Chinese Philanthropist Hands Out $100 Bills to Americans

Chinese billionaire philanthropist Chen Guangbiao handing out $100 bills to poor Americans in New York.

Chinese billionaire philanthropist Chen Guangbiao handing out $100 bills to poor Americans in New York.

The most commented articles on popular Chinese web portal NetEase [at time of translation]…

From NetEase:

Chen Guangbiao “Hands Out Money” on New York Street, One Man Refused to Accept

2014 June 24 local time, New York, United States, Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao handed out one hundred dollar bills to homeless people and street artists [buskers] on the streets of New York, with some people refusing the money he handed them.

[Note: Chen Guangbiao had recently posted a full-page advertisement in the New York Times inviting poor Americans in Manhattan to a free lunch where he would hand out 300 USD in cash to each person. He has done similar things in other countries.]












For background to understand some of the following translated Chinese netizen comments, Chen Guangbiao is a well-known Chinese billionaire and philanthropist infamous for his publicity stunts. For examples, see these past chinaSMACK translations:

Comments from NetEase:

寂寞的白杨树 [巴西球迷]:

This idiot!

宇宙真理教政委尤里 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

The front page of People’s Daily and headline for Xinwen Lianbo the next day: Americans live in deprivation, rely on Chinese to provide emergency financial aid to survive

七年触手 [网易天津市网友]:

I remember three or four years ago, the mainstream financial media were making fun of Brother Biao, resulting in the so-called hearsay we see now. Later, they felt their making fun of him was indeed without class and it faded away. Now they’re making fun of Brother Biao again. Hehe, I won’t try to explain or defend Brother Biao’s actions, but I do want to ask one thing: I just saw someone mention the One Foundation [a charity founded by actor Jet Li, see comment below by 西山坑], and I felt the question asked was good. Why does the mainstream media and public intellectuals not go scrutinize the One Foundation? Hasn’t there been enough information exposed in the past few months about the various dark secrets including many of the early One Foundation volunteers. We can’t say that One Foundation is simply black [corrupt], but have enough media investigated it? Why not? Waiting for the One Foundation to falsify its accounting books and wash away the evidence??? Pan Shiyi, Ren Zhiqiang, the Pan Renmei Incident [a controversy surrounding a land sale and transfer in 2007] had a lot of people exposing information on the internet and even reporting it with their real names, but why didn’t the media and public intellectuals investigate that? Wang Lin was exposed yesterday, but why doesn’t the media and public intellectuals probe into that? Only because Wang Lin is surrounded by big money? Whereas Chen Guangbiao is actually donating honest money and yet he is constantly hounded? Just because he’s emulating Lei Feng? Only because he loves his homeland/country? Only because he is passing on positive energy [trying to be a positive influence in society]?

I won’t fall in line. But I will continue to insist on a point:
If you’re going to dig up dirt, then dig up dirt on everyone, and report it on everyone. Otherwise, it is all ulterior misleading and brainwashing of us netizens.

老席不曾老 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Chen Guangbiao, I want to ask you, are you really a stupid cunt?

网易天津市网友 ip:60.28.*.*:

Chen Guangbiao, you’re embarrassing yourself [and/or Chinese people] even abroad now. When giving people money, why is there someone carrying a camera behind you? With China being so poor, can you be serious and do some practical things, okay? You are a sore among China’s entrepreneurs, an embarrassment, an embarrassment, and you can still laugh.

清风泛舟 [德国球迷]:

Being high-profile [getting publicity, building awareness] is not a hard truth of charity. What more, this action by Chen Guangbiao is not only high-profile, it is a kind of of publicity stunt. I increasingly no longer want to support this kind of charity by him.

西山坑 [网易重庆市江北区手机网友]:

The homeless person in the news is real, and this is disparaging Chen Guangbiao. Many people will think, Chen Guangbiao, see, Americans don’t even pay you any attention, but is that really the truth? Those praising Chen Guangbiao aren’t mentioned in the news at all.

The truth is that some New York homeless and their families once said to Chen Guangbiao in response: Take us to China. Also, there were thousands of homeless people who registered for his free lunch, resulting in the number of spaces running out for this event. Some homeless said the American government have never given them such good food, and actually never more than a hot dog meal.

What I’m trying to say is that there is news everywhere on the internet that disparages Chen Guangbiao, and rarely do you hear anything else, and this is very abnormal. These days, everyone likes to compare Chen Guangbiao and Li Lianjie [Jet Li]. I think Chen Guangbiao definitely can’t match Jet Li. Why? Because Jet Li is taking everybody’s money to do charity, while Chen Guangbiao is only using his own money to do charity. This obviously shows that Chen Guangbiao is a stupid cunt. What more, it’s said that Chen Guangbiao has donated over 1 billion domestically [in China]? Even if we deduct various exaggerations and say it is only 1/3 of that, that is still a lot of money. Are you not a big stupid cunt or what? What a stupid person… So public opinion all supports Jet Li donating other people’s money, and gives people like Chen Guangbiao who donate their own money no sympathy. All the news reports is Jet Li’s good, Chen Guangbiao’s ugly, and the ugly reported is even those that have been edited [to remove the good/positive aspects]. So, Brother Biao, you truly have offended people everywhere. Can loving your country [being patriotic] be said publicly? Do you not know that you’ll be cursed the moment you say you love your country? Don’t you know that you’ll be hated by pro-democracy people and news reporters and editors? Don’t you know that doing good deeds is not a mainstream universal value these days? Don’t you know that the intelligence of netizens to determine right and wrong is quite high~~?

党员希拉里 [哥斯达黎加球迷]:

Chinese people should be ashamed for having such a stupid cunt among them.

dianaross [网易天津市红桥区网友]:


死在出生前 [葡萄牙球迷]:

Back when I was in primary school, the teacher taught us that we should refuse candy or money from foreigners, that it was the sugar-coated artillery shells…

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