Chinese Pig Farm On Landfill, Pigs Fed With Garbage

Here is even a litter of piglets.
Surprisingly, next to the orchard is a garbage pig farm.
Surprisingly, next to the orchard is a garbage pig farm.

From Tiexue, ifeng, & Mop:

Can’t bear to look any further!!! Shocking garbage pig farm

There is a saying that when one lives on the mountain, one lives off the mountain. If you live next to a mountain of garbage, then what do you live off of? Several tens of farmers in Nanjing have for many years gathered near the Shuige Garbage Landfill, and collected garbage from the landfill to feed their pigs, every year sending over ten thousand adult pigs to the slaughterhouse; At the same time, next to the Jiaoze Garbage Landfill, there is also someone who is “living off the mountain when one lives on the mountain”.

Unimaginably filthy pigs find food in the piles of garbage.
Unimaginably filthy pigs find food in the piles of garbage.
Here is even a litter of piglets.
Here is even a litter of piglets.
Rotting marks cover the pigs' bodies.
Rotting marks cover the pigs' bodies.
Look at how rotten this fur/hide is.
Look at how rotten this fur/hide is.
This is the pig house.
This is the pig house.
Here's a picture of the entire pig farm. Everyone should go to the major markets when they buy meat, and only buy the regulated meat products that have been inspected.
Here's a picture of the entire pig farm. Everyone should go to the major markets when they buy meat, and only buy the regulated products that have been inspected.

Comments from ifeng:


Who would dare eat this kind of pig?


It isn’t that serious, a lot of vegetables are fertilized with human excrement. Farm pigs often eat excrement… You want to be so-called green, yet you’re afraid of filth being eaten by pigs? No matter what, it can be certain that pigs who have eaten garbage are still not as frightening as clenbuterol.


Several of the pigs fur don’t even look normal, who would dare to eat this kind of pig? Especially its guts, who knows if it would immediately poison [whoever eats it]!


Actually this kind of pig meat [pork] is tasty, much more so than farmed pigs. If you don’t believe me, try it and compare.


This kind of pig is a free-range pig, better than those bred within a farm. Everything can be found in garbage, so their nutrition is complete. Nanjing city residents are so lucky to have good food, we can want to eat such food but not have the opportunity to.


No matter how evil a pig farmer is, they wouldn’t only feed pigs this kind of stuff, and if it is a rural farming family, then it is even less likely. With the price of pigs so high, who would be willing to let pigs eat some unclean things because one can’t afford for it to get sick/diseased! A photo can only reflect the situation of the moment, and does not completely show the truth of the matter!

Comments from Mop:

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Sigh, I have long lost the ability to express surprise.


Too… Sigh, as long as no one dies from eating it, there’s nothing more that can be asked.


This is no big deal, China’s situation is just like this…what looks good isn’t necessarily tasty, and it may even have clenbuterol.
This pig’s life may be a bit tragic, but at least it is guaranteed to not have any clenbuterol~ haha


Pigs would rather return to their pigsty [home] than remain in the garbage of humans. Sigh, so sad.


How come those animal protection organization people don’t spend money to buy this pig now, huh????? So strange, eh~~~?

Would you dare to eat pork from these pigs?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Rollyse

    The meat will be turned to beef…in China anything is possible, so dont mind answer the question” would you dare eat it meat?”

  • Blobbyy

    Im sure the meat would be fine to eat once cooked, but knowing what it eats itself would already put us off in eating it!

    • vince

      There is a saying ‘ you are what you eat’, in this case…well you get the picture.

  • Vincent

    But does it glow?

  • JMB

    This is no worse than what pigs normally eat. At least this way they can pick and choose what looks good to them.

    • Anon

      No worse? Which 4th world country do you come from?

      Domestic food waste WITH days of rot among so many dangerous inedibles in the landfill could NEVER be considered ‘no worse’ for livestock intended for food.

      Domestic food waste WITHOUT the days of rot could be considered ‘no worse’.

      ‘Food Scraps’ without preservatives from food processing plants/restaurants could be considered ‘average’.

      Whole but low grade food unsuitable for human consumption or failing plant packaging uniformity or supermarket QC criteria could be considered ‘good’.

      And even then only for livestock like Pigs which isn’t saying much! Landfill no worse? This is something China or any responsible nation does not need.

    • I worked on a pig farm when younger, it’s much much worse.

      • Pong Lenis

        I worked on a farm that also had pigs. They only got industrial foods. grains etc. No waste whatsoever. You do the same in China and pork prices will quadruple.

