Chinese Professor Compares US Gun Deaths to Cultural Revolution

Controversial PKU professor Kong Qingdong.

Controversial PKU professor Kong Qingdong.

Controversial Peking University professor Kong Qingdong, known for calling Hong Kongers “dogs”, again caused a stir on the internet after comparing gun-related deaths in America to the number of deaths during the Cultural Revolution, angering many Chinese netizens in the process.

From Sina Weibo:

@孔庆东: According to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate files in the Judgement of History, over 34,000 people were persecuted to death during the Cultural Revolution. Let us assume this data is reliable, then that means every year 3000 people died. Compare this to America where, because of the proliferation of guns, every year there are over 30,000 people who die, equal to 10 Cultural Revolutions. If you calculate this based on the population ratio between the two countries, then it is equivalent to 40 Cultural Revolutions.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


A cross-eyed, crooked mouth’d, black-hearted, shameless, ugly dog!


What kind of logic is this? Then World War I, World War II equals to how many Cultural Revolutions? Drug abuse, car accidents, suicides equals to how many Cultural Revolutions? Jerking off equals to how many Cultural Revolutions? Professor Kong is such a joke. doge_org


I don’t really understand Professor Kong’s logic: how can you compare deaths caused by political persecution to shooting deaths involving privately-owned guns? Shooting deaths should be compared to murders and regular crimes in China?


The proliferation of guns in America resulting in over 10,000 deaths every year is a indisputable fact, and if you add it up within the same length of time, the number that died from guns in America is how many levels above the number that of those “persecuted to death” during the Cultural Revolution!


Hurry up and go to hell.


Kong proves that the Cultural Revolution is better than America.


The destructiveness of the Cultural Revolution is not something that can be determined by the number of deaths. The Cultural Revolution lifted public violence to new heights, and it also caused legal and moral bankruptcy, and the destruction of culture…and this kind of remaining poison continues to deeply affect Chinese people to this very day!


Ok, let’s have another Cultural Revolution. Let people see how students beat their teachers to death. Isn’t Kong Qingdong a teacher? Then let the students charge into the classroom, publicly criticize Kong Qingdong, then beat him to death, and let’s see if Kong Qingdong will still sing praises.


Shooting deaths in America is the price of freedom, China is inhuman persecution from a feudalistic dictatorship. Kong the Monk [a nickname] with your big gut, why are you pretending to be a stupid cunt?


How did a retard like this become a professor?


Sigh, Peking University have thoroughly fallen into becoming a mental hospital.


Today there is no more Cultural Revolution, yet guns remain widespread in America. My question is, why are there so many Chinese who want to immigrate to America??


I suppose you were a Red Guard during he Cultural Revolution! So you are trying to absolve yourself of your crimes!


After reading the comments, I no longer have to worry about my country.


America is so scary! It’s practically hell! But our government officials are frantically sending their families to hell, including Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi, etc. This “if I don’t go to hell who will” [self-sacrificing] Communist spirit, I am so touched!


With this SB, Peking University have turned into a septic tank.


Your dad should’ve sacrificed 10 seconds of pleasure and ejaculated you onto the wall instead.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Cameron

    “Your dad should’ve sacrificed 10 seconds of pleasure and ejaculated you onto the wall instead”

    And we have a winner! Angry Chinese = funny Chinese

    • ClausRasmussen

      Chinese excel in curses

      • jianfei

        I love it when Chinese say F your family for three hundred generations. that one always makes me laugh! =)

        • Teacher in China

          When my wife doesn’t like someone, she says “We should find a dog to fuck her”, which I think is pretty funny :)

        • Wodowsan

          My favorite was when my ex-girlfriend’s mother told her to “Gan neda mama” Fuck your mother. Amazing how stupid this woman was to say this to her own daughter.

        • Joe

          the best is 生孩子没屁眼儿, “hope you child is born without an asshole”, how do they even come up with something like this?

      • must touch brain

        Yes, such high-class standards.

    • Average Zhou

      I was having lunch once in a small restaurant and it was time for the cooks and employees to all eat as well. One of them took a bowl of noodles intended for another and ate it. When the other cook discovered his noodles gone, he began screaming furiously that he hopes the other man’s son will be a eunuch and his daughter a prostitute. Such elegance in the insults! The Chinese are masters of this!

  • Amused

    Taking the wu mao-dom to new depths. Sure this guy’s not from North Korea?

  • Rick in China

    This dude is as bright as he looks.

