Chinese Police Car Hits Crossing Pedestrian Then Drives Away


The following video has over 1.3m views and nearly 5k comments 10 hours after being uploaded…

On Youku:

Caught: Police Car Hits a Person, Shrugs, Drives Off Against Traffic with Sirens Blaring

2013 March 31st at 8:09am, on the North Ring Road of Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County in Liaoning province, a Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County traffic police vehicle going the wrong direction driving on the center double-yellow lines hit a pedestrian, with footage showing that the car not only didn’t slow down but instead sped up driving away from the scene, without stopping to help.

Comments from Youku:


How come they don’t call 120 [emergency medical services] to help the person?


The driver is a temporary worker.


This pedestrian…




Must be ding’d up!!!!! The offender must be punished according to the law!!!!!


1, it was wrong to speed against traffic, 2, Chinese style street crossing, 3. everyone is at fault.


How come the people in the car that’s filming this don’t help? The people are so cold and indifferent these days!


I’m waiting to see what explanation they’re going to have this time…


Does he think he’s driving a Japanese tank?


You’re in big trouble now!!!!!


Something that happened on March 31st only being posted now?


Sigh, it is precisely because it is a police car that people are so disillusioned.


The person filming is also nothing good…not helping.


Shouldn’t this driver have called 120 or something? But he leaves just like that?


The Heavenly Kingdom is incredible. 赞


愤怒 Why didn’t this car that’s filming stop to help? Even calling 120 would’ve been something, why are people all so cold and detached?


Gall like a god, skill like shit! If he had quickly turned the steering wheel to the right, he could’ve completely avoided [the pedestrian].


愤怒 Fuck! Hurry and run! Otherwise have to pay compensation!


Sad, a sadness that comes from the heart, just what could be so urgent that it is more urgent than a person’s life…?


Truly don’t know what to say~~~~


This brother [referring to the driver of the car with the camera] also doesn’t dare to go help.


Fuck, those filming, get out and take [the pedestrian] to the hospital!


Leaving out the police for the moment, this person deserved to be hit. Hearing the siren from so far away and seeing the car coming without the slightest intent to yield, continuing to walk forward as if there was nothing, thinking the car wouldn’t dare hit him. Deserved it.


If you [the driver filming] have the time to sit there and continuously swear, why didn’t you first call 120 to help [the person hit]?


[The police car was] Probably in the course of carrying out some other official duty, otherwise he would’ve definitely stopped and helped. Probably to catch some international criminal.

jfzkxzx: (responding to above)

First floor [the above commenter], is a human life more important or catching a criminal more important?

liangnan168: (responding to above)

One’s character is most important!


The police siren was on, so he probably was in the middle of some other official business, but he also has to bear responsibility. He has the right to not stop, but still has to call 120.


I’m guessing this police car had some other urgent business. It’s better to save many people even if it means losing one person. One has to look at the big picture!!! The big picture!!


Even if there is some urgent official business he should still first help the person.


Looks like the police car had the siren on and was on official business, so he would not be held responsible even for hitting and killing you.


Who told you to walk without looking? The siren is even on and you still don’t look.


Let me ask a question, if the person who was hit was a family member of ours, what would everyone do?


Not even getting off to help, just what kind of person is this. If you’re not going to help them, at least call 120, right? This driver is also not a good person.

耍酷猪: (responding to above)

Are you a TM stupid X? How do you know the driver didn’t make a call or stop and get out of the car?


This [police officer] must be arrested, then executed. Even if there was an urgent matter, you still can’t be like this. Even if you’re on your way to save people, you can’t first kill one!

站起来就不爬下: (responding to above)

Only when there’s an emergency matter will the siren be used, and they can then speed and run red lights, so everyone needs to yield and get out of the way. If something happens, it’s because you didn’t yield and get out of the way. They’re not going to be held responsible.


A lot of pedestrians these days don’t even check if there are cars when they cross the street, and often the most niu of them will just cross the street with their backs turned towards the traffic just like in the video. Talk about not cherishing their lives, thinking too highly of the skills of drivers these days. To be more objective, both parties are responsible. Two word summary: Deserved it.

没素质就别来上网 :

These people deserve it, would using the crosswalk have killed you? The police car was obviously in a rush.

花清淡: (responding to above)

Whether or not it was deserved is not something you can determine, but was him not stopping when he should’ve right or not?

liangnan168: (responding to above)

Deserved it, not using the crosswalk, thinking just because he’s a living person that no one dares to hit him while crossing the street. Sometimes a person’s character determines whether they live or die. Deserved it.

桀煌仔: (also responding to 花清淡)

[Those who] Don’t use the crosswalk and run red lights simply deserve to die, harming others and themselves! (This is what every driver thinks inside!!)


I must say, this person who uploaded the video, how do you want me to put this? You can hear the police siren behind you as it approach, but did you yield to let him pass? You don’t look at the rear-view mirror? What more, with the speed you’re going, aren’t you forcing him to go against traffic [around him]? From the police car’s speed, it indeed looks like there was an urgent matter he was going to. I bet [this filming driver] is yet another new driver. And what more, the people there all don’t seem to give any regard to the police and police siren. If the pedestrian had just stopped, nothing a damn thing would’ve happened.

视频啊: (responding to above)

I’m puzzled by whether or not you have any driving common sense at all. Given the road conditions and the police car’s speed, do you think the car that was filming could’ve reacted in time?


Doesn’t matter what it is, when the siren is on, everyone should yield regardless of whether they are pedestrians or cars. If the car that hit the person wasn’t a police car but an ambulance, what then? Think about it, children…


This police car can be used to film Fast and Furious 6.


First: The police car did try to avoid and brake; Second, the police car didn’t actually just leave, but had pulled over to the side and stopped about 200 meters ahead; The most important point, as well as the most easily overlooked point: This car was on official business, it was already using the siren, whereas this car owner who was filming didn’t pull over and yield, continuing to occupy the lane, so how could the police car avoid going against traffic [drive on the opposite side of the road, the wrong way]? Also: As the police car was driving against traffic, the cars on the other side were also not giving way whatsoever!


This police officer’s driving skill is so poor, how could he be allowed to drive a police car! Is a life more important or a car more important? Jerking the wheel to the right or jerking it to the left and hitting the car on the left would even be better than hitting a person!


First, police cars hitting people is something that cannot be tolerated. 2: It wasn’t like what the title suggests, that they turned on the siren and drove off. Clearly the siren was sounding continuously. Everyone note, the key thing is that the police car had its siren on behind him [the driver filming], but the filming car owner doesn’t pull over to the side causing the police car to drive on the wrong side of the street to pass him, ultimately causing this tragedy. Finally, it must be said, could you not have stopped the car and taken the person to the hospital? Even at least calling 120 you didn’t even do. Any conscientious Chinese person should do that!


What I saw was: 1. The police car driving on the wrong side of the street, hits someone, then drives away; 2. The pedestrian crossing the street in violation of the rules; 3. The car fitted with the video recording equipment did not do anything to report it to the police or help, only sighing/lamenting a couple of times and then leaving the scene.


I saw several problems: 1, The police car’s speed was very fast, and crossed the double-solid lines to overtake (commonly seen). 2, Pedestrian crosses the street inappropriately (more common than common). 3, The police car speeding away after hesitating after causing an accident is considered fleeing (uh…relatively common). 4, The person filming the video driving around the injured and continuing on (don’t know what happened next but this is definitely common).

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  • GLUXSZ .

    That’s China folks

  • CheddyZeddy

    the police ,the pedestrian and the guys recording the video are all doing the wrong thing.

    • Zappa Frank

      that’s china!

      • B*tches, Leave

        diz diz diz, another one bites the dust, diz diz diz (article’s song)

    • glenn

      the guy who is recording had no idea that the incident was going to happen. he is NOT their to intentionally filming the incident. how is that he was doing the wrong thing?

      • The Enlightened One

        He is blocking the lane, for starters. You should move to the right when an emergency vehicle is coming through.

        He didn’t help the person who was hit and I did not hear a phone call for an ambulance.

        Get a clue.

        • glenn

          how do you know he didn’t call an ambulance afterwards? you are psychic? the news report i read said people did call the police, genious. the police car was obviously driving very fast he didn’t have the time to give way. by the way, the driver of the police car was already arrested and in police custody.

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, “people” called the police. Going by the video and not using my psychic abilities… they continued driving on and a phone call wasn’t made. Why not check on the person or something?

            Glenn, you embarrass yourself. You obviously aren’t from a western country. You know that loud thing. You could hear it at about 0:37 seconds in the video. It’s called a siren. It means move.

            Stop making excuses.

          • Paul Schoe

            Glenn, Can you give a source for that the driver of the police car was arrested? I haven’t found such a update.

        • Alphy

          People in China rarely yield for emergency vehicle. For one they always have their lights on, and second, they turn on the sirens even when they just want to pass you. Most of the time people believe its just abuse and ignore them. Obviously, there are times where there’s real need.

          The conversation in the car went like this. First the girl in the car, told the driver to leave the scene. The louder guy whom seems to be the driver just said, “geez, that’s just too crazy”, then you hear another girl say “just go”. The another guy in front said “Crap, the recorder capture this. Crap”. The driver than replied “huh? Fxxx, why drive so crazy?”

      • ajm

        It’s because the lady said “zola” or let’s go. They didn’t get out to help the person, just left the injured person in the street. They didn’t call emergency right away. pathetic behavior all around.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes, after the guy was hit… I believe the man said “Zou ba?” Should we go? And the woman says “Zou le” “Let’s go!”. They could be referring to that the police had left.. but I think you are right. Then I think they guy says “Should we do something?” or “What does should do?” as he is driving off lol.

      • slob

        All 3 of them are doing something wrong and the accident was caused by all 3 of them being stupid. The police car was in the wrong lane. Why? Because the stupid fucking car wouldn’t move so he had no choice. The woman was unfortunately hit because she was jaywalking and, for some reason, could not hear the loud blaring sirens of a police car (which can be heard blocks away). The police man continues driving, possibly on the way to something important like a crime in progress so he couldn’t stop and most likely radioed in for an ambulance, she was merely collateral damage. The dumb fucks in the car didn’t stop to help her and just drive off. All 3 are in the wrong but I wouldn’t blame any one of the 3 specifically which is why this police man is going to get off scot free as both the woman and the recording car were in th wrong too.

        • Bert

          It was a woman? Oops

      • dude

        dude drove away after the accident without helping.

      • cheddyzeddy

        He drove away without helping the victim. thats the problem.

    • bert

      Finally a smart guy here!!!!!! You get a cigar!

  • TJDubs

    What was the emergency that was so important? Horny mistress? Shark fin soup getting cold? Bribe payment overdue?

    • BiggJ

      He was on his way to a hit-and-run incident. lol

      • MrT

        more likely on the way back to finish off the game he was in.

        • MrT

          the lights were on…

          • loki

            The lights are always on. Do you not live in china?

