Chinese Principal Caught Sleeping With 18 High School Students

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Slept with 18 high school girls, principal’s shameless naked photos exposed

This week, several naked photos of a China, Guangxi province, Nanning county principal called Mo Peng embracing female students circulated on China’s domestic internet, giving rise to public outrage. The person who uploaded the pictures accused Mo Peng of exploiting his power to take advantage of a total of 18 female students successively, as well as embezzling approximately 4,960,000 RMB (approximately 23,170,000 TWD). The local education bureau has already on Tuesday (the 16th) announced that principal Mo Peng has been removed from his position.

Comments on Apple Daily Taiwan:


Apparently Li Zongrui would only be a small fish in the mainland.

Rui-ting Wu:

People like this should be made history’s last batch of eunuchs.

Wind Child: (responding to above)

Why the last batch? They should be the 21st century’s first batch of eunuchs!!/span>


Should be executed!!!

Yu-Cheng Lin:

Fuck, so envious!


Motherfucker! Garbage~ worse than a beast.


How can he only be fired? His dick should be pounded into mush.


So disgusting.


Dirty pervert, just look at the layers of meat on his body! Should cut off and fry his pig lard!


No matter what country, this kind of animal can be found everywhere, the only difference is whether they come out from under the table.

Jianxin Ang:

It must be great to be a principal.

What do you think?

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  • mattman_183

    Principal of the year.

  • cc

    Lucky bugger

  • Oh.. oh.. so many angry comments. Since when man sleeping with women became a crime?

    • Rick in China

      High school students? Principal of a school? Are you serious or just trolling…..

      • moop

        neither, he’s russian

        • themig

          russia is very liberal in fact its called the pinky japan of europe

      • cc

        High school students, wouldn’t that mean they are of legal age? The main point here is that he is in a position of trust, no one would give a toss if it wasn’t for his position of principal.

        • Rick in China

          15, 16, 17? I’m not sure about the legal age in regards to sex with an adult, but regardless, in general it’s looked at as f’ing sleezy/wrong to be a 40+ year old tapping 15 year old ass, no?

          • cc

            No, i don’t think its sleezy or wrong. Stop being so ageist.

          • mr.wiener

            Would you think so if it was your daughter?

          • cc

            If my daughter wanted to be with an older partner then that is her choice. If both parties are consenting then my opinion will be of no significance to them.

            The issue here is the age gap and his position at the school, for me the age gap is insignificant, his position in the school is the relevant issue.

          • Silly boy

            I disagree that your opinion as a father has no significance. You can choose to punish her for it if you want to. But she can also choose to do it anyway.

            I agree that the age gap is mostly insignificant and the real issue is the abuse of power.

          • Kate

            I seriously find it hard to believe that if you were a father of a 15 yr old girl you would be all accepting if she brought home a dude 50 yr olds and was banging him.

          • cc

            Why would that be then, my wife is 21 years younger than me. What do you have against an older man being with a younger woman/girl or vice versa? Are you such a narrow minded prude?

          • Kate

            You know what dude, nope parent your kid however you want. If you don’t see any problem with a 15 yr old bringing home a 50 yr old boyfriend then well, those are your standards.

          • ScottLoar

            Not being a narrow-minded prude and I do believe your wife is 21 years younger than you but, is that anatomy picture you post of your wife? And I thought you were just a randy teenager.

          • cc

            Those wonderful flaps belong to a porn star called Dominica. Unfortunately for me, not my wife.

          • vincent

            You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

          • cc

            Kidding you about what?

          • vincent

            That you don’t think this old fucker sleeping around with pubescent girls isn’t sleezy or wrong, when in fact it is both. I think however if he was just a teacher the outcome would have been worse for him.

          • Kate

            @vincent Yeah I’m done trying to convince these men that 50 yr old men shouldn’t be having sex with 12 yr olds. Its pointless.

          • Silly boy

            I actually agree with you, they shouldn’t. But I do not think it is my right to impose my sexual standards on others, as long as those two people are happy. Hell, when I’m an old man I might even change my mind. :P

          • cc

            Why have you now lowered the age to 12?

            If two people are within that countries legal age to have consenting sex then your argument and moral standing is insignificant.

            Marje my dear, if you are not happy with the countries rules go back to the UK or where ever you come from and live with there more agreeable morals and standards.

          • cc

            You’re entitled to you’re opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

          • vincent

            I can respect that you have your own opinion, I’m not going to argue that, on a side note it should be ‘your opinion’ not ‘you’re’ just FYI.

          • cc

            Another fucking grammar and spelling Nazi.

          • vincent

            Whatever =.=”

          • Cynic

            i think its 12 or 13 in china

          • Rick in China

            I jut looked it up and your right Cynic, apparently it’s only statutory rape if they are under 14. That’s surprising to me, and a little disappointing..

          • Cynic

            yah its fucking sick. even if its two 12 year olds.

          • mr.wiener

            Yes, this is one time 12+12 does not equal 24.
            Someone ask Dr. Stewart he’s a math professor. I hope he doesn’t teach improper fractions.

          • Rick in China

            I think by “if it’s 2 12 year olds” he meant 2 people, each 12 years old, fucking eachother – as opposed to a 40/50+ year old principal balls deep in either…

          • If they are 12 or 13 – that’s definitely wrong (and criminal).
            If they are 16 – it’s borderline.. but then they are adult enough to understand what they are doing.
            As for the act of sex with 40+ being sleezy or not – it’s up to those girls to decide, and not you or me.
            Also one must take a good look at the parents of those girls… probably they also failed to teach their daughters some basic things.

          • vincent

            If they were indeed around the age of consent when this happened then the blame would lie with their parents as well.

      • Well… you might say that I am trolling, but not in a regular way.
        Let’s say, I am willing to be the “advocate” of this guy – simply seeing how hypocritical are some of the accusations thrown in his face.
        I wonder how many of those who suggest to make him an eunuch, hide “skeletons” in their own wardrobe.
        From my acquaintance with some people, the loudest defenders of morality are often the creepiest perverts themselves.

        • mr.wiener

          I’d believe you if you didn’t have that hairstyle.
          You should grow it out a bit, then you’d look like the fella in “No country for old men”.

          • I wonder how you can see my hairstyle in the picture with such low resolution.

          • mr.wiener

            Can see it in all it’s “Hardy brother” glory bro. All you need now is a neckerchief and velour muscle top :)

          • Sorry, bro, but I don’t follow your flow of mind.
            As for me, however, you can fantasize about dressing up my avatar with neckerchief, velour muscle top and whatever floats your boat …

        • Silly boy

          Sooooooooo true. It’s like a game to some people, see who can suggest the most extreme punishment before someone finally says “yo that’s outta line dawg”.

        • vincent

          Have you been watching Donnie Darko? :D Also as to that point as long as the perverts keep their fantasies under wraps that is acceptable. He’s an educator and an old bastard too, people expect him to guide their kids to a decent education not penetration, the thing is I’m almost completely sure that if any of us were the parents of these kids, we would be seeing red.
          Those who try to rationalize or justify his actions probably don’t have kids themselves.

        • Kate

          Why do men keep referring to these children as women? A woman is mature, mentally and physically (fact, teens brains don’t finish maturing till in their 20’s). 12-15 year olds are NOT women, they are young girls who aren’t physically nor mentally mature. Adult mature men have no business manipulating, coercing, or engaging in sex with these kids.

          Article on how teenagers have under developed brains especially in the part that deals with reasoning and consequences.

          I don’t have a problem with men having sex with women, but in what world is a 12, 13, #4, 15 yr old a woman? Pakastan? Afganastan? Eastern Congo?

          • Silly boy

            They’re women in countries where they are forced to be mature at a younger age, because have far more responsibilities than sheltered, spoiled western children. Society has a HUGE impact on mental development speed. It is very much possible for a third-world female to be mentally an adult at 15 (or younger), while an American female has never had a hard day in her life and still thinks boys are gross. I suggest you stop imposing your life on people who you don’t even try to understand, because it is not going to convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with you. You have to remember, there are Chinese -children- who have worked harder and suffered more than you ever will. It may not be right, but it is certainly different.

            As for physical maturity, you couldn’t be more wrong. The average age for puberty in women is getting LOWER as time goes on, which means at least physically, girls are becoming women sooner. From Psychology Today: “In Germany researchers note that in 1860 the average age at menarche was 16.6 years, in 1920 14.6, in 1950 13.1 in 1980 12.5, while in 2010 the average had dropped to 10.5.” 10.5! Who would’ve thought, huh? At 14, it is very much possible for a girl like that to be physically close to adulthood.

          • Kate

            Firstly, you don’t know anythinga about me or my life or how much hardship I have or haven’t known, so don’t even sit there and generalize me just because I’m white/western as a “spoiled, lazy brat”.

            Secondly, if a third word female had a choice, I’m sure she wouldn’t be actively choosing to married off at 8 and to be raped at 12 to start having kids. I’m sure, if she had a choice, she’d want a western lifestyle of enjoying her youth, finishing school, going to college, getting a career, marrying whom she wants etc,. Yes, trauma and hardship does age one considerably and yes I do understand that many children in the world have seen and done things that more privelaged children couldn’t imagine ever doing or living through. But just because that is the case, does it still make it right for older grown ass men to still manipulate and take advantage of a young girl? Just because she has a hard life and had to mature to deal with it? Does that still make it OK for a 50 yr old to take an 8 yr old wife, like in Afgans often do? According to your logic, that’s perfectly OK and acceptable because that 8 yr old must be mentally mature because of her hard lifestyle and that’s the culture norm.

