Chinese Netizens Discuss Yao Ming’s Baby’s Nationality

Yao Ming and wife Ye Li wedding photo.

From Sohu:

Daughter’s nationality arouses American media’s attention. Yao Ming: This is our private matter

Where will Yao Ming and Ye Li’s daughter be born? This question recently became a focal point of attention for domestic [China] basketball fans and media, and with the broad domestic attention, the American media also began to pay attention so much that today, before the [Houston] Rockets’ game, Yao Ming in the Rockets’ locker room once again expressed his hope that everyone can give him and Ye Li some private space.

Yao Ming’s wife, Ye Li, recently flew to America so it is likely that she plans to give birth there.

Comments from Sohu:


China is unfair/unjust everywhere. Who would be willing to stay in China if they had the choice?


If I were Yao Ming, I would change [citizenship/nationality], it is better for the child!


Damn, them having a daughter is none of some of you people’s fart business.


You are a public figure, so this is not a private matter. Who can guarantee that you will always only have a Chinese heart! It is not as if there are not Chinese traitors! This is the time where you are tested!


Yao Ming is Chinese. His wife is Chinese. Their child will be even more Chinese. A child of the dragon!!!


If Yao Ming’s daughter were to take American nationality, that would be such an injury to our countrymen’s hearts! Truly very difficult to bear!!


Because of patriotism, Yao Ming can only have his daughter take American citizenship!!! This way, he can then have a son in China, so his son can take Chinese nationality!!! To contribute to China basketball!!


I support Yao Ming, as long as he still has his motherland in his heart that is enough.


Famous people are still people. Also, what business of your’s is his daughter? Also, what family these days with some means does not send their own children abroad! Also, if others have this means, what can you do about it?


Jackie Chan had Jaycee Chan give up his American nationality.


Taking another country’s nationality is their private business. For which country the child plays ball is the child’s right to choose. Everyone else [criticizing] has nothing better to do.


No matter from what angle we consider, it is all Yao’s private family matter. However when considering the long-term, Yao’s daughter taking Chinese nationality can get more and broader development [opportunities]. China eighteen years later will not be like today’s China, possibly being even more powerful than America. Even if [China] has not yet matched America at that time, Yao’s daughter having Chinese nationality is still more advantageous for Yao’s daughter’s development prospects. Wish the best to Yao Ming, wish the best to Ye Li, wish the best to the Yao family’s new baby.


Actually, it really is whatever. Even if YM’s [Yao Ming’s] child is American, the reasons are over a lot of educational and upbringing issues. It would be simpler just clearly asking which country YM’s child would play for if she plays basketball! After all, isn’t arguing over YM’s nationality issue all about whether or not his child would contribute to the country [China]? Were it a normal child, would you still argue over her nationality? So extending the question would be if his child will be involved in sports, has good genes, what country’s team would she join!

Yao Ming and Ye Li walking in airport.

Very tall people will make very tall children.

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  • georges

    They should go and spank it with a thumb up their asses instead of worrying about what Yao Ming will do. Sofa Time

    • 先生

      Naughty boy. It is not mandatory to share your….”hobby”.
      “Going somewhere else” time.

    • Take a walk cap. Cock

    • hero

      If Yao Ming had only kept to spanking it with a thumb up his ass, he wouldn’t have this “Baby Problem”.

      Stupid Yao!

      Spanking it with a thumb up your ass is the best form of birth control I know!

      Let’s spank it with a thumb up our ass together, Chinasmack posters!

  • dongshizhang

    ‘Because of patriotism, Yao Ming can only have his daughter take American citizenship!!! This way, he can then have a son in China, so his son can take Chinese nationality!!! To contribute to China basketball!!’

    somebody has it all figured out!!

    • BambooBoom

      SOFA! Then USA will gain the daughter- maybe the daughter will be the girl version of Michael jordan! Hahahahaha!

  • outcast

    When will chinese people grow up and stop acting like such babies?

    “If Yao Ming’s daughter were to take American nationality, that would be such an injury to our countrymen’s hearts! Truly very difficult to bear!!”

    Here’s an idea, why not help to make your country a better place so people would actually want to be citizens here instead of looking for ways to escape it?

    • nhum nar khoa

      i think you must grow up and stop acting like such babies.

      are you think america is the best place in the wolrd.

      tell me how good when people being an american citizen.

