Chinese Red Cross Plans to Reinvestigate Guo Meimei Incident

Guo Meimei and the Chinese Red Cross Society logo.

From iFeng:

The Red Cross Society of China’s Commission for Social Supervision Plans to Re-investigate Guo Meimei Incident Next Month

From Beijing News (reported by Wei Mingyan), the Red Cross Society of China’s Commission for Social Supervision plans to relaunch an investigation of the Guo Meimei incident in the second half of May, and will also invite the public to participate.

The investigation will be launched after the Lushan earthquake rescue.

Yesterday [April 23], Red Cross Society of China’s Commission for Social Supervision spokesman Wang Yong said that at present, within the Commission for Social Supervision, a preliminary consensus regarding the re-investigation of the Guo Meimei case had already been reached, with the Red Cross Society of China having also agreed to cooperate with this investigation. “Right now, everyone’s main energy is still focused on the earthquake relief work, so once the emergency rescue and relief work for the Lushan earthquake is basically finished, the Red Cross Society of China’s Commission for Social Supervision will initiate the re-investigation of the Guo meimei case.”

Prior to this, Wang Yong has as a committee member of the Commission for Social Supervision suggested multiple times to re-investigate the Guo Meimei case, as well as to release the results to the public. He says frankly that after this Lushan earthquake, when the Chinese Red Cross Society entered the disaster area immediately to carry out rescue efforts, it was met with constant suspicions and questioning by the public, as well as being derided by netizens. “Letting everyone reach a consensus is a main reason for the decision to initiate the re-investigation procedures (for the Guo Meimei incident).”

Yesterday [April 23], the Commission for Social Supervision of the Red Cross Society of China officials conducted investigations on three incidents in which the public had questioned the Red Cross Society, and released the investigation results continually. Amongst them included the nonexistent local Red Cross Societies issuing invoices for non-existent relief medicine case, as well as the “with pictures there is truth” incident involving Red Cross Society personnel dumping volunteers out of the vehicle in the middle of the road.

This kind of falling into a vortex of questions, investigations, and refutations have been “repeating” endlessly since the very first day after the earthquake happened.

Will invite the public and questioning netizens to participate in this investigation

Yesterday [April 23] morning, under the title of “Committee Members Statement”, the official weibo account of the Commission for Social Supervision of the Chinese Red Cross Society suggested re-investigating the Guo Meimei case, to help the Red Cross Society rehabilitate its reputation. Apart from Wang Yong, Commission for Social Supervision memberand Central University of Finance and Economics professor Liu Shuwei also expressed that the Commission for Social Supervision should re-initiate the Guo Meimei incident investigation procedures, and explain to the public clearly, or the Red Cross Society’s reputation will be very difficult to rehabilitate.

Will re-investigating the Guo Meimei case really help Chinese Red Cross Society redeem its reputation and public credibility? According to Wang Yong, in this re-investigation, the Commission for Social Supervision will act as an independent third party, and will invite the public, including those netizen representatives who have been watching or question the Red Cross Society, to participate in the investigation process, to communicate “face to face” with the relevant Red Cross Society personnel directly, and ask their own questions. “I believe that this the results of this investigation will be better,” says Wang Yong.

The Commission for Social Supervision of the Chinese Red Cross Society is a third party independent supervisory organization, consisting of 16 committee members. All committee members have no relationship of administrative subordination to the Red Cross Society whatsoever, and also don’t receive any form of remuneration from the Red Cross Society.

Comments from iFeng:

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凤凰网广东省网友 lyh778899:

What a joke, only re-investigating now, probably already made themselves clean with their accomplices.

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 怀念清平:

Red Cross Society, if you think you’ve been wronged, you can immediately call the police and have the Public Security Bureau intervene with an investigation, or you could’ve sued Guo Meimei for the negative effects she has caused you. It’s been so long since the incident occurred, and still you’re trying to cover it up. It would be strange if the people don’t criticize you.

凤凰网河南省平顶山市网友 凤凰网友:

No matter how you quibble, I’ll never donate a cent to your Red Cross Society… don’t even think about eating and drinking with my money.

凤凰网陕西省网友 JISHENG纪胜:

What’s the use of an investigation without the participation of the police or judicial authorities? It can only further cover up the truth of these people’s crimes!

凤凰网加拿大网友 hyamz:

Already too late. No matter what they do now, what’s lost will be forever lost, and there is no more integrity left. Nobody will be so stupid as to fall for it.

凤凰网江西省新余市网友 凤凰网友:

If they really wanted to re-investigate, they’d have done it long ago. To wait until now to re-investigate, is it to produce some appropriate result in order to fool the broad masses? To re-investigate now only shows that you’re just in collusion and never do anything meaningful.

凤凰网吉林省网友 蓝黑战士:

If you really want to save the Red Cross Society, please establish a sound transparent financial accounting system. Re-investigating Guo Meimei is just a sensationalist way to blind the masses to get through this difficulty. Even if the case is thoroughly investigated now, it’s already meaningless.

凤凰网广东省广州市网友 金添好运:

That the people have lost trust in the Chinese Red Cross, I can only say: [The distrust] was not built in one day.

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

It’s not just Guo Meimei, it’s the entire system that is lousy.

凤凰网上海市宝山区网友 lisiluguo:

It should be a crime of starting rumors and creating trouble. She got off easily last time, which goes to show how much power/connections she has——This woman recently was once again [caught] comparing her wealth with other people. Where did she get that much money?

凤凰网美国网友 zhuhuatao:

If Guo Meimei was in a western country, she’d have been gone to jail long ago!

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 zyg2133:

The Guo Meimei incident was just a trigger, can’t you people introspect and reform your own problems? Morality makes a person diligent and honest, you must tidy yourselves up in front of a mirror before you do the cleaning-up.

凤凰网陕西省西安市网友 idea_mail:

They are already rotten to the core! Another investigation will still be useless.

凤凰网广东省惠州市网友 昨日情多:

If only you knew then what you know now. Did you think you could rely on the passage of time to get people to forget seeking the unspeakable truths about you?

