Chinese Police Officer Stabbed After Stopping Line Cutting

Sichuan police officer stabbed for stopping queue cuting.


From NetEase:

Sichuan SWAT Police Officer Stabbed in Public For Stopping Line Cutting

April 10th afternoon, a netizen claimed that a person was injured in front of the Ximei Department Store in Yanjiang district of Ziyang city in Sichuan province, with the netizen writing, “It’s said that the injured person and his family were about to go to a restaurant for a meal when several unknown people surrounded him and began beating him before he was stabbed and fell to the ground. The clothes this man was wearing had “SWAT Police” printed on it.”

April 11th, the Ziyang municipal public security bureau responded to this incident: On April 10th at 6:50pm, a police officer from our bureau, Wan X, along with his family were going to a Pizza Hut in the Ximei Department Store in Yanjiang district. While in line, he had an argument with with Chen XX, the friend of Wang X (a worker at a Ziyang garage). Afterward, Wang X called friends Li XX (unemployed) and Liu X (unemployed) to come and hel. During the dispute, Li XX stabbed the right side of Wan X’s abdomen with a fruit knife he was carrying before fleeing.

At present, the Yanjiang district public security sub-bureau has opened an investigation. Suspects of the crime of intentional injury Li XX, Wang X, and Liu X have already been arrested, with prosecution proceeding.


Comments from NetEase:

网易陕西省渭南市网友 [正义鹰派他爹]:

May the departed rest in peace… Severely punish the murderer… Although, going back, how can a SWAT officer be so easily stabbed??????

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:58.19.*.*: (responding to above)

However high your martial arts skills, you’d still be vulnerable to a kitchen knife. [the original Chinese rhymes]

网易江苏省盐城市手机网友 ip:180.126.*.*:

If the SWAT officer doesn’t fight back, then you people will say he’s cowardly. If he fights back and kills this cunt, then there will definitely be people saying, “ai ya, it was just a fight, how could you kill someone…” If he hurts them, then people will definitely say, “they’re just migrant workers, did it have to go this far…”

未闻微闻慰问维稳 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

You guys couldn’t even recognize him [as police] in his uniform? Now you guys are in for it. Just you wait until you guys go in [to prison]!!

Comments from Phoenix Online:


What?! If it was a police officer who had stabbed a suspect, it’d definitely be a post with a bunch of people cursing the government and police. But when it is the other way around, everyone is indifferent. May this brother [fellow officer] recover soon, and his family be freed from worry.


This kind of person shouldn’t be executed? Some mental retards even suggest that our country abolish the death penalty.


Fighting ability is inadequate, increasing training should be next.


Attacking police should be a heavier crime! Although there is scum among police, the dignity of police should not be held in contempt!


Execute him… why release him back to hurt others? With such an immoral, arrogant, selfish person should not be allowed to live… Forget being “humane”, as long as someone commits a crime, they should be shot dead after being caught, and society will immediately become peaceful!


However high your martial arts skills, you’d still be vulnerable to a kitchen knife! Hope he will recover soon, and those bastards be caught soon!


Normally doesn’t train, becomes stupid when something happens. [the original Chinese rhymes]


How can using a knife to stab someone be called assault [instead of “murder”]? Did he not know that this would kill someone? It’s clearly intentional murder.


The attacker must be severely punished. However, I also want to say you are not fit to be a SWAT officer. How did you become a SWAT officer in the first place? To be so easily stabbed and downed by a fruit knife, and in your belly too.


This is the character of our countrymen! What can you do?

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