            Thirdly, I didn’t say girls weren’t physically maturing, I’m well aware of when girls start getting their period and that age has been lowered probably due to the hormones in food. I said MENTALLY teen brains are not physically maturing until their 20’s. And I’m not wrong about that, look it up, tons of articles on how the teen brain doesn’t fully mature until 20’s. And just because a girl is gets her period doesn’t mean she’s fair game to men to start trying to have sex with her. Should 10 yr olds be having sex because they got their period? If you’re going to argue that, then might as well just go ahead and say well since their physically mature and all, they should just start having babies while they’re at it.

            I suggest you stop trying to justify grown men having sex with young girls, regardless of their socio economic, race, hardships, etc,. The countries that allow men to exploit girls like that are some of the most miserable and worse places in the world to be a woman and girl. The best places in the world to be a woman/girl are all western countries.
            As a human race, we should be striving to raise the statuso of women and children and to give them more rights, not say “well that’s their culture”. Some cultures just suck in how they treat their women and children (In Eastern Congo, 50 women are raped a day, it’s rape capital of the world, and thata their culture. Doesn’t make it right).

          • dave

            I said MENTALLY teen brains are not physically maturing until their 20’s. And I’m not wrong about that, look it up, tons of articles on how the teen brain doesn’t fully mature until 20’s.

            Hm. Does a person need to be “mentally mature” before they have sex?

          • Kate

            In an ideal world, yes.

          • dave

            Do you feel that your ideal world should be everyone’s ideal world?

            And, more to the point, would you still feel as outraged if the story were about two high school students having sex?

            Again, I think the real issue is the abuse of authority and trust on the part of the principal, not the student’s ages per se.

          • Silly boy

            “Again, I think the real issue is the abuse of authority and trust on the part of the principal, not the student’s ages per se.” Eeeeexactly.

            Then we could get into the issue of why using his authority is abuse…because historically speaking, this is natural and the ideal situation…but I won’t go there. ;)

          • Silly boy

            We were not talking about marrying at 8, or the middle east, or africa, or rape, or brain cells. We were talking about the age of consent in China, how 14+ is appropriate for China’s culture if they are still considered a minor (not a child) until 18, and how it is not morally wrong for this man to have sex with these girls -just- because of their age. Their numerical age is not uniformly correlated with their physical or mental maturity or their ability to make good judgments and consent, but only loosely related, thus China’s more “relaxed” law is appropriate (especially given when it was written).

            No matter how you try to support it, using inflexible age limits for consent will lead you to contradict yourself because every person and every situation is different. So as I said before, these things should be handled with more consideration and not hasty conclusions.

            Upon consideration, what this man did is almost certainly deserving of a greater punishment than he got, but it would have been so even if the girls were older. Imagine a college professor or principle having sex with 18 of his current students – still deplorable by societal standards, even if the students were old enough and consenting. And thus you can see how it is the act, not the ages, which are the true problem here.

    • mr.wiener

      Who was the famous Russian author who wrote “Lolita”?

      • By the way, in Russia Nabokov’s “Lolita” has been banned in some theaters recently, as propaganda of pedophilia.

        • mr.wiener

          That reminds me. Any objections to the “Don’t stand so close to me” by the police as song of the article. Or would Little Lulu’s “to Sir with love” be too gross?

          • Kukuku

            Yes, objection!

            Clearly, this article’s song should be Oingo Boingo’s – Little Girls .

          • mr.wiener

            Conceded of course. I like Oingo Boingo , and that song was creepy.

    • vincent

      Troll pretending to be Augis…

  • andao

    Surely there’s a reasonable explanation for this.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Yeah, he was horny.

    • mr.wiener

      …and a greed bastard too apparently. Diddling the books and the students both.

    • vincent

      Yeah he slipped and fell, the force of the fall blew off his clothes as well as that of the student’s, she saved his ass by catching him and that’s when someone took the photo and blew everything out of context.

      • andao

        Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. It could easily happen like 18 times in the course of a school year, especially if falling from a high place.


    “”Naked photos exposed”, wtf only 1 picture?

    • dave

      Chinese Internet. Naked photos are only implied.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Yeah, I was looking forward to some new jerk off material!

    • Harland

      Yeah, that’s what always gets me about these. I mean, wouldn’t it be child porn? And if it is, how are the photos so widely circulated?

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Barbra Streisand effect, of course. Same happened for the recent Amanda Todd suicide, as well as others in the previous year.

        edit: and yes, it is. But unfortunately, the censors cannot keep up with the massive increase in photographic sources as media attention turns to this scandal.

        • Harland

          So…where are they? I searched for “Mo Peng photos” and got this article as the first result, all the others were unrelated. Share the secrets.

  • A Lu

    That’s normal for foreign teachers at chinese private schools and universities. But for a school principal….at least be smart and don’t take pictures

    • Rick in China

      I have never met nor heard of foreign teachers at high schools fucking their high school students in China. Then again, I don’t think any that did would ever mention it to other foreigners – they’d be looked at as a disgusting sack of shit. It’s not acceptable. University students – maybe – but there’s a big difference between a 20 year old and a 16 year old.

      • dave

        He said private schools / universities. Chinabounder is a famous example.

      • Mark

        Well, this is a junior high school. So the girls are not 16. More likely 12-15 years old…..

    • Ruffled Feathers

      “That’s normal for foreign teachers at chinese private schools and universities.”

      No it’s not, stop stereotyping.

      • A Lu

        As a laowai in China (never a teacher though), I’ve got some first hand information. More than half of foreign teachers do that, eg. 20-50 years old male teachers.

        I wouldn’t feel comfortable shagging my own students if i were a teacher, but I’m not stereotyping

  • Getrealson

    A chinese man using a trusted position for personal/financial gain? This is shocking!

    • donscarletti

      I think what this shows is if someone is observed doing anything dishonest and self-interested in a position of power he should be removed. If you’re unprofessional and dishonest enough to embezzle money, you’re unprofessional and dishonest enough to fuck your students and vice versa.

      The Chinese attitude is always about shades of grey, but in my experience that only leads to trusted leaders getting blacker and blacker.

      • SuperHappyCow

        I’ll always bet on black.

    • JankyFosci

      I know right, I’ve never heard of non-chinese in power abusing their positions for personal/financial gain. Actually, I think you’ve just described all men (and women).

  • vanyuelding

    Very disgusting ! he go to jail now! even me at 23 wouldnt accept the sollicitations of a soon to be 18 girl_ shame is not enough for him

    • lonetrey / Dan

      While I agree what he did is sketchy as hell, using your own preferences for older women (females older than 18,19, to be specific) isn’t much of an argument against him….

      • vanyuelding

        haha yes you are right :)

  • Mark

    Well, the translation is bad here. The Chinese text actually refer to “Middle School” students, which means ~12-15 years old.

    • donscarletti

      中學 = highschool. Sometimes they split it into 初中 (Junior High) and 高中 (Senior High).

      • Mark

        Well, I went to Baidu to search for the underlying Chinese reports. Those reports clearly state “Junior High”, ~12-15 years old. In other countries, even with consent, having sex with a girl under 14 is considered rape.

        My Chinese friends told me the legal age of consent for sex in China is only 14. When I ask why it is so low, their reply is “guess the leaders like young ones”………….

        Now I know why there are so many teenage sex workers in China. They must have been treated as a c** dump when they were in school. After graduation, they figure they might as well get some cash for their efforts!

        • Chinese

          What? what’s the difference between ” the legal age of consent for sex in China is only 14“ and “having sex with a girl under 14 is considered rape”?

          • donscarletti

            Many juristictions (such as the most of the Commonwealth) distinguish between “carnal knowledge of a minor” and “rape”. One being a statutory crime based on an arbitary age and the other based on whether the person in question had the mental capacity to understand the sexual act and consent to it (which could range from around the onset of pubety in the case of a properly developing person, to never in the case of profound mental retardation). The term “age of consent” is still used in those juristictions to refer to that legally defined age because it sounds better than “age of sexual majority”. Having two seperate crimes allows rape to be defined as strictly “sex without consent” and gives more lattitude for judges to punish kiddy fuckers without getting teenage lovers caught in the crossfire (rape has statutory minimum punishments, carnal knowledge of a minor only has a statutory maximum).

        • hehehehh

          oh ew…

        • linette lee

          My Chinese friends told me the legal age of consent for sex in China is only 14. ………………..

          China needs to change this policy. The people who made this policy are definitely old men politicians. 14 is too young. 14 they are just kids and full of curiosity. I will say the best age would be 18. When they are in college and be more independent. But in reality a lot of kids are having sex in high school with their boy/girlfriends. They are like 15 or 16. It’s like kids are having sex with other kids. It’s hard to control. But adults preying on young kids? The schools and parents must educate the kids. They are responsible on educating children about older adult predators.

          • maja

            well, I agree. if the age is not a good indication for debating the morality at least the context should be. at the same time, I understand that if someone thinks “it’s normal for a secretary to bend over to have a raise on salary” it’s not only difficult, but also really disturbing to talk about morality. also, the law limits are based on (debatable or less) psychological principles about the ability to take charge of one’s choices, because there’s a difference between having a sex life and being uncapable to pull back just because of external conditions (like authority, uncapability to self-support, etc.)

          • dave

            The people who made this policy are definitely old men politicians. 14 is too young.

            Old politicians usually make laws, yes. Unless you are implying they are dirty old politicians?

            Anyway, the age of consent, and for marriage, is usually lower in rural, developing countries. China still counts as one of those. Even moreso when the laws where written.

