Chinese Obama Girl, In Red Coat, In Black Dress: Wang Zifei

As you may have already heard, a girl wearing a red coat and dressed in black sitting behind American President Obama, during his recent Shanghai speech and “town hall meeting” with Chinese youth, has become popular on the Chinese internet and now even more popular on the international news (thank you, Jean).


As some of you already know, I did not report on this story when it first happen because I want to see how this story will unfold. Now that many chinaSMACK readers are asking about this story, here are some translations and explanations of this Chinese internet phenomenon:

The beautiful woman in the red coat becomes the mystery woman in black.

Why did Chinese netizens notice her? Because she is a beautiful and fashionable girl, and also because she confidently shook the American president’s hand when meeting him:

Her face is covered by a hand, but her confident eyes impressed Chinese netizens.


Many netizens speculated about her identity, because that is what male netizens do when they see a pretty girl, because they wonder if the United States president has the same reaction they have. Some female netizens asked about her clothes and where they can buy them. Soon, of course, netizens began a human flesh search and soon discovered and publicized the identity of this girl. Her name is Wang Zifei, and she is a Shanghai Jiaotong University student studying Business.

Wang Zifei's personal blog photograph.

Wang Zifei tried to remain low-key during this time, but eventually, she acknowledged that she was the girl in the red coat, the mystery girl in black behind Obama.

In a post on her personal blog, titled “What has President Obama brought me?“, Wang Zifei responded to many netizens and netizens’ accusations against her that she was intentionally trying to become famous, or perhaps a female government official trying to promote herself for political motives. For example, people said her seat was chosen specifically so she could be seen on camera. To this, she responded:

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The students participating in this meeting come from Shanghai’s nine universities, and each school was assigned certain seats. The seat I sat in was simply one of the seats given to Jiaotong University, there was no special arrangement. Moreover, some people had much better seats for being filmed on camera than me, so why aren’t they being accused of self-promotion? As for my upright/proper seating posture, we are fully aware that this meeting is being broadcast live to the whole world through the internet. I represent not only myself and my school, at the same time, I am also represent our country. May I ask, do you think I can be relaxed/casual?

In reply to netizen suspicions about why she wore a red coat and then took it off in front of the crowd, she explained that she had dressed appropriate attire for the town hall meeting, that her caot was due to the cold weather, and that she could not know that a reporter who be taking pictures of her at that moment before Obama had entered the meeting:

So actually, the meeting room’s temperature was not especially high, and I would have preferred to keep my coat on, but if I had really kept wearing a red coat and appeared on camera, according to netizens’ comments, wouldn’t I then be accused of desperately seeking fame?

Her overall feelings about negative Chinese netizen comments involving her:

Although certain netizens’ comments were hurtful, I can understand. Perhaps they were simply attacking certain phenomena in society through me, but in this I have become an innocent victim. However, to those figures who have some influence on the internet yet did not first investigate before recklessly commenting, you actually claimed this was a female government official’s publicity stunt? That there would actually be a female government official at a Chinese youth discussion meeting? Did you not even look at the topic/title before recklessly commenting? You need to know that you guys are leaders of public opinion. This kind of irresponsible behavior, is it hurting others or trampling upon your own credibility?

To ruin someone only requires one sentence, but to foster someone takes thousands of sentences, be merciful [careful] when speaking~

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Wang Zifei ended her post in a manner that was perhaps a little different from the image (sexy OL?) many netizens created of her from the Obama town hall meeting:

The mystery has been solved, there’s no need for everyone to continue speculating. Recently, my studies have definitely been impacted, so I hope everything can quickly return to normal. I really like little animals, because they are so innocent and cute. I hope after this incident passes, I can continue being my simple self. Here is a photo of me with a small kangaroo, I wish everyone happiness and good luck~


“I really like little animals”…?

Wang Zifei is not “Obama Girl“. She does not make videos showing off her breasts, butt, and body to promote herself and her love for Barack Obama. She was not trying to promote herself, does not want to become more famous, and she just wants to be herself.

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Find your own girl in red coat, mystery woman in black, or girl who likes small kangaroos. chinaSMACK personals.


2009 December 3 UPDATE: Please see “The Obama Girl Was An Internet Promotion Campaign” (EastSouthWestNorth). What do you think? The truth or more rumors? ;)

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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  • Heichen

    damn she’s fine haha

    • Wago

      +1. I hope she can return to her normal studies too, at least I’ll have a better chance with her that way!