      • Teacher in China

        I would have a tough time subjecting my child to the Chinese educational system. Of course, someone as rich as Yao Ming would undoubtedly be able to put his kid in some sort of special school with more updated educational methods, here in China.

        • draper

          “The only people who think it’s so hard to be an American abroad are Canadians with a crippling inferiority complex, or Western Europeans who want to condescend to the rest of the world.”

          not really u stereotypical dumb yank twat. we can go and visit and work in far more places than a thick obnoxious loud-mouthed twat american like u can.

          A – shut up
          B – fukc u

    • Never! Have you seen their reaction to the Taiwanese elections? They’re literally brainwashed over there. I’ve met only a handful of critical-thinking individuals when I taught there, and they’ve been severely oppressed…

  • Given Yao Ming’s recent medical history, I would recommend he have his wife give birth in Canada, so that the child will have access to free health care when she breaks her foot playing double-dutch.

    Or whatever you kids play these days. We played brick war.

    • FYIADragoon

      We played stone war, a little less violent, but more cheaply funded.

    • Chris

      Given Yao Ming’s wealth, he probably won’t need the free health care. He’d be able to afford private insurance, which would probably be better quality.

      • Way to think through all the issues in this super serious internet discussion.

  • Felix

    “You are a public figure, so this is not a private matter. Who can guarantee that you will always only have a Chinese heart! It is not as if there are not Chinese traitors! This is the time where you are tested!”

    I loled.

    • Kai

      I did as well. Heartily. I’m actually a bit torn on whether or not this was satire or not. It could go both ways to me.

  • Felix

    The sad thing is, for me as a german this internet-nationalism recalls pre-WW2 germans, unable to bear a wrongly perceived “shame”.

    Come on, people, calm down! Really, who cares about being Chinese or American? Arent there more important things in life?

    • SD

      If somebody answered no to your second question, can you sufficiently argue another answer to prove them wrong?

  • Foreign

    Of course she’s going to give birth in the U.S.
    Who would want their child to have a chinese citizenship?

    • 苏联人

      If I had to choose between USA or PRC citizenship for my children, I would without a doubt choose the latter. In fact, if my country’s government forced me to work in the U.S. (since I wouldn’t willingly live in that shithole for any amount of money) and my wife became pregnant there, I’d take her to Mexico (or better yet, from there on to Cuba) to give birth, so that there is no way the western devils can claim my offspring as one of their kind.

      • Alikese

        Don’t worry, when you have a kid (a laughably small possibility, but possible all the same) I’m sure that many nations will be clamoring to get you to grace their presents, and have your child born there, and thus start the end of times.

      • Tins of Cigars

        Hahaha… Cuba. You are one funny idiot.

  • FYIADragoon

    China in 18 years being more powerful than America? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I don’t like America much either, but some things are just not going to happen. They’ll probably have the child in America seeing as China still kowtows to foreigners, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. If Yao or his wife was an American citizen, I would say China since America still has that stupid dual nationality set-up in place that allows too many duals.

    • anon

      Look at PWC, Deutschebank, or Goldman Sach’s projections. China’s economy will easily surpass the US by the 2020’s (if not by 2020).

      • zammo hung

        Those folks arent very good at predicting the future. cf, the crisis of 2008

        Anyhow, China’s will eat itself long before the 2020s.

        The clever money is on Brazil.

        • I agree! Bet on North America and South America. After all, they are where “East” meets “West”.

      • jezz

        What? Dude, like 90 per cent of this country eats dirt for dinner its so poor…. it’ll take more than 20 years. And even then this country is so backward an archaic they don’t have what it takes to “run the world.”

      • FYIADragoon

        You know that isn’t even considering GDP PER CAPITA, right? China is still dismally behind the rest of the world in that area. The USA’s GDP per capita is over 10 times the size of China’s. Now tell me how long it will take for China to even slightly decrease that gap with the ever ridiculous gap between their poor and rich, with a significant lack of a middle class? The answer, they probably won’t without a massive government overhaul to root out all the ridiculous corruption. I like China, but the economy is NOT the reason why.