    • lacompacida

      He looks better.

      • jianfei

        watch out for his blind spot, coz he can’t =)

    • jianfei

      one eye open, none the wiser!

    • must touch brain

      “In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed are kings”.

    • mr.wiener

      Apparently whatever genius Confucius had is long gone by this generation.

      • Rick in China

        There is plenty of genius in China, the problem is: it’s often oppressed. This guy can speak out with impunity because it’s ultimately pro-party, but anyone who says anything contradictory, even if it’s accurate, and gains a profile through doing so, will get stomped down..terrible.

        • NicolasBourbaki

          He has been extremely critical of “the party” to the point of saying vitriolic things in the past even calling for an armed revolution after the trial of Bo Xilai.

          I don’t think there is much genius in China today. Although some people from the west like to think that the people are struggling against an oppressive regime which inhibits their true talents, that view is basically a romantic one without fact. The government does little to curtail critical speech. The Chinese spew the most anti-government speech I’ve ever seen completely in the open. Most of it is based on rumor though. If anti-government or anti- party speech was truly prohibited, many of the posters here would be doing hard labor in Manchuria with the stuff they spew. The problem with China is like that faced with many other developing countries: poor education, a superficial culture that values materialism and desperate people combined with little resources and a recent history of social upheaval. These are the major problems instead of government oppression.

        • Xio Gen

          This isn’t the cultural revolution, you idiot. People talk shit about the government all the time. You should know this after being on this site for so long.

          • NicolasBourbaki

            You gotta wonder where people get this idea that China is someplace where no gov criticism is allowed comes from. Maybe they haven’t been here that long but many have so they should know better. They like to talk about how Chinese are brainwashed by propaganda but it makes me think who are the people really brainwashed by propaganda.

          • Rick in China

            Yes, tell Ai Wei Wei all about how he can freely express himself.

            “People” talk shit all the time, yes. Random nobodies can do as they will – as soon as you gain profile, you can no longer do that, because you actually hold influence with the public. If you learn to read, I said, “and gains a profile through doing so” — and you can tell the numerous people held on house arrest or in black jails all about all the freedoms of free speech they hold, go for it.

  • Ken Morgan

    The Rush Limbaugh of China… heh

  • firebert5

    I’m sure that the number of murders of any type other than of firearms in China are nowhere near his Cultural Revolution numbers.
    Seriously though, glad to see most netizens recognize his obvious lack of statistics education.

  • AbC

    Verbal diarrhoea from a face that looks like an ass…
    With retard professors like him teaching young adolescents, you don’t have to wonder why all the parents are sending their kids to a country with over 10,000 gun deaths a year.

    • Repatriated

      In a country of 1.4b, I wonder what the actual number of KNIFE murders would be if all were actually reported?

      • Zhegezhege

        Not to mention all the Uighurs getting gunned down by the valiant Peoples Armed Police.

  • lacompacida

    China had only been through one Cultural Revolution. If you add up all the violent deaths in US since 1776, there was probably a few thousand Cultural Revolution for US. Just think about the number of deaths in WWII. And we should add all the deaths in Japan and Germany too.

    • ElectricTurtle

      And about all that would prove is that people die. About two dozen million people were killed in China during the Ming to Qing transition. That’s more than double the number killed in the holocaust, and yet the holocaust is a household word but 99% of people in the West have no idea what the Ming/Qing transition even is.

      • Joe

        Because the victor writes the history books.

  • jin

    What did you expect from a person called Dong Qing Kong.

  • Alan Dale Brown

    The estimated number of people who died from the cultural revolution varies hugely … lists the estimates from different sources. From there, the number ranges from 50,000 to 20 million (I guess it depends on whether you’re counting someone executed directly for their beliefs, versus people who die due to some really idiotic policy. Throw in a lot of uncertainty, and there you have it.) Around 400,000 seems to be the most common number, and it’s for a few years in the late 1960’s. Regardless – 34,000 is way low.

    Gun deaths suck … I won’t make an excuse for those. But this guy is arrogant for making the cultural revolution sound trivial. For 2012, there were 8855 gun homicides in the US, according to the FBI. I believe there are more suicides.

    • AbC

      It’s somewhere between 10-15k in avg if you add all deaths (homicide, suicide, accidental). A little bit more if you include shooting by authorities.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah I harrumphed when I read his “Let’s assume this data is reliable” line. That’s a mighty big assumption there, boss.