          • MrT

            there off when its a emergency and they drive very slow, to make sure every one dead when they get to the scene..less paperwork

      • Dr Sun

        now, that’s funny,

        more likely on his way to lunch…a massage..marhjong… his “hair cut “

    • DEKF

      Luckily the pedestrian wasn’t seriously hurt and is recovering in a hospital. The driver of the police car was a deputy sheriff, and was arrested for hit and run.

      • loki

        Why do I feel you are making that Crap up …

        • YourSupremeCommander

          DEKF – DEfinately maKing crap up Fool.

      • Deputy Sheriff, Yiiihaaa!!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The only way justice will be served is IF the person who got hit is either rich or well connected, (not likely in this case) so nothing will happen.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      So much for ‘to serve and protect’

      • Boris

        To protect and swerve.


    If the car had yielded to the police car, this would not happen. If they do not want to yield, both that car and that person should have at least stopped. But then again, killing someone is always wrong.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Even if that someone is Bin Ladin or a murderer or rapist? You are a SAINT.

  • wes707

    5,000 years of civilization. Be proud China!

    • Ruaraidh

      Shame they haven’t had 5,000 years to learn to drive properly.

      • cb4242

        5,000 of history and NO common sense or human compassion!

      • The Enlightened One

        Or walk properly… like not in front of vehicles with blaring sirens that are speeding to an emergency.

        But hey, “Me first!” doesn’t always pay off lol.

    • DavidisDawei

      Yes, good one, but it is like the guy who says “I have 5 years experience”, but in reality he has one day of experience that he repeats over and over again; No growth, no advancement, just some slob who is too stupid or too lazy to care…Time passes no matter what; that alone doesn’t mean shite.

      • wes707

        Sorry, you seem to be getting all metaphysical here. Have you not heard Chinese people speak of 5,000 years of history as the foundation for their eminence. While actually the Xia Dynasty, the first dynasty 4,000 years ago, was a small fiefdom no more advanced than the Minoan civilization that arose 4,700 years ago in Crete. Keep in mind that a substantial part of “China” was not unified until 221BC and did not remain unified as one nation; contrary to what Chinese nationalists claim when they say “xyz” has always been a part of China. For example, Taiwan’s oldest city is Tainan and was founded by the Dutch East India Company in 1624, yet Taiwan has “always been a part of China.” Really, then who are the Taiwanese aborigines? See this is part of the force-fed history that the Chinese proudly irrigate to thwart actually discernment of history. So my point was that if China’s history is so great, why does it not seem to add up to all the boastful talk?

        • Kai

          Both you and the Chinese who claim it are abusing the notion. The Chinese can only claim 5000 years of civilization through a very narrow interpretation, whereas you can’t really explain how that claim has any relation to the actions and choices of the individuals here.

          It’s kinda like pointing at a crime in America and then saying “That’s freedom and democracy for you”.

          See how that works? The one thing that is true is that someone was predisposed to finding fault and broadening it to a nation because of their prejudices against that nation (or, more accurately, aspects of that nation).

          • wes707

            What’s interesting is that that comment had no downvotes right before you posted and now all of the sudden it has 9. You’re surely not manipulating this site are you?

          • Kai

            I haven’t left this page and your comment already has 9 downvotes. I haven’t even voted on your comment yet.

            Have some self-confidence in yourself and not give a shit about vote counts. Have you seen my past comments and how many downvotes I get?

            cS gets a lot of traffic. Vote counts can change pretty quickly because there are people reading and voting. Don’t be so quick to assume there’s a conspiracy against you. Sometimes people just don’t like what you say, however rational and reasonable you think you’re being. Happens to me all the time.

          • wes707

            Trust me, I’ve been reading CS for years. I can see how you and your organization might have interest to push up and pull down certain comments. Truth hurts. Plus, there was that spat not too long ago about censoring certain comments deemed too negative.

          • Kai

            Right, do you really think your comment is so objectionable to us that we’d manipulate your vote count over the tons of other far more objectionable and obnoxious comments we have on our site?

          • wes707

            Did you or did you not have a group of individuals write to you about censoring this website? All I’m saying is that 9 down votes within 5 minutes is somewhat suspicious.

          • Kai

            We did, and the result of that was us installing Disqus to give people the power to vote, collapse comment threads, and flag comments. We also revised our comment policy a bit but we more or less have been moderating the same way we have always (much to some people’s continuing consternation). Go back to that petition and tell me if you think the things they complained about have noticeably decreased or been “censored” on this site.

            Again, do you really think your comment is so objectionable to us that we’d manipulate your vote count over the other far more objectionable and obnoxious comments we have on our site? Please, answer me this.

            You clearly do think you getting downvotes is suspicious, but all you have is alleged motive (which you claim to be “truth”). My above question is to put that motive in context. By your argument, you’re saying a petition that wanted us to moderate racist comments led us to manipulate your votes so you’d have more downvotes. This tells me you think your comment was racist, and that we’d inflate your downvote count instead of jut moderating you and your comment.


            Look, I don’t have access nor can I get you access to the possible Disqus server logs that could possibly prove to you that we didn’t manipulate your vote count. You want proof, go ask Disqus for it. All I can do is try to get you to think more clearly. cS has a lot of traffic, a lot of visitors, and gets a lot of commenting activity. I personally don’t know if you got 9 downvotes in 5 minutes. As I said, when I first arrived on this page, you already had 9 downvotes. It’s not like I sit here constantly refreshing the page to see how voting changes. We’re all defensive of our opinions, but if I had the pettiness to manipulate people’s votes, you’d think I would be manipulating the votes on my own comments, yet you can literally click on my name and see my history of comments and see for yourself how many downvotes I get. I don’t know what else I can do.

            And should I be suspicious about the number of upvotes you have? Come on.

          • Reila90

            Pssst… he thought 9/11 was inside job too!

          • wes707

            Really, no I didn’t. Look, it’s my favorite person: the Taiwanese girl who’s in love with Japanese fascism.

    • glenn

      we sure are proud. sure china is not perfect. but it is a country that has a low crime rate and things ARE getting better. you have fun living in the US which has the most serial killers in the world and, again, the highest incaceration rate in the world. all i see is a bunch of insecure supremacists that are uneasy about the rise of china and their decline. keep on whining, lol!

      • Chris McKenna

        I agree that people have double standards here, but giving China’s crime rate as example is not really fair.

        For a start the part of the reason the crime rate is so low is that the police don’t do anything to arrest people and most people don’t report crimes and just try to sort it out themselves. I know many people in China who have had things stolen and who don’t report anything because they know there is no point.

        Secondly giving people the death penelty for minor infractions (proved or not) does tend to make people shy away from violent crime, but at the expesnse of liberty and justice. Comitting violent crime against people to stop crime has to be criminal irony.

        • glenn

          just by reading a few stories you arrived to the conclusion that the police is not doing their jobs. let me tell my own experience. when i was in australia a few years ago, the house i rented was broken in and my stuff stolen and i called the police. it took them 4 hours, yes, 4 hours to get to my place. and they told me to file a report and nothing happend afterwards. in china, my neighour called police for a stolen bike, the police arrived in 20 minutes. 4 hours to 20 minutes. got to tell you about something, right?

          • Kai

            Couldn’t you two just agree that people have double standards here?

          • Chris McKenna

            We could, but that’s no fun :-)

          • Kai

            Heh, I tried.

          • Chris McKenna

            No, not just by reading a few stories, I lived there a long time and in several different places. I can’t talk about Australia but compared to where my home (UK) policing is very different. I could go into the examples of things I seen when living there, but I guess you know what I mean. There are also some good academic articles around on how the system of law and policing works in China, although I accept that these are from a western academic perspective and often from human rights and business groups with their own interests.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          Petty crimes like pick-pocketing may go unreported however homicides are treated very seriously in China as well as in the rest of the world. So to compare the crime rates of two countries the best practice is to compare the homicide rates. According to UN statistic, the homicide rate of the US is almost 5 times of that of China. Comparing to the US, China is obviously doing a very good job keeping its people safe.

          Secondly executing criminals can save the lives of innocent people by preventing crimes. There must be something wrong with some one’s head if she/he think the so called “liberty” and “justice” is more important than human lives.

          • Chris McKenna

            The point is are you sure you are executing criminals or is it just people that said the wrong thing or spoke to the wrong person? It’s estimated that China kills more people each year than any other country. With courts that are regularly flagged by independent human rights groups.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Do you have evidence of any recently executed people who just said the wrong thing?

          • Chris McKenna
          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            The links you posted have nothing to do with executing people who said the wrong thing.

            In the first article you referenced there’s an example of a women sentenced to death for killing her husband. But what that article fails to mention is, not only she killed her husband, she also cruelly cut the dead body into pieces, cooked and disposed.

            In the video, its a women crying about some faimily member get executed for being a raper and murderer.

            In both cases, they don’t deserve my sympathy.

            Your last sentence is the typical logic of the western propaganda machine. Because the Chinese goverment wont tell us everything so we are justified to say whatever we want without any evidence to make the EVIL COMMUNISTS look bad.

          • Chris McKenna

            I suggest you reread/watch them as you have not understood.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            So what’s your point then.

          • Chris McKenna

            The point in the first article is that decisions are not made based on law but by local police or the party:

            “The most urgent matter is to reduce the number of miscarriages of justice. We don’t have judicial independence. Judges are influenced or even controlled by the local police or the Communist Party.”

            “In many cases the police tortured a suspect and the judges use this evidence even when they know it has been obtained illegally. A judge is supposed to exclude evidence obtained through torture but because the court is not independent they instead listen to the police and Communist Party officials.”

            It can be inferred from these statements (made by a Chinese lawyer) that people who have spoken against the party or who have spoken to the wrong person can find themselves in trouble. As mention already the Chinese government will not release its information on the death penalty. If all these people that are killed (estimated at 5000-6000 a year) are simply criminals what is the purpose in doing that?

            I feel under those circumstances I have given some evidence to support my case. Can you give independent evidence to support your point?

            The second link is a video to someone who was killed for a crime only later to be found innocent. It shows why the death penalty is wrong in all countries, but also shows how unfair the system is in China, with little/no right of appeal and no way for people to communicate with their families.

            I will concede, however, that the Chinese government has expressed interested in reforming the system. And hopefully change will be on the way. However, I don’t see how this can be done without the courts becoming independent of the party.

            Note Amnesty is independent human rights organization who regularly makes criticism of Western governments as well (such Guantanamo and Belmarsh). So I wouldn’t say they are anti-communist. If fact most of the people I know involved with Amnesty tend to be on the far left. They previously won the Nobel peace prize.

          • BiggJ

            I wonder if that pick up truck full dead bodies that spilled on the highway in china got added to the stats?

      • wes707

        And so why do you speak English? Why is the keyboard that you type upon filled with non-Chinese symbols? Please tell me what Chinese traditions remain, or have been integrated into the modern world order? Yes, we’re crumbling and don’t know how to make progress… really all the Chinese have been doing is slavishly copying and stealing from the West. Sure we have many problems, but I would take the Western world any day over despotism in China. Actually, all of the Chinese government officials who transfer assets and children out of China seem to be voting with me on this one.

