Chinese Prisons More Modern & Luxurious Than Schools

From Mop:

China’s prisons are more modernized than our rural elementary schools

Where is this? The White House? No, this is Jiansu Province Yancheng Prison.

chinese prison
china prison 2
china prison 3
china prison 4
china prison 5
china prison 6
china prison cell 7
china prison 8

Such luxurious office for the Jiansu Province prison, unless they are for meeting the family of VIP inmates, or to show off the extent of China’s human rights?

china prison office 9
china prison 10

Anybody dares to say that Jiansu Province Prison’s architecture style isn’t a great fusion of traditionalist and modernist elements?

china prison 11
china prison 12
china prison 13
china prison 14

The basketball court for Jiansu Province Prison is so big, not many universities in China have one like this. It is going to make the Sports Bureau embarrassed. All that lottery money, and they didn’t build as much in the country.

china prison basketball court 15

A hospital in a Yunan prison, luxury much?

china prison hospital 16

Guangdong Province Qingyuan Prison’s front gate. Unique design, must have cost a fortune.

china prison 17

Guangdong Province Qingyuan Prison, when can you live in a green community like this?

china prison 18

Guangdong Province Sihui Prison, how does the design compare with your community?

china prison 20
china prison 21

How many students’ textbooks can Guangdong Yangjiang Prison’s flowers pay for?

china prison 22

Guangdong Province Yangjiang Prison

china prison 25

Guangdong Province Juvenile Detention Center

china prison 26

Guangdong Province Juvenile Detention Center, Math Building

china prison 27

Guangdong Province Juvenile Detention Center

china prison 28

Comments from Mop:


Human rights??? Who knows how much money the developers got from this.


No wonder China didn’t film a shanzhai version of Prison Break.


Because even leaders sometimes need to stay in jail for a little bit, how can we not accommodate them accordingly?


This post is tempting us to break the law.


Do you think the officials who commissioned this have a greater chance of spending their time in jail or in school??


The officials have arranged their own outlets.


Leaders in meeting:
“Right now we have some funding. Should we use it to build schools or to improve the conditions in jail?”
“Everyone think whether you’re going to spend any more time in school in the future…now we vote.”


What jail? This is only a place for leaders to experience life.


[I have] decided to rape a girl on the street, then go in for a while to live in comfort.


So much better than our dorms!!!!!!!


Now you now why the crime rate is increasing? For many people, jail is better than their own homes.


What kind of crimes will get you into this kind of jail? I want to go too.


What an improvement for China’s human rights record.


You think anybody can get in there? Open your eyes, only officials can go. If you don’t [embezzle] tens of millions you won’t get in. Everyday robbers, don’t even think about it.

Ready for your life of crime? chinaSMACK personals. Joking!

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Written by Tingting

[email protected]

  • laowaixian

    shit, can foreigners (laowais) stand a chance in the quest for a space in that little sultan palace????????????????????????

    • Koji Kabuto

      China is still backwards…
      you should check out prisons in the Netherlands.
      there each prisoner gets one room. Each room has internet access, at every meal they get a menu to choose from. they are allowed to work (and earn money). and even once a week they are allowed to let a prostitute come for an hour or two.

      • 404 name not found

        I Love that fucking country

  • laowaixian


    • Alikese

      Stop yelling, it’s still early in the morning over here.

      • What is such the big deal about capitalisation? In Korea we use Hangul, superior to the Latin alphabet, it is like talking with Capslock on all day long.

        • It’s so good that Koreans are just abandoning their own language and sounding out english words like infants.

          후라이드 치킨 anyone?

          • steven&sasha

            As we konwn,Kerean always left people bad impression .
            And you are exactly the example.
            I just want view you comments as nonsensical and stupid words.Please help your country earn more respect.OK?

        • Jay K

          fuckin hilarous “it is like talking with capslock all day long” you sir are a man who is going down in these halls as a person who comes up with new things!

        • Woopma

          So if it is so superior, why can’t you even pronounce “Z” like Chinese can? Or “SIT” instead of “SH” and then “IT”?

  • lol

    still five levels below western standards.

    all the fake flowers and ugly paintjobs wont overplay the fact, that chinese prisons are deathcamps.

    just look at those group cells there in that picture.

    if the prison management is just as effective as any other part of the chinese government, then there routinely will be and are murders and gang rapes among the inmates because they lock up the petty thiefs with the mass rapists and serial killers awaiting execution.

    • SLX

      Jail rapes in China are rare……. atleast among inmates

      There are probably more guards raping them….. which is also very rare.

      • 250

        Am I being naive, if i ask you how you know this?

  • milkfiddle

    Only missing a hairdressers with pink lights.