            They’ll likely be changed as China modernizes.

  • vincent

    You’ve got to be kidding me, did they only fire his ass or is he going to jail where he’ll hopefully get what he deserves? Don’t know whether dropping the soap in Chinese jails begets the same results as in American ones.

    • mr.wiener

      Really? I don’t know about China, but I’ve heard Taiwanese jails don’t have the same “rape culture” as found in the west….just sayin’

      • vincent

        Yeah I was kind of expecting that to be the case, I hope an update is posted to this story, detailing exactly what punishment this SOB is going to receive, but I’m guessing nothing will come of it as usual.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    That’s it?! “Removed from his position”?! “To be rich is glorious”, huh?

    • mr.wiener

      “removed from his position”

      ….I’m not gonna touch that one :)

      • Ruffled Feathers

        Well, he’s no longer got anybody under him.

        • mr.wiener

          They were all probably head of the class.

          • Irvin

            Will major in giving heads, they will have a bright future in dongguan.

        • Alex L

          Won’t be giving out anymore extra credit.

  • Ruffled Feathers

    What else is new?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    While I see where many are coming from, here’s what I think of the situation.

    1) if the students were old enough (Let’s say 16+), I think he’s morally wrong for doing such things when he’s the principal of a highschool.

    2) if the students were not old enough, but still legally old enough (12-15), … I don’t care, he’s morally wrong for doing such things with young teens from the lower end of the age range.

    3) if the students were old enough (say, 16+ for argument’s sake), and he hypothetically wasn’t the principal of their highschool, I’d find it sketchy as hell and be bothered by it, but I wouldn’t condemn him either since it’s within the limits of their country’s law. However, this is only hypothetical, since he IS their principal, and they ARE (supposedly) younger than what most people agree to be the minimum age for informed consent.

    Conclusion 4) In none of the 3 cases described above, does this man come out on top in terms of arguing power! I think while some of what he did may possibly fall within a grey area for SOME people, the vast majority of people will reasonably agree that he should not have done what he did!

    • Silly boy

      Just curious, where do you get your numbers for “old enough”? In many places in America, the age of consent is 18, whereas I believe it gets as low as 13 in Korea. Obviously a 16 year old is usually more mature than a 15 or 14 or 13 year old, but men have been having sex with incredibly young women (12 year old girls, even) for thousands of years with no social repercussions. It wasn’t considered to be “bad” and they usually ended up just fine. Why is under 16 morally wrong to you? Each society’s standard is different. So if the legal age in China is 14, then that is “old enough” for China. I’m just wondering why this is classified as a moral issue, as compared to a social issue.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        My numbers are just based on what people are saying in the article’s selected comments (the chinese ones that were translated) as well as what people in the Chinasmack comments section indicated before I posted.

        I try to keep my personal feelings out of this, since I understand that not everyone will think the way I do. I don’t expect people to be like me, and not go for girls younger than my sister. My sister is only 3 years younger than me and I’m only in my mid-20s, so that limitation may be a bit much for some.

        I totally get what you’re saying; A lack of a uniform distribution of what “age of consent” should be in this world does indeed make a lot of confusion when debating moral values. I just tried to make my viewpoint relevant to the conversation at hand.

        • Silly boy

          Alright, cool. I happen to agree with you anyway. :) Just making sure you’re not one of those people who thinks “X is wrong no matter what!” This guy’s definitely a scumbag no matter what way you look at it, but not -just- because they were young… I’m glad you acknowledge it’s a more complex issue than just a number. The reason I picked yours to comment on is because you seemed like you’d be the most likely to understand, anyway.

          • Silly boy

            Ah shit, I just ate my own ‘no matter what’ words, oh well. You know what I meant!

      • linette lee

        Are you nut? 12 or 15 year old are still kids. They are immature and naive. They are not old enough to make this kind of decision and understand the consequence. Very often these young girls lack love, care, and attention from their own parents. So these pedofile pray on these young girls.

        • Silly boy

          @linettelee:disqus Not all 15 year olds are immature and not all 16 year olds are mature. You can’t legally define maturity. There’s no magic switch that gets flipped in your brain once you turn 16. Sure, most of the girls in this case were probably immature. But you don’t know that for a fact so their age is not automatically a problem. Besides, if anything he’s a hebephile, not a pedophile, MOST asian men are hebephiles (whether that’s through culture/conditioning or nature is another story). You ever wonder why asian women genetically look more child-like than other races, and culturally dress more feminine and young? Hebephilia’s your answer.

          • dave

            Not sure why this is downvoted. He is spot on.

            Where else other than Asia is “schoolgirl porn” culturally acceptable?

            Not many places, if any.

          • Silly boy

            It’s downvoted because most people are not aware of the real reasons why they believe the things they believe, feel the things they feel, and do the things they do.

        • Kate

          LInette, ignore silly boy, he is just trying to justify why he is a pedophile and thinks having sex with CHILDREN is ok.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Kate, normally I feel your posts are among the most reasonable and level-headed on Chinasmack.

            However, I think this time you have misunderstood SillyBoy. (or maybe I have.) What I think the point he was trying to make was merely an observation of the actions of people throughout history and the opinions of people from the past.

            What he said no longer applies to the people and here and now, and I think the general public (or at least, the most vocal public opinion) is that the age of consent has increased from what is has been in the centuries before.

            I don’t think he’s trying to support relationships with kids but that he’s just trying to clarify the point that “the grey area” is hard to define. I for one, am someone who do not go for women younger than my sister who is 3 years younger than me (a mid-20s person.). But I can at least see where SillyBoy is coming from, and that such opinions are valid in different parts of the world while not valid in America/other countries.

          • Silly boy

            Yeah, more or less.

          • Kate

            Your late. I apologized for calling him a pedo when I realized he’s just playing devils advocate instead of a real pedo trying to find justification for preying on young girls.

            I normally avoid csmack…..don’t know much about china. Yeah I get it wrong too sometimes. I’m having a very bad week and haven’t used much logic due to stress.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Ohhh, I see. Sorry about that, I just saw a bunch of notifications on my Disqus. Glad to see that things worked out! >_<

          • Getrealson

            Typical liberal bigmouthed idiot! Spurts their PC shit, calls anyone who disagrees names then when they are wrong blame stress or childhood trauma or some other bullshit! OWN IT! Take your medicine and move on. making excuses is weak.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Right on!

          • fe2529999

            Die painfully you useless cvnt, preferably by getting your face cut to ribbons

          • Getrealson

            aaaahahaha! settle down. need a valium?

          • Guest

            Right on!

      • vincent

        There was a time when burning people alive and gangbang’s were socially acceptable as well.

        • Silly boy

          @disqus_vr53A7xqWx:disqus Not really, no. Not the same at all. And what do you have against gangbangs, huh?

          • vincent

            I never said I had anything against gangbangs! :O

      • Kate

        Because as societies and people progressed in the treatment of women and children, it started to become morally wrong to have sex with children. The reason it is morally wrong to have sex with young children is that they are still children, they are naive, their brains are still maturing, they don’t understand the full consequences, they are often abused, forced to engage in sex that they do not want, and also children having sex have the risk of pregnancy,do you think its ok for 12 yr olds to be having babies with 50 yr old men? As a society, we redefined childhood as our views of children changed and most parents do not want their still in school children being sexually exploitdd and abused by much older adults (this goes for boys too).

        Why am I having to explain to you that pedophilia is wrong? The whole argument of “well 3000 yrs ago, us men could do it and be fine” is completely irrelevant and as stupid as saying “well 3000 yrs ago I could torture those jews!” We don’t live 3000 yrs in the past. Whatever people did that long ago has no meaning now in present day society and if you really want to live like you are in the stkne age, then please go buy a one way ticket to Afganastan. Because they are still practicing child marriages and stonjng women for wanting to read….and by the way they DO have sex with young girls in that part of the world and just lokk at how happy their women and children are.

        • Kate

          And don’t refer to 12 yr olds as women. That is implying they have the maturity of an adult woman. They are from that. Call them what they are CHILDREN instead of trying to make your disgusting pedophilic post sound more legit.

          • vincent

            They should set all these assholes on fire for the lulz…

        • Silly boy

          @disqus_3ntu2nOx6o:disqus Oh boy, here we go. You’re mixing up way too many issues with one another in an attempt to make me look wrong. That is called shotgun argumentation, but unfortunately I won’t be falling for it today.

          By the letter of the law, it’s ok for a mentally immature “of age” girl to have sex, but not a mentally mature “minor” to. The law is not based on mental maturity, it is an arbitrary standard relative to physical maturity, which is also different for every individual. Look up the “fallacy of division” – what is true for one is not true for all.

          The law is not “morally right”, it is just what a society has agreed upon to be most acceptable to the majority, which is why it is different everywhere.

          Your personal reasoning, clearly regardless of local legality, is that an underage girl (in your case, under 16) is not mentally mature enough to have sex. Therefore, your standard is clearly based around mental maturity. Unless you can logically explain why it is morally wrong for a mentally mature 15 year old to have sex, but it is morally right for a mentally immature 16 year old (or any age above that) to have sex, then you are contradicting yourself because that no longer uses mental maturity as a standard.

          Your argument is not based on logic, it’s based on how you feel. You cannot claim that someone else is “morally wrong” just because you feel bad about what they do. If they are not harming anyone, then there is nothing immoral about it.