凤凰网广东省东莞市网友 吃斋的屠夫:

The result of the re-investigation will also be a fake one, a cover up that only makes the matter worse.

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  • The Enlightened One

    What’s the point of a “reinvestigation”, they think this time people won’t get paid off to shut up?

    • Brett

      No, no, no. They are hoping to get re-paid-off.

  • Jeff

    I won’t give the Red Cross money in any country – especially China

    • James

      IIRC some national guardsman was talking about how the professional welfare spongers were gaming the red cross system after Katrina. no checks in place

  • TJDubs

    Astute commentary from the netizenry on this one.

    As far as attracting individual donors goes, the organization is pretty much fucked. No knowledgeable individual wants to trust their money to the Chinese Red Cross.

    The bad thing is, as long as there are corporate and institutional donors (the ones donating huge chunks of money anyway) getting kickbacks from what they donated, this piece of shit of an organization will continue to survive in its corrupt ways.

  • Sofamaster

    Sofa says about time… This girl has discredited the red cross worldwide.

    • billy

      Hahaha – too late yer silly cunt!

  • opinionator

    At least 10% of all donations to ANY charity is offset to cover costs and admin etc, surely if you work for a charity then you do it for free. Charities today are a business and the people running them are hardly charitable if they are living well from the benefits.

    How many so called charity shops are there on your high street? Business must be booming…..and all those TV ads that feed you guilt, who is paying for them?

    • TJDubs

      I had the same thoughts about charities, when I saw UNICEF on the jerseys of Barcelona – it must be so expensive to put your company’s name there. Turns out, Barca was giving UNICEF money (not sure what the deal is with the current one, Qatar Foundation). Anyhow, charities can play by slightly different rules when it comes to getting publicity.

      Also, the most respected charities are the most transparent – they share their financials, executive compensation, efficiency ratings, etc. It’s pretty much a prerequisite to succeeding in the Western nonprofit world, but a laughable concept (for a company or a charity) in China.

    • Anna

      If a charity makes more money than it would without cover costs, admin etc that goes to help the cause then I have no problems with it. Unlike in this case where a person has clearly abused it.

      The problems is as Chinese Red cross is linked to Western Red cross society, her actions have basically made Chinese people think that ALL the Red Cross Societies are untrustworthy, and again gives another thing for them to bitch about the West, then it is in fact individual Chinese person(s) who have thought shame to it.

      • donscarletti

        The main problem is, the Red Cross / Red Crescent was created by the Geneva Convention and as per the Geneva convention the only organisation that has the right to not get shot at or captured during wartime.

        China needs a government accredited red cross society (or a red crescent or red non-religious diamond) to exercise its rights and obligations regarding the Geneva convention.

        Furthermore, those symbols are meant to protect hospitals, chaplaincy and POW facilities during warfare. The International Committee of the Red Cross is meant to monitor treatment of POWs and other such things. Young Chinese taking a cynical view of the system with its organisations and symbols means in case of war, abuses of the convention would likely to be even more frequent than they would otherwise.

        • James

          would it be the red book society? no that’d only be for charitable 粪青 I guess

  • BiggJ

    This girl is like the opposite of Robin Hood. lol Steal from the poor, give to the rich.

    • Who When Where

      Like China?

  • linette lee

    I am glad China is starting to crack down people stealing from charity. The next should be cracking down china gov’t officials stealing money.

    • James

      I suspect cracking down on important officials is a pipe dream

      • iLL

        yup, but if they fuck up like Bo Xilai…they will get save face

    • Bugs Bunny

      i just reported one small official online,and the damn website gave me a super long and difficult code for me to track its process.
      after several days i tried to put in that code,but first you can not copy and paste, then i tried to write at least 20 times, everytime it’s wrong…i swear i am not blind yet…
      difficult to trust those mfkers.

      • linette lee

        you go bunny. You are my hero. Nail those mfkers.

        • Makoto

          Linette aka bugs bunny you moron

  • slob

    Today my students complained about a new ‘lecture’ they’re being forced to take – literally forced as in they will be deducted course credits for not attending – and have to pay 65 yuan. The course money goes to the recent earthuake victims and the lecture involves discussions on the whole matter…in other words completely useless bullshit. The students all told me they’re glad to help the victims but very suspicious of donating money now and have resorted to gathering material donations like food and clothes etc. It’s a sad thing to see when even charities are not trusted.

    • 抗英文教师

      We need a petition for an English-teacher free chinasmack.

      • linette lee

        that is mean. Not all English teachers inside China are fake. The real English teachers with university accreditation credentials in USA studied hard to get their degree. It’s not an easy major.

        • James

          education degree? Now I see why you thought BU was a top school

          • linette lee

            why? You yourself studied in Harvard, princeton, or yale?

          • James

            nope, not at MIT, Stanford, CIT, Utexas, UMichigan, GIT or Berkeley either, but I knew quite a few BU students & neither they nor their education impressed me any more than a Tufts or NU student’s.

          • linette lee

            Any university close to top 50 national ranking in USA is not bad right?

            NYU, Columbia, Stanford, Cornell… these are all good universities in the east coast.

          • stanford


          • James

            well it’s east of hong kong anyway hehehe

          • James

            it’s not a bad school but calling it a top school is a strreeeettttch

          • MonkeyMouth

            BU’s catholic, right?

          • DavidisDawei

            MM, BU is non-denominational, but when I was living in Boston, it was known for having a very strong Jewish enrollment.

            As I am typing this to you it reminds me of a friend I haven’t seen in a while who went to BU.

            I have a friend who went to BU and moved to Los Angeles. He is Jewish and BU alumni established a support system for Jewish BU graduates who wanted to get into the movie industry.

            They guaranteed him a job; albeit entry level in the mail room or equivalent. He worked his way up to become a writer and last I spoke to him, he was a writer/producer living in Beverly Hills next door to well known celebrities.

            The power of networking…

          • MonkeyMouth

            stanford is in california. you probably mean princeton, right?

          • linette lee

            Stanford is in Cali. princeton is in NJ. You are right.