  • Raymond

    His comparisons are logical. He was simply comparing numbers to numbers. Is there a part where he defends the cultural revolution? A translation of his thesis would be helpful.

    • Alan Dale Brown

      Except – his numbers are completely wrong, and comparing deaths caused by individuals to deaths directed by the government is inappropriate. There’s nothing correct about what he said.

      • Insomnicide

        Well actually the Cultural Revolution isn’t caused by the government but by Mao who was at the time no longer in political power and his civilian followers. The Red Guards actually fought against factions of the government that opposed their riots.

        • Alan Dale Brown

          You’re claiming Mao wasn’t in power? Sheesh, you’re dumber than this professor.

          • Insomnicide

            Mao started the whole Cultural Revolution in an attempt to get back into political power. The CCP forced him out of political control after the disaster that is the Great Leap Forward.

            During the cultural revolution, the government was led by Liu Shaoqi and Zhou Enlai.

          • Wodowsan

            Insomnicide is correct. Mao was being marginalized out of direct power because of the disaster of his “Great Leap Backwards.” He used the Cultural Revolution and his cult of personality to remove his political rivals and regain complete power. Once the Red Guard accomplished this he turned the PLA against the Red Guard to reign them in.

        • firebert5

          Mao was no longer in power the same way Putin isn’t.

      • NicolasBourbaki

        He can argue that it’s US domestic gun policy that is to blame instead of “individuals” just as someone can argue that the CR was caused by young students blinded by political dogmatism and fervent hatred for tradition. I don’t think his argument is as crazy as people make it out to be. I’m actually supporter of 2nd amendment rights and have been a gun owner for a long time but I’m not stupid enough to think that US government policies have nothing to do with gun deaths in America.

        • Alan Dale Brown

          However, you *are* stupid enough to not know the difference that are not *prevented* by the government through gun ownership policy and deaths *caused* by the government executing people because they aren’t ideologically pure. In the former situation, you do not necessarily fear the government; in the latter, the government terrorizes you. It’s all about who’s fingers are on the trigger.

          • NicolasBourbaki

            It’s not just the “preventable” deaths, professor. It’s the policies which introduces and allows people to buy guns. It’s the gun culture. It’s the gun totting and trigger happy politicians and their vocal support for guns. So there is a much more similar analogy than you’d imagine. I never said it was a perfect analogy just that the point you raised can be countered.

    • Jahar

      He’s putting them on the same level. If i compared what The Nazis stole from the Jews to the value of what’s pickpocketed and shoplifted in China each year, The larger crime is being trivialized.

    • Kai

      Right, if we accept the numbers to be valid, the comparisons of the numbers are indeed logical. The pushback is because the comparison isn’t apt and he should know it. The fact that he doesn’t and happily runs with it is what annoys people.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So ugly guy stirs up shit for free publicity. China and America actually have more in common than either side is willing to believe.

    • Repatriated

      With 10% of the population of the USA being in Chinafornia, what do you expect?

      • Xio Gen

        Actually, there are now more Filipinos and Vietnamese than Chinese in California. The Chinese are now all going to New York and DC.

        • David

          IS there a particular reason for this (I mean the Chinese moving to NY and D.C.)?

          • Xio Gen

            More prestigious schools.

  • Insomnicide

    Gun deaths is the price people pay for the physical right to defend themselves and their freedom. Cultural revolution is the price people paid for giving Mao Zedong free reign. As netizens have said, there’s a reason why Chinese people still want to immigrate to America despite it’s problems.

    • SongYii

      A lot of Americans want to move to China, too. Literally HUNDREDS.

      • Zappa Frank

        so far I’ve never seen a single American that want to remain in china to live the rest of his life.

        • Ken Morgan

          I’ve seen some Brits want to stay in China forever. Primarily because they made some bad choices that if they go home they will suffer a huge drop in living standards. Like fake ESL teachers who treat it like a gap decade working in crappy training centres. They live in a bubble for so long they completely de-skill themselves and their ‘work’ experience is worthless. I know a guy called Ben, he went to China and kept on posting on our (other) forum that we were all losers in the UK scraping a living from the gutter. That was in 2008, he still lives in such a bubble because he thinks he is some kind of god but has essentially stood still for 6 years. He kind of changed his story into how he wants to stay in China forever because he loves the culture a few months ago when he realised just how incredibly snookered he was. Somebody popped his bubble asking him. So what skills have you actually got? besides being white? He paused for an uncomfortably long time then forcefully changed the subject.