          Face it – everyone makes mistakes, children and adults. If a 15 year old girl wants to have sex with an older man, or even a boy younger than she is, that is up to the two of them. It is not the right of some big brother authority to tell her what she can’t do with her body. If she regrets it later, so be it – but plenty of adult women regret sexual encounters too, that doesn’t mean the choice to do so is suddenly invalidated or illegal. It is fundamentally a choice they made. Why is it that we blame parents for poor choices children make, except when it comes to sex? If the girl made a bad sexual choice it’s the same as if she made a bad school choice or social choice – her parents didn’t do a good enough job, and she will learn from her mistakes. Morals have nothing to do with it, it’s all just one big learning experience.

          Personally, I can’t stand underage girls, yet alone ones who are of age but act incredibly immature (cough cough), so you don’t need to accuse me of pedophilia, thanks.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Sorry Kate, normally I feel your posts are among the most reasonable and level-headed on Chinasmack but it does seem like you’ve jumped to some assumptions that aren’t definitely true.

          I know what SillyBoy said can be misconstrued as “favoring pedophilia”, but I think he’s leaning more towards “trying to thoroughly understand other people’s sexual views”.

          I’m just pointing out that it’s not necessary to ATTACK him, you know? I guess it’s more of your debating style; I see your aggressive posts on Chinasmack a lot, and I even upvote you many times. It’s just this time your target doesn’t seem like someone who deserves to be attack, that’s all.

          Not like SillyBoy is going out raping little kids and we need to go hide our kids, hide our wives, and hide our husbands cuz he’s raping everyone out there….

        • El Puma R.

          If I had sex with a 14 year old back when I was 14, does that make a pedophile? Even more, if my 28 year old chinese girlfriend has the vajayjay of a 14 year old and I love that about her, does it make me a pedophile?

          lol Just fucking with you… are you over 18? Gosh I don’t want any trouble. Everything you said is right… I see my 15 year old students going shopping dressed like porn stars and it’s so easy to see they don’t know what they are doing… it is just fashion for them.. to wear those tiny tiny shorts and very tight sweatshirts… lucky them, chinese boys have no clue of anything except the minority, those ones with a penis of decent size, hence the lack of confidence so many men in this Country suffer and try to fix it through material gain.

          xoxo (if you are above legal age, otherwise send them to your mom)

          • Kate

            Tmi about the gf vagina……I don’t think vaginas really age noticeably? I dunno mine looks exactly the same since I was a teen…maybe it’ll look different in 30 yrs…but they really don’t sag like balls and penises do because they’re an internal sex organ….does pubic hair turn grey? I guess I could google geriatric porn but I really don’t want too…..I know they can be stretched out from babies but most women are often back to normal in a year especially with kegal excersises….from what I’ve read vaginas are more or less the same in all races of women…most are medium sized, some small and some bigger but size of vagina doesn’t have anything to do with race or body size….and most measure similar regardless.

            I’m 25

          • cc

            just view the avatar, it may answer your question prudy.

      • fabulous

        It’s like salesmen targeting old ladies at home.
        They are old enough to know what they are doing.
        You want to make a sale and they are easily persuaded.
        You’ve done nothing illegal by selling them the Encyclopedia Britannica for $1,200, in 36 low monthly installments of $45.
        But no-matter how you justify it you are still just a morally bankrupt piece of poo.

        • Silly boy

          @4cf84c8b331e7c2f0aaba5a739d19dce:disqus First reply here with any logic to it. I can see why people get upset – it’s disturbing to think about older men taking advantage of minors – but we need to be more careful about how we define it.

          • fabulous

            I think that anybody who has been a teenager and then grown out of it can appreciate that West-style age-of-consent laws are a good idea. Libertarianism is like socialism; it only works when people have the skills and attitudes to not take advantage of each other.

            Governments can’t teach you to care about others (although they sometimes try) more than your own wants. So they make a standard that works based on scientific or historical evidence. That’s why laws look so arbitrary.
            Why is 60 the speed limit in this area? I can do 75 just as safely.
            Why is 0.03 the blood alcohol limit here? I can handle my beer.
            Why can’t we have sex? She’s old enough to make her own decisions.
            Governments don’t have time to deal with the Sorites defence of every Garry who wants to drive at 75 in a 60 zone, while drinking his fifth beer in order to impress his 15 year old passenger.

          • Silly boy

            Then everyone should be OK with the 14-year-old age of consent in China, since the Chinese government made that law for the Chinese people. Chinese law considers 14-18 to still be minors, but not children – sex with them is not inherently illegal, but non-consenting sex is punished more severely than if it was with someone 18+. Seems reasonable to me, more reasonable than American law in many practical cases (which varies by the state anyway).

            Let’s not be so quick to forget, laws -can- be irrational or outdated, such as the 21-year-old drinking age in America. Many laws are passed for political gain rather than societal benefit, so it’s certainly acceptable to challenge them if you think they need improvement. In theory, I am glad that these people are challenging Chinese laws, but the Chinese don’t really care what laowai think and their law in this case is more reasonable than ours.

          • fabulous

            I see how you’ve read my comment and come to that conclusion but that wasn’t my intention. Let my first say that I have other things to do and I don’t wish to get into some sort of ScottLoar/RuffledFeathers style debate with you.

            What I wanted to say with my two comments before was that people will want to do bad things whether or not there is a particular law against it.
            If it’s not illegal but still morally wrong, people will argue that it’s not illegal.
            If it is illegal, people will argue against the relevance of the law.

          • Silly boy

            You’re right that people will always try to justify doing bad things. But as I said in other posts, it is not ALWAYS a bad thing for a girl under 18, or 16, or whatever limit you’re currently espousing, to have sex. Whether it’s with someone her age or an older man doesn’t make much of a difference physically, mentally she might actually be capable of making a good decision for herself (shocking I know :O), and on the off chance it happens, it’d be better for a responsible old man to impregnate her than an irresponsible teenager. I’m not saying what this man did is right, it’s obviously fucked, but the girls being young is not the only or the worst problem with it.

          • El Puma R.

            Sorry but I beg to differ about their law, there is no independent judicial system in China and no constitution. The laws in China are just a mirage for people who can’t afford them. And you are right about is being laowai without a word on all this, but wait, the Chinese are excluded too.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        You make an interesting point, but I hope you don’t condone sex with children

        • Silly boy

          @disqus_bwRzhCYw1z:disqus I do not condone sex with children in the least bit. What I am bringing to question is if a legal regulation of two willing people’s sex lives is appropriate. (I am also the kind of guy who thinks all drugs should be legalized.) I think the 14-year-old age of consent is actually correct for China. 14-year-olds do willingly have sex with each other, they do have sex lives, therefore a minority of them will actually want to be involved with older men and women too. (I know when I was 14, I wanted no woman more than Pamela Anderson!) They are still considered minors before the age of 18, but it does not automatically qualify as rape just because they were a minor. Therefore if they were unwilling and between 14-18, the charge is worse (and even more severe under 14), but if they were willing at 14+, there is no charge. It seems very logical to me.

          • MrT

            I thought the age limit was upped last year to fall in line with HK

          • Silly boy

            Ah, didn’t hear that. Good for them if it was. Not like I care, most women before their mid-20s annoy the shit outta me. Apparently people think because I am playing the devil’s advocate that makes me a pedo lol

          • MrT

            yea i have a lower age limit of 30 because the mental age here is minus 10 to the west.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          If your comment was directed at me, I mentioned in another reply to SillyBoy that I personally do not go for people younger than my sister, who is only 3 years younger than me, and I am in my mid-20s.

          Might be a little hard to find in this long trail of posts and replies, didn’t expect to get so many people to reply under my post!

          • Ruffled Feathers

            No it’s a reply to sillyboy

    • dim mak

      Moral or not I’m pretty sure most schools have some sorta rule about not fucking the kids

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Yes, that’s what I meant with #1. I think I forgot to say that #1 would also apply to #2…

      • Cynic

        In communist china the students molest the teachers.


        • [email protected]

          Right, and then they kill themselves so the teacher can continue to enjoy the harmony of raping children.

    • [email protected]

      You lost me with your conclusion there. You were doing really well until you ended with “the vast majority of people will reasonably agree that he should not have done what he did!”. That is like saying: “The vast majority of people will agree that swallowing poison is not smart”, or “the vast majority of people will agree that having sex will animals is perverse”.

      Yes, clearly we all agree, but I would probably have said: “Under no circumstances, and not for any reason whatsoever should this man not go to prison, not be forced to stand in front of an open court and face trial, plus ridicule, plus the condemnation of the girls’ parents. Then in addition to raping children, he would be punished for embezzling, which in China, I believe the punishment for a crime such as his, earns the death penalty.

      I am sure all would agree this disgusting pig deserve more than just his job taken away.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Ah you managed to put it into more conclusive words than I did. Nicely said.

        What I was going for with my conclusion was to not go against anyone’s viewpoints. If you read my conclusion, it’s merely stating that there’s no defensible angle for this man (the principal, I mean).

        I said this in a reply to SillyBoy somewhere in the long trails of posts and replies, I’m just making my response a little more diplomatic.

  • Silly boy

    Forget censoring the girls, someone should be censoring this guy’s moobs.

  • linette lee

    They need to put him in jail. And the people who were caught stealing and corruption should be sent to hard labor like fixing the highways or building demolition or cleaning beaches. So this way the gov’t can save money on paying workers and use the money to care for the rural areas.

    • Gotta Luv Communism

      What kind of fantasy world are you living in, Linette? In ain’t China.

  • hehehehh

    only removed from his position, no legal charges?

    i mean prob from those 18 some of them are underage at least?..
    had to be said again..

