Chinese Principal Caught Sleeping With 18 High School Students

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Slept with 18 high school girls, principal’s shameless naked photos exposed

This week, several naked photos of a China, Guangxi province, Nanning county principal called Mo Peng embracing female students circulated on China’s domestic internet, giving rise to public outrage. The person who uploaded the pictures accused Mo Peng of exploiting his power to take advantage of a total of 18 female students successively, as well as embezzling approximately 4,960,000 RMB (approximately 23,170,000 TWD). The local education bureau has already on Tuesday (the 16th) announced that principal Mo Peng has been removed from his position.

Comments on Apple Daily Taiwan:


Apparently Li Zongrui would only be a small fish in the mainland.

Rui-ting Wu:

People like this should be made history’s last batch of eunuchs.

Wind Child: (responding to above)

Why the last batch? They should be the 21st century’s first batch of eunuchs!!/span>


Should be executed!!!

Yu-Cheng Lin:

Fuck, so envious!


Motherfucker! Garbage~ worse than a beast.


How can he only be fired? His dick should be pounded into mush.


So disgusting.


Dirty pervert, just look at the layers of meat on his body! Should cut off and fry his pig lard!


No matter what country, this kind of animal can be found everywhere, the only difference is whether they come out from under the table.

Jianxin Ang:

It must be great to be a principal.

What do you think?


Written by Stuart Dingle


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