        • SongYii

          sarcasm, friend.

      • Jianju

        Yep, and 6 weeks later they’re dying to come home to sweet, sweet America!

    • Xio Gen

      Tell that to the families who’ve lost their children to unrestricted gun violence. Tell that to Gabrielle Giffords. Tell that to the parents of the kids killed at Sandy Hook. I’m sure they’d love to hear about because you have a tiny penis you should be able to carry an AK-47 to Starbucks or even the airport.

      • David

        Angry much? Guns are a fundemental part of America, most people don’t own them but most also support the right of others to. It is fine to be against guns and EVERYBODY is against gun violence (no sane person wants to be killed or kill another person) but in your little speech you forget about the people who are saved because of guns. A few days ago a man walked into the job he had just been fired from and killed a 54 year old woman by stabbing her to death and then proceeded to cut her head off. He stabbed another woman in her 50’s and was then shot and stopped from killing her by the companies owner who had a gun.

        • Jerry

          One example where a gun has saved a life. Now think of many situations where it has ended lives. One problem with guns is that pulling one out in ‘defense’ will often lead to an escalation in violence. One that may not have occurred otherwise. Imagine if the man had walked in with an automatic firearm and killed everyone. It was fortunate that he only had a knife.

          I wonder what America would be like if all that money spent on guns was spent on law enforcement and reducing poverty.

          • David

            When you pull out a gun in defense, the violence has already escalated. However, I am not going to change your mind, so time to let it go.

    • I dig America, man, and I don’t hate guns, but wow there are other ways to physically defend yourself. It’s not this binary “has gun” versus “doesn’t has gun” thing.

    • jixiang

      What nonsense. You don’t need to have guns to be free. So people in Europe aren’t free? Typical American.

  • vonskippy

    In other news, Peking Uni once again lowers the bar on their requirements to be a professor.

  • whuddyasack

    What kind of logic is this?

    The same kind of logic that can equate the atrocities inflicted by the Imperial Japanese with Mao’s Great Famine to deflect, disastrous as it was.

    That said, this professor is as smart as he looks. American gun deaths are not a result of any government policies, the American government did not order Americans to kill each other. They did it on their own accord.

    • Xio Gen

      By that logic, Somalia isn’t a shithole because the government didn’t order people to become pirates. It’s a lack of laws and regulations keeping guns and assault rifles in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them in the first place. Leave the M4s in the military where they belong, not in your house.

      • whuddyasack

        Yes, by that logic. Ultimately, the ones responsible for gun deaths are those pulling the trigger and those who choose a life of crime.

  • Zack Snyder

    I thought all Chinese wants the destruction of America and will bash it any chance they get. Great to see some actually defends America.

  • narsfweasels

    “Let us assume that data is reliable”

    And with that sentence, friend, you give unequivocal proof that you have more business sweeping the streets that teaching.

  • jianfei

    Fix your eye! you look disabled!

  • must touch brain

    This professor proves that no one is immune to the effects of air pollution on the brain.

  • Son of Samo

    So, is he saying because less people died under that communist movement, and more people die by guns, that the communist movement is better. Since when does number of deaths equal bad? Of course people dying is bad, but I mean to really live you have to LIVE and take risks, I would rather die free and really live, than live on my knees and be dead.

  • Cynic-Al

    This is their best university?

  • donscarletti

    A broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Gord

    I think he’s disrespecting China more than he is the U.S.A.

    The questions, of course, remain; how does this man still get press time and how did he become a professor?

  • Jahar

    Um. He would have seen “his own people” kill each other in the civil war as well.

    • Alan Dale Brown

      34,000 is very low … here’s a survey of estimates, which vary wildly but generally the numbers center around 400,000 violent deaths in the cultural revolution: .

      • Jahar

        I don’t know why you are posting that in response to what I said.

    • aasdf34sdf

      Except this was after the civil war, when killing average civilians for dumb reasons was just wasteful paranoia by the Communist government. Even at the age of 95, he has forgiven people like the Japanese (who weren’t even that kind during the Japanese occupation) but he still strongly dislikes the Communist government for all the hardships they caused to their own people.

      Not to mention the overall general fear that the Communist government created amongst their own people. Imagine facing a troll who used dumb logic, but who had the power to kill you using their dumb logic. I think it would drive anyone crazy.

  • SongYii

    Does he have a new book out?