        • So people should eat less of it. It’s the same reasoning they gave why milk here needed Melamine “We can’t make enough so the price would be higher if we didn’t!” I dont’ think price is a proper reasoning for poisoning your citizens…

  • Anon

    This is disgraceful and good work for highlightinh the rot in China. There should be forum scouring CCP ‘flying squads’ to handle shameful news like this within 24 hours. Example :

    1) relocate the peasants and their pigs to suitable pig rearing land,

    2) send trailer based recycling or incineration facilities if not send rubbish to be buried or processed in properly zoned and cordoned off landfills and organic recycling plants or ‘digesters’

    3) Post a ‘Problem All Cleaned Up’ article showing :
    a) happy pig rearers with state sponsored pig feed manufactured from whole foods if not ‘clean’ scrap’ from food processing plants
    b) the before/after cleaned up rubbish photos of the area
    c) official warnings/penalty listings against feeding livestock rubbish

    More efficiency CCP, or China is heading the way of the worst in the USA. All Capitalist societies do.

  • Anonanon

    That’s OK, I wasn’t planning on eating today anyway!

  • Anonanon

    On a side note, I dunno whether the discoloration on the pig-skin is due to them rolling around in trash or disease from eating trash.

    Probably both.

    • Jones

      Pigs come in a lot of colors, really. Some have hair, some don’t. Lots of variety.

      • Anonanon

        Mmm yeah. I’ve seen boars and pigs with red fur but I’m looking at the 3rd last pic where the pig has the normal pale-pink skin, and the area around his legs and butt has the same discoloration as the pig with its litter. At this point it’s safe to say the red fur isn’t it’s natural skin/fur color.

  • Peye

    For all we know these might be wild pigs who are roaming the country side. Just because there is a house nearby does not mean a thing.
    Besides that . How someone can live so near such a large and mostly uncovered garbage pit seems to be more of a problem.
    In Germany they have these wild pigs everywhere, even in large cities like Berlin. Their favoured places for finding food are gabage bins(wich they turn over to get at what is inside) peoples gardens and farmers fields. The damage they are causing to parks and fields is large. Hunting these pigs requires special permission.

    • Anon

      ” How someone can live so near such a large and mostly uncovered garbage pit seems to be more of a problem. ”

      Hear that Chinese? DON”T LIVE NEAR LANDFILLS. You’re embarrassing the entire country.

      Special permission to hunt? More red tape in Germany? Shouldn’t it be considered a civic contribution to remove potential pests (albeit edible ones) – especially if care is taken not to damage property or use of silencers applied to not frighten locals? Selling of meat from wild pigs though maybe needs permission due to hygiene issue, though for personal consumption why not?

      Germany is cool though for having natural food sources wandering around – they should allow hunting these would-be landfill raiding pigs for food. What percentage of trees in Germany bear edible fruit as well?

      I keep hearing about Americans eating road kill, or killing for convenience store crap, they should plant food/grain bearing plants and trees EVERYWHERE, and allow state sponsored fowl and ruminants, maybe some meatier species of dogs (hereabouts the poor foreign workers do make tasty stews and barbeques of stray puppies at least, helps clean up the environment abit) as well, to wander about so that the hungry won’t have to resort to crime or robbing convenience stores.

      • Anonanon

        Damn man, take a chill pill.

        • Ray

          Yea he does need a chill pill, always trolling other ppl’s opinions. Peye is simply saying that there is an issue with living so close to an uncovered dump and *boom* comes the sarcasm about embarrassing the entire country……

          The images just don’t provide enough evidence to say that these pigs are farmer owned and are purposely placed here to feed…

          • Anon

            Shhh. It’s reverse psychology. (Chill pills your a$$es.)

  • Yurp

    Who gives a shit? People throw lots of food out in the trash, and hobbos eat that. Are homeless people worse than pigs? Do you think chickens from battery farms are fed better than this?

  • 老外

    Um… I’m surprised nobody mentioned Trichinella.


    • Epitope

      Trichinella can only be a problem with uncooked meat such as ham. Once you cook your meat at 500+ degrees, pretty much everything that lives on it dies.

      Never eat ham in China, unless it is treated with the right preservatives (benzoic acid, sulfites, nitrites). Trichinella can get stuck inside your eye ball and while it’s not life threatening, it must be freaking annoying to spend a lifetime with a dead worm in your eye. Everywhere you look you will see its dead body floating about.。

    • Epitope

      Trichinella can only be a problem with uncooked meat such as ham. Once you cook your meat at 500+ degrees, pretty much everything that lives on it dies.