        • cc

          You don’t need a University accreditation, you need ITT and QTS and these can be gained by on the job training, even a teachers assistant can apply for these credentials.

      • slob

        The place would be pretty empty / boring imo. What do you do for a living?

        • iLL

          who me?

          • slob

            No, 抗英文教师 this guy.

      • 上官

        Most are not real teachers. I deal with these frauds regularly. Many earned silly, worthless degrees and come here to be what they can’t and could not be back home. I am mindful of this and will only hire teachers with an educational background suitable for teaching English. I also request a copy of their college transcripts. You wouldn’t believe what they’re hiding behind their degrees; ridiculous coursework and dismal grades, for starters.

        • DavidisDawei

          Serious question – Why would someone want to leave their home, move to a foreign country/culture and teach for you?

          I applaud their courage and since they are not making a lot of money, you have to hope they find China appealing and offers them something they can’t find (or be) in their home country. That which you ridicule is probably why they are working for you.

          I suspect the rate of pay is poor(10,000 RMB or less), therefore you are going to get very young people with no experience or people looking for a drastic change in their life.

          • Panda Banana

            maybe you miss the point that some people like to gain experience in foreign countries. It does not necessarily means that they all live a shitty life in their own country.

            I am sure you could find volunteers in western countries who would for a particular time go to foreign countries even without pay/low pay, just for the sake to have work immediately, gaining experiences, and learning about a different culture and its language.

            I also dont know why so many talk about money when it comes to teachers. I understand that when people like to become teachers, then they for sure don’t do it cause there is lots of money to make in such a profession. Most likely many do it cause of principles and some sort of love for the job and the satisfaction which comes along when seeing results of teaching. Even i would argue that a high percentage is after some time dissatisfied after they see that this job is now hoe they’d imagined.

            Maybe there are some who who lived shitty lives in their own countries, but I assume that this is just a minority.

          • Panda Banana

            fuck, as i think about it….I found it even more likely that most of the teachers actually come from middle to good income class family background in their home countries.

            Why would a poor jobless fuck leave his warm nest and familiar environment in a western country where he can live quite well from social welfare, and change that with a “low pay job” as a teacher in china?

            No, its more likely that this people have average-above average background in their own countries, but due to a good character, adventures spirit, believe in ideals and wish to execute their ethics, they chose to spend and take the given opportunity to spend time in more exotic place. I mean, how big is the risk for them anyway? They can go back home to their developed country anytime!

            I think its a “risk” and “experience” worth trying and living, and as i think about it, I applaud them for that!

          • I have an awesome life in my own country and even so I went to China and stayed there for 5 years just for the fun of it. I had an average salary for a foreign teacher but I never cared too much, I was enjoying my time there. If anyone think it’s better just because they have a better salary then we have a big problem with Human condition here…

          • MonkeyMouth

            thank YOU, David. finally…….. this stigma attached to teachers in china is disgusting. My vote is for you to be Grand Poobah

        • Well, yeah, back home you can’t and could not be a foreign English teacher at a Chinese school. No one could.

          If a Chinese school is going to pay a decent Chinese wage to anyone who looks foreign, and you’re a foreign person who wants to go live abroad for a little bit, just for shits and giggles…you’d be the stupid one to not take it.

          The real suckers are the ones who pay so much for these people.

          • iLL

            Its not the major cities with the problems its always the secondary and smaller cities who hire any foreigner. Tons of these foreigners print up fake documents to prove there education level and experience. Its because the schools here do not do there background checks. I don’t blame the foreigners, its the system that is screwed up.

          • BiggJ

            From what I hear it’s the schools who print out the fake degrees…in some cases I guess.

          • MonkeyMouth

            My uni does that now…. thank goodness

          • There’s nothing to worry about anyways, the students who actually give a fuck about the classes are less than 5%.

        • BiggJ

          Yeah, I’ve never met one real foreigner teacher in china. Some have that course you take for a week to teach foreign language. I don’t know what it’s called or have a degree like you said in IT programming or drama or something irrelevant.

          I don’t blame the teacher that come here though. I heard of schools setting up fake degrees for teachers just because they are white. All kinds of shit. They don’t get paid much. maybe like 15,000 a month? RMB. And a free apartment. To some people that is a dream job.

          How many chinese would jump to come to Canada or US and get paid $3000 a month plus a free apartment and work like 10-20 hours a week? And will fly you here and set up your visa for you at the employers expense. And only qualification is that they need to be chinese? It sounds crazy when you put it like that.

          You can only blame the chinese for this. I don’t think actual real teacher would come to china to work anyway….when they could go to a much better country and teach a language like Japan or Taiwan even some European country or just just stay in their own country. Unless you love china or have some ties here.

          Anyway….china is the only one to blame for having unqualified teachers.

          • MonkeyMouth

            Dude… they have bona fide international high schools here that require a teacher’s degree…. i have lots of friends who do it. not talking about a week’s TESL course… a real macoy teaching certificate. with credits that can transfer to any school abroad thats accredited.

          • BiggJ

            Well im sure there are real teachers. I’m just saying i’ve never met any. Then again I don’t know too maybe foreigners in china…maybe like 20 or 30. I think there are more schools who will cheat and lie the system then true blue real shit schools in china…I could be wrong. From what i’ve seen if you are white and from a english speaking country…i think you can pretty much get a job…maybe not at a good school but someone will hire you…even companies maybe fight over you. I’m not saying they will do a good job…but they will get hired without any credentials.

          • you mean like Lying just to get a buck? That happens worldwide with no exception. China it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

            In most cases not even their own teachers are real teachers, what did you expect?

          • BiggJ

            For sure lying to get a buck happens everywhere…. but not much of this fake teacher shit happens in most countries. I don’t think my canadian teachers only had their grade 9 educations and can work in a school. It’s like my french teacher getting the job simply because he is french. That’s the point im making.

          • jd

            well it’s all about supply and demand, Chinese students are stupid and obsessed with face, if they want to spend money on crap let them. There are people on earth with gold platted toilet bowls.

          • mwanafa

            Shangguan mate , you must have had a very bad experience with your employees, take it easy, english teachers are everywherel.