  • Zen my Ass

    This is symptomatic of everything’s wrong in China today: somebody who is supposed to be an intellectual guide is lowering down the bar by comparing China’s wrongdoings to other countries’, thus seeking for a justification and an absolution, Two wrongs don’t make a right, dude.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    If Hong kongers are dogs… what does that make Mainlanders???

  • SonofSpermcube

    Chinese Professor Compares US Gun Deaths to Self at Buffet

  • xiaode

    Ok.. let´s do this… with the Nanjing massacre :-O
    200.000 civilians were killed during the massacre in Nanjing, that´s about the same amount like the people getting killed on the road by idiots driving….
    So… for each year Chinese drivers hit the road, the Japanese could do another massacre…???

  • Irvin

    You can’t blame the guy, his “perspective” is limited.

  • NicolasBourbaki

    Actually many people who died in the cultural revolution died because of suicide and those suicides are usually included in the estimates. Rather than face labor, prison or branded a rightest, many choose to off themselves.

    • David

      I think Charles meant don’t count suicides in the ‘gun violence’ statistics, not the Cultural Revolution stats.

  • Alan Dale Brown

    Charles, you got it right … Mao was head of the communist party at that time – which in China is effectively the government, and they used the tools of government to spread fear. Let’s consider another case: the Nazi’s were not in power when Hitler’s brown shirts started to harass people. So, do you say that the German government didn’t cause a lot of suffering during World War II? That’s just nonsense.

  • Alan Dale Brown

    The guy’s numbers are way off, but, as a thought experiment, let’s assume the number of deaths were equivalent. The situation during the cultural revolution was worse, because it was the authorities that were causing the deaths. If a criminal is running around your neighborhood with a gun, you can call the police. If the Red Guard is killing people, who do you go to? The impact on the mental state of those who aren’t direct victims is far worse. That’s not to trivialize the stress of living in a rough neighborhood in the US, but at least people do not fear the government in the same way. Many people who are against gun control are willing to put up with some level of violence, because they think it keeps tyranny in check. Personally, I don’t think easy access to handguns is an effective protection against the abuses of government, but excessive government power is something to fear.

  • David

    I can’t find it in myself to hate a guy who is simply kissing ass to advance his own position in China. I think the comments expressed that most people think he is a quack, that is good enough.

    lol my favorite comment “America is so scary! It’s practically hell! But our government officials are frantically sending their families to hell, including Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi, etc. This “if I don’t go to hell who will” [self-sacrificing] Communist spirit, I am so touched!”

  • Kai

    You know, I thought it was a play on “Donkey Kong” and found that amusing given the picture used. If it was intended as a sort of “ching ching chong chong” joke, then I may have to take back my upvote.

  • NicolasBourbaki

    Not to mention that the US used drones to assassinate two American citizens (Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan) without due process for nothing ostensibly more than making youtube videos supporting al Qaeda. Then when al-Alwaki’s 16 year old son went to look for his father’s body, a drone assassinated him too.

    All countries have limits on free speech. There is an exception to every rule. Even in countries such as China and the US where people are in general allowed to criticize the government that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. You can’t advocate for the violent overthrow of your own government as Liu Xiaobo has in China (a much more appropriate example than Ai since he was jailed for tax evasion, not subversion of the state) or support al Qaeda’s recruitment efforts as al-Awlaki and Khan has done to America (though no one even knows why the junior al-Alwaki, also an American citizen, was assassinated).

  • NicolasBourbaki

    I hope they will look at history from every developed nation’s perspective, not just Japan’s. The US, Great Britain (the word “Dickinsian” always had a bleak and dystopian ring for a reason) experienced similar problems, remarkably similar in fact (massive environmental problems, widespread corruption, social collapses) before they established anything remotely close to modern civilization. China will need to accelerate that process and I think you’re right, the internet will help speed things up.

  • Repatriated

    “brief sense of superiority”

    It would seem that you have some kind of “inferiority complex” if you can’t understand a joke/sarcasm for what it is.

    • I’m still not certain what you mean by “Chinafornia” in the first place.

  • pooperscooper

    Lol looks like his right eye is dying in that picture.

  • Wow!

    He’s invented the “cultural revolution” as a unit of murder victims!

    That’s great publicity for the party, which will get the cultural revolution involved in a lot of discussions and news bulletins.

    e.g. ISIS is reported to have executed a thirty-thousandth of a cultural revolution victims.

  • mike921

    Ha ha, a Chinese ‘professor’, probably bought his ‘degree’ on Taobao, not that any Chinese ‘university’ has any credibility anyway…