        • glenn

          i speak engish because i can unlike a dumbass like you. so what i can still type chinese. okay we are the bad guy you are the good guys okay? you looted the rest of the world to get to the point today and you telling me we are the bad guys. great logic. great work by the way in iraq and afghanistan.

          • wes707

            Good one, you so smart! Okay, why don’t you explain to me where science, stock exchanges, corporations, universities, lights, computers, the internet, airplanes, cars, bikes, etc, etc. come from? So you’re saying we “looted” all of that from other people?

          • glenn

            okay if you want gothere then let’s go back a few thousand years china already had functioning cities you still living in caves and eating raw meat. so slavery of the africans never happend. the opium war never happend. all those colonies around the world never happend. you win.

          • wes707

            I see you went to the CCP history academy. The Minoan Greek civilization predates the Xia Dynatsy by almost 1000 years. Look it up! Which era are you referring to? And when did I ever say that those things never happened? They did, but they were not responsible for the creation of modern science and technology

          • Paul Schoe

            Glen, talking about your ‘thousand years’ history is a slippery slope. Nobody denies that you already have thousands years of history. The question then becomes where those thousands year of history have brought you.

            Looking at such an impressive time of civilization you should have been way ahead of Western countries, instead of trying to catch up with them.

            (This does not take away the impressive progress that you have made in the last 30 years, but boasting that you are already on this path for thousands of years, does not really give an impressive score on efficiency or humanitarian quality)

      • BiggJ

        Typical chinamen….Thinks every foreigner lives in america. And like Chris said, you can’t judge low crime rate in china because crime goes unrecorded or not cared about at all. Also china kill more people last year then all the other countries in the world combined. And that’s the ones we know about, Thousands of other goes unrecorded. China might be rich and everything but have fun dying of cancer in next 10 years because you can breath the air or drink the water or even eat the food…’s all poison.

        • glenn

          oh, i just assumed most western dumbasses are from US and canada. and i’m sure that’s 90% of the case. hey, don’t fault me for it. you only have yourselves to blame.

        • glenn

          okay. and china is more dangerous than colombia. i’m sure there was no pollution at all when the UK and US was developing. no no. not at all, rite?

          • BiggJ

            I’m not talking about civilians killing other civilians….I’m talking about government executions.And sure there was pollution..but not on the the scale of china. And I know you don’t want to admit this, but china is developing into the same thing you hate, they will be just like america. america is china role model. Everything you hate about america will soon be the chinese way of life. What is china developing into?? A capitalistic way of life.An american style way of life.

            Would not surprise me even if china goes to war over oil or some other shit they need in the next few year…just like america.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          You failed to check some basic FACT before exaggerating the risk of pollutions:
          Life expectancy 2012: shanghai 82.51, NYC 80.6

          btw not every foreigner lives in the US but we Chinese like to compare China with the most powerful country in the world.

          • BiggJ

            cities? I’m talking country. China is 96th in the world with 74.84 years.
            So im exaggerating the risk of pollution in china??

            China releases grim cancer statistics

            According to a recent nationwide study published by local media,
            every minute, 6 people are diagnosed with cancer in China, that’s around
            8500 new cancer patients every day: chilling figures that have spared
            widespread reaction on social networks.

            Indeed, Chinese web users, like this micro-blogger on China’s Twitter
            equivalent Sina Weibo, have been commenting on what they describe as a
            dramatic situation. He thinks the cancer epidemic is the result of 30
            years of unbridled development in China, which he feels has been carried
            out with no regard for the environment or the health of inhabitants.

            Online testimonials have been flooding in, confirming the contents of
            the report recently made public. This web user says that in his home
            town, dozens of people aged between 30 and 50 years old, have suffered
            from some form of cancer in recent years. An alarming increase of cases
            which for the moment remains unexplained, something he thinks should
            prompt the Chinese authorities to launch a full investigation

            Although some web users in China have come to realize the extent of
            the crisis through the publication of these figures, others have been
            aware of the problem for some time now. This web user refers to the
            numerous health scandals to have hit China in recent years. He suggests
            it’s not surprising to see such grim statistics, particularly when his
            fellow citizens regularly and unwittingly eat toxic products, or breathe
            the highly polluted air in big cities.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            China is a developing country, if you want to estimate the effect of pollution it is only fair to compare a mostly developed part of China with a major city of the US.

            If you want to compare the whole country then its fair to compare China with another major developing country.

            Life expectancy 2012 of BRIC countries: Brazil 72.79,Russia 66.46, India 67.14, China 74.84

            Again the testimony of some WeiBo users can not be valid evidence of proof.

            If you want to compare the number of ppl diagnosed cancer each day then there is data of the US.

            China: 8500 , US: 2500

            That seems low right? but keep in mind that the population of the US is only 1/4 of that of China.

          • BiggJ

            I understand china is developing and that jazz. The thing is no one know the real numbers of new cancer cases….China does not put that information out or they block it or just fake. Even when I was looking for the information yesterday without using my vpn 90% of the site were blocked or the information was not a real statistic…just a guess…even what I posted there is not a real stat. It like when they don’t want to post the air quality…they don’t want you to know because it get people pissed of and it not good for the harmony of china. Now im not trying to disrespect you or anything, are you not pissed that they won’t tell you the severity of the matter?And another thing…the worst thing china can do is compare itself to the USA. Why the USA? Do you want to be a war mongering capitalist country? You should compare yourself to like Japan or Canada or Sweden maybe…these are good role models for human rights and a nice way of life…Who gives a fuck how much money a country has….does that money help you out? China has one of the highest GDP’s but that money only helps a small few. Have you been to the hospitals in china? China has the money to make nice things to help people…but they don’t. Why do think all the rich people want to leave? All I see in the future is china becoming the next america….only a more fucked up version of it.

            Back to pollution…I know 1.4 billion people will cause pollution no matter what…. but you can do things to stop it….it all boils down to greed,….they can set pollution standards in factories and energy companies….but that cost money to go green…I don’t know,…if I were you I would get out of you can….the pollution alone is enough to make you run for you life. And cancer does not happen over night…wait another 10 years and the guess number cancer cases a day will go up x10….if they don’t change the way they are doing things….or maybe it just a population control method…think about..whats the good of an old person??if everyone get cancer by the time they are 40 and needs to spend all their money they saved through their life on cancer treatment…it’s a win win for government. They get pretty much get workers that give all the money back to them. Would that be a good idea if you had a population of 1.4 billion? Where people are pretty much expendable…especially the old ones that cant work. That’s just an idea…thats just me talking out of my ass….but would it really surprise you if it were true?

          • ex-expat

            the usa is not a bad country…

          • Anna

            Sorry, that does not disprove the risk of pollution.

            For example its been calculated that the average lifespan of a traffic cop in Guangzhou is only 43 years.


            Cancer rates in China are increasing year on year due to modernisation and lifestyle changes.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Calculated base on what? 43 years of average lifespan is rediculous, if this is true then how could some one be willing to be a traffic cop. I would not trust this kind of report if the method of statistic and the statistical data are not present.

      • moop

        no, china doesnt have a low crime rate. china has a low reported and official crime rate which gets reported to the governemnt by local police chiefs as low to make themselves look good. the truth is that government crime data is even more unreliable than their economic data. how many mainlanders do you know that actually own a real copy of windows unless it came pre-installed? multi-billion dollar SOEs in this country use pirated CAD and PS and Illustrator, you name it. the unreported beatings of women on the street by their husbands and domestic violence, the animal cruelty, the disappearance of people, the selling of children and women, the gangsters who extort local businesses on a regular basis, the forced abortions and sterilization, etc. just because the US is open about its crime doesnt mean that they have the most serial killers in the world or some bullshit like that, other countries just hide those kinds of things. i’m sure china has just as many if not more, and maybe one day the police will stop sleeping in the cars on the job and stop being corrupt and the government will be transparent and you can see for yourself. no one can live in both places for any significant amount of time and say which society treats each other better and which society is the most lawless.

        just because things are getting better doesnt give chinese society a pass. thats ridiculous. when i lived in the US i complaned about the US (not society, but about politics and economics and law), now that i live in china i complain about both. why should i just accept that the society is so shitty here? just because china is a “developing country”? i’ve traveled throughout asia with the exception of NK and i can assure you, the mainland chinese have the lowest character as a whole society than anywhere i’ve ever been. this is a real shame because the chinese i have met in other places in asia were leaps and bounds above the average chinese mainlander, its sad, frustrating and discouraging, but its true. most open and honest mainland chinese who have travelled will tell you the same. most of us live in chinese society and have every right to bitch an moan as we please. the society is getting better, but its still shitty and worthy of being critiqued

        the US does have too many people in jail, but that is more the governmnet’s fault rather than society’s in my opinion

  • If that happened in America you’d see crowds of people (including the police officer) helping the person or calling 911…or the cop wouldn’t of hit the person in the first place.

    • oh the cops would have definitely helped– unless the person was black or hispanic ! Tell me have you ever been to america or do you live in Beverly hills or in a big suite in a big hotel in a big town in america ?

      • ajm

        your watching too many old movies…fyi 50% of the cops are black or Hispanic in the major cities, not that that would matter anyways.

        • Oh am I, now ? How insightful ! Yes many of the cops in good ol US of A are black & hispanic nowadays but more often than not, what race are their superiors ? No, that doesn’t mean diddly squat -How’d you feel if I told you they shot a black kid in his own (the black kid’s) driveway just because he lived in a predominantly white neighbourhood & his only crime was to take his own dad’s car for a spin at night (with his dad’s permission ofcourse-there was no report of a theft)-there was no reason for them to suspect the black kid they just thought a black kid didnt belong in such high society and proceeded to shoot him, even as his mother was protesting saying he was innocent and the owner of the car & the house. Am I clear enough for ya ? So no if the victims are black or hispanic more often not they are not going to be aided by the police in america nowadays rather the opposite – please stop living in a cave, you don’t know what’s happening in the world & become misinformed, naive & plus that’s very unhygienic id imagine !

          • Bandit

            Oh look, it’s another Asian American mad at White Americans because he can’t get a girlfriend.

      • The Enlightened One

        Good idea not to live in America or China if you ask me.

        But I would still probably prefer China over America, at least I don’t have to worry about being taking out while running a marathon… well at least not by a bomb.

      • Ha Ha Ha ROFL … Thanks, that made my day. That will really silence the self absorbed hypocrites !

    • cc

      Are you for real? What a fucking stupid statement to make.

  • Like others have said:
    Driver of the car should have yielded to the police car. Should have stopped to help the man.
    Police car should have paid a bit more attention, should have stopped to help after hitting the guy.
    Most of all,. the pedestrian shouldn’t have been crossing the street away from a crosswalk, in the middle of traffic.

