Chinese Netizens Occupy Obama’s Google+, Americans Annoyed

Barack Obama on laptop computer.

American President Obama shaking hands with Chinese students in China.

Many Chinese have taken up a call to “Occupy Obama’s Google+” over the weekend in the style of Occupy Wall Street in order to feel “close” to the popular world leader as well as air some of their views.

Chinese have taken up a call to Occupy Obama's Google+ to be "close" to the popular world leader and air their views in Chinese to the annoyance of Americans.

Thousands of comments in Chinese and English have been flooding every topic on Obama’s G+, drowning out all other conversation until reaching the topic’s 500 comment limit before moving to the next. Since Monday, Chinese netizen have been surfacing that Google+ was no longer blocked by the Great Firewall, and numerous Chinese have now taken this opportunity as a chance to express their views frankly on an (albeit less popular) American social network website.

Despite the uncensored platform, In true Chinese netizen style, many are simply having fun showing off the might of China’s online hordes — posting internet memes and being silly to the general annoyance and befuddlement of Americans caught in the middle.

Comments from Obama’s Google+ Wall:

Allen Taylor:


Brian Anderson (American writing in English):

The Chinese word for “sofa” must be really similar to some other chinese word that the translator is not understanding. There’s no way this many people are talking about sofas. lol


Here come the Chinese.


President, respect human rights! You freed Iraq and, freed Libya, shouldn’t you also free us?!!


Must occupy Google+! Capture the White House!


Mr. President, do you like to eat la mian [handmade noodles]? If you like it, come to my hometown, and I’ll treat you to eat until you’re full!

Ali Utlu (Addressing the Chinese comments):

Be polite!

Terry Schmidt:

Dear President Obama, when will you send troops to liberate China?


Mr. President, we long for America’s freedom.

Dylan Bozarth (American writing in English):

I need to learn Chinese.


Are you all not losing face? I cannot feel embarrassed more.

Joepo Ding:

Is this what freedom tastes like?

吴佳斌 (In English):

Obama, you do not contribute to world peace, but earlier get the Nobel peace prize, do not you feel ridiculous?

You to attack terrorists without the permission of a sovereign state without authorization to send troops into the country, and the manslaughter of a few 60 people in this country, and finally, only say “We regret that”. Please tell me what is your human rights?

COATTAIL WA (In English):

We Chinese seldom have the chance to connected with the world’s famous websites including U2B,FACEBOOK, TWITTER,WIKI. g+ opened several days ago and Chinese is so exited and our “occupy” is friendly, We love America and world value!

Robert Bridgewater (American writing in English):

If they can’t speak English, they most likely aren’t even legal and shouldn’t be voting anyways! Who paid for this? It better not have come from any tax payers!

Cale Monson (American responding to above):

Um, I really hope this is supposed to be a joke comment. These are Chinese citizens who are actually in china, not “illegals”. If this is a joke profile, then you’ve done very well. If this is sincere, then you are a moron.

Sean Lee:

Americans suspect we are all illegal immigrants, but according to freedom of speech is it against the law for illegal immigrants to write comments??

tianhao shen:

Do you know why if was so easy for you you guys to grab the sofa? It’s because foreigners often first read the post seriously, earnestly think about what to say, and then write a comment. Unlike Chinese people who come and immediately say “sofa, front row, up close…..”, All day writing these meaningless things. Perhaps this is the so-called “Chinese characteristics.”

Siqi Wu:

Ha ha ha, watching intensely~~~~why we should speak English ?Just some people dont know Chinese?Its tell you learn Chinese is important.plz learn ,ty. lol~~So happy I can type Chinese, oh yeah!~~~


Really sorry, but I’m also here to occupy. Hope Obama doesn’t just focus on China economically, [because] what China needs more is democracy and freedom. Obama please exert your influence.

Brian Anderson [American writing in English]:

I think it’s awesome that China now has access to G+, but seriously, if you’re going to flood an American politician with comments, at least put them in English so those of us who actually live here can read them? I don’t really understand the purpose of responding to an all-English post in nothing but Chinese. Clearly you guys can speak English if you can read the post…

陈光诚 (Responding to above in English):

My reply to the Chinese compatriots are in order to express their aspirations for freedom. We do not have direct access to G+ , because we have a national firewall. I hope you forgive us, thank you!

Paloschi Alberto:

Hello Mr. President, I am Chinese. I hope that when you are dealing with the Chinese government that you won’t only focus on economic interests. The people here also need freedom and democracy. We need a free internet and a safeguarded life that is not too hard. Hope you can do your best to help us, thank you.

武廷建 (In English):

Why there are so many Chinese. Because we can’t communicate with other country people for a long time. We come here and post comments. You see, most comments have nothing.That’s like you hadn’t ate food for a long time. So when you can eat food now. You have no time to think it’s delicious or not but eating. Because you don’t know where is the next food. If you can eat anytime,that won’t a problem.I hope you could understand that, my American friends.


I will speak English!,we want freedom,we need facebook,we hate great fire wall

Cross Lee:

hi americans. i know it made you uncomfortable because so many chinese here. please dont mind. most of them are stupid and ridiculous。they have a damn mind education by ccp. they dont know what is manner. but not all chinese like them. hope your mood will be better. god bless you.and god bless america.:) Fellow Chinese, please demonstrate manners and upbringing, this is not China.

Barack Obama on laptop computer.

From Sina Weibo:

@月光博客: Chinese web-users have initiated a “Occupy Obama’s G+” movement, and currently American President Obama’s Google+ commentary has all changed into Chinese. Since January 31st, President Obama has allowed comments on his Google+ profile page in order to interact with web users.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Chinese people’s “sitting on the sofa” culture [internet meme] will become the [Chinese] internet’s first cultural export!


Haha, I just went to look, left my name.


I heard that Brother Obama will give every commenting compatriot a green card!


Reminds me of Omegle.


In the comments there are a few posts asking Obama to join the Communist Party!


Speechless… Chinese are so humorous, so clever…. How are the laowai reacting to it? [哈哈]


So stupid, it’s all garbage comments, is there nothing funny?


[Obama’s Google+] has changed into a Chinese version…


It’s great that you can use Chinese on G+, unlike Twitter….

American President Barack Obama shakes hands with Chinese students in Shanghai.

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Cool Matt

    Wish Mr. Hu was on Google plus. But he isn’t obligated i guess.

    • Ha! That would be hilarious.

      Maybe the Chinese citizens are going to Obama’s page cause they know they can’t get anything from the ccp….

      Clever girl.jpeg

      • donscarletti

        Picture links don’t seem to work here.

        For all those who don’t get the reference, imagine ShanPao being ambushed by raptors.

        • Oh no, I wasn’t actually posting the link, just writing what I would post if I could.

          Actually, here it is:

          Yes, I’m awesome, it’s true.

          • Alan

            Yes, I’m awesome, it’s true.

            Yeah, you posted a gif link, we should all lick your boots.

          • mr. weiner

            Hard to lick someones boots while you are humping his leg….Unless you are making a headstand?

