Chinese Reactions to President Obama Victory Speech

Video on Youku.

Many Chinese media reported the United States presidential election results announcing Obama’s win and many Chinese people talked about it. The above video of Obama’s victory speech has Chinese subtitles added by the group of people who are known for translating episodes of Prison Break, and it is considered to be a good translation. Many Chinese were moved by Obama’s speech but of course not everyone agrees or thinks the same way. Although there are over 1400 Chinese comments right now just on Youku and many more on many other BBS forums, here are just a few:

Comments on Youku:

I support Obama, his eloquence is so much better than Bush’s, and hopefully he will not be like Bush’s government, bringing humanity into another period of financial crisis!

A peace-bringing president. His has Chinese relatives, so he will be good towards our China. I hope him taking office can make relations between China and the United States like China and Pakistan. Then we would be brothers!!

I can only say, this kind of country [America] is very difficult to surpass.

So touching! I approve! I continuously supported him and he did not let me down! So much personal charm! I hope he can really help bring change to America, and also peacefully coexist with China, giving the world positive change!
Yes! We can!

I envy them living in a democratic and free country.

Obama fully deserves [the presidency]. He has such incredible charisma. Yes, we can.

Such high character. So good. When can China be like this?

I love America. I am so fond of America.

Maybe Obama’s election victory will write America’s modern history, hopefully he can make America, make the world more peaceful. However, it is too early to have conclusions right now and no matter what, history is impartial. However, I think he will make the right decisions!

Now there is hope for a Chinese to become president next time.

Obama’s speaking is so much better than the Texas accent of Little Bush.
His spech was very wonderful.

Fuck, I want to join America after listening to that.

I really hope he will be a lousy president…
If he is not, I really hoped McCain would be elected…
Ai…surpassing America wil now take a few more years–

I am really against those people who talk about how America will treat China in the future. That president is good, that is bad, does this matter really matter much to us? Regarding Obama, we are moved not because of how Obama will treat China in the future, we are moved because he has become president, and found a dream, telling us that we can also be like this. This is the reason we are moved. Right now, our country’s biggest problem is not on the outside, it is ourselves. We hope we can have a good job,  hope we can have enough medical care, hope our parents have what they need when they get older and that our children can enjoy equal eduation. We hope our lives will change for the better.

If American needs friends, China is a dependable/reliable friend. If the United States treats us as enemies, China will be a very competent enemy. Respecting our opponent, China is a mature enough and strong country.

I am a professor at Korea’s Seoul University, I think you are all very immature. After many levels of research, Obama is our Korea’s descendant!!!

America, a superpower, at present the world’s strongest. It does not use economy and military to suppress you, that would be impossible.
Yes, they can.
Black people do not care about anything and would definitely choose their own black candidate. The reason is very simple, our black brothers would definitely want benefits for our black people. This gap is not to say something that can be undone just by saying a few words.
The speech also quickly captured the female voters.
I do not know how he will be towards China…just talk? Hitler also got the citizen’s crazy support.

I get angry when I see this kind of mentality. Sure, his speaking is not bad, but should you not think about which country you belong to? Hearing this kind of speech, seeing another country’s citizens moved/touched, what should we do? We should work hard for our country, defeat/beat America, and support our own country, right?

So “niu“…his speech made me cry.

I remember back when I was in school, the teacher said to us, Hitler’s speeches were also very good. Those rich women were all crying as they donated money to him, allowing him to use the money for the military. Ai~! Of course, I am not a Nazi, I condemn Nazis. I just suddenly thought of this. There is no other meaning/reason/intent.

In the the future, all of America’s white doctors [doctorates] will be exchanged with black doctors, black doctors will research rap and hip hop, there will be graffiti everywhere on the streets, and black police that open fire and kill white people will be innocent.

It does not matter who becomes president~ we are only a peaceful people. Our hope is not how great the president is, it is not how much land and profit he brings us. Our hope is for world peace, for the peaceful and happy life that peace brings us, without countries cursing each other angrily, without distorted discrimination because of hate, without news of war and casualties, and will not be invaded because of another country, forced to watch innocent people miserably die for others. That kind of dull but diligent life of developing is what us little ordinary people long for in our hearts.

赞赞赞赞赞 Such a “niubi” president…hahahaha, good.

Too charming…just watching his family was moving beyond compare. Obama! I support.

“路漫漫其修远兮” [referring to the Chinese subtitle for something Obama said about one having a long way to go but should take one step at a time] this sentence was probably deduced by the translator.
This translation is too “niu“!!!
Translated so well, I have downloaded it to diligently study [the English].

Too “TM” inspirational, this speech.
My blood boiled.

Not bad, as long as you treat China relations better in the future.
Otherwise, you are done for.

Lofty China must rise up. No matter how stirring Obama’s speech is, it still cannot stop America from losing its superpower position. The 21st century must be China’s century.

Yes, we can~~~so wonderful, truly unexpected. A 47-year-old black man that is this impressive, America does not overlook talent. I approve~~~

I do not know why there are this many Chinese who support Obama. After he takes office, it will only be even more disadvantageous for China.

No need to say anything, financial crisis, two big wars…, how he will go down in history [good or bad, famous or infamous] we need only wait and see.

My dream is to join “Youyou bird” [the group that provided the Chinese subtitles], which is also my motivation for learning English.

This is the difference between China and America, the president is someone they themselves elected, so how can they not be excited? Moreover, they are hoping Obama can be like Roosevelt and alleviate the financial crisis.

Yes, we can!
This phrase is too classic!

He is too appealing. Any country’s citizens hearing their own country’s leader making a speech like this would be profoundly conquered/won over.

I do not know if it sounds good or not.
I do not know if it is touching or not.
But I watched it many times.

Bush, goodbye…

He annotated a true American dream! Maybe from one side, it explains why American was able to become the only superpower. There is still much we need to catch up with and surpass.

I really do not understand what is up with everyone. Are you all that envious of America’s leader? We also have a good chairman and a good premier. He [Obama] is very outstanding, but our chairman and premier are even more outstanding. When the big [Sichuan] earthquake happened, all of the nation’s cars honked their horns, and the sirens/alarms sounded at the same time, and everyone around Beijing stood crying and cheering China “jia you“…could it be that everyone forgot? Besides, it is only in the midst of danger that America unites like this, just like the premier said: “Much distress resurrects a nation!”

When watching them say “yes, we can” together, I was really touched, and even had some tears.
So well-said.

I think other than watching his speeches, we should look at the analyses in the newspapers, and then come back to discuss whether him being president will be good or bad for China. There are some things where only listening to one side is very…

Congratulations to the new American President, Barak Obama.


Written by Fauna

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