        • bobiscool

          And all of you are so much more knowledgeable than the folks at goldman, right?
          Now I agree with the point on per capita. However, China is a large country, and so it obviously would be hard to improve everyone’s lifestyles. But I think that China will reach and surpass America in the future. Afterall, China dominated the world for 2000 years before…

          And while some chinese people worship foreigners, at least they’re not like the korean/japs, completely imitating the west…

          • FYIADragoon

            China sure did dominate the world, when the British army was able to wipe the floor with them during the Opium War. And THEY DO COMPLETELY IMITATE. Don’t get on your pedestal like they’re any better. The only reason Korea and Japan are able to do it more, is because they have more money. If Chinese had as much as their average citizens have, they would probably do it MORE. And that’s a weak excuse. America is a large country, how did they raise the level? Don’t talk about China surpassing America until you start removing the handicaps. That’s like me saying I’m going to become richer than Carlos Slim (currently richest man in the world, for those not in the know), but don’t count my actual income, because that’s too hard for me to raise. Instead just look at how much I pay for my taxes. Seriously, all you’re doing when you quote places like Goldman Sachs is hoping that you’ll scare people off with the authority that the name possesses.

          • bobiscool


            That’s because Chinese has a unique pronounciation system, and westerners (who did not learn chinese) cannot pronouce it correctly. It’s really annoying to have people asking you how to pronounce your name a hundred times.

          • Tins of Fa Ke Yu

            What is your name?

            Who’s your daddy and what does he do?

          • Daphie

            Jones, it is not common to see men who dye their hair blond in CHina as in Japan or Korea.
            I have seen people attacking them saying they are just trying to be someone they are not.Although I dont agree with the color they choose coz it looks bad, I repect their right to choose.

            And why West can dye their hair black, and other people can not choose blond? Besides most blond women actually dye their dark hair, and sometimes I think it looks fake coz the color is too light.
            As for the English name, i dont know if its a practice coming from HongKong where everybody has name combined by ENglish and CHinese, just a guess, not relevant.

        • Daphie

          Why people always talk about economy/GDP of China? It is the last thing I care about…
          For individual family, poor couple can not have too much happiness (this is the ugly truth, imagine when you have to worry about every meal instead of enjoying sweet holidays). But for the country, education and freedom shall be on top of everything.

          • bobiscool

            I was talking about BEFORE THE OPIUM WAR… If the Qing weren’t so suspicious of the Han, and let more people in the army/navy, none of that would have happened.

            Anyway, obviously no one can change what you think. We’ll just see. You go believe what you want, I’ll look at data from somewhat trustworthy sources. Sure, they could be wrong, but they’re still more trustworthy than some random guy on the internet with no sources to back up his claims.

          • bobiscool

            Also, America got money from leeching off of the War. Now when I say big country I don’t just mean size. I mean population. when you have such a large population, obviously you’re going to have problems. India faces similar challenges.

  • germancockroach

    All the Chinese I know who can get their asses out of here have done so or have a visa to go. They know that the CCP’s China is a shit hole. Who’s surprised? Chinese ‘citizens’, give me a break. To be a citizen you must have rights. The Chinese have no rights. Their ‘constitution’ is good for toilet paper, that’s it.

    The Chinese know this but many are too dishonest to talk about it openly. Only over the internet.

    Yao Ming probably already has his green card application in the pipeline and will have his parents follow.

    • beowulf

      You did forget to mention that the Chinese are pure evil.

      • germancockroach

        There is no doubt that the Chinese Communist Party is. They already make Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR look like children playing in a sand box. Wait until after they’ve been tossed out of pwer. Then the real dirt will come out.

        • Daphie

          That is what a lot people are afraid of. Whatever CCP did, they manage to maintain a relevant peaceful social order (lets first set aside the path but only talk about destination). Unlike in France, the idea of equality, freedom and brotherhood is deeply ingrained in everybody’s mind. IN China we dont have any democracy roots in history, and there are so many people in China.

          So if someday CCP lose power, then what? From what I learned, before Irap was enlighten by US troops, under the bloody hand of dictator people can walk safely on streets, but now nowhere is safe and everybody tries to seize power.

          Why I always corner myself…

          • Chris

            That’s absolutely normal.

            As Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

            The US certainly didn’t arrive at nice clean democracy peacefully, and as far as I know they usually don’t. They got the civil war, war with britain, etc. If some group has power, you think they will cleanly give up power?

            Iraq had two factions, one had absolute control before the coalition showed up. Then the Americans tried to introduce this silly thing called democracy whereby everyone had equal representation?