  • notorious

    I don’t understand what sofa means either. But anyway, I don’t mean to boast, but I met obama when I was in college. We hosted a breakfast for him. He was a professor at the university of chicago (I went to the cheap city college on the other side of town hehe), he was running for office and we invited him to speak to our student group. About 30 of us listened to his speech and this was back in 1999 and he was younger and omg SO HANDSOME. I had no idea this man would become the president. Shook his hand, I smiled and could not stop looking at him. I didn’t even care what he was talking about lol

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      wow, thanks for that!

    • madao

      sofa means: “I’m the first one who put a comment “, u may say “chair” if u are the second,because the most comfortable place “sofa” has been occupied, u can also say “bed” “floor” “basement” .. all of this are just for fun

    • lxpatterson

      I almost met him in Chicago when I was doing grad school at UIC. He was a senator at that time and he was doing some event with Mayor Daley. I was planning on going, but I went to the zoo with some friends instead…He was a pretty charming dude from what I saw on TV.

    • Ray

      Sofa comes from the situation where interesting news had just popped up on TV and people are rushing to watch it, first person will get the best seat (Sofa).

      • Shaoguang

        Great explanation. 很贴切。

    • anon

      ‘sofa’ is the same retarded response/comment you see on any other forum or comment section where some kid writes ‘first!!! omfg, rofl lmao!!!’ etc

  • Michael S.

    Do some of those commenters really think they invented “firsties”? I hope not.

  • It’s actually an amazing show of the deep desire for freedom.

    Think about it, parents tell you not to do this and that and the moment they go off on a trip or something, you immediately do it. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t very interesting or clever, it was fulfilling enough to have the freedom of choice.

    Seriously, look at how many comments are actually clever and polite and explain the situation. I’m not usually moved, but I find this to be deeply impressive.

    Of course the ccp will quickly close off access again…. Can’t let them have too much leash…

    • notorious

      things are going to change. I have faith in that. Reading those comments, it’s like how can anyone want to say no to that? how does it not make ones heart soft?

      And they are right, don’t show only economic interest in China, be genuine.

    • hooots

      I was deeply moved too. Yes, some comments were silly, but most of the comments spoke volumes about Chinese people’s respect and admiration for what we have built in America. I see it all the time through my work. These comments were mostly sweet, polite, informed, and sincere and it makes me happy to see Chinese people able to express themselves in such a forum. So many of them are just asking for help. I hear it all the time.

      • MengnanWei

        U r our allies against autocracy, bother ! (or lady, whoa !)

  • Chris N.

    I think this is great. Its almost like a celebration.

    If you look at it in a funny way you could say that when Chinese people finally obtain the freedom to say whatever they want, they end up saying nothing at all, haha.

    • anon

      I wouldn’t say they end up saying nothing at all. The majority of people everywhere aren’t dominated by politics and strong beliefs. They’re online, doing their thing, living their lives, goofing off, having some fun…and I think that’s adequately represented in the comments on Obama’s page.

      But there are also quite a few comments with more substance, ones that understandably weren’t translated here because of how sensitive they might be. The thing is, the mainland Chinese who are on Weibo and especially Google Plus are usually more tech savvy and liberal leaning, like the mainland Chinese on Twitter. They represent one side of the larger Chinese population, and tend to have more exposure to the West, are more “international”, usually living in the big cities, belonging to the Chinese middle class. Those on the other end tend to regard them as worshiping the West, “running dogs”, self-loathing Chinese “traitors”.

      Chinese netizens don’t fully represent the average Chinese person. Those on Sina Weibo less so. And those on Google Plus even less so. But these Chinese people are out there. The worry is when people try claiming the Chinese people as being for one side or another when the fact is that there’s just a huge diversity.

      That they flooded the Obama’s page with comments is pretty annoying, but most of them weren’t doing so out of malice, just excitement.

  • sven

    I am confused.

    It isn’t accessible in China (I just tried?!) Maybe those sad excuses for human beings that work in the censorship office let it slip through the net for a few hours. But you ain’t getting on it directly from the middle kindgdom… freedom..think again kids.

    • anon

      I can’t get on it now either but it was indeed openly accessible a few days ago.

      Maybe Obama complained about the flood of comments to his Beijing counterpart?

      • Alan

        Yeah, just yesterday I was able to check google +, now zippo, wtf happened?

        But renren still works I bet?!

    • Jaded Samurai

      It’s not too hard to get a proxy up and running…

      • sven

        Obviously…not really the point though is it.

      • sven

        that sounded a bit blunt.
        My point is that it looked for a second like the government might have been showing an inkling of common sense…alas… that clearly now is not the case.

  • FYIADragoon

    Its really funny how their users aren’t even at the level of moot’s site (and what a low level that is), and they’re more like a bunch of retards from 9gag or reddit.

    • 侯火

      This comment made me laugh heartily, thanks

  • lol. The meaning of “sofa” is: I am the first coming to comment, and I am so close to the main post, so that I can watch the show comfortably, just like sitting in a sofa.

  • Dean

    Its just a net meme.
    I dont think the internet block could really disappear.
    its just an accident I think to the government of China
    In fact most of the comments are nonsense,people just looking for fun, someone suggested on Chinese twitter so now u see what happened.
    at least there are no bad language or rude comments.
    most are LOL LMFAO Hello formers etc.
    If yll feel uncomfortable,Im sorry about it.

  • staylost

    That’s awesome! Go crazy Chinese people!! I strongly support my brothers and sisters!

    • staylost

      I also like the girl in the white shirt on the last picture perving Obama. Be bold!

  • dadanada

    Watch for the far right press to pick up on this and blame Obama for being a communist sympathizer.

  • David Wei

    Google should invite Chairman She(xi) to join G+, so we can see who have more fans of the two Giants!!!

  • Rod

    Shit. I didn’t realize the internet could be overpopulated as well. Looks like The US is going to need a firewall to limit the number of Chinese users in American cyberspace as well.

  • Nice. Obama is almost as popular among Chinese netizens as Sora Aoi.

  • Rod

    But I think that ‘somebody know what they’re talking about?’ hardly seems ‘annoyed’. Maybe looking for a fight, or suspicious, but not annoyed.

  • Jay K.

    I’m really wondering if our comments on this site are translated back and post in chinee format in some bbs or chinese only website. i think it would be cool

    • Andy

      hahah,I’m watcing here in China.It’s interesting!The glitch enlightened many Chinese to westerners and vice versa.We put some nowadays meme on the comment just to confuse you or Obama’s interpreter (just like “sofa”…) But no offence at all.

  • Pathoth

    the comments were done on obama’s page since because of the amount of exposure. one side effect is that if the CCP does censor there will be a bigger stink about it.

    • Young Man

      They have and there isn’t

  • Vonskippy

    Enjoy your teeny tiny taste of freedom Chinese Netizens, before your cold cruel leaders beat you back into your cage.

  • WHAT?! Americans HATE obama! Only lazy stupid people vote for and support him. I am american and ashamed. China has more freedom and a better life. Aoi Sola is super hot; obama super NOT.

    • Boris

      Are you referring to a Japanese porn star and the President of the United States in the same sentence? Outstanding!

      • GodsHammer

        Hence giving you a vivid little glimpse at the Anti-Obama ‘right-wing’ voter base.

