Chinese Netizens Discuss Yao Ming’s Baby’s Nationality

Yao Ming and wife Ye Li wedding photo.

From Sohu:

Daughter’s nationality arouses American media’s attention. Yao Ming: This is our private matter

Where will Yao Ming and Ye Li’s daughter be born? This question recently became a focal point of attention for domestic [China] basketball fans and media, and with the broad domestic attention, the American media also began to pay attention so much that today, before the [Houston] Rockets’ game, Yao Ming in the Rockets’ locker room once again expressed his hope that everyone can give him and Ye Li some private space.

Yao Ming’s wife, Ye Li, recently flew to America so it is likely that she plans to give birth there.

Comments from Sohu:


China is unfair/unjust everywhere. Who would be willing to stay in China if they had the choice?


If I were Yao Ming, I would change [citizenship/nationality], it is better for the child!


Damn, them having a daughter is none of some of you people’s fart business.


You are a public figure, so this is not a private matter. Who can guarantee that you will always only have a Chinese heart! It is not as if there are not Chinese traitors! This is the time where you are tested!


Yao Ming is Chinese. His wife is Chinese. Their child will be even more Chinese. A child of the dragon!!!


If Yao Ming’s daughter were to take American nationality, that would be such an injury to our countrymen’s hearts! Truly very difficult to bear!!


Because of patriotism, Yao Ming can only have his daughter take American citizenship!!! This way, he can then have a son in China, so his son can take Chinese nationality!!! To contribute to China basketball!!


I support Yao Ming, as long as he still has his motherland in his heart that is enough.


Famous people are still people. Also, what business of your’s is his daughter? Also, what family these days with some means does not send their own children abroad! Also, if others have this means, what can you do about it?


Jackie Chan had Jaycee Chan give up his American nationality.


Taking another country’s nationality is their private business. For which country the child plays ball is the child’s right to choose. Everyone else [criticizing] has nothing better to do.


No matter from what angle we consider, it is all Yao’s private family matter. However when considering the long-term, Yao’s daughter taking Chinese nationality can get more and broader development [opportunities]. China eighteen years later will not be like today’s China, possibly being even more powerful than America. Even if [China] has not yet matched America at that time, Yao’s daughter having Chinese nationality is still more advantageous for Yao’s daughter’s development prospects. Wish the best to Yao Ming, wish the best to Ye Li, wish the best to the Yao family’s new baby.


Actually, it really is whatever. Even if YM’s [Yao Ming’s] child is American, the reasons are over a lot of educational and upbringing issues. It would be simpler just clearly asking which country YM’s child would play for if she plays basketball! After all, isn’t arguing over YM’s nationality issue all about whether or not his child would contribute to the country [China]? Were it a normal child, would you still argue over her nationality? So extending the question would be if his child will be involved in sports, has good genes, what country’s team would she join!

Yao Ming and Ye Li walking in airport.
Very tall people will make very tall children.


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