Chinese Passenger Asks To Disembark For Cigarette

Chinese Passenger Asks To Disembark For Cigarette
One netizen posted on Weibo: “Was just riding China Eastern Airlines from Bangkok to Phuket, when the plane changed its course to Surat Thani international airport due to weather. While waiting for the plane to refuel, one Chinese passenger tried making the flight attendants open the cabin so he could get off the plane to smoke a cigarette, when he was unfortunately met with refusal he cursed the flight attendants in a rage . Luckily he was promptly dissuaded by an enthusiastic passenger, and the there was no serious calamity.” Netizens seem to think that the guy is acting like he has more money than he does, the cunt could buy his own plane and if he wanted to get off he’d just get off. The best place for him to get off would be in the ocean in order to avoid the harming of innocents.

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