    • DRaY

      shut up White trash…. mad cuz the Niggers, Spics, Chinks and Jews, are living better than you . Go fuck your sister, drink some Jack Daniels and blow you brains out, faggot!!!!!

    • kjsinshanghai

      You’re an idiot. Nice meeting you.

  • Dat Ankle

    “Is this what freedom tastes like?”
    I LOL’d

    • SonnyHack

      it’s a joke, those online jokes always make me admire the imagination and humor of my compatriots hahaha….囧rz

  • PLEASE jam obamas google+. Jam obama! Why would normal americans care? make fun! enjoy the social tool. Just do the world a favor and tell this fucktard that we know every word from him and his fat wife is a lie! Only europeans like him because he will kill this country so it looks like the failed socialist experiment that europe can’t support. If you like exporting to americans, he has to go!

  • silverfox605

    So sorry for anyone, anywhere who thinks that the President of the United States cares about anyone other than hinself. He is a great lier who makes people believe that he cares about anything other his agendas. He is a coward and a thief. He makes no time for his own troops who are wounded nor for his citizens so why do you believe he would make time for other countries unless it furthered his agenda?

    • notorious

      the right wing republican zealots are here! Sound the bells!~ @robert and @silverfox

      the crazies are coming! hide your children!

      • Blame It on Texas

        God look at you, its saddening. Seeing you mock others for their beliefs when you just boasted earlier about, what was it- meeting him or some nonsense? MEETING SOMEONE WHO HAD 2 YEARS OF SENATE EXPERIENCE and has never run anything in his life?!

        Never signed anyone’s paycheck, never had to deal with the factors and variables involved with hiring and firing and managing capital? He makes speeches and makes small talk on a consistent basis- and then insist he must bypass the system we have because THOSE WANTING SMALLER GOVERNMENT, LESS SPENDING, LOWER TAXES- are evil- they want to hurt the country, they don’t know any better- The guy who hasn’t run a Candy Store knows better! We are somehow taking away from the 49% who pay no income tax so we must raise taxes!

        Do you see how superficial you are! “Hes so handsome”- Quit bothering with politics and go back to watching the Kardashians- You are destroying this country.

        I’m sure we are all intrigued as to your position on the keystone pipeline? What was it? Were the Republicans playing politics again? Begging him to open the pipeline? Creating tens of thousands of jobs? China picking it up? Spin it please. I bet the economy is getting better too right?

    • Dan

      Learn more in grammar before you leave a bad comment for the US. President. Be respect a leader, because we, Americans vote for him and let him challenge for the zealot, right wing & moron like U…

      • donscarletti

        Is this a joke? The teabagger above uses pretty good grammar. I count only three mistakes.

        – Needs “than” before “own agendas”
        – Needs a comma after “wounded”
        – Needs a comma after “citizens”

        Also spelling errors, “hinself”, “lier”.

        I would give it a C-, which is a passing grade here at Chinasmack.
        The parent on the other hand, where do I begin?

        • notorious

          teabaggers HATE obama so he can’t be a teabagger even if he writes like one ;)

        • mr. wiener

          @Don and Not.
          Are you sure they are called “teabaggers”? Because in rugby terms to “teabag” some one involves waiting for a teammate to pass out from too much heavy drinking , then place your testicles in their eye sockets [like 2 teabags] whilst posing for the camera. It is not considered gay, and usually happens while on a rugby tour [what happens on tour , stays on tour]. But now that you mention it , it does seem strangely appropriate. -.-

        • donscarletti

          @notorious: The OP is the teabagger, not the parent. My point is that I don’t quite understand how the parent can criticize the OP’s grammar.

          @mr. wiener: technically they call themselves “Tea Party”, named after the first example of American grass-root rejection of good governance. “Teabagging” is the word for a number of sexual acts involving a man’s testicles, the idea being that this is what happens at rallies, proverbially or literally.

          • mr. wiener

            There is logic to this, America is past out after a decade long bad credit and morgage binge and they are atempting to obscure the truth by blinding people with their bollocks….. :)

  • mr. wiener

    you tell ’em Newt….um Rush…..Billy-Bob?

  • dim mak

    >durr hurr freedums

    I bet none of the liberal faggots sucking Obama’s dick realizes what it’s like to live a in a “democracy” where half the the population treats the other half like enemies because they belong to different political parties. And people think there are hanjian in China now, just wait till there’s a left vs right multiparty democracy. Idiots.

    • staylost

      I’ve lived in both countries and you have no idea what you are talking about. Nobody in the United States is afraid of any party, while everyone in China is afraid of the Party.

      Maybe you got your information from reading internet article user comments?

      • Hongjian

        It is actually vice versa in China, where the party fears the people, since, if they fuck up, there will be no simple and peaceful reelection, but a violent overthrowal that will kill every single of them.

        In the US, it is exactly the opposite. Democracy means that you can fuck up as many times you want and just pretend it never happened four years later.

        And yeah, chinese netizens are pretty much what we call ‘Frogs sitting at the bottom of the well and claiming to understand the sky’.
        They are ignorant bullshitter who have never left CHina, lived in the west, learned and understood their ways and have a real sophisticated and deep understanding of the west and of CHina. Their view on the west is pretty much only constructed from hollywood movies and dumb american propaganda, who managed to spin disastrous shit like the Iraq Invasion into soe kind of crusade for democracy.

        It pains me to see that Chinese people are really that stupid.
        Seeing that, they deserve no freedom and democracy, as long as they are still this ignorant and easily manipulated.

        • staylost

          Overall I agree with you on this. I’m no “democracy is awesome” type, but sometimes a change in leadership can be good because people aren’t any smarter in the pan-Atlantic. Changing the leading party means that the people can forget the wrongs of the past and continue to buy in to the nation as a whole. I’ll still totally agree that Obama vs. Romney is a false choice, and that is part of what makes it ridiculous. But you’ve got to play the subconscious.

          Actually, in my experience, Chinese who have visited overseas countries for the first time like the USA, while they LOVE Japan.

        • notorious


          they are not stupid and easily manipulated. You said yourself that they haven’t been to the west. If that’s the case, we are all stupid and easily manipulated for lacking knowledge of places we have never visited.

          • A GUY

            hongjian is a white guy.

            I am sure of it.

        • Joe

          Nominated for best comment on Chinasmack.

        • Alex Chang

          I am a Chinese guy, guess what, I agree with Hongjian.

      • notorious

        I agree @ staylost.

        Liberals: Freedom for gay people, help the poor, tax the rich, free healthcare for those who cannot afford it, women’s right to choose, bigger government, regulate corporations, tax the wealthy, equal rights for all, amnesty for illegals, spineless (kow towing to an evil party like the conservative republic and constantly trying to meet them half way), overly civil minded, overly dependent on maintaining their government job, but more of a public servant to the people.

        Republicans: fuck the poor, tax the middle class and free the top 1% from paying taxing since the money will trickle down to money for the poor and create jobs (yeah right!), privatize the government deregulate corporate america, more tax breaks for corporate america (because the wealth will trickle down), invade and conquer oil bearing middle eastern countries, war, anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-minority, xenophobic predominantly christian party.

        Obama = caught in the middle.