  • AlfinasPlace

    How long has he gotten away with this?

  • There are too few details in this post.
    And the most important of them – “How old were the girls?”
    It’s not enough just to assume this information basing on the vague description “high-school students” and one picture of girl taken from back.

    [I suspect that the original article also omitted this information in order to sensationalize their post]

    Because without it this case can fall anywhere in the range between the crimes of serial pedophile and dubious, yet legal adventures of serial womanizer with not-too-smart girls.

    • Jahar

      Generally high school girls are under 18 here.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    It’s only shameful because he is the principal.

  • Umm, isn’t that the whole point of working at a high school…..? : p

  • Biao Ma

    How horny and dirty he is? where are their moral code? How could a guy like him be a principal?

  • linette lee
    • Ruffled Feathers

      You beg he has a bigger dick? You wish.

      • Silly boy

        I love chinglish, don’t you?

        Honestly that guy has pretty small junk for a white dude. I would know, I’ve seen a lot of dicks in my day. ;D

        Is it just me, or are all condoms in China fun sized? They look like novelty condoms for children or something. I can’t imagine Chinese men’s penises are REALLY that small. Linette Lee, any input? I’m sure you have lots of experience.

        • linette lee

          ……………pretty small junk for a white dude. I would know, I’ve seen a lot of dicks in my day. ;D……………………….

          silly boy… hahaha…lol You are really into dick aren’t you? ;}

          • Silly boy

            you’d be surprised the things you can see in some fields of education. I’ve also seen brains!

  • Liu Yang

    @Silly boy, when some children try a pint of beer, they always cry for more. Should we therefore allow them to soak themselves in beer just because they liked it? You may want the legalization of the use of drugs, but how is this going to change the negative influence of drugs on people’s lives, if we could easily lay our hands on drugs? Authorities don’t ask people to drive 60km an hour because they don’t know people could drive faster. They do so in order to limit the devastating effects of accidents caused by over speeding. However, they are also aware that once in a while, one scattered-brain will take things into his or her hands. All of us know that physically a 15 or 16 year old girl can rub bodies with men,but we also know that mentally she’s not ready for this kind of things.

    • Silly boy

      @664b7886c13741671c3d01373f3ce488:disqus First, you all need to stop using speed limits as an analogy. Those laws are based on mathematics, as you say, whereas drinking ages and sexual consent ages are NOT. They are social issues.

      Most children don’t like beer, and for the ones who do, it should be the responsibility of the parents – not the law – to parent them! We are using the law as a scapegoat for bad parenting and that is unacceptable. If you do not want your child to drink or have sex then raise them not to. The no sex brainwashing thing seems to still work for most Chinese kids, statistically speaking.

      We do not “know” that a 15 or 16 year old is not mentally ready for sex. It is not true in every case. What if she had sex with a boy her age at 13 or 14, then rationally decided to move on to the next step (an adult male) at 15 or 16? If she thinks it’s OK, and her parents think it’s OK (happens more in third world countries), who are you to say that she cannot? It is not your concern and it is not your right to interfere, and it is not the government’s responsibility either.

      As for drugs, is it your right to decide what you eat, until what you eat has an interesting side effect? Is it your right to decide what medicine you need, only if it was manufactured by a corporation? Fuck that. It is your right to do what you want with your body. Governments banning certain drugs are policing your body and that is morally wrong. I already had a daddy when I was a little kid, thanks.

      That is not to say that consent laws should be abolished completely, but we should be more careful in the west about how they are prosecuted. I have seen cases in California where underage boys get locked away for having consenting sex with underage girls – ridiculous! China’s laws seem to be more reasonable in this matter. We should also remember that imposing our views on others never works – if we’re actually better, they’ll adopt our ways eventually, once they are ready for them. See: Chinese sexual harassment laws, first enacted as recently as 2005.

      • Kate

        Ok here is my problem with your argument. Put aside the young person for a second. I understand what you are saying about a 16 yr old wanting to have sex with an older guy out of curiosity or whatver.

        This is my problem with it. Older men shouldn’t want to be having sex with girls that young. Talk about the MEN for a bit. You said yourself you are not interested in girls under 20 because of how annoyingly immature they tend to be. Older men shouldn’t be out trolling playgrounds or high schools for young girls, 5, 10, 20 Yrs younger then them. A normal 40 yr old man shouldn’t be interested in relationships with 15 yr olds. He should be more attracted to women closer to his own age. Whether or not that 16 yr old is curious about sex with an older man, the older man shouldn’t be interested in them.

        • Silly boy

          It seems we have found some common ground. There may be hope for understanding after all.

          Some older men are attracted to younger women for various reasons. It is not illegal to be attracted to someone, nor is it even really a choice. Try forcing yourself to be attracted to something you are not, it doesn’t work! Much like you could not be attracted to a young boy, some men can not be attracted to old women. Biology, culture, insecurity, there’s a lot of reasons.

          Whether or not the older man should or -should- be interested in younger girls, the fact remains that he is, and if she is attracted to him then good for them! They both get what they want! It’s none of our damn business, especially if the parents are not concerned. I can think of plenty of reasons why that situation would work to the benefit of both parties, especially in a country like China. We might not like it, but there’s a lot of things I don’t like about China which aren’t really in my power to change, nor is it my right to.

          • Kate

            Yeah well I sincerely believe any older man who is attracted to a barely pubescent girl is himself incredibly emotionally immature, insecure, controlling, and highly manipulitive and sees young girls as objects easily controlled, where as he knows women closer to his own age wouldn’t tolerate him. These kinds of men are often predatory and take advantage of young girls who don’t have the life experiences to know better or fully realize the consequences of their actions. They are young, one can’t expect them to know better but these men are not young and look for young girls to manipulate, mould, and control for their own perversions. As a society and as parents it is our duty To protect young girls from men like that. Child prostitution often starts with these older men finding some poor, young teen girl to first manipulate and then to exploit.

          • Silly boy

            You’re right that many (maybe even most) older men who like younger girls are bad, and it is our responsibility to protect the girls. It might not even be the fault of the old man that he is messed in the head, but you are right, it is dangerous. As I’m playing the devils advocate, since laws should err on the side of caution, I am talking about the best case scenario when I say it is not a bad thing.

            Not EVERY case is between a predatory man and a naive girl. A huge infringement on personal freedom problem arises when the situation is totally innocent and the guy gets punished anyway. I do not want to see China’s laws go that far. That is why I think the law should be flexible and allow for severe punishment if it was actually rape, but also allow for freedom of choice, which is what their law is like currently. In fact, most laws in China are pretty damn good, it’s the enforcers of those laws who suck.

          • Kate

            ….ok I’m sleepy,apologies for calling you a pedo.

          • Silly boy

            Haha thanks. I’m just trying to get people to think. My philosophy is, if your beliefs are never challenged, how do you know they’re right?

          • linette lee

            silly boy, you forget the part young girls who are very young like 12 to 15 yr old, it is very easy to manipulate them. The older men are pushing them and convincing them. Young kids don’t know better when to give a strong no…and no is final. To make them believe nothing is wrong having sex with their authoritative figures teachers and principals. It’s easy to brainwash young kids. (like young kids 14 15 make the best soldiers right. They follow orders blindly from authority. They are easily brainwashed.) AT 14 these girls are naive and inexperience. They didn’t understand it’s actually better to wait until they are older like 18 with guys their age. When they are 25 26 they will regret.

            To me, it’s the schools, parents, and all adults reponsibility to teach young kids about sex and to protect them from falling prey to pedophils.

        • Kukuku

          Okay I know I won’t be making friends with this one. Men and women have very different drives, especially about sex. Let me share with you what I know from my experience living my whole life as a man and what my friend who is a psychiatrist specialized in dealing with sexual deviants and pedophiles told me over the years.

          By their very nature, men will be attracted to girls around the time they reach puberty. It becomes absolutely abnormal when a man is excited when looking at girls that have not reached that stage. If you have an honest pedophile on record, he would tell you he cannot have sex with a girl who has pubic hair. A sexual drive that is killed by the presence of some form of pubic hair is a strong indicator of pedophilia. I’m not saying you shouldn’t shave that bush or trim it, but keep this in mind.

          I’m not making excuses for this principal or trying to say that it is alright to fuck teenage girls. What I’m saying is that everyone should recognize that men have a primal drive that, if they followed it blindly, would lead them to have sexual intercourse with girls who have reached puberty. We have many reasons for not indulging in this activity in civilized societies, but the biggest one is that it is not beneficial to the girl’s development as a human being to have sex at that stage of her life so setting up a general legal boundary on this is sane. We don’t obey all of our drives all of the time and this is a good thing.

          To Kate: For men, sexual intercourse and relationships are not the same thing. You can have both at the same time, but I can guarantee you that older men having sex with teenage girls have absolutely no interest in any relationship whatsoever and only have sex on their mind.

        • Turnip

          Hmm. I’m almost fifty and there is no way I would ever consider a woman my own age, except as someone to joust with intellectually. Sex – no way.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      lol oh please, when I first tried beer at age 18 (yes yes, I started underage.), I was like “COUGHCOUGHCOUGH Y U NO GOOD TASTING?!!”

  • 平凡人

    This is nothing new, it is not the first time. High school students? How old are they? If he has a daughter and if she suffers the same fate, how would he felt?

    • Kukuku

      Doesn’t matter to him, because in this very case these are not his daughters. People here often think that way: I can do to others things I would never accept them to do to me, especially if I believe I am socially (or whatever) higher than them.

