Chinese Netizens Post Silly Petitions on White House Website


In the wake of local media censorship over recent protests against the PX Project to construct a chemical plant in Kunming and the decade-old thallium-poisoning case involving Tsinghua student Zhu Ling [see chinaSMACK’s translated report here], many Chinese netizens turned to the White House’s We the People petitions website to voice their views.

However, Chinese netizens, true to form, soon began to petition over trivial and outlandish issues such as a “Petition to standardize bean curd jelly in the salty variety” and a“Petition to send troops to liberate Chinese people!” Unfortunately, these petitions only garnered a few hundred signatures, so we may never find out the Obama Administration’s official position regarding salty bean curd.


Comments on Sina Weibo:


If we are always like this, America will probably sooner or later start filtering the petitions. Can we please be more serious?


I prefer the sweet kind…[bean curd jelly]


Anything placed in the hands of Chinese people will be ruined.


Reminds me of Google+ sweat


After seeing this, apart from laughing, I can only say that after this wouldn’t Zu Ling’s case become a joke, and the petition wasted…


I think We the People petitions should forbid non-American citizens or permanent residents from voting.


The White House Post Bar [discussion forum] is on the verge of becoming the most popular forum of the year.


I truly believe society have a lot of bored stupid people, always ruining the order of things.

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