        Second term = handing them their asses, he has nothing to lose.

        • Blame It on Texas

          How do you take your propaganda? Is it in verbal audio form? Perhaps you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast when watching MSNBC?

          Lets start with gay rights. Gays want the government to be out of their bedroom and let them do as they please. Technically gays are libertarians- since they should be pushing for limited government not being in their lives. Technically gays should vote republican- but have been suckered into the democrat party with all the other losers.

          We now have the highest corporate tax rates in the world (or at least 2nd to Japan). In some states- 50 cents out of every dollar goes to the government for many hard working people. Taxing them more- means they say fuck it- they leave, and you now don’t have someone with capital employing others. Are you seriously blind to the massive migration happening in this country right now? Everyone is moving to the red states- EVERYONE. They are leaving the high tax high spend blue states, and moving to the low tax low spend red states. If you want the facts I’ll be happy to back them up-

          Steve Jobs told Obama that he would be a 1 term president- and insisted he CUT CORPORATION REGULATIONS to entice and (democrat word) “Stimulate” more manufacturing in the United States. But no- republicans just wanna fuck the poor, you stooge. Steve Jobs said Teachers Unions are destroying American education. Teachers pay raises go up- kids test scores remain stagnant.

          Is your Oil cheaper after the Iraq war? Who knocked down the keystone oil pipeline? Who was playing politics on that one?

          Government job serving the people, people- DO NOT PRODUCE anything, they are paper pushers at best, they produce no new capital- only extract capital from the pile without contributing to its growth.

          Either way, Texas will continue to be the #1 exporting state in the nation (11 years and going)- Texas will continue to have the most Fortune 500 companies in the US- and Texas will continue to showcase why Detroit HAS FAILED, and why HOUSTON/DALLAS have boomed. Texas stands on principles that work.

          Please relinquish your bias and reevaluate your positions.

          • notorious

            lmao! More Republican spin machine at work without facts and not even half truths. Let’s get to the bottom, shall we?

            You said, gays should support republicans because they are libertarian.

            Republicans and libertarians are two completely different things since Republicans want to control the way Americans live, and this would include prohibiting marriage and civil union between gay people. Republicans want to force their religion and ideological views down American throats, to the point that they believe sex should only be for procreation. This is what they have evolved to. They are anything but libertarian. The only time the republicans want to limit government is when it comes to fiscal decisions. They love big government, including big military. The only true libertarian politician in the government is Ron Paul, whom I actually like. He has made the republicans look like fools in every debate, using logic. Republicans are not libertarians, when they want to regulate the bedrooms and religions of American citizens. So why would the gays vote for you when nearly every republican politician has told them they are going to hell?

            Your second point. Corporations have the highest taxes in the world, and you attempt to prove this by pointing out that citizens are being taxed. You may not be aware, but corporate taxes and income taxes are two different things. And corporations should pay more taxes than people.

            You quote Steve Jobs as if he some great American. 1. This is the same guy who was a multi-millionaire / billionaire but refused to pay more than $350 a month to his own daughter and was a dead beat dad. This shows his lack of moral character. This is the same guy who doesn’t build Apple product sin America, where he lives and enjoys freedom. Apple products are built piece by piece in China in a sweltering factory that holds some
            435, 000 people who are working so much overtime without pay that people have died working 30 hours straight when a new Apple product is being released. They are also forced to produce every piece by hand. This is your humanitarian? This is your great American example, Bill gates has donated BILLIONS of his own forture to the poor. What has steve jobs done? The same guy who builds his product in another country to avoid paying taxes and helping America’s economy? The deadbeat dad who refused to speak to his own daughter after dumping his pregnant girlfriend?

            Teacher unions are destroying America? You mean the same people who educate our children? Funny how we pay basketball players and singers MILLIONS of dollars a year but feel our teachers shouldn’t have the right to negotiate their own pay. These people face all kinds of dangers in their profession and deserve more pay. I am pro teacher union. I find it strange how teachers became the enemy this year. It’s crazy insane.

            And texas is the top exporter? You cheerfully neglected to mention why. TEXAS, like Alaska is one of our two OIL EXPORTING states so of course it has money. That’s a no brainer.

            Detroit failed because American cars are crap and because we pay CEO millions of dollars to drive companies into the ground. That’s Republican ideological failure.

            I predict Obama may not even run for a second term, unless he is pushed. It has been said that he is not married to the idea of being president again.

            Corporations should be regulated. Otherwise, we’d suffer more pollution and exploitation of our environment, salary and wage abuses, bad food or unhealthy products and more. A desire to avoid regulation, shows an imperative to do something foul to the people.

        • staylost

          Thankfully, I give no allegiance to any party and can see them both for what they are. Both the Demos and the Repubs are largely useless platforms at this point in history.

          Still, I have my own pet politics: I hate big government (doesn’t mean I’m a pure consitutionalist or I don’t support some government programs, for example total healthcare coverage for under 18yrs) in that I don’t think its goals should be so broad. I mean, besides protecting the country and enforcing basic law, the greatest thing the government does is build roads.

          To the apparent topic, Obama is no more a jerk than any one else in politics. The funny thing about him is how extremely conservative he is as president. But that is what presidents of the USA have to be. They are de facto military leaders which helps convert them into hawks. They also have to satisfy the population they represent, which is, unfortunately, fiscally Grecian regardless of party.

          • Blame It on Texas

            I have a tiny Lizard brain which means im incapable of figuring how to reply to the Democrats reply via Chinasmack board system. This reply is addressed/meant for notorious.

            First and foremost- If you think Bill Maher is intelligent…..
            I mean I use to think he was funny and smart too….. Then I turned 17. When someone asked him if he thought the hatred against Obama is mainly RACIST….. and he ACKNOWLEDGES this as truth….. Obama could not have even won without a majority of white votes- showcasing Liberals like Maher operate on Emotion and not logic.

            We know your from Chicago, its obvious as hell- and its depressing. Chicago if anything- has showcased to this nation why exactly it is referred to as “The Windy City” AKA politicians filled with hot air —Illinois one of the few states where you cannot protect yourself with a firearm (see extremely high crime statistics for Chicagoland)- It has THE HIGHEST if not 2nd highest Tax Rate in the nation- Forcing Companies like Catapillar and a multitude of reputable American companies to reconsider if Illinois is right for them at all. Need I remind you most are moving to Texas (even then, companies like Transocean left Texas for Switzerland- which beats American corporate tax-rate of 35% with their 14%).

            Quit with this IGNORANT, NAIVE line of ideological thinking which implies we can just regulate and tax corporations (THEY CAN LEAVE) and bend them to our will no matter what.

            To clarify- I voted for John Kerry in 2006 (IN TEXAS) and Jon Mccain in 2008.

            Republicans want to control the way people live? SO WHY ARE DEMOCRATS FORCING consumers to purchase only ONE particular lightbulb? (This is Exhibit A: Example 1) Why is TEXAS the only state with legislation to disregard the democrat, federal regulation- telling me, an individual WHAT LIGHTBULB I can purchase? What about the Child in Carolina who was told by a GOVERNMENT WORKER “Your food is no good, you are now forced to purchase Chicken Nuggets”—- If you want me to POUR even more examples of this crap- more than happy to. DO NOT imply- Conservatives want to control lives when it is blatantly obvious Democrats have that taken care of legislatively.

