Chinese Passengers Beat Unruly Foreigner On Guangzhou Metro

Foreigner angers Chinese passengers on the Guangzhou Metro.

Foreigner angers Chinese passengers on the Guangzhou Metro.

From Tudou:

Laowai [foreigner] loudly swears and gives middle finger on Guangzhou Metro, leading to passengers surrounding and beating him

Recently, a foreigner riding on the Guangzhou Metro was stopped by security inspection personnel for having a knife in his luggage. Afterward, this laowai boarded the subway and proceeded to vent his fury on the passengers, giving everyone middle finger and loudly swearing in a drunken rage. Eventually, losing their patience, the passengers swarmed him and began beating him…

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The video is of a news report featuring mobile phone footage of the incident taken by a passenger. The footage shown first is of some Chinese men beating on the foreigner while some bystanders and a subway worker yell for them to stop. The incident occurred on Guangzhou’s Line 5 Metro, with the foreigner having apparently been uncivil and rude to passengers upon boarding the subway. A young Chinese man is interviewed who explains that the foreigner had a knife confiscated by security inspection personnel at the metro station’s security checkpoint. A passenger interviewed over telephone complains about the subway personnel taking away all of the Chinese passengers involved in the fight while leaving the “crazy foreigner” in the subway.

Minutes later, as the subway approached the Ouzhuang station, the “arrogant foreigner” got in trouble again, provoking another man with the middle finger and swearing at him. The footage then shows the foreigner pointing at other passengers saying they are “whores”. Then, a woman surnamed Xie who understands English intervenes but the foreigner knocks her mobile phone out of her hands, leading to some male passengers surrounding and attacking him. When the subway reached the next stop, Taojin station, the foreigner took his luggage and disembarked.

The young Chinese man interviewed earlier says that someone who was next to him smelled alcohol on him, so maybe he was drunk. Miss Xie wonders on a telephone interview how “bloody” it could have been knowing that the foreigner was drunk and had a knife with his luggage. Finally, the police said the matter was still being handled and could not disclose anything to the public.

Comments from Tudou:


And those subway workers, are foreigners your masters? Taking away the Chinese people, you guys are simply Chinese traitors.


Well beaten.


China is hospitable, warm and welcoming to laowai, but when encountering this kind of person, there’s no need [to be so warm and hospitable].

There will be people who will respond: He drank alcohol, was probably drunk!

Drank alcohol? If drinking makes him like this, then why drink? Knowing one’s drunken behavior is bad but still drinking? This is called intentionally doing something one knows to be wrong. He deserved it~


Hurry and apologize to the foreign master!!!! Pay compensation, cede territory, give them women, anything!


I don’t think the beating was enough, not until he’s unable to stand up. TMD, us Chinese are truly too easily bullied.


[I] truly miss Grandpa Mao.


I only know that America protects its own citizens. Whoever dares to to do what happened in the video in America’s subways, the ones arrested will definitely be the foreigners.


The Chinese on the subway were rational [had cause], if someone doesn’t infringe on me, I won’t infringe on them [if you don’t bother me, I wont’ bother you]! The moment the laowai becomes physical, we can beat him until he cannot resist anymore! But China’s government?!! China’s police?!! What does “currently being handled/dealt with” mean???? [It means] not going to be handled/dealt with!!


Such unity, truly moving. [I] applaud.


Foreigners in China being so arrogant is a result of the ZF! It can be proven just by looking at how the subway personnel handled this situation! Foreigners can actually drink and then bring knives into the metro!!! The ZF is truly SB!


Guangzhou Metro’s managers are too cowardly. If that laowai had been in Harbin, he would’ve long ago been beaten to death.


Gei li!


Laowai in China are always one level above [Chinese], while China’s rabble are not even lackeys/flunkeys. A detail in the video, saying that the metro workers took away the Chinese passengers yet did nothing with the laowai, is there still any justice? Yiwu [a Chinese city well-known for trade and sourcing] here is the same. There are over 10,000 foreigners who live here long-term/permanently, and even black people are treated like masters. There are a lot who play around with the women working in foreign trade, and some are very arrogant, but when they break the law, it is very rarely dealt with! As long as you are a foreigner, the GCD [共产党, gong chan dang, the Communist Party] treats you like their ancestors! The GCD is just like the late Qing Dynasty!

What do you think? Do you think the Chinese passengers’ reactions were justified? Do you agree or disagree with how the subway personnel handled the situation?


Written by Fauna

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