Chinese Olympic Team to Wear Tomato Scrambled Egg Uniforms

China’s Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms were unveiled Thursday. The uniform’s designer, Liu Ruiqi,  said: “When the Chinese delegation comes out, they will certainly catch the eyes of the audience.

Chinese athletes wearing their 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony uniforms - Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, and Guo Jingjing shown

Many Chinese are not happy.

番茄炒蛋 = fan1 qie2 chao3 dan4 = a well-known Chinese dish made with tomatoes and scrambled eggs

我被雷到 = wo3 bei4 lei2 dao4 = I was struck by lightning (I was shocked)

Comments from KDS: “I wake up and suddenly, it is as if I am back in 1988” and “China’s Tomato Scrambled Eggs Uniform…Bring Lightning Rod When Coming In~

China's 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony uniforms

Like I said, if the Olympics are not held in Shanghai, Beijing people can only ruin it.

These outfits…one look and everyone will laugh until their big tooth falls out~~Do they have any aesthetic standards?

I thought Korean peasants had come to burn incense.

It reminds me of the tomato scrambled eggs dish.

It reminds me of a woman’s period and shit.

It is okay

The key is to look at other countries’ uniforms and you will know how disgusting this is.

Really uncreative.

Color definitely must have red and yellow, but this design is too awful, like peasants coming to the city.

Please do not hold the Olympics in Shanghai, I will thank the Olympic committee.

Looks like a clown, specifically Ronald McDonald.

Sigh~~when the chief directors themselves are so not classy, how can we possibly hope for the uniform design to be good? Now, I can only say the Olympic torch design was not bad~but the rest, forget about it~

Oh Allah, Bhudda protect me~
For the rest of my life, please do not host the Olympics in Shanghai, disastrous Olympics~
If it must be, please let it be the Winter Olympics~~~

Print DHL on the back and it will be the same as the express delivery company.

Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~Too ugly~

Red color tomato costume~
Yellow color chicken egg costume~

Once you wear it, you will look like a peasant.

My god…North Koreans…

Too foolish, Chinese people’s IQ cannot be that low, can it?

Put a Volkswagen Santana on the back and it would match better.

I have to say, the thinking behind the design was too rigid. “China red”, “national flag yellow”,  simply the colors any designer will choose to use. Very harmonious, very traditional, therefore making everything that is special about China not special. Really sorrowful.

A piece of shit.

This uniform is too embarrassing. I saw the news this morning and was struck by lightning (shocked). How could China’s Olympic uniform have not gotten better since the 70s? Always red and yellow.

Just look at Beijing taxis and you can know Beijing people’s aesthetic standards, ugly all over the place.

The Peasant Olympics

I am so struck by lightning I do not want to say anything.

I reckon these are for the Special Olympics!!!

Motherfucker, this kind of clothes could only be designed by “wai di ren.” Yao Ming entering the stadium will be the biggest tomato scrambled egg!

How did the Chinese die?
Answer: They died of embarrassment.

So ugly I want to die~~~~~we are going to be laughed at by the whole world…

Fuck, lose people’s respect.
Who designed this? Drag him out, first rape him then kill him!

I can forgive everything else, but uniforms that look like tomato scrambled eggs! I will never eat tomato scrambled eggs again!!!!!!

Very delicious, I can eat it a hundred times and not get tired of it!

08/07/27 Update: Someone posted that maybe Shanghainese cannot criticize the uniforms too much because the designer of these uniforms was seen on television with a Shanghai accent. Many horrified Shanghainese immediately responded by accusing him of being a “new” Shanghainese or just someone who wants to pretend to be Shanghainese.

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08/07/27 Update: There have been some posts praising the uniforms saying that they look good. Usually, there are replies by people accusing those posters of being “wu mao dang.” One funny reply was like: “Wu Mao brother, ugly is ugly, there is no need to ridiculously claim it is good looking.”


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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Bill

    I think the designer is extremely vicious. He wanted to use orange as the principle color to honor a certain nationality in China. But the color is banned in China, and he uses red and yellow instead. When you mix red dye and yellow dye, you get the color of the fruit. By choosing water soluble dye, these uniform will come out with they right color after the first wash together.

  • bill

    Oh, another thing, may be he really want to have Tomato with Eggs effect, so that all the eggs and tomatoes to be thrown at them won’t show up. Good camouflage.

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  • One thing you will notice is that the radican Islamic community is very upset about the choice of venue for these Olympic games:

  • SamSam

    You can say all you want about tomato and scrambled eggs, but I like these uniforms a lot.
    It will cause quite a stir when our athletes enter the stadium. Absolutely bright and stunning, well done!

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  • TonyP4

    No creativity! What happens to the 1.3 billion beautiful minds? It starts from our Peking Duck education. Or, the designer must be the son or daughter of a corrupted local government official.

  • bill

    “It will cause quite a stir”. Don’t you suppose to stir first before you make scramble egg ?

  • aaa

    When you drive through the poorest villages, some girls wear just like that.
    The designer really has some experiences.

  • lol

    Looks like a bunch of clowns. Bwahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  • Mahmi

    I love tomato scrambled eggs.
    I love these uniforms. They will be the last team to enter the bird’s nest, and the most spectacular team in the opening ceremony.
    This is going to be one glorious Olympics, the best ever.

  • 2008goldmedal

    Best uniform for China I’ve ever seen. It will look great on TV.
    As a Chinese, I am absolutely proud of our team and our uniform, well done!
    Good luck Beijing.

  • guest

    change the pants to match the shirt please!!