            But whats sad is you DISREGARD that recent legislation- and then proclaim “Conservatives are evil because they dont want gays to get married they want to control you!” Well gosh…. I mean… can you point to a civilization that exists, a society that exists today- where Gay marriage was accepted and cherished? China is over 6,000 years old, they still maintain many customs from 6,000 years ago……. why not gay marriage? What about the Romans, or the Greeks? They STILL have customs practiced today from eons ago…. and why is there no gay marriage?

            Maybe because its not that everyone thinks “Omg gays are horrible, go to hell” but in fact its because a society becomes stagnant and misallocated with that being an accepted standard? Most conservatives are less upset with gays getting married- and more concerned about the repercussions of a young male being raised by 2 gay males and the effects of this. Tell me he will turn out 100% normal, that’s your heart speaking- not your brain. Western civilization is based on CERTAIN CONCEPTS that have helped us advance humanity forward, that have brought us to the highest standard of living humanity has ever known…. and you want to toss these “Ancient, antiquated beliefs” into the ash-bin of history. You fool.

            Are you implying that the culture/society we live in- where sex IS NOT only for procreation is some sort of Utopia? Like our society HAS NOT degenerated into a cess-pool of worthless people only looking to satisfy their pleasures? As if we dont have currently the highest birth out of wedlock rate in history? BECAUSE IT HAS. No, im not religious, or a parent. I work in an industry/career where I interact with kids 24/7. Don’t for a second tell me we aren’t on a slippery slope to ruin. It has everything to do with our culture being so disgusting and “Progressive”.

            You are (blindly) witnessing the Republican party in a breakdown stage I believe- Where (hopefully) Libertarianism is going to break through, like it should have with Barry Goldwater back in 1967. But then, like today- A democrat played the racist card against a republican making him lose. History repeats itself. I will vote Ron Paul for monetary reasons purely, I believe it trumps everything. Ron Paul only hurts himself in debates-Just mention Iran and no… he makes no one look stupid- just himself.

            LOL- wait wait, IM- ME- Im the Steve Job Apple Hater not you, dont take my one thing away. But I dont for a SECOND deny his CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE HUMAN RACE and the advancement of its technology despite his odd quirks. Oh you mean he was adopted and left for ruin by his father- you think somehow his “Morale Compass” is not going to be tarnished by that life event?- carrying over into his own life circumstances? Dumped his pregnant girlfriend, and then what? Left her to rot? You are accusing who of HALF-TRUTHS again?

            You realize Steve Jobs was a social democrat? One with some BUSINESS SENSE. Your logic is flawed- dont take that as me insulting your intelligence, its your ideology getting in the way. You are again thinking with your caring heart, not your brain.

            Ok so Steve Jobs stops manufacturing in China- He produces in America then what? Well- His products will be more expensive first off (due to Regulations and taxes and higher wages with same education)- and 2nd how the hell is he suppose to compete Globally or Domestically when his competitors ARE producing in China (OR INDIA, OR PAKISTAN, OR THE PHILIPPINES) at a cheaper cost- and selling their products for cheaper right next to his? That means less $ for him to conduct R&D on new products- pushing the envelope of technology as he has, less purchases of APPLE brand overall. Meaning a NON-AMERICAN company dominating the technology market. You cant have it both ways.
            So because bill gates created a fund for donations (even though Microsoft is heavily in China) he is- in your eyes- excused? RIDICULOUS!

            Your problem isn’t with these companies- its with free trade. Free trade isn’t fair trade- But please consider what 400,000 Chinese workers were doing before having a “Shitty Job”? Absolutely nothing. Its cute to use the emotional term “Slave Labor” when in fact these are all volunteers who may voluntarily leave their shitty job of making crap by hand. You can take the same logic to the wal-mart factories and target factories and home depot factories and lowes factories and dollar store factories. ARE THEY ALL EVIL? No! They are only trying to compete- if they dont move to China, their competitors will and they will LOSE.

            Funny thing- my mother is retiring from Teaching THIS YEAR! 30+ years! Teacher unions payrates have gone UP over the past 30 years while student test scores have remained THE SAME OR WORSE. 1+1=2

            But hey guess what? I TOTALLY agree with you! But UNIONS aren’t going to fix the fact that sports stars are payed too damn much! IT. IS. OUR. CULTURE. Germany and Japan have no problem with education, they are cultures thousands of years old that have ingrained in them a certain respect for educations importance. We live in a society where importance and emphasis is put on sports and reality television shows, anything superficial- kind of like having sex not for procreation ;) Our culture is degenerate and it has effected every facet of our society. From kids wearing sagging pants and having slanted/tilted hats- to adults obsessing over having “Rims” on their car and a nice big house to keep up with the “Jones”- I can happily elaborate on this subject, I interact with it daily.

            Very perplexing…. Texas and Alaska are only top exporters because of oil…. but- Why isn’t Alaska on the top #10 list? I wont waste your time with a link (unless you want it) so here you go-

            “Texas’ export shipments of merchandise in 2011 totaled $249.9 billion.
            The state’s largest merchandise export category is petroleum and coal products, which accounted for $51.3 billion of Texas’ total merchandise exports in 2011. Other top merchandise exports are chemicals ($46.6 billion), computers and electronic products ($42.0 billion), machinery ($27.6 billion), and transportation equipment ($21.6 billion).”

            Wow look at all that oil! /STEREOTYPE

            The further and further I go, the more exhausted I become. Its obvious towards the end of your rebuttal that you also became tired— Blaming Detroit failure on shitty cars is …. retarded. Watch this link- ignore the stupid guy, tune into the STATISTICAL FACTS- I’m doing you a favor, no matter how much of a shithead asshole you think I am.

            Facts: Detroit hasn’t had a Republican Mayor in 40 years. Detroit saw a steady decline in its population and Racial makeup after the 1967 Race riots. 2010 census reported that the city had 82.7% Black (82.1% non- hispanic black), 10.6% White. Detroit was the 5th largest city in the USA in the 1950s with a peak population of 1.6 million- it is now 700,000.

            You can only blame the evil corporations that GIVE YOU JOBS for so long- Political Correctness eventually must die.

            You have been misguided by someone, I guess a college professor- someone who obviously hasn’t worked outside of a government job- to somehow proclaim the only reason I want to avoid COSTLY, TIME CONSUMING, REDUNDANT AND POINTLESS REGULATIONS- is because I have something to hide, pathetic reasoning skills and very insulting.

            Though I do think people like you are naively destroying this once great country- Do not take it personally, despite my personal sounding comments.

            “If your not a liberal when you are young- you have no heart. If you are still a liberal by the time you hit 40- you have no brain”.

        • kjsinshanghai


          I couldn’t agree more with your fine assessment. Brains are hot.

          • notorious

            indeedly ;) Thanks! and yes, Bill Maher is hilarious and smart. I laughed my butt off watching that video.

          • Blame It on Texas

            Oh look internet guy compliments girl. Surprise.

            Grow a spine and use the few remaining neurons firing away in your brain to critically think.