            Democracy isn’t a preference. Fundamentally it’s a practical form of government based on reason that has been shown by practice to be the most stable/efficient form of government (as evidenced by every single first world country).

            You’re probably right. If democracy happens in China it might be a violent revolution, but if USSR is any indicator, there’s a chance for it to peacefully dissolve.

          • Kai

            Chris, agree with a lot of things you say but want to disagree on you giving democracy the title of “most stable/efficient form of government”, as well as take issue with your added “(evidenced by every single first world country)”. There are a lot of democracies that aren’t exactly considered stable, much less efficient by its citizens and outside observers. Might be wise to temper your praises a wee bit.

            Furthermore, the efficiency label really needs to be put in a certain context because there are a ton of things where democracies are not considered “efficient”. For example, you can say democracies may be “efficient” insofar as they may be set up to allow a minority to easily protect their interests against a majority. This protection of the few could be considered an “efficiency”, but for the layman, when we say a form of government is “efficient”, we usually mean it gets things done quickly. Democracies generally do NOT get things done quickly, and this is by design, precisely to “efficiently” protect the rights and interests of the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

    • georges

      you’re really a damn cockroach and worst, a damn german one

      • germancockroach

        I don’t often click my heels and salute. And I’ve yet to try spanking it with my thumb up my anus. Do you grease up first?

        • bobiscool

          fich dich jetzt gleich in den arsch. Du schwule sau.

          A perfect use of my german skillz :D

          • Alikese

            Ich bin eine yangguizi.

        • georges

          You only click your heels when the man behind you is ready to stick it up your ass.

          • germancockroach

            Jesus that’s good!

    • They hardly have a constitution… It literally can’t be toilet paper because it’s nonexistent. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wipe with their bare hands (in the government).

  • ungentrified

    “However when considering the long-term, Yao’s daughter taking Chinese nationality can get more and broader development [opportunities]. ”

    Lol at this statement. Maybe Yao’s daughter will get a leg up in the plutocracy that is today’s China, but as Yao Ming’s daughter, she would get better opportunities regardless of her citizenship.

  • Sin

    Most of the comments from Sohu seem reasonable and normal. Why bitch about them?

    • beowulf

      Because they are THE CHINESE!!! ;-)

  • hobo

    Jones 是个傻B


    • lomo

      你丫从哪来的? Why Jones a 傻B?

  • Joe

    Benefits of being raised in America: much easier to compete with dumb American kids. Truth.

    • jezz

      The dumb american kids that invent everything? You guys have some smart kids, but they aren’t creative. COuple that with how many dumb people I see in china ALL THE TIME and I’m not worried.

      • bobiscool

        lol americans invent everything? LOLOLOLOL

        And I didn’t believe that 33% of highschool kids in america couldn’t find Mexico on an unlabelled map…

        Looks like it’s true after all. Just what inventions are you speaking of exactly? China has seen quite a few useful inventions in the past, same with Europe. Japan is advancing fast in technology currently, with new gagets and widgets coming out every year. But the US? They can buy the stuff, sure, but I don’t think they invent them..

        • georges

          US are well known for inventing the violation of human right and mass killing of people based on their ethnic origins, i.e the real Americans: the Indians.

          • Kai

            Personally, this is the first time I’ve noticed georges saying anything other than something related to spanking it with at thumb in the ass. If he’s ever said anything else before, I must’ve categorically ignored them upon seeing his name.

          • The ‘Native Americans’, you mean. Stop using outdated terms or else you’ll sound like us uneducated Americans.

    • Carlos

      That was totally idiotic what you said. I didn’t know the Chinese invented the Internet or cell phone, the car, the plane. Anyway, I have no time to list the thousands of things that the dumb Americans have made, contributed to the whole fucking world!
      It will totally depend on the parents and what school the kid will go to. Has nothing to do with nationality.
      But the kid will have choices of some of the best universities on the planet. So good for them. It’s their choice and they have the right to go anywhere they wish.

  • fireworks

    It probably doesn’t matter where his kid is born. What matters if he can apply for dual nationality if he is a US citizenship. Chinese citizenship doesn’t allow for dual citizenship unless someone in position can bend over and let you have it.