    • moldavidian

      But there were no crosswalks. Take another look. It seems that pedestrians in that lovely town don’t even have crosswalks yet. What’s a thrifty shopper gonna do? Never cross the fucking street?

  • I’m frankly alarmed by how there is only 14 comments, yet nearly all of them seem racist. Where’s the site where we can laugh and be xenophobic towards American, German, French, Spanish, Italian people? The articles itself mostly promote a negative image of the countries they are depicting IE Korea/Japan/China/Indonesia. Indoboom doesn’t seem to have much racism, but here.. WOW Nearly all comments are xenophobic or racist.

    “5,000 of history and NO common sense or human compassion!”

    “Shame they haven’t had 5,000 years to learn to drive properly.”

    “That’s China folks”

    A cop car recently hit a pedestrian and the cop drove off without calling a ambulance for the guy even though it looked like he needed one.

    Yet this site and it’s ilk only point and laugh at non-American countries.. How quaint…

    • I don’t think the phrase “how quaint” is being used in the right way.

    • BiggJ

      Yeah, and if you posted that video on a site similar for chinese people, you would get the same fucking thing you have here….maybe even worse. And in the vid you posted the cop got out and at least asked the dude if he was ok, I bet they cut the last of the video off were it showed the guy get up and walk. The cop was somewhat in the wrong, as was the guy crossing the street. The cop might get in trouble in america or the person hit get some compensation…what about china?? Nothing will happen to the cop….nothing for the person hit.

      And you say this site there is some negative talk/racism….Have you been to Korea/ Japan/ Indo?? Living in these places is far better….Japan especially…not many negative things to say. But in china, shit like this happens daily…if not hourly.

      • So because things are bad in _____ that makes it okay for the hordes of racist to make themselves feel better by putting down other groups of people?

        You CANNOT possibly justify racism because of the action of ONE man. This is the thing I can’t abide, vast sweeping generalisations. “Look one cop hit someone, therefore all of them are like that.. LOL China sucks!”

        Surely even you must see the how idiotic that is?

        • LoDanVan

          I agree with your disapproval toward the obvious xenophobia on the boards here, but at the same time….
          The actions of “ONE man”? How long have you been in China? This story is perfectly representative of everyday chinese interactions, as many people are pointing out. The cop driving like he’s in a Hollywood chase, the person walking across the street without looking (or noticing an approaching siren), and the filming car who failed to get out of the way of the approaching cops, effectively causing the tragedy. All these things are perfectly normal in China, not only was it not “ONE man”, but it’s not in any way unusual.

          Furthermore, you keep trying to make the same point over and over with the same video clip, isn’t that kind of “sweeping generalization (sic)” because of “ONE man” which you’re warning against?

          • EXACTLY my point! I’m trying to show people how dumb it is to just take a shit on a country/ethnicity based on something one idiot has done. I haven’t said anything xenophobic or racist. I detest both of those and am just appalled by how people don’t even hide their inclinations.

          • We all look forward to your continued presence here on cS.

            We eagerly await your “quaint” permutations of “But it’s just one man!” into such variations of “It is but one!” and “One is all there is” as though you’re an 80’s action movie evil overlord shouting directions at his ineffectual minions.

          • slob

            It’s interesting that you’re against racists because it is silly to judge the actions of an entire nation based off the actions of a few. Wasn’t your original example blatant bashing of ChinaSmack community because of the actions of a few of the users?

            “I’m frankly alarmed by how there is only 14 comments, yet nearly all of them seem racist”.

          • Pray tell, which nations have I judged? I’m saying it seems like this community is a collection of racist and the articles do nothing but to spur on their racism. The articles are just fodder for the racist here, and there seems to be quite a lot of them. If you yourself aren’t a racist there should be no reason my opinion irks you.

            What’s wrong with my statement? Nearly all comments at the time we’re indeed racially charged, it’s not like I called this community fucking idiots or anything insulting.

          • glenn

            talks as if you know china. it IS unusual that’s why it is in the news. china has 1.3 billion people so things do happen more frequently. there are tons of fucked up storys on dailymail, and similarly many other tabloid news outlet. why don’t you, before putting down china, admit that you are just asm, if not all more fucked up country.

        • BiggJ

          Of course it’s idiotic. Is this your first day on planet earth? This kind of generalization happens everyday from all types of people. They see one muslim bomb a building, therefore all muslim or suicide bomber or terrorist. Few chinese eat cats, therefore all chinese eat cats. Chinese see a foreigner in china, he’s a loser english teacher. It’s the way of the world. Does not mean it’s right….it’s just the way it is. And not all people generalize like that…but i would say a fair amount do.

          And about the artical…this happening in china does not surprise anyone here. This is the norm in china.That is why people are saying “this is china” and so on. Would it surprise most people if someone had been hit by a rich man and he pays the family off to avoid jail time? not at all. Happens in china everyday.

          • glenn

            as if your country is any better. if you have money you can get away with murder. why don’t you look into the mirror and see how fucked up your are before talk shit about others.

          • BiggJ

            Canada has so many cases of bribery to get off with murder and police corruption and hit and runs on an hour basis…what was I thinking.

          • bert

            which country?

          • bert

            Apply your comment to Christians next time. Hypocrite. Western libs. “Muslims aren’t ALL violent, meanwhile, those damn Christians haters”

            BTW it is the other foreigners that generally call the English teachers loser, not so much for the Chinese. It is the western liberal cry baby elitist that is the problem, bringing their ‘open minded’ free love immoral liberation to the foolish and simple minded.

        • coldraindrops

          Although some of BiggJ and LoDanVan comments are valid points, I agree with you Marcus that people should be less snarkish and so off putting to the Chinese. Bigg J you admit that generalizing is not right, yet you blatantly continue to do so. How do you expect other people who know what they’re doing is wrong but continue to do it to change?

        • come on mate, do i have to make 2 billion examples because there are 2 billion china man out there?

    • mr.wiener

      Outsiders looking in Herr Muller.

    • BrandeX

      If you want to visit sites that insult Americans, like we do Chinese on this one…. learn a language other than English for starters.

    • slob

      Seriously…THAT is your example? “According to an Orlando police report, Fiorentina-Tyburski talked to Nunn for 3 minutes before leaving. He said Nunn told him he was OK and didn’t need medical attention”. The officer stopped and checked if he was alright. He probably left for more important reasons than someone on the ground who may have been assisted by the other cars (the video is cut off we don’t see the aftermath). Again, the jaywalker was in the wrong but AT LEAST the officer checked to see if he was OK. The woman in the Chinese video got absolutely hammered by a speeding 4WD that didn’t slow down – the American officer at least stopped as soon as he could. God..this is comparing apples to oranges and if you can’t see the difference, you’re really fucking blind to be honest.

      • Kai

        Eh, come on, guys:…0.0…1c.1.9.psy-ab.QdF-1onmTkw&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45373924,d.cGE&fp=72eedb37f9b7dc00&biw=1600&bih=732

        • slob

          Yeah it happens in every country, it’s how the situation is handled and why it occurs that matters.

        • bert

          Auntie Kai at it again.

        • ex-expat

          Kai, what are you trying to convey with that link? There are a couple referring to the Florida incident where the police officer got out and spoke to the victim, and there are others referring to the Chinese incident.

          Hit and run happens everywhere. I don’t think you will find anyone that disagrees with that, but can you honestly say that 素质 in China is generally speaking, as high as that in western countries? I am not saying that everyone in China is bad, of course, I have met fantastic people there. I have also met many many idiots in countries all over the world. However, as a whole, character in China leaves something to be desired.

          • Kai

            Looks like the first page of results has changed since I posted it due to the spread of this China example but if you look through the first few pages of results, you’ll see similar stories from different places (not just Florida). There might be some differences due to Google’s personalization of search results based on your own browsing history but it shouldn’t be that different for a general search like this.

            Marcus was upset about the comments he had seen so far, complaining about the racism and xenophobia that he feels is predicated on generalizing this incident to an entire country. If you look at the comments he quotes, I think you can recognize that. He then gave an example of a similar incident.

            slob argued back that the example is meaningfully different based on how it was resolved. That’s legitimate, but it’s also not what Marcus was citing that example for. Marcus wasn’t citing that example for the differences in how it was resolved, but the similarities in the initial incident.

            I posted the Google link to put the matter to rest, which is that this kind of stuff happens everywhere (with a diversity of specifics and results) and if people recognize that, hopefully they’ll be more thoughtful and more precise with their commenting, which is what Marcus was reacting against, the lack of precision ( )

            Going back to “that’s legitimate”, I think this is often the crux of a lot of arguments. Often when we cite an example or make an argument, it’s for the similarities or differences we see, while the rebuttal is based on the similarities or differences the other person sees. Often, we’re actually trying to rationalize our knee-jerk emotional reaction, or criticize someone for theirs. The trick is to persuade the other side of the legitimacy of yours.

            My personal opinion is that however much we personally feel character in China (or anywhere) leaves something to be desired as a whole based on what we ourselves know and have experienced, it still doesn’t really justify the offense we might cause when we casually make negative generalizations in public. We all have reasons for what we say, but is everything we say actually objectively justifiable? I don’t think so. More often than not, what we say ends up saying more about our own characters and how we think than it does about the target of our comment.

          • ex-expat

            Actually I think why Marcus was citing the example was exactly because it was an example of a police officer hitting a civilian, though it is a terrible example because the police officer actually got out of his car and had a conversation with the victim. Do you think that when people criticise the Chinese incident it because they genuinely believe that people don’t get hit by cars in the other parts of the world? Despite you not directly answering my question, it doesn’t matter. I know that you know that the character of the country is seriously lacking. People at times do take their comments too far, but this website plays a part in creating that.

          • Kai

            Your explanation for why Marcus was citing the example is the same one I gave. Our disagreement rests in me thinking the example isn’t “terrible” for what similarity he intended to highlight in support of the grievance he was voicing: That cops have hit pedestrians elsewhere before.

            You’re saying the comparison is inappropriate because the cop got out of his car and talked to the victim. Should Marcus then excuse the Chinese cop because he had his siren and lights on and was responding to an urgent call? There are obvious differences between the two examples, so why did Marcus use it? Obviously because he’s pointing to what IS similar. He is not saying EVERYTHING is similar.

            I don’t think it’s fair of you to accuse me of not directly answering your question. That’s just not cool. I answered you directly in my fourth paragraph in my previous reply to you:

            I posted the Google link to put the matter to rest, which is that this
            kind of stuff happens everywhere (with a diversity of specifics and
            results) and if people recognize that, hopefully they’ll be more
            thoughtful and more precise with their commenting, which is what Marcus
            was reacting against, the lack of precision.

            I’m not sure how much clearer and direct I can make it. I’m afraid you’re just unwilling to accept my answer because it isn’t what you want me to say. But again: My linking was to show that there are more than just that one example, so arguing over this one example is not going save any side’s argument or ego.