          • mr. weiner

            Manners maketh the man.

        • elenore

          Your an asshole,I can’t believe you just decided to be the stereotypical prototype of a urban black,poor,woman.And to bring your lame politics on this website.Chinese can’t vote in American elections stupid.

      • dim mak

        I’m not talking about who’s afraid of what, I’m talking about the factional divide you see in every democracy

        The way Americans talk to people in the other party is nothing short of treasonous by Chinese standards, at least now no one hates each other that much in China

        Are you aware how easy it is to take advantage of a democracy? All you need to do is back 1 side that favors your geopolitical leanings, and even the people in said country would welcome foreign support just so they have more political backing. Americans should know this best of all, seeing as how they do it to shithole countries all over the world. Now imagine if China backed your Dems or Repubs against the other to suit Chinese interests. They’d lap it right up.

        So even if the CCP is authoritarian and makes mistakes, it’s still leagues more unified, pragmatic and effective than any democratic government. This should not be changed no matter how “developed” China becomes.

        • A GUY

          @ DIM MAK

          That fictional divide has been time tested. Political parties have risen and fallen and America has remained relatively united. If the PRC tried to back the Republicans or Dems like you said, the respective parties would tell them to shut up and disavow any ties to a foreign power. It’s happened like that even when the ties are imagined (these things were said of Clinton & the PRC).

          I agree that the recent political climate seems more divisive, but that is due to 24 hr news networks, and possibly a racist backlash. These things rise and fall cyclically.

          The Chinese legalistic leadership style has brought nothing but repression and the fattening of the ruling party. Their eventual overthrow and the subsequent chaos have ravaged the Chinese culture, psyche, and people time and time again.
          They may be “pragmatic” but that’s just another word for don’t have to give a shit about their people. Or so they think.

          To your statement “no one hates each other that much in China.” I will let Chinese Netizens answer that one. Go through a few of the post’s above and on other articles and you’ll see quickly just how much the Chinese people “don’t” hate each other. It’s human nature to quarrel and be prone to hyperbole, but when you stifle it it only gets uglier.

          I just hope that the PRC can listen to it’s people soon enough to avoid repeating history.

          America rocks!!! Obama 2012.

        • staylost

          You’ve clearly never been into China or never been out of it. There is way more political hate in China, it is just suppressed.

          I deal with Chinese people in China who frequently tell me how much deep rage they feel towards the Party. In fact, I’ve never seen so much political hate in my life. They want to run away to another country. I feel sad. I tell them that every country has its problems, but the ones that do well are places where the citizens are able to love their country in the way they live their life, even if they hate their leaders. China changes with every person who won’t accept less from themselves. You can’t change the people around you, but you can change yourself. They respond that it is hopeless and they will never love their country as long as the Party is in control because of all of the suppression that the Party has done.

          And once again, Americans from each party are quite cordial to one another, except for on internet comment sections. You have not the slightest clue what you are talking about.

          Lastly, you also have no idea what you are talking about with buying democracies. The truth that Americans know well is that it is much cheaper to buy one Party, than it is to buy two parties. You can take that to the bank.

          • dim mak

            Absurb. Hating the party isn’t the same as hating half the country based on ideological differences, that itself is divisive. At worst, it is hating the party, TOGETHER. I could bash America all day in conversation with another American and he’s just nod and agree as long as it aligns with his political views. China enjoys one of the highest government approval rates in the world, btw.

            An authoritarian, legalist government is the strongest foundation that has been proven time and again since its inception in the Qin dynasty – and will continue to be. How long has democracy been around? It’s already falling apart.

          • staylost

            I feel a bit bad for you.

            American’s don’t hate other people for being in another party. Also, American’s don’t fear reprisals from the government for being honest and open about their country. So nothing you’ve said makes any sense.

            Please check your facts before spouting out your feelings. Feelings and propaganda don’t equal reality:
            Democracy was first documented circa 508 BC.
            The Qin dynasty, an extremely short lived and nearly universally hated government, existed circa 200 BC.

          • A GUY

            Depends on what you call effective I guess. If you mean longlived stifling of growth with an eventual rebellion and massive suffering, that statement is true.

            Democracy is failing????
            Capitalism maybe is having a rough time, just need to find a happy medium between regulation and free market, and ways to control the wadge gap. (problems in China too). I would like to hear what you have to say in 20 years or so when China has had to deal with the effects of the middle income gap and subsequent slow down.

            The only places where Democracy is failing is in places where strong men leaders try to claim they have it when they don’t. (PRC’s “Democratic Dictatorship”)

            I am a liberal, I have family and friends who are very conservative. We get along fine. We argue sometimes, but in the end we decide it at the polls.

            America rocks. Democracy is the best system around. Obama 2012. Get bent.

          • dim mak

            Really? Just look at notorious down there to see how childishly one sided American political thought is. I mean I don’t even care about American politics, and she goes on some long monologues about Republicans. Most of these issues aren’t even considered political in China. If that’s what she thinks of Republicans, what does she think of the people who support that party, i.e. half your population? In her deepest of minds would she embrace those people the way she does Democrats, or just spout moral platitudes when confronted with the question? You tell me.

            Nobody said China is open or tolerant of dissent, that’s not even relevant. Frankly I’d prefer the CCP crushing dissent than letting the country divide itself into factions, like India does. Unity through nationalism is strength. This is the standard that upon which of every strong dynasty was founded. No amount of outside idealism will change that.

            It is you who need to check up on history: Democracy existed as a blip in Athens and faded to nothing until over 2,000 years after. Whereas legalism has been present in every Chinese dynasty since the Qin (and still is), no matter how “morally Confucianist” its leaders tried to portray themselves. Our system works, yours is unproven.

          • notorious

            dim mak, you are way too sensitive about the way americans bicker over their political differences. i may not like the views of republicans, or some of their political beliefs, but we DO get along. i’m not completely democrat as there are policies i disagree with when it comes to republicans (fiscal) and ones i agree with (views on being tough on crime). So some of the things I like, some things about them i don’t like.

            trust me, it can get contentious but it’s not the same as a country where someone could actually come to blows, get hurt, or detonate something. we fight with words. that’s it.

          • dim mak

            Fine, as you say. But what Americans call friendly disagreement I say is too divisive for any self-respecting nation. Just look at all the mainlanders who think HK is too liberal and treacherous. As far as I can tell the political difference between HK and mainland is miniscule compared to say, red vs blue states in the US.

          • DRaY

            @DIM MAK
            You are an idiot, if you think so highly of China why dont you get a chinese passport and live in China? You are a true fucking loser, you live in a Democratic Country, with a 2 party system, go FUCK YOURSELF.!!!! CHina has a long history of stagnation, China has created almost nothing in 4000years of history. Cheap wages and the acceptance of corruption innate to the Chinese culture is the only thing China has to offer. If I am mistaken then move to China, give you your Canadian passport and prove to me China a the beaming light of the world you make it out to be.

          • staylost

            @ dim mak

            That is so sad. This is basically what you are saying: You would prefer to be tortured and potentially killed for what you think all so that Hu Jintao can have a bigger desk, and this, only in the unlikely case authoritarianism is fundamentally more fit than pluralism.