          • 上官

            I have had foreign English teachers, good and bad. Most had neither experience nor an educational background suitable for teaching ESL. One did claim to be a certified teacher, but it didn’t make much difference because she wasn’t certified to teach English as a second language. The only really good teacher I had majored in teaching ESL. He not only knew what he was doing, but he cared enough to put some effort into his lessons. I still talk with him from time to time. He’s become discouraged by the recent influx of foreign rabble and is considering returning to America. He claimed they are not only driving down wages, but they are making a joke of the profession.

          • BiggJ

            See that is were you and him are wrong. It’s not the shitty bums off the street making his profession look bad….it’s china making his profession look bad by hiring unqualified people because it cheaper or just because they are white.

            Tell your friend to move to korea or japan were it’s not just bullshit like china. And I assume the pay would be higher.

            If i was a real teacher who did years of university to teach foreign languages, and I got a job china were the guy next to me is doing the same thing at the same pay by just printing off a degree online just working on a student visa or something like that.See after I saw that I would not work here.

            When I talk to these “teachers” in china I don’t blame them at all.If china is dumb enough to hire people based on skin color and nationality…they deserve what they get.

        • Kate

          You can’t be Korean. Your name is just a jumble of letters. Hangul follows a “consonant +vowel”, the consonant comes first followed the vowel. Your name translates into “aho omp” and doesn’t follow the proper order. Just noticing.

          Also I understand what you’re saying but the thing is that most hagwons don’t want to pay what an actual certified, qualified deserves to be paid. They want to pay them the same as an unqualified teacher or slightly better but that’s it. A base salary for a real teacher in the US is 30,000 in the lowest paid areas of the country and most hagwons dont even want to pay that. Plus add on the fact that many dont want to offer more then 1 week vacation, not pay for total hours spent at hagwon but just teaching hours, and only offer 3 sick days for a YEAR. They get what they paid for.

          I am a certified teacher in Korea.

          • BiggJ

            My aunt is a middle school teacher in canada. She gets paid 50+ thousand a year. She get awesome benefits…summers off…weekends off…snow days off…pretty sweet job. Korea must be a good place to teach. I assume it’s not like china were any fool can get a job teaching.

            American teaching can’t be so bad…is it?

          • No Child left behind

        • MonkeyMouth

          you’re a dickhead who wants gold from a piece of limestone

        • “Look at me, I am so good, my teaching degree is a very good one and I won’t tolerate these frauds” .. you’re right man, absolutely, teachers should be properly qualified. But then I ask myself if your ego was that high when you were back home. yet another gringo who came out of some shitty public school and pretends to be fucking Galileo in China where they cherish him just ’cause he’s “special”.

          I’ve got nothing against you, but most people with “worthless degrees” seem to be more human than those like you. And in China a lot of teachers “like you” take huge bribes from the students, and it’s normal. And most of the time teaching in China is absolutely meaningless (like they would turn off their iphones just for you, yeah right), So don’t come up with your morality sense, these modern double standards just make me sick.

          • 上官

            I probably should have mentioned that I’m Chinese and am responsible for the hiring of foreign teachers at my university.

      • Laowow


      • donscarletti

        Why? Then we’ll all move down a rank.

      • Panda Banana

        it would become a boring place. I found the insight which is given by teachers very helpful to understand certain things about china better, since i have no idea and insight about this aspects of chinese life…

      • mattman_183

        I think we can all agree to have a Pedophile Teacher-Free China Smack like this guy, Neil Robinson. Taught at a Beijing school. Sought by UK police for raping a Child.

        If any of you have seen him, or know him tell the police ASAP. And if you are him, fuck you, Neil.

        Spread the word. Let’s find this guy.

        First ever Chinasmack flesh search! Ho!!!

    • linette lee

      That is pure BS. They should post it on weibo and which school so the Chinese on internet can curse out the principal and find out the names and donation where the money goes.

      • slob

        I suggested this to them today but they’re reluctant to do so as they think it will have a detrimental effect on their study and treatment while they’re still at the school. One boy promised that after he graduates hes going to write a huge blog on the place. Should be interesting.

    • Brian

      What’s the school’s name? Without that info, your claim is useless. I could just easily say that my wife’s office made her donate money but without a name, what’s the point? I just made that up btw.

      • slob

        Facts + the internet. Believe what you want.

    • fsck

      This is the way it works, now the trust is gone people are forced to donate. I was told when working in a very well known school to donate, I said I’d think about it when they actually paid me and I was told “I’ll just deduct it from your wages then, that’ll be easier”

      People here need their big dinners and baijiu, escpecially when they have someone to impress. If the people stop trusting them, they will just take the money. This is the way of things. Unfortunately the Chinese Red Cross, can’t force people to give to them… yet

      • slob

        I know what you mean. When the 2008 Sichuan earthquake happened, my students started gathering donations andasked me if I wanted to contribute. I gave them 1,000RMB which for me isn’t much but they seemed grateful for it. Later on, I asked the school what exactly the money went towards. After constant “I don’t know, talk to this guy (who just redirects me again and again and again etc etc.) I gave up on giving money donations. I will gladly donate clothes,food, groceries etc. but never again will I donate money to any charity in China.

  • linette lee

    This girl has massive plastic surgeries. Scary.
    Selling her looks (which is fake) and has no talents. No wonder the Chinese don’t like her.

    • Panda Banana

      no baby, YOU are scary! (and i will highlight the points you should think about)

      1. you ASSUME that she has MASSIVE plastic surgeries.

      2. SCARY?

      3. …and has NO TALENTS

      4. THE chinese don’t like her

      again, you don’t know shit, throw around assumptions only! Why you care even she had plastic surgery? Why you care that she has no talents, but is somehow able to sell herself. You again and again sound like jealous dumb little girl. This girl, even with you criticizing her for her looks, calling her scary, accusing her for selling her looks and making money without having any sort of talents, and chinese not like her, STILL has achieved already more then you will ever out of your frustrated depressive life YOU live.