  • jezz

    Why the hell would he want his kid to be a Chinese citizen? This kid will have tons of money, and won’t be able to do a thing with it with a Chinese passport. Can’t easily travel, harder to go to a good US school, property purchases and such… let’s not foreg too, voting.

    • The Wade

      This is Yao Ming’s kid we’re talking about. She will not have any problems with any of the things you have listed.

  • ytdevils


  • of Canada

    I am sure the child will be born in China. Yao Ming is the same as the China Panda Bear at the zoo in California. He is only ON LOAN from China, like the bear. Whether he likes it or not he is the face of China and owned by the CPP, he would not dare to embarrass them.

    • Tins of not comedy.

      Thanks for your opinion Da Shan.

  • Shanghairocks

    What Yao Ming deserves now is not basketball, but some loneliness …

  • Don

    You guys will not stop to amazed me. What makes Yao Ming different from the other chinese people. I think he is famous because
    i.) His height
    ii.) He plays for american club.

    Apart from these two things above, can someone tell me the much different between those playing for their mother land clubs in China.

    Believe it or not, ten years from now, Yao Ming will become a history. Many people won’t remember him again because new stars will emerge. Even his daughter will soon be forgotten immediately.

    Guys there are a lot stars raising each day. You should forget about Yao Ming and his family affairs. Focus on your own matters.

  • outcast

    “i think you must grow up and stop acting like such babies.

    are you think america is the best place in the wolrd.

    tell me how good when people being an american citizen.”

    When argueing with a primary school student in the US, this is the kind of responce you’ll get. Gather around people, this reply managed to prove my point exactly.

    “The sad thing is, for me as a german this internet-nationalism recalls pre-WW2 germans, unable to bear a wrongly perceived “shame””

    Europe everywhere was like this before world war 2. It took millions and millions of deaths and the destruction of whole cities (or in some cases entire countries) for most of them to learn better. I wonder how many chinese need to die and how much of china needs to be turned into radioactive dust before they learn as well. I would hope zero, but then again they never learn from history and generally can’t change by themselves so it might be more than zero.

    • Sin

      Actually what you just described can be found in 90% of the nations out there, and has been prevalent in humanity before ww2 and after ww2. What you are suggesting is that millions of Chinese would probably need to die in wars or a nuclear holocaust just to make a superficial change. There is probably more national pride instilled in people around the world right now than before ww2. Because people have national pride does not mean it is a problem nor will it be precursor to war. Remember when that cold war turned into that big nuclear fuck war between the USA and USSR? No, because it never happened.

      Remember that giant war that happened when Germany lost the world cup? No

      Will there be some war caused by Canada in the future since the country has exploded with nationalism after vancouver?
      I really fucking doubt it.

      You hope that a future war would not happen involving China.
      I also hope that a future war involving China will never happen, except I actually mean it. I’m not sure you are sincere with that hope when your entire post is just full of unwarranted loathing and spite for an entire nation of people. Maybe if the same standards you have can be applied to the entire world instead of just putting one country on the microscope, people can actually work together and solve whatever problems are there. This also includes Chinese people blaming shit on other countries when it is unwarranted.

      • bobiscool

        +1 to sin. Well thought out comment. So rare these days

  • Keith

    yao’s wife titties looks like A/B cups tall yet so small

    • Daphie

      “just the right size!”

  • Tom12GA

    Although I have dual citizenship (Irish & now American), I hope the day will come when Chinese citizens can have a less restricted version of access to other countries.

    Unfortunately, this seems to have more to do with the prejudice of other countries than it does with their motherland’s poicies.

    My daughter was born in China and I’m hoping that she will manage to have a good life.

  • LOLZ

    The biggest benefit of an American passport is ease of travel. Also, when you are in foreign lands you want the locals to be afraid your government so they would not do anything bad against you.

    Things like standard of living and education are afterthoughts for those with means, who don’t live like normal people anyway no matter where they are. There are schools in China where teachers all came from the top private schools from the US, and they charge about the same tuition as elite US private schools.

    Personally I think the Japanese passport is the best. With it you can go just about everywhere without a visa, including China. It’s actually easier to travel within China if you have a jap passport. Plus, unless you are in australia people won’t judge you like they would if you had a US passport.

  • LOLZ

    I am actually more surprised that Yao Ming hasn’t fathered children everywhere like other NBA stars..

    • Technocrat

      Because not everyone find happiness casual sex as much as you do?