      Never eat ham in China, unless it is treated with the right preservatives (benzoic acid, sulfites, nitrites). Trichinella can get stuck inside your eye ball and while it’s not life threatening, it must be freaking annoying to spend a lifetime with a dead worm in your eye. Everywhere you look you will see its dead body floating about.。.

      • 老外

        Those are “floaters”, which aren’t actually worms. They’re surprisingly common.

        • Epitope

          I confused trichinella with another parasite that can get stuck in your eyeball.. But floaters are not what I am talking about, this is a natural phenomenon as you know and has nothing to do with an infection. There are some nematodes however that can infect the inside of your eyeball and swim across it.

          As for foodborne parasites, the one I confused trichinella with, I believe, is toxoplama, which can also end up in your eyeball and can be foodborne. Though the pig would need to eat cat feces infected with toxoplasma oocytes in addition to not having its meat cooked in order to be a vector of the parasite.

  • Shanghairen

    I think it’s normal for pigs in most countries to eat garbage; they digest it and their body uses the nutrients. The bacteria in the garbage they eat does not get transferred to their muscles. If they’re eating dangerous chemicals along with the food then that could be bad, especially if you eat the liver, which filters some chemicals. If you’re in any way surprised by this story (which you shouldn’t be), then you should either stop eating meat or continue living in ignorance about what farm animals do before they arrive on your plate.

    • In developed countries, pigs do not eat garbage from a garbage pile, they eat scraps or pig feed which is not filled with (as many) poisons and doesn’t have the added risks of the diseases and chemicals that are easily found in a garbage dump. See Laowai’s article on Trichinella for example.

      I don’t eat meat but this is much worse than what most pigs eat in any modern country.

    • 老外


      Pork used to be extremely unsafe in the United States due to garbage feeding. PARASITES do get transferred to the meat. Live, active parasites. The kind that can kill you.

      • Just John

        That is why you cook pork.

        From your very article listed above:
        Prevention: Cooking pork meat properly or by freezing pork, Trichinella infection can be prevented. In addition, by not allowing pigs or wild animals from eating uncooked meat, scrapes, or carcasses of any animals, which may be infected with Trichinella, the parasite infection in animal populations can be prevented.

        Notice even this does not say “Pigs eating garbage”, it says they can become infected by eating something that is also infected:
        Feeding of animal waste products or other feed contaminated with Trichinella

        • And you trust the restaurants here to cook the pork properly? have you ever seen the kitchen in the restaurants?

          As well, Garbage is full of dead animals and animal waste products, pigs eat everything they can find.

          it’s just one more danger added to a long list that is entirely preventable and not needed is the point.

  • Hylith

    Yeah, I don’t think this is cool at all because…


    • Anonanon

      Well, it was only a matter of time until the first fat celebrity/pig joke came T_T

  • kay

    the litter of piglets is cute!! I dont think we’re getting the whole picture. SHouldnt’ there be people around looking through the garbage too?

  • B-real

    its not as bad as they make it look. My grandmother had a small pig farm when I was younger and this is pretty how it is. Free source of food for the pigs. Real pig farms have a cleaner environment because of the FDA or some type Gov inspector and customer awareness but for small time operations this is acceptable practice as long as there are no harmful health issue that are present in the source, the pig, and the slaughter house fed won’t come knocking.

    In this case customers get wind of this and they will think twice but country folks could give 2 shits what the pig ate as long as they get to eat the pig.

    Im partial to pigs, we always had 2 pet pigs and never ate our products. We were beef and chicken family occasionally a smoked ham every blue moon.

    • Marsvin

      As others have commented above, if you feed a pig food that humans consider waste products from a known source, that’s fine.

      Having them freely roaming a municipal garbage heap with no knowledge of what the heap contains and how long it’s been there is a very different matter. That goes double if you claim to care for the pigs’ well-being and not just consumption.

      • B-real

        Again that is the difference of what purpose the pig is raised for. These pigs might be used for other uses other than human consumption. One way or the other pigs are highly profitable products and these farmers maximized their profit margins. Average person wouldn’t person would be able to afford a pig. There are not enough scraps left to go around to feed 1 pig for a day. But the byproducts and their deaths are worth allot.

  • I have to say that the subtitles of images are not very intelligent:
    – “rotting marks” on the pig’s skin?
    – rotten fur?

    Come on, no need to be a farmer or biologist to understand that these pigs look quite normal and healthy.

    These marks are called birthmarks – people have them, dogs have them, pigs have them.
    And it has nothing to do with pigs eating the garbage.

