Chinese Newborn Suffocated By Mother’s Breast, Eyes Donated

Xiangzi, a newborn Chinese baby who was accidentally suffocated by his mother while breastfeeding.

Xiangzi, a newborn Chinese baby who was accidentally suffocated by his mother while breastfeeding.

From NetEase:

Changsha 6-day-old infant suffocated to death while feeding, parent donates child’s eyes

April 13th, Changsha, Hunan province children’s hospital, Xiangzi during preparation for the surgery to extract the corneas, the children nearby crying constantly. April 8th at night at 8:10, Xiangzi’s arrival brought happiness to the entire family. But this happiness only lasted 4 days. On the morning of the fourth day after his birth, while Xiangzi was feeding, his nostrils were covered by his 23-year-old mother’s breast. It took nearly an hour of emergency resuscitation before the child finally recovered a heartbeat, but the child remained in a comatose state. After consultations, the child’s chance for recovery is very small and even if he recovers, the after-effects will be very large.

A Chinese baby lies prepared for his corneas to be extracted.

Number “438” Xiangzi’s two hands lie limply on the table, the ECG beside him showing that the child’s heartbeat is “0”. Mr. Ye knows understands that if the child continuing on like this would only be suffering, and through intense mental anguish, he decided to give up trying to cure the child and also donated the child’s corneas.

A doctor surgically removes the corneas of Xiangzi.

Inside the Changsha, Hunan province children’s hospital’s Number 4 neonatal intensive care unit, workers for the eye bank extract Xiangzi’s corneas.

At the neonatal intensive care unit at a children's hospital in Changhsa of Hunan province, doctors extract the corneas from a newborn infant who had passed away.Xiangzi, a Chinese infant in Changsha of Hunan province who had passed away after accidentally being smothered by her mother during breastfeeding.

When Xiangzi’s father Mr. Ye accepted an interview, he could not hold back sobs. Mr. Ye said, “I couldn’t bear to go see my child for the last time, I have truly failed my child, and I really hope that in heaven, he will not blame his daddy and mommy. My wife and I are both post-80s generation, we simply didn’t know about how to raise children. The village clinic where we gave birth didn’t really teach us either, and now all we have are regrets.

Comments from NetEase:


Cupware, mothers, you must use your hand to hold them.


Truly heart-breaking. So sad. May the child live happily in heaven!


Careless father, ignorant mother, poor child. May you be reborn in Bill Gates’ family in the next life.


Who knows how much money the hospital sold the corneas for. On the surface, the hospital does not sell for money, [but] the amount of money the director or head nurse will get can be hundreds of thousands. Stupid daddy. Stupid mommy. Stupid child.


My heart aches too, very much. The child is like an angel.


Maybe it is escape. In the next life, don’t come to the Heavenly Kingdom.


In the future, this method can be used to commit murder.


May your mom please use this method to come kill me. My taste is quite heavy.


No matter who you donate, you shouldn’t donate to a Chinese hospital! Those cold-blooded insane people! I say this with profound experience…


The mother carries a child for 10 months, going through such hardship, only for the child to live 6 days, truly heart-breaking. Seeing how small the child is, lying on the little bed, it is truly saddening. I hope this kind of tragedy will not happen again.


Fuck, are they born simply to have their corneas extracted? Can you extract them just because an infant is unable to express its wishes? Unless the person agrees themselves, this kind of action is a crime. Letting a person depart [this world] whole is an individual’s final dignity.


Faint. This is the most upsetting news I have seen recently. Maybe the baby actually discovered that the world is no fun.


Doing this to one’s own child, these two people are nothing good, what are they doing continuing to live, hurry and go die. Extracting the child’s eyes while it still breathes. Abominable.


How annoying, in the future, don’t post this kind of news! Seeing it just makes people upset!


I too have just become a mother for a little over a year. Seeing this news, I cried. It really is heart-breaking. Darling, rest in peace, I hope the baby’s daddy and mommy can stay strong and recover from this!


Fuck~~~!!! How hard is it to find someone to guide you in how to feed a baby?! Would it have cost a lot of money??!
If you aren’t prepared, why have a child?! [I] despise [you]!


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