  • El Puma R.

    Some douchebag using his power to abuse young girls isn’t news in China. What really worries me (as a teacher mostly) is those girl’s parents: do they teach them about self-awareness? how about communicating with their children? Do they ever tell their children -at least- that there are some really bad people in this world that would try to abuse them using lies and intimidation and therefore they shouldn’t fall for such stupidity? Man… I still can’t accept the fact that chinese parents teach their daughters to be so useless, stupid and dependent … or they just don’t teach them shit… yeah go ask money from the school now… I don’t blame the girls… of course not ! I blame their parents and this society that only seems to make people more and more moronic everyday.

    • dave

      I’d assume that they are mostly taught to submit to authority, to do what teacher/principal says.

      To me, that is the more egregious moral issue: Some assclown using their position of power and trust to exploit a young person.

    • ScottLoar

      I do not find the Chinese moronic, nor do I find that “Chinese parents teach their daughters to be so useless, stupid and dependent”. Had you any experience of living in a Chinese household or among Chinese neighbors, you would know the major lessons drilled into every child, among them

      1) People outside the family are not to be trusted, gullibility is a sinful weakness (“don’t be stupid”);
      2) the family always comes first so obey your parents who know best;
      3) the good life is a wealthy life free of want.

      Chinese girls and young women sometimes lack sexual knowledge and seem naive, but in a country where on average girls have their first sexual experience before the age of 16 (if my memory serves correctly), and dress… well, “sexy”, they are generally not stupid to sex. I know a Chinese mother who would drive her daughter to a party, then wait outside in the car until the party was over to be sure her daughter was safe. In between the daughter sneaked out the backdoor with the rest of her friends to do whatever teenage girls like to do with like-minded friends, then sneak back to exit the front door to the waiting car.

      I imply no cause but there will be more to this story than the principal screwing 18 of his schoolgirls.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        You don’t find Chinese moronic. Really? Not at all?

        OK, let’s look at what you said

        “1) People outside the family are not to be trusted, gullibility is a sinful weakness (“don’t be stupid”);”

        To trust no one except your relations smacks of paranoia, which is arguably moronic, especially if there’s no justification for it, other than “because they’re not in my family”.

        2) the family always comes first so obey your parents who know best;

        Narrow minded, why do only parents know best? What if the parents are negligent or irresponsible? Rare in China I’ll grant you, but not unheard of.

        3) the good life is a wealthy life free of want.

        So wealth is all that matters to these people? Surely there’s more to life. This again sounds kind of narrow-minded to me, and therefore moronic.

        “but in a country where on average girls have their first sexual experience before the age of 16 (if my memory serves correctly),and dress… well, “sexy”, ”

        Do they? Most Chinese of the current young adult generation don’t practice premarital sex. Again, some do, but, you’re saying, on average they have sex before 16? That’s simply untrue.

        Yes they dress sexy, but over here, it means very little. How often do you see Chinese guy wolf whistling and staring at chicks? Sexual awareness is very uncommon here.

        As for your anecdotes about living among Chinese families/neighbors or knowing an over protective mother, well, these are selective experiences. Personally, the Chinese households I’ve lived in act like morons. I once knew a mother who would mop up her kid’s piss with his jacket, then leave it to fester on the floor. However, not all households are like this, just like not all households and family values are as universal as you’re making out.

        • ScottLoar

          No, I don’t find Chinese particularly moronic.

          To mistrust those outside of the family is not particularly Chinese but , say, do you have any experience of other cultures besides your own? Mistrust is not paranoia or moronic; it is playing safe, and that is something Chinese are very good at, especially in a society and from a history that is prone to instability. Under changing circumstances it is the familial bond that is strongest. That’s moronic?

          Within the family the Chinese pretty much obey the parents as a matter of filial piety (look up the phrase). You may not like it but the Chinese accept so. Yes, parents can be negligent and irresponsible, and under such circumstances it would be self-destructive to obey them but in general – and not the extremes you insist upon presenting – obedience to one’s parents is considered a virtue. You may find it hard to believe, even foolish and unacceptable to your standards, but I have seen grown men and woman kneel down to an angry parent in China. And we’re not talking about your standards, Ruffled Feathers; for them, kneeling was an act of respect. You can accept that respect is not moronic? That respect can be given in ways sometimes alien to your own?

          Chinese are indefatigable in their pursuit of wealth, holding that a wealthy life free of want is a good life. Moronic? Not to most of the people in China, especially those who might look at your life and ask how you measure your self-worth, your security, your future and that of your descendants. I don’t think you’ve asked yourself such questions but… well, these questions are moronic?

          Internet sources give the average age of the first sexual experience in China at around 17 (my recollection of 15+ came some years ago from a printed English language source). You’re telling me Chinese marry at 17? And Chinese don’t practice premarital sex? You’re not serious.

          You admit their dress is sexy but think” it means very little”. Sexy dress is intended for whom? “Sexy” is interpreted by whom? Chinese guys do notice chicks (although the wolf whistle is usually limited to those guy-meet-girl tv shows; you know where a guy or girl is on stage to interview and be interviewed by prospective mates? You do know, yes?) ; I can’t understand why you deny sexual attraction and tension between young (and old) people in China.

          No, I don’t find Chinese or their households moronic, but to suggest Chinese mothers mopping up piss with a jacket is common is moronic, no? I do admit that it seems likes do attract.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            You twisted what I said, and again, your reasoning is spurious.

            I didn’t say mopping up piss with a jacket is common, i said “I once knew a mother who would mop up her kid’s piss with his jacket,
            then leave it to fester on the floor. However, not all households are
            like this,”. How is this saying it’s common? Twat.

            You’re argument about respecting parents is fine, though I don’t know what you mean by “the extremes you insist upon presenting”. What extremes? I didn’t mention any. I said: “why do only parents know best? What if the parents are negligent or irresponsible? Rare in China I’ll grant you, but not unheard of.” Again you’re twisting what I said.

            If a person mistrusts everyone, except their family, they’re paranoid. Simple enough. Also, your argument about playing it safe because of historical instability is unconvincing because, it’s pretty stable these days, and has been for at least the last 30 years.

            “Chinese are indefatigable in their pursuit of wealth, holding that a
            wealthy life free of want is a good life. Moronic? Not to most of the
            people in China,”

            I stated that there’s more to life than wealth, so yes, the indefatigable pursuit of wealth in life is moronic. It’s clear that Chinese love wealth, as do many Asians, and many people the world over, but just because it’s a majority opinion does not make it correct.

            Sexy dress means little in China because they’re just following fashion blindly, just to adhere to trends and peer pressure, or sometimes to show off their wealth. Girls generally don’t dress like a slut to get male attention, that is incidental, if it comes at all. China is a place where sex is seen largely as a taboo, and just because you got some stats off the internet or ‘a printed English language source’ doesn’t make it so. You also asked if I think Chinese marry at 17. No, I didn’t say that. Yet again, you’re twisting it. I said they don’t have much premarital sex, meaning that they have no sex at that age, usually.

            Finally, why do you have to be so patronizing? For instance:

            1. “although the wolf whistle is usually limited to those guy-meet-girl tv shows; you know where a guy or girl is on stage to interview and be interviewed by prospective mates? You do know, yes?”

            No, I don’t watch that kind of show, so I don’t know. Why does it matter if I know about it or not?

            2. “but , say, do you have any experience of other cultures besides your own?”

            Yes, dumbass, I live in China; been here seven years. Just because my opinion is different doesn’t mean I’m clueless, you arrogant jackass.

            Belittling someone is not clever, it just makes you look like a dick. Your post reads as arrogant and presumptuous, and you base it on little real fact, just baseless opinions that you insist on considering to be the truth. It also reads, like anyone who disagrees with your ‘wisdom’ is a complete idiot, am I right? Is that the justification of such needless condescending behavior?

            Here’s a clue for you. Just because you believe something does not mean others can’t disagree with it. Be open to differing opinion. I am very sick of liberals who make an opinion and cannot tolerate it being brought into question. If you’re too immature for a civilized debate then don’t comment on here.

          • ScottLoar

            I’ll respond in kind.

            Twat, you accused me of being selective by recounting my experience of Chinese households, then go on to remark on the mother who mops up piss with a jacket as evidence of moronic households.

            If parents are negligent or irresponsible – which are the extremes you pose – then of course the kid endangers himself; none are advocating blind obedience, Twat, but you certainly inferred so.

            Chinese society, the way they think and act, is not the product of the last 30 years, Twat.

            I never said a majority opinion was correct, Twat. I did recount why the Chinese pursue wealth. I surely don’t suggest you, Twat, pursue wealth but am curious how you’d answer the questions about this I supposed the Chinese might ask you, Twat.

            I think you, Twat, are way off base about sex between Chinese adolescents, and that’s not based on internet stats, Twat, but a better feel and understanding for the culture than Twat.

            I figured you, Twat, did not look at that kind of tv show otherwise you wouldn’t make such a stupid remark that Chinese boys – and girls – don’t hoot and holler at each other’s sex when given the chance. I don’t know how else to put that truth in front of your face.
            Dumbass (glad to avoid the repetition of Twat), seven years and you remain clueless as to who is fucking.

            “Belittling someone is not clever, it just makes you look like a dick”, Dumbass, Twat; I hope you learn from the experience. I said I would respond in kind so look to your own behavior first.