      • LOLZ

        I thought I made my post pretty clear but sadly there are still some people like this guy who has to go out of the way to be an idiot.

        A large number of NBA stars, not me, find happiness in casual sex.

  • JZ JZ

    There are many disadvantages to taking American citizenship:
    – Taxes. If you are a US citizen, you are taxed no matter where you are in the world. Every cent you earn, the IRS and Uncle Sam will be after you for a portion of it
    – Inability to reside for long periods of time in China. As a US citizen despite you are of Chinese origin, if you carry the US passport you will not be allowed to reside in China like a US greecard holder can reside in America. You must renew your resident permit yearly and subject to be kicked out of the country and barred if you got sick from something such as TB, Hepatitis, HIV, etc….and never allowed back into China.

    This is just to name a couple.

    I doubt Yao Ming will let his daughter take US citizenship.

    • Daphie

      Nobody has the right to dictate the parents what are the best for their kids.
      I am not going to list the disadvantages of taking Chinese nationality for your kids, but many people are really not taken care of by our government. In both China and US, it is the rich enjoying the previlige, esp health care and education system. I do think we have to learn from the Europeans in this point, I personally think it is more healthy and better for your kids.

    • LOLZ

      You don’t pay American taxes if you live in elsewhere more than a fixed percentage of time.

      Also, if you make more than something like $80K USD/yr you will pay a lot more taxes in China than the US. US income taxes is not that high compared to many other countries in the world.

  • Alley

    Come on guys, Yao will always be a Chinese hero, It’s just like my wife who’s also from Shanghai. She wants a British passport, because it will benefit the kids that we plan to have, simple ! A Chinese passport isn’t worth having if you wanna travel in Europe and the states that’s it, China should allow dual nationality ! it’s such a stupid idea not to allow it,

  • outcast

    “Actually what you just described can be found in 90% of the nations out there, and has been prevalent in humanity before ww2 and after ww2. What you are suggesting is that millions of Chinese would probably need to die in wars or a nuclear holocaust just to make a superficial change.”

    I’m not suggesting anything, but unfortunately that is what may happen, that is how everyone else learned it. A superficial change? Europeans have been fighting eachother almost constantly since the collapse of the Roman Empire. 100 years ago all they could think about was new ways to butcher eachother, france, germany, and britain were engaged in massive arms races. Who can build the biggest ships, the most drednaughts, the most machine guns. All of them had million plus man militaries. Now? European militaries are small, generally considered to be a joke. Now they have the European Union, which was unthinkable 100 years ago. A superficial change? I don’t think so.

    Why do I think it might happen? Because take a good look at Chinese history, and a pattern emerges. The same mistakes are repeated over and over again, the same systems that perpetuate the same injustices were left in place, even to this day. Right now the military in China is gaining MORE public support, jingoism is rising, not falling. Rising nationalism in China is setting its course towards Europe 100 years ago.

    “Because people have national pride does not mean it is a problem nor will it be precursor to war. Remember when that cold war turned into that big nuclear fuck war between the USA and USSR? No, because it never happened.”

    It almost did happen, plenty of times. The US still holds onto such attitudes, it was one of the few western countries to be virtually untouched by world war 1 and 2. It is the last of the western empires.

    “I also hope that a future war involving China will never happen, except I actually mean it.”

    And you think I don’t? I have many friends here, I why would I wish them harm? I just don’t have faith.

    “I’m not sure you are sincere with that hope when your entire post is just full of unwarranted loathing and spite for an entire nation of people.”

    Based on direct observation. Do you or do you not deny that nationalism and xenophobia is rising? Do you or do you not deny that China has only just recently emerged from a 500 year long Dark Age? Do you or do you not deny that it has a lot of progress to make before it can be considered modern? Respect is to be earned, not given for mere existence. It has made progress, but not enough. It needs to keep going, keep progressing and keep developing. But certainly, we should never accept old thinking, in whatever form it may present itself.

    • Sin

      I see you have honest intentions so it will be much easier to talk about shit. I do disagree with some stuff you said but Ill take it slow and give you my response.