  • joel

    oh damn! that place is better than my apartment, time to commit a crime. I hope they send me to one of these places and not just deport me…

  • simon

    This must be “Club Fed” chinese style. Summer camp for corrupt officials and the chinese version of Martha Stewart.

  • André

    Well, in Sweden the prisoners have access to free internet, pool table, gym, great food, etc. Their daily food budget is worth as much as double of the food high school students get.

    This is nothing new to us.

  • Teacher in China

    Just read this yesterday:

    I’d bet these folks would rather live in those prisons than where they’re living now.

  • m

    facepalm. commies fail again.

    • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

      That is awesome facepalm!!! I will use that. Please feel free to use Chi Mate (Chinese + Primate) you have been authorized

  • Dban

    Hey! These prison’s remind me of the luxury prisons we have in California! Life is great in the prison system. While our schools lack proper drywalls, the prisons get 10 different channels of ESPN!

  • lasttoblame

    Typical blog post consisting of all pictures and a bit of misleading text. Where are them prisoners at? Who’s to say the pictures that aren’t direct shots of the front of the jail aren’t of some hotel or corruption-palace.

    Also, Amnesty International is watching: we shouldn’t give them and the international community any reason to think China actively oppresses inmates. (they have suspicions!)

  • Alan

    Crazy, look as good as some universities. Wonder if this extravagant spending can be brought in check? A lot to be said for transparency…totally nuts!

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  • Michael

    what happened to the good old fashioned money saving ways..beating them to death or straight up execution.

  • Andrew

    Does it really matter whether the jail is fancy, has internet access, or any of these other amenities? Having a fair, legitimate criminal justice system is worth inestimably more than any of those things.

    • little Alex

      Of course, but horrible jails/prisons can be a symptom of a horrible justice system…

  • aussieghump

    I wonder if they are earthquake proof?????

  • Nuyorican

    Prisoners suffer no matter what their cells look like. The real suffering in prison is psychological, not physical. Good for China (in this superficial portrait present here, at least) for not going the route of completely dehumanizing their prisoners by making them live outside in stifling heat (Phoenix) or for forcing them to live in fear of rape. That is, if the reports of a lack of rape (compared to the US) are true.

    Perhaps someone in charge of China’s penal system had brains enough to realize that most prisoners will be returning to society and if you turn them into animals then there is no hope for the safety of a country where the vast majority still live in poverty and without also without adequate, uncorrupted police protection.

  • wgh

    rofl…I wish I had been jailed!

  • Aaron

    But they don’t have KTV!

  • fireworks

    Why can’t we see any prisoners or anyone doing time in them? are the prisons empty? Taxpayers money at work.

  • KB

    Damn! I guess crime does pay.

  • Maybe these are the fake jails they have to show off to foreigners like the ones they have in North Korea.

  • Anon

    Why don’t the homeless just go out and steal everything they can and commit whatever crimes they want. Then they can live in such luxury!

  • Woopma

    Oh and it should be said that the labor was probably free — done by prisoners.

  • vanna

    What prisioners stay there ? Most are kill by goverment !
    Must be the ritch or goverment prisioners ! Or this prisions are factories where they are slaves working day and night.
    China is an evil country no matter what.

  • Jam

    You might as well land into a totally different prison. I am sure if you check the names of the inmates, they are high profile citizens. Yours might be like a dog kennel. You will tell us when you get back.

  • Jon Roller

    Fake pictures? Propaganda shots to hide the ugly truth of real prison situation? Totally backfires. If it is real, I would say that University students in China work hard and deserve comfort like this!

    • actionjksn

      Do you see any prisoners in any of those nice looking places?

  • iris lee

    they make the outside of the prisons look beautiful and the empty rooms look clean and welcoming to cover up the violence and brutal treatment toward prisoners when the camera is not there.

    • Alley Cat

      It is interesting to see how ignorant some people could be.
      (1) The building in the second picture is not a prison. It is a city hall.
      (2) The second picture looks like a government office to me.
      The third picture should be familiar to many Chinese people. It is a school in Sichuan. Obviously it was builded after the earthquake in 2008.
      (3) The building with a red roof looks very much like a retirement village I have seen in an advertisement.
      (4) The building which the blogger claimed to be Guangdong Province Juvenile Detention Center, is actually a high school.
      (5) One of the picture has obviously been altered by photoshop.

      Open your mind people.

  • actionjksn

    All you people who think that the nice looking building, means that the prisoners live in good conditions are wrong. The parts that look nice are for the benefit of the administrators who run things. The parts of the prison where the inmates stay don’t look anything like the pictures. The nice looking outsides are just to make it look like they don’t violate human rights. It’s all for the image they want to portray. Don’t worry the prisoners are not living in luxury. I have seen American prisons that look nice on the outside and on parts that office people work. but when you go in the inmate living area it looks totally different.

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