            I’m not a liberal but, yes, you are sick, you are the one who initiated this exchange by trying to argue my examples are those of “moronic” Chinese, and your uncivil retort Dumbass, Twat, Dick-like, reveals your intolerance and narrow insistence on unproven opinion. Your comments are not the substance of civilized debate yet you insist on commenting here.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Well, at least you proved me right about your immaturity. I guess I really hurt your feelings huh? Get used to it, your opinions are garbage.

          • ScottLoar

            Once again, reason fails Ruffled Feathers.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Why, because I didn’t condescend and swear my head off? That seems to be the only way you can retort.

          • ScottLoar

            You can’t be serious. Nowhere did I first address you other than by moniker, then replied with the very words – twat, dumbass, dick – you first used. And now you complain? You surely can’t be so shallow, so lacking in introspection?

            Ah, I forgot to use “arrogant jackass”.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            You twisted what I said in my reply and you were being condescending. That would piss anyone off. Then you go off on a tirade of abuse because I counter argued you and said you’re being a dick. Clearly that cut you deep, as was demonstrated by the anger you just unleashed on me. Face it, some people disagree with you, don’t take it so personally.

          • ScottLoar

            I’ll consider yours the last word on this matter, so you can reply with more personal insult that – gee, I promise – not to take so personally.

          • SuperHappyCow

            …you called him a twat, bro.

            we can all read, although i had to stop pretty early lol

      • El Puma R.


        I don’t know if you live in China… but if you do, better get on those language books and start talking to people… because most of the time Chinese people will tell you the “life is harmonious” story when they know very well they are just spitting a whole bunch of plain bullshit right in your face and even though they should be honest, either they don’t know anything, or they would rather not be honest with you, since it is the norm around this place… to be “harmonious” even if they are sodomizing you against your will, you better moan some harmony with a big smile ’cause if you don’t, it will get much much worse for you..

        So go out there and find it out by yourself. I personally blame the parents and the teachers because most of them aren’t doing the job they are supposed to do, and they blame each other on that most of the time. And all this in it’s totality is absolutely moronic, keep hiding everything in the name of fake harmony. If this headmaster would have never taken pictures of it, I am pretty sure he would have never been caught.

        For those like me who have been living in China for some years… tell me if you have ever heard one of the following sentences, and how many times have they been true:

        1- “We provide you free Chinese Lessons”
        2- “There is no homosexual, poor, or mentally disabled people in China”
        3- “That’s just the way it is, now stop talking”
        4- “We will reimburse your plane ticket”

        5- “I just want to be your friend”

        Scott this is not about trust outside the family, it is about the northern asian tradition of respecting blindly anyone with a higher authority, even if that person is absolutely unrelated to you… you see, we are from the west, I don’t care if you are “Mr. big shot” If you wrong me I can sue you or kick your ass (or both) and I will do it with great ease and pleasure… but this is China and the game is different here.

        • Kukuku

          5- “I just want to be your friend”

          This, a hundred thousand times this. I get it almost every day. I now have another cheap cellphone I keep on me and I give that phone’s number when Chinese people want to be friends with me. Sure enough, they ask for free English lessons for themselves or their kids all the time. Even when I tell them it’s against my contract and I could be fired for this they will insist and try to persuade me it’s no big deal. Friends my ass.

        • ScottLoar

          Let me answer your sentences first, then reply to your

          1) “We provide you free Chinese Lessons.” No, I haven’t heard this one but then, I’m not looking for Chinese lessons. Still, if anyone – anywhere, even in Latin America – offered free lessons I would assume quid pro quo. You don’t? You didn’t? And are surprised and hurt to know free lessons come at a price? Is this peculiar to The Chinese? Or, in coming to China did you suspend your experience of life and common sense?

          2) “There is not homosexual, poor, or mentally
          disabled people in China”. Not exactly but similar, and many years ago. This is easily undone within a few more moments of conversation, again regardless of the country, especially those countries where foreigners (outlanders) are few and far between.

          3) “That’s just the way it is, now stop talking”. Yes, I most definitely have heard this from Chinese, and from people like yourself as well on forums like this; just look at the comments here.

          4) “We will reimburse your plane ticket”. In all my
          years of travel I’ve only heard this once or twice, regardless of place, and from airline counter agents.

          5) “I just want to be your friend”. Oh yes, women in the past have said this to me often but I didn’t log how many times that objection was eventually overcome.

          I need (Mandarin) language lessons? I welcome your critique
          of my written Chinese here (my exchange with Linette about translation; my server here in Shanghai is very bad) posted as “Scott” (it’s me). My spoken ability can best be judged by Chinese
          business associates I’ve known for decades who still insist on conversing and corresponding in Mandarin, friends and family who have never spoken but Mandarin to me, or casual Chinese acquaintances in Singapore and Malaysia well educated in English who prefer I speak Mandarin. But this is idle talk unless you sought to prove I have little or no experience of China and the Chinese in
          their language. If so you will please disregard what I’ve said but look to what I wrote in Chinese, okay?

          I can understand why Chinese would not want to be open (you
          said “honest” but I suppose you intended sincere, frank and open) with you. You cannot expect strangers to accommodate you (I explained why so in my first comments) and you obviously have failed to find friends among Chinese here. You may fault
          yourself for that, not them because many of us (not me alone, please) have contrary experience. Once you are accepted by a Chinese person as a friend, no matter man or woman, they are loyal, trusting, and bound to you by reciprocity.
          I write this well knowing it invites ridicule by most like you, i.e. persons of limited experience, coming to China with high expectation, and after some short while hit by a culture shock and disappointment that sends you reeling to forums like this to vent frustrations and the comfort of others to complain
          about the food, the women, the government, the taxis, the articles posted in ChinaSmack, ad nauseum. Those of contrary experience, or who won’t let a sentence like “The Chinese are moronic”, or “this is a shit hole of a country” go by unchallenged, are then ridiculed by the same chorus of mewling pukes, accused
          of “liberal” notions (that’s rich, using a US political affiliation to
          pigeon-hole a point of view about culture) or being naïve, ignorant about the Chinese you caricature but till now have not quite come to terms with. You are wholly alienated here. The pettiness you would experience and dismiss in your own country is magnified here into an indictment of an entire people and their culture.

          “The Northern Asian tradition of respecting blindly anyone
          with a higher authority.” You don’t get out much, do you? Can you not read the comments by Chinese on forums; the ones here are even translated into English for you! Do you not hear Chinese complain around you about the authorities? You haven’t seen Chinese argue and even hit the police? Can you not see what
          Chinese do in the face of civil authority? Avoiding it all together as having no advantage, or just giving lip service. Not like the authority in Indonesia, for instance, where the pak coming down from Jakarta is venerated as Authority. As I said, this story about the principal is incomplete, but you are hopelessly pixilated (yes, a real word) to honestly believe those young girls laid down to be fucked because the principal told them to do it.

          • El Puma R.

            I should have just left all this to Ruffled Feathers, but instead, old stupid me, I answered you. I barely read a few sentences of your comment because you bored me before finishing the first paragraph.

            No wonder why you are in business. You find nonsense justifications for anything that’s stupid and useless and you think you are right all the time, in addition to that, you speak so much that your statements are literally describing a person who is desperate for attention and approval… and your advertisement-ish psychology is what keeps dumb people believing your shit. You are the foreign scum Chinese always want to get rid off. yes. And Chinese may complain all the time but they will NEVER say it to their higher authority… all for the sake of this “harmonious society”.

            Plus, this is a forum and therefore anyone who comments here should be able to accept and understand other people’s thoughts, however, you think you are and anyone who is right will make you feel uncomfortable and insecure and you will start spitting tons of elaborated sentences just to make yourself feel you have a point.

            How many people have given up on you already?

            It is funny to see some foreigners here in China believe they have it all when their Chinese workmates and girlfriends have obvious intentions when it comes to relate to them (financial, most of the time) and they would replace them laowai any day without objection, and also it’s funny to see how they don’t mind when people talk shit behind their backs.

            Yes Scott you might be this kind of guy…

            Come on , answer me now and everything I’ve said will instantly turn into the truth. Answer me and write as much as you can, so I can not read what you said and go back to listen to Mozart, smoke changbaishan cigarettes and drink some tea in my free day.

            Please answer me now

          • ScottLoar

            “You are the foreign scum Chinese always want to get rid off. yes.”

            You know little about Chinese and even less about me. Come back to me in 10 years’ time, Puma. Perhaps you’ll be a better man than what you are now.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Do you work as a foreign teacher?

          • El Puma R.

            Yes, since 2008 and It’s been awesome except for the fact that only 20 out of every hundred students are really interested in learning a new language.

            As for that scott guy, well, you’ve said it all man.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Okay, cool, but you’re leaving in January, is that right?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Look, just don’t bother with this guy. In his mentality, someone whose opinion is different to his own is simply an idiot who has no life experience and intelligence. Therefore he gets all condescending towards you, twists your meaning and throws needlessly obscure and cumbersome words in to create the illusion that he’s clever and/or important. However, he doesn’t make any real point, other than. “You disagreed with me, so I think you’re completely stupid, and now I’m going to patronize you”.

          • elizabeth

            Wow, exactly my sentiment except that I wouldn’t have articulated it that well.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “Wow, exactly my sentiment except that I wouldn’t have articulated it that well.”

            Is that because you’re an idiot?

          • ninman
        • pantaoran

          I’m curious about those 5 sentences that you listed, because I have heard numbers 2, 3 and 5 but 1 and 4 seem to be more specific and require certain situations. You make it sound like you hear them often, so I wonder, where?

    • Jahar

      If it’s really only 18 girls, I’ll eat a dick.