  • mtlyorel

    They may have a state-of-the-art stadium, but their uniforms are mired in 1950. I say they add a red star in front of the hat and have Mao’s famous ‘work for the proletariat’ slogan splashed on the back.

    The uniform for Myanmar Air…once you get on, pray that you get off alive.

  • wt

    Liu Quiqi wgo designed these uniform should be fired. How can you said these uniforms will catch the eyes of the audience. Sure enough. I am not Chinese and you right it does catch my attention in a funny way. These are great people representing China. They are not attending the Buddha temptle for some kind of ceremony event.

  • This is the “BEST BEST BEST” uniform I have ever seen. The designer must have been born from a TU LAO MAO family. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yao Ming looks very funny in that uniiform.

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  • claudia

    WOOOooooooooooooo!! RRREeemixxxxxxxxxx!!!!This have nosense at all it’s quiet a funny remix of styles. ( Can stand scarf in the neck)!!! burk! The hat. nope. It’s no classy ,not funky ,no nothing. sorry!!! They deserve better.

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  • Eric

    They should wear Green tie (Green onion).

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  • Anonymous

    Chinese athletes will resemble a convention of Ronald MacDonald mascots as they march into the stadium. The audience had better bring sun glasses to protect their
    eyes from the glare of the blinding colors!

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  • Scramble Egg

    They could copy LV and all the major brands but…………
    Why couldn’t they copy a Uniform

  • tibetman

    This seems more like a tribute to the Tibetan monks who were arrested and killed in the recent months.

    Nice design. The inspiration is definitely from the Tibetan monks robe.

  • Chinamerican

    “Welcome to Project Runway China. This week, we will challenge our designers to create a garment inspired by our favourite hangover cures . . . ”


  • Abstain

    Stop critisizing others, as you are not a perfect human yourselves! Have some appreciation in your mind, people!! It doesn’t hurt if you can just Shut the fxxk up and have fun with the olympic games. Don’t judge others if you don’t like to be judged yourselves. Be fair and polite, okay?

  • Jamey

    Dude who filled my tank at the Shell station wore an outfit like this. Is pumping gas now an Olympic sport?

  • tOTF

    too bad the 50,000,000 people this regime killed weren’t around to see their great olympic heroes dressed up like clowns.

  • Liu Wang

    I just saw bunch of losers on this site! Why don’t you MFxxkers go back where you belong! We don’t need your retard comments! You jerks are so LOW CLASS!!! If I were as low class as you guys, I would say that US flag is something that a drunk people would see: stars, stars .. and some strips…

    I despise all the trash here! Go FXXK yourself with your own shit!

  • Liu Wang

    And I think I am right about not to make any foreign friends here,, bunch of losers! Even a garbage guy or janitor can teach English here in China.. So I don’t doubt you trash would do something like this here!
    BUT remember you will get cursed! By the day you find out you are so fucked up, then you should remember the reason why : You dumped TOO MUCH shit here! DIE HARD! ENJOY !

  • David Liss

    I thought this was the McDonald’s uniform!

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  • tOTF

    liu wang, before you leave i would like a big mac, fries, and a large coke.

  • Anonymous

    The Spanish uniforms matched the Chinese in garish colors. Lots of awful uniforms all around.

  • oGsan

    Hmpf, i think the uniforms OK.

    I realy don’t think they deserve most of the bad comments posted here.
    You people should try not to judge so quick.
    All have the right to have the right (even such as you who posted such comments) to their own opinion and taste.

  • BOBinfl

    How did the Chinese people get so ugly, did some guy fuck an ugly dog a couple of hundred thousand years ago and it stuck?

  • Liu Wang

    Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    liu wang, before you leave i would like a big mac, fries, and a large coke.

    To TOTF,

    What the fuck you want has nothing to do with me, ok? You such a jerk! No wonder you guys are garbage people, ’cause you eat garbage food! Way to go! !! You know what, this is the LAST time I log on to this page, it is a WASTE of time to make comments here!
    You know what you need? Viagra !!! LOSER!

    • Fike2308

      Liu Wang,

      Please super-size my order and add an apple pie.

      Work hard and earn your 3 rmb an hour while these “terrible” English teachers make 100 – 150 RMB an hour.

      That’s how great countries like America and England are: As you said, basically ANYONE who speaks English can come to a developing country like CHINA and make more than triple what the LOCALS/CITIZENS earn without even having to speak Chinese!

      Can Chinese people go to another country and teach Chinese if they have no degree and earn 3 times more than what the average citizen of that country earns?


      • Like the Uniform

        Fike2308’s facts are flawed. My Australian friends had just left for China to teach English, and their salary is RMB9000 a month, roughly80 a day. And many of my Chinese friends are earning more than that, some receiving more than double. So there!

        Please, ChinaSmackers, if you don’t have any morals to present your case without false information, you better shut up.

        By the way, my Australian friends had all graduated from uni in order to find jobs in China.

        Conclusion: Fike2008 is a lier and an embarrassment to the cause s/he supports.

  • shinorei

    they look like air stewards and stewardesses.

  • I too agree with all, that the uniforms are really not good.Could have been much better than what are being worn here.

  • Ha! Ha! I think a designer just sneers.
    Mad colors! And clothing itself sits on athletes like potato`s bags.
    People! Do not economize with design! Or you would look like insane tomatoes.

  • Look like bottles of ketchup and mustard. : )

  • Fike2308

    “Contemporary Chinese Aesthetics” = Oxymoron

    • Like the Uniform

      “Cintemporary Fike2308 Aesthetics” = Oxymoron

      What comes around, goes around :)

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