    • Irvin

      Liar! show me your birth mark.

    • B-real

      She’s actually right, they are normal spots on pigs. Don’t they are animals too and can have patterns too no matter ugly they may look.
      If it aint a panda they dont know shit about animals.

    • twftw

      and it just so happens that the most flies gather on the pig that has the biggest “birth mark?”

  • canal boys

    pigs are actually very intelligent and they have nostrils similar to a high tech scientific detector that tells them what is edible and what is harmful to their body. who ever thought of using pigs to organize and clean up landfills is a true revolutionist and intellectual genius that deserves the Nobel peace prize. this idea will benefit the world in an Eco-friendly and non expensive way. wild pigs are running wild in the swamps and country sides of America and Europe and their population is growing at an uncontrollable rate; due to having no natural predator. why not employ them? have them clean the landfills and organized the recyclable from the non-recyclable?

    • Meow mix

      employ pigs in a landfill? are they going to separate the plastic and the glass bottles? i don’t see how pigs in anyway can benefit a landfill. they will just be eating up all the rotting food like the giant flocks of seagulls that are already there.

      • canal boys

        haha you actually took the post seriously?

  • Joe

    Wow, Chinese pigs are cute! They are brown.

    I don’t know if these are any dirtier than factory farmed pigs. At least these pigs can move around.

  • DRaY

    This article seems to smell!!!!I think it is BULL SHIT!!! Your leader has spoken, you can go back to what you were dong before China Smack stole minutes out of your day. Shame on you China Smack for showing us BullSHit news articles!!!

  • Song of the article

    March of the Pigs
    -Nine Inch Nails

    awesome article

  • HC

    I’m quite surprised by the comment:
    “Everyone should go to the major markets when they buy meat, and only buy the regulated products that have been inspected.”

    Who exactly is responsible for inspection?
    And what/how is a product regulated in China?

    A country where people are constantly fighting to survive and build asset, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would care to regulate or inspect the meat. There are a lot of disgusting Chinese people looking to just make a quick buck rather than care of about the harm they cause others.

  • Andao

    Pretty nasty, just two days after I decided to stop eating beef thanks to ChinaSmack. Thanks again guys.

    Anyway, not sure an inspector would catch something like this. If all they see is the meat, it’s not like the meat is going to jump out and say “I’m from a landfill pig!”

  • carny

    If you think this is bad then try taking the bus from Shenzhen to Guilin, the “rest stop” is located at a 24 hour rural eatery which has its rest rooms?/toilets upstairs. Here you’ll find a row of squatting cubicles where you are expected to dump your load and at the end of the row of cubicles you’ll find 3 large pigs eating the excrement that flows towards them. All this inside the building!
    i love China but as with anywhere these days i find it it better if you don’t think too much. There is shit happening everywhere and Chinasmack generally highlights Chinese issues but in the West landfills tend to be inhabited by people rather than pigs, searching/scavenging for anything that will sustain their existence, what’s so wrong about pigs doing the same?
    the best advice I’ve been given is “never look at things in isolation,” there’s always the bigger picture to consider. Pigs on a landfill site isn’t really an issue in the overall scheme of things and this article as with most of the articles here seems to exist in order to try to create more “finger pointing” and “my dad is bigger than your dad” type of comments. Either that or the amount of comment worthy material available is drying up, it’s getting a bit like TV where the adverts are better than the content.

  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    Doesn’t matter to me, like Malcolm X – I don’t eat the white man’s swine.

  • diverdude

    Soylent Green is looking better & better…

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  • Rick in China

    The first thing I thought about when I saw this story was the pork to beef ‘scandal’… only in China – from Pig to Porterhouse.

    The “Pig to Porterhouse” can also be used to describe many girls you’d find at a club. Once the make-up comes off, so does the porterhouse..and all you’re left with is a pig.

    • Anon

      Would that be beer swilling and extacy pill popping/pushing or non? It’s not the pig or even if that makeup is tattooed, it’s the irradiated or GMO pharma pollution that gives cause for concern.

  • MadeInChina

    This piggy built his house out of brick, hay and straw. Prime location with huge front yard and a abundant of food. This one is living the life.

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  • Spanky

    Yummy. Xiao long bao!

  • Canadian_Skies

    This makes me wonder, how is it you never see advertisements for China’s beaches? With all that coastline, one would expect they have nice beaches.

    • Honibaz

      Even in Hainan it’s pretty polluted.

      • Dr Sun

        The Russians like going there, no one else does.