Chinese Netizens Occupy Obama’s Google+, Americans Annoyed

Barack Obama on laptop computer.

American President Obama shaking hands with Chinese students in China.

Many Chinese have taken up a call to “Occupy Obama’s Google+” over the weekend in the style of Occupy Wall Street in order to feel “close” to the popular world leader as well as air some of their views.

Chinese have taken up a call to Occupy Obama's Google+ to be "close" to the popular world leader and air their views in Chinese to the annoyance of Americans.

Thousands of comments in Chinese and English have been flooding every topic on Obama’s G+, drowning out all other conversation until reaching the topic’s 500 comment limit before moving to the next. Since Monday, Chinese netizen have been surfacing that Google+ was no longer blocked by the Great Firewall, and numerous Chinese have now taken this opportunity as a chance to express their views frankly on an (albeit less popular) American social network website.

Despite the uncensored platform, In true Chinese netizen style, many are simply having fun showing off the might of China’s online hordes — posting internet memes and being silly to the general annoyance and befuddlement of Americans caught in the middle.

Comments from Obama’s Google+ Wall:

Allen Taylor:


Brian Anderson (American writing in English):

The Chinese word for “sofa” must be really similar to some other chinese word that the translator is not understanding. There’s no way this many people are talking about sofas. lol


Here come the Chinese.


President, respect human rights! You freed Iraq and, freed Libya, shouldn’t you also free us?!!


Must occupy Google+! Capture the White House!


Mr. President, do you like to eat la mian [handmade noodles]? If you like it, come to my hometown, and I’ll treat you to eat until you’re full!

Ali Utlu (Addressing the Chinese comments):

Be polite!

Terry Schmidt:

Dear President Obama, when will you send troops to liberate China?


Mr. President, we long for America’s freedom.

Dylan Bozarth (American writing in English):

I need to learn Chinese.


Are you all not losing face? I cannot feel embarrassed more.

Joepo Ding:

Is this what freedom tastes like?

吴佳斌 (In English):

Obama, you do not contribute to world peace, but earlier get the Nobel peace prize, do not you feel ridiculous?

You to attack terrorists without the permission of a sovereign state without authorization to send troops into the country, and the manslaughter of a few 60 people in this country, and finally, only say “We regret that”. Please tell me what is your human rights?

COATTAIL WA (In English):

We Chinese seldom have the chance to connected with the world’s famous websites including U2B,FACEBOOK, TWITTER,WIKI. g+ opened several days ago and Chinese is so exited and our “occupy” is friendly, We love America and world value!

Robert Bridgewater (American writing in English):

If they can’t speak English, they most likely aren’t even legal and shouldn’t be voting anyways! Who paid for this? It better not have come from any tax payers!

Cale Monson (American responding to above):

Um, I really hope this is supposed to be a joke comment. These are Chinese citizens who are actually in china, not “illegals”. If this is a joke profile, then you’ve done very well. If this is sincere, then you are a moron.

Sean Lee:

Americans suspect we are all illegal immigrants, but according to freedom of speech is it against the law for illegal immigrants to write comments??

tianhao shen:

Do you know why if was so easy for you you guys to grab the sofa? It’s because foreigners often first read the post seriously, earnestly think about what to say, and then write a comment. Unlike Chinese people who come and immediately say “sofa, front row, up close…..”, All day writing these meaningless things. Perhaps this is the so-called “Chinese characteristics.”

Siqi Wu:

Ha ha ha, watching intensely~~~~why we should speak English ?Just some people dont know Chinese?Its tell you learn Chinese is important.plz learn ,ty. lol~~So happy I can type Chinese, oh yeah!~~~


Really sorry, but I’m also here to occupy. Hope Obama doesn’t just focus on China economically, [because] what China needs more is democracy and freedom. Obama please exert your influence.

Brian Anderson [American writing in English]:

I think it’s awesome that China now has access to G+, but seriously, if you’re going to flood an American politician with comments, at least put them in English so those of us who actually live here can read them? I don’t really understand the purpose of responding to an all-English post in nothing but Chinese. Clearly you guys can speak English if you can read the post…

陈光诚 (Responding to above in English):

My reply to the Chinese compatriots are in order to express their aspirations for freedom. We do not have direct access to G+ , because we have a national firewall. I hope you forgive us, thank you!

Paloschi Alberto:

Hello Mr. President, I am Chinese. I hope that when you are dealing with the Chinese government that you won’t only focus on economic interests. The people here also need freedom and democracy. We need a free internet and a safeguarded life that is not too hard. Hope you can do your best to help us, thank you.

武廷建 (In English):

Why there are so many Chinese. Because we can’t communicate with other country people for a long time. We come here and post comments. You see, most comments have nothing.That’s like you hadn’t ate food for a long time. So when you can eat food now. You have no time to think it’s delicious or not but eating. Because you don’t know where is the next food. If you can eat anytime,that won’t a problem.I hope you could understand that, my American friends.


I will speak English!,we want freedom,we need facebook,we hate great fire wall

Cross Lee:

hi americans. i know it made you uncomfortable because so many chinese here. please dont mind. most of them are stupid and ridiculous。they have a damn mind education by ccp. they dont know what is manner. but not all chinese like them. hope your mood will be better. god bless you.and god bless america.:) Fellow Chinese, please demonstrate manners and upbringing, this is not China.

Barack Obama on laptop computer.

From Sina Weibo:

@月光博客: Chinese web-users have initiated a “Occupy Obama’s G+” movement, and currently American President Obama’s Google+ commentary has all changed into Chinese. Since January 31st, President Obama has allowed comments on his Google+ profile page in order to interact with web users.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Chinese people’s “sitting on the sofa” culture [internet meme] will become the [Chinese] internet’s first cultural export!


Haha, I just went to look, left my name.


I heard that Brother Obama will give every commenting compatriot a green card!


Reminds me of Omegle.


In the comments there are a few posts asking Obama to join the Communist Party!


Speechless… Chinese are so humorous, so clever…. How are the laowai reacting to it? [哈哈]


So stupid, it’s all garbage comments, is there nothing funny?


[Obama’s Google+] has changed into a Chinese version…


It’s great that you can use Chinese on G+, unlike Twitter….

American President Barack Obama shakes hands with Chinese students in Shanghai.


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