            You ask a good question: “Do you think that when people criticize the Chinese incident, it is because they genuinely believe that people don’t get hit by cars in other parts of the world?” Do you think Marcus used that example because he genuinely believes the two incidents are completely similar? You’re scoffing at others possibly thinking you’re stupid, but don’t you see how you’re assuming Marcus is stupid as well. You ask others to give you the benefit of the doubt but are you giving Marcus the benefit of the doubt? Why do you jump to assume he doesn’t know the cop in Florida got out of his car and had a conversation with the victim? Isn’t it possible and likely that he used the example to merely highlight that cops hit pedestrians elsewhere too?

            THEN you can ask him why he thinks this has to be pointed out. THEN you can ask him if he genuinely thinks people who are criticizing the Chinese incident don’t know it happens elsewhere too.

            To me, he’s already answered that with his first and subsequent comments. You yourself seem to acknowledge his grievance and reason for posting that example: “People at time do take their comments too far”.

            Regarding your last statement, I recently discussed that with another commenter here:

            In short, I recognize that this site can affect people, but I believe people are still ultimately responsible for their own reactions. Why let this site or anyone have so much power over you? Are you a slave to this site? Or to your own emotions? Why reciprocate idiocy when you can avoid it? Are you unable to avoid it? Or unwilling to? See what I’m saying?

            But no one likes taking responsibility for themselves. I’m that way too a lot of the time. It’s ego-preservation.

          • ex-expat

            Ok, so we agree to disagree on the reason behind Marcus’ comments.

            In response to:

            “THEN you can ask him why he thinks this has to be pointed out. THEN you can ask him if he genuinely thinks people who are criticizing the Chinese incident don’t know it happens elsewhere too.”

            I actually never asked Marcus anything, I have actually never replied to Marcus’ comments, only yours. I also never asked anyone why they think they need something has to be pointed out.

            When I wrote “Do you think that when people criticise the Chinese incident it because they genuinely believe that people don’t get hit by cars in the other parts of the world?”, it was actually a rhetorical question, which should be obvious because in the previous post I wrote:

            “Hit and run happens everywhere. I don’t think you will find anyone that disagrees with that”If English is not your first language, I could understand why you may not pick up on that (though if it is truly not your native language, I commend you for your abilities).

            Anyway, I wasn’t “accusing” you of not answering my question, just merely stating the fact that you haven’t directly replied to my question which was:

            “can you honestly say that 素质 in China is generally speaking, as high as that in western countries?”
            Though I take responsibility if I did not make it clear which question I was referring to.

            The reason I asked the question in the first place is because of Marcus’ original post and your subsequent defense on his posts.

          • Kai

            I don’t see how we disagree on the reason behind Marcus’ comments when you said he posted it to show a cop hitting a pedestrian and I think so too. Where’s the disagreement?

            I wasn’t trying to suggest you had asked Marcus anything. I’m trying to explain how I understand our disagreement over Marcus’s use of that example.

            You may have asked that question rhetorically but I obviously don’t think it is merely a rhetorical question. To me, it is a misrepresentation of the discussion here. Let’s put it another way: Does Marcus think that when people criticize the Chinese incident it is because they genuinely believe that people don’t get hit by cars in other parts of the world? Does Kai?

            What would Marcus say in response? What would I say? I’d say, no, that’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking that the way SOME people are criticizing the Chinese incident, they are doing so AS IF people don’t get hit by cars in other parts of the world. HENCE, the desire to confront them with evidence of such.

            Do you understand how different that is?

            Imagine the roles reversed. “Do you think that when Chinese people criticize the American school shooting incident it is because
            they genuinely believe that people don’t get attacked by crazy people in China?

            What would a person criticizing Chinese netizens for comments that go too far say in response? Probably the same thing I’m saying, right? Or the same thing Marcus is saying above? That you’re not criticizing all Chinese people and you don’t think all Chinese people genuinely think people don’t get attacked by crazy people in China? That you’re referring to specific people and the specific comments they’re making? That your example of a Chinese guy knifing down schoolchildren was meant to show that attacks also happen in China, even though there were so many differences, but the core incident is the same?

            Your rhetorical question shows that you either misunderstood the intent of Marcus and I or you’re misrepresenting the intent, despite asking me and me already answering you. This is what the whole “giving the benefit of the doubt” part was about.

            You judging Marcus’ example as “terrible” indicates you not understanding his intent. If you agree with his use as showing a cop hitting a pedestrian, then what is “terrible” about it? Did a cop not a hit a pedestrian? You can only say it is terrible if you expand his intent to include how the matter was handled AFTER the hitting. But that would be a misrepresentation of his intent, right? You would be judging him for an argument he isn’t making.

            You’re making assumptions about my language ability based on my physical appearance.

            Now, it’s my turn to apologize about answering your question, and I appreciate you acknowledging that you didn’t make it clear and I was answering the other question. I did think you were referring to your initial question: “what are you trying to convey…” I actually thought your second question was rhetorical, an accusation that I’m trying to say character in China is as high as in Western countries. The problem is, where am I making that argument and why are you asking me if I “honestly” believe it?

            I’ll answer anyway: My personal opinion is that I don’t think character is China is as high as in Western countries for a good many things, and I consider it a moral luck problem. As a moral luck problem, it is distasteful for people to build their egos on their chance circumstances and disregard other peoples’ chance circumstances. It is like the rich and privileged thinking everything good about them is due solely to personal choice.

            It’s one thing to evaluate two individuals, but it’s another when people start wanting to broaden it to nationality. The underlying motivation for that is the desire to associate with good and disassociate with the bad, for the maintenance of one’s ego.

            So, we’re at a point where the question is: Why do you interpret Marcus’ original post and my subsequent defense of an aspect of it as us “honestly” thinking character is generally speaking as high as that in Western countries?

            I only interpreted him as criticizing the comments that are going too far and seeking to show by way of example that cops have hit pedestrians outside of China too. I defended him because if someone wants dismiss the example he gave, there are many more examples to offer, an amount that should overwhelm any intent to dismiss his argument, which is that some comments go too far.

          • ex-expat

            Where we disagree:

            In my opinion, Marcus posted the link leading to the headline:

            Video: Orlando police officer hits pedestrian, drives away

            was to show not that people get hit by police officers in other parts of the world, but that there are also people with low moral character in other parts of the world. This would be understandable based on the headline. I, of course, could be wrong, but that was how I interpreted it. I am not alone, as Slobs’ comments show.

            I don’t think a lot of the negative comments come from the fact that a civilian was hit, but because both the officer, and the person who filmed the incident, apparently drove away. China has a reputation for having a disproportionate amount of low character citizens, so people are going to be quick to pounce on what they see to be displays of such character.

            I made no assumptions on your native language, which is why I used the word “if.” When a person with a Chinese name with “Shanghai” listed as a location, and is a moderator on a website about China, I think it is a topic that can be touched on without crossing any pc boundaries. Is English your native language?

          • Kai

            Let’s go with that: Are there not people with low moral character in other parts of the world? Does it not make sense for Marcus to use similar examples in order to push back against comments he thinks are going too far?

            So you can say that example is “terrible” because you can argue the cop wasn’t of low moral character in that particular example. Now do you see why I posted my link? As I said before, it’s to put the matter to rest. There’s enough examples out there to make the argument pointless. The whole problem lies with whoever first started unfairly generalizing.

            Whatever one’s motivation is for making a comment, it doesn’t change the defensibility of that comment. Marcus is taking issue with people making indefensible comments. I think that’s pretty clear. Just because someone else makes you mad, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for what you do in response to your anger.

            On assumptions, I strongly believe people wouldn’t ask such a question on the basis of my English alone absent those other visible cues to my identity. I think there are clearly assumptions involved BUT I’m going to believe you didn’t mean anything by it. I can understand how we can’t avoid seeing what we see. What I’m more worried about is what part of my English can be interpreted as not being native. To answer your question, English is not my first language but it is my most proficient language. My Chinese will unlikely ever reach the same level, sadly. At least I’ll be ready for a Firefly world.

          • BiggJ

            Why did they stop after the first season of Firefly!!!!Fucking why!!

          • Kai

            LoL, guess most viewers at that time didn’t have Joss Whedon’s sense of humor. They probably still don’t. So sad.

      • REALLY? You can’t tell what parallels I’m trying to draw? Not sure if I should laugh or cry for you.

        Basically, I treat everyone as an individual I don’t look at pedigree, race, class, money. But the individual. If you don’t understand my comparing of the two, please get yourself a vasectomy

        • slob

          First of all, if you’re trying to prove a point via another example, make sure you find a proper one. Secondly, this is the internet where people give their honest opinions about topics like this because they’re anonymous. If you can’t handle the ‘racism’, why bother using the internet? People aren’t saints especially online. The good thing about this site is that it gives Chinese visitors a sample of how the outside world views them whether it be positive or negative – at least they’re seeing the truth.

    • sorry mate, but china man just sucks

    • loki

      “5,000 years of history” is a phrase almost every Chinese person spits out.

    • Zappa Frank

      easy to say, because nowhere esle happen the same shit as in china with the same lack of human compassion. Ever seen something like that in US, German, Spain, France, and so on?

  • Billy Joel

    Jesus fucking Christ, seen it before, and I’ll see it again. 无语.

  • coldraindrops

    Too bad the license plate is too blurry

  • Amanda Shaw


  • DavidisDawei

    This isn’t shocking in China any more. All of them suck – the shit head who filmed this, the cop and the pedestrian. Pedestrians never seem to care most vehicles outweigh them 10 or 20 to 1. They’ll lose every time.
    The ignorance and disregard of people never ceases to amaze me.
    The only thing missing is some jerk walking along, head down glued to their cell phone, expecting you to get out of their way.

  • BiggJ

    This was clearly suicide….case closed….oh…the person never died???ummm attempted suicide then, send them to reeducation camp for 1 year….case closed.

  • Rick in China

    I’ll post the same thing I said in another thread where another guy pasted this video earlier..

    I would argue that it was 100% NOT the police at fault. Here’s why:

    1) Legally, when an emergency vehicle is on it’s way to an emergency, lights and sirens blaring, vehicles have to pull to the side and stop to let them through. In China, nobody obeys this law. The other cars are ALL partially at fault for not obeying this rule, forcing the police to navigate the road in that fashion.
    2) The pedestrian was also in violation of the law, crossing a busy road. If you’re going to take this risk and cross the road so haphazardly, they should pay INCREDIBLY close attention to what’s going on before doing so – even though doing so violates the law.
    3) Aside from just crossing a busy road, she(?) crossed when an emergency vehicle was screaming down the road. This is a gross violation of common sense as well as the law.

    They didn’t DESERVE to die, but they were largely responsible. If I’m dosed up on some medicine from the hospital and decide to walk home myself, and wander off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic and get smoked by a car, I am responsible…..not deserving by any means, but responsible.

