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Comments from Sina:


This painful and shameful period of history is something every Chinese person knows. It makes every one of us Chinese extremely sad. But none of us in the present know just what was the real situation in Nanjing during that time, none of us personally experienced it. Moreover, our understanding of this period of history all comes from books, schools, and the media. As a present-day Chinese person, we must not forget national humiliation. However, we must not so simply choose hatred even more. [We] should be more rational and objective looking at this period of history. Being too influenced by emotion is completely pointless, and is also futile. We should think for a moment and ask what should we steadily do for this country and for this nation?


I have not yet seen it, but just seeing this promotional picture has already made my heart heavy.


Nanjing! Nanjing!

Massacre’s blood and brutality…

…through a kind of high definition lens, very quietly emerges before us!

History magnified shakes us in a different way!


So macho! So worthy of respect!!!


Have not yet seen
but I believe, after tomorrow, those who have seen this film,
will all be deeply pained!
No matter if that person is Chinese, American, or Japanese!


I never watch China-Japan wartime film and television, a glorious large country made weak, disgraced and worried! Little Japan, I “thank” your eight generations of ancestors!


Japan still has not come out to apologize, yet we Chinese have already explained come out expressing our guilt for making this film, what kind of bullshit logic is that! In order to achieve doing something different, they are joking around with historical facts. Listen to the reactions [to the film] of the only surviving comfort woman of the Nanjing Massacre, “At the time, the sights were much more terrifying than those shown in the movie, I have never met a Japanese person that has found their conscience like those in the movie.”  Luchuan [the director], 300,000 Nanjing souls will not forgive you, you modern Chinese traitor, for covering up the Nanjing Massacre for the Japanese!


If you are Chinese, then you must watch Nanjing, Nanjing [aka “City of Life and Death“].


That bloody and tearful bitter history of the Chinese nation, as Chinese of a later generation, we must never forget nor should we forget. Speaking of forgiveness, some things cannot be forgiven. Compassion for the enemy is cruelty to ourselves.





Comments from Mop:


I am awaiting Nanjing! Nanjing! Show it in Japan.


If you want to watch, then look at the present Nanjing!!
At the time, why was Nanjing captured in the past?

At the time, those martyrs who left behind their warm blood and their skulls were exchanged for what kind of Nanjing today!?

Nanjing’s judges???

Nanjing’s old ladies???

Nanjing’s commissioners???


LZ, you have evil intentions!

LZ, you are diverting people’s attention!

See clearly the present!


After seeing so many posts like this my mind only has one thought — hope that I or my son, grandson can stand on the ruins of Tokyo in memorial of the tens of millions of Chinese souls that perished.


History is always that heavy. In elementary school, we were taught to be proud of being born in China. In middle school when we studied modern history our hearts were entangled, our throats blocked, with tears running from the corner of our eyes, but our anger could not be vented. Now when we look at history, we can only sigh, for the humiliations of the past, for the helplessness of the present, and for the hopelessness of the future. Only during YY can we take revenge and avenge this.


Brothers, it is not that I do not want to watch it, it is that I am afraid to watch it, afraid that if I watch it, I will not be able to bear it.


Only by facing history can tragedy not be repeated. After so many years, how many people can clearly know the truth of what happened during the war against Japanese aggression?


Strongly ding this up. We Chinese have too strong imaginations, always taking everything and thinking about them in our own subjective ways, often overlooking the truth. We always want other people to face history, yet we ourselves instead are always and ceaselessly avoiding it. Those media should stop talking about Red Cliff all day and give this movie some hype. If this movie does not become China’s most popular/successful movie, then that would be our sorrow/tragedy.


During those days, Japan was really strong. However in the end the victor was China. Being backward deserves to be attacked, so we must continue to jia you.


This movie must be watched, for history, to remember, for the past, and also for the future.


Past fims and reports always made the Japanese look like simpletons, short and small, even mentally disabled. I do not think this is funny at all, because it insults the enemies who once defeated you, and essentially insults yourself. I also really dislike those fenqing who are always yelling about killing all of Japan and capturing Tokyo. In my eyes, you guys are even worse than Ah-Q. Because you all will probably never in this life step onto Japan’s territory.

Some netizens have said that some scenes of the movie has cut in the China version.

What do you think of this movie?




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