      You can question that something might be wrong with society when “fake” people with no talents can make a career. BUT even that is questionable and coming from you it would again had this jealous taste, cause she might be the best cock sucker in her province, and earned her luxury life by tickling old men’s nuts and assholes, she still EARNED it somehow by providing something the “market” demands. You can’t blame someone who wants/can/have the ability to benefit from that.

      What was interesting in your post was when you stated “No wonder the Chinese don’t like her.”. The mistake you make and what makes it/you look like a frustrated/depressive/jeaulous chick is that you base your understanding that she is NOT liked, CAUSE of her SUPPOSEDLY plastic surgery, her looks, her SUPPOSEDLY being fake, and her SUPPOSEDLY having no talents, instead of basing your critic on facts and a SUPPOSEDLY breaking the law(which she has not,as far as we know by now), how is that for YOU being fake??

      Did you follow my advise by now and feed some of the 200 thousand cage people in HK? That would be more useful, rather then being pissed off each time you see a mainland girl who lives a luxury life.

      PS: i would like to fuck her mom! she is hot in her arrogant way…!

      • iLL

        I love how people hold “internet gudges” lol
        Trolling a lil lol

        • linette lee

          hahaha……this panda dude is a loser. blablabla half a page. So funny.

          • iLL

            Really its a 16 year old kid who holds internet grudges because there basic life is boring. Its a total troll post. Love it!! All forums have trolls trying to get people to fight back on dumb ass comments. Its like republicans. I swear half of the republican party are trolling!

          • linette lee

            hahhaa…I think so too. The frexking republican party are trolling all day long…lol.

            Remember how we got trolled big time about the end of the world with that mayan calendar blablabla. That was a big prank. The art of trolling started thousands of years ago.

          • MonkeyMouth

            you think this is coalabanana?

          • Your comments are on every single post which leads me to believe you’re a loser with a loser office job with lots of time to spare, your facebook account might be opened next to this one right now. But you know, I’d rather exchange interesting thoughts with other people.

            Judging others before you judge yourself will only make you look like a fool.


          • Panda Banana

            she is definitely a loser. But i think you overestimate her, cause i would guess that she has no job at all. She claim that she is from HK, but her posts show me that she knows shit about HK. She also never been to the mainland, talk out of her ass all the time. Somehow i have the feeling that she is fake as fuck! She reminds me of this angry black “lady” which mysteriously disappeared right after Linette appeared…they have so many similarities, too obvious if you ask me! The sad things is that even this kind of people find someone to reproduce….

          • linette lee

            You know I don’t read your post right. Half page long. Don’t try so hard. Why are you so desperate?

            You know I have very low regard of you. A pedophile can’t really get respect from me. I don’t speak or act respectfully toward people who I have very low opinion of.

            So don’t reply to me.

          • Germandude

            You mean “Nanny Hiccups”/”Fancy Bigboobs” and the 3-4 other nicknames she had. Don’t worry, she is still here. Usually on JapanCrush and KoreaBang. Changing her nicknames all the time. I called her out on that once a couple of weeks ago and all I got was a new nickname of hers.

            She posted under the name “Pumpkin” last month. Here:


          • Panda Banana

            :-))), she must be one of those “forum Jumpers”, reminds me of the movie “fight club” and this character “marla singer” who was a “support group tourist”.

          • linette lee

            The job that I do required me to have access to internet. Also I don’t work directly under any boss. I am in charge of what I do. I get paid by achieving my daily workload requirement rather I complete them in 2 hours or 10 hours a day. I love my job. This is what I get for studied hard in University. You don’t know that many professional jobs are like that?

            You?? Stuck in China in some town working as an English teacher. Whining and complaining about your job and life in China. Complaining about your salary which is probably equivalent to minimum wage in USA or HK. Cursing Chinese people out all day lin every post and married to a china woman. Who is the pathetic hypocrite here? What a sad soul.
            I never bother reading your half page long post filled with bitterness. I have more interesting people here in CS I can exchange conversation with. Do you hear me complaining about life in USA and my job? You make a comment about my life? Look at your life first. Go get help.

      • linette lee

        Blablabla…half a page. Don’t you have a life? lol.

        The question is “How hard it is to be a whore?”

        confucius say…. women who can’t use their intelligence and wisdom to make a good living will have to resort to use what’s between their legs.

        More women use their intelligence means less women use what’s between their legs. Bad news for pervert like you. lol……

        • Makoto

          Do you use whats in between your legs often?

          • Panda Banana

            confucius really said that, or are you again talking out of your ass?

            Why you care how hard it is to be a whore, do you have any ambition to be one? Let me help you:

            1. in your chinese culture it helps when you look beautiful. Thats also the point where you fail, cause your frog eyes would scare the shit out of potential customers.

            2. opposite to what you claim (making whores out of all women who are less intelligent) i would claim that it requires a good amount of intelligence and wisdom to be able to play a guy to the point where he surrender money and credit card to you. Again, a point where you would most likely fail, cause your intelligence level, based on the crap you post, is to a high degree questionable.

            3. to be able to use intelligence, pre requires that intelligence is given. Again a point where you fail miserably!

            I just ask you to think before you post, so your post make at least a bit sense. You brand women with less intelligence as whores simply cause they fit one of your sick criteria. You make the wrong ASSUMPTION that there are just intelligent women(you are definitely NOT part of THAT group) and women who must use their pussy to make a good living. You IGNORE that fact that even IF a women has to use her genitals to achieve certain goals, it would still REQUIRE intelligence to do so.

            The only right thing you wrote was about me being a pervert. I admit that i do fit that category. Everything else in your post: BS as usual!

    • Bugs Bunny

      hmm,she did a lot ps, that’s true.
      but i also very curious why a man can give her so much money just for sex???
      she is short, only 158cm, for this height, even difficult to get into high level circle for rich guys…

      • linette lee

        oh no..I am very short too. I am only 157cm bare feet. cry cry….

        hey how come all the guys that I dated are like 173cm and above. The tallest was like 188cm. I never go out without my 3 inches high heels on. I am vertically challenged.