    It’s sad that the bystanders/vehicle filming/other cars are so careless with human life, they should have freaked out, stopped their vehicle in a way that prevented traffic from running over the lady, got out of their car and called emergency services immediately. But as with most events like this in China, they were probably afraid of being held partially responsible and took off. Like I mentioned above, they *were* partially responsible for not pulling aside and clearing the way for the emergency vehicle with its lights/sirens on.

    • Yours are many valid points, but you talk of law. Abiding by the law assumes personal responsibility. There isn’t personal responsibility in China; in it’s place is group responsibility/harmony, and the terrible opposite, individual blame.

      Everyone in these comments judges China by their own societal standards, and it isn’t fair. To judge, that is.

      So then why did this event happen:

      1) Pedestrian: puts head down and is not aware of surroundings: can’t be liable if not aware
      2) Cam-car driver: am abiding by rules – driving in lane, didn’t hit any pedestrians, not my problem
      3) Cop car: I am the law. I am above punishment – I give punishment.

      China is a harmonious culture. Sure, bad things happen, but that’s not the harmonious part – the harmonious part is that problems cease to be problems.

      • Rick Harcus

        That’s a lame response. If we don’t judge situations according to the law, there is no basis for an objective assessment. The cop also wasn’t arrogant and ‘above the law’, they were doing their duty – when their sirens are on its their responsibility to navigate according to slightly different rules to get somewhere ASAP, and other’s duty to get out of their way. Other people broke the law in this case and didn’t follow common sense or legal rules, and now one of those people is dead. The only investigation into the police should be whether they were on a legit call or not – if they were, no culpability at all.

        • “judge situations according to the law”, “basis for an objective assessment”=/= harmony

    • Kai

      I’m inclined to agree. The only thing I could possibly imagine faulting the police is if they didn’t immediately radio it in. Of course, this is on the assumption that they were rushing somewhere for an important legitimate purpose and thus had cause to not stop but continue onward.

      I haven’t read any other reports about this so I don’t know if there is information that would change my opinion here.

      • Rick in China

        Yeah – mentioned that in the other sub-thread, that’s a definite issue that could lead to some responsibility from the cops.. but in that case it’d be a 3-way responsibility split rather than 2. It’s sad whenever something like this happens, but it’s also sad to see so little analytics into what happened and people just say “that cop is wrong”..even the title of the video and description doesn’t fit the actual video! I mean, they’re telling the viewer “This shit is black” when it’s clearly blue.

        Caught: Police Car Hits a Person, Shrugs, Drives Off Against Traffic with Sirens Blaring”
        That’s both misleading and inaccurate – how do they know the police driver “shrugs”, and his sirens were blaring beforehand. He also didn’t drive off ‘against traffic’, he hit the person while going around the asshole who ignored the sirens/lights, then as soon as possible (or due to oncoming traffic also not giving a fuck) returned to the right lane.

        They also did slow, as obvious from brake lights, but not in time – since the stupid victim was weaving inbetween cars and obviously couldn’t be seen in advance from that angle, and didn’t someone say above that they did stop down the road after the incident? The camera conveniently doesn’t show anything a few seconds after the accident, except the asshole driver saying a few “Ah, looks like she got killed” and driving around her then going about his business.

  • Misiooo

    Once I cared, now I think: let them all chinks kill each other for sake of all of us.

    • moldavidian

      You’re in the wrong place. You might want to try fox news’ website.

      • Bugs Bunny

        hahaha,your so funny

  • Germandude

    “Only when there’s an emergency matter will the siren be used, and they can then speed and run red lights, so everyone needs to yield and get out of the way”


    Traffic jam on a Shanghai highway, sitting in a taxi. Police car with siren on. Nobody cared and gave space. At the highway exit, the police car leaves the highway and stops at a gas station. 2 guys (not in uniform) step out, lean at the car and smoke. Emergency-smoking I assume.

    • Rick in China

      Well, since you saw that happen – I guess everyone should ignore all emergency vehicles and presume emergencies don’t happen :D

      • Germandude

        No, that’s not what I am saying. This however stuck in mind. And it’s not the only time I saw a police car using sirenes to get way while in fact, they didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Most of the times, the driver in the police car doesn’t wear a uniform and has the lights on but not the sound. I doubt they are in a hurry.

        • BiggJ

          Yeah, I saw something like that not too long ago,…cop car come blasting down the street with lights on and everything going way too fast…..then stops at an ATM machine in plain clothes takes out money then gets back in his car, lights up a smoke and just sits there… what the fuck lol.

          • linette lee

            The cops do that too in USA. When there is traffic on the street they use their siren once or twice just to move the cars out of its way. They drove into parking lot to go to supermarket.

      • loki

        Rick, I have been driving in China now oh 6 years solid.. Got something like 200,000+ km under the belt… I have to say, police/emergency vehicle run those lights and blare those sirens all the time without needing to be anywhere.. Its apart of the culture here, I had a hard time at first understanding this (coming from the U.S.) But time and time again they abuse it to the point of red and blues being completely useless. Now, I just like everyone else in all the different cities I have been to, treat flashing red and blue like the paint on the police car. Just a way for you to know it is a police car but nothing more….

        • Rick in China

          That’s the wrong stance to take. I’m not disagreeing with you that emergency vehicles may have their sirens/lights on without real reason, but that is NOT for you or I to presume.

          I’ve been driving in Sichuan since 2005. Maybe your province is different, but while at night some police vehicles turn on *lights* sirens..while they’re doing slow patrols or even parked, I rarely see sirens also on.

          So, lets say you’re on the other side of the coin. You get in a car accident, get injured, and police/ambulance haven’t arrived for 30 minutes. You’d be bitching SO hard at their inability to do their job yada yada…….but, wait, maybe they’re just stuck in traffic, people like you who don’t give a shit about obeying the law and potentially endanger people’s lives and safety due to your own “Meh, he’s probably going to the market” bullshit attitude, end up exacerbating the problem rather than working to fix it.

          Good job loki, you’ve assimilated yourself to the cause, rather than solution, of yet another problem in China. Stay proud!

    • slob

      A lot of 4WD’s here have those police sirens installed in them and always use them in regular traffic to try to get people to move out of their way like they’re so fucking important because they have an off-road car (which, 99% of the time has never seen the off-road and is sparkly clean). These horns are illegal in Australia and those retarded lights they put under the cars as novelty.There are even motorcycles that have bus horns installed in them so when you’re in the bike lane and a god damn fog horn goes off behind you, you instantly move expecting some titanic-sized bus to come crashing past only to see some young faggots cruise past with their girly hair blowing behind them on their shitty 2,000RMB 80’s motorbike. A lot of these drivers treat the road like their own personal Sim City.

      • Kai

        Mmmm, Sim City. Anyone have it yet and are playing it from within China? I’m curious about the always-on internet-connection-required aspect of it and if it’ll pose any problems. is okay at least.

        • i read there is plenty of error with their server and sometimes the city are accidentally deleted and such things, but this was months back. Really what kind of server do they think they have that can store everyone’s city, unless everyone have a miniature citiy… Maybe they have improve the server, I didnt follow it… or better yet make your own private server?

          • Kai

            I know there were problems at launch with overloaded servers. I’m guessing those issues have been resolved by now. I’m more or less wondering if I’ll run into playability problems if I were to buy it and try playing from China. I’m not sure I’m hardcore enough to figure out how to set up my own private server. I just wanna play the damn thing. It’s been a long time since SC4.

          • jerry

            been playing for a month already. already bored of it now.

          • Tadd


            Seriously, don’t support EA… they are responsible for all that is wrong in the gaming industry today. Repetitive titles, lack of originality and innovation, downloadable content required (DLC) in order to access other parts of a game (which must be paid for). EA was voted worst company of the year, for the second year running…

            Try to get your hand on a pirated copy if you can.

          • or worse the DLC thats already in the disc and youre basically buying an unlock key. Buying things that you already bought.

          • donscarletti

            Lol. Saying this on a forum about China.

            EA Shanghai is one of the the best studios in China with some of the best working conditions. If you wanna see wage slavery, repetition and cynical exploititive design, pop by my office in Zhongguancun.

            But we’re not even bad by Chinese standards, check out Qilin Net for exploitation, abuse and deception of staff, Woniu for downright illegal business practices (actually stealing the sourcecode for their engine from Perfect World), Zhengtu for exploitation of customers or Changyou for rank idiocy in every single thing that they ever do.

            Foreign studios are not always better. Epic Shanghai (Yingpei) as I understand it seems to have built a nice layer of lies between itself and both its American parent and its Chinese customers. They tell a lot of porkies to dumb Chinese customers like “if you buy this engine, you don’t need any programmers to make a computer game”. They also made a giant cock-up of “Atlas” for years, turning it into a joke that the whole city was in on, without having the legendary Tim Sweeny catch on, so they’re doing well for themselves.

            I don’t know if its specific to the games industry or not but most foreign invested place seems to have some dodgy “seaturtle” ex-expatriate that worked for a couple of years on a H1B in some menial role at a completely unrelated American multinational to act as an “in-between”. Normally who blocks the foreign investors, management and consultants from talking to the workers, since they will reveal that most of the problems he blames on the inexperience of others are due to this guy casting himself as CEO.

          • Germandude

            Hey donscarletti. Do you live and work in Shanghai and are coming from South America? If so, we might have met in a BAR a couple of weeks ago. Does it ring a BELL?

          • donscarletti

            Well, I mentioned my office is in Zhongguancun (Beijing), so no.
            Also, I’m not South American and I, um, don’t think we go to the same sort of gym.

          • Germandude

            I am sorry. It was just that I met a South American a couple of weeks ago that works/worked for EA and told me that he will soon move to Beijing. That’s why I was asking. About the gym thing: You might be surprised how easily I adapt myself…

          • bert

            So basically you are all 17 years old?

          • donscarletti

            Yep, got me a 4 year degree and have dealt professionally with all of these companies in some way or other by the tender age of 17.

            Yep, I’m pretty much what Mozart was to music. Though I am more of a Justin Bieber guy myself, sometimes when I’m doing a consultancy gig on the side and we’re launching an MMO, I just put my iPod full of Bieber tunes on and just sort of rock out.

          • BiggJ

            EA….well theya re not as good as they use to be. They still make a pretty bad ass sport game.

          • not really sure if its a good idea to spend money on it if youre going to have trouble connecting to their server…. and its not really lan so the tunggle is out of the question… But if you still want it, and the main server is giving you problem, the alternative is to join a private server. I notice a few youtube video mentioning private server you can investigate and ask if you could join (I cant access youtube at the moment). I am guessing if its in China there will be plenty of players there, the server will most likely be full, if Chinese player enjoy Simcity.

            Or offline mode if you dont mind not having the online stuff…not sure where you can find the mode must be somewhere in mod website


            or better try-before-you-buy approach. Anyway good luck with finding the solution, these are what I could think of if I want to play it.

          • Kai

            Thanks for the replies and advice (and you guys too, jerry Tadd).