            And on the history, you are confusing pure democracy (like the first one in Athens) with representative democracies/republics (included in what everyone means when they say democracy in the modern sense) which have brought the world to its most glorious and harmonious periods throughout the entire world’s history (and represent most nations [and certainly those with the most well off citizens] the current world). They have been no blip.

            Also, even though Athens was a “blip” of a few centuries, it was still ten times longer than the deplorable Qin dynasty…

            dim mak, I don’t recommend supporting eating dirt so that one guy at the top can evacuate himself on your back, but I will support your right to decide how you want to live your life!

          • notorious

            @dim mak, the point is that it is important to be heard. i can go out and throw a pie at a politician and walk away with a disorderly conduct charge which will mean i pay $100 and walk away, only to him in the head with a pie again… if i so chose, just to show my displeasure. or i can march around the capitol and tell them they suck. why? because it will make them listen, and have them meet me (us) half – way. it lets them know that perhaps, their political view is wrong and that citizens will not accept it. and just maybe, that politician will rethink his views, decide if it will hurt his popularity and perhaps, having another term and then we will get our way.

            it happens that way in america. a politician cannot just say what he wants to do, and do it. he needs the support of the people. if he does not have it, or causes anger he will sit down and rethink his policies. this is the way a democratic system works.

            people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of the people.

        • notorious

          america has never had a foreign power try to back a democrat or republic. democrats and republicans are in the middle of a class war. rich against poor.

          the republicans bully the poor and blame them for america’s failures instead of placing blame on the rich where it belongs. it was the billionaires and the banking system that caused our economy to collapsed by cheating lower income people with subprime loans. republicans who even deregulated the banking system. in 1939 when america went through the “Depression”, laws were put in place prohibiting banks from “gambling” with customers money by investing it in stock. they were also not allowed to invest in insurance. this was called the glass-steagal act. in 1999, two republicans pushed a bill through congress deregulating the banks again, thus putting us in the situation we’re in today. the banks took our money, gambled on wall street, and when the subprime loans and bernie madoff’s ponzi schemes came to light, the whole system collapsed.

          poor people have always gotten a pass, because they use so little of our taxes. we spend .008 of our tax dollars to the poor and 8. on corporate welfare. there is an ideological war, and simply put, republicans are evil warmongers who must be stopped at all costs. the country has become increasingly intolerant and fascist.

          • whatever Dim Mak. The Han Dynasty thrived because they went against the authoritarian (legalist) nature of the Qin dynasty. In a way the gentry class can be viewed as representing the people because they come from society. They are a foudational part of society. The gentry class formulated and sought ways to curb the absolute power of the emperor. But China never had any check and balances. It was a feudal system–the emperor acts as the biggest land owner with absolute power.

          • Really? Disorderly conduct?


            No Americans are not afraid of the government. But some are bat shit crazy and paranoid about the government, and just crazy enough to do something about it.

          • notorious

            cap, yes, she was “charged” with battery but granted that our constitution give us the right to protest, and she was properly engaged in the discourse of protesting, this charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor and she will pay a small fine – if anything at all.

            the way the legal system works in america is that the police decide the reason a person is arrested, the district attorney decides whether to pursue the charge. a defense attorney is selected. mediation occurs where the defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney try to work something out. the prosecutor will pursue a really high charge in order to bring it down to a reasonable level.

            if the person is deemed not a danger to society or someone who is not a repeat offender, the charge is usually thrown out or a fine is assigned.

            it is no big deal. the biggest issue is intent.

        • moop

          i think north korea’s approval rating is pretty high too dipshit

        • Alan

          This should not be changed no matter how “developed” China becomes.

          But there is evidence that cronyism is not as effective as western democracy and transparency. Hard evidence, in fact.

          When it is all about connections, and not what you know, but who you know, mediocrity and why should I give a shit, becomes the norm,or worse, apathy.

        • A GUY

          @ DIM MAK

          I know i’m helping your point, that I totally disagree with but I saw this and thought you might get a kick out of it. Notorious’s rant is nothing compared with this.

          this shit cracked me up.

    • kjsinshanghai

      You’re an idiot, too.

  • 我忍不住用中文回复了,I’m sorry…到现在还没开通G+…没有去现场观看可惜了

  • Nice to see that “Sofa” has cracked the Meme Barrier… and gone on to confuse yet another set of unsuspecting folks on the Internet.

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  • 表示我也来占个位置

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  • Peye

    At present frreedom means. Free to take from others as one desires. Is this not what many are looking for ? All the best to you all.

    • Somethin Somethin

      The freedom to take? As in the freedom to steal? Indulge? Shit mate that’s the only freedom Shanghai’s got.

  • robert

    I’ve lived and worked in China. first hand info. and if you think Obama=democracy you’re just ignorant.


      Many Chinese are innocent because they do not have exposure to foreign ideas and culture AND wow they do lap up a hack load of misinformation circulated by the West!

      This is thanks to the lack of vigilance on the part of those in power who also sucuumb to western influence. Soon China will just be a walkover as the USA does not need to invade! As it is foreign companies are dividing up China into spheres of influence. So West is winning.


      • notorious

        sorry, it[s the other way around. china makes every thing we have. i cannot find but a few things in my home and work and everywhere i go that does not have “made in china” written on it. if china wanted, they could poison every single american all at once.

        the government really does not meddle with china at all.

        • moop

          you’ll have to excuse “anti-imperialist”. he’s been irreversably damaged by an education system, government, and society that blames everything on outsiders. on a small scale problems are blamed on migrant and temporary workers, and on a larger scale problems a caused by the west or other foreign entities. you’re not going to be able to reason with him

    • kjsinshanghai

      Robert, please clarify what you exactly mean. I’ve been reading your comments and so far you haven’t made a coherent, compelling argument. You’ve only offered inscrutable right-wing platitudes.

      Either clarify, or shut the f**k up. Don’t get mad at others just because your fat wife denies you sex.

  • themig

    yeah obama is the anti-christ out to destroy Jeruselaum and Christianity with the help of Republicans and Iranians, nothing democratic about that

    • I’d tell the two of you to get a room together, but then you’d probably make pipe bombs and talk about talking yer country back from the queers, coloureds and abortionists……..

      I feel tainted for having replied to you.

    • donscarletti

      One time, there was this kid with a big red balloon, then President Obama (and I kid you not) popped the balloon, then swore at the kids mother.

      This other time, I saw this crippled kid walking down the street, then President Obama, like stopped his motorcade and everything, got out of the car, everyone’s like “hey, the president’s here to help the crippled kid”, but no, he just got this handful of gravel from the road, then stuck it into the kid’s briefs. Then he laughed, and Joe Biden called the kid a faggot and they drove on. It was super lame.

      This other time, I heard he was in the White House and Secretary Clinton like drops her pencil or something, then she bends down to pick it up, her back arched, because she’s wearing heels. Then Obama realises they are alone, grabs her, rips her pantihose and is all like “I’ve wanted to do this since 1991”, then the Joint Chiefs of Staff walk in, they don’t know what’s going on, Clinton runs out crying in the confusion. The next day, Bill comes to the Oval Office, he’s like “Hillary’s pretty upset, she won’t speak, eat or sleep, what the fuck happened here?”, then Obama turns to him, looks him DEAD in the eye and is like “just walk away, if you mention this again, I’ll send you both to Guantánamo.” Just like that, cold as ice.

