laowai as husbands (still uncomfortable in my heart, male animal instinct) but I am against those like the LZ said who actually spend their own money in order to date laowai [treating or paying for the man on a date].

2. I’m strongly against the phenomenon of [Chinese women] degrading and attacking Chinese men upon finding a laowai [boyfriend/husband]…

3. I’m against generalizing a portion of people who are one way onto the whole of Chinese women. The vast majority of Chinese women are good and decent. Some people’s comments seem to be obvious attempts to provoke a shouting match between men and women.

4. I’m against those saying Chinese men are all better than the laowai who come to China, because China also has a lot of lousy men, who are unfaithful and promiscuous.

5. I object to the statement that the rate of extramarital affairs among Chinese men is higher than that among foreign men. This is purely slander and bullshit. I also disagree that laowai men are all more civilized and gentlemen-like than Chinese men. At the very least, I don’t see where the foreign instructors and students I know are more civilized than the male teachers and male students at my school. “Though foreign men often engage in premarital sex, they are conservative after getting married. Chinese men mess around before marriage, and have extramarital affairs after marriage.” The people who make these kind of replies all have shit in their heads.

6. Men should firmly fight back when it comes to statements that Chinese women are cheap, easy girls and the like, taking the initiative to defend our country’s women’s dignity and reputation. We can’t let a few women of this kind cause all Chinese women to be shot [to be wronged]. If you don’t defend the women of your own country, who else are you going to defend?

7. I’m especially against some Chinese men parroting [foreign men] in saying how Chinese women are cheap, easy girls. Men like this simply aren’t human.

8. I’m super strongly against the saying that Chinese people don’t have beliefs [convictions/principles]. People who say such things are in my eyes simply garbage. And they talk about beliefs! For example, the stupid x reply above: “But I tell you sincerely, the caliber of Chinese men as a whole is inferior to the laowai of developed countries. Chinese people don’t have beliefs, are too materialistic, too practical, too lacking in integrity, and even more importantly, Chinese people are too stupid. They lose themselves as soon as they see temptation. Chinese men who have a perfectly good family and a good career, the moment they are tempted by a young woman outside, I won’t say 100%, but I 95% of them will lose themselves, ‘throwing away a watermelon for a sesame seed’.” I don’t know how he arrived at this conclusion. When I see replies like this, I subconsciously say so TMD disgusting.

9. I’m against calling promiscuity feminism.

10. I hope all our countrymen can respect themselves, love themselves, discipline themselves, and reflect on themselves.


I hate Chinese men’s lack of self-confidence.
The women willing to spend their entire lives with a white person and make mixed children are still few/the minority.
Chinese people’s innocence is much more adorable than the experience of foreigners. Though it’s true that sometimes their language and behavior is awkward or lacking in manners, seen from another angle it proves that they haven’t dated many girls [don’t go around chasing girls very much], and are clean enough [decent/respectable].


I’m currently attending an English training school, and by my judgment, what the author [original poster] says is completely accurate. One time I went shopping with a classmate. A black laowai man kept staring at my light-skinned, rich, and beautiful classmate (this beauty is already married) while he had his girlfriend by his side. That female companion came up to my classmate to declare sovereignty [over her man], but for some reason that black man came up and said to my classmate that he doesn’t the female companion beside him. That woman was so mad she ended up chasing and hitting that laowai on the street. Also, there was this foreigner who moonlights as a foreign instructor who announced in class that if his Chinese wife did not listen to him, he would dump her, which made us very uncomfortable.


Louzhu‘s post reminded me of a classmate at college. The girl was from the countryside, very very poor. In the end, she got with our foreign instructor. God! That foreign instructor was already over 50 years old, and he even had a little housekeeper who sleeps with him all year round in his apartment.


Sometimes I saw many good girls walking with laowai men old enough to be their dads.


This [post] must be ding‘d. What louzhu is very apropos. Here in Shenzhen the way such girls are called is “paper girls”. They really are jokes in laowai‘s mouths.


Having read this much, I’m going to put in my two cents.

I know quite a lot of laowai, as I’ve studied abroad, and actually the characteristics of most laowai are just like what the louzhu said.

The year I was studying abroad, Chinese girls were not very popular. The one Chinese girl I knew who was looking [for a foreign boyfriend] ultimately only found a fat guy, who didn’t even have much education. Actually in foreign countries, the laowai with bachelor’s degrees or higher are relatively arrogant. They will be very picky, and usually won’t proactively approach Asian girls, unless those girls can help them with schoolwork.

The laowai in China I think have become spoiled, each and every one of them saying Chinese girls are cheap. It’s not like we begged you to come here, so why not go home? I encountered a Swedish laowai, who was involved in a language exchange arrangement. At first it was the girl [who expressed interest], but he started getting very physical, and because he didn’t get his way in the end, he started saying how Chinese girls are this and that easy or whatever, making it so that I really wanted to yell at him. But thinking from another perspective, both parties are responsible for this. Why did it turn out this way? Why did she allow the laowai to be so unscrupulous? Chinese girls are too naive. Also, the laowai who come to China really are those who couldn’t survive/make it in their own countries, thinking it’s heaven here.

Let me give you an example. I have an American friend. He came to China for the sole purpose of studying. Recently he’s going back to the United States, because he discovered that it’s hard to find a job here too. He said it was hard for him to find a job in Los Angeles, and he thought that it would be very easy in China.