            I’m more or less hoping someone in China has the game already and has experience connecting to the server from within China. I just want to know if they’re having problems doing so. If not, then I’ll probably buy it and play it for nostalgia sake. Has anyone purchased and downloaded games from within China through something like Steam? I’m not keen on buying pirated games in China for fear of malware and stuff, and too lazy to find cracked games online. Just not worth the time and effort at my age.

            At the risk of this thread going terribly off-topic (good thing people can collapse comment threads!), anyone have any feedback on the new X-Com? I’m also thinking of getting Starcraft 2 HoS, though I was pretty disappointed with WoL. Incredibly late, but I also want to play D3. I don’t play online so I’m just curious about the single player storylines.

          • D3 is also exclusively online, just like SimCity you have to find another way and its quite a lot of work… or you can go for its substitute which I heard is just like D3 but even better and you can play offline. Torchlight 2.

            X-com is great, I played it for a while if you enjoy turn based strategy, aliens, non-revivable soldiers… and offline no need to connect to any server.

          • The Enlightened One

            Torchlight 2 is better than Diablo 3. There is tons of re playability when you beat the game. I believe one of the game designers from Diablo 1 and 2 left Blizzard cause of the always on-line bullshit or whatever other reasons and made Torchlight 1 and 2.

            I love both of them. The got to work on the storyline more but the game itself is better than Diablo.

          • yes thats what many Torchlight and Diablo players say, when I watched the gameplay video it doesnt look much different, the advantages with Torchlight is that there is no hassle to connect to the server which will likely be full in China because everyone wants to play it. Maybe this game is an alternative for Kai to look into.

          • slob

            I wouldn’t recommend playing any online game here that connects to foreign servers as they’re laggy as hell. I play League of Legends on a regular basis and get on average 200ms with an 8MB connection. On the Chinese server I get 25ms.

          • BiggJ

            I like my statagy games. I usually just download from a torrent and crack it. I did buy one game though through steam. Civilization 5 and the expantion gods and kings. I will spend the money for that game. I love the civ series….the online though seems not to work in china, I go online in the game and there isn’t any games on the list to join. When i use my vpn i can though.Starcraft I just have the cracked single player and the new starcraft that just came out. That would be worth buying but I prefer just single player games. I never really got into X-com…I have it on my computer just never played it. I will recommed a gome for you…one of my favorites…It’s call “Tropico” It’s a 4 game series. I would just download the new one. You’re a dictator of a tropican Island”Something like Cuba”….just google it and try it out…trust me its badass…You can be a commie or capitalist..the list goes on and on…it’s easy to play and you can loose hours playing it.


            This the game, just follow the instructions and play:)…there is an expantion also called “modern times”..Try tropico 4 though…I just play the sandbox mode.

          • Rick in China

            Tropico 4 was great fun. Civ 5 too.

            SC2 HotS also, story mode was fun – great cinematics, but quick..
            Bioshock Infinite – also, awesome. The story was one of the best game stories (and endings) I can remember. So well done. Sorta philosophical ish.

            I’m getting my hands on Skyrim again, played through twice and it’s amazingly fun. This time, with the Game of Thrones mod installed.

          • BiggJ

            I have to get the new bioshock…the first one was really good. I went through skyrim once, really liked it. I should try it with mods though, i never have. I also like Bioware games…like the first dragon age was badass….the story was great…then I played the second one and the game play was fun…but the story kind of sucked…Mass effect also a good game…the star wars game was great. I like that style of game. My job in canada in stuck in the middle of nowhere with no place to go….in the forest pretty much….so after work all there is to do is play cards or watch tv or video games. lol So the long story story games are nice to play.

          • oh I love dragon age… waiting for the third one, I read they are designing it similar to Skyrim… open world.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I hope the 3rd one is sweet, The second one the game play was sweet but the story fell so short of the first one. Like the first one you save the whole world. The second one was like 100x less epic. The story was alright..I did like how you could open your saved game from the first dragon age and load it before you start to second one for the choices you made in the first would follow into the second, That was cool.

          • yeah and the second one the companion interaction isnt that great you dont get to learn about them much unlike the first dragon age… I did enjoy the rivalry between Isabela and Aveline when they were swearing at each other… I hope to see more Morrigan, Zevran and Shale type character in the future… Wynne, Sten, Leliana and Alistair I despised. Bioware is my choise for RPG too… mass effect and dragon age… you feel for those characters and the situation they are in. With story, characters and setting in rpg… Mass Effect is still by far the most enjoyable for me.

          • ex-expat

            fallout is really good to imo

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I beat fallout 3 but I never played the ones after that, like the new vegas one, they take along time to beat.

          • vincent

            Have you played Rage or Borderlands 2 ?

          • Rick in China

            Both of those were really fun. I played borderlands 2 but on the 2nd playthrough (like super power mode or whatever it was) it seems the difficulty ramped up too quickly for where I was in terms of gear/level, so moved on :D Both definitely worth a full play through though.

            Another good one recently was FarCry 3, good story and open world exploration.

          • vincent

            So many good games on so many platforms so little time TT, there are quite a lot of decent Indie games out there as well, should give those a go :)

          • have you played lone survivor? so far I think this is the best survival horror indie game, and the graphic… well when I play it made me miss those old snes game. Its 2D old resident evil with better storyline, atmospheric and more on survival…. scavenging food, medicine and your character can also get tired, its kinda realistic and you feel worry for your character . Check it out the trailer


          • BiggJ

            Yeah i rocked farcry3 hard. I like the whole series. Recently i’ve been rockin Max Payne 3. So far this has a really good story line.

          • BiggJ

            I have not played borderlands yet, either of them, I do have rage on my pc… I remember when I downloaded it the file was huge, like over 20gb. I only played like the first 15 mins of it. I have too mmany games and not enough time. I always just play one game until i beat it and then move on.

          • vincent

            Bioware does make awesome games one of my favorite games of all time is Baldur’s Gate 2 :P

          • Kai

            Oh schnap…you’re going to destroy my life… *must… resist…*

          • donscarletti

            I use Steam for most game purchases. I generally use VPN for buying stuff and turn it off when downloading the games themselves. They have mirrors in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong, which work great sometimes and crawl at others. Just leave your PC on downloading overnight or while you’re at work, even if it shows 10kb/s 1% and sometime when you’re not watching, it will magically appear completely downloaded when you expect to see it still hanging at 10%.

          • Kai

            Dude, thanks! That’s the reassurance I needed with regards to Steam.

  • vincent

    A perfect storm of shitty driving, apathy towards their fellow countrymen and Chinese style crossing, song of the article N.W.A – fuck the police.

    • Germandude

      N.W.A – fuck the police is a bad song selection, I am sorry vincent. That would mean that sth might happen, due to resisting the status quo. I think a much more fitting song for this would be: Village people – YMCA
      It also has the advantage of having a police officer in the crew.

      • vincent

        haha well we’ll go with YMCA then :) wonder where Kedafu has gone off to?

        • the ace of books

          I’ve been wondering that, too. Song of the article: Bad Boys. (Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? RUN)

    • Rick in China

      Who was the shitty driver exactly?

      The cops? What was shitty about their driving?

      • vincent

        There was a good 2-3 seconds from the point of overtaking the car in front of them to hitting the pedestrian, and worse the person driving the police car didn’t even apply the brakes properly, if he had been concentrating on the road he could have swerved to the right completely avoiding the pedestrian, and I’m sure you are aware that cars in China have their steering wheels on the left side of the car which would mean while overtaking the car in front of him if that was the case, he would have a clear field of vision considering the distance the car that had the camera was from the pedestrian.

  • markus peg

    The value of a persons life in China is valued less than pets in the west, it shouldn’t be like this.

  • One for all

    I don’t feel sorry for the pedestrian. Motion crossing is no joke….especially in a country like China! You play with fire, you get burned.

    Lesson learnt…move on.

    • moldavidian

      You would feel differently if it was someone you knew, i assure you.

      • One for all

        It happened to someone I know… childhood friend in fact. He knew he was an idiot for doing it….and more importantly, he learnt his lesson.

        Did I feel sympathy for him when he was wrapped up like a mummy ? Of course!

        Would I feel sympathy for him if it happened again? Of course! I would also let him know he’s an idiot for doing it again!

        The pedestrian is an adult that can clearly distinguish between a good idea and a stupid one…..which one did they choose?

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    In China, life is cheap. Move on.

  • cc

    Ho fucking ho, bloody pedestrians jay walking deserve everything they get, i’m going to put flashing lights on my car so i can run all the bastards over on my way to work in the morning, Lemmings, the lot of them.

    • moldavidian

      Go back and look at the street. Do you see any cross-walks anywhere? You would have done the same thing if you had to cross the street. Fucking drivers think they own the world.

      • cc

        Cross-walks! you mean pedestrian crossings surely? There not necessary, what is necessary is common bloody sense and looking both ways, roads are for vehicles and it hurts when they hit you, learn the green cross code.

        • moldavidian

          If you lived in a typical Chinese city like this one, you would understand. No one is going to walk one kilometer to a light if there even is one just to cross the street. This person was crossing the street much like anyone else, perhaps not seeing the oncoming police vehicle on the WRONG side of the road. This could have happened to most anyone who isn’t too lazy to get out of their car and walk around.

          • cc

            Green cross code = Stop, look, listen and think. Not acting like a fucking lemming when crossing a road with your head up your arse, wake up you cunts and look, roads are for vehicles.

          • moldavidian

            Could you be a little more insensitive? And feel free to throw in more common language. People have been around a lot longer than vehicles.

          • cc

            Road. What is a road used for? Transporting goods by vehicle, if your going to cross a ROAD, what should you look out for?

            Silly fucker.

  • Marcel Thumpnut

    The Police were probably on their way to the scene of a hit-and-run.

  • Hit one pedestrian not paying attention to a siren vehicle or hit another car that might ricochet and getting more than 1 person kill/hurt?

  • the ace of books

    The last Chinese comment has the right of it – this is a mishap caused by a bunch of commonly-occuring traffic violations. It’s kind of everyone’s fault.

    That being said, really? Someone gets hit right in front of you and your cars stopped and everything, and you don’t hop out and check if they’re, you know, alive? I am not a fan of this mindset.

  • BiggJ

    You ever watch the “police academy” movies?? Chinese police should take pointers for those guys. lol

    • They do: Tackleberry.

      • BiggJ

        Yao Ming could be High Tower lol

  • ChinaScum

    Bunch of Fucks!!! Shitty Chinese police and typical of Chinese (Scum!!!) Driving off like that and not even getting to out to help or at least one could do is call an ambulance. Chinese are so low, words cannot describe. 5000 years of history, and no evolution. Scum!

    • Jannick Slavik

      lmao another loser westerner sitting on his ass in China whining about this and that.

      • Nick in Beijing

        LMAO another loser whining about Westerners in China sitting on their ass whining about this and that.

  • The Enlightened One

    Oh wow… now how to do explain this?

    All three of them are just wow….

    The police officer, speeding into another lane and trashing the guy to speed off.