    • aquadraht

      ding. As a grandfather with 4 女儿 and 3 孙女儿I am entitled to back up that she is indeed beautiful, intelligent and sympathetic :)

      • fabi

        nice name btw :o

    • dude

      someone needs to giz in her face, she looks like she needs it

    • fake plastic

      *sigh* another fake chinese girl… they r becoming like koreans… plastic surgery when they r young… blech, any guys lookin for asian girls n marryin em, don’t b surprised when the lil one doesnt look like her one bit…

  • z06

    suprised it was on yahoo frontpage
    guess it blew up that big

  • John

    This ba gua is so insipid, do we not have better things to do with our time?!

    • mechanized

      She’s hot! therefore this is important news and deserves to be covered.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Why are Chinese people so ridiculous and petty about everything? They truly suck

    • 13

      Because what she did is rarely seen in China. After all, it is still a communist nation that is extremely conservative.

  • G0ld

    She’s not really that fashionable. She is just wearing all top line brand name stuff. Brand name stuff and a picture of kangaroos. Most likely taken in Australia so pretty much she is rich. In China there are only poor (middle class go in the poor section too with their tiny salaries) and rich.

    In the end people are just curious to why she is so richly standing out.

    Bet you she’s a business student because her parents made it big doing it! And also because in China you either run a business or get a job with crap salary.

    • Kage Musha

      Expensive brand clothing does not equal to fashionable.

      It’s a common misconception.
      The point is to be able to match the clothes you wear. Just putting on some Prada clothes and some LV bag doesn’t make it a good and fashionable outfit!

      Hell I’ve seen people wearing all brand but still look crap.

      • G0ld

        Ahem! To Chinese you can have a fully matched H&M outfit vs a person mismatched Gucci outfit. The Gucci wins! Why? Who cares if it matches! It looks more expensive! And that is what wins in China!

        • gth793y

          Isn’t that the case in most places?

          • Kerry

            Not in Europe & the States. That’s gangsta/chavvy. Some posh London clubs ban loud Burberry/Gucci prints.

        • Kage Musha

          Sure, but it doesn’t mean it’s fashionable. It means the brand wins, not the person when it comes to fashion.

    • Righteous American

      “Bet you she’s a business student because her parents made it big doing it! And also because in China you either run a business or get a job with crap salary.”

      Wake up asshole, thats everywhere.

      • G0ld

        Wake up? Why are all these Mexicans running to the US just to get a job then?

        I’m not talking about making millions. I’m talkin how in China even jobs can’t get a decent pay.

        A Policeman in the West gets decent pay. Can afford a car, home, family in a happy living standard all through his salary. A policeman in China can only get a nice life if he accepts bribery!

    • G0ld

      Anyways my original point was that she looks hell alot richer than the people sitting next to her. And probably hell alot richer than the netizens that made them flesh search her out of jealousy. Just becasue of a bright red jacket? Plzzzzzz! Netizens are bulls or something?

      “Is she government offical? She’s dressed like it, lets go make her life difficult!”

    • Teacher in China

      Actually, there’s a safari park just outside of Beijing where you can go and pet kangaroos, so your theory on her being rich because she can go to Australia doesn’t hold much water.

  • krdr

    I think someone should give some food to her. Way to skinny. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t believe her that she didn’t want to attract attention. But her pose is assuming.

    • Ranger_lost_in_Mordor

      That’s alright.With my tonic nutritious male juice, she is about to get on weight and be chesty !

      • Maikoh


  • tk 4 lyfe

    she needs some T and A…just being skinny with an ok face and making them cute poses just aint cuttin it no more…these mainlander girls…for shame!

  • zammo hung

    Her face will look like a painter’s radio when i’ve finished with her.

  • What does it say about the online Chinese who endlessly speculate about useless details? Some policy analysis would have been useful bug instead we get did the girl want to get down with the President?

    • Phil

      Agreed, so much interest in just someone who looks pretty in a photo. I guess we shouldn’t be really that surprised, previously on Chinasmack there was alot of buzz about a cute girl who:

      Sold bus tickets
      Sold candied tomatoes from a food stall
      Was walking through floodwaters
      (I’m probably forgetting 1 or 2)

      Makes sense when you think about netizens, would they rather talk about US-Chinese relations or discuss a cute girl that they saw in the background? Yeah….

  • Haiwie

    Not bad, good plastic surgeon, that nose is so fake… But overall, she is quite, and maybe intelligent too, who knows? Jiaotong University is the best in Shanghai.

  • fireworks

    good on the reporter for reporting on Obama and some hot college chick. he must have a boner when he little red riding hood shook Obama’s hand.

    thanks for the cock teaser :P

  • file124528

    It’s this type of bitch that you definitely don’t want to hang around. She’ll harangue you for not making enough coin. She won’t make an effort in the sack because she thinks she’s pretty enough to make you cum just looking at her. And she’ll be a pain in the ass for the rest of the days you spend with her bitching about every little thing just because she thinks she’s perfect, which she is most definitely not.

