Chinese Police Car Hits Crossing Pedestrian Then Drives Away


The following video has over 1.3m views and nearly 5k comments 10 hours after being uploaded…

On Youku:

Caught: Police Car Hits a Person, Shrugs, Drives Off Against Traffic with Sirens Blaring

2013 March 31st at 8:09am, on the North Ring Road of Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County in Liaoning province, a Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County traffic police vehicle going the wrong direction driving on the center double-yellow lines hit a pedestrian, with footage showing that the car not only didn’t slow down but instead sped up driving away from the scene, without stopping to help.

Comments from Youku:


How come they don’t call 120 [emergency medical services] to help the person?


The driver is a temporary worker.


This pedestrian…




Must be ding’d up!!!!! The offender must be punished according to the law!!!!!


1, it was wrong to speed against traffic, 2, Chinese style street crossing, 3. everyone is at fault.


How come the people in the car that’s filming this don’t help? The people are so cold and indifferent these days!


I’m waiting to see what explanation they’re going to have this time…


Does he think he’s driving a Japanese tank?


You’re in big trouble now!!!!!


Something that happened on March 31st only being posted now?


Sigh, it is precisely because it is a police car that people are so disillusioned.


The person filming is also nothing good…not helping.


Shouldn’t this driver have called 120 or something? But he leaves just like that?


The Heavenly Kingdom is incredible. 赞


愤怒 Why didn’t this car that’s filming stop to help? Even calling 120 would’ve been something, why are people all so cold and detached?


Gall like a god, skill like shit! If he had quickly turned the steering wheel to the right, he could’ve completely avoided [the pedestrian].


愤怒 Fuck! Hurry and run! Otherwise have to pay compensation!


Sad, a sadness that comes from the heart, just what could be so urgent that it is more urgent than a person’s life…?


Truly don’t know what to say~~~~


This brother [referring to the driver of the car with the camera] also doesn’t dare to go help.


Fuck, those filming, get out and take [the pedestrian] to the hospital!


Leaving out the police for the moment, this person deserved to be hit. Hearing the siren from so far away and seeing the car coming without the slightest intent to yield, continuing to walk forward as if there was nothing, thinking the car wouldn’t dare hit him. Deserved it.


If you [the driver filming] have the time to sit there and continuously swear, why didn’t you first call 120 to help [the person hit]?


[The police car was] Probably in the course of carrying out some other official duty, otherwise he would’ve definitely stopped and helped. Probably to catch some international criminal.

jfzkxzx: (responding to above)

First floor [the above commenter], is a human life more important or catching a criminal more important?

liangnan168: (responding to above)

One’s character is most important!


The police siren was on, so he probably was in the middle of some other official business, but he also has to bear responsibility. He has the right to not stop, but still has to call 120.


I’m guessing this police car had some other urgent business. It’s better to save many people even if it means losing one person. One has to look at the big picture!!! The big picture!!


Even if there is some urgent official business he should still first help the person.


Looks like the police car had the siren on and was on official business, so he would not be held responsible even for hitting and killing you.


Who told you to walk without looking? The siren is even on and you still don’t look.


Let me ask a question, if the person who was hit was a family member of ours, what would everyone do?


Not even getting off to help, just what kind of person is this. If you’re not going to help them, at least call 120, right? This driver is also not a good person.

耍酷猪: (responding to above)

Are you a TM stupid X? How do you know the driver didn’t make a call or stop and get out of the car?


This [police officer] must be arrested, then executed. Even if there was an urgent matter, you still can’t be like this. Even if you’re on your way to save people, you can’t first kill one!

站起来就不爬下: (responding to above)

Only when there’s an emergency matter will the siren be used, and they can then speed and run red lights, so everyone needs to yield and get out of the way. If something happens, it’s because you didn’t yield and get out of the way. They’re not going to be held responsible.


A lot of pedestrians these days don’t even check if there are cars when they cross the street, and often the most niu of them will just cross the street with their backs turned towards the traffic just like in the video. Talk about not cherishing their lives, thinking too highly of the skills of drivers these days. To be more objective, both parties are responsible. Two word summary: Deserved it.

没素质就别来上网 :

These people deserve it, would using the crosswalk have killed you? The police car was obviously in a rush.

花清淡: (responding to above)

Whether or not it was deserved is not something you can determine, but was him not stopping when he should’ve right or not?

liangnan168: (responding to above)

Deserved it, not using the crosswalk, thinking just because he’s a living person that no one dares to hit him while crossing the street. Sometimes a person’s character determines whether they live or die. Deserved it.

桀煌仔: (also responding to 花清淡)

[Those who] Don’t use the crosswalk and run red lights simply deserve to die, harming others and themselves! (This is what every driver thinks inside!!)


I must say, this person who uploaded the video, how do you want me to put this? You can hear the police siren behind you as it approach, but did you yield to let him pass? You don’t look at the rear-view mirror? What more, with the speed you’re going, aren’t you forcing him to go against traffic [around him]? From the police car’s speed, it indeed looks like there was an urgent matter he was going to. I bet [this filming driver] is yet another new driver. And what more, the people there all don’t seem to give any regard to the police and police siren. If the pedestrian had just stopped, nothing a damn thing would’ve happened.

视频啊: (responding to above)

I’m puzzled by whether or not you have any driving common sense at all. Given the road conditions and the police car’s speed, do you think the car that was filming could’ve reacted in time?


Doesn’t matter what it is, when the siren is on, everyone should yield regardless of whether they are pedestrians or cars. If the car that hit the person wasn’t a police car but an ambulance, what then? Think about it, children…


This police car can be used to film Fast and Furious 6.


First: The police car did try to avoid and brake; Second, the police car didn’t actually just leave, but had pulled over to the side and stopped about 200 meters ahead; The most important point, as well as the most easily overlooked point: This car was on official business, it was already using the siren, whereas this car owner who was filming didn’t pull over and yield, continuing to occupy the lane, so how could the police car avoid going against traffic [drive on the opposite side of the road, the wrong way]? Also: As the police car was driving against traffic, the cars on the other side were also not giving way whatsoever!


This police officer’s driving skill is so poor, how could he be allowed to drive a police car! Is a life more important or a car more important? Jerking the wheel to the right or jerking it to the left and hitting the car on the left would even be better than hitting a person!


First, police cars hitting people is something that cannot be tolerated. 2: It wasn’t like what the title suggests, that they turned on the siren and drove off. Clearly the siren was sounding continuously. Everyone note, the key thing is that the police car had its siren on behind him [the driver filming], but the filming car owner doesn’t pull over to the side causing the police car to drive on the wrong side of the street to pass him, ultimately causing this tragedy. Finally, it must be said, could you not have stopped the car and taken the person to the hospital? Even at least calling 120 you didn’t even do. Any conscientious Chinese person should do that!


What I saw was: 1. The police car driving on the wrong side of the street, hits someone, then drives away; 2. The pedestrian crossing the street in violation of the rules; 3. The car fitted with the video recording equipment did not do anything to report it to the police or help, only sighing/lamenting a couple of times and then leaving the scene.


I saw several problems: 1, The police car’s speed was very fast, and crossed the double-solid lines to overtake (commonly seen). 2, Pedestrian crosses the street inappropriately (more common than common). 3, The police car speeding away after hesitating after causing an accident is considered fleeing (uh…relatively common). 4, The person filming the video driving around the injured and continuing on (don’t know what happened next but this is definitely common).


Written by Fauna

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