    The guy with the video cause he blocks the lane, and doesn’t even offer help. I didn’t hear anybody making a phone call for help either.

    The pedestrian by crossing in the middle of the road in font of a speeding police vehicle in pursuit.

    Hang your heads in shame if you have any.

  • By all rights there should be dash board cams on every vehicle, just like how normal everyday Russians are trying to combat the plethora of Youtube gold that is Russian traffic. You know, to catalog “stupidity” and “danger”, and try to tell people so that it will cease. Also: we need more “fail” videos.

    But, that will never happen. For one, there isn’t that much space to upload that many videos. Secondly, like many indie bands, it’s much more enjoyable to watch live in person.

  • Alphy

    The reason why no one pulls over for police in China? Because police cars always have their freaken lights on. How is anyone to know when you are on urgent business, or simply driving to work if it is ALWAYS on? Result? No one ever pulls over, and the police don’t bother to regulate the behavior.

    I pulled over the first couple months when I first drove here, but now, I just do what everyone else do. If I see them in a great hurry I will still yield, but no, usually they are driving like everyone else but with some lights on top of their car.

  • Sinognome

    So are the police also afraid that the police will make them pay some illogically determined fine if they help the victim of their own hit-and-run crime? These rules aimed at ensuring those injured in traffic accidents have the least possible chance of survival must be among the most dehumanising in existence….and very, very stupid!

  • Reila90

    This site slowly become a laughing stock for people despising China. Just look these comments here makes you think those usual radical Chinese commenter seem smarter.

    • Germandude

      While I totally agree with your statement, I find it caricatural that it’s you of all people, mentioning this fact. Usually, your posts leave the majority of the readers behind with a facial expression that is close to the one shown in your avatar. Should you reply to this because (again) you don’t understand my meaning, I would refer you to my avatar as an answer.

      • Reila90

        Political correctness at its best!

      • Rusty2

        She is right, she doesn’t need to understand your meaning nor take your insult. Why don’t you make this shitty website private and “community masturbate” in private? This way nobody to tell you how despicable this site is, nobody to tell you you are wrong! You can all sit around and spit on China all you want, and noone will know! Even better, jus leave China, go back to your precious Germany where people are so nice and smart and beautiful and respectful and everything good that there is in this world.

        • Germandude

          LOL, learn English. I wasn’t disagreeing with her statement. I just find it amusing that it comes from her.

          Everything good there is is in Germany? Why don’t you stop “community masturbating” in private and get the fuck outdoors to get a pic by yourself?

      • mr.wiener

        Maybe we could get her into a feedback loop with Cleo. Nah, it probably wouldn’t work. Crazy can smell crazy.

        • Germandude

          Well, Cleo is far worse I would have thought.

    • Jannick Slavik

      I love reading this message board, filled with loser expats, many of whom couldn’t hack it in their own country.

      this website is good for laughs – that’s about it

      • Reila90

        Most foreign reader in here are just nerdy English teacher anyway. ke ke ke..

        • [email protected]

          Most of your nerdy English teachers in China have to undo the damage done by the inept local Chinese middle school English teachers.

        • mr.wiener

          Dazzle us all with your profession. Oh high one.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Now don’t you come saying that China has no good comedy. Of course their stand up comedy or comedy shows are so.painfully.unfunny, but everytime I watch these traffic accidents, I have to laugh out loud like a crazy man :)))
    Of course, you might think that I’m an asshole, but it’s one thing if some road ice makes the car turn over and hit pedestrians … it’s a complete different story when ALL parties of the accident were at fault :D

  • Rick in China

    I’d like to point something else out here, related to this in a way:

    In China – on freeways/highways/expressways, people crossing the road take their life into their own hands – completely. If a driver hits and kills/maims someone on these roads who is crossing illegally, they take zero responsibility and have to pay zero compensation to the victim/victim’s family.

    That’s just how it is. Idiots weaving through heavy traffic put every driver’s life at risk – swerve out of the way of the fucktard sneaking between traffic and bam, potentially multiple fatalities when two heaping hurling chunks of metal slam into each other.

    Based on comments here, I guess most people don’t see that logic – and instead think, welp, the police hit her, therefor it’s his fault – but those who go along with that opinion either 1) didn’t watch the video, 2) possess no analytical ability whatsoever, or 3) are looking for an excuse to rant about gov’t/police/China in a negative way rather than think objectively for a minute.

    I’d love any of those people to be the driver of a vehicle and have some farmer pop out from a car as they weave through traffic, smash into them, and learn their logic lesson for the day. Suddenly their perspective will shift..that’s guaranteed.

    • [email protected]

      That the policeman wasn’t responsible for hitting the pedestrian was never in question. That both the policeman and the filming driver drove away after the pedestrian was run over was the point of this article.

      • linette lee

        That’s right. Rick man here is not making any sense. The point of this story is the police drove away after hitting a person. Maybe he should use his brain before he post.

    • linette lee

      You dumbass, you don’t know pedestrian is ALWAYS right and have the right of way. duh.

      • Rick in China

        You obviously do not know Chinese law. Like I said – on highways/freeways/expressways, pedestrians have no rights and are forbidden to cross – but they do, and if they get hit – they have no right to compensation in any situation. That is the law. It’s not what I think – linette – it’s what I know – and once again you talk about something you obviously have no knowledge about.

        Or did some friend visit China and tell you all about the details of traffic law too?


  • B*tches, Leave

    stuff like this reminds me that sooner or later we all going to get hurt, because of the ignorance and incompetence …

  • anon101

    lol damn, so the police car hits the old person and then drives away without stopping, the taxi stops and looks for a bit then goes around them and continues on. LOL TIC. gotta remember to leave here soon.

  • damien bourdin

    China. No consideration for human life. The police, the witness, nobody cares. Sheeps, no balls, no heart. How would you rate such society? Shall I add with “5000 years of history”?..

    • Jannick Slavik

      get off your high horse frenchie, and go back and re-join your “evolved” euro-trash brethren

  • Charles

    There are so many things wrong here, as we can all see.

    Chinese pedestrians always wander into the street carelessly. And since they are used to doing this drivers think nothing of it and are generally careful to avoid them.

    The driver, along with every Chinese driver I have ever observed in this situation, has no concept of the siren demanding the right of way. Chinese people do not move out of the way when a siren is screaming behind them. It could be their grandmother dieing in an ambulance, people just don’t get this very basic concept.

    The driver of the police car should not be taking this kind of risk. If he can’t see what’s in front of another car, he ought to slow down. After all this driver sees people wandering out into the street everyday. This is nothing new.

    Given the amount of space on the right, the driver should have been able to go right and avoid the pedestrian. It’s easier said than done, perhaps. However, Chinese drivers generally speaking (aside from the experienced taxi drivers) often just don’t have decent driving skills. This may be due to the fact that many buy their drivers’ licenses.

    The sad truth is, that although I love living in China, I fear that I will one day be killed by the reckless stupidity of Chinese people. In the same way that this accident should have been easily avoided, many other kinds of accidental deaths are happening all the time for no good reason, other than the failure of the culture and the government.

    • Jannick Slavik

      and how many times have you j walked in china? probably more than one could count

      • Charles

        This isn’t J-walking. I don’t J-walk, though I do sometimes cross the road in between intersections. That said, I never carelessly walk out into traffic without regard for my safety and that’s the SOP for many Chinese folks.

        The only country where I have witnessed this particular brand of self-destructive behavior is China. Chinese people are self-destructive in so many ways. It must be part of the culture, or perhaps the result of being ruled by communists for so long, I really don’t know.

        Jannick, where are you from? Have you ever been to China. Based on your comment, I doubt it.

      • Charles

        This isn’t J-walking. I don’t
        J-walk, though I do sometimes cross the road in between intersections.
        That said, I never carelessly walk out into traffic without regard for
        my safety and that’s the SOP for many Chinese folks.

        The only country where I have witnessed this particular brand of
        self-destructive behavior is China. Chinese people are self-destructive
        in so many ways. It must be part of the culture, or perhaps the result
        of being ruled by communists for so long, I really don’t know.

        Jannick, where are you from? Have you ever been to China. Based on your comment, I doubt it.

  • MrT

    I’m not surprised no one is surprised.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I’m not surprised that someone said they are not surprised that no one is surprised .

  • bert

    Pure China! Retard walks anywhere across the road ignoring commonsense and doesn’t hear a siren! Cop car hit him then drives off. The car with the camera records it and offers no help and also drives away? Good grief!

    I find it annoying how Chinese never learned to cross a road or sidewalk or anything without looking. Stop Look and Listen before you cross the street. Use your eyes, then your ears and then you cross the street.

    • moldavidian

      Take a look for pedestrian crossings or lights… you won’t see any. So what is a person in such a picturesque city supposed to do? Never cross the street?

      • Pickle

        Is it like that everywhere? I heard its like that in Thailand.

        • moldavidian

          In my city, there are pedestrian crossings but in China, the drivers think they are kings and drive right through them. Even at lights, it can be dangerous. Someone needs to teach them how to drive and respect others.

          • Pickle

            It’s not as bad by a longshot where I live but it is getting worse as time goes by and beginning to resemble that same mentality of having less respect for pedestrian safety.

          • moldavidian

            It’s true. Even the way drivers park their fucking cars on the sidewalks here in China shows how inconsiderate they can be. The police don’t give a shit. So don’t be surprised when cars get trashed by pedestrians.

          • garbo

            I had a conversation with a friend yesterday. I said how can you cross the street when people are turning, etc. when they aren’t supposed to turn. I said its one reason people cross the street so strangely here. When you can’t safely cross the street when you’re supposed to when are you supposed to cross?

    • Jannick Slavik

      because traffic accidents never happen in your home country right?

  • They should have a law in China for incidences of hit and run called spectate and pass.

  • James

    They need more drivers like that in cambridge, MA

  • donkeykong

    It is interesting that so many people want to blame the victim…

    • moldavidian

      I totally agree. I suspect that most of them are drivers, thinking they own the roads and all pedestrians are just worthless peasants.

  • Paul Schoe

    Hi Fauna or Kay,

    It would be nice to know if there is an update of this story in the Chinese news. What happened to the pedestrian? Any explanation from the police department?
    So if you find something, please update the introduction of the article,


    By the way: the topic has led to some interesting discussions in this tread ;-)

  • Dav

    thats 7-15 years in jail if I am not wrong

  • [email protected]

    Wait, how does this work? The video drove away, so presumably the guy who made the video posted it because driving away instead of helping is bad… , yet the guy who shot the video also drove away. I mean, I know Chinese are probably the most apathetic people on earth, but the irony of this is just too much.

    • [email protected]

      the video didn’t drive away, I realize, but the “policeman” did…

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Chinese cops are straight thugs!

  • Jeff

    Damn that was fucked up. Notice how NO ONE came to help?

  • Dr Sun

    As posted by a local, this will be the official response- “The driver is a temporary worker.”

  • If you are officials you are always right. Isn’t this how communism works.

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