        • Bugs Bunny

          i do not wear high heels often,seems my feet got hurt and hard horn skin,i am very mad at this!
          i massage my feet every night hope to get rid of it.

          i think there is no sexy and comfortable high heels!

        • Panda Banana

          eattot was wondering how it comes she could get into the “high level circle for rich guys” since she is just 158cm!

          You replied that you are a midget too but date guys above 173cm!

          you see the difference?obviously not. But i will explain it to you:

          eattot was talking about rich guys, while you had the street bums in mind you are dating.

          moral of the story:

          according to eattot rich guys set height standards for girls. You showed that the guys you meet, have no standards at all.! I conclude that both of you have no shit on Guo MeiMei! She is miles ahead of you two brainless jealous frustrated chicks. At least she has results she can show off.

          On the other side the only thing eattot can show off that she is occasionally invited to KFC by some pakistani midgets. And the only thing Linette can show off are her froggish eyeballs.

          Its sad!

          • Bugs Bunny

            you go die!
            it’s girls’s talk none your business.

            yes, i do feel a bit jealous why some women can get a lot of money from men, i think most women feel a bit jeaous too at this point.and from girls all i know is, women hate misers most!
            some girls even asked how to get money from men online, and also quite a lot of women replied.
            it’s normal for women, because money means love too.

          • you should be jealous of their intelligence rather than their money.

          • Chinese would reply : 啥呀???

          • Germandude

            I love honest one-liners. Kudos to you, Gerhana!

          • Panda Banana

            thats the reason i like you baby, you are honest about everything and dont make a big fucking deal about it.

            Linette is a typical hypocrite from HK, she hates mainland chinese and hates to see that many of them can come to HK to buy luxury items, but she can not afford them:-(

          • Kate

            Make your own money and be independent, it’s what I do. I went to college to get a degree in a profession that I’m currently getting paid $35/hr to do. If you rely on yourself, no one can hold anything above your head for any reason.

          • linette lee

            And you can’t find a job in USA? All my teaching girlfriends find jobs in USA. ;)

          • Kate

            There’s a whole plethora of reasons unemployment in the state that I’m certified to teach in is so high. The western states have some of the lowest unemployment rates for teachers right now, the southern states have the highest.

            I graduated my program from a private, well respected university with a 3.8, president of the professional association, impeccable professional references, and a nominee for best student teacher out of 100 other teachers in the program. I was also competing with hundreds of other unemployed new and laid off veteran teachers for few available positions.

            Don’t insinuate that my unemployment as an american teacher was due to mediocrity on my part. I am not a mediocre teacher. I love my profession and I aspire to be the best I can.

            I’m glad your friends had an easier time but just know its not that easy in certain parts of the USA. Besides I make more money in Korea and work less.

          • linette lee

            I see you are still angry about me teasing you calling you jobless in USa. well, you were acting like a bxtch first toward me. I was just returning that attitude back to you.

          • Bugs Bunny

            my man can make more,but i am still curious!
            i am independent but i am really into this!

          • linette lee

            You can be one of those girls spending men’s money too.

            Go get tons of plastic surgeries and use phony smiles and phony words to flatter men. Men love it. But those rich men may not be men you are physically attracted to. You might even hate their personality.

            Those celebrities some of them are phony smile and fake face and body put themselves in the entertainment industry to catch a rich husband.

          • Bugs Bunny

            i watch over those xiaosan i know, they are not pretty at all…some even aged…guess they just have good temper to men.
            me?you think i can be that kinda person flatter men???not insult them also kind enough!
            also i think men treat rich women better.

            so,when young need to be pretty,when aged, need to be a good flatter.

          • linette lee

            me too. I am not good on flattering men. I pretty much say what’s on my mind. Takes talent to hide your true feeling. It’s call acting.

          • James

            I can imagine how the fairer sex would react if men did the same.

          • Panda Banana

            no, its not called acting, its called behaving and acting polite. You are missing both of these attributes! You have a foul tongue, ghetto like, no one is attracted to that except maybe some street bums… addition to that you miss the intellect to be able to communicate with someone to leave a positive impression. And being a midget doesn’t help either i guess. Most likely your greedy looking frog eye balls scare the crap out of every man…all that combined, leaves you with very limited options. Frustration and depressions will be the fruits you earn throughout your life….kinda sucks. Sorry that it has to be me who is telling you the naked truth, guess someone has to do the unpleasant things…mea culpa!

          • cc

            Pretty like you eh!

          • linette lee
          • cc

            Eatcock baby, you always get money from me after my happy ending. I’ll see you at the massage parlor this weekend same time as usual.

          • Bugs Bunny

            fk off, old mfker!
            no more shit from old looser as you, i wont post here any more!
            now, fuck off forever, sob!

          • MrT

            sweet chubby girl rears its head. Lack of sunlight to the brain and to much KFC blocking the arteries.
            Big sunglasses and big floppy hat not not helping

          • Kate

            You’re a bastard, but you made me laugh at Pakistani midgets.

          • Panda Banana

            i have no problems that women call me names, i hear that most of the time after i am done with them. Its just unusual to me that women call me names on the internet. It feels strange without an orgasm, if you know what i mean. As i think about it, isn’t everything strange without an orgasm?

            From my observations, experiences and knowing about the weaknesses of the human mind, i would say that most “problems” become lesser “problems” after an orgasm.

            I wouldn’t go so far to call frustrated and depressive females ‘women'(other then in a biological sense), cause they are pretty much far away from developing this mysterious attractive aura of a female with a satisfying sexual life. One can see that, cause “lucky and happy hormons” never lie!

            how is life treating you in korea?

          • linette lee

            hahah.. I think you need to take pills. They have medications for your mental condition. Go take some olanzapine or abilify. You will feel better. You need to take care of your psychosis. How you managed to get your hk visa? Don’t hk gov’t check for mentally challenged people?

          • Panda Banana

            i dont need a visa for HK. You know i am from one of these countries where just a handful of countries in the world are requiring a visa, HK not being on of them. Apart from that, dont make a big fucking deal about HK. EVERYONE can apply for a HK ID, stay there and after 7 years get his permanent ID. Good you are in the US, stay there! We don’t need more hypocrites in HK, we already have more then 7 million of them!