On the other hand, don’t always say laowai are stupid, they are all very shrewd and canny. When they are using you, they will be especially nice to you, but when they aren’t using you, they pretend not to know you. I know a laowai, and he said to me that it’s really hard to trust someone here. He only trusts himself. See, this is the difference. Everyone thinks it’s so trendy to be friends with laowai, but actually that foreigner just wants to use you. Don’t even bring up Chinese girls wanting to marry laowai.

Most of the laowai I know are particularly fond of Korean and Japanese girls, thinking they are traditional. I think they are nuts. Just because Chinese girls tend to be assertive, Korean girls are all very traditional? Actually, the notion of freedom isn’t that big in Western countries, everyone wants to find someone who will be submissive to them. But a majority of laowai think Korean and Japanese girls are submissive because they can fool around outside the house. They don’t want Chinese girls, [because] they’d have to worry [about being caught]. But, do you want to be a puppet? You think marrying a laowai like this is glamorous. It’s actually just like that.

My thinking may not necessarily be correct, but I always feel girls in the end will become emotionally invested, so how can there be girls who just play around [without any strings attached]? Men indeed can separate sex from love very clearly, but that’s not absolute either.

Finally I want to say, let me talk a bit about the differences between American laowai and British laowai. Most of the laowai I know are from these two countries. British people are more reserved. You think they are cold, but once you become friends, you are definitely good friends. As for Americans, you initially think he is a good friend but eventually you will discover that they’ll maintain a distance from you.

Anyway as China’s economy gets better and better, we don’t need to be too judgmental about laowai. Chinese people should have self-respect, self-love, and be proud. Learning from others’ strengths to improve ourselves is the way to go.

Good luck.


My female friends and I are like this: Invite us to go eat, we’ll go eat. Invite us to go play, we’ll go play. Being friends is fine, but if you want to sleep with us, don’t even think about it. Eating a meal with you and going out to play is all OK, as long as you’re paying. Your goal is something we both clearly know, but just pretend to be ignorant of. Don’t say we are immoral or whatever, those guys aren’t saints either. If you play, we’ll play, that’s it.


This is an episode about “Chinese girls” from a video series about China made by a South American man who has lived in China for six or seven years.

The whole episode is talking about how easy Chinese girls are. This person mentions that Chinese girls don’t go for blacks or Indians and the like, because they don’t have money or passports…

Fucking just watching it pisses me off… selling their dignity attaching themselves to foreign trash is their own business, something that outsiders originally have no business interfering with, but now the reputation of Chinese girls as a whole is being ruined by these mouse shits [from the Chinese expression that “a speck of mouse shit will spoil a whole pot of porridge”].

The girls I’m cursing here are those who, for money and passports, become easy and free, not those who respect themselves, love themselves, and date laowai out of true love… although I still remind the sisters dating laowai out of true love: Keeping your wits and being careful with everything is always good. Although there are good ones among the laowai in China, the percentage is not high, so removing the scales from your eyes and be careful to avoid being deceived.


Why do so many Chinese people like to fuel stereotypes like this? As long as somebody else is a bit different from you, you immediately treat them as freaks/monsters. When I read this garbage, I can only see arrogant brain-damaged racism.

Yes, from the first day we foreigners arrive in China, you people try to demonize us.

Are you trying to say… “I’m a good guy, I never do this kind of thing, and I’m not speaking on behalf of our Chinese girls… Believe me, baby. I will save you from that “little white face”, and protect you until the end. Come, kiss your daddy.”

“I have a lot of foreign friends. Among them there are also some honest and dependable people, “as rare as the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a kylin” [Chinese idiom]”

Is this a joke? LZ, drop dead.

Let me explain: “Why do I understand laowai attitudes, habits, and behavior patterns so well? Very simple, I have many many foreign devil friends, black friends, little Japanese friends, Korean friends, and other trash friends, and my best friend is a foreign devil! They all came out of a monster egg, without mothers!! Patriotic comrades…I don’t care if you believe it or not, it’s true” — Louzhu

I can only say: “The frog living at the bottom of the well, sees only the sky at the mouth of the well, yet tells the turtle that the well is the best place to live.'”


Mental retardation truly knows no borders. The louzhu is saying that there are a lot of garbage laowai in China, explaining their characteristics to remind everyone not to be fooled. He didn’t dismiss/put down all laowai. Since you do not consider yourself to be this kind of garbage, and have not done the things they do, why take it personally? Retard, evaluation complete!


I’ve discovered a phenomenon: Laowai cannot see the behavior and actions of all the garbage laowai in China. The moment someone says something about them, they start claiming it is racial discrimination, saying Chinese people are xenophobic/anti-foreigners.

If you were all like Bai Qiuen [Norman Bethune], coming to China to make a contribution, the Chinese people would only thank you and revere you. Your compatriots do horrible things one after another, and yet you still have the face to quibble.

Chinese people are absolutely not against foreigners. Actually ten years ago, Chinese people were not only polite and friendly with foreigners, but also full of admiration, thinking [foreigners] are rather noble. But now the laowai who come to China are of lower and lower caliber/character, harassing girls everywhere, already having become public nuisances.

The examples given by the LZ are all of people around him, who are relatively typical, and the truth is just like that. Objective, impartial, and fair. well and vividly written. Good post.


The laowai the louzhu talks about are divided into the laowai in China and the laowai in foreign countries.

In my eyes, the girls who date laowai are divided into those who are sensible and reasonable and those who are not.

Do sensible and reasonable girls need you to tell them what to do? The girls who aren’t, even if you tell them what to do, would they listen?

Young male Chinese protesters carrying a flag and pointing a finger forward: Charge!

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