CCTV’s Lack of Coverage on Henan Knife Attack Condemned

A screenshot of the CCTV News reporting the US school shooting.
An injured child from the Henan knife attack.
One of the injured children from the December 14th Henan primary school knife attacks that occurred on the same day as the American Connecticut Sandy Hook school shooting massacre.

From Sina Weibo:

@作业本: All afternoon [December 15], CCTV has been doing a large-scale reporting and analysis of the US school shooting incident: Counting the number of shooting incidents, digging deep into the root causes of the shootings, offering suggestions, estimating the amount of firearm ownership, speculating on potential risks, condemning US President Obama… Since you are so professional, so responsible, and so diligent, how can you not report the man in Henan cutting down and injuring 22 students?

A screenshot of the CCTV News reporting the US school shooting.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


CCTV’s viewpoint can’t be understood by normal people like you and me.


Government leaders caring about their own children’s living environment is normal.


[China is] doesn’t act like a large and powerful country at all, always up to some small tricks, embarrassing us Chinese people.


Indeed, indeed, China truly is so great! Doesn’t mind its own pain, only cares for world peace!


Hehehe! Not going to express any comment, I’m afraid of being reeducated through labor. [呵呵]


Dears, have you ever thought of what would it be like if the Heavenly Kingdom didn’t ban guns or carry out real-name registration for [the purchase of] kitchen knives?


It is the usual response, the mainstream media always treats [domestic tragedies] indifferently.


Them still trying to keep the people in ignorance in this day and age is truly unbearable!


Diverting attention, avoiding the important to dwell on the trivial, telling us that although we have 22 injured, but look, they have 28 dead, so stop making a fuss and be content with things!!! I’ll bet a head of cabbage that this bastard who attacked people with a knife is either a “psychopath” or a “psychopath” [suggesting that people in China would only resort to such violence because they have mental issues and not because they might have legitimate grievances]!!!


This is just how China is, never giving any explanations to its own people about things that happen in its own country, only giving results.


Have visited the Imperial Court’s [Chinese government’s] official website, truly a joke, can’t even find a report about the 22 children who were cut down, while the US shooting incident actually got its own special column. [怒] Is the Imperial Court’s TV News broadcasted for its own people or for foreigners!!!


Those who work in CCTV is just a bunch of people full of dog shit!!!


CCTV: Long ago become America’s paparazzi, and not the conscience of the Chinese people!


Taking care [reporting] our own matters is enough, what’s the intention behind enormously exaggerating other countries’ misfortunes?


A Don Quixote style of social bureaucracy. [愤怒]


Whether it’s China smearing America or America smearing China, it’s all political necessity. Each country has its own tactics for governing itself, so just don’t go meddling for no reason. Especially the Americans, always wanting to have a say in other countries, making the whole world resent them. It’s only because they’re too powerful that no one dares to speak up.


I’m also puzzled by this. They’re both school tragedies, but the US one has lots of details, while Henan Guangshan uses all sorts of means to refuse to be interviewed and seal off information.


CCAV spends Chinese taxpayers’ money, sending reporters to do on the scene live reporting of American disasters. What kind of spirit is this? This is a spirit of proletarian internationalism. If this spirit continues, it’ll become insanity!


Shameless CCTV, what else can be said~ Hehe, smilence! The day CCAV shuts down is the day I celebrate with firecrackers!!


Although China has blocked YouTube not allowing Chinese people to use it, the fact is the Americans aren’t condemn Obama. So TM ridiculous. Mind your own business. [吐][鄙视][鄙视]


Xinwen Lianbo these days is always the same: During the first 10 minutes the leaders are very busy, during the middle 10 minutes Chinese people are very happy, during the last 10 minutes people in the other part of the world are living in extreme misery… [衰][吐]


It’s not just the news, even the students on RenRen are all deeply memorializing the children killed in the shooting. I actually especially want to say, the Americans don’t care about your condolences at all. If you have the time and energy to pretend to be so noble, how about go delivering a hot steamed bun for the old man begging at the bus stop!

[Note: RenRen is a Chinese social network pretty much like Facebook, with college students being its main users.]


Yet Another Person Seeking Revenge On Society: Netizen are forwarding that on the night of 2012 December 11 at 10:30pm, a 30-year-old man in Chengdu went crazy and began cutting down any student he saw, successively hacking four people, with one of the dead being a student from No.7 High School, who was about to study overseas in America next year. Just where is China’s public safety heading!


[Because] Chinese people just rubbernecking.


When children in America are harmed, the entire nation from top to bottom is sorrow, the president a mess of tears, and people of the whole world show their sympathy. When children in China are harmed, the mainstream media plays it down, the parents’ wails shake heaven and earth, and the officials in charge play games. [愤怒][愤怒][愤怒]


Don’t get all excited, this will pass in another couple of days, don’t try to challenge the ZF of the Heavenly Kingdom!


Before when the American media was largely reporting about China’s various problems condemning the Chinese government, where were these hot-headed netizens?


Support the voice of justice!![good]


China knows its future leaders won’t be amongst these children, but America knows that anyone can be the future president.

Note (December 19): The original title of this article was “Chinese Netizens Condemn CCTV’s Silence on Henan Knife Attack”, reflecting the fact that the Chinese netizens translated above were critical of CCTV for not reporting the Henan school attack as of December 15th, the day after the incident. A chinaSMACK reader pointed out a CCTV report on the front page of their website, timestamped on the 17th, two days after @作业本’s original post on Sina Weibo. The title has been revised to minimize confusion centered on the word “silence”.


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