          • James

            so hotpot’s a dwarf & linette is just plain desperate?

          • Panda Banana

            not just desperate, she is a dwarf too, with frog eyes! Did you see Lord of the Rings? this freak “Gollum”?? Thats what i am talking about!

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          Nothing wrong with vertically challenged. As long as your heart is true and you know how to love the one who loves you ;)

        • Kate

          Wait, you’re asking us why you date tall men?

          I dunno, cause you wanna give your offspring a chance not to be midgets ^_^

          • linette lee

            huh..I think you need to take your pills today. lol.

          • Kate


          • vincent

            Welcome back to the cesspool of crazy that is ChinaSmack :D

          • linette lee

            It wasn’t my choice. I didn’t ask them out. They asked me out first. All I did was a yes or no.

            Would you approach men to ask them out first? I don’t think so. Most women won’t do that.

          • James

            well to be truthful I’ve found a bizarre twist in the way people behave, after living in asia. I observed, less good looking people of different races tend to get more attention from the native population than natives of similar looks. It seems to be generally true as far as western men in the east & eastern women in the west.

          • Panda Banana

            you should ask yourself WHY would a tall man call out a midget on a date? Think about it for a second?!

            Maybe its his desire to “psychological protect her”, either way, if no sexual reason is involved (which would be strange enough), then his desire is most likely based on his own insecurity and weakness when he has to deal with normal size women. So either way its still “wherever i found humans, i found the will to power..”…lets say how it is: its pervert and a fetish!

            he might not say it or admit it, but he would most likely prefer to have sex with your chubby midget feet and fatty toes then with whats between your legs or your crack!

          • linette lee

            I have already told you not to reply to me. Are you really that lonely and pathetic? Right now you are acting like an obsessive stalker unable to cope with rejection. You out of all people here should know what’s self insecurity. You come here all day long typing half a page about women and your life trying to get approval and acknowledgement . Are you really that ugly and sick?

            This is my second time telling you don’t talk to me. Don’t talk to me and don’t talk about me. Go stalk another person.


          I’m 6’3″ tall. If we were both single and I were to ask you out on a date would I be too tall for you?
          BTW 157 cm isn’t that short for a Chinese girl. They average about 160 cm.

          • linette lee

   are too cute. Always kind words. Of course we can go hang out.


            Sounds like “hang out” is a code word for “let’s be friends”. Anyway I gotta come clean, I’m only 6’3″ in my dreams, i real life I’m much shorter, i just wanted to know if that would be too tall for you.

          • Dude, ChinaSMACK has a personals site.


            I know but no girl can compare to the vivacious, incredible, edible, Linette Lee.

    • Makoto

      Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror… i bet it was scary as shit.

      • Bugs Bunny

        fuck off!
        whose dog did not tie well, so let it go out bark crazy!

  • vincent

    They should launch an investigation into their own practices, trying to placate the masses with an investigation into a worthless scandal and two years late to boot!

  • Mudge

    Unfortunately for those in need, China has proven that it is incapable of interacting with the Red Cross without stealing from it or jumping on that stealing as an excuse to avoid charity, something that China fails miserably in.

    As the Red Cross doesn’t have these thieving scandals elsewhere in the world, perhaps its time to focus on the rest of the world.

    • Wow… you’re an idiot

      • Reginald

        I agree with Mudge, the Red Cross was ripped off by that kid and the donations get stolen by officials anyway.

    • wallimo

      All over the world these charities use these disasters to stir up donations, often there is little chance your money will go to the place you want it too. More likely it will go partly to staff who make sure the charity keeps getting donations (i.e bloated workforces who’s sole purpose is to get more donations) or another worthy but different place or person. There was a big drama after the tsunami’s where all these charities were using 60% of donations on admin and 40% on actual worthy causes. I work next door to a cancer foundation in Australia and they have the nicest building a huge staff and they are constantly renovating the building (7 years ago they embarked on a huge renovation of the building and again just this year they renovated it again, including a bank of solar panels on the roof) To me while I think solar panels are good, I think the money would be much better spent helping cure cancer. As an example.

    • linette lee


      Guo mei mei would like to thank China red cross for their generous donation.

  • nqk123

    too many bull shit that lead me to stop donating money. I only donate foods and clothes nowadays. I personally don’t trust any charity organization with my money

    • Panda Banana

      why you guys complicate your lives unnecessary ???

      see, when you never donate(like me), then you dont need to worry what is happening with your money, right?

      when you never vote and dont give a fuck who wins, then you will never feel guilty or feel disappointed about your wrong decision….and have ALL the right to criticize the outcome of bad policies…

      you do everyone a BETTER service, including yourself when you concentrate your powers on yourself alone.

      A healthier, more positive, successful, know how to appreciate, self loving, no time for bitching and complaining ‘ngk123’ is more interesting and makes his environment a better environment….

  • cc

    All charities bar a few are rip off merchants, they all take at least 75% of all donations in admin fees

  • jeffli

    the reasons they are “re-investigating”
    1. revenue and funds are down – highlighted by recent earthquake.
    2. change in fat cats
    3. Guo Mei Mei “ain’t putting out”.
    4. sichuan earthquake …..where are the China Red Cross funds?
    5. Never before has there been so blatant corruption and fraud that even some people “loose face”
    6. There are people in Chinese prisons for bribes of less than a cheap hooker at a KTV, yet this is allowed to happen?
    7. Nothing will come out of it anyway. – a few dead chickens but the monkeys will still get away with it.

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    If they want people to trust them they need to completely open up their books to the public. that will never happen.

  • moody

    Such a public disgrace for the Chinese Red Cross.
    They will obviously never recover from it

    A skank who sucks old wieners for money and make things up is obviously enough to tarnish a reputation.

    Isn’t it the same thing as what happened to the furniture place “Da Vinci” ?
    And isn’t it what “C’est Bon” tried to do to “Nongfu Spring” a few weeks back

    Protect your reputation for it is all you have.