    • Gotta Luv Communism

      Chinese parents just want to make money. Even the purpose of having a kid is to have someone help them make money when they’re tired. Retired Chinese DEMAND money from their children, and they retire earlier than in lesser populated countries. While the kid is in school, the parents are too busy to care in the least about the kid. The husbands are banging xiaosans and the wives are buying things. It’s the classroom teacher’s responsibility to take care of their kid, including teaching them everything related to character. This is Chinese culture, and the principals, professors, and school leaders know it well. They’ll never need prostitutes.

      • El Puma R.

        Your statements are quite accurate… but then you see, even the teachers (like my gf) are mostly young people who only want to get married ( or already did) and they have a low salary, 12-hour shifts and hundreds of spoiled kids which in their majority only seem to learn the worst from their parents.. these teachers avoid discussing such topics because.. guess ! They don’t know shit about it either… sexual awareness my ass man ! IT does frustrate me to see such a waste of potential.. many kids in China right now are totally lost within their own minds. And some adults will abuse them (psychologically most of the time, I often do it when they go all smart ass with me) because they know that. It will NEVER be the kid’s fault, they are just victims of this society that teaches no moral edges besides getting rich (and I even don’t know how that is related to morality) . Let me say I am quite sure most people in China are NOT taking care of their own Children… look at my gf”s sister… has a 1-year old son and the kid would rather hug me instead of his mom.. and it’s obvious since she left the kid with her mom, comes to see him twice a week (and spends the whole time playing on her iPad) and the rest of the time she goes shopping with her friends…

  • Liu Yang

    @Silly boy,telling me that moral issues cannot be drawn from mathematical correlates is selective memory,and I`m afraid that can’t work in this kind of debate.All social issues have a veneer of morality around them.You are right to say that it is the responsibility of the parents when their children drink beer,so is it the responsibility of the principal when his students are raped,or when he himself engages in rape.Just because a 13 or 14 year old kid says it’s ok to have sex doesn’t mean she knows the implications of this statement,as you want us to believe.How can you blame the drinking of beer on parents,but applaud 13 or 14 years old for having the maturity to determine that sex with their peers is good? Why don’t you also blame their early sex on their parents?”A cooking pot for the lizard,is a cooking pot for the chameleon”.Hear you:”Who are you to say that she cannot not?” I can turn back this question to you; by saying who are you to blame the parents for their child’s drinking problem,but question chide them for daring to nose into their daughter’s sexual preferences? You seem to be parroting issues about the third world countries you know little about.There, some parents ,due to many social pressures actually arrange marriages for their daughters without their consent.Girls are treated as commodities,not as consenting adults.It beats my imagination that you will pick these kinds of lousy and outrageous examples to buttress your arguments.”I already had a daddy when I was a child”.Yeah,but if you still take drugs today,and rape girls,it means you want society to keep holding your dad responsible for your ignominies.This is abdicating your responsibility,Silly boy.Just as you feel that it is up to the parent to see to it that the child doesn’t become a drunkard,it is up to the gov’t to uphold certain moral principles in society.In your home,when you break some family rules,you are punished.This should hold same with society.Our society is hierarchical and there must always be someone to call us out when we start straying off the right path.In a family,we call this person ‘family head’,and in our larger society,the gov’t has to assume this role.
    Consenting under-age boys should normally be locked away for having consenting sex with under-age girls.Their punishment is not about the consenting part of it;it’s about their ages,and the negative influence they have on other children of the same age.Society has a way of punishing under-age criminals.I do agree with you that some of the blame should be laid squarely on the shoulders of parents,but the education system has it’s own contribution to make in the upbringing of children,and I`m afraid the case in hand has proven that this system has failed the students oncemore.

    • Silly boy

      Oh I didn’t see this until now.

      I never said or meant to imply she can make a decision free of punishment from her parents. A girl may be mature enough to make a decision for herself, but if she is relying on her parents for survival she should do what they say, whether she likes it or not.

      I do agree that it is wrong when girls are treated like commodities. Do you think that the girls in this case were bartered by their parents? It doesn’t say that anywhere so I assume they chose to do it, since that’s the simplest answer.

      I don’t rape girls obviously, but I do some drugs responsibly (alcohol is a drug) as that is my choice and my right as a human being. I am not a child anymore so my parents are not responsible for my behavior, but while I was a child they were. If a child does something the parent does not like, it is almost always the parent’s fault.

      Certain laws are intrusive on personal freedom and thus are immoral. I do not agree that our government is here to be our moral guideline and I never will. Every government is run by people, and people are easily corrupted by power and money.

      What this guy did was almost certainly a bad thing. We agree on that. But it’s not bad because of their age, it’s bad because he took advantage of their ignorance, their social status, or something like that (which we are assuming and do not know for certain).

  • thetruth

    you chinese have corruption – bribes, cheating with women, prostitution – in everything you do. its in business, government, schools, everything. you have allowed it to become a cornerstone of your culture – its in everything. this is why your nation won’t go from developing to developed, and won’t be stable. corruption, in all its various forms, is a part of you.

    • A Lu

      I’m from a G8 country, although a pretty fucked up one, and your description would be perfect for most of europe too.

      Listen to brother, keep an open mind

    • mike

      Talk about corruption, the whole world is all the same, why do you think only 5% of illegal drugs is smuggled into USA. How did the other 95% got in by?

  • Gotta Luv Communism

    So stupid to take photos. Idiot! He brought shame to China by not hiding things. All the other Chinese principals, professors, and school leaders are discreet. They would never allow photos of their actions with the children. So stupid: Why keep a photo anyway? Its easy and a lot more gratifying to just deflower another student. Who can stop you, if there are no photos? Nobody in China. Now that’s real freedom.

  • BigJ

    And the problem is what?? As long as they are old enough who cares.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      It’s also about abuse of trust and position. Also he embezzled a lot of money, which seems to have fallen to the wayside regarding people’s comments, in favor of discussing the whole underage sex thing.

      • BigJ

        Yeah the money things is wrong but don’t surprise anybody one bit. Where the girls under age? Highschool girls are like 16 and up. I prefer older woman myself. If the girls were of legal ege then I see no problem. He never raped them or anything.

      • Silly boy

        I’d say stealing almost 5 million RMB from a school is a much bigger crime than fucking a few impressionable girls. Maybe that’s just me. lol

  • bert

    In China the age on consent is 14.

  • nolly fletcher

    no worries people ,the man just wanted to experience some of the priviledges enjoyed by some of their heavenly foreign teachers.

  • expatrick

    All Asian men have vaginas!

  • Li RuiKe

    I’ll give $1000USD to any of those girls’ fathers who kills that rotten bastard. Hold me to it.

  • nolly fletcher

    If he carries pics of his junk around with him he’s a dog and when you lay down
    with dogs you wake up with fleas.

  • Jeffli

    Dont cha just wish you were born Chinese!


    and millions of RMB!

    – removed from his position!

    meanwhile there is an Australian in Guangzhou in jail for an alleged but not proved 100,000 RMB bribe?

    sad really, this place is still a “developing nation”.

    sexual abuse of China’s children and the govt. overlooks it.

    I feel sorry for the children and their parents, the kids are probably psychologically damaged negatively impacting their ability to attempt normal relations when they become adults. “removed from his position” – in some countries they’d shoot the bstrd, In Western countries this teacher (principal?) guy does jail!

  • AA

    Why so much hoo…haaa about this news, isn’t it a common knowledge among chinese that we can no longer find a virgin unless we go to Kindergarden to find one…most young school/university chinese girls have sexs by age 15, abort babies at least once by 18 and goes with old and elderly officers or rich business man as mistress or companions for a few years, then marry any guy they like after “ding” the old rich officers or rich papa or better still marry another old foreigners who can change their passport to recycle the group of people in overseas….hahahhaa laowai is easy catch, all they want is sex, while our chinese girls want money and passport to overseas.

  • Con ate dog

    So there’ll be prison time, right? Right?

  • princesselana


  • princesselana

    He should be sentenced to death penalty.

  • Shade

    I think this is more common than we presently know of.

  • Jeff

    Who took the photos?

  • latefordinner

    18 in one night? Hats off to the principal!
    I have a hard time seducing 18 in one semester. No wonder the Chinese don’t think we foreigners are real teachers!

  • Choose one

    Meh… Should get his ass kicked more than just a removal it’s not rape.

  • Andre Leonard

    This stuff is sad, grown man, teacher with female student. Shows arrested emotional and psychological development. He should be with woman at least his own age and preferably senior to him. Sounds like pedophile with mid-life crises. To bad he embarrass and humiliate himself and his family.

  • Communism > corruption > carnality > concupiscence… > coincidence?

  • paneraman

    He thought he could get away by having sex with underage girls & embezzling money. Death penalty shall be.

  • david poul

    the principle did a aksalont job

  • david poul

    a principal is very sexy old man

  • Humble Citizen

    Isn’t it a fact, boys in China sells their virgin to successful rich women…while young Chinese girls sell their bodies for living materials branded stuffs…most or almost all marriages based on superficial society needs to get married after all these shameless engagements..all second-hand ‘Er Shou slutty men and women’ …who will ever respect marriage fidelity and raise good children in China…In China Today, out of 10 marriages 9 are Divorced…some fathers even went to check DNA the moment his wife gave birth to make sure the baby is His??? What a Joke?

    So China future Dirty Leaders and Next Generation would be worse socially morally ill…So many dirty old leaders ‘What you sow is, What you reap’. ‘You play my son and daugther, l play yours’.

  • malik

    ohhhh now that’s not a crime for’em chinese ……

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