Chinese Real Estate Tycoon Buys Home In England

Chinese Real Estate Tycoon Buys Home In England
A China’s real-estate superstar and richest man Jianlin Wang bought a 80000000 British Pound (77200000000 RMB) mansion on “Rich Man’s Street” in London. The London evening standard says that Jianlin Wang’s grand mansion was first sold at 7000 pounds in 1856. Jianlin Wang’s real estate purchase has lead to the British government taking in 9500000 pounds in taxes. Netizens say that they’re getting ready to have second children. One comment noted that the house was built in 1856, and expressed admiration for how well-built foreign houses are. “This house is at least 200 years old, and still can be lived in! I’m going to go abroad and buy a house too.”

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  • mb!
    this old ass and his son become the richese people in china coz his wife is from red family so they can get land easily! hope one day, people together change this rubbish society.

    • mr.wiener

      Shhh! You are picking quarrels and hurting the feelings of the Chinese people…well, the feelings of well connected , rich Chinese anyway.

      • Jahar

        It’s all envy.

        • it’s about justice. not envy!!!!

  • Foreign Devil

    red money. . There’s a good David Bowie song by that name.

  • Foreign Devil

    I watched the music video for it. .rather interesting. . This album might be too eccentric for my taste. .I”ll wait and see. Great original talents like Bowie sometimes need a producer to keep them a little bit “pop” as they get older. otherwise they start making music only they like to hear.