  • Laowow

    such a joke the red cross china

  • Laowow

    why the fucking hell are u guys so focused on fake degrees, english teachers and so on. Is it more worth of respect a Haward cunt playing with your money(and life) in wall street? pathetic

    • MonkeyMouth

      awesome…… agreed. i have a Penn degree and I am a complete fucking retard

      • Dr Sun

        I have have a Oxford Bsc degree, a Harvard MSc and a MD/Phd from Stanford and I’m one of the biggest retards on here.

        Whats your point ?

        ps, how do I land this ESL gig, sounds sweet

    • Beijingren

      The funny thing is, I’m in China, I’m an english teacher, and I’ve lost complete faith in the system. I come from a country that was so incredibly F*CKED by the banks that my only option was to emigrate.
      I was offered jobs in Japan, France China and a few other places, but I quite like it here, and I’m entering my third year.

      I don’t understand the negative stigma towards english teachers. You make your life choices, I’ll make mine. I don’t go boasting on the internet about how much better my life is than yours. I could consider the above argument a perfect example of an exercise in futility once observed from the third person.

      • Please teach me more =)

      • Zhegezhege

        Agreed that English teachers unfairly get a bad rap.

        I think it’s jealousy to be honest. ESL Teachers have a very high quality of life. Think about it; easy job, low work hours, hardly any stress at all, plenty of free time and enough money to live reasonably well and do plenty of travelling. Most of them won’t be staying at Hiltons and dining at Xintiandi very much, but then they don’t have to work too hard either and it’s easy for them to find another job if they fancy a change or get sacked (unlike many professions in which you end up overspecialised and/or overpaid and thus dependent on your company; you know it, your boss knows it, you know your boss knows you know it and you become terrified of losing your job).

        And, actually, if an ESL teacher wants to work hard they have the option to do IELTS, extra classes (plenty of them make 300+RMB per hour doing private tutoring which is more than a hell of a lot of other people) and so on, thereby building up a respectable income. It won’t rival the power-abusing bankers that wrecked the economies of a few Southern European countries but it’s enough to raise a family.

        The irony in all of this is that a lot of expats (and Chinese) in China that like to look down at ESL teachers are doing far more work, taking far more shit from bosses and not even necessarily making more money. And that’s before you start talking about how much international school teachers can make if they know how to play the game.

        In conclusion: shine on you crazy English Teacher.

  • the new look of the comment section is ergonomical. The calming blue and white which suggest sunny lovely sky is a perfect choise to soothe the commenters as they cruise through, what can only be described as, uniquely chinaSMACK comments. Well done with the design. Its neat and tidy.

  • mr.wiener

    Do chins like that occur in nature or has this woman had more surgery than Micheal Jackson?


      She could poke out someone’s eye with that thing.

    • Pickle

      Reese Whitherspoon, Jay Leno.

      • mr.wiener

        Reese Witherspoon and Jay Leno had an Asian child?!!

        • Pickle

          You said do chins like that occur in nature? You didn’t specify what race.

  • Gontraf

    I cannot imagine how anyone is not going to think their intelligence is being insulted by such a shite PR op. This is obviously going to work great.

    Mind you, it looks like this could actually be good for Guo Meimei. It just might divert some of the attention away from her latest antics.

  • Charles

    It’s great that Chinese people have such a wonderful excuse to be selfish. Statistically, Chinese people barely give any money to charities… Selfishness is a virtue in China, I wonder how Rand would feel about this.

  • I’d fuck the shit out of her.

    • donscarletti

      That will be one Mini Cooper. Thank you.

  • booo

    va caca

  • jd

    China runs on corruption as other countries, I am not surprised, how much money do you think the wall street assholes got from the big bailout plan?

  • jd

    my school is having a donation now, no money just supplies.

  • I wonder where Guo Mei Mei is right now… maybe working at a KTV? xD

    • Panda Banana

      dont worry, i am sure she is fine. Her mother is rich from what i understand. One can not really blame a girl like GuoMeiMei, its too easy to do that, pointing finger i mean….cause again, we have to think about her alternatives first before we start blaming her, or like Linette did, calling her a “whore”. Even she IS a whore, who has the right to blame her for that? Who has the right to spit on her for taking chances and taking advantages?

      Again, what are her alternatives?…lets see…hmmmm…ok, here is one. Living a shitty life, working 3 shifts in a factory for a shitty salary, JUST so no one calls her a “whore” or point the finger on her?

      When we really think about it, then i would say that the vast majority of us, including the ones calling her names, would very happily accept the name calling and finger pointing, compared to a shitty life as a “honest” citizen.

  • Zhegezhege

    It’s sad to see a charity that bears the name Red Cross behaving like just another sleazy PRC outfit.

    Another disaster should mean another big pile of cash for them to use to… er… alleviate distress. But because of the previous Guo Meimei incident (and the shitty response from China’s Red Cross), nobody is giving them any money.

    Now that they are semi-accepting that they are on the back foot (i.e. because it is costing them money and only because of that) their response is to make a token gesture and throw one of their own under the bus while nothing actually changes. Just following the example of their leaders.

    The good news is that in China people have seen this shit so many times, they see it for what it is.

  • KMT Guy

    China needs to change its system by its fundamentals. The KMT needs to return to Mainland China under a multi-party system which citizens are free to elect their representatives.

    • Panda Banana

      it doesn’t matter what system you implement, as long as you ignore the root cause of the problem, nothing will change. I would argue that the current system they have is the best for them at the moment and for the next few decades. Things will change over time in a slow and healthy way. The other option would be to implement changes too fast and let the country turn into chaos and anarchy.

      In case you and others ask themselves what is the root cause panda banana is talking about?!

      Quite simple: the PEOPLE !

  • jiying 姬莹


  • Jimney Cricket

    This should serve as a huge object lesson to Chinese businesses as a whole. Cheat a customer and lose a customer. Cheat a Nation and lose a Nation.

  • Dr Sun

    The Red Cross in China is a Joke, it’s probably one of the most corrupt organisations in the world and the International Red cross should dismiss it.

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