Chinese Netizens Find Laughs in Animals Too

Three grass mud horses

Our bodies have already merged with the vacation, don’t interfere…

Sleeping dogs

Two foodaholics want to eat fish!

Two cats want to eat fish

The hedgehog I raised for a month was set free today. I gave it several peaches to slowly enjoy on the road…

A pet hedgehog was set free

8 years ago, our squadron’s Qiqi, —standard division [distinguishing between background information and the punchline]— “Silly soldier, grandpa [referring to oneself] doesn’t eat instant noodles, OK?”

Don’t even know if you’re still alive or not…

Dog and instant noodles

“You must take a color photo of me, or else I won’t get off of you!”
“Color photo? You might as well just kill me then!”

Panda on the top of a photographer's head

Now This is the Life: This is a newborn koala, and the life waiting for it is this: Sleeping 20 hours every day, eating for 2 hours, and spacing out for 2 hours.


Master, I’m sorry, I broke the fake one. So I’ll personally take over~

A cat mimicks the maneki neko.

Saw a couple walking their dog on the street…I was immediately floored/stupefied…

A couple walking a doggy

While driving, I glanced at my doggy in the back seat. Damn it!! What kind of look is that in those eyes!!!??


Tall, Handsome, and Rich, Light-skinned, Rich, and Beautiful, and Diaosi.

Three grass mud horses


Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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