      • 殷商


        • donscarletti


      • mbm1ame

        that is fncking hilarious, you really need to write a book, have you seen Hilary’s face and Obamas wife.

        • donscarletti

          Considering it. Maybe I could call it “The Big Book of Libel”. Problem is, the lies I make up about Obama are so much more believable than what a lot of people think is the truth.

          Also Obama is an American, so there is a 90% chance that he doesn’t understand irony and would have me killed… He did that to a nun once.

      • Nyancat

        True story

      • ZlsetrdX

        I write this comment after 5 minutes of laughter.

        • roflstomp

          The Chinese are trolling, ever so sweetly.

  • 周作新

    Hi fellas, I need a sofa.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    I didn’t quite understand the comment “Speechless… Chinese are so humorous, so clever.” I mean, it’s an interesting idea and makes a good point, but I wasn’t exactly LMFAO or particularly inspired or anything.
    But maybe a good idea. Should keep trying.

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  • chenzz

    So intersting!

  • Foreign Devil

    Funny how some comment about “don’t interfere in the revolutions of other countries” and then the next comment is ” please help China to have freedom like AMerica has and don’t just focus on CHinese economy.”.

    • YEAH unlike AMELIKA – which threatens to invade every one’s country!

      YEAH also like AMELIKA – which champions demomcracy but when China vote against US sponsored UN plan to invade Syria Hilarious Clitorius goes in an infantial spasm….. and blame China for Syrian casaulties possibly provided and caused by US proxies as in “liberated” Libya!

      • Alan

        What does africa have to say though, anti imperialist?

  • Obviously the children that love obama believe his shit. Grow up and learn how economics and policy work. Its the students and educational system, being full of people that never had a job or substantial money, that love this ass. I was at the 68 Grant Park protests in Chicago and wanted a US overthrow. Then I went to law school to free Bobby Seal just before he went politician.
    I’m not republican, I’m not a dem. I made millions doing art until Clinton raised my taxes to 48%. So I quit. Whats the point in busting my ass to give it to the money-reallocators in DC. I live in many countries now and see from many angles. politics run the country without honor and the parties are 2 sides of the same joke. the joke is on you! obama is just the biggest LIAR ever. and his supporters have NO IDEA what he did in Chicago. Educate yourself! He’s SCUM. He’s done nothing to help the US. Clinton started the banking crisis with the CRA. Yeah, I don’t like to work 80 hours a week and then give my money away to some loser. Universal healthcare will cost billions we don’t have, kill our older citizens and everyone will suffer. The gov’t can’t run anything, why healthcare, why fingers in every business. remember when Durbin decided to limit bank profits, so of course BofA passed it on to consumers. DUH?! Government intervention based on ignorance has never worked. You are SO uneducated!

    • notorious

      Sorry Bob, Obama did nothing bad or wrong in Chicago. I know because I was born and raised in Chicago, and live two hours away in a different state. So I am current on politics. Anything wrong with Chicago can be blamed on the 30 year + administration of Mayor Daley and his father who also ran the city into the ground during his 30 year term. They really thought the city was their personal empire.

      Obama was a community Organizer who went to Harvard, and taught as a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago.

      I met him when he was running for office for the first time and my student group was one of the first groups to give him a forum in which to speak.

      Obama then, was extremely polished, sharp, professional, and very educated. He, at the time, would have no idea he would rise to become president. That, I am sure of. The people needed him, the people elected him.

      But somehow, in my eyes he changed after the election and not long after his “debriefing”. Whatever he learned during that process changed him. He had to change, to do adapt to what goes on behind the scenes of the president. He could no longer be the grass roots community organizer he was years ago. Sorry, too many people, too many corporations involved in the way the president must do business.

      And let’s just tell the truth here. We all know why so many people detest the president and it has nothing to do with his politics because he has gone out of his way to meet the Republicans half way on every issue. He has been unjustly fair to the most undeserving disrespectful group of politicians in American history.

      You are right, Clinton raised income taxes. His last year in office, Clinton collected 895 Billion dollars in income taxes and only 200 Billion in Corporate taxes.

      George Bush lowered income taxes, collecting over 600 Billion and raised Corporate taxes to roughly 265 Billion his first year. However,

      under Clinton, we had a projected 4 trillion dollar SURPLUS which Bush depleted, causing a 455 BILLION dollar deficit , the highest number in history, at that time. That number is now 1.3 trillion. So Clinton paid off the deficit, and Bush dragged us down again.

      So what is the greater evil? That people like you don’t want to pay taxes, and yet want the benefit of being American? You can’t have it both ways.

      We need to pay more taxes. The rich, who pay a mere 17% in income taxes should be paying more, compared to the middle class who pay 30%.

    • DRaY

      If you truly made millions, why are you so mad? You live have the means to live head and shoulders above the average working person yet you complain? Everyone pay taxes…. it is your duty as an American citizen, if you dont like it give up are passport and move to some other country where you can keep all of your money …. We dont need people like you in America.

  • notorious


    The republican tactic about Obama has been disinformation and fear. You said that Obama is scum but haven’t provided proof. I am challenging you. But you will never take me up on any challenges because you know most liberals are more educated and more informed while republicans come up with boogey man stories to scare supporters into believing them. He’s a liar. Show me a lie and I will show you the truth.

    Republicans are delusional , especially when they create lies and intentionally fall for them.

    I’m not die hard Obama fan. I really don’t even like Democrats because they’re spineless. But I’ll take them over a republican any day because democrats at least, try to help the poor whereas the republicans blame them for all of America’s problems and bully them.

    The problem in America is CORPORATE America. We are now running the government like a corporation and that will be its fall.

  • notorious

    Here’s an excellent 1 hour standup from Bill Maher talking about republicans, democrats and obama lol

    • kjsinshanghai

      @ notorious

      Thank you for sharing. I love Bill Maher and regularly download his Real Time podcast.

  • typingfromwork

    This is pathetic. Even when trolling all these dumbasses wanna do is beg. Grown as spine.

    What a wasted opportunity.

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  • If 100 million Chinese email to Obama at the same time, the great President will have no time to do anything else… such invading China!

    Let’s do it!

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  • -____-

    hopefully youtube, facebook and twitter will be unblocked in the future, then i dont need to find a free proxy before going to china to meet relatives

  • Derek Xu

    Looking at the negro president with all those Chinese makes me feel very sad for the negro’s low I.Q.

  • Derek Xu

    Looking at the negro president with all those Chinese makes me feel very sad for the negro’s low I.Q. What a lousy leader.

    • mr. weiner

      Please go somewhere else to troll.

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  • Only Liberals care. The foreign born communist spawn of Mohammed, the child molesting mass murder, is no President of “Americans”. He only represents NAZI niggers, SA homosexuals, communists, and muslims. Which means Obama should love China invading his website.

    • Dr Sun

      you know that if you keep smoking that shit it’s going to fry your brains, right ?

  • Cauffiel

    Fuck you, Barack Obama.