      By superficial change I mean that nationalism is still alive and widespread in Europe and around the world. WW2 didn’t eradicate national pride, but it did shift the world order and introduce wmds. National pride itself is not dangerous. In many cases it is good and encourages confidence for the people and healthy competition. Historically, the top main causes of war have been religion, resources, land(could be grouped in with resources I guess), and just plain xenophobia. You also have the occasional general or monarch starting wars just for the sake of empire building. Quite a bit of those wars were started when people didn’t even care or were proud of their respective nations.

      I’m glad you mentioned Chinese history, I’ve been fucking bathed in it my entire life and I’ve always taken time to vigorously learn more about it. If you look at the wars China has been through in it’s history, a vast majority of it is either civil war for unification/dynastic change or retaliation for foreign attack/raids. There have been wars for conquest and occupation, Vietnam, Tibet, Xinjiang/historical Anxi area, and Korea are the main ones. But those are usually restricted to specific dynasties, as for the majority of the history those nations have just had non-hostile, tributary and trade relations with China. But the wars for retaliation and defense are too much to count. Wars against the Xiongnu, Rouran, Xianbei, Qiang, Gokturk, Qi, Tangut, Khitan, Jurchen(proto-manchu), Mongol, Uigher, Tibetan, Proper manchu, Japanese, British, French…(just to name a few off the top of my head I know I forgot some more)….were wars in retaliation for attacks/raids/invasions against Chinese people and sovereignty. Some of those were repeated attacks by those people that span many generations, especially when talking about the mongols, manchu, and Japanese. So if we take the tally from a historical perspective, China is less likely to attack and more likely to be attacked.

      Continuing on with history, a vast chunk of Chinese wars have been Chinese vs Chinese for unification or dynastic change. We’ve seen this happen as recently as the 20th century with Chiang Kai Shek vs Mao. This I agree has been a sad pattern of history. But there has been change. The leadership of both PRC and Taiwan are generally striving for solidifying peace and the actions taken for the past decade have been moving much more towards cooperation and peace than war. Hongkong and Macau were also returned to China without bloodshed which is already a change from how Chinese cities were historically unified. Bash the Communist party if you want, but for the first time in Chinese history, China is being ruled by consensus in the form of a politburo, rather than an emperor or regent figure (Even during the ROC:Yuan Shikai, Chiang Kai shek also early PRC with Mao, were all basically emperors). It’s not the best and there’s still many shitty things that haven’t been fixed, but directing the country from complete desolatation and poverty to 2nd most powerful country in the world isn’t a cheese play. So really, history should actually give you faith in the Chinese people rather than doubt.

      On direct observation, yeah there is xenophobia among some Chinese. You know what? there is xenophobia in any country. Even Canada and the US. Just a little exercise, you should go on yahoo news to read the comments for any article on China and ALOT of them will be like “STOP BUYING CHINESE/ GO TO WAR WITH CHINA/ GET NATO TO FREE TIBET/ WHY HAVEN’T WE NUKED THE CHINKS YET?!” It’s a taste of the direct western counterparts to fenqing. The articles on anything about Muslims or the middle east are even worse. This does disappoint, but this does not mean war will be inevitable. Cause I know that the majority of people in America, China, or the whole world for that matter, are decent and chill people who just want to get a good job, have a family, have fun, and just live, instead of starting war against other people.

      • MAG

        well done, Sin, you won the argument, but it’s not really fair game as you and outcast have obviously different intellectual level.


    WHo gives a flying poostain about this Basketball is a game for nancy boys anyway, Do we really need more Chinese nationals in the world ? Simple answer :NO

  • manusan

    western nationality, the dream of 90% chinese people.

  • Professor Sillypants

    I believe this is an interesting comment on the cultural differences between Americans and Chinese. Chinese would read this article, then comment on it. Americans read the title, then move on to something that they actually care about. Why? Because Americans don’t give a shit about ethno-nationalism, while the Chinese are obsessed with it.

  • 2manyLosers

    Their kid will be Chinese with such great parents.

    But have your child in China, America is screwed.

  • 2manyLosers

    Sin you are a person of great intelligence.

    A true independent thinker and we should become friends.


  • lily

    what the heck. she might not even like basketball.

  • HongKongese

    this is only Yao’s matter, who have the rights to decide his own babies nationality? As a matter of fact that being a USA citizen is NOT a kind of crime! Why do people have to discuss with this? China didnt granted Yao Ming anything, he gained what he made through~ Stop those naive thinking that Yao got to pay back something to China, he owe nothing to anyone!

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