    The real woman to have is the ugly girl:

    Ugly Girl will make an effort. She won’t whine about every little thing. She’ll work with you on problems. She’ll definitely have a job and be pulling in coin herself. She’ll probably be great in the sack just hoping to make you happy. And if you get a little action on the side she won’t bitch about it.

    • C&N

      But think about the children!!

  • monjong

    OMFG this website is full of crap, WTF

  • Ming

    I heard only people from the communist youth league is allow in that town hall meeting. Isnt she one of the infamous princelings? Why are Chinese netizen interested in a priceling?

  • Jaime de la Esperanza

    I really like little animals.

    She must be from Guangdong, haha. Left unsaid was that she likes to grind them to pieces under her high heeled fuck-me boots.

    • aquadraht

      I am wondering about folks of your kind. Do you have got a life? Who hurt you? Strange people. I do not only not mind, I embrace serious and radical criticism. But such destructive attitudes are worrisome. You may end up in an unhappy way. Seek for the great river crab.

      • Jaime de la Esperanza

        Seek for the great river crab?

    • DLP

      LOL’ed on that

  • BaoBei

    Gotta admit, i was watching the livestream of Obama in Shanghai, and i couldn’t help staring at her pretty much the entire time. . .she looked much better than the girls&guys around her.
    Got me questioning the seating assignments for a moment…but forgot about it 30min later. Too bad Human Flesh searchers can’t do the same…
    Reading her blog, the responses she made sound relatively smart~

  • The video of the town hall meeting currently available at the White House site has been trimmed from its original 90+ minutes to just under 60 minutes. The introductions and the handshaking at the end are gone, leaving only President Obama’s opening remarks and the Q&A. This means no images of Wang Zifei either in her red coat or shaking hands with the President. I did see the full version when it was first put up (November 17) but was focused more on the speakers than any young women in the audience — all of whom appear younger than my daughters anyway. In reviewing it now I see the young lady is clearly visible in her black dress seated just behind the President. There was no a lot of chatter about her in any groups to which I belong.
    We did notice the young woman in the orange coat just beyond Wang Zifei in the receiving line as President Obama was exiting. When it was her turn, she grinned broadly and gave President Obama a double “V-for-victory” sign before taking his hand. This evidently amused the President, who smiled in response and made a comment about her to Ambassador Huntsman.
    I wish I had downloaded the full video when it was available, I can not find a copy of the receiving line online.

  • Step One: Wear red coat to see Obama talk.

    Step Two: Start a blog. Be sure to include a few pictures of yourself.

    Step Three: ???

    • DWR

      Submit an application for the JPA? ;)


      • Lock

        Step Three: Leak your own sex video

        Step Four: ?

        • The John

          Step Four: Become an official’s wife.

          Step Five: ?

          • Kai

            I think the 4chan recipe usually involves 5 steps, with #4 always being “…” and #5 being “PROFIT”.

  • Michael

    Wouldn’t be surprised if she got some work done on her face. actually, it’s pretty obvious

    • Especially in that last photo, which I did not see on her blog.

      Ladies, please think twice about plastic surgery. Nothing is worse than an obvious boob job or a botched nose job. I am not sure what Ms. Red Coat looked like before, but when I look at that last photo, all I see is a funny looking fake nose oddly positioned on an otherwise attractive face. I am hard pressed to think that this represents an improvement compared to her natural face.

      • Teacher in China

        You’re right man, I never noticed it till you mentioned. It definitely looks weird. Is that just the light and the angle making it look so f*cked up though?

  • I just think netizens are too worried about something meaningless like this and they should find something better to worry and care about it.
    My view is that she probably wanted to look good in the metting but she didn’t realize she was standing out too much. Anyway if she was ugly like the Ugly Girl looking for marriage nobody would have said a word about it.
    There is no reason for bashing her.

  • Zabadee

    Intelligent responses to harsh and unfair criticism. This girl is wonderful!

  • She is good girl for country china

  • billy joel

    i’m beggining to lose faith in chinese “netezins” which are most like 90% 15 – 22 year old boys who don’t leave the house at all.

    First they claim a girl is pretty (when all you can see is the back of her head?? ) and now this average chick is making headlines wth ?

  • Please Recycle

    It’s pretty obvious that she got some work done on her face to try to look like one of those plasticized Korean pop singers. But the gem of this whole ordeal is that homely looking girl who is sitting behind her (the one in black) – the look that she’s giving our little princess in the first frame is classic.

  • Obama came to my school during the campaign. Unfortunately for me, I was a senior at the time and we got released early!

    My friend’s brother got to shake his hand though.

    • Jean

      Wow, he is so lucky!!

  • Wuto

    While this is interesting, I am off to save some Cats! FLY FLY AWAY!

  • brzr

    it’s interesting, seems in US, it is often someone who gets famous for being pretty. In china it seems that is mostly the only way. and that’s all that matters. i think most ppl in china have never seen someone attractive so it is a big deal. foreigners, etc. make such hay about “oh, girls in china are so hot” but the reality is they are seeing the .001% of attractive ppl that found a way (prostitution, being a mistress, rich family) to live in the city. the HUGE percent of chinese who live in the sticks (something like 80% of the population is still rural peasants) are mostly hideously fugly. it’s just there are so many chinks and all the ones with “options” (girls who are pretty and can get a better husband than a peasant) cram into a few cities. thus, whitey thinks “chinese girls are so hot”. btw, this girl is not bad looking…but really really skinny. her legs are like toothpicks. it’s so common in china too…like reverse butterface….butterbody

    • George

      Keep in mind that a lot of the guys from western countries that go to China have a case of Asian fever.

      I’d say that China has a lot of cute women that look like girls. If you are into that than China has a lot to offer.

      If you like curves in the right places, China is not such a great place.

      It’s really all up to personal preference. There are beautiful women everywhere.

  • FYIADragoon

    Her 校内 is already completely filled…Bummer.

  • Michael


  • Johnny Lo

    Her nose is terrible, yikeees!!!

  • Everybody Wang Chong

    The girl is hot even with no T&A. Chinese are so superficial.

  • Fauk

    I saw a photo of her without makeup and photoshop, looked average, not bad but average, and a world different from these ones.

    And just so you know what you are looking at most of the times:

    So think twice before you start fantasizing.

  • Aapache Mosscode -SG

    You guys really give her a big break, don’t you? A BIG OPPORTUNITY BREAK!!!!

    A simple girl taking off her Red-Riding Hood coat become a big fuss.

    She looks smart and elegant. A good business women in the making. Give her some credits for her sophisticated outlook please. Doubt she doing it purposely to get the attention.

    Look behind her, there are so many others, just that she looks OUTSTANDING and pretty enough. Thus, everyone jump at it.

    Keep it up, Ms Wang ZiFei. Don’t be overly concern with such comments. I am sure many of them would like to be in your position though. :-)

  • Anzik

    beautiful woman.

  • maclag

    OK, ladies and gentlemen, now you have some guidelines for next time you attend an event with journalists:
    – If you look ugly, do whatever you want, nobody cares
    – If you’re a man, make sure you don’t look like a “go-vern-ment official” (that may have a meaning for some people, but I have to admit I have no idea how to recognize “go-vern-ment officials” in a crowd… any tip??)
    – If you happen to be a pretty girl, dress like a peasant and make sure you seat at the back where nobody can see you, for it’s obvious that a pretty girl well dressed seating too close to the cameras tries to show off…

  • [email protected]

    man i used to work for them. i wud of tapped that 6 for the netspect

  • VJ

    I wnt to meet tht grl

  • sai myo thet oo

    She is very beautiful. I interest her.
    I stay in myanmar.

  • Real Man

    Do Chinese girls like macho hairy white man?

  • S

    Apparently there were also rumours (probably made-up I suspect) that her boyfriend paid the media $100,000 to make her famous. Must be a really really rich boyfriend.

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  • LizardKings

    The pose in the last picture is so funny and sexy.

  • anc

    so what? Does chinese netizen have any thing better to do? There are so many pretty girls in China.

  • ps creo que los hombres le deberian acer el amor a las mujeres todos los dias para que las mujeres tengan mas fuersa

  • Ram

    know what, I think everything went out of hand, after some people started speculating things, with out thinking or looking if any of it was true, anyway, she was behind the president all the time, if the president shook someone else’s hands and not her’s would there be any fuzz about it, she was just in a wrong place at a wrong time, blame the camera man for being a PERV!!! they’re the one’s who took her pictures.

  • Cara

    I’m pretty sure that’s actually a wallaby…
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Rooboy

      correct,,,,,,,,,,and his name is Skippy !!


    Great girl, pretty woman, nice eyes.

  • Fire蓝日

    interesting, is she natural, very pretty. Sexy body language, she must have practise it, especially when she gave that marilyn monroe looks on the gif moving images if you take a look again.

    • Jennster

      yep. that’s what typical jiangnan chinese people tend to look like. :